hopi agency


BIA Livestock Impoundment crews are confiscating sheep, goats, horses, cattle belonging to the Dine People of Big Mountain/Black Mesa, Arizona right now. Human rights violations against traditional Dine (Navajo) taking away one of their major food sources as well as wool essential to their livelihood.

Please flood the office of Robert Carolin and tell him the elders need to eat during the winter and these confiscations are WRONG! Slow motion genocide in action. This must be stopped!
Mae Tso, Bessie Begay and Pauline Whitesinger are those whose names i have been given who are being impacted. We can’t let them get away with this!

Hopi Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
P.O. Box 158
Keams Canyon, AZ 86034
P: 928/738-2228
F: 928/738-5522
Robert Carolin

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