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‘I hope you meet a guy who will be there forever. I’m sorry I wasn’t.’

My ex boyfriend took me to the place where we had our first kiss and dumped me, saying how he had been cheating on me in the last two months of our relationship with his boss’s daughter. I didn’t even say anything; I just listened and cried. I admire him for having the guts to admit it but at the same time I hate him so fucking much.

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nac: y'all are out here getting the chance to meet your idols while i'm here in the caribbean talking to coconut trees that I named after Roman Bürki and Erik Durm rip 😩

I saw Keylor Navas yesterday and he was like 100 ft away from me and I yelled his name so he would notice me and maybe take a picture but he was busy taking pictures with press and there was way to many people at the stadium yelling all sorts of things, but he waved over to where I was so I kept smiling all day. 

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rtmi I have three beautiful wonderful datemates and we all love each other so much. Thats all, nothing actually tmi just. I love them. So damn much. I got to meet one of them in person recently and I miss being in person with them so fuckn much I wanna move down to be around them. I can't wait to meet the others too- here's hoping we can all meet up someday soon. Anyhow! I hope you have a great night!

this is a good and pure ask, i wish you all the best

I finished Night in the Woods


I hope Mae meets rat-girls sister and they have their wrestling date and become gf as the world slowly dies around them.


“our audience is this big anonymous mass on the internet, so meeting each individual person and hearing their story and actually being able to connect with the people that have given us everything, i think, is really important.”

i hope keith’s mom is blunt as hell and is completely unafraid to confront keith about some of his behavior like, i want her to not hesitate saying things like “keith, that was rude.” or “that wasn’t okay keith” when he pulls some shit!! the boy needs to be told these things!! has anyone told him?? no, no they have not

i also hope she’s very gentle along with being blunt and that she takes everyone seriously and is That Person™ that’s like “you were saying something, what was it?” when she notices someone being dismissed or talked over and that she has a southern accent

Phan elf au created by the amazing @incaseyouart is just irresistible ubuubu (´∇ノ`*)ノ next time id go for something that can actually be called a painting h a  h    a 

Looking now i have just realised phils coat makes zero sense im so sorry ;;;;;

Okay so I wanted this to be a nature theme cause Jack LOVES NATURE!! And I’m an amateur when it comes to painting so give me a break if some thing’s look terrible or not as detailed XD

Congrats on the 15 million! Jack like omg you’re growing too much for me to handle! STOP! No wait! I mean……keep going and change the world! Yea! Go do that thing even though you’re a let’s player but not only a let’s player a special one. :) Love ya Jack! I hope someday I meet ya! <3