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I think I'm doing the best I can with veganism (meat, dairy, eggs, honey, leather, etc.) but I want to look into more "sneaky" things. And a lot of dyes are tested on animals!? What should I do? Toiletries are easy to see a Leaping Bunny symbol 1/?

but clothing, colored pencils, etc. don’t usually have anything! And the companies may not even know where their supplies come from. What should I do? I don’t want to start my school year with shoes and markers that I got from tortured animals Do I just buy it anyway? Am I still vegan? I have a kidcore blog too and I’m probably reblogging slime with tested food colors or stuffed animals with fleece. This is soo difficult please help!! 

Hey anon! I am so sorry for such a delayed response. I am just back from traveling and in the midst of moving. But hopefully you will see this. 

So the leaping bunny symbol is a bit confusing. It means that the product is cruelty free (no testing) but it doesn’t mean the product is vegan. So if you are looking for vegan cosmetics, I recommend asking my lovely friend over at @veganmakeup for her advice! You can also check this list here.

If you are unable to buy new vegan school supplies/shoes it’s ok. We all have limitations when it comes to money! If you can buy new vegan school supplies check these sites to help guide you, here , here and here. Bic, Scotch and M3 are not cruelty free. And Crayola uses animal products in their art supplies (not sure if they test). In the end, getting vegan school supplies and art supplies is really hard and super costly. Do what you can, you aren’t any less vegan if you are forced to buy iffy products because you have no choice. 

Some fleece art products are actually probably vegan and not made from wool at all! And felt is vegan…although maybe the dye is not. Again do what you can. Some things are impossible to find vegan. It’s just the world we live in you know?

Best of luck! Let me know if you need any help. <3 And congrats on going vegan!! You rock.