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i was disappointed by the rocknaldo episode bc i was really hopin for a new gem bc i really wanted to draw them but no it was just ronaldos shitty gemsona >: (((

There’s a cure for that. Just draw what you think Bloodstone would look like.

In fact, anyone who doesn’t have a blog of their own, or is too nervous to post there art with their name on it, or just thinks I’d like it, send me your Bloodstone fanart. You can send it to awesomejohn22reviews@gmail.com. I can post it here for you. Just let me know if you want it posted, and what name, if any, you want attached to it.

Let’s see if y’all can do a better job with Bloodstone than the show did.


really quick little step-by-step thing - i hope its helpful lol. for comics, i usually just dont color + clean, because it takes far too much time and effort

i use paint tool sai! if you have any further questions, send an ask or dm me and i’ll answer directly.

126 years ago, Vincent went to a wheat field where he had painted before, and placed his easel against a haystack and went into the field behind a chateau. Sometime in the afternoon, he pulled out a revolver and shot himself in the torso, located between the stomach and the heart. Vincent died two days later in the arms of his ill brother, Theo. It’s a shame that a man who acted on destructing his body by digesting paint and cutting off a part of his ear due to impulsive and depressed behavior is glorified for his mental illness and only ‘optimistic’ art. I hope that anyone who views his work acknowledges the hurt, pain, and illness he has endured internally throughout his life, and take this moment (day of his death) as a chance to spread awareness about him and his work. 126 years later, I’m still being shown his art as reference in art class. Hopin’ the sun shines a little brighter wherever he’s at.⭐️ Love you, Vincent Willem van Gogh.

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Are you gonna make more of the thing with Sanzu and TK? I really love that. Or was that like, a one time thing?

As of now, we currently got our own things goin’ on at the moment XD What I know is that we only made those silly stuff just for fun~ and we’re happy you guys enjoyed that as well. Hopefully we’ll get to do more crazy shenanigans like this in the future. Maybe with @blesstale

If not, then hey, here’s for hopin’! Now have a TK fixing the damaged ship while people are out~ ( yeah, he kicked it out of rage~ and now has to fix it Xp )

No one gonna let him get away that easy….. X’D

i seriously don’t think the episode will only be 20 minutes no matter what the website says. he’s meeting up with his parents for the first time in god knows how long, and so far this week we’ve only seen eskild, isak, jonas, mahdi and magnus. so we still have sana, noora, vilde, chris, eva, emma and, most importantly, EVEN to see. no way they’re squeezing all of that in less than 9 minutes

djkslsjah my psychiatrist is a very kind and soft spoken young woman but today she was messing w me so hard it was so funny like she asked “any alcohol?” and i was like “every now and then a glass of wine with dinner” and she very seriously was typing and said “you said 5 glasses?” and i was like “NO!” and she was like “haha i know i’m just playing” and we laughed and then later she was like “are u looking for refills on your prescriptions?” and i was like ya! and she seemed confused/concerned and said “…from me?” and i was panicking for a second and was like “uh well i was hopin-” and she started laughing more and was like “i got u again girl i’m sorry i just have to make today less boring” i’m dying also she’s the best psychiatrist i’ve ever had she like actually Listens to means recommends good treatment imagine that


MESSAGE ME @ sutaitastars@gmail.com!

Now, you all must be wondering, “Gosh/OD, what ever could it be that could make you do semi-urgent commissions?” Well, to put it simply: I’m in need of a new laptop! Yep, you heard me, a new laptop. This one that I have has been slowly dying, and it’s about time for me to put it to rest, so I’m doing sketch/lineart commissions! Sketches prices range from $10 - $20 (max. two characters, +$5 for extra characters), and lineart is:
$10 for busts, $15 for waist-up, and $20 for full body! (if you want me to slap on some simple colors or draw in an extra character, its +$10!)
I’m hopin’ to get to at least $200, since that’s how much the laptop I’m looking at costs, but yeah! Slots are open! (Ask me about NSFW stuff!)
10. OPEN

btw, some examples of my work/what you’ll be paying for: