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Hi there! Not sure if you know this already, but a blog called "fuckyeahcomicsbaby" has reposted your popular comic about being out to only one person! Sorry just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to know!

I just reported it to tumblr support, thanks for letting me know!! Ah, it already has 557 notes too…hopefully it gets taken down or something. Might take a couple of days though ;A; 

I’m gonna answer this publicly because EVERYTHING on their blog is reposted instead of reblogged and I want to make sure none of my followers are following them. 

I would be very disappointed if anyone I know is following them…

Under 700 kudos

So we had Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day just the other day, 21st of August, and many here noticed that several writers were rec'ed many times and iamderekhale started talking about making a rec list with some of the more under appreciated writers and/or works out there.

The requirements I decided on are as follows,

  • Under 700 Kudos
  • One work and/or series per writer
  • No word count limit
  • Crossovers and Other Works AU are welcomed

These will be works I myself enjoyed reading, a couple of the series might not yet be finished but they are good and more appreciation for them will hopefully get the writer a boost to finish it (I will note on the ones which aren’t complete).

This one is adorable, some parts makes you cry, gets you annoyed/angry at the ignorance in some people but over all a very nice read.
Title:  The Things We Make, We Make With Love. | 11 parts complete |
Writer:  augopher
Word count: 98 325
Summary: “It started with a trip to the mall for craft time. The story of everything in between and a whole lot after.”
First part summary: Derek hated Christmas, okay? But his kid wanted to make Christmas crafts so badly. He couldn’t help if he developed a crush on the employee who helped them. /Or: How a trip to a holiday display for kid’s crafts changed Derek’s life.
Rating: G to M.
Other tags: Gender variant character. Single parent. AU – Human. Kid Fic. Bullying. Fluff and Angst. Emotional Hurt/Comfort.

If you like the Marvel characters of the Avengers (Movies) and Teen Wolf then this might just be right up your alley. People doing stupid stuff without thinking. Love. Hurt and comfort. Stiles being a BAMF, even if you want to hit him over the head a couple of times – but then that’s pretty much canon Stiles isn’t it?

Title: Uncle Phil | COMPLETE |
Writer: heartsdesire456
Word count: 54 266
Summary: Part 1: Phil Coulson gets news that his late sister’s husband, a small town Sheriff from Northern California, was reported missing. By the time he looks into it, Sheriff John Stilinski was already home safe. However, since Phil is the only other relative the Sheriff’s son has, when John needs somewhere to send his son while he’s busy cleaning up the mess his disappearance caused, Phil can’t possible turn down looking after his late sister’s only child.
Rating: G - M
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence (Last part)
Other tags: AU – Fusion. Crossover. Humor. Canon-Typical Violence.

An Other Works AU – kinda ? I haven’t read Mercy Thompson series, either way it is a good story.

TitleRez | Complete |
Writer: peacensafty
Word count: 36 849
Summary: AU, Stiles has grown up his whole life on Toad Suck Reservation. When his dad gets called in as arbitrator between different kinds of creatures, Stiles gets to meet Otherkind he’s only ever heard about before. Sterek/OC/some ideas/people stolen from Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series.
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Underage. Graphic Depictions of Violence.
Other tags: AU. Fae!Stiles.

A/N “Title is a running joke about how this fic was supposed to be “6 pages tops” and about cake when I started writing it a few episodes into S3. It is now 104 pages, contains every trope I’ve ever wanted, and probably only 1% or less about cake. We all male mistakes.”

Title: The Cake is (Not) a Lie | Complete |
Writer: Xerxies19
Word count: 51 016
Summary: Someone keeps sending Derek cakes that are neither made with explosives or monkshood. Things get out of hand from there.
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Other tags: BAMF!Stiles. Pack Feels. Resurrections. Magic!Stiles. References to torture. Alpha!Stiles.

I had marked it for later, later eventually came and I am glad for it. It gave me all kind of different feelings while reading, I haven’t finished the second part yet but I enjoyed the first (121 376 words), the second wasn’t finished when I got to it, but is now.

Title: Good Wolves Doing Bad Things | Three parts complete |
Writer: littlefrog1025
Word count: 297 624
Summary: Part 1 – Howl: A wolf pack is surprisingly a lot like a mafia family…
Rating: Explicit
Other tags: Mafia AU. Future Fic. AU – No Hale fire. Mpreg. Established Relationship. AU – Werewolves are known. Pack Mother Stiles Stilinski. Kid Fic. Domestic Fluff.

It’s adorable. Cute and some times I just wanted to cuddle with them all.

Title: Reflect the Storm
Writer: sasha_bo
Word count: 22 564
Summary: All Stiles wanted to do was summon help… not cause a magical family reunion
Rating: General
Other tags: Magic!Stiles. Time Travel. Kid Fic. Happy with feelings.

I’ve read the everything so far, two parts complete and 12 chapters into part 3, I am really enjoying it. Wanted to hit Stiles over the head a couple of times. Cried some. Laughed. Just generally enjoyed the read.

Title: Pack’s Blood | Two parts complete |
Writer: kuki
Word count: 95 998
Summary: Part 1: Deaton sighed and looked back down at Stiles. “Sorry, but you’re going to be a member of the undead.” 

Groaning, Stiles covered his face. “I’m doing what? Fangs? Sparkles? Extreme sun allergy? Any way to reverse it?”

And that’s how Derek ended up babysitting the new baby vampire while he got adjusted. Stiles learns a lot a bout himself while he also learns that vampire and werewolves weren’t always enemies.
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Other tags: Vampire!Stiles. Werewolf Mates. AU – Canon Divergence. Vampire Werewolf conflicts. Future fic. Time Travel.

I had such fun reading these. It’s not marked as complete, but the parts that have been posted are complete and even if I would love more in this AU it can be read as complete.

Title: Stark ‘n Stilinski
Writer: whyamIalwaysLoislane
Word count: 3 629
Summary: Part 1: A bored Stiles Stilinski + a Boring internship – adderall X Stark Industries = A whole lot of the Birdy song and a proud mama bear Tony Stark. (Series description: Stiles is interning at Stark Industries when, as only Stiles can, he cocks up so royally he manages to bag himself a job. Stiles & the Pack’s Adventures with the Avengers. Derek in a muscle off with Thor… What could go wrong?)
Rating: T - M
Other tags: Established Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski. Tony adopts Stiles. Fluff. Darcy and Stiles bromance. Brain Squad. Stark Tower.

Adorable, that’s what this is. Tooth-achingly adorable.

Title: I’m available for tasting
Writer: TheAlternativeSource 
Word count: 1 434
Summary: Prompt: When a hot person says they are tired of being single. Try me. I’m available for tasting. - p.s. Derek wants to snuggle Stiles.
Rating: Teen and Up
Other tags: AU – High School. Fluff. Alive Hale. Shy Derek.

I read this just the other day, my partner had to remove my phone so I wouldn’t stay up and finish it sometime in the morning hours. I really like the Stiles in this. I am weak for alive Hale trope.

Title: The Fox Who Ran With Wolves
Writer: AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle
Word count: 37 945
Summary: Stiles is something of an oddity. Not only is he a fox born to human parents, he’s a fox whose also an alpha. And that just didn’t happen. Foxes were supposed to be omegas. Potential mates for alphas and betas who would bear their children and bring balance to an alpha’s power. Only, much like the rest of Stiles’ life, things never seem to go quite as planned. (Or the AU where as an evolutionary jump, humans began being born with animal features. Eyes, ears, tale, etc. These hybrids live alongside humans with relative peace. But much like any world, there are bound to be issues.)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage.
Other tags: Hybrid Universe. Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics. Alpha Stiles. Alpha Derek. Mating. Fluff. Angst. Human/hybrid relationship.

Ellie’s bio for spotlightdstudio Ellie is a bubbly, sweet, yet sassy 4 year old little girl. She loves all things girly, but she’s not afraid to get down and dirty with the boys. She absolutely loves to dance, and isn’t afraid to shake her little booty when she hears music in any public place. She adores music and will sing her heart out and make up her own little dance routines. Hopefully she gets 35 notes in order to join the toddler class and expand her dancing horizons!

Alright let the selfie party begin tag me in your selfies and I compliment you and whatnot in the tags hopefully get you some notes on your cute faces
Well then.

I said I was gonna save the updates for this weekend but with more questions and bigger feedback with every post, I’m beginning To reconsider.

Me: Oh man. Making that update with Reflet took a lot out of me. I wonder how many notes it’ll get? Hopefully 15.

>This morning

Me: Let’s check, 15….15….37?! HOLY SHI-

And long story short, every time I answer a question another one takes it’s place.

With 5 questions answered and 8 more to answer, followed by 57 followers, ALL IN 6 DAYS, I really couldn’t ask for a more supportive fanbase.

Thank you all for the questions and thank you for checking out my meh art! Please, feel free to send in fan-mail, make a promo, or just send in another question, even reblogging is much.

I’m gonna be adding a narrative, a story, if you will, with characters and events driven by the questions YOU send.

In order for Ylisse Academy, Robin and Lucina’s stories to begin, it starts with your involvement! This is OUR project, and OUR creation!

Spread the word! Make something! I’m so grateful for everything guys!

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Hi! I love your art! Please let me know if you draw Sherlock and John together again (maybe when the new Special airs?), so I can reblog it and hopefully get you some more notes. :) x Shirley

Hi! Thank you very much! It’s funny to see the new surge of Sherlock love coming in while I’m not in the country, haha. Sherlock and John art is definitely a soon possibility in the future along with other drawings and doodles. Most of the stuff I’ve put on tumblr has been pretty sketchy which won’t be bad but anything that’s painted probably will take some time.

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*There's a random note laying somewhere* Hello. I was going to give you a nice present but I forgot what I was going to get you. So you get nothing. -Sorry. Hopefully I remember later.

Spy read the note with a frown, flipping it over in case there was anything on the other side but finding it blank.

“But my birthday isn’t until September…”

I’m in Paris and it is so freakin beautiful and amazing, every single block is crazy. I ate escargot which was actually delicious but I felt strange eating snails and only ate one, cried in the train cause a guy whipped out an accordion randomly and played, and I farted in the notre dame cathedral (note worthy). Hopefully when I get to England there will be a photo developing place so I can see some of what I shot. Anyway yeah it’s freakin mind blowing