hoping there will be some of him in deleted scenes :(

“It” 2017 Deleted Scene

So I was looking up some facts about the new “It” movie and found out about a deleted scene that I truly hope is in the sequel or in the deleted scenes once the movie comes out on DVD

Bill Skarsgard describes the scene as terrifying, taking place some time in the 1600’s before Pennywise claimed the identity of Pennywise. He says that he wasn’t even the clown, he looked very much like himself in the scene and it gives backstory to where “it” came from.

Here is a excerpt from the script of the deleted scene. Pennywise is approaching a woman named Abigail, bargaining for her to give him her infant. If she fights him, he will kill her and her whole family, but if she gives him her infant, he will take only the baby and leave her and her family alone.

I think this scene would be amazing and beautifully horrifying. Would love to see the style of this scene and how Skarsgard would play a newly awakened being who is taking in and adjusting to humanity, observing and camouflaging himself as one of them, learning what the humans of the age he has awakened in fear most.

What do you guys think of this scene? Think it should have been left in the movie or want to see it in the sequel?

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Would love to hear more about soldier Alec ? :)

I think this came from Maia’s ask about Alec in the latest sneak peek and how he’s standing. I don’t really do meta, but I’ll try and make some sense of my thoughts about this.

I mean, it’s a pose we’ve seen before, when Maryse shows up or when he apologises to Magnus, for example. It’s a sign that Alec’s been raised as a military man, a shadowhunter, that he even uses ‘stand easy’ stances when it might seem inappropriate. He’s done it in the past when nervous (Maryse), to someone in authority (the Inquisitor) when frustrated (Jace interrupting the post-date kiss).

Alec (and the other Lightwoods/shadowhunters bar Clary) have been taught to fight and kill all their lives. It wasn’t a choice, they were raised that way and the implication is that it was from a very young age. Ignoring the rules of their society comes with the threat of being stripped of their runes and kicked out (in Izzy’s case unfairly because the Clave just wanted the cup).

You can see how that has affected Alec, he starts off very closed off, he considers being raised as a soldier as normal (if I screw up, I expect to be punished), how even as a child he focused on being a soldier over everything else because he was told that he has to (I get enough crap from my parents).

Matt talked about it in an early interview. He’s driven and focused, it makes him a very effective leader and soldier. 

As did Harry in one for S2, where he called alec ‘a stone cold killer.’ (I can’t find the interview but I remember that phrase well because it caused some discussion…)

Alec’s a soldier through and through, anon, and his job is to go out and kill things. We’ve seen that from his opening scene in episode one  - hunting and killing a demon - throughout the series. 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I am a curious person, honestly, I’m a sucker for reviews, reading other people’s thoughts and opinions on movies, and I know that the reviews for the highly anticipated Kingsman film have been mixed. Some say it’s great, while others say it’s terrible. Spoilers under the cut, but as little details as possible.

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@deannascreativemess: This is kind of random, but has it been confirmed that Eugene is left handed yet? Because we see him use both hands in things like sword fighting, or rather… frying pan fighting? So we can say he is ambidextrous, but here, he is clearly a southpaw fighter. I also found some deleted scenes from the movie where he picks up a feather quill and it is with his left hand. I kinda hope he is considered left handed. As I said before, he obviously is ambidextrous which I think is awesome. As we find out more about Eugene, I hope there are more things that make him more unique and really set him apart from all the other Disney male characters. (I would call him a prince, but he’s technically not a prince yet.) I think it would be kind funny if we see him write something and he either smudges it with his left hand, or he comes up with the genius idea to write from right the left to reduce smudging, because the world is not quite ready for lefties yet.

I have had literally the same thoughts about him. Both Eugene and Rapunzel are ambidextrous, but while Rapunzel’s looks completely natural (see this post I made about her ambidexterity), Eugene’s looks more learned. As in, someone who’s naturally left handed and has been taught to use his right (be it for superstitious reasons or because it’s actually better for a thief to be ambidextrous. If you can pick a pocket with both hands, you’re better off, right?) I have headcanoned for a long time that he’s a southpaw by birth.

And it’s okay to call him a Disney Prince. If you want to go with technical royal status, he likely never will be (he will be Prince Consort), but according to the official Disney line up, and man paired with an official Disney Princess is an official Disney Prince. (Meaning that Eugene and Shang are, but Kristoff is not, technically. But I digress.)

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What do u think of makki? I just love him so much and I was hoping you'd do a little character analysis? Idk if this is counted as a request but feel free to delete it if it is :)

Well, first things first, I confess that sometimes I’m guilty of falling into the headcanon trap instead of actual canon when it comes to Hanamaki Takahiro. It’s just so easy to make him the easy going, silly guy while Issei is the more manly, chill dude, but after I made myself rewatch some scenes and actually gave it some thought, I think that Hanamaki is honestly, just like Issei, a freaking sub-zero chill dude.

I actually like him loads, because he’s one of the people who actually take things just as they are- serious, but not too serious. He seems aware that this is volleyball and it’s his passion so he’s going to play it with dedication, but he’s not Kageyama-level obsessed, or even Iwaizumi-level. He’s good at what he does, and he doesn’t beat himself over because he’s not the best or perfect at something. I feel like his type of player is the best kind when it comes to dealing with life in general, you know your strengths and you play to them. He doesn’t seem to overestimate or underestimate himself and because of that, I think he’s developed some very solid self-confidence that will serve him well over the years.

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Who’s She Deleted Scenes (JokerXReader)

Oh guys I’m so sorry I haven’t posted something in a while but I was really stressed out because of school and stuff and now I’m ill again, life seems to hate me at the moment. But I finally found the time to write the long announced Who’s She deleted scenes! :) I really hope you’ll enjoy them. :* <3

Who’s She deleted scenes special!

(Y/N) visiting the Joker again at Arkham

„Don’t expect any deep conversations today, we had to sedate him.“

You glared at the guard, which was bringing Mr J to the visitors room today.

He was one of the assholes that tortured him, the first time you were visting him here and it seemed that they had done some more things to him.

„You’ve got fourtyfive minutes“, the guard added, then he closed the huge metal door behind him and you were alone with the clown again.

He wasn’t in a good condition and it kinda broke your heart as he looked at you as if he was completely lost in his numbed mind.

„J?“, you asked carefully.

„Ooooh, my lovely, lovely … (Y/N) … so lovely …“, he smiled at you, like he was on drugs.

„J, what did they gave you?“

Mr J’s smile got frozen on his face, and his eyes darkened in fury.

„Oh they were mean to me this time, my sweet little doll“, he growled, before he grinned at you again.

„You look pretty, so pretty, pretty, pretty …“

Your eyes filled with tears.

They had given him so many tranquilizers that he didn’t seem to know what he was talking about.

„J, look at me … look at me. What have they done to you?“, you asked worried, kneeling down in front of him.

He looked at you with puppy eyes.

They called him the King of Gotham City, but the man which was sitting in front of you now, was far away from being a king.

In this moment, he was just a damaged little boy in the body of a mad man.

„Just a happy little pill here and a happy little pill there … have you ever experienced elektroshock therapy, little (Y/N)? It feels like their toasting your brain … Last time they thought they’d killed me, I was unconscious for nearly ten minutes, oh you should’ve seen how happy they had been, until I opened my eyes again then they knocked me out for the next three hours with the next injection. Awww, don’t cry for daddy, it’s fine I’m used to it. But I’m so glad my pretty little angel is coming for me everyday to look if daddy is alright. I really appreciate that, come here, doll. Sit“, Mr J said his voice low and calm, gesturing with his head for you, to sit on his lap, because every other part of his upper body was tied up into a straightjacket, like always when you were visiting him.

You sat down and he rested his head onto your shoulder, rubbing his face at the crook of your neck.

„Mhmm, you’re such a good girl. You’re the light that shines into this hell hole, just for me. I live for you, my dear“, he whispered.

You looked at him, closing your eyes, while he kissed you roughly.

You knew he manipulated you to keep you addicted to him and you had to admit that it worked, but you didn’t care about that anymore, you wanted him, you had fallen for the mad clown.

And at the moment you felt compassion towards him.

How could they treat him like that?

Electroshocking him, abusing him …

Even though he was a bad man, he didn’t deserve that, you thought sadly.

„I would love to touch you, doll …“

Looking back into his eyes you could see something growing.

Desire, lust … but there also was something else, something you couldn’t quite match.

Whatever it was, it made you feel wanted.

„I could free you before they come back“, you whispered.

You knew this was probably the most dangerous thing you could do, but he looked so lost at the moment and you kinda wanted to touch him too.

„Aw, you really would do that for daddy, hm?“, he asked placing kisses alongside your neck again.

„Yes“, you whispered nodding your head.

You turned around to face him and untied his straightjacket.

A few seconds later you heared him growling in pleasure, after his arms were finally released.

For a moment you thought about what you just did and fear took over you.

What if this was all he wanted?

What if he kills me now?

But those thoughts were all washed away as Mr J wrapped his arms around your body, to pull you closer into his chest.

He wasn’t rough like you would’ve expected it first, he was kinda careful, as if this was all new to him and he just wanted to try how it feels.

This made you nearly cry again.

That a man like him, which was known to be a cold hearted psychopath acted like a lost little boy.

You didn’t know if this was just him manipulating you again, but even if this was the case, you knew that there were feelings behind this action, although Mr J wouldn’t admit it.

„Good girl … taking care of daddy so nicely …“, he murmered into your ear.

„Yes, daddy. Just remember this, okay?“

„I’ll come for you doll, very soon when I’m outta here, I promise …“




Mr J calling (Y/N) out of Arkham

It was midnight as you heared your phone vibrating on your nightstand.

You thought it could’ve been Freddy who was at a bar, too drunk to drive home by himself since it was weekend and there was no college on Sundays.

He always called you when he was in trouble, because you were his best friend even though you two weren’t in a relationship anymore.

„Hello?“, you said with a sleepy voice, your eyes still closed.

„Wakey, wakey, kitten. Have ya dreamed about me?“

Your eyes were wide open as you recognised the low and gravelly voice of Mr J on the phone.

He sounded amused.

„J? What …? Where are you?“, you whispered, panic crawling through your body.

„I just took a little walk out of my cell and decided to call you, your mother’s office offers so many good things including a good old telephone!“

He sounded so excited it almost made you smile, but then worry took over you again.

„J, what if they find you? Go back to your cell“, you said silently.

„Aw, always so worried about me, princess. You’re so cute when you’re like that“, he said.

You could already imagine him smirking at you right now.

„J, I’m serious. I don’t want you get hurt like the last time.“

„Relax, angel. I’m all alone and I hope you’re alone as well“, Mr J said his voice suddenly darkened.

„J, I have been sleeping before you called me, of course I’m alone“, you sighed.

As much as you were worried about what he was doing right now and as much as you enjoyed hearing his voice, you just wished you could go back to sleep.

„Oh good. So I suppose it’s dark in your room, isn’t it?“

„Yes …“, you whispered.

What was his point?

„What are you wearing, doll?“, he suddenly asked.

„J, I really think you should go back-“

„You didn’t answer my question“, he interrupted you.

Your cheeks reddened immediately, you couldn’t believe he was doing this with you.

„A top …“, you whispered unsure about this.

„And?“, Mr J asked further.

You couldn’t see it but you knew he was getting impatient.

„Just panties …“

„Nothing more?“, he asked, his tone now sounding more delighted.

„No …“, you said biting your bottom lip.

„Oooh, bad girl. If I didn’t know it better I’d say you knew that I was going to call ya, doll“, he cackled.

„Do daddy a favor and take that top off.“

Oh my god, you really couldn’t believe the Joker was doing phone sex with you.

You were overwhelmed with the whole situation, but on the other hand it kinda aroused you to know, that he was listening to whatever you were doing now.

„I took it off …“, you whispered.

„Good girl. Tell me, are you wearing any bra, kitten?“, he asked.

Your cheeks grew hot whilst your answer.

„No …“

„Mhmm, I can imagine you laying there. Those perky little tits untouched by now and your pussy slightly wet from my words, am I right, princess?“

„Yes …“, you sighed starting to enjoy this whole phone sex thing.

„Touch yourself, baby. Touch yourself for daddy, do it like it would be me“, he growled.

„Tell me what you’re doing now, doll.“

„I’m touching myself for you, daddy“, you purred.

„Where do you touch yourself, baby? Tell daddy everything“, he said between a hiss and a low growl.

Was he masturbating whilst listening to you?

„I’m touching my breasts right now, daddy. Massaging them, making my nipples grow hard.“

„Such a good girl, go on …“, he snarled.

„I’m wearing black panties, my hand is wandering down to my pussy. I’m really wet by now, daddy.“

At first it was odd to speak like that while Mr J was listening, but now it just turned you on even more, also knowing that he probably was doing the same thing right now.

„Rub your pussy for me, baby“, he growled.

„It feels so wet, daddy“, you whispered in pleasure after laying your own hands on your aching spot.

„What are you doing now, princess?“

His voice full of desire.

„I’m fingering myself …“, you moaned silently.

„How does it feel?“

„Tight and wet … it feels so good, imagining that this could be you inside of me …“

„Oooh, I can nearly feel your tight little pussy around my cock, baby. Sooo good“, he purred.

Your breathing started to get heavier and you could feel that you were about to come any time soon, you were so turned on by Mr J’s words and his raspy low voice.

„Come for daddy now, doll“, he growled and you did, trying really hard to not make a sound which your mother could probably hear in her room at the end of the floor.

„Wasn’t that good, angel?“, Mr J asked, as you were laying in your bed breathless.

You could still feel your body tingling and you started to giggle silently.

„Yes, daddy“, you whispered.


Mr J creeping around (Y/N‘s) house while she’s sleeping


Joker’s POV

My, my, my beautiful little princess …

You will be mine very soon.

It was past midnight as the Joker was standing in your room, watching you sleep, enjoying the thought of you being his girl now.

A few hours ago he had escaped from Arkham and Frost had driven him to your house.

First of all Mr J got rid of your stupid mother, he would’ve enough time to kill her later, but now it was just you and him.

„Daddy came for you, doll. In a few hours it’s just you and me and not even your mother can do anything about it.“


Mr J kills Freddy


„J …? What’s wrong?“, you asked irritated as you heared Mr J growling next to you while you had fallen nearly half asleep.

He sat on the other side of the bed, staring out of the window with squinted eyes.

You had been at his club late this night and everything was perfectly fine until you had met Freddy at the dancefloor.

Mr J wasn’t delighted at all to see you talking to another boy and if you hadn’t told him that he’d better let him alive, he would’ve killed him right at the place.

„Is it still because of him?“, you asked carefully.

You didn’t want him to get upset again.

It was already enough for you to calm him down after you two were leaving the club.

For you it has been the first time being out with Mr J as his girl, you knew this would be a big thing especially for him and you knew that he wouldn’t let come something into your way, when he was with you, but you also didn’t expect Freddy to be at J’s club.

„Where are you going?“, you asked in a whisper, after seeing J getting up from the bed.

„Sleep, doll. Daddy’s just running some business, I will be back in a few hours“, he growled giving you a rough kiss on the lips before he left the room.

Joker’s POV

„P-Please I don’t even know what you are talking about!“, the boy with the brown hair begged and looked into Mr J’s eyes, horror written all over his young face.

„Frost I don’t think he got the message“, the Joker snarled dangerously.

 „You boy …“, Mr J said and gestured towards the culprit that has spoken to his girl at, his club while he was with her.

„have gotten yourself into serious trouble.“

„Please Mr Joker, Sir. I don’t even know why I’m here“, Freddy Cramer pleaded, his body trembling and his voice shaking.

„You don’t know why you’re here? You don’t know why you’re here? You don’t know it?!“, Mr J yelled into his face.

„Frost do you think I should refresh this young man‘s memory?“, the Joker asked his first henchman.

„Seems to be a good idea, boss“, Frost said tightening the grip around Freddy’s arms.

„Goooood“, Mr J responded his words long and drawn out before his most eerie grin spreed across his face, revealing his glistening silver teeth.

„Now Freddy, let me tell you just one simple name, I think this will be enough for you to remember what you did wrong.“


Freddy’s eyes widened in shock as he heared your name coming out of Mr J’s mouth and he remembered how he met you today night at this club downtown in Gotham City.

You looked so different and you weren’t that talkative like always when you two had seen each other.

„What have you done to her?“

The words came out of Freddy’s mouth before he could think about it, what turned out to be the next big mistake he had made tonight.

„What I have done to her? I DID NOTHING TO HER!“

Mr J’s voice sounded like a thunderclap from the warehouses down at the Gotham River.

You looked at her like she was fresh meat to you. No one looks at my girl like that, she’s mine, all mine and to make sure you’ll leave her alone from now on …“

The Joker didn’t finish his sentence and before Freddy could ask what he was about to do to him, some hard and cold metal hit him all across the face.

He fell aside, his nose and mouth covered in blood, but there was no time to beg for mercy or even help.

No one was here, no one would hear him scream, and the Joker wouldn’t stop beating him with a crowbar until the boy was dead.

Freddy was pulled onto his knees again and the crowbar hits his face for a second and a third time.

„HA HA HA HA … Oh boy, you look demaged!“, Mr J laughed, enjoying the pain he caused to the young man, which seemed to be only barely alive now, after that torture.

„No seriously you look like shit, maybe we should clean his face, Frost“, Mr J added.

„Of course, boss“, Frost said and dragged Freddy to the banks of the Gotham River.

Mr J walked towards the half dead body and grinned at him in satisfaction.

„Time to say good bye, Fred. It was a pleasure to kill ya“, he said then grabbed him onto his hair and pressed his head into the cold water.

Freddy was weak after the first round of torture but as soon as Mr J was about to drown him he pulled himself together one last time and tried to fight against the death.

„Are you kidding me?!“, Mr J said slightly annoyed but a few seconds later Freddy wasn’t moving anymore.

He was finally dead.

„Some people just don’t know when to die“, Mr J growled running his fingers through his green slicked back hair.

„Boss. What if they find him? What would (Y/N) say? She will know that you got rid of him“, Frost suddenly said.

„She‘ll get over it. She doesn’t need him. Now get his body into the river, and stop asking stupid questions“, Mr J said harshly.

„Yes, boss.“

Baby Come Home (22/23)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing, a little violence towards women

Summary: You were apart of The Avengers, in love with Captain America and suddenly everything is different. Two years later, you’re engaged to a man named Ryan and telling yourself you’re over Steve Rogers and The Avengers, but that might not be the truth. When your secrets start coming to the surface, you have to face the reality that you’ve been trying to bury for two years. Will you say I Do picturing Steve’s face or will you come to your senses and face what’s staring back at you?

A/N: Don’t forget I am doing a Deleted Scenes for this, send in (ASK’s) anything you want to see, or questions you have from the story and I’ll be writing deleted scenes for each one I get!!

(Steve POV in some places, italics are flashbacks)

@imamotherfuckingstar-lord  @holahellohialoha  @chrisevansthedoritobastard @iwillbeinmynest  @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked  @allyp1023  @irepeldirt  @bellejeunefillesansmerci  @yourtropegirl  @shamvictoria11  @almightyunnie  @hellomissmabel  @summerbummer2001  @captainsteverogerslover  @heytherepartner  @mustbenot  @buckyb-avengers  @rileyloves5  @bailieinabottle  @littlebeckybigheart  @lixbeen  @jaleeni  @animexchocolate

Your head lulled to one side, you coughed, clearing your throat as you began to laugh. Nat was struggling against her restraints, you shake your head.

“What’s so funny.” Ryan demands, watching you.

“You hit worse than a certain witch I know.” You giggle, licking your lips. “I hope Steve breaks your face.” You spit at him, Ryan makes a grumbling noise, before he stalks off.

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The deleted drugs scene from TPLOSH: Holmes takes drugs because he's bored, and Watson fakes a case for him to investigate...
  • Watson: Damn you, Holmes. I hoped this would keep you occupied till Christmas.
  • Holmes: Nice try, Watson. Rather primitive - but with some amusing detail.
  • Watson: (bitterly) Thank you.
  • Holmes: You had me fooled for almost ten minutes.
  • Watson: I guess I'm not very bright.
  • Holmes: No, but you're most endearing. No one could ask for a better friend.
  • Watson: Friend, indeed. The only reason you moved in with me is to have a steady supply of stimulants.
  • Holmes: Now, now Watson - you mustn't underestimate your many other charms.
  • Watson: Holmes, I warn you. If you lock yourself in your bedroom again-
  • Holmes: I intend to do nothing of the sort. Not until you replace this needle. It is getting rather blunt.
  • Watson: Mrs Hudson, I want you to pack my bags. I'm moving out.
  • Mrs. Hudson: Moving out?
  • Holmes: I'm just as surprised as you are.
  • Watson: You heard me, Mrs. Hudson. And let's not waste any time.
  • Holmes: May I be so bold as to ask where you're going?
  • Watson: I don't know yet. But I intend to resume my practice. I am, after all, a doctor. And a quite competent one, if I say so as shouldn't.
  • Holmes: You'll find it very dull - snipping out tonsils and flushing out kidneys-
  • Watson: I will, of course, continue to pay half of the rent until you find someone to share these rooms with you.
  • Holmes: Where am I going to find anyone who will put up with my rather eccentric habits?
  • Watson: (taking a needle and 3 bottles of narcotics out of his bag): Here's a fresh needle - and here's my farewell present to you. If you want to destroy yourself, go right ahead. But I won't sit by and watch you doing it.
  • (Watson goes into his bedroom, where Mrs. Hudson is packing.)
  • Mrs. Hudson: It's so sad. You and Mr. Holmes after all these years - I know how it feels - I once went through a divorce myself-
  • Watson: Actually, I'm rather looking forward to it. Leading a normal life again. Regular office hours - nine to three - and if occasionally there's an emergency call in the middle of the night, I know it's going to be appendicitis and not an ax murder. Let Holmes go mucking about in the fog and the sleet, looking for a bloodstained collar-button out on the moors, with some demented hound snapping at his behind-
  • (From the living room comes the sound of a pistol shot. Watson and Mrs Hudson burst into the room. Holmes has shot two of the three narcotics bottles on the mantlepiece.)
  • Mrs. Hudson: Mr. Holmes! How many times have I told you I will not tolerate pistol practice on the premises?
  • Holmes: Please, Mrs. Hudson. You're in my line of fire.
  • (Mrs. Hudson moves. Holmes shoots the third bottle.)
  • Mrs. Hudson: Look at that mess you've made-
  • Watson: (gently) It's all right, Mrs. Hudson. I'll clean it up - while you unpack my things.
  • Mrs. Hudson: Unpack?
  • Holmes: You heard him.
  • Watson: Thank you, Holmes. I know how difficult it must've been for you-
  • Holmes: Not really. It was a simple choice between a bad habit and a good companion.
  • Watson: You've made me very happy.
  • Holmes: I've often been accused of being cold and unemotional. I admit to it. And yet, in my own cold, unemotional way, I'm very fond of you, Watson.
  • Watson: I know that. But one likes to hear these things occasionally. For a while there, I was worried that you were going to let me walk out - that you weren't even going to stop me.
  • Holmes: Now, Watson - you know there's nothing I wouldn't do to keep you here.
  • (Holmes sneakily closes his violin case - where the three real bottles of narcotics are.)

AN: today’s an awful day for us. fandom seems kind of silly with everything that’s going on in the world, particularly with the truly superlative self implosion we’re witnessing here in america right now. but sometimes it’s nice to be able to fall back on something that fills your heart with nothing but love. so, ignoring the burning world outside my window, here’s part three of the the rebelcaptain missing make out scenes series. 

the two previous installments of my jyn x cassian make out deleted scenes can be found here and here. feel free to request more here


He watched her closely as she scrolled quickly through the names, none of them standing out, none of them making sense to him. There was a crease between her brows, a small bead of sweat trickling its way down, tumbling from her hairline to the top of her nose. He searched her face for some sign of recognition, some sign of hope.

Some sign that they hadn’t boarded the crew and come to Scarif on a mission they were never going to complete.

He’d imagined it differently–dying for the Alliance. For the rebellion. He’d be in his own clothes, his blaster in his hand, with K2 beside him. He’d be older and wearier and ready to go, ready to face all he’d done for them before the final knock on his door came.

Instead, he was trapped in the Imperial Archives, wearing an Imperial uniform. He was pleading for the impossible and more desperate than ever to make it out. Jyn, beside him dressed all in black.

Maybe it was always supposed to end like this. Too soon. With just the smallest whisper of what could have come after.

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Leia and the Destruction of Alderaan

I don’t know why this is suddenly so important but LEIA AND THE DEATH STAR SCENE.

She stares Vader, terror of the known galaxy, square in the face and reads him the riot act even though she knows she’s basically toast. She holds him accountable for his crap because, as far as anyone normal is concerned, she is on a diplomatic mission and this boarding is illegal. But she isn’t and everyone here knows that. Leia knows knows what they do to rebels, and even if the Empire doesn’t find proof, she’s probably not going to get home.

Even knowing all that and experiencing surviving some of it, she sasses Tarkin and all but spits in his face.

LOOK AT THIS. She’s smiling. That’s absolutely terrifying. She isn’t even at the “nothing left to lose” stage, but vulnerable and battered as she is, she’s roaring for a fight. (Anakin, she is your daughter. Hope you’re enjoying this, jerk.) 

She’s so disdainful of him. Part of it has to be compensating for the after-effects of torture, but not all of it. Defiance is just in her blood. (Compare Leia upbraiding Vader for boarding her ship to Padme taking on Dooku and Poggle the Lesser in the Ep II deleted scene. Same contempt and checked fury.)

If she wasn’t wearing handcuffs, she’d probably be choking Tarkin out with her bare hands. Yes, he wins this round, but she goes down basically kicking and screaming. 

Not only is this amazing, but she WATCHES Alderaan blow up. Doesn’t flinch, doesn’t look away. She can’t even cry; it’s too much and too awful.

I’m still miffed that we cut to Luke and Obi-wan so fast because I really need to see more of the aftermath here. Leia is so close to Alderaan, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, that she if she didn’t completely break down or shut down I think she may have just collapsed. If Obi-wan needed support halfway across the galaxy, it must have been unspeakably horrific for Leia. So not only is she going back into her cell with no hope of rescue, she’s dealing with a literal planet of survivor’s guilt, regular guilt, and probably some kind of PTSD. On top that, she has all of this residual Force-crap that she has to deal with no help or training.

Then Luke shows up, and she ends up organizing her own rescue because Obi-wan is off playing hide-and-seek and these moon jockeys have no idea what they’re doing. 

Leia. Freaking. Organa

What the fuck is HAns

Hans is a lot of things

probably more than people realize

beware the spoilers but I’ve gotta say this because it’s true, and it will be true no matter what you think of him

Hans is made to look so much more evil than he actual is

he is made to look like the obstacle between Elsa and Anna and a maniacal and manipulative maniac who ruins everything, he’s someone to blame, therefore making him look like an enormous douchebag asshole

but that’s all he is

Hans is just a douchebag asshole

how villainous is he really

well I really don’t know

he is unlike any other Disney villain in so many ways 

I have much trouble putting him into that category for these reasons

he’s the most realistic antagonist I have ever seen

because he sees his unsatisfying situation and finds a golden window of opportunity to make things better for himself, even if it means hurting other people

there are plenty of Hans’ in the world

you’ve probably met one

maybe you dated one

someone who used you for their own benefit

I’ve known a Hans

but something to realize is that Hans does not cause the major conflict in the film

it’s not his doing

which is what every other villain does

it’s usually them that cause things to be problematic

just look at any Disney villain

Maleficent, Jafar, Scar, the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, Mother Gothel, Frollo, Hades, Dr. Facilier

they are all the cause

the major problems that arise in this movie all come from Anna and Elsa

their relationship

Anna’s struggle to understand Elsa

Elsa’s struggle to control her fear

fear is the ultimate enemy here

it is what separates them and what separates Elsa from being a part of the world, a part of Anna’s life, causing her to do things that she otherwise wouldn’t do

and as a result, here is where Hans can fly in barely lifting a finger

he doesn’t have to do ANYTHING


Anna and Elsa do everything themselves

it is so easy for him to take advantage of this opportunity

Anna agrees to marry him

he didn’t know that Elsa would flip out but she did, and she got rid of herself, he didn’t even have to do that, it worked out for him

and then Anna goes after him and just leaves him in charge, he easily becomes all that Arendelle has left without any effort

and he is just laughing at Anna when he reveals himself, because it was so ridiculously easy, and if you think about it anyone could have flown in and done it

it was WAY too easy

he’s not the one who freezes Anna’s heart, Elsa is

Anna is dying because of Elsa, not Hans

it’s true that he leaves her for dead, but he didn’t make her that way

and even if Hans was not bad, he wasn’t her true love anyway so the kiss would not have worked, and she would still be dying

would they know to find Kristoff? I don’t know

she could have froze anyways but who knows

the only real problem Hans causes is when he almost kills Elsa, because Anna would have kissed Kristoff and broken her curse if he hadn’t tried to do that

I don’t know what would happen if it went that way, but if he was good he might have left Anna to go find Elsa and tell her what’s happened, and the news would probably still shock and upset her, but Anna, being the daring and impulsive fighter she is, would not stay put and she would leave

if she did find Kristoff and showed Elsa she was ok then they would still have that moment of relief but I do think that the way they did it was better because the sister relationship is so important and it got rid of the focus on romance and made room for the focus and importance of family

I guess what I mean to say is that not much would have changed if Hans was not bad

which makes him a little bit of a failure as a villain

everything was just so easy for him to take advantage of and he barely had to get his hands dirty because they did all the work for him

which makes you question what kind of villain Hans would be if things didn’t go his way 

or if he would be a villain at all

what if Anna had refused his marriage proposal? what if she listened to Elsa, what would he have done then?

he couldn’t force her to marry him, everyone would know his dark intentions

and like he said, no one was getting anywhere with Elsa

would he just move on or what

I question if Hans would have even gone through with this plan if he didn’t know Anna was a perfect target

he was just intelligent and scheming enough to see that he was capable of this

really anyone would have been

he just got there first

I guess he would be more similar to Ursula because there is already a conflict, and he takes advantage of it, but he does not go the distance that she does to get what he wants because he does not have to, and he wouldn’t have gotten away with that because the people of Arendelle would have turned against him 

there’s really not much he could have done if he wasn’t aware of this opportunity

or if the opportunity didn’t exist

the story could not have happened without him because Elsa wouldn’t have had to flee if he hadn’t proposed to Anna, but his affiliation with good or bad would have just skewed the ending, not the story itself, Elsa would have flipped out at the marriage proposal anyways, and Hans is not present in most of the story, everything happens on Anna’s adventure is not caused by him, he’s not there to do a THING to it

he does leave to find Anna and save Elsa, but again, he’s not causing the conflict here

he instructs them not to harm her, and the Duke’s henchmen are the ones who try to kill her

I will never be able to explain why Hans decides to aim the crossbow at the chandelier because I seriously don’t know

he does it on purpose, we can see him quickly look up and realize he could do that, but why would he when the guy could have shot her and it wouldn’t have been his fault

one of the many reasons Hans is complicated

but forget that

to put everything bluntly Hans is just a jerk

that’s really all he is

because if you look at what he actually does, it’s a lot less than what people hate him for

he’s definitely not a hero

but I also don’t think he’s a villain

but he’s also not innocent and nothing he does is excusable

he’s just a grade A fucking fuck

and in the end he gets EXACTLY what he deserves

a nice firm punch in the face from the girl he took advantage of and a nice trip home to share his failure with the people he was probably trying to impress and go back to living the life he was trying to escape, except even worse now

it is the PERFECT fate for him

I do wish that Kristoff had thrown his punch though, I hope that’s a deleted scene on the DVD HAHAHA I choked when I read the novelization

when I first found out Hans was the villain I was hoping for super bad maniacal evil demon, some people may see him as one, but he’s really not

even though I love him and was rooting for him I think the decision to make him bad ultimately was for the best because it brings to your realization a LOT of things, we needed a Disney character like that, one that hides behind a mask, one that is a realistic everyday bad guy that anyone could be taken advantage by, someone that you can stand up to in real life without having to destroy them, there’s a humanity about Hans that makes him understandable, and I think that small amount of humanity he shows is what will ultimately decide if Hans would remain bad or if he would take responsibility for his actions

but really

he’s failed, what else can he do

as soon as he goes through with whatever his punishment is, he can’t return to Arendelle to try to enter the monarchy again

the only way Hans is becoming a king is if he finds a Genie

so after all that what is Hans


Hans is a fucking piece of shit that’s what Hans is

but he’s a piece of shit that has the potential to be less smelly if he’s sprayed with febreeze

which in this case is probably acknowledgement from his family

but he does not cause 95% of the problems in this movie which is why I can hardly group him with the villains

Hans can’t even have a place there 


you little fucker if you weren’t a little bitch baby you could have had a place 

but the only place for sHITS is the toilet so

you were punched in the face and landed in the water like a piece of poop dropping from a butt into a toilet that someone was desperate to be relieved of so it’s all symbolic

that is Hans

don’t look at me like that you know what you did

go home

think about what you did in jail

and I will give Elsa your diary to read to Arendelle so they can all laugh at you whining and crying about how much your life sucks and how feminine your handwriting is because who the fuck dots their “I’s” with hearts and crosses their “T’s” with mustaches

Hans I don’t even know any ladies that do that

and I’ll read your solitary confinement diary when you get back and we’ll see where you stand 

fucking prick

I’m in love with you

The thing I love about the deleted scene at the end of the reel, with Hannibal and Will in the shared memory palace Palermo, and Jack in the real Palermo, is that it still maintains that ambiguity about if they lived or died.

You could believe that they’re out in the world somewhere, together finally, and Jack is aware of it on some level as he hopes to hunt them down. 

And you could believe that they’re gone, and that’s Jack visiting them in memoriam, and in his mind, at least, he knows they went together.

And you could believe that they’re there with Jack as Jack looks for them either in body or in spirit, right then, they’re in the room with him like Abigail was with Will in “Primavera,” like Cathy and Heathcliff, haunting the moors after being reunited in death. 

And in all of those, they’re at peace. 


Emma hands Neal the keychain back in 2x14. He gives it back in 3x15.

Do you realize, he was carrying it around in his pocket for an entire season? 

This damn keychain….this goddamn keychain that’s making me fucking cry right now. Emma kept it for ten years because she never stopped loving him, even after everything she thought happened between them. Then it was Neal’s tun: he carried it in his pocket since Manhattan, even after everything he thought was happening between them because he never stopped loving her. Even when they both thought the other had given up on them, when their love story was over, they both clung to that damn keychain because some small part of them still hoped that this wasn’t over; they both still secretly hoped for a second chance. 

I know that there’s a deleted scene where Emma gives Henry the keychain, but–unpopular opinion–I’m glad it was deleted. Because this way, I can still head canon that she still has that keychain; that she’s still holding onto it; that somewhere beneath the fake, brain-damaged Emma we have now, there’s the real Emma…holding onto her keychain, and waiting for that second chance with Neal.

YOOO Kyle’s a fucking BEAST

He fucking pushed Clyde down then went back to Craig to get him off of Stan- that’s awesome.

If you ever watch how he fights, it’s always quick and he always gets on top of the person he’s fighting. God- that deleted scene got me so excited and I hope they use that in the future for something else because that was beautiful. 

I’m so glad Kyle fighting Clyde became a thing because it’s one of my headcanons that they fought in school over some dumb shit. >.<

I’m also happy Clydes friends jumped in to fight…..Token on the other hand was waiting and Eric decided that he wanted to jump into the fight as well LOL 

The best man. The Best.

anonymous asked:

Is Henry kinda sometimes dressing like RH-hoodie top of his coat. Also we see they get on well (hugs/affection) not much been shown but u get the point. Which brings me to Henry&Hook -where do u think they r in the show&their relationship progression

Hi anon! I’ve written about the relationships between Henry and Hood/Hook in this post here and plan to discuss my expectations for the Captain Cobra relationship development for S5 and beyond in a separate post coming soon :) So for now I’m just going to address your question about Henry’s wardrobe.

Henry’s been wearing the hoodie with his coat since at least season 2 - I remember because Neal wore it that way and I thought it was an intentional wardrobe parallel back then.

But I have noticed that there is an interesting trend in Henry, and Regina’s, wardrobe this season - the color palette has changed.

Regina and Henry’s wardrobe palette has been pretty consistent since S1 - lots of red, grey, blue and black:

And I expect know they will still wear those colors into S5. But based on BTS pics from S5 it seems they’ve also expanded their palette a bit to include more greens and browns:

Which kind of remind me of these two:

I think it’s intentional and I think it’s purpose is to show the four of them as a family.  

Henry and Robin haven’t had a lot of screen time together - and some of the relationship has been developed off screen - Regina saying she wants to get back to when the four of them were happy together (something we really didn’t see much of) or Robin being affectionate to Henry in the deleted scene release on the DVD.

I think Robin a naturally physical and affectionate person. Being a father he is comfortable with children and with Regina openly expressing her love for him and her desire to being together it has made him comfortable to treat Henry like a second son.

I look forward to seeing more of these two together in S5 and hope we get some scenes of the four Hood Mills clan being a family as well!

(gifs and images not mine)

anonymous asked:

I always thought that Carol's behavior towards Daryl bringing Merle back to the prison was great. (Telling him that she gets that he's family but that he shouldn't forget how far he has come etc) But I just saw a post that pointed out how Beth's reaction to him opening up on his relationship with Merle (in Still) is supposed to be healthier for him?? I'm not sure how to feel about this and I'm curious what you think about it. Sorry if i'm bothering you.

You’re not bothering me, but I am definitely answering this ask with a great deal of trepidation, because it skirts the edge of the type of ask I don’t publish. Typically, I put up a post of my own that’s a sort of elliptical response.

Consequently, my response may not seem at all satisfying to you, because I simply do not engage in discussions of who is “better” for Daryl. There are a lot of reasons for my stance on this and I won’t bore you with them. Suffice it to say it’s not even a question that exists in my mind, and therefore I have no reason to discuss it.

I should also point out that my entire fandom life is devoted to what’s healthy for Carol. I love Daryl. I do. But he certainly doesn’t need my defense in this fandom, given that he has more acolytes than the universe has stars.

Carol, however, is another subject. (Or at least she used to be. Pardon me while I burst into tears for the 54726543765925th time over the fandom/critical/media love MMB and Carol are awash in at this moment.) So I need to be very clear about the fact that what interests me, when I watch TWD, is what is good for Carol. If what is good for Carol also happens to also be good for Daryl, that’s great and beautiful, because they are one of my top OTPs of all time (actually this season they’ve edged into the top two), and the mere act of the two of them walking into frame together has the power to make me stop breathing, because that’s exactly how mature I am. I’m a born shipper, and when I fall, I fall so damn hard.

So, a few things about why there is no doubt in my mind that Carol has done more for Daryl than any other person in Team Family, by a factor of something like nine billion.

1. She took care of him from the very beginning. (Seriously, watch how often she brings him food, how often she checks in on him to make sure that he isn’t pulling away — emotionally or physically.)

2. She instantly saw past his tough guy bullshit.

3. She’s never once been afraid of him. Even Rick can’t stay that.

4. Every time she speaks to him, it’s to build him up, tell him that he matters, why he matters, how he matters. The examples of this are legion. “I can’t lose you, too.” “You’re every bit as good as them.” “I want a man of honor.” (Oh Daryl, you never got that one, you adorable cupcake.) The entire scene where she talks to him about Merle. The deleted, “I will slit your throat while you sleep” scene. “Just so you know, I liked you first.” “You’re gonna have to learn to live with the love.” I know I’m missing some, but honestly there are so many.

5. As a fellow abuse survivor, she understands him in a way that only someone with similar experiences can. She knows it’s not something you ever entirely overcome. And she knows that the best they can both hope for is to turn themselves not into people who haven’t been abused, but into people who understand that abuse for what it was and are stronger for having come out on the other side.

6. She never stops reminding him that she’s there for him, checking on him, making sure he constantly knows exactly how valuable he is to her. For someone who grew up the way Daryl did, everything about her has to be an absolute revelation to him. Here is this woman who asks for nothing, yet treats his redneck ass like royalty. There’s a line from an Alison Krauss song that breaks my heart every time I hear it: “Always giving, never asking back.” That’s what Carol has always done for Daryl. For a person who has never in his life experienced unconditional love, this has to be mind-blowing on a pretty much daily basis.

Consequently, it’s no wonder that he basically body tackled her when she appeared out of nowhere in the woods at the end of “No Sanctuary.” Daryl does everything he can to accept the world as it is, to deal with the constant trauma doled out to him, but Carol is his joy, his person. Of course he can live without her, but goddammit, he certainly doesn’t want to. All that was on display in spades when he tossed every last one of his usual rules about human contact out the window and touched her more or less every single place he could get his hands, with a bonus nuzzle after they were supposedly done. No flinching at all when she put her hands all over him. He wants her hands all over him now, because she’s the reason he feels like a worthwhile human. At the end of “No Sanctuary,” he at least thought she was gone forever, and at worst he thought she was dead. So it’s no wonder at all that he absolutely lost his shit and in that moment, quite literally could not get enough of her.

7. They don’t even need words to talk. And for Daryl, that’s so freakin’ important. He’s using his words like crazy now, but that’s for her. It’s not because it’s his default state. Whether or not he realizes it, he adores the fact that he doesn’t constantly have to explain himself to her. They can share a glance, and the conversation’s finished, because that’s how in tune with each other they are.

Um. It’s clear that I have a great many feelings about this, and this response wound up longer than I intended it to. But anybody who feels that Carol isn’t “good” for Daryl isn’t watching this show, full stop. Because she has never once done a single thing that hasn’t built him up and given him every reason to believe in himself, because she has never once not believed in him. The end. Well, almost the end. Have a beautiful .gif.

[.gif by bckysoldier]

TWD Season 4 Bonus Material Through Sanja's Eyes

The long-awaited Walking Dead Season 4 DVD/Blu-Ray Sets have finally arrived and seeing how Carylers were granted a limited amount of “physically present” Carol and Daryl scenes, the anticipation for anything extra or even a little more insight in the characters story arcs, has been building up since the final episode and only made the hiatus more difficult.

Based on the previous season releases and the fact that all of them had deleted CARYL scenes included in the bonus material, my expectations while a little more cautious that before were definitively positive and on the hopeful end of things.
Since the end of Season 4 the CARYL spirit has been boosted and empowered from many different angles and Carylers have a lot of reasons to feel optimistic about Season 5 especially regarding the direction the Carol and Daryl connection seems to be heading.

The Bonus Material granted does not include a direct CARYL moment like in the past BUT there are several things in the commentary that certainly look and sound like they just might be favorable for our ship.
That being said I have to admit that the extraordinary praise donned on Melissa McBride herself is the star here but then again listening to anyone fan-girling or fan-boying over her brand of fabulousness never gets old with me!

Without Further Ado I Present To You the Highlights;

Episode 1 “30 Days Without an Accident”

*Greg Nicotero commented on the Carol and Daryl first scene - “Just remember I liked you first” and “You gotta learn to live with the love” - by saying;
“I love the chemistry between the two of them, they are great together..”

Now granted this isn’t exactly “new” news and a similar version of that sentiment has been uttered by a almost everyone BUT I still liked hearing Nicotero’s thoughtful take on the “thing” between Carol and Daryl because it highlighted his own emotional approach to creating and interpreting personal scenes between characters. The comment was said as an observational “fact” and not his personal opinion (like he did with his Alone “feeling”)

*This is the BIG ONE (I will revisit this in it’s own post) -

Scott Gimple said that he put a concentrated effort into making sure that the Carol and Daryl interactions in the premiere episode were highlighted and specifically meaningful because they were aware that they were going to be separated for much of the season.

The reason I consider this to be important is simply because it essentially confirms that the relationship Carol and Daryl have is not just different from the ones they have with the others BUT was significant enough to need a strong acknowledgment from the get go so the audience doesn’t completely dismiss it and forget it’s importance to both of them.

It also implies that CARYL will come into play in the future and those scenes were the groundwork for what it’s to come later on.

*The comment about Norman Reedus’s contribution to the whole “finger-licking” part made me smile because it reminded me of the Season 3 Premiere “Seed” and Daryl licking his fingers clean before giving Carol a shoulder massage during the whole “Screw Around” scene on the bus.

Episode 8 - “Too Far Gone”

Scene - “Daryl finds out Rick banished Carol - reaction”

Seth Hoffman (writer):

“Daryl comes in and gives this whole speech about why he knows Carol is going to be a survivor and Norman came up to me and said look I like this speech, at some point in the series I would love to give this speech but this is not where this character’s head is at this point. So we cut the speech and he was completely right and the scene works great as it is.”
“This was one of the scenes that the fans were looking forward to seeing. What was Daryl’s reaction going to be when Rick tells him he banished Carol.”

*Having seen the scene and read other Reedus statements the quote from the writer made actually makes sense - Daryl is a character that needs to process information which is why Norman wanted the scene open-ended. The conversation wasn’t finished and Daryl was too angry and taken aback to make any eloquent speeches - Carol was gone, Rick did it and Tyreese needed to be “handled”!
Had the governor not attacked just then the speech might have been heard later on - Daryl was angry and that part was very clear! (this too will be revisited)

*The anticipation and fan enthusiasm about getting to this scene was plainly and bluntly acknowledged in the commentary - What is Daryl going to do? was HUGE! (Nod to CARYL)

Episode 14 “The Grove” - Andrew Lincoln Version

First I am going to let the quotes speak for themselves;

*Andrew Lincoln - “Can I just say I know I’m supposed to talk smack about Melissa but she is the single greatest actor I have ever worked with. Am I allowed to swear? She’s a fucking alien. She’s so good. Seriously, remember the first time doing a scene in S1 at the camp. she says two things to me. It was so real, so disarming and brilliant, I said to Jon Bernthal who the fuck is that? I’m so thrilled you’ve written this incredible journey for her. I think she’s one of the strongest. She’s one of our secret weapons on the show.”

Scott Gimple - “Not a secret anymore. I watched S1 from home and it was the same reaction. Who was that? From a character standpoint, the thing that is most exciting about her character is seeing characters change and for her to be here from where she started, it was a remarkable thing. “

*Scene - “Lizzie kills Mika and Carol talks her down into giving her the gun and going in the house with Tyreese. Once out of sight Carol breaks down to tears”

Scott Gimple: “The performance Melissa gives here is astounding.”
Denise Hutg: “She’s Amazing!”
Scott Gimple: “It’s one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen!”
Andrew Lincoln: “She’s so amazing, man. So amazing.”
(muffled - almost sounds like he’s holding back tears)

*About working with and writing for Melissa McBride;

Scott Gimple: “When you’re writing something for people. And you know they have super powers, it give you super powers to deliver them material that you know they can do. There’s a weird relationship to fanfiction. Fanfiction on the internet is always based on passion. It’s the same here, just a lot more expensive. Oh man, if I had a dream where I can write for Melissa Mcbride.”

***Now I can’t speak for him but personally I can’t see a guy whose dream is to write material for Melissa McBride killing that DREAM just to further something as unoriginal as man-pain or solve something as tacky as an offensive love triangle!

*About The Grove Episode (in summary)

Denise Huth: “It’s the whole story, the tragedy, the zombies and all of that. The ugliness of what you have to do then you have this scene of just utter grace and forgiveness between two human beings who only have each other left.”

Episode 14 “The Grove” - Melissa McBride and Chad Coleman Version

My favourite quote;

“I think you’re an acting teacher in disguise… You’re so incredibly intuitive and always passionate and always driven to go further. I never had to worry. All I had to do was look at you, babe.”

Chad Coleman speaking to Melissa McBride

*I think the undertone of that statement works for both Tyreese to Carol and Chad to Melissa

“When was the last time Carol had a hug?”

Melissa McBride on Tyreese hugging Carol

***The commentary itself was beautiful and surprisingly light-hearted and worth the listen for Melissa’s voice alone!
****This masterpiece will get its own post!

Episode 12 Still

***I will be including some material from “Still” because there are those out there who use that particular episode to undermine the relationship between Carol and Daryl.
I feel that there are a few things in the commentary that reinforce the platonic/familial bond between Daryl and Beth and confirm claims a lot of Carylers predicted and concluded prior to this release.

*Scene - “Drinking game and the confrontation-breakdown that follows”

Emily Kinney: “Beth hasn’t gotten to be much of a teenager since everything happened…lets do something kind of fun like play one of these games that I remember.”

Julius Ramsay (director) “She thinks she’s coaxing him into having fun but what she’s really doing is antagonizing him…” 

“…she doesn’t know that she shouldn’t confront him about something which is part of the reason I think she does it…”

Many analysis posts have been done on this scene (mine is here)
and the director basically confirms what almost every Caryler suspected in the first place - Beth has no clue who Daryl is, how to approach him or how to talk to him AND ultimately she is still very YOUNG in her ways and her attitude.

The writers went out of their way to portray Beth as a sheltered, vulnerable “teenager” which is confirmed by Emily Kinney herself and the director says outright with no ambiguity that Beth was antagonizing him, pushing his buttons and initiating games for FUN without even an inkling of understanding of what kind of PAIN is brewing inside Daryl.
The commentary indicates that this wasn’t some BIG masterful plan by Beth to heal Daryl’s emotional wounds and help him - she was trying to distract both of them from reality by coaxing some fun and because she doesn’t know Daryl, they have no history together, she doesn’t know that this is exactly what she shouldn’t be doing.

*On a side note - the mere fact that Emily Kinney refereed to Beth AGAIN as a TEENAGER makes this whole shipping contemplation with Daryl just…err…uncomfortable!


I will be honest - a CARYL deleted scene would have been amazing BUT Carylers were given some extra hopeful reassurance about Season 5, Melissa and Carol were clearly celebrated and some of our suspicions and gripes were vindicated!

*My favorite part was Scott Gimple giving Carol and Daryl extra time in Episode 1 because he knew they wouldn’t get it later on - that to me speaks volumes about what this show-runner deems to be important!

CARYL On My Lovelies - There is Hope…so much HOPE!