hoping the world would end

I’m tired of people taking advantage of my kindness and my belief in humankind. I’m tired of people thinking that I’m naive because I still believe in the good inside people. I’ve been hurt by the world, and I’ve lost hope so many times. I’m bitter and I often hope the world would end, but I’m trying to make the world a bit better.
—  Submitted by anonymous

I don’t get why Beth gets so much hate. Not everyone on a apocalypse can be a Daryl Dixon or a Rick Grimes. Or even a Michonne. Beth was weaker than them, yes that’s true, but she was stronger in other aspects. How many people would be capable of having hope in the middle of the end of the world? How many people would still see the bright side of things? How many people would have defended Dawn near the elevator? 

C’mon let’s be realistic. Not everyone. 

Also, strenght does not always has to be physical.


Girl Meets World

This droll family comedy focuses on Riley Matthews, a teenager in NYC trying to get out from under her father’s shadow. Although Riley is full of energy and good ideas, she finds herself constantly sidetracked by her friends.

( aka girl meets parks and recreation )

Obviously you aren’t offering your whole menu to us in the game Hanekoma.
Why didn’t you tell us you made Curry and Pasta???

Plate probably references meal sets maybe. Least thats the place my mind goes to. 

Is that just the lunch menu? Does that mean there’s a dinner menu too?
I wonder how big his actual menu is….

I’m glad to know you actually know how to cook other things, Hanekoma.