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I Miss You (Zach Dempsey)

From: 13 Reasons Why

Warnings: none, just fluff

Dedication: I’d like to give credit to @jefferyatkind​. The edit is hers and she makes a lot of edits like this one, check out her blog https://jefferyatkind.tumblr.com/ I love her edits so much and yeah.

(I dedicate this imagine to you because from the moment I saw your edit I knew that this could be a great story)

You walked to class with you best friend alex. Yeah, that’s right, the Alex Standall. You were friends ever since FML. And after hannah, He was your second closest friend.

Right now you were walking with him to Biology. “Hey y/n! Standall! wait up” you heard a familiar voice call. You turned around smiling seeing your boyfriend, Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey. “Hey babe” you said greeting him. “Where are the dickwads?” you asked teasing him. “y/n/n!!!! They’re my friendsssss” He whines. “They’re skipping first and second period” Alex answers nonchalantly. you sigh at their stupidity, you mean yeah, they’re kinda your friends but doesn’t mean you agree with everything they do. you kiss Zach on the cheek, “That’s all???” he says pouting. you laugh and peck him on the lips then we enter bio. We were early by 10 minutes so the only people here were You, Alex and Zach. “Hey, Dempsey, are you going to the fun park with the gang?” Alex asks Zach as he settles down in his seat. “Yeah” he replies as he puts his arms around you.

“Are you going babe?” he asks you

“Aww no, I can’t. midterms next week. YOU SHOULD STUDY TOO” you replied. “Yeah but, you’ve met my mom, I studied for midterms since last week and all i have to do is review” he answers.

“Oh well, too bad for me then” you reply sighing. “Come on babe you have to go. Or else I’ll be lonely” he whines pulling you closer. “I wish I could baby” you say kissing his forehead. Then the teacher enters and you start your first class of the day.

—— lunch time ———

“Yo y/n! Ready for fun park later?” Justin asks as he and Jessica sit down at our table. “Nah, I gotta study” you reply sighing. “BOOOOO!” Bryce shouts. You roll your eyes and listen to them plan about their day.






You finish studying earlier than expected and all you could think about is Zach. I hope he’s okay. you thought. As you finished packing your phone lights up and all your friends are sending you snaps. One from Jess, one from Justin, one from Alex and one from Monty. “Why isn’t Zach messaging me?” you though aloud. You watched all their snaps and see how much fun their having. “I should’ve gone” you said to yourself “They’re probably on their way home anyway” you say glancing at the clock. 7:00pm it read. You sigh once again as you see Zach has a recently updated story. “Let’s see how much fun he had, enough to not send me any snaps or what” you mumbled as you opened his story

came out. Your heart melts at the sight of your cute boyfriend. You slide to message Alex on snap.

You: How’s my baby?

Alex: Annoying as fuck. He wouldn’t shut up about you not being here.

the definition of disgusting puppy love

You: Yeah yeah what’s up with the puppy? Is it clifford? Clifford was my favorite thing ever when I was young

Alex: He won it in the basketball game thing in the arcade part of fun park

You: Of course, basketball.

Alex: He says he would’ve given it to you and it would’ve been the perfect romantic whatever but you aren’t here so he just made himself miss you more

You: My boy is so sweet 😌💖

Alex: If you think that’s sweet then this is even better. He’s been hugging that thing while he’s sleeping and he says he’ll still bring it home for you

You: …….

Why are you guys watching Zach sleep? Where are you?

Alex: Still in fun park. We’re staying until Saturday night so everyone can study on Sunday. We rented a hotel room in the hotel beside it

You: And you all fit?

Alex: Duh, Bryce booked the biggest room there was. And its in the top most floor. You could fit too actually

You: I’d go but i don’t want to sleep in the same room as that rapist 🤢🙄

Alex: Nah. This is his so called “redemption” moment Monty and him have their own room in the floor below. And we locked our doors.

You: Soooo who are you guys with?

Alex: Justin, me, Jess, Sheri, Zach, Marcus

You: The 6 of you in a suite?

Alex: yep

You: Damn hold on

You ran out your room to see your parents having dinner. “Hey sweetie” Your mom greets. “Hey mom, i have to ask you something” You say kissing her and your dad as a greeting. “You want to go to the fun park with your friends don’t you?” your dad says even before you can utter a single word. “Y-yeah. how’d you know?” you ask confused. “I saw Zach after my business meeting in the hotel. He really misses you. I asked him why you didn’t come and he said because you had studying” he explained.

“but since you’re probably done” Your mom adds trailing off. “You may go” your dad replies motioning to your bags on top of the staircase. “You knew I was going anyway? And you DO know its overnight…. right?” you ask both of them as you walked up to grab your bags. “Yeah and we’re okay because I trust you and Zach” Your mom says kissing you goodbye. “I’ll take you” Your dad says grabbing his keys.

You walk to the card and head out. You quickly send Alex a text

You: I am on my way don’t tell Zach. It’s a surprise!! Do you guys want pizza? xx

Alex: Yes please 🙏🏻

“Hey dad, is it okay if I buy Pizza for the gang?” You ask shyly. “yeah sure” and with that you park and get some pizza


“Hey guys let’s order pizza” I yell. A chorus of sures and hell yeses were being thrown. “Alright” I said laughing slightly. I notice everyone is in the common area talking except one certain raven haired male. “Zach we’re ordering pizza” I tell him walking in his room to see him still cuddling the stupid red dog. “I don’t want any” he says hugging it tighter. “Alright” I say closing his door. Man I hope y/n gets here soon. Her boyfriend is too whipped.


“y/n, y/n, wake up!!” your dad calls as he shakes you lightly. “5 more minutes” you whisper putting your jacket over your face. “Are you sure? In 5 minutes I can turn around and go back home and you’ll miss surprising your boyfriend” he says turning the car around. “WHAT I’M HERE? ALREADY?” you yell sitting up. “y/n! Stop shouting we’re in an enclosed area, but yes we’re here” your dad says pushing you out the door. “Thanks dad” you say throwing him a smile then kissing his cheek. “See you tomorrow” you say before closing the door and walking inside the building.

You finally reach the room and press the doorbell thing. “Wow the pizza guy is fast” you hear Jess say on the other side of the door. “Hey I’ll get it, he might be cute” you hear Sheri call and right after the door opens. “y-“ you cut her off before she can yell “shhh it’s a surprise” you say whispering and putting your finger to your lips as if you’re telling her to be quiet. “Well I’ll say”Jess says walking in the room. You hug everyone then turn to Alex. “Where’s my cotton ball?” you ask the bleached blondie. “In that room. He’s terrible without you. The Clifford hit him hard” he says motioning over to the door beside us. You grab a piece of pizza and a paper plate then you try to open the locked door and when you accept that you can’t open it, you knock on his door instead. “Alex I told you I don’t want any pizza” your boyfriend grumbles as he opens the door. His face turns from gloomy to shock. “y/n???”

“You don’t want any pizza even if it comes with me?” you say pouting.

He quickly gets out of his state of shock and wraps his arms around you “darling if I knew that all i had to do was to order a pizza, I would’ve called ages ago” he whispers in your ear then kisses you. You melt in the kiss and pull him towards you. As the kiss becomes more passionate you hear a cough behind you. You both pull away to see your friends glaring at you guys playfully. Sheri counts, “one… two… three” and all together they shout. “GET A ROOM”

You all laugh at each other then you and Zach walk back in his room cuddling, as you replace the big red dog with your small petite body. And neither you nor Zach would have it any other way

Prologue [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary:  Mixed up orders leads to a new and unexpected person in your life.

Word Count: 2,159

Warnings: None (a slow burn, but are you guys really surprised?)

Authors notes:  We are SO excited to share this with you guys, this universe is something we had so much fun creating and we hope you enjoy it as much as us! ❤ 

askbox | masterlist | next chapter

The neon lights and upbeat sixties doo-wop songs were the furthest things Lin wanted in his presence that night. Still, the Salt and Pepper Diner was the only place with decent food open this late into the night.

There was the added benefit that it was always empty when he found himself in. No soul in their right mind purposefully wandered into this place at three in the morning on a school day.

Except for him, of course.

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The Name Game

 Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Summary: Finn and Y/N find out the sex of their baby. Though the news is happy, the two cannot, for the life of them, agree on a name. 

Warnings: None! Super cute and fluffy. 

Word Count: 6,937


If this were any other Saturday in Florida, Finn and Y/N could have been found doing a number of things. 

One, they probably could have been lounging poolside while the sun beat down heavy on their skin. 

Two, they could have been throwing a spur of the moment barbecue for them and all their friends, drinking like frat stars until one wound up with their head in the toilet while the other giggled and took embarrassing photos to post throughout the locker rooms the next live event; normally it was Y/N who couldn’t handle all her liquor, but Finn had his fair share of moments as well.

Three, the two of them could have easily been found locked in his air-conditioned condo, tangled up in the cool, white sheets while fingers and mouths explored the soft, bare skin each knew all too well. 

If this were any other Saturday, life for them would be completely simple.

But, this Saturday was different, and this mid-August day was one that neither saw coming so soon. 

It was supposed to be a traditional routine; date, get engaged, marry, and then maybe have a few children. 

Y/N should have known nothing was going to be traditional with Finn. Hell, the first time they’d locked eyes had been nowhere near traditional. 

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You Have a Daughter? » Joe Sugg

Request: Could you do 10 and 17 for Joe please? :)x

You were just 7-years-old when you met Joe Sugg for the first time; you had just moved to the small village of Lacock with your mum after her and your dad’s messy divorce. You and Joe immediately became best friends, bonding over your weirdness and love of the outdoors, and you would be each other’s confidants for years to come. Joe was always there when you needed him and in return, you would be there for him. His family became yours and yours’ his and after six years of thinking of the boy as your brother, your feelings began developing and becoming more romantic.

You were 14 when you shared your first kiss with the youngest Sugg in an empty classroom on the last day of Year 9 and you were so embarrassed that you had kissed him that you ran off, avoiding him for all of summer. The Saturday before you went back to school in Year 10, your mum forced you to go over the Sugg’s house for a BBQ. You were greeted at the door by the oldest Sugg sibling, who immediately engulfed you in her embrace.

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Love at First Video Part 36: Eavesdropper

Mish a Collins x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay?” Misha asked you for the third time in an hour as the two of you sat outside on the patio in the early morning hours. Misha was getting ready to go to work, but you had gotten up a little earlier to spend some time with him before he left. Your stomach was rolling, but you were trying to keep normal, not wanting him to recognize anything.

“Yeah, I think my stomach’s a little upset from dinner last night.” You hedged, as you scooted closer to his warmth on the lounge. He was already dressed and ready, while you were still in your pajama’s, and you enjoyed the quick cuddle before he was gone for the day.

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Day 2: Nerd Girlfriends

Maggie and Alex did not exactly have schedules conducive to traditional dating. The schedule conflicts Maggie alone brought to the table had cost her more than one girlfriend in the past. Alex’s field time and lab hours added in created something that looked more like Netflix and Chill than anything serious.

They did what they could though. Sometimes that meant cooking lessons for Alex that ended in rescue by Jessy the Pizza Guy more often than not. Sometimes it was kids’ science experiments because if the neighbors were already used to hearing the fire alarm, why not? There were movie nights and sometimes, sometimes it was fantastic to just come home, turn down the lights, and sink into the arms of someone who cared.

Once a month they did something different though, moving heaven and earth to make sure they both had two days set aside for each other. They took turns surprising each other.

Last month, Maggie had somehow lined up a tour of the new Star Labs Biomedical Research Center, complete with NDAs and one-on-ones with the lead scientists. Maggie had followed along happily, occasionally asking for clarification since she liked science but “I’m just a dumb cop with an easy bake oven, Danvers.” She swore up and down she had fun watching Alex “get her nerd on” with other nerds.

Alex was determined to return the favor.

The botanical garden was out, because she’d played that card two months in. For that matter, she had no intention of reliving the nightmare that was couples’ cooking lessons either.

Alex had to dig deep for this one.

Deep enough to get her ass over to L Corp and bribe Jess to let her in because she needed to talk to Lena about something Kara related.

Lena seemed just as startled to see Agent Danvers as Alex was that a vague mention of her sister’s well-being was all it took to get in to see a busy CEO.

“Agent Danvers, is Kara alright?”

“She’s fine. I need a favor though.”

“A favor?” Lena’s eyebrow raised dramatically, “Are we favor friends now?”

“We could be,” Alex hedged. “Look there’s this new exhibit at the People’s History Museum, and it’s sold out for months. I was hoping you, as a major donor, had some tickets for this weekend lying around.”

“Even if I was a donor, Agent, no self-respecting pro-alien display is going to let the last of the Luthors attend such a crowded public event.”

“Please, you are not the problem. At least you come with added security.”

“Be that as it may, I’m sorry but I can’t help. I’m not even sure Supergirl could get tickets.”

Alex sighed. “Damn. Well, thanks for hearing me out, Ms. Luthor.”



“If we’re going to be favor friends, you should call me Lena.”

“Then you should call me Alex. And let me know the next time you want to help save the world so I’m not panicking you’re turning on my sister.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Lena smiled.


Alex was still racking her brain for ideas two days later when Kara showed up near the end of her shift at the DEO, dressed as Supergirl and grinning like *NSYNC had just announced a reunion tour.

“So. Lena asked me to tell you she still can’t get tickets.”

“She sent you over here to tell me that?”

But, she can get you in a couple hours before the doors open, if you and Maggie want a day-date.”

“Wait, seriously?”

“She asked around. Apparently she went to school with one of the curators.” Kara’s smile dimmed into a pout. “She had to swear it was for law enforcement and that she wasn’t up to anything. Supergirl even had to come vouch for her.”

“It’s still really weird when you refer to yourself in the third person, Kara,” Alex said. “Why did she go through all that trouble? I was surprised she’d even let me in to ask.”

“Because you’re my sister, I guess.”

Alex decided to table that discussion for a later date. Much later. Preferably involving alcohol and gay-yoda-Maggie.

“Anyway, you guys can meet with Dr. Camdem around noon and roam the exhibit until 4 or so, when they’d have to kick you out to prep for the big event Saturday night.”

“I owe you both. Like, so big.”


Friday night, Maggie lost a game of pool.

Saturday, she had to ride koala on the way to their date.

She complained the entire way, but Alex loved the feel of Maggie, with her arms wrapped around her, leaning into turns. She loved Maggie’s hands tucked under her jacket, the muttered curses when Alex would accelerate faster than necessary.

Alex may have taken the longest, most winding route possible to the museum.

It was worth it to see the blinding grin on Maggie’s face as she removed her helmet. “You hate history, Danvers.”

“I don’t hate it, Sawyer, I just don’t need to study it when I can watch it repeat on the news.”

“Knowing it is half the battle to keep it from repeating.”

Alex shook her head and slung her arm over Maggie’s shoulders. “C’mon, I have a surprise waiting that I think we’ll both enjoy.”

“It’s a little early to break-in for after-hours sex, Danvers, and after seeing Winn I think that’s probably ruined for me forever.”

“We’re not- okay, first of all you can’t really break into a place that’s currently open for business,” Alex stuttered. “Wait, you’ve thought about-”

“C’mon, Danvers, you promised me a surprise, where’s my surprise?”

Alex rolled her eyes at her girlfriend and dropped a $20 into the donation box on their way in. She didn’t need to bother with the ticket office unless Maggie decided she wanted to come back to the exhibit in a few months when tickets were actually available. Alex tried very hard not to laugh as she had to drag Maggie past all of the displays that she knew for a fact Maggie had seen a thousand times before.

“Did you know National City was built on a native city, Danvers?”

Alex had to constantly redirect Maggie’s attention the entire way through to the back of the museum.

“Hey did you know the greatest gunslinger in National City history was actually an alien?”

Or her opinions on the LGBTQ exhibit, which Alex actually did want to check out. Later, after the surprise.

“Alex, wait, hold up this one’s important! I mean, it’s a little whitewashed, but so is everything else here and-”

“Maggie, I promise you we can check this one out in a little while, okay? But there’s kind of a time limit on your surprise.”

Maggie made a face, but let Alex lead her through to where a security guard stood at the entrance to the Aliens Among Us corridor. A quick flash of her badge, and he held aside the curtain for them.

Maggie’s eyes widened as they stepped through and she squeezed Alex’s arm excitedly.

They were greeted by the curator herself. “Agent Danvers, Detective Sawyer, thank you for coming. I’d love to discuss any of the differences or gaps in knowledge with you two later, if you have time?”

“That would be great, Dr. Camden. Thank you so much for letting us in here.”

“Anything for the girls in blue, and for fostering a better understanding of our refugee populations,” Dr. Camden smiled. “Now, I’ll leave you two to explore, if you don’t mind? There’s a lot to do tonight. Just let Ms. Luthor know when you’re free to discuss things later and we can set something up.”

“Perfect, thanks again, Dr. Camden.”

Maggie waited until Camden was out of sight to let out a quiet screech, “You got us into Aliens Among Us??”

“I mean I tried for tonight, but not even Supergirl can get tickets, apparently. Is this okay?”

“Is this okay? Is this okay? Of course you’d ask that. It’s amazing, Danvers.”

Alex sighed, “Oh thank god.”

“Did you think there was a chance I wouldn’t like it?”

“I mean, I wanted to do the fancy thing, I know you’ve seen most of this stuff before.”

“Danvers, trust me, we get to explore together, without wearing heels or dealing with rich snobs, this is perfect.”

Maggie didn’t know everything, but she knew enough to skip around the Kryptonian display, complete with wax figures of Astra and Non beside Supergirl. She didn’t ask when Alex’s gaze lingered on one over the others, but she did crack a joke.

“She was hot.”

“She had a thing for touching my face,” Alex muttered.

“Can’t blame her, you have a pretty nice face,” Maggie said, “C’mon, there’s a thing about Roltikkons.”

“Why does the tongue thing work in reverse?”

Maggie bumped her hip. “Hey, I don’t remember you complaining about the things my tongue could teach you.”


“After that we can check out the Infernian display and reminisce about how you stole my crime scene.”

“It was my crime scene, Sawyer.”

Alex was familiar with at least a vague idea of the history of the many species on display. It was Maggie’s excitement that brought them to life, hands waving as she ranted about inaccuracies or told wild stories about some of the aliens she’d met while working in National City. The movements got wilder as she got more excited.

It only got worse when they finished with the new exhibit and Alex allowed herself to be dragged off to the LGBTQ exhibit.

“So, there was this whole underground scene for non-white queers because we took a beating during raids in the 80s and-”

It was the most adorable thing Alex had ever scene, including the first time Kara ever saw a litter of puppies dressed up in costumes.

Love in the Airwaves -- Baekhyun

Originally posted by parkchny

“It’s almost time for me to go, dear listeners, but before I do, I have one more song to play.”

Neither you or your roommate are listening intently to the radio, especially since it’s just the campus station.  Amber put it on before she started revising her history paper and since all you’re doing on this fine Saturday morning is folding laundry, you welcome the background noise.  Bacon’s Power Hour is the most popular radio segment on campus and it airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 AM.

“I’m dedicating this song to a special lady who lives on the top floor at Vincent Hall.  Have a wonderful day, everyone.”

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anonymous asked:

Ok so here is the prompt. It was actually inspired by holyhairbrush's art where Coliver are drinking their Starbucks coffee with wrong spelling and it got me thinking about the journey of Coliver as seen by barista of a shop they visit regularly, all their highs and lows, etc.

*arrives to the prompt 6 months late with Starbucks* pls don’t hate me, anon lol. the art they’re talking about is this by @holyhairbrush. i didn’t write this particular scene but i hope you’re happy with this fluff fest! it’s canon but without murder.

Inside the confines of Daily Planet Coffee, Christmas lights hang from the windows, tall leafy plants hang out in corners, and boards filled with posters and business cards line the back walls. It’s a moderately sized establishment, local, usually housing college kids or young adults using the free Wi-Fi to get some work done.

The cafe has it’s regulars, of course. Most very friendly and chatty, some just ordering the same drink without much conversation, and leaving as soon as they had their coffee.

Connor was one of these regulars.

He was a student, or so the employees of Daily Planet could figure out with the limited chit-chat they managed to squeeze out of the handsome customer. He went to Middleton, was an intern to an overworking, seemingly asshole lawyer (but was still brilliant), and on the weekends would come in disheveled and dirty, like he’d just run a marathon… or he was coming back from a one-night stand…

Not that employees were any to assume, but when you worked with the same people for months and months, gossip was just a normal, unavoidable thing. And Connor was one of their favorite topics of discussion.

One day a new guy came in, dressed like he worked a boring 9-5 job; grey suit with a blue tie, and Harry Potter glasses. He was in front of Connor in line, and the baristas exchanged knowing looks at the way Connor unashamedly stared at this guy’s ass the entire time he placed an order.

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Prompt #1

((I absolutely love both these prompts So I will do both, I hope you don’t mind! in this scenario you are both out of high school, whatever age you want to be.))

“I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.”

You had been sleeping over at Kyoya’s place for some time now. It had taken some time for both of you to take this type of commitment, seeing as Kyoya wouldn’t simply do something out of impulse. His main concern was his sleeping hours, but surprisingly you had quite similar patterns, being a night owl yourself.  You knew as well that if his family were to visit, that was strictly forbidden. You may have coaxed him into some more western traditions, yet his family was still very conservative, and he could not afford to loose anything with them, and you wouldn’t dream of making him seem anything less than perfect in front of his family. 

You had been anxious the first few times sleeping together going as much as letting him sleep before you just so you wouldn’t risk him hearing you, although one day you had a long day at school and wanted nothing more than to curl up on the couch with your beloved, and just cuddle. Before you knew it you had fallen asleep and to his surprise started to talk in your sleep.  He had been quite alright with your sleep talking, knowing that it wasn’t something you couldn’t control, yet the first time you had talked in your sleep he was quite confused, thinking you were trying to make conversation with him. He never confronted you about the subject and you never directly talked about it with him, until one morning. 

It had been a long night for both of you, you having to proofread an essay for your worst subject, meanwhile he had to manage his friends finances, granted you finished earlier than your dearly beloved (because geez you didn’t know what was worse, how much his friends spent or the fact that Kyoya takes it upon himself to constantly check up on them), and went to bed earlier. The next morning you woke up with a soft grunt and pulled yourself closer to your male companion. You decided it would be a lazy day for both of you, being a fine Saturday late morning. “Good morning Y/N” he said lazily draping an arm around you. You let out another sound of acknowledgment before putting your head on his chest. It wouldn’t seem so,yet this type of physical contact was still either a hit or miss with your boyfriend, seeing how he isn’t used to this type of physical contact. Luckily he accepted this and you sighed in content. You were both left for your own thoughts in a comfortable silence before he spoke again. “Y/N?” Kyoya asked. 

“Yes Kyo?” You responded lazily, eyes still shut. 

“Can you explain the princess dragon dream?” He answered, which automatically made you sit up to look at him better. 

“What?” you ask in disbelief. 

“You know the recurring dream I am talking about… the one you just had tonight again.” He responded. 

“You mean my sleep talking?” You ask now just trying to diffuse his attention in a weak manner. 

“Yes.But You know… I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.” he insisted. 

“Why?” you ask trying to gather your senses to not explain such an embarrassing affair to him. You knew exactly what he was talking about, and you remembered every single detail of that dream. You were embarrassed of having such dreams and did not really want to tell him about that particular one.

“It’s interesting to see you so invested in something like that, besides I’m curious as to what role I partake in that dream.”

Are you absolutely sure?” You insist, as he nods. “Oh god this is so embarrassing.” You tell him hanging your head in your hands. Exhaling loudly through your mouth you sigh, looked up at him and start to talk “I started having that dream around the time I met your friends. It starts with me locked in a tower far away, and for some apparent reason I’m locked away with another princess, which is your blond friend… what’s his name? The overly dramatic one…uh.. ah Tamaki! Who weirdly looks fantastic in a dress… Anyways, I since we only have each other we talk about stuff, and boy can he talk, but there  he keeps talking about how his knight in shining armor will come and rescue him from that tower. Yet then our helpful friend the magician, who is your other blond friend, Honey, is all like ‘Guys,Guys hold on to your corsets there are knights coming close!’ So Tamaki got all excited and started to pack his bags when you and Haruhi come by and do the whole ‘We’ll rescue you fair maidens’ or something like that. Then the dream cuts to us dancing in a ballroom and we are talking about things I don’t really remember, and then you excuse yourself. Then in typical fairytale fashion, a dragon comes to your kingdom and starts messing things up, I mean like half the orquesta up in flames, the castle in  absolute wreckage, and then they take you away. The dragon I mean. It takes you away. Then like we send in a search team to find you and I slayed that dragon head off. I mean it’s more dramatic than I’m making it sound and then we reunite and you say something I can never remeber.” You say rubbing your own shoulder. 

“Well.” Is all your beloved respondes, looking deep in thought. “Did you make all that up?”

You smirk and respond “Perhaps.” 

“Will you ever share the real dream?” 

“Someday… Maybe. Now I’m famished make me breakfast.”

Everything I Didn’t Say

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Losing friends is an inevitable part of childhood. People change as they grow older. They lose interest in the things that made you friends in the first place or they fall in with a different crowd. People switch schools, they move away. Life happens and things change. People move on. Memories are forgotten.

But that was never the case for you.

The friends that you lost along the way were never forgotten. The memories that you made were always there. No matter what happened, you remembered the people that made an impact on your life, whether it was positive or negative. It was a blessing and a curse, being able to remember the people that forgot you, but you wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

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Sweet Lavender (Wonwoo)

From the beginning 


When your building is about to get demolished and Wonwoo and his roommates are about to lose their place because they can’t afford the rent alone, desperate measures bring an unlikely bunch together. 3 boys and 2 girls living together in one share house; what could possible go wrong? Welcome to Sweet Lavender.

Word count: 5645

Chapter 2

Living with other people meant that you’d have to share a part of yourself with them. You never really knew what someone was really like until you moved in with them, it’s why couples always get a harsh wakeup call once they move in together. But when you’re living with complete strangers, the lines tend to blur.

“So you mean to tell me that you guys eat ramen for breakfast…?” You gape, looking at the three boys in disbelief. Seoyeon looked amused as they avoided your gaze sheepishly. You weren’t a health nut or anything, you pretty much lived off of ramen too, but eating ramen after fasting all night was hardly healthy. You didn’t care about eating healthy but eating something at least mildly nutritious was important for breakfast.

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The effect of accents

  • +18 Content. One shot. Reader´s perspective.
  • Author: me, so-easy-to-love-me
  • Character:  AU James McAvoy as an University student
  • Genre: Smutty smut with sweet romance
  • Summary: When James gets invited to a female felllow student to cook a nice dinner together, things quickly develop differently that he expected…

mamaobsidian, here it finally is, YOUR story. I included all you wanted. Sweet James (like Brian from “Starter for ten”), cute, eager to please and very talented. And there´s chicken in it too :)

Ever since I can remember being interested in boys, those with strange accents had drawn me towards them a lot more than others with their fancy hair-dos, cool bikes or sweet-talk could do.

Strangeness and otherness of people always fascinated me, even more so in cute boys; it somehow gave me a taste of adventure and carried me away from my ordinary life, even if it was only for the short time I was speaking to them.

I suppose that explained my sudden interest in James, a quiet student from my literature class.

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The Usual

This is a birthday gift for @furaitsu !! It’s nothing big, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while…and if anyone deserves adorable egg n’ toaster fluff, rosso does X3

    “Can I have my usual? To go.”

    He’d come in every Saturday or Sunday, order a bowl of whichever noodles were cheapest (“Extra napkins and spoons, please?”), and leave. His clothes were worn out but clean, and he was bald—really, totally, 100% bald. Everyone figured he had some medical condition and let him alone. It’s not like he needed help there, though.

    He always came by himself…and since he didn’t talk much, no one could figure him out.

    The shop didn’t get a lot of customers—being in the most dangerous city in the world meant that it was dead most of the time—and it ran on regulars, ones that you got to know after weeks and months of chatting to them. Not this one though. In the three years he’d been visiting, all we could tell was that he might’ve been in college because of his age. It didn’t make sense, though—college kids were anxious messes, and he wasn’t. He just…was. He came, he got his food, and he left.

    We were all surprised the first time he asked for a second bowl.

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Baby Announcement

Word Count: 841 (with lyrics)
Pairing: Jensen x Y/N (For the sake of this story Danneel is happily with someone else)

Summary: Jensen and Y/N give an announcement at a convention in a cute way.

AN: This is written for @mysupernaturalfics​ Happy Birthday challenge, My song was Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I hope ya’ll enjoy!

@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @crowleys–darling

“Are you sure we should do this?” Jensen asked rubbing your somewhat swollen belly. “I mean we don’t have to tell them anything. We could just tell our close friends or something like that.”

You were a little over 20 weeks pregnant and at your most recent appointment they had revealed to you the gender of the baby. At first Jensen and yourself had wanted to keep the information more private, only informing a few close friends and family members. But you changed your mind somewhere in between and now you wanted your family. friends and fans to know the great news that Jensen and you have.

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I’ll Be Productive With You

@cindybuuh requested: Hi! A new follower, and stalker.. Eheh.. I really like your blog, so I was wondering if you could make me a scenario with whoever you ship me with in Got7? - And if you don’t do ship, then my apologise; Anyways A little about me - My Name is Cindy, I’m 20, 5'7 tall, curly hair, half Thai, and part Irish/Danish, I also have tattoos - I’m in college studying business, I sing a little and I’m a total goofball! - Thanks anyways! :)

Hey Cindy! Thank you so much for your request! Thank you so much for being my very first request too! ^.^ I haven’t really done shipping before, but I’m totally up for it. Based on what you told me, I decided to ship you with JB. He seems to be on the more serious side, so I think it would balance well with your goofiness. Plus, he does play around with his other members sometimes, so it’s not like he’s super serious. Also, I think it would be really cute if you guys could sing together *squeals.* I hope you liked the scenario I chose. I feel a little self-conscious about it, since this was my first time doing this. I wasn’t quite sure what you wanted, but I did my best. Also, just a warning, I did write smut, since I wasn’t sure if you wanted it or not. I hope you enjoy! :D

Summary: You and JB get assigned to do a group project together. When you meet up to work on it together, you guys get a little distracted and have fun with each other.

Genre: Smut

Warning: Sexual Content

Length: 1414

“For the group assignment I have posted your partners on the list on the board. After class, I encourage you all to find out who your partner is and exchange phone numbers,” the professor announced. The entire class groaned in response. Part of the advantages of being a college student was being able to pick your own seats and your own groupmates for projects, but there was always that one teacher who thought it would be fun to ruin people’s lives.

After the class was dismissed, you walked up to the board to see who your partner was. You hung back a little, since the entire class was eager to find their partner and leave as soon as possible. You didn’t mind waiting though. It would make it much easier to sort through the crowd and find your partner anyway. When the crowd thinned out, you finally approached the board, feeling that it was safe to do so. You skimmed through the list until you saw your name. Then you looked to see who your partner would be. It read: Jaebum Im.

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All I Need Is A Whisper: Chapter One

Submitted by: kingdomuponruins

Description: "Why would someone transfer colleges their senior year? It’s sketchy.“ Stiles asks Scott.

"I don’t know, but I like her,” Scott says while walking to the jeep. “And I think you do too.”

Stiles looks at Scott incredulously, “Sorry Scott, I’m not into spawns of Satan,” Stiles says. “Plus I have a girlfriend,” Stiles adds as an afterthought. Stiles was going to figure out the mysteriously evil, redheaded goddesses’s secrets no matter what the cost.

Or when Lydia transfers colleges her Senior year for reasons, and Stiles and Lydia hate each other (or do they?)

Rating: T

Genre: College!AU, Strangers!AU

All Chapters

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Boyfriend For A Day

Title: Boyfriend For A Day

Word Count: 2876

Characters: Dean x Reader

Request:  Can you write an AU where Dean has to pretend to be the reader’s fake boyfriend and eventually falls in love with her?

A/N: This was so much fun to write!  I decided to keep an open ending so there can be a part two if you guys are interested in reading one. I hope you like it!

Your name: submit What is this?


You were standing in the line at the checkout of the only grocery store in the entire city and checked your phone for text messages from your sister when you overheard the conversation of the two men who were standing infront of you.

“That’s our last money Dean. Do you really want to spend it for pie?”, the taller one of the two of them said and pointed at the apple pie on the conveyor belt. 

“I’m going to play a game of pool tonight and we are fine again Sammy. Relax.” The other one said and reached out for the money the taller one was holding in his hand. It wasn’t much and it was obvious that it wouldn’t even be enough for their groceries. You looked back to the conveyor belt and the few items you’d placed on it. Chewing gum, a bottle of beer and a small box of candy that would easily fit in the little bag you carried with you.

The two men infront of you wanted to buy more. Way more important things. There were water bottles and toilet paper, potatoes, salad, a few bottles of beer, soap, razor blades and pie. You cleared your throat and tapped the smaller one with the shorter hair on the back. Instantly he turned around and you stared into a wonderful pair of green eyes.

At the sight of his marvelous green eyes and the freckles that were placed perfectly in his face you totally forgot what you were about to say. The cashier scanned their groceries and told the other guy the sum total of their buy. His face got pale for a second and he didn’t knew what to do. His eyes wandered to his companion and you could read on his face that he was considering to grab the stuff and run as fast as possible. 

Before you would become the witness of a theft you raised your voice and slipped past the two men and walked straight to the cashier. “I’ll pay it. Can you please scan those other three items for me?”

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Wolstar Rock Climbing AU

I was rock climbing the other day, and got the idea for a rock climbing au, so here goes:

It wasn’t that Sirius didn’t like James’ new girlfriend. In fact, she was one of the better ones. She was funny and fiery and she never misgendered him, which really was a relief. No, Lily wan’t the problem. The problem was that James had a girlfriend at all. And it wasn’t that Sirius had feelings for James—they were now legally brothers—but it was that James was spending all his time with her, and not with Sirius. And Sirius had excepted it, until this. This was heresy.

“You can’t go on a date on a Saturday,” Sirius shouted. “Saturday is our day. We do things together on Saturday.”

“For Christ’s sake, Sirius,” James said, exasperated. “It’s not like we had plans. We would have just sat around watching animal planet. I’ll hang out with you tomorrow.”

“But it’s the principle of it,” Sirius shot back. “Saturday is a standing date. You can’t just bugger off with your girlfriend and miss Caturday. What am I going to do? Watch Animal Planet alone?

“Fine,” James said, throwing his hands in the air. “You can come along if you like. We’re going rock climbing. Then I’ll drop you off at home before we go out for dinner. Is that good enough?”

“Ugh,” Sirius groaned. “I guess.”

“Well get dressed then,” James said. “I’m leaving in ten minutes.”

Grinning, Sirius ran to his closet, and started rooting through his athletic clothes. He pulled on a pink sports bra, electric blue leggings, and a purple top. When he got back downstairs, James was standing at the door, spinning his keys around his finger and rolling his eyes. “You’re going to blind somebody one of these days,” James grumbled, to which Sirius stuck out his tongue.

When they arrived at the climbing gym, Lily only raised her eyebrows slightly when she saw Sirius coming along. “Good afternoon boys,” she said. “Shall we?”

She showed her ID to a blonde boy behind the counter, and said, “Hello Pete. These two boys are with me. They’ll both need gear.” While Peter got harnesses for James and Sirius, Sirius glanced around the gym. He had never been climbing before, but James had only been a few times, and how hard could it really be? “Do you know how to belay?” Peter asked.

“Be—what?” Sirius asked, causing James to groan.

“Right then,” Peter said, “You can climb, but your friends will need to belay you. That’s means they’ll be holding the rope for you.”

“Oh,” Sirius said, and joined Lily by the lockers. She had already gotten into her harness, which was rather impressive, as it had a great deal of straps and loops, and Sirius was utterly baffled.

“You put your legs in through here,” she sighed, helping Sirius into his harness. “And make sure the shoes are snug. If they’re too loose you won’t be able to hold onto the wall as well.”

Sirius glanced down at the shoes with mild disgust. He didn’t want to think about how many people had put their sweaty feet in the shoes. Wrinkling his noes, he pulled them on anyway and laced them up tight.

Ten minutes later, Sirius was holding into the wall for dear life. “Let me down,” he demanded.

“You need to let go of the wall before I can let you down,” Lily pointed out. “You won’t go anywhere. I’ve got you. You’ll just swing out a foot or two, then I can lower you. You’ll be fine.”

“Just let me down,” Sirius called. He had made the fatal mistake of looking down midway through the route, and now he didn’t think he had ever been so scared.

“Sirius, Lily just told you she can’t do that until you let go,” James said. Even from twenty feet up, Sirius could hear the annoyance in his voice. “Just close your eyes, and let go.” Sirius took a few calming breaths, then, feeling ready to face his death, let go of the hold.

The result was not as dramatic as he had expected, and he found himself, hanging suspended in midair, and then Lily’s voice said, “I’m going to let you down now. Don’t be surprised.” Sirius nodded, but when he felt himself fall—albeit at a slow steady pace—he shrieked all the same.

“For God’s sake Sirius,” James said. “You’ve only moved two feet.”

“I’m afraid of heights,” Sirius shot back as Lily continued to lower him. Before he knew it, he was sitting on the floor, and looking up at Lily and James.

“Look, maybe if you’re afraid of heights you can stay on the ground,” James offered.

“You just want to not have to deal with me,” Sirius said. “Besides, I’d be bored.”

“You could always use the auto-belay ropes,” Lily suggested, glancing between Sirius. “That way, we could all climb without waiting for each other.”

“Fine,” Sirius said. “I’ll just leave you to your date then.”

Sirius did his best to walk away in a defiant manner, and heard James mutter, “drama queen.” Only, after he had made his dramatic exit, Sirius realized he didn’t know what or where an automatic belay rope was.

Feeling rather foolish, Remus approached the front desk, where the friendly blonde boy was spraying the shoes with what Sirius hoped was disinfectant. “Hey,” Sirius said, giving his best charming smile. “I was hoping you could show me where the, um, auto-belay ropes are.

Peter smiled at him and nodded, then called, “Remus!” Sirius glanced over his shoulder, to see another man at the other side of the room drilling something into the wall. “Can you get this guy set up on an auto-belay?” The other man—Remus apparently—set down his drill and waved Sirius over.

“Thanks,” Sirius said to Peter, then rushed over to where Remus was. Once he got close enough, he couldn’t help but notice that Remus was very cute. He had curly, light brown hair, olive skin, and amber eyes. He was rather tall, and his tank top showed off very well-muscled arms. Gulping, Sirius introduced himself, trying not to stammer.

“Right,” Remus said. “You clip this into your harness, then unclip it here, like this…” Sirius absorbed very little of what Remus said, as he was far more concerned with admiring Remus’ features. “Er… are you still there?” Remus asked after a minute or two.

“Oh, yeah,” Sirius said, blushing furiously.

“Okay,” Remus said with a smirk. “But this next bit is important. When you get down, make sure to clip the rope back into the wall before you unclip yourself. If you let go, it’ll go all the way to the top, and I’ll have to go get it, and that’s a lot of extra work for me. So don’t let go of it.”

“Yes,” Sirius said, nodding. It didn’t seem too hard.

After some time, climbing and falling off the wall—and Sirius really hoped Remus didn’t see that one fall—Sirius had just unhooked the clip on his harness, and… well shit. He watched the rope zip up to the ceiling with a sinking feeling in his stomach. He was going to have to ask Remus to go get that. Any dreams he had harbored about maybe getting a date out of all of this flew away with the rope. He considered just running off and hiding in James’ car for the next hour or two, or walking home, but figured that would be a bit of a dick move.

Squaring his shoulders, Sirius forced himself to march over to where Remus was drilling holds into the wall, but by the time he got his march had deflated a bit and would more accurately be called a slink. If he had a tail, it would have been between his legs. “Er…” Sirius said as Remus picked up a new hold.

“You need me to go get the rope, don’t you?” Remus sighed, putting down his drill again.

“Uh, yeah,” Sirius admitted. Remus groaned and walked over to the wall and clipped in. Sirius stepped back and watched as the other man made his way up the wall, and he had to admit the view was rather nice. Remus’ shirt was loose enough to fall away in the right places and reveal nicely muscled shoulders, while his arms pulled him up the wall effortlessly. And then there were his tight pants that revealed a very nice backside.

“You’re salivating a little.” Sirius jumped, and turned around to see James standing less than a foot behind him.

“Well, you know, he’s very, very cute,” Sirius admitted, glancing up at Remus.

“So you’re not still mad at me for abandoning you?” James asked.

“No,” Sirius admitted.

“Because Lily said that if you really want to join us, I mean, you are being a bit of a menace to the gym on your own…” James offered.

“I’m fine,” Sirius said, flicking his eyes back up to sneak another glance at Remus’ ass. “You go enjoy your date.”

When Remus reached the bottom, he pulled his shirt up to wipe a thin layer of sweat off his face, revealing a flat stomach. Sirius had to stifle a very unflattering squeak.

“You know,” Remus said, wiping his curls out of his face, “Sound travels pretty well around here. I can here pretty well from the top of the route.”

“You—you heard… oh fuck,” Sirius stammered, blushing furiously. “I’m sorry, it’s just, you’re…wow, and I was just you know admiring the view, but I’ll just stop talking now. I know I’ve been horribly annoying, and you must think I’m weird, so I’ll just sink into the floor now and die.”

Remus chuckled and walked away. Sirius thought he might dies of embarrassment, but then Remus returned and slipped a small piece of paper into his hand. “That’s my number,” Remus said with a grin. “I’m done here at three, but you can text me whenever.”

-One Month Later-

“Just to be clear, you are not getting me off the ground, no matter what you offer to do later tonight,” Sirius said, glancing around the rock gym. Despite being rather obsessed with watching his boyfriend climb, Sirius’ fear of heights had not lessened. At all.

“Don’t worry,” Remus sighed. “I’m just trying to show you something. Taking Sirius’ hand, he pulled him towards the scary, difficult part of the gym Sirius avoided on principle. “Do you remember this part?” Remus asked.

Sirius screwed up his face in concentration then said, “Was this the route you were working on when we met?”

“Yes,” Remus said with a grin. “Anyway, I finally named it. Take a look. It’s the blue one.” Sirius turned his head to read the placard on the wall and grinned when he read the words Canis Major.

“You named a route after me?”  Sirius asked.

“It’s how I woo all the boys,” Remus joked.

“Shut up and kiss me,” Sirius demanded. With a smile, Remus took hold of Sirius chin, then leaned down and pressed their lips together. Sirius made a small noise, then pulled on Remus hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss, not caring that they were in the middle of a crowded gym, not caring that people were looking, not caring about anything much. All he cared about was that he was dating Remus Lupin, and he was probably far gone in love with him as well, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

icantfindacoolname  asked:

Yes yes yes I can't wait for part two of vegas baby to be up I loved the first part and I love you soooooooono much xxxx

I am so glad you enjoyed it!  I hope you enjoy the second part just as much as the first.  Here is Part 2, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Epilogue)

Sitting in the breakfast area with your bags in hand, you and Spencer gulp down glasses of water, neither of you having a particularly present appetite at the moment.

“Well, there’s the happy couple!” a jolly man with a pot belly bellows over the breakfast room.  “How was the, uh…wedding night?” he asks, jostling Spencer with his elbow as he wiggles his eyebrows.  “I bet she’s a bucker, huh?” he muses, winking at Spencer as his face flushes different shades of red.

Giggling at his uncomfortable state, you take the man by the hand and smooth out your voice.  “Sir, I believe last night was, erm…was more conducted by our…altered state…than our hearts.”

“Ah…I see,” he says, sighing drastically, “We get a lot of those around here.  Repressed people who want to let loose and open up, and before you know it, they’re married and asking for annulments.”

“T-then you can help us?” Spencer stutters, his face slowly returning back to its original color.

“Yes, I can…but it’s Saturday, kiddos,” he says, slapping Spencer’s shoulder.  “No one can help you until Monday.”

Closing your eyes and sighing, you lean back into your chair as Spencer takes the reigns.  “Sir?  There was something about…uh…about a honeymoon written on a piece of paper in our suite?”

“Ah, yes.  I wanted to write a little reminder for you guys!  Sometimes couples get so caught up in the romance of things that they forget about it.  I set up a wake-up call and everything!”

“Well.” Spencer says, adjusting himself in the chair, “That’s very kind of you…but, since we didn’t actually mean to get married…”

“Oh, I know what you’re saying,” the pot-bellied man holds up his hands.   “And say no more, I can get you a refund for the honeymoon.  Just give me one second.”

Hearing him sigh in relief, you gulp down the last of your water.

“Coffee.  I need coffee,” you say, pushing your chair back as you grab your still-throbbing head, hustling over to the percolating coffee machine.

Swallowing hard, the emotion welling in your throat again, you bang your forehead against the machine, knowing that Spencer is watching but not caring about what he sees.  You cannot believe you had been so reckless.  How could you have been so careless!?   You have been careful all of your life: careful not to get too drunk, careful not to fail any classes, careful to correctly defend your decisions in life, careful to choose the right college, careful not to make your parents upset, careful not to lose your virginity to any man willy-nilly…

Well, that one was easy…it’s not like you were brimming with possibilities.

Finally fixing your coffee, you venture back to your seat to a disappointed-looking Spencer.

“Don’t tell me…the honeymoon isn’t refundable.”

“Not the one we chose, no,” he says, putting his head in his hands and rubbing his eyes with his palms.

Furrowing your brow, you couldn’t remember that part.  “Did he happen to say which one it was?”

Nodding slowly, he says, “Yeah…something about a trip to a vineyard in California, a bed and breakfast on site, and-”

“-horse-drawn carriage rides every night until the sun sets?”

Furrowing his brow, he looks up at you for the first time since that morning.   “You remember?” he says, sounding a little surprised, “That’s incredible, I can’t even remember that.”

“No…not exactly,” you say, casting your eyes down at your coffee cup, feeling your stomach start to retch again.

“It’s alright, Y/N,” Spencer reaches out his hand and puts it on top of yours. “We’ll get ourselves out of this.  We can go…since we are on vacation…have a good time, drink some wine, pamper ourselves a bit, and when we get back to work, we can remove our rings and wait patiently for the paperwork to push thru.  The man says we can fill out all the stuff needed before we leave and stick it in the paralegal’s box to be processed on Monday.”

Nodding slowly to yourself, you felt your entire body wanting to shake.

A California vineyard and a horse-drawn carriage.

Even at your drunkest, you still couldn’t let go of it.


Filling out your side of the paperwork, you seal it in a manila envelope, along with Spencer’s, and push it thru the slot into the paralegal’s office.

“Someone will call you Monday morning to let you know that the paperwork has been sent thru the right channels, and once you receive email confirmation that the process has been started, it should take 6-8 weeks for the paperwork to finalize and annul the marriage.”

Nodding your head, the man helps you into the carriage, Spencer closely behind, as he continues to rattle off information.

“At some point in time during the process, someone will contact you both to make sure that you are still on track for the annulment.  We aren’t expecting you to change your minds, but it helps us to double-check in case some romance has taken place,” he says as he leads you both out front.

“This carriage,” he continues, “…while not horse-drawn on account of one of the horses giving birth…will take you to the airport, which will then fly you in to California, where a driver will be waiting with a sign that says “The Reids” to take you to the BnB that you will be residing in for the next week.”

Nodding slowly, you sink back into your carriage chair.  You couldn’t believe this was happening.  You were actually taking a honeymoon.

After getting married.

To the place where your heart had been broken.

How full-circle, you thought.

Hearing the door shut, the carriage jumps to life as the engine sputters, slowly carrying you off down the road.

“It won’t be that bad,” Spencer tries to reassure you.  “Even if we only have one room, I can sleep on the floor, or the couch, and we can go off and do our own little things, and hey.  Maybe they will have another room open, and we won’t even have to share!” he says hopefully, trying to lift your spirits.

“Yeah, sounds nice,” you robotically reply, gazing out the window at the slow-going scenery change as you approach the airport.

Getting out of the carriage, you shew Spencer’s hand away as he tries to help you out.

“I’m fine, Reid, I can get it myself,” you snip.

“Just trying to help,” he mutters, bending down and grabbing both of your bags.

“I’m sorry,” you say, turning towards him, tugging your bag away from him.   “This is just…an absolutely insane scenario!” you yelp, throwing your free hand above your head as the emotion pools in your chest.  “I never expected to ever lose my virginity, much less get married, and here I am…married to a man that can’t stand my presence, who was forced to try and bond with me under his boss’s orders…and we wind up married.”

As Spencer licks his bottom lip slowly, gazing down at his feet, you chuckle lightly as you shake your head, “And I’m still a virgin!”

As you turn to walk towards the airport kiosk, ready to obtain your plane tickets, Spencer catches your arm, urging you to turn around and look at him.

“Y-you…you think I can’t stand your presence?” he asks, furrowing his brow as you sense the hurt in his voice.

Cocking your head, you take another deep swallow as the emotion threatens to overcome you again. “Spencer…now is not the time to get all sentimental.   With all of the diva crap you threw back in the hotel room, I’m surprised I’m not in tears by how disgusted you are at the prospect of even waking up in the same room with me, much less waking up in the same bed and finding out that we are married,” you state matter-of-factly.

“I wasn’t…I didn’t…yo-”

You hold up your hand, closing your eyes as you feel the tears start to prickle, willing him to stop before this situation becomes even worse.

Taking a deep breath, you slowly let your hand drop, sighing deeply as Spencer is rendered speechless.  You two obtain your tickets and check your suitcases, silently meandering thru the airport until you wind up at the huge illuminated flight board, both of your eyes darting around for your flight gate.

“Gate E4…” you mumble, looking down at your ticket, making sure that it matches before you start off.

“Yeah…E4,” Spencer says, looking back over at you, your eyes glazed over as you continue to stare up at the hypnotizing board.

“Y/N?” he says.

“Yeah?” you say, looking over at him, your eyes red but your tears never falling.

“I never meant to make you feel that way,” he says, reaching for your shoulder.  “I just…I was just as scared and taken aback as you were.  I mean, you weren’t too enthused with my…well, you know…touching you and everything.”

Looking down at your feet, you slowly step away from Spencer’s body, feeling his heat radiate towards you.

“I’m sorry if I made you feel bad or…or not…desirable…in any way,” you say, stumbling over what words to use.  “I mean, it would have been kind of weird if I would’ve said, ‘Oh, how nice. That feels nice newly-wedded brewery-husband of mine.’“

And as he lightly chuckles at your joke, the first smile since that morning slowly spread across your face as Spencer turns his body towards the hallway you two needed to navigate.

“Come on,” he says, his face slowly fading back to it’s original color, “The gate’s this way.”