Hey everyone! Just to have a little celebration for my name change, I’m gonna have a little ship party for you guys. All you have to do is…

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What you’ll get:

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lightofhysteria asked:

The Art Of Falling is my favourite Tronnor fanfiction ever and I had read many fanfics. It's really amazing, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece of art with us <3

oh my god thank YOU for reading it and being so sweet! <3 That’s really kind of you to say omg ily

5SOS Ships

To celebrate making this new account, I’ve decided that I’m going to do a bunch of ships for you guys! 

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The ship will include

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just two friends - gradison

Madison was looking around her room at the broken book shelf when Graham had texted her. So they’d spoken here and there since the incident, but this was kind of the first time they’d really spent any time together, wasn’t it? So, the girl pushed the broken book shelf into the corner of the room, making a note to get one tomorrow and hopefully that one wouldn’t break. Then she went into her bathroom and change the bandage on her face, because while she’d said it was a small cut it was kind of a bigger deal than she’d made it out to be, wherein it took up a good portion of her forehead down by her eye. So she covered that up, and put on a new shirt before walking down the stairs and waiting, not so patiently, for him to come to the door. And when he did, her first instinct was to run up and open it, envelop him in a hug and press a kiss against his cheek because, well, that was just Madison. Instead, she opened the door and smiled her bright smile, suppressing the feeling to call him Casanova as she stepped aside, “Hey. Come on in.”

Drawing in progress~

I received this today as a private message, and would like to post it. As per the person’s wishes, I copy/pasted it to remove her identity. (I don’t have Anon turned on.)

These are the kinds of conversations we should be having. I saw the photo and discussion of Sandra Bland’s mug shots, and me knowing nothing about the subject (I know little about anything, truth be told!), I took it as, “Oh, I’ll take it for granted that this person knows what they’re talking about.” Of course, that’s not always the case on tumblr. So here’s a rebuttal on the matter. 

Thank you to the person who sent this to me. I appreciate you taking the time, and am glad you would think enough to want to enlighten not only me, but others, too. I can’t promise it will get many notes, but hopefully people will read it and consider the information.


Please “anon” this if you post. Out of respect for the families I care for, I keep my profession separate from social media.

How do I tell over 100k people that Sandra Bland was alive in her mugshot? I’d bet my mortuary license and 12 years of experience on it. (I have my degree. I didn’t drop out of mortuary school as did the father mentioned in the post.) My guess is she’s leaned up against a wall, not lying down. I certainly would like to see the ME report on her other injuries that are making her stand lopsided with pain and attitude.

People comparing a selfie to a mugshot? You take a selfie when you feel good, look good, are proud, and smiling. Not even in the same category as a snapshot in time of likely the worst experience she’d ever had.

These are my opinions: She is pissed off, hurt, beaten and broken. Sweat and tears have removed her make up. She hasn’t slept, hasn’t eaten, and hasn’t had anything to drink. Exhaustion and dehydration. Dehydration making black skin ashen and grey and discolored. Her eyes are far off because they’ve taken away her dignity and humanity. Her shoulders are jacked up because of injury.

But she is alive. Her jaw is set. The muscles of her neck are taut. Her lips are perfectly closed. Her eyelids are even. Her eyes are dark. She is in battle mode and wants to fight, but is powerless and being drained by circumstance.

If she was already dead in that mugshot, they would’ve had to call in the local funeral director; good luck getting her to look as she does. And they would have likely dislocated joints getting her into that scrub top postmortem. I have taken care of thousands of deceased people in my time…Sandra Bland is alive in that mugshot.

The photo makes people uncomfortable because her soul had been crushed. Her spirit had been obliterated.

I believe she was murdered, self-inflicted or not. I believe she was targeted for the color of her skin because honestly, who really ever gets pulled over for not using their turn signal?!? Only someone being profiled by a racist. A racist cop working for a racist sheriff.

Yours is the only dash I’ve seen this on so far and I had a feeling you’d read it. I wanted to tell someone. Again, if you share, please cut/paste/post anonymously. Thanks!

im excited to have a few days off next week. ive been working 6 days a week for over a month and its getting tiring. but i have to work for 2 straight weeks from aug 8 - 22 …  i know ill be fine and the paycheck will be worth it but its gonna be exhausting… 

and i have to get school stuff figured out before then because classes start sept 8. all i have left to do is make sure everything is squared away with my finaid and register for the classes. (and change my major other than what i applied for) yeah im hoping to get all this done on one of my days off next week. like monday or something.