This boy I was talking to literally vanished and idk why

Yall this spencer thing just keeps getting weirder ok so here’s the whole story:
I met this guy on tinder and he was nice and pretty liberal but I did not expect him to be the most wonderful person I’d ever talked to in my whole life. He was cute and respectful and unbelievably romantic. We started talking a soon after went on a super cool date where he took me to this spooky church that used to be like a mega church theme park where the did televised sermons and made this whole huge community but eventually went bankrupt. We talked the whole time it was great, I kissed him it was all really cute. When he said he wasn’t trying to get into anything serious because (I suspect he was polya) he had several “romantic friendships” and I was ok with that for one reason only. I told him if a relationship was off the table then so was sex for my own personal reasons I didn’t want to have sex with anyone that I wasn’t serious with. Not only did he respect that but he preferred it and offered the intimacy I have longed for without the expectations and pressures of sex. Anyways he texted me all day every day for 3 days straight (which was surprisingly not annoying), was intulectualling stimulating, emotionally mature, worked with children who have autism, went to school, just an all around incredible and angel of a person. THEN Saturday I received my last text from this guy, a good morning text calling me beautiful telling me to have a wonderful day, I told him to have a great day too, then nothing. I thought it was weird not hearing from him Saturday but brushed it off. Then nothing Sunday, again weird but I hadn’t known him for very long maybe he did this? Monday rolls around and we had made some loose plans so I text him telling him to lmk if he still wants to hang out. No reply. Tuesday comes and I still haven’t heard from him I text him asking him to lmk if he’s alive half joking. My friend suggests I call him so I do, it rings once then goes to voicemail, indicating that my number has been BLOCKED. Now, I don’t know his last name or where he works exactly and when I went back to tinder he had deleted me/deleted his account/his matches got refreshed, something, after 3 days of not answering my texts, so not right away. But idk how to find him anywhere else and ask him what’s going on. Like I am just so CONFUSED like some shit like this WOULD happen to me where I meet the perfect boy and he fucking vanishes with no explanation. Why does this shit happen to me? Why does the universe hate me? WHERE DID HE GO????


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I Don’t mean to rant but...

I seriously don’t know how I feel right now….

I was seriously fine with the finale. It wasn’t that good…but it had the potential to turn into something good in season 8. There was still hope for Bamon… And then I started reading these interviews and I’m like, “What the fuck?”

What is this? What is this fucking tv show? What is with this fucking writing?!

Even though I’m a proud rabid shipper of Bonnie and Damon….I’m a even bigger fan of GOOD STORYTELLING! This season started with Bonnie and Damon and their journey on how to live their lives without Elena Gilbert. Her presence was the hugest obstacle in their relationship and IT WAS FUCKING BELIEVABLE!

Bonnie and Damon  were MORE THAN FRIENDS but LESS THAN LOVERS.

They were brutally honest and emotional with eachother but WERE NEVER PHYSICAL! And it was beautiful....

Because physical was all Damon and Elena were with eachother.

I really thought this season was going to end with Damon realizing that there are different types of love. That the love he had for Elena is not the same love he has for Bonnie….AND THAT WAS FUCKING OKAY. That he was capable of experiencing different types of love.And that he may actually have MORE THAN ONE GREAT LOVE…..


That sometimes love is sweet and simple. It’s the smell of pancakes in the morning,  annoying the hell out  of eachother, and teasing eachother just for kicks.  it’s just BEING YOURSELF WITH ANOTHER PERSON.

You know why I really, really ship Bonnie and Damon. Because in season 6…Damon became a regular person to me. He went from being these super-intense, slightly insane, tragic character—to this plaid wearing, bourbon drinking goofball! He made paper airplanes and car noises….he played monopoly and tetris….he FUCKING COOKED BONNIE BREAKFAST EVERY MORNING! They shared MEALS together…..it’s so simple….and yet so intimate.

What’s really irking me with these interviews...is that they’re trying to make it seem like love and friendship are two separate things. That Bonnie and Damon are just these two super-intense, deep soulful friends….and that TRUE LOVE IS SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

Do you want to know what really separates Love from friendship.SEX!  Real friendship…does NOT INVOLVE SEX of any kind…..And Bonnie and Damon ooze SEXUAL CHEMISTRY.they sometimes seem one step away from kissing. They always seem one step away from something more.

But Julie Plec seems to think they’re PLATONIC SOULMATES.which is really a fancy way of saying SOULMATE or TRUE LOVE…… BECAUSE HOW CAN YOU NOT BE FRIENDS WITH YOUR SOULMATE!

However…you can be lovers…but not friends.


You guys remember back in season six when Stefan was like….YOU CAN BE LOVERS OR FRIENDS…YOU CAN’T BE BOTH….towards Caroline.


They were Friends….but then they became FRIENDS WHO were ALSO LOVERS!

You see where I’m going with this? It’s like Julie Plecc is trying to use Bonnie and Damon’s friendship as a legitimate reason not to make them lovers.

But really…they’ve got the best love story ON THE DAMN SHOW! Enemies-to friends…AND THEN TO LOVERS is the MOST EPIC LOVE STORY THERE IS! They challenge eachother and make eachother better…..their friendship is just the icing on the cake. Their LOVE would’ve been THE CHERRY ON TOP OF THE MOTHERFUCKING CAKE OF AWESOME!

So really….what the fuck is up with this writing?

Aside: I seriously had some meta to write on Bamon from the finale. I know I said I’d go down with this ship…But I feel MOTHERFUCKING DISRESPECTED! Like that interview PISSED ME OFF SO BAD….HOW ARE ENZO AND BONNIE ON SOULMATE LEVEL ALLREADY? WAS BONNIE’S STOCKHOLM SYNDROME THAT FUCKING BAD? DAMON SAVED HER BACON AGAIN…AND WAS TURNED EVIL BECAUSE HE TOOK THAT FUCKING RISK FOR HER! LIKE…HOW-THE-FUCK-IS-ENZO-HER-FUCKING HERO! LIKE…AaaaRgh! I’m about to pull a Damon and drink some bourbon wine. Like seriously FUCK THIS SHIT!


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Okay has anybody talked about this yet?

It says “sometimes interrupt with the start”.

Idk, I just think it goes well with all the “playing with time”-stuff we’ve heard they were going to do. So I’m just gonna interpret it as: they’re gonna interrupt s5 with the start of s5.

The very beginning of s5 is Gareth talking to his peeps.

HOWEVER - The first thing about Beth in s5 is Daryl saying that she is alive.

Now take that as you will.

Maybe you peple can read more into this.