flarekaneko  asked:

What about you nagito~ do you have a crush on someone?

Nagito: Haha you’re talking to me ? I’m honored!

Nagito: Surely someone as low as garbage like me couldn’t possible dream of that

Nagito: besides being surrounded by the “ultimates” surely is a blessing that my luck has brought upon me!

Nagito: And being able to serve them AND the “ultimate hope” for the matter of fact, theres nothing more than i want than to see them rise up to top and spread hope

Nagito: Though if i had to choose a person who would fit that… hmmm I haven’t that thought about it well enough since I don’t think i deserve of someone as special as them. Kirigiri and Chiaki are both fine women that deserves better and Togami surely has a cult following around him……hmm….. and there’s still that class… but i think-

Nagito: -It would be…!