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LISTEN ,,, i better not see any eliza taylor hate on my dashboard of ANY kind this weekend! i need to see nothing but in-depth descriptions about how beautiful she is and how sweet she was and how her whole smiling face is a literal RAY OF SUNSHINE!!! you guys will do nothing but appreciate and respect her because its what she deserves!!!

Me trying to come out to my sister

Me: Hey so uh sis I need to tell you something that I can’t tell Mom and Dad.

Sister: OMG what is it!? Is it sex!? Drugs!? A boyfriend!? Spill it!!!

Me: Nothing like that! It’s just a personal thing that I would like to discuss with you since we grew up together. I mean worst case scenario they don’t believe me and I feel like shit. But I wanna talk to you first.



Sister: You said it was something mom and dad won’t believe!

Me: >:T

It’s finally here! This is what I was working on! I tried to draw it as a first meeting with Misako (yes that is Misako ) and I think it turned out pretty well! Hope you like it!

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“A few years ago, I was crying and whining at my mom and sister while I was really drunk. I asked my mom and sister… it wasn’t long after we’d moved. I asked them if they were happy. I got drunk and woke up my entire sleeping family, like some ahjussi. It had been my number one goal in life, you know, to make my mom and sister happy. They both woke up and told me they were happy. But I was so envious at the fact that they were able to reply that they were, indeed, happy. Because it wasn’t like that for me. I told them while sobbing: I want to be happy too. Then I felt like I’d done my mom and sister wrong. But from then on, I started contemplating about happiness. For about six months, I pondered specifically over what I would need to do to become happy. I think that time of transformation has come. I think I need to be happy, now. I must become happy. I am going to be happy.” 

Rest in Peace. You will be missed, our dear Jonghyun. Life may have been cruel now, but I hope you find another life where you’ll achieve your happiness. Sing on in heaven, and watch over the boys and shawols you left behind. We aren’t angry, we aren’t going to curse you, you won’t be remembered for how you died but for how you lived. You touched millions of hearts and graced a gift upon this world that can never be replaced. You’ll live on in our hearts and within the happiest memories we shared these last ten years. Go In peace, this is our final goodbye.Let’s meet again.


• Gay. The gayest to ever be gay in this gay world
• women of color !!
• Hayley’s voice is a goddamn angel call
• stretch marks !!!!
• fuckin aesthetic
• makes you wana cry and dance all at once
• bath water looks like tasty strawberry milk
• relatable as fuck



so… as some of you know, much of my 2017 has been spent as a tattoo apprentice at a shop in los angeles. i’m really stoked to be following my dream, but working 60+ hours a week has absolutely affected my activity level on this blog - i know i’ve been a ghost.

as a way to thank you guys for still hanging around, and for the messages and new followers and constant support, i really wanted to find the time to make something new, and in an effort to combine my work life and my fandom life, i decided to make TRC tattoo flash.

in the next week, i will be posting a sheet a day - i’ve made one for gansey, adam, ronan, noah, blue, henry, and kavinsky - and then i’ll probably make a master post. if you are interested in getting a preview of all of the designs right now (!!!), you can follow my tattoo instagram, needlef0x! i know i’m slowly breaking the mystery in my secret fandom identity, but i want to include you guys in this part of my life since it consumes a large majority of my time now.

and - if any of you wonderful gems of humans are in los angeles and interested in getting one of these designs inked on your beautiful bod - i would be honored. don’t hesitate to message me so we can set something up!

(please keep in mind that these are all my original designs and i am a working tattoo artist at an existing shop. please do not take these images to a different tattoo artist to trace or copy. i would like to be the only one who tattoos my designs if i can help it! thank you for understanding!)