These pictures are from the 24th which was my 100 days clean. I was at camp during this which was really exciting because it’s the place that basically has saved my life. For this I took my favorite counselor, Jeff, and three of my best friends, Shelby, Cathy, and Jon. We went down to the old volleyball court at probably around 9 and took a shovel and my box of blades with us. 

Jeff gave me the shovel and I dug about a foot and a half down then dropped my box into it (ironically they were in an old bandaid box). Then with the help of Shelby and Jon, covered it back up and then it was over. My habit could no longer be supported without these things. I can always go looking for more things but there’s this moment when I proved my strength and got rid of the temptation and finally put my demons to rest.

I am going to keep going and I am going to strive for 200, then 300 days and maybe by the time I go back to camp I’ll be over a year clean. I have never felt this strong.