hoping for some videos soon!


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do you think you are gonna do a ~spoopy~ brutalstream this month or are you too busy working on upcoming videos (hopefully some spoopy videos)? just curious. hope you can do some more streams soon, miss chilling with you ian. thx :)

Halloween themed video: yes!

Spooky stream: hopefully!

I know I’ve kind of let streaming fall by the wayside lately, but I think things should be settling down to where I can to get back into it a bit more. I miss chilling with you all, too! 

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Okay okay, idk if this has been answered or not but this is my head cannon for the host: the way he lost his sight it when he was shot, he managed to get a writing stick and grant himself immortality. Although maybe some of the selfish (ish) wishes have some sort of price to pay that the writer wouldn't know about until inflicted, and therefore he lost sight. But how cool would it be for him to just take off the cloth at one point!

i absolutely love the whole ‘action will have consequences’ sort of thing like it’s from an episode of life is strange omg. 

but dude i hope that mark makes some sort of video about the host soon. i mean, he’s only had a few seconds of screen time as the host, so getting a proper video about him would be awesome! like what’s under the cloth?? does he have eyes?? are they completely gone??? who knows??

So here’s a bit of Richard II with Jamie Parker at the Globe, from Shakespeare Uncovered. I am not sure if I can recommend the whole thing though. It’s moderated by Sir Derek Jacobi, and it is Very Sir Derek Jacobi-centred. Also, there is a bit of ‘Derek Jacobi Will Now Explain To You His Theory Of How Shakespeare Did Not Write Shakespeare’s Plays’. It made me blush in embarrassment, and I am not even that much bothered by that particular conspiracy theory.

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what are some of your favorite westallen fanvids?

omg i have so many, but here are some of my favorites of all time: 

  1. fools - this was the first fanvid i saw of their that made me cry i think, and it’s very 1x15 centric + the song is like the “beginning” of two friends mutually realizing that they might want to be together, but are afraid that things will change 
  2. like i’m gonna lose you - this vid goes up to 2x23 and it’s a really nice cover of like i’m gonna lose you
  3. ships in the night - this vid is literally so uplifting (and it goes up to 2x20) and the song is just so fitting for them
  4. if i - i just love this song and it’s a really nice watch
  5. “i love you, iris” - no explanation needed, just watch it
  6. “central city believes in the flash and so do i” - same as above, no explanation needed
  7. if it kills me - i love this video, it’s so cute and fun :’)
  8. moments - this video fucked me up lol 
  9. anchor - i LOVE this song and also this is the most “current” fanvid on this list (goes up to 3x09). the song is so fitting too bc obv iris is barry’s anchor and also this video gives me chills
  10. find my way back - ALRIGHT so this video is my favorite WA fanvid of all time (used to be fools but then i found this one). this song is literally perfect for them and also everyone needs to watch it thanks

tbh i wish i could vid because i have so many songs that i think are so fitting for them, so i might make a fanmix some time soon (lol). i hope you like all of the videos :) 

Hi! I’m Leah aka politicalsexkitten, blogger, professional shitposter, and admin of NYCLAG

I think this is an important opportunity to celebrate our ancestor’s history, but also acknowledge that the Philippine’s “Independence Day” has been yet another transaction between colonial and imperial powers from Spain, to the United States. 

I know a lot of my fellow Pilipinx struggle with coming to terms with their identity, rejection, acceptance, or feeling of not belonging anywhere. I used to hate myself, where I came from, because self-hate is taught as a method of oppression and “fitting in” has become a way of survival. 

It’s extremely important to decolonize our minds, literature, and question problematic ways in which we’ve been socialized (i.e. colorism, “West is Best” mentality).

Some of my favorite books that helped me through a lot of my own identity crisis: 

1) Pinay Power by Melinda L. de Jesus 

2) Brown Skin, White Minds: Filipino-/American Postcolonial Psychology by E.J.R. David

3) Suspended Apocalypse: White Supremacy, Genocide, and the Filipino Condition by Dylan Rodriguez

I also started a YouTube channel, where I’ll be filming more videos covering various topics such as decoloniality, mental health, sex ed, advice and personal experiences, and identity politics (specifically affecting Asian women and Pilipinx). I only have one video up so far but I’ll be coming out with more topic-related videos soon! I hope it will provide some more exposure and insight to all things Pilipinx, since we’re severely underrepresented everywhere. 

Happy PFAD Day! 



Video: (Approximately) 10-second Theatre: Betrayal

As promised, another new Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi video went up on the official website today.

It’s the most shocking so far, with Motonari apparently berating Hanbee for his error in trusting his pawns, before ordering Yoshitsugu(!) to go ahead with his attack. I want to know what lead up to this scene.

The next new video will be posted on Monday. I hope we get some (longer) official gameplay videos soon too; there’s still no proper video showcase for the newly-playable characters.


Caves, Cars, hit points, and Steve.
I was just testing tonight feeling out the new block hit point system we have and found a cave. What was interesting about it, is that it didn’t descend straight down and there wasn’t any ore in it either.  I ran through it and saw another opening not to far in. I thought wow what a cool place for a small base.

Cars are now harvestable. Rather than blowing up you can mine them and get metal. But if you are smart, you will use a wrench and disassemble the car to get all kinds of cool parts, like short metal pipes, springs (now required to make a blunderbuss), cloth, small engines, batteries, radiators and more. You can still loot them too, but the loot isn’t guaranteed like before, since you can harvest them, and now that they aren’t entities (eating collisoin and server cpu) we can have a lot more cars in the game. I will thin the wasteland down, as that was too many cars, but I got good framerate rendering that many cars, where the old way would have choked my cpu.

Speaking of the blunderbuss, its now the most powerful shotgun in the game, followed by the sawed off, and then the long barrel pump. Of course range and reload time make a big difference, but for up close one shots, the blunderbuss is king.

Speak of block hit points, before, all blocks had 10 hit points and then we used a hardness to say how hard it was. In the end it was really just a bunch of math that made it difficult to balance the game and also made it impossible for us to really display a health bar for blocks. So you had no idea how tough a block was before actually minining it 100%. Now each block shows a hit point value as you harvest it and you can see how effective your tools are and the impact low stamina has on damage too, feedback that was always invisible before. Plus you will get a feeling for what blocks are the strongest in the game because well, stats are awesome.

A while back I introduced zombie Steve. He as still in t pose, but now he is rigged and animated, and I must say he and Arlene are the creepiest zombies thus far. Both of them have the most horrific motion captured movements I’ve ever seen.

I’ve made a LOT of other little tweaks and changes. I hope to shoot a video soon showing off some A13 in action. I need to fix a few death animations and glitches yet, but I’m getting close.

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I hope everyone is well and has had a fabulous week.This week Makeup Tips Blog hit a whopping 800,000 followers, so thank you all so much! I’m hoping to work on some more video/picture tutorials for you soon (if you aren’t subscribed to me on youtube yet my channel is makeuptipsblog) I’m also on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Email

Do you only need to cleanse your skin when wearing makeup?

Makeup Essentials for busy people


Back to the basics: Setting Powder

ELF Studio Blush Palette Swatches


Hey Bonkamily! 

This will probably be my very last rant ever as the last episode was a complete and UTTER joke! But I need to get it out so bare with me!

I expected some BIG exit since I basically knew this is gonna happen. I didn’t expect anything great as for episode goes but I needed this BIG exit that Kai and also Chris very much deserved!

As some genius fan on twitter said “He was there for 16 episodes and it was all it took for us to completely fall in love” with this asshole! He truly was the BEST villain TVD had ever had! 

What threw me of most was the way he died. I mean what a F*CKING JOKE! He was there for majority of the season and they killed him off like a f*cking random vamp on the street?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU JP?!


Where and/or when the hell was that BIG FIGHT they all talked about?! Explain it to me someone! PLEASE! I’m BEGGING YOU!

Anyway at least I know not to watch next season. I’m so done with TVD. I can’t believe how badly they f*cked up the potential Kai and also Bonkai had. 


I hope I’ll get some inspiration for Kai/Bonkai video sometime soon bc I miss vidding them so much and I’m so heartbroken at the same time.

Take care!

xx Lilly (Lill DreamyProdz)