Good girls hopeful they’ll be, long they will wait.

Taylor Swift:  Sad beautiful tragic

Until they realise there’s only so long you can wait, so long you can break until the words roll off to nothing forever stuck on repeat.  Because she’ll try and try and try forever breaking, trying to do what’s right to end up asking why?  But no one’s to blame but the daydreamer at heart, the one who reads signs in everything ever said misreading all the true signs.  But time runs dry and now she knows the game, but her patience is tiring.  She knows you’ve said the same words not only to her but to at least half a dozen others so your words lose their authenticity and you end up wondering why.  But worse than that she knows you stole her words too and wore them like a crown; a fool she was, a fool she is, but she now knows.  Now she knows the world is a strange place, stranger than she ever believed.  And now she knows when she finds prince charming he won’t keep her waiting, he won’t keep her hanging, he won’t keep her hoping - he won’t let her go.  So she’s letting go.  She’s learning to let you go.  She’s watching your words fade out to nothing just like the waves washing away the pictures in the sand, waiting for the treasures that will be revealed upon daybreak.  She’s taking your advice she’s no longer waiting for you she’s going to learn to be her own hero and save herself until she can find her someone who won’t let her go.