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GURL, SAME. I swear I've never been this deep for a show/otp/characters before. And I just love how us (team delusional fans) we believe in a character that has faith & hope after all, she's been through and we're all hopeful and faithful together about her. It's a powerful thing. I'm just so glad, there's a huge following of us that is fully active and kicking. I feel really proud to be part of TD & the Beth/Bethyl fan club. :) #represent ✊

It’s so important for a character to have faith and hope in that dead, cold world. I’m so proud to be a part of TD and “Beth Lives”. People look upon us as being delusional and weak, that’s not true. Simply, Gimple can’t pull the wool over our eyes. I also love how the fan base continues to grow each and everyday! I could go on and on about this tbh

The Only One; Niall Horan One Shot.

I got this idea from Hope yesterday while I was writing my Ryan Follese’ one shot. I think it’s a cute story; the ‘girl loves boy but boy doesn’t realize it’ storyline is always something that I find alot of people can relate to. It’s a little lengthier than my previous ones, but I just couldn’t help making it disgustingly cute. (:

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OH MY GOD! I thought, I loved the first version of, ''Teenage Dream'' but tonight's version was so emotional and powerful. When he started breaking down, it KILLED me! Haha. Awwww you got to have the pleasure of seeing Darren live? LUCKY! I wanna see/meet the Glee cast so bad!!!! They're such inspirations to me. I can't thank them enough! :) awwwww what day is your birthday in November, gurl? I'll be sure to get you a present. hehe :D

omg yes i saw darren at six flags i was front row and i almost died and I know when he started breaking down I felt like crying!! ): 

My birthday is the 13th! :D 

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Hey girl, I was wondering who's your favorite on TVD? (:

Oh gosh, I’m so conflicted with that show, it’s not even funny, lol. I HATED Damon at first, ‘cause he was so sleazy & undermining & Stefan was just so good. And then Stefan turned into a dick & Damon went all nice & they love Elena so much in their own ways that I don’t know who to choose. I love them all, lol. And Caroline is such a bamf lately, & then Klaus’ whole family just appeared & it’s just ugh. SO MANY EMOTiONS. lol.

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OMG You watch Hollywood Heights?! :o ahhh I love you even more! :D hehe I was just watching the pilot too! That's so awesome! I feel the same exact way! Plus, the whole crazy ex-fiance thing too. I def don't want a Chloe in my life! aha But imagine, how great that would be to say, I married the dream guy I stayed up blogging about all day and all night. A dream come true! ;) teehee.

lolol i know!! that’s be amazing.. and people would make posts saying

“she escaped the fanzone.” lololol

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All of the theories keep you up at night too? SAME. I stayed up till 5am this morning and I was still up at 8am, just reading theories through the team delusional tag. 🙈🙊 I read some good ones too, that need to come pass. js 😏

It honestly drives me insane. Sometimes I honestly think i’m losing it hahaha. But yeah, I tried to go to bed around 3am but i honestly tossed and turned all night, thinking about the theories, bethyl and coda. a TV show has NEVER effected me like this.

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I know! :D Thank you so much, darling! I really appreciate it. <3 I've been doing a little research on it tonight and they said it's definitely hard work in going into it because you first have to go through the audition process of them testing you to see if you, ''fit their look'' and way of what a walker is suppose to be. Then when they meet with you, they decide later if you get to be a walker or maybe even a survivor. So, hopefully something will come out of it. :)

That’s so cool! Yeah gurl, I wish you nothing but the best!!!

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When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. check my blog to see my comment about you ❤️❤️

Neylis! Thank youuuuu! <3 *hugs you*

hopeislegit: HI BEST FRIEND! I love you!! You’re seriously the best friend a girl could ask for. I can’t wait until we finally meet and share memorable moments together. We’re gonna live out our dreams together! :D

derekhaledeserveslove: you obviously don’t have to do this again, but HI HEYLIS! You’re seriously so brave for coming into my ask box and messaging me! I’m so glad you’re my friend and it’s so cool how alike we are also! :D

martinsmcfly: Julie!! Hiiii JoBros/Dylan buddy! You’re awesome and I miss you. One day, we’ll try and explore the TW set ;)

dealfa: oh goodness, HI I MISS YOU SO MUCH Desiree. I keep reminiscing about how you left me anon messages and I had to convince you to go off of anon; then we became adub buddies. Good times! You’re so funny and I love you! <3

musicisajourney: UGH, I NEED TO GO BACK TO VEGAS AND VISIT YOU AGAIN. I miss you so much. Oh man, I literally haven’t seen you in a year. I think that’s the longest we hadn’t seen each other. :O Anyway, you’re seriously the sweetest and greatest friend a girl could have! Love you Rebecca! <3