The Only One; Niall Horan One Shot.

I got this idea from Hope yesterday while I was writing my Ryan Follese’ one shot. I think it’s a cute story; the ‘girl loves boy but boy doesn’t realize it’ storyline is always something that I find alot of people can relate to. It’s a little lengthier than my previous ones, but I just couldn’t help making it disgustingly cute. (:

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hopeislegit asked:

Hey girl, I was wondering who's your favorite on TVD? (:

Oh gosh, I’m so conflicted with that show, it’s not even funny, lol. I HATED Damon at first, ‘cause he was so sleazy & undermining & Stefan was just so good. And then Stefan turned into a dick & Damon went all nice & they love Elena so much in their own ways that I don’t know who to choose. I love them all, lol. And Caroline is such a bamf lately, & then Klaus’ whole family just appeared & it’s just ugh. SO MANY EMOTiONS. lol.

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OH MY GOD! I thought, I loved the first version of, ''Teenage Dream'' but tonight's version was so emotional and powerful. When he started breaking down, it KILLED me! Haha. Awwww you got to have the pleasure of seeing Darren live? LUCKY! I wanna see/meet the Glee cast so bad!!!! They're such inspirations to me. I can't thank them enough! :) awwwww what day is your birthday in November, gurl? I'll be sure to get you a present. hehe :D

omg yes i saw darren at six flags i was front row and i almost died and I know when he started breaking down I felt like crying!! ): 

My birthday is the 13th! :D 

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OMG You watch Hollywood Heights?! :o ahhh I love you even more! :D hehe I was just watching the pilot too! That's so awesome! I feel the same exact way! Plus, the whole crazy ex-fiance thing too. I def don't want a Chloe in my life! aha But imagine, how great that would be to say, I married the dream guy I stayed up blogging about all day and all night. A dream come true! ;) teehee.

lolol i know!! that’s be amazing.. and people would make posts saying

“she escaped the fanzone.” lololol

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I know right? Exactly. I don’t understand, why everytime people try to make each of them, seem superior to each other. I’ve always loved both and I never understand why people have to start feuds over nothing. Lol Ugh!

Because 70% of the fandoms are immature. Love who you love, support who you support & quit bashing each other because it doesn’t get you anywhere. I jammed to both 1D & BTR in my car today. And guess what came on after that? THE WANTED.

That’s right. I’m a multi-fandom bitch. Sorry not sorry.

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Ugh. I hate to bother you with my problems. :/ It’s just life and in general right now kind of sucks. And tonight has been one of those nights that nothing goes right. blah!

Awww. I had one of those days, too. But keep your chin up! It’s just a shitty day. Tomorrow will be better. (: And just in case, here’s some Niall for you:

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Dude! Such a good point! People don’t seem to understand this reflects on all of the fandom and makes everyone look bad. Which sucks! -_- Just because 1d are gorgeous creatures doesn’t mean every living, breathing female wants to jump there bones. Haha!

Seriously! No wonder they think all of us are psychotic. Girls who scream in their faces, who threaten girlfriends & friends, who don’t understand that Niall is claustrophobic & then crowd around his taxi.. are you fucking kidding me? And I wouldn’t MIND jumping their bones, but I would want PERMISSION first.. you know, if Harry came up to me & started TELLING me he wanted me to jump his bones, then I would absolutely oblige. Otherwise, I’m not risking getting arrested, lmao.