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this pack contains 3.625 pngs/pics:

  • 45 hq balloons;
  • 217 base headers;
  • 105 bubble speech;
  • 31 Chinese letters;
  • 355 computer stuff;
  • 247 dialogues;
  • 4 sources for lyrics header;
  • 280 kawaii pngs;
  • 154 pixels;
  • 8 photobooths (hearts, birds…) for icons;
  • 109 pink glitter;
  • 1.015 png texts;
  • 40 textures;
  • 190 headers;
  • 260 ulzzang icons.

to get the pack you have to:

  • follow the tumblr (I’ll check);
  • like and reblog this post (I’ll check);
  • ask here RINNEGOU PACK” (I will not answer anonymous);
  • DON’T publish or repass the link of this pack.  

and again I want to thank you for everything, making icons and headers is my favorite hobby, is like a refuge for me and know that you guys like it is even better, so thank you for all the encouragement !!! ·̩̩⋆̩* ¿॰*✩ ✨

I hope u like it!! 


essa pack contém 3.625 pngs/pics:

  • 45 balões hq;
  • 217 bases para headers;
  • 105 bubble speech;
  • 31 frases/letras chinesas;
  • 355 computer stuff;
  • 247 diálogos;
  • 4 fontes para lyrics header;
  • 280 pngs kawaii;
  • 154 pixels;
  • 8 photobooths (corações, pássaros, etc ) para icons;
  • 109 pink glitter;
  • 1.015 textos em png;
  • 40 texturas;
  • 190 headers;
  • 260 icons de ulzzangs/site model.

para conseguir o pack, você precisará:

  • seguir o tumblr (vou conferir);
  • reblogar e dar like nesse post (vou conferir);
  • mandar “RINNEGOU PACK” na ask (não responderei anônimos);
  • NÃO publicar ou repassar o link da pack.

e de novo eu quero agradecer por tudo, fazer icons e headers para vocês é meu passatempo preferido, é como um refúgio para mim e saber que vocês gostam é melhor ainda, então muito obrigado por todo o incentivo e elogios, isso significa muito !!! ·̩̩⋆̩* ¿॰*✩ ✨ 

Espero que vocês gostem do pack!! 

trans-ahsoka  asked:

Idk if u know the answer to this but uh. Like? Is..Taagnus considered Bad or something? And if so, why???? I get that it's a rarepair,, but I literally don't understand why it would b considered problematique™ Everyone who ships it kinda seems to do so very quietly and like. Some ppl even seem concerned they'd get shit for it so? What's the deal?

theres like…a somewhat vocal number of people who think its Bad to ship 2 of taz’s player characters with each other because theyre played by irl brothers. but its like. thats really the only thing i ever see people say about Why Taagnus Is Bad, and that argument is flimsy at best, considering griffin plays all the npcs and very very very few people are opposed to ALL taz ships

like its whatever i can respect it if people are too yucked out by that to be able to get into taagnus–probably a lot of people just see PCs and NPCs as different things, but i SUPER dont for a lot of reasons–but i just think that the only argument i ever see being posed as to why its Bad And Problematique is a shitty one that holds little to no weight when u think about it for more than 0 seconds. like just say ur not into it and go on w your day

as for why were kind of quiet about it, i think there are a lot of reasons?? like for one thing there ARE people who like to give taagnus shippers crap over it, and it can be anything from the obvious (sending rude and/or confrontational asks) to the innocuous (reblogging taagnus art and tagging it “i dont ship this tho ew” which happens FREQUENTLY AS HELL and gets Very grating Very quickly). plus were in the minority, like, theres a canon taako ship that people love and theres no way we can compare w that, esp when there are people who want to label taagnus discourseworthy or w/e.

nobody wants a fight??? and i wouldnt be surprised if most of us are just trying to avoid fights.

but like…….if u look at the characters themselves–wholly separate from their creators/players–i have a very hard time finding anything legitimately problematic about a relationship between them? i could make a big ol list of all the Good Healthy Things i see in this ship and anything even remotely iffy i think is either sth that just needs to be dealt with in canon (ie their respective traumas–which on another note i think could be dealt with by exploring their relationship w each other!! even nonromantically!!), or is a fuckin big ol example of Reachie Reach & Hellsite comin to say hello

Sail the seas with ScriptSailor!

Hello everyone!  I was previously one of the Navy Mods (LT Robin4) over on @scriptsoldier, but we’ve decided to split out a ScriptSailor blog since we got so many Navy questions.

I am a 10+ year veteran of the U.S. Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer.  The bulk of my knowledge is on surface ships, so I may reach out for help on non-surface questions (particularly for our aviation brethren - I can speak helo fairly well, but you fixed wing guys are a mystery to me!).  You can read all about me on my About Me page if you want more details.  

I’m also an amateur writer, currently working on two novels, including a Navy-based WWIII future novel that I hope to get published after I get off my butt and edit it.  I’m blunt and I’m outspoken, and I’ll try not to sound too much like the proverbial Sailor in my posts.

So, batteries release!  (Or, in normal speak, the ask box is open.)


this pack contains:

  • 154 pixels;
  • 8 photobooths (hearts, birds…) for icons;
  • 109 pink glitter;
  • 1.015 png texts;
  • 40 textures;
  • 165 headers;
  • 260 ulzzang icons.
  • favs fonts
  • idols icons (red velvet, bts, block b, twice…) and more

to get the pack you have to:

  • follow the tumblr (I’ll check);
  • like and reblog this post (I’ll check);
  • ask here ULZZANG PACK” (I will not answer anonymous);
  • DON’T publish or repass the link of this pack.

and again I want to thank you for everything, making icons and headers is my favorite hobby, is like a refuge for me and know that you guys like it is even better, so thank you for all the encouragement !!! ·̩̩⋆̩* ¿॰*✩ ✨

I hope u like it!!

Sweet Dreams

Jacob Frye x Reader

Warnings: It may be a little OOC, I don’t know still.

A/N: Remember that cute little story I wanted to publish? Here it is! I just love the idea of Jacob having nightmares and the reader comforts him. Just, it’s very late here and all I want to do is get some sweet dreams all for myself, that’s why U hope you’ll forgive me for any mistakes. I’ll correct ‘em tomorrow, eventually. 😁

Enjoy! (Sorry for the lack of gif, I am from my phone)

London was never quiet, during the nights.

Sometimes, the wind would blew so hard the entire city is full of wheezing; sometimes the rain would fall so hard the whole houses and buildings would be wrapped in a storm that seemed infinite.
Even the gangs would be more productive during the night, multiplying the fights for the control of the various districts of London.

You didn’t complain much, thought. That was your job, added also at your work as an Assassin.

Your job, and Jacob’s.

But during the night, all the painful experiences and memories would come back, even in the dreams.

It was happening that night.

Jacob wasn’t much a quiet sleeper and you know very well by now: he always moved his limbs all over your body, just to keep yourself closer to him; and the room was always filled with his soft snores, louder if his day was particularly though.

But tonight, it was completely different.

He was moving all around the bed, panting and whining, covered in sweat. You woke up immediately as soon as you realised he was having another nightmare, your hands stroking him gently; you felt your own voice call his name in an attempt to wake him up, trying to get him back to you.
Jacob woke up after several minutes, his hazel eyes running all over the room as he was afraid of something, once calming down a little when he recognised your face. He sighed, rubbing his eyes.

“Another nightmare, love?” You said, placing your arms over his shoulders in a protective hug. Jacob leaned into your touches, his breathes short and fast while he was still recovering from the bad dream. You placed your lips over his skin, while patiently waiting for him to speak.
“I dreamed of my mother. It wasn’t happening from long time.” He said, his voice hoarse. You looked at him, your eyebrows frowned.

Of course you knew the whole story. Of how his mother died of childbirth, of how he and Evie would blame themselves very often. Jacob was the one who was deeply convicted this was his fault, for the most.

You could never forget that time he told you, many times ago, he believed his father despised him, just because he was born. The way he looked at you, his eyes shining in the soft lights and his lips pulled in a bitter smile made your heart break.

He had the same expression of that night, like he was deeply in pain. You could only keep him closer to you, rubbing his shoulders and forearms gently as he buried his face in the crook of your neck. You could feel him murmuring over your skin “it was my fault” as you took his face in your hands, wiping the tears that have escaped from his eyes.
“Jacob, love. Just look at me.” He did, his gaze lost like he was a little child, like you were his only anchor.
“None of this is your fault, Jacob. How it can be? You were a just baby, You can’t blame yourself just for being born. Neither you or Evie can.” You pressed your lips over the corner of his mouth “You deserve to feel peace, my love. Stop doing this to you, it hurts you and it hurts me seeing you like this.”

You kept him close to you, your hands slowly caressing his dark locks as he calmed down, his breathes slowly returning normal. He closed his eyes at the sensation of your finger in his hair.
“Y/N, I don’t think I’ll able to fall asleep again, tonight.”
You kissed him before placing his head in your lap, your nails scraping lightly his scalp. “That’s okay. I’m here, I’ll always be here” You said as he breathed deeply, a very little smile tugging over the corner of his lips. He took one of your hands, kissing your palm.

“Thank you, love.”

anonymous asked:

I am so sorry about poem dude. That situation sounds very scary and frightening. I just wanted to let you know that there are people here who support you. I hope that you'll be all right.

ahhhh thank u v much for the kind words im sure everything will be fine when i can sort some things out ((and thank u to everyone else who has sent me messages i cant publish all of them but ive read them all and i appreciate them all so much))

we-leelacruz-things  asked:

you still droppin those mixtapes? if you got time, do you mind making "playlist: frustrating crush"? thanks~

ohoho this is my BRAND. each song on this means a lot to me come talk to me more if u want!!!

playlist: frustrating crush

  1. andrew belle - wants what it wants
  2. oh wonder - drive
  3. troye sivan - fools
  4. seafret - oceans
  5. the civil wars - poison and wine
  6. rosi golan - come around
  7. birdy - all you never say
  8. magic man - catherine
  9. sleeping at last - neptune
  10. shura - what’s it gonna be?

request a mixtape


I’m completely hurt. 

It’s not because I’m a Beyonce fan/stan or a part of the beyhive is why I’m devastated. It was a confirmation that regardless of our greatness we will never get the proper respects because of the color of our skin. 

We’re told that we have to work thousand times harder than them to get as half as much. And when we achieve beyond those limits we’re still nothing. The cynical side of me knew that she wasn’t going to win Album of the Year–it was too black too deep in the experience and empowerment of being black. And that it had shaken too many foundations of comfort. Because for once Beyonce wasn’t for your comfort–that she made it clear that this album (especially for Black Women) was F.U.B.U. 

But the side that is always hopeful that want everything for once to be alright… knew that she was going to win. After all, it was listed as the 1# Album by every single music publishing. An album that brought a major influence on the culture–but most importantly it was a shout out to her original core Stans that love her during the time when her name wasn’t big and most designers “didn’t want to dress curvy country black girls.” Original Stans being the black girls who’ve grown up along with her. Who are now mother’s with daughters with afros and baby hairs laid to the gods. Black women that are searching for their glory and selves in a world that are often at arms with our very presence. 

I can’t tell you how much I love FORMATION! It gave me so much power and confidence. It shield me when I was in a public space that was extremely white or calms my anxiety whenever I saw a police car or officer. And it was a perfect way of sticking my middle finger up to the microaggression that I often had to deal with on a daily basis. 

Beyonce work ethic—is untouchable, you could tell this project was thought out from start to finish. Her soul and spirit were in this project, giving you a perfect reflection of black culture, black southern culture, and black women culture. It was an album that showed a side of Beyonce that we often don’t see. To us, she is near divine status, a person to emulate. But on this album, she was vulnerable–bare to the world–completely human and we could relate. Because we’ve all felt that pain and powerless–especially in the past year were every day it seems another black person was murder in cold blood and the murder being let off free. 

I thought that artist won Grammy’s due to popularity, conversation, and force it plays in popular culture. Lemonade was that album. And the fact that 25 (not even Adele’s best album) won. It was a slap in the face to every single black person and especially black women. 

Nina said it best “The worst thing about that kind of prejudice… is that while you feel hurt and angry and all the rest of it, it feeds you self-doubt. You start thinking, perhaps I am not good enough.”

P.S. Fuck The Grammy’s and Respectability Politics 

baepsaewhalien  asked:

Ok, here I am because you deserve better than an all caps incoherent chat message LMAO As I said, I read this at 2:30 AM and believe me, there ain't no one else out there I'd give up hours of sleep for xD your stories are always so captivating and even though they're long, they always seem to flow so fast I always end up wanting MORE and that's something I experienced before with only two or three published authors. - Part 1

DYFIS is a masterpiece, as always, and it made me feel things you shouldn’t be allowed to make me feel u.u No but seriously, I really hope you feel all the love your stories creates because you work so hard on writing and I really want you to know that the struggle and the hours spent on it are worth it. Dang it, I made another long ass message I’m so sorry 🙈 - part 2

@acicute02 said: Do you feel it sugar was such a great story!!! My face blushed thinking about jungkook after that >///< i really love your writing! Stay positive and have a great day :)


You are all so amazing, thank you beyond words! My heart is melting into a puddle at my feet over your kindness in regards to my perpetual sinning.

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natkyoo  asked:

I just read the last chapter of choose me and holy shit I hate you so much Not relly I love you and this fic BUT HOW DARE YOU PLAY WITH ME LIKE THIS (I'm on mobile so I'm not sure if is anonymous or not) I'm anticipation the endig and want to know who will Y/N end up with so badly ㅠㅠ Good job, this is the first not complete tumblr fic I'm ready and I'm hooked Thanks for the good work Luv u xoxo ❤❤❤


Well, there’s like 2 chapters left! Glad I got you hooked hihihi (hope you don’t mind that I published the ask anyway! haha) 

nyoomg  asked:


i hope it’s okay to publish this because i just want everyone to know how important this is to me. also, sorry for the mega late reply, i’ve been at work for the past 17 hours D: 

so back in the day (circa 2011) I was really big sort of as a fic writer in the xmfc fandom (for sean/alex, sean/hank, if anyone remembers that far back lol) and i wrote constantly. i love writing. the way yoongi loves music, that’s what writing is for me. it helps me funnel everything and focus it and figure myself out. i love exploring relationships and possibilities. i just fucking love writing.

between early 2012 - september 2016, i had nothing. i wrote nothing, i felt nothing, i had no creativity, it was just Gone. and it hurt so bad. 

then BTS happened and suddenly my brain won’t stop, all these ideas just overflowing and i’ve never written so much in my fucking LIFE. I wrote a novella. I wrote a 120 page story. that’s fucking… I cried. I really did, in real life, I cried. I thought I’d lost everything that made me happy because if i couldn’t write, like what was the point? but then it came back out of nowhere full force, stronger even.

and then when i started writing again, i was so nervous because i didn’t know if i’d still be any good or if anyone would read it since this is such a large fandom (trust me to go and ship the rarepairs tho every goddamn time) 

so the fact that you are the first person (who isn’t a close friend at least lol) to say this to me in 4 years is kind of making me really really emotional. thank you. honestly, thank you. ahhhhhhhhhh just. fuck!!! thank you 

toffee-coffee  asked:

Hey ok first off I'm sorry about messaging you so much. I really hope I'm not a bother... Secondly, I've just recently come to terms with me being bi and I not really sure where to go from here and I know you're a big support for the LGBT community so I thought you might be able to help? Sorry again. But thank you...


  1. i shall not use my invisibility for evil.

There really is no second step. Like you don’t have to go seek out a guy or a girl to validate your sexuality. You are who you say your are. Which brings me to another point. If you later figure out that maybe you aren’t bisexual (which im not saying youre not!) that’s 10948378% okay! SEXUALITY IS FLUID in my opinion. AND ANOTHER THING. Its okay to like a gender more than another gender. It’s okay if you like boys a little (or more) than girls!

You are not broken, 

you are not “kidding yourself/confused” 

you may have problems with the gay community and straights for accepting it

My family would rather call me gay than bisexual because it’s weird.