I realize that overall, you weren't really worth it. There were moments with you that made me really happy, but majority of the time you just shut me out. That's why this time I swear I'll try to get over you. We might've had something really great, but I guess we'll never know. I'll never forget the good times with you, but I'll also never forget how you hurt me more than any other boy has.
You said you needed space, so fine. I'm giving it to you.

Don’t expect to hear from me anytime soon. & when you do, I will tell you exactly how I felt with you breaking my fucking heart over and over again. I refuse to be walked on and treated like I’m nothing. I’m done with that shit. I refuse to take it any longer. That was the old me, and she’s no longer here anymore. Sorry.

In the end, the past is the past; we cannot go back in time and try to change things, even though we wish we could. You just have to look back, remember what you learned from that experience, and move forward. Today is a new day; you have the option to be a better person now than you ever were before, so why not just take it and run? Life is too short to be living with the regrets of your past, so just take a step back, breathe, and move on.
Don’t waste your time asking why such an amazing thing could happen to you, just let it happen. Don’t doubt that you could be loved, just let yourself be loved. If you don’t believe you’re worthy of anyone’s time, then you won’t be. Take yourself seriously & others will too. ‘Why’ is a wasteful question. Why? Because that’s the way it’s supposed to be. That’s the only answer you can have. Accept it.