hopper for lucy

Peers: Lucy POV


Summary: First-person narrative. Lucy breifly discusses her impressions and experiences with Scott (”Hopper”), Chrissy (”Merkava”), and Bradley. Based on the prompt “Jot down some notes on how each person in your team feels about their teammates.”

Word Count: 283

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About Their Superhero Costumes:

Lucy/Illusion: Gets her circus attire modified to be (relatively speaking) better for crime fighting. Eg; gets rid of the skirt cage, gets more sensible shoes, re-enforces the fabric with kevlar or whatever. The mask was actually part of her original circus costme. Her adult costume keeps the circus theme still but she gets pants because COVER UP YO LEGS GIRL.

Scott/Hopper: Designed after becoming a superhero, Scott definitely wanted the whole spandex speil because he’s obnoxious and ExtraTM like that. Green colour scheme because the whole “Hopper” thing being like a frog was not lost on Scott in the slightest and he likes to play up the dumbest things. No mask! Scott don’t care if you know who he is in civvies.

Chrissy/Merkava: Practical af. Chrissy herself is super durable, her clothes can definitely be an issue though… She wears a lot of biker/military gear for it’s durability and also accessibility since Chrissy doesn’t initially associate with any Superhero teams. Like Lu, she gets a bit of a costume upgrade when she’s older too. Funnily enough it ends up covering less of her body because of the afore mentioned “Chrissy is durable but clothes less so” thing.

Paige/Divina: Paige has very little say in her hero outfit. Rubbing shoulders with superheroes was very much her Faerie Godmother’s idea so Fyglia gets final say on how “Divina” presents herself. Especially since Fyg GIVES Paige her powers. It looks quite armoured in a fanciful way, even if practicallity isn’t a huge issue because MagicTM . Paige did convince Fyg to include pink in the colour scheme though which makes Paige a happy bunny :’3

Gideon/Vargr: Literally ends up just wearing a really good pair of pants that can withstand his shifting.

Sierra/Trojan: NO COSTUME/CLOTHES. She can shift herself into whatever but clothes on her back would remain the same which would be a huge pain in the ass to work around. Girl is good at exoskeletons… WHO NEEDS CLOTHES WHEN YOU CAN BE COVERED HEAD-TO-TOE IN FUR OR SPINES, EH?

Might update this at a later time with actual picture examples of what their outfits are, but eh. This shall have to suffice for now.