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1 and 19!

  • 1: If you were a tv producer and you had to choose 5 band members to live together for a reality show, who would you choose?

*rubs hands together vigorously* peet went…william beckett…gabe saporta…brendon urie…and travie mccoy

(it was really hard for me to decide either patrick or travie because u just know patrick would be the mother figure trying to get them to behave and clean up after themselves…but on the other hand with travie it would just be a giant frat house all the time and i am so about that)

  • 19: What was the first song from your favorite band that you’ve ever heard?

sugar we’re going down…i was on the way home from the hospital after my second hip surgery in 2005 and it came on the radio…and my dad was like “wtf is he saying” and i was like “i don’t care i’m in love”

whenever I take a mini hiatus from tumblr (which is quite often these days) I only have to scroll through the first 12-ish pages of Felicia’s to see what I’ve missed

thank you friend for always being in the loop :)

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i was at my gsa meeting and someone mentioned seattle and i was like "that's where my friend maizy lives!" and then i talked about you for a hot minute

i’m gonna publish this because this is the best thing anyone’s ever said to me. i encourage everyone to tell their rl friends about me. 

also, seattle rocks :* 

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1. I’ve read Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close once, five years ago, yet I consider it my favorite book of all time.

2. I have 25 green plants in my apartment. Yes, that number is correct. No, I don’t think you can have too many.

3. If you want to kill me, just force feed me peanut butter and hide my EpiPen.

4. When I was a kid, I was terrified of the Beast in Beauty & the Beast, to the point where I would only watch the first ten or so minutes of the movie and then wind forward to the end…or just watch the beginning again.

5. I’m a cat person.

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fall out boy?

thank you bae!!

•Which member I’d most like to cuddle


•Who I’d most like to bang


•Who I’d most like to go shopping with


•Who would be the best cook


•Who I’d most like to listen to records with


•Who I would write love poems to


•Who I would go to the beach with


•Whose wardrobe I would steal


•Who has the best hair


•Who I would want music lessons from