well, I previously complained about the lack of George and Lockwood friendship headcanons, so I’ve decided to make my own.

  •  Lockwood definitely dances when he bakes  
  • George wears a frilly apron and Lockwood has no problem with it 
  • They made the cookie rule because George baked cookies and then forget to tell anyone he made them
  • that dickhead ate them all
  • Lockwood sleeps with his door locked
  • Lockwood use to have nightmares about Jessica and George would sit outside his room the entire night
  • They’re the friends who sit for hours in silence 
  • and it’s never awkward 
  • they totally have a coffee shop they are regulars at 

Esper’s kids. Talon, Draven, and Jean.  Esper is married to Jean and Draven’s mother Jessica (bottom left). Talon is his son from his college girlfriend Ginger.  The kids are gen 12 of this family, they were my ts3 walk of life before but I’m integrating them into my project with Gen since I’m not continuing the challenge aspect to Rebel Sweetheart but I would like to keep the family going. Part of the family will be my main household in Fairhaven. PSA note, hopefully I’ll get some time tonight to reply to comments and start queuing Gen again, I wanted to catch up on some more reading before I put that back on blast and I did a fair bit of that this weekend (though I am nowhere near done). Next GenBC batch will be through the first elimination round.

feeling super productive today :)

  • packed my bag last night
  • woke up a little earlier than usual so I could pack my lunch (which I did)
  • the bus was like 15 min late but it still arrived earlier than usual the buses were literally 45 min off schedule last week b/c of all the snow)
  • read a book on the bus (I haven’t read anything for leisure since the beginning of the semester)
  • for my lab book for $19 online (ordered)
  • printed my a&p slides 
  • listened to my ted talk + begun my paper for culture and lifestyle of nursing (which is due tomorrow lol)
  • did ¼ quizzes in the module due for my history and trends of health care class which is due Friday (going to complete the next 3 today as well)
  • took poppin notes in organic biochem (I understood what she was teaching today lmao
  • covered a shift at work today

hoping the rest of the day’s going to be productive too :)

Well damn… I have almost 400 followers now! That’s a shit ton of followers, and I’m still wondering where most of you guys came from in the first place(not that I don’t love you all, because I do)

Top post is that new Ace and Sabo button post I posted a couple days ago. Not surprising since the Corazon button post was super popular back in the day. Hopefully this new one will get up there with the notes.

And of course we have my biggest fans!

1st is @askfemmytraffy, 2nd is @missjenca(I don’t believe we have met, so hello!), 3rd is @penciladdictontheweb, and 4th is @shiapolux! Thank you all for liking my posts and interacting with me(even if you didn’t!)

Two chapters of IR to study, two lessons of Chinese to study, two assignments overdue for Chinese, a bunch of assignments for this week’s extra credit for IR, studying for Environmental Geography, a documentary to finish watching for Environmental Geography, a song to memorize for Voice class, plus I have to find time to work out at least for twenty minutes a day somewhere in there all by Monday (voice class things by Tuesday)

Started in Starlight by WrittenFire
Thirty short stories about the epic relationship betweeen James T. Kirk and Spock.

First post on the new site! :D Go check it out? :)

I’m curious…like I’m supposed to send in documents to my school to determine how much I get in financial aid…they’re asking me to send a copy of my driver’s license, a copy of my high school diplome, and are having me fill out a worksheet for whatever reason, right? Okay so I’m looking it over cuz I want to get it done today and the worksheet section tells me I can’t send it via fax or photocopy and I’m like ??? how else am I supposed to send it?? THIS SCHOOL IS 30 HOURS AWAY FROM WHERE I LIVE I don’t understand?? bc then at the bottom of the email it says to send everything via dropbox so I’m just?? what is it that you want me to do???? gah

i almost forgot about this blog oh my gosh i really need to whip things up again. my spirit here kinda died when i lost the ability to finish season 6 ): but i’m trying to get it back and hopefully i can!!!

on that note, would anyone like to plot?

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend any other comic blogs to follow? 😅

Y’know, I actually don’t follow that many (because I am terrible at interneting). @gaknar and I basically have the same blog, except theirs is all of the X-Men, not just Uncanny. @why-i-love-comics is pretty good for a wide variety of things, and more recent issues of stuff. 

Uhhhh, I’m sure I’m missing a whole bunch of good ones, so I’ll encourage my followers to reblog this with any that they like, and hopefully you’ll get some good ones if you look through the notes.