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I love this month’s look for my Kikki.K calendar, perfect for entering autumn! Today I’m going to catch up with all the logbooks I need to keep for each patient I see in clinic, and hopefully get my first Time Management Masterpost Series ready for tomorrow! :D Hope you’re all starting March off on a good note!


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Remington Cross, Prince of Rochester is an 8th Generation Ventrue and an ambitious visionary that intends to see the entirety of New York returned firmly into the hands of the Camarilla once more in 1999.  

For one claiming to be a prince, Remington is exceedingly young.  Following his service to a country that refused to see him as an equal in the Korean War, Remington struggled with the government to gain support through the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act, but it was not immediately forthcoming.  Not to be deterred and certain that if he worked the system properly he would get ahead, he applied to Howard University and received admission though the financial burden  that awaited him was daunting.

His determination paid off when he received the mysterious “New Amsterdam Scholarship,” which guaranteed him coverage for his educational interests so long as he majored in business and received his masters.  The offer was a great one, but it did not address his desire to see America changed for his people and so, he double majored in Constitutional Law.  The burden was a great one and yet as with all previous challenges his resilience saw him through the day… and into the night.

Proving himself capable of accepting challenges, following orders, and most importantly having the capacity to achieve his own goals regardless of their price, as Remington began to achieve success in the mortal world he was shown the ultimate price for his unseen patron and was embraced in 1967.

Remington rarely speaks of the identity or nature of his sire, though the bloodline from which he is descended is not one without particular prestige.  Some of the Camarilla believe this alone is the reason for his rapid success, but few that say such remain free of their own troubles.  With a cool head and an eye for talent, Remington has built a Primogen council from similarly young but ambitious members of the Camarilla that intend to see his thirst for blood matched with his thirst for power.

This awesome piece was done by my great friend @diermina and will hopefully be the first in a series of pictures that help me in preparing for a distant chronicle set in 1999. 

Self Annihilation (Preview)

a/n: henlo friends, it’s been almost a month again and i’ve had hardcore writer’s block so i hope you can forgive me. this is going to be a short preview into my hopefully newest and first series. it’s going to be a yoongi fic and it’s going to have some crazy shit go down real fast. also this fic will have a lot of suicidal tendencies, so if you get uncomfortable or triggered when reading those kind of things i suggest not reading. this is also going to be any gender main character so i’ll try not to use any female or male pronouns, but if i do just let me know. anyways hopefully y'all enjoy!

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Self Harm, Suicidal Thoughts, Drugs+Alcohol Abuse, Bullying, Language

*most of this is written as the suicide note left behind by the reader or flashback in the point of view of the reader unless specified otherwise*

~ Preview || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 ||

Y/N had always been bullied in school and it was starting to get old. So their parents make the decision to send them to a new school for a fresh start, Y/N finds it doesn’t get any better in high school.

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High School. 

Oh the pain and dread one simple thing can give me. If you were look up any textbook definition of high school you’d find something along the lines of “a place where minors usually around the ages of 13-18 conjugate in one building to learn and prepare for college and futures.”

Well if you ask me, that probably only makes up about 10% of a normal high schooler’s life during these four miserable years. A few of us have passions for art or music, some want to actually prepare for their futures, and the majority just like to party their way through until the actual hard part comes. 


That’s something I would actually look forward to, if I believed my life wasn’t going to end before senior year is over..

I hate high school, well I’ve hated all my school years leading up to this as well, but high school has definitely been the worst so far. Torture is the best word I can use to explain it with and you’ll soon understand why. 

I guess I should start where it all began, but before that, let me introduce myself, even though you probably already know if you’re reading this.

Hi, I’m Y/N L/N, current Junior at Bayside High, and I’m afraid I will not be this person for much longer. This is my farewell story. Here’s the basic plot.

A person who was tormented so much to the point where they started to believe the things they said were true. 


Summary: You are being held captive by Hydra and a sudden opportunity to escape when a mysterious male named Bucky steps in to assist.

Word Count: 496

Warnings: Captivity, fight sequence, violence

A/N: My first fic, hopefully first of a series.  :)

Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15

The alarms have sounded. The dim, concrete bunker you are being kept in is illuminated with blinking emergency lights. Between pulses of red light the room falls to black and you take this as your chance. You are seated and secured in place by your wrists, the large metal cuffs that take up almost your entire forearm struggle against the arms of the chair, they are being held in place magnetically. 

Three Hydra agents hold guns pointed at you while two men dressed in white lab coats flurry in and press buttons on a console nearby. The metal cuffs on your arms pulse a bright, teal blue light. The metal mask which covers your mouth and the attached circular pads on your temples start to glow and then fade. You freeze thinking that the shock emanating from them will be imminent but the lights just continue pulse and fade. 

There’s something wrong with the console. 

You jerk your wrists in an attempt to free them. One agent sees you struggling against the magnet, he swiftly slings his weapon on his back, grabs a large fire hose from the floor and drags it over to you. You almost lose the will to fight but then you notice: the door is open.

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[Superficial Love : Ruth B : Monmonton] This is hopefully the first of a series of mini covers of song that remind those Monmonton and Edgary. Ps. Thanks Hapo for the song list

Y'know I had some extravagant piano/vocals cover but the music gods don’t like me and they also don’t like letting me transfer the right recordings but it’s something that isn’t me screaming so ;)

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So my girlfriend made me play my first Pokemon game (Pokemon Y) and obviously I loved it. As a result I’ve been looking for a Pokemon project to tackle. I also wanted to stretch my legs with some more organic modeling than I’m used to.

I came up with the idea of trophy mounted Pokemon fridge magnets and Skiddo seemed like the perfect subject for the first one. Hopefully this will be the first in a series of these as i find looking at it on my fridge rather funny. Anyways, hopefully you all like it as much as I do.

read on fanfiction.net read on archiveofourown.org

by manderkitteh aka my pathetic ass

Takes place directly after LoT 1x15 - Sara and the team convince Rip to go back to the moment before the explosion to save Snart. Hopefully the first in a series of oneshots, maybe a multichapter fic if the hiatus wrecks me. Captain Canary fluff and a bit of team banter.

Words: 4,394 | Chapters: 1 | Lang: English

Adventure & Romance

“I can pilot this ship with or without you, Rip,” Sara glared at the captain. “So are you in, or are you out?”

The team stood in silence awaiting his response. To Sara’s left stood Martin and Jax. The older man placed a comforting hand on the boy’s shoulder. Jax anxiously shifted his weight from foot to foot.

To Sara’s right, Mick sat and stared blankly at the wall, his face still as stone, hard lines etched into his aggressive features. Ray was beside him, much to his chagrin, with a dopey smile on his face. He was always annoyingly optimistic.

Rip, however, did not respond. Sara could tell he was weighing his options. She took a step toward him, and his eyes darted around the room. He was outnumbered. Sara knew she could take him down even without the team’s help, but it was comforting to know that they had her back.

Rip sighed. “Now that the Oculus is destroyed, there’s no telling the repercussions of these actions. You all understand that. But,” he paused, taking another breath, “if I’ve learned anything from Carter’s death and return, it is that we cannot afford to leave any man behind.”

Ray’s grin spread across the room to Jax and Martin. Sara’s shoulders relaxed in relief.

“I’m in.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I know you're busy prepping for AX but I have a YA book rec you might like? It's 'The Screaming Staircase' by Jonathan Stroud, set in Britain where a ghost epidemic is taking place, and the only ones who can sense and hunt ghosts are children. It's spooky and darkly funny and the OT3 is amazing, and hopefully the first book in an ongoing series. ...I may have an ulterior motive in reccing, because you're my favourite YA artist and I really want art to tide me over until the next book. uwu

You have my attention at OT3. Adding to list, thank you for the rec!