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So while watching the hospital scene I noticed Emma gave Hook that look after he says "I hurt his heart", similar to the one she gave him while they were on the beanstalk and she asked who Milah was.

A look of understanding.

She almost feels for him, because he’s been hurt before, just like she has. She knows the pain of losing someone you love, although their situations are entirely different. And while obviously she’s upset that he hurt Belle, and I’m in no way saying that she’s condoning his actions, you can basically see in her face that she realizes why he did what he did. Right there. In that moment. She gets it, she understands.

And, although she doesn’t verbalize it, I honestly believe this is when she realizes how alike they are.


friendly public service announcement: if your ~cool edgy theory~ about [insert literally any fandom here] is that “[protagonist] is crazy and unmedicated and making the whole thing up in their head”

i as an actual crazy unmedicated person will find a way to punch you in the face (◡‿◡✿)

Okay has anybody talked about this yet?

It says "sometimes interrupt with the start".

Idk, I just think it goes well with all the “playing with time”-stuff we’ve heard they were going to do. So I’m just gonna interpret it as: they’re gonna interrupt s5 with the start of s5.

The very beginning of s5 is Gareth talking to his peeps.

HOWEVER - The first thing about Beth in s5 is Daryl saying that she is alive.

Now take that as you will.

Maybe you peple can read more into this.

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Have either of you been watching Shine or Go Crazy? The main female lead (Oh Yeon Seo) is literally the smartest character on the show and she proves it time and time again. The second female lead (Honey Lee) is great and complex as well. I'd love to read your thoughts on these two and the show.

Neither of us are watching the show, anon! (Though thank you for the reminder for me to update our dramas list.) I wasn’t all that excited with the premise, though to be honest, I haven’t heard much about the show. I don’t think anyone I’m following is watching it. What little I heard, back when it was in the casting stages, was that the heroine was supposed to be the shining light that kept the hero from “going crazy.”

That’s not a trope I enjoy very much, particularly once I looked up which king the hero was. Apparently he did quite a bit of purging (by which I mean murdering) in the last part of his reign. Which sounds to me like the whole “shining” plan didn’t work out so well. :/ (Yes, I totally “spoil” myself with sageuks. I want to know I’m walking into a tragedy if I can help it.)

But! I’m always glad to hear that someone is liking ladies in a show I’m not watching! That makes me excited because sageuks—at least the ones I’ve watched—tend to fall into the “history is a study of great men and the important things they did” narrative trap. Too much focus on middle-aged-to-elderly men with beards and fancy hats, not enough time spent on the ladies.

I’ll have to wander through the show’s tags to see if there are any good gifsets of the ladies so I can stick them in our queue.


my twitter feed right now tho

So before i agreed to house the boyfriends puppy, I informed him that there will be no ear cropping. I have a few reasons its not allowed. The two biggest being the effect upon the dog and the fact that i’d be the one taking care of the ears. 

So talking to him last night when he got home from work and the guy he carpools with told him the same thing. Do not crop that dogs ears. Thank god cause his brother was trying to convince him to crop them. Not that i’d allow him out of the house with the dog if he managed.

Then last night i was talking with my brothers girlfriend and she told me the same thing. She had already hatched a plan to kidnap the dog if we had any plans of cropping its ears. 

I’m very happy with the amount of people backing me up with this. The fact that they know their stuff on the subject makes me even happier. 

I also just made an appointment with the vet for next Friday, since its my only day off next week. I figured it’d be best to get the dog fully checked out and make sure the shots are taken care of fully and that she’s in good health and the tail was fine. Also my vet can tell me if there was anything else that needs to be taken care of. I like him. He’s a good vet.