hopingpakistan  asked:

Whatever the issue is, like i mean whatever it is.. There is law to deal with it one can't just kill thousands of Muslims like that. I am sorry but this is not what Humanism teaches us.

OMG if it was simple as a law do you think it would not have been solved by now? Do you think I am an idiot, that my people are dense, that we don’t know the issue exists, that WE AREN’T TRYING TO FIX IT? You can go on with your humanitarian crisis and saving the world but this is MY people I talk about, MY friends and family, MY blood, MY love, MY home.

I am asking people to not oversimplify a complex issue because that’s misinformation, and it hurts people. But go on, go on and make worse issues that are already, what do I care, right? Oh I’m so sorry, obviously people who don’t have to live it, don’t have to go to sleep with nightmares about it, will know better what to do than the Burmese Muslims themselves.