pokemon meme -  favorite legendary 1/??

This Legendary Pokémon, with wings like thin sheets of ice, is believed to possess the ability to freeze water vapor and create snow.


I finally finished my Richonne bag and wore it to Universal Studios yesterday, I found this awesome fabric at Joann’s and sewed the bag together then ironed on the little silhouettes on the pocket and embroidered on the letters with a whipped back stitch, it took me a pretty long time cuz I’m not that good with a sewing machine yet, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out, and hopefully one day I’ll actually get to wear it somewhere people will recognize it!😂

A couple notes...

Hey guys. How is everyone doing? I’m doing good. Better than I have been in the last couple weeks yay! I have a bit of inspiration tugging at my soul, so hopefully a bit later I will get to writing. I have a couple things that I will be working on/finishing:

  • I have five ships sitting in my Ask Box. I should have finished them that night,  but I was a lazy bitch. I’m sorry to those who I neglected to write them that night. Please don’t hate me!
  • I also need to write the next part to On the Books. I have the entire story planned/outlined, it’s just a matter of actually writing it. I’m super excited for this story, it just sucks when you don’t have that inspiration/motivation.
  • In addition to all of that I have several one shot ideas floating around in my noggin. Maybe rather than worrying about writing them, I should at least plan them? hmm…

Well now that that’s out of the way, I have something else I’d like to discuss.

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Here’s the first of the Pokemon Go team leader prints! *U*/ FINISHED IN LESS THAN A WEEK, WHOOP! Actually I somehow drew this in 2 days…???!??! HOW! I’m kinda impressed with myself, hahaha. Idk how quickly I’ll be able to pump out the rest of them, but hopefully I get them done soon.

I feel like I haven’t cell shaded anything besides chibis in so long. Shading the jacket was a challenge;;; GETTIN’ A LITTLE RUSTY;;; Also sorry for choosing the most basic font for the “VALOR” text. I’M A BLAND FRIEND…

So, this is farewell...

… for now! :P

Yep, I’m going tomorrow to a trip to Tuscany - mostly Firenze and Pisa, and will be back next Monday! 

I just need to take a break before the school year begins again - hopefully I’ll work again on September-October - and devote myself to my other weird hobbie - visit churches, visit ruins, visit monuments, visit museums, take countless photos of all those churches, ruins, monuments, museums and drag my husband from one place to another while he begs for a quick death.

So, please take care all of you and don’t make a mess of things, ok? ;D I see you again in a week!! :)

a tommy shelby i did a while back when season 3 started. i wanted to have john and arthur ready at the same time but i feel like if i dont put this one out it’ll stay lot in the archives of my computer forever haha

i still want to finish what i have done of john and arthur and am actually holding off on finishing season 3 until i finish them, so hopefully i can find it in me to get those done soon.

Fic: When There’s No One Left To Blame (Jeff/Annie, Community)

Note: Here is a small dose of old school angst for Day 3 of  #jxaappreciationweek2016. 

It’s actually part of a post-S2 fic that I’m still working on, and will hopefully finish eventually, so you may see it again in a longer story someday. 

The get-together is Shirley’s idea.

It’s barely been two weeks since classes ended, since that stupid paintball game, since Pierce made his dramatic exit, and Shirley is obviously worried. She’s just had a baby, but she’s still concerned about her dysfunctional, little study group family, about making sure that there aren’t any hurt feelings still lingering, that their unit isn’t coming apart at the seams.

That’s really the only reason that Annie agrees to go. She is, to varying degrees, tired of all of them and welcomes the three month summer break as a time to get a little distance for herself before all the drama inevitably starts again in the fall. But Shirley is feeling anxious, and if hanging out with the group is going to make her feel better, then it seems like the least that Annie can do.

They eventually decide to go bowling, and Annie is grateful because the night that they went to the bar for Troy’s birthday was so strange and sad that she isn’t in any hurry to go drinking with the group again. The bowling alley, it turns out, is a good compromise because there’s technically a bar there, but the whole point of the evening isn’t getting drunk. It gets Shirley out of the house and into the world too, which is probably another part of the reason that she arranges the night out – she needs a break from diaper duty with a newborn.

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So that ‘What if Ell had been turned into a vampire’ oneshot is now 30 pages in and will definitely be finished, hopefully in the next week if I can keep up my pace. Anyone want to beta?

Some facts: 

–It covers the entirety of S1

–It doesn’t really change what happens in S1. The whole fic is more an exercise in exploring character relationships I guess?

–Ell and Carmilla have a very messy, complicated relationship that involves hooking up and feeling lots of shame afterward

–Yes, there’s ellanny, but I’m 99% certain they won’t actually be getting together 

Unlike Carmilla, Ell wants to do the heroic vampire crap but is scared the f out of her mind

–Danny and Ell totally have an off screen adventure that will almost definitely be spun off into a short companion piece once this one is published. 

Anyways, if you find any of this interesting, let me know ‘cause I’m totally gonna need a beta for it since it’s long and my usual beta is pretty busy. 

//I think I might step away, somewhat, for a few days…

Even I’m not immune to the drama, I just tend to…well, walk away when it gets too intense (See? I’m like Squall XD). I do that with anything stressful, it’s just the way I am. Which probably isn’t always the best way to handle things but whatever.

Don’t get me wrong, the sheer amount of positivity that has followed in it’s wake is amazing, but the stress is still there a little so…

Plus I really want to finish a project I’ve been trying to finish as well as actually getting prints and original artworks ready to sell on my storeny I recently opened, as well as commissions opened. Cause money? What’s money? My wallet certainly doesn’t know what money is it seems, lmao.

I’m planning on at least, hopefully, answering the handful of birthday asks I have waiting for me on Squall and then after that I’ll likely still work on replies and may just queue them over the next few days.

I’m not doing a full hiatus like I did last time, I’ll still be active on Skype and will still likely be stalking my dash so I may pop up once in awhile, I just want to take a small breather. Plus stepping back and trying  to dredge through my drafts might be a good thing, hahahaha….(Laguna is still insanely behind, I can’t seem to catch him up fully dammit)

Plus I work the next two days so…I wasn’t gonna be super active anyway?//

Now the Good News!! :D

First off, that voting post I did for what fic I should do next is done today, and From the Stars won!! I’m so pumped for this alien AU, and honestly y’all couldn’t have picked a fluffier fic. It will be a nice thing to work on when my other stuff gets too heavy for me :p

As for when I’ll start posting it, well, I’m going to finish at least two other fics and wait for my wi-fi to come back on before the first chapter will be posted. I will be working on it until then though, so hopefully I’ll have chapters queued and actually be able to give newer fics update schedules. ‘Cause once I’m done with all of my on-going ones right now, I REALLY wanna try and say goodbye to my shite methods of having too many fics going at once while barely updating most of them. It’s just not cool :p

Second piece of good news, is that I’ve hit 100 user subs on AO3 and I wanna celebrate somehow??? Like I know for the follower contest on here I gave away a one shot (which is also on hold for right now because it’s smut, but I’ve talked to the winner and they were super cool about waiting ^-^) but idk what to do for this one, and I’d like to kind of know if y’all have any ideas. I don’t really have the ability to ship anything anywhere, so I can’t do like a physical give away at all, but other stuff I can just do online that’s fun will work :D

Third, I made banana nut muffins and my cat Potato is cuddling me, so I’m pretty happy right in this moment, and that’s freaking rad.

Anyway, thank you guys for listening to me, and thank you all for putting up with my craziness, it means a lot to me ^-^

Saturday before con in the books.

Holy shit, I did not get as much done as I wanted to.

Started out by doing some rough “modifications” to the patterns. Still have no clue if done correctly, but at this point, what does it matter?

Made a cut at the waistline, and got deeper into the pattern on the way down. Spread it out using some newspaper and taped it down. Hopefully this will make the finished product stay the same size at the waist, but flare out significantly more at the bottom. Innovation a week before is terrifying. Sure there are people out there who would look at this and say oh honey, no.

Getting the patterns spread out on the fabric. 20/20 vision, I should have ironed it way better….

(is it normal for patterns to list WAY more fabric than you’ll actually need? I ordered the yardage it recommended, but I have so much left over)

Had to take a break from my cosplay to fix @memosfromakutagawa‘s top. Right side of picture is my work, left is her, uh, very frustrated attempt. (love you hun!)

So that, plus cutting out all my fabric pieces/adding the interfacing, is pretty much all I got done… sigh. Wanted to get some pieces sewn together, but I spent the last couple hours of my day trying to figure out how to read freaking obtuse pattern directions and get my sewing machine to work. Gonna have to wing it on Sunday honestly. 

Time is running out, send help. 

I need to buy a refrigerator, a new washer and dryer (that will hopefully fit into a large closet by the bathroom), a couch, a kitchen table, a coffee table, I need to get all of the outside doors outfitted with new locks, I’d really like to replace all of the bedroom doors (especially the door to anne’s room because it doesn’t actually have a knob) but that’s not a high priority. Almost every wall in the house needs to be repainted and the kitchen cabinets are a pretty embarrassing shade of green, I need to finish pulling up old flooring in my bedroom so I can then refinish the original hardwood floors (hopefully, because all of the new flooring options at lowe’s are really depressing), I’ve gotta figure out something to do with the crappy sliding door closets in my room, and some day I hope I can get around to replacing the awful linoleum floors and countertops in the kitchen and I haven’t even started thinking about what I’m going to do with the ex-deli-now-”living-room” and 24 hours after closing, I’m wondering why I bought a fucking house?????

Ah there’s no place like home ✨ This year has been so crazy, I swear I haven’t been home for more than a week in such a long time. As much as I love traveling I’m actually so excited to be back on the coast for a few months and get down to business while I’m feeling motivated.

In a few weeks I’ll (hopefully) be finishing my personal training course 🙈 it’s been such a big dream of mine for as long as I can remember and I can’t believe it’s finally happening after all this time!! ☺️ Would anyone on the Gold Coast/Brisbane area be keen for some bootcamps? I would love love love to meet and get sweaty with you guys 💦💪 (at Burleigh Heads Beach)

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I just sent them off to my beta, but “Speak For The Dead” is officially finished at 18 chapters! Finally! 

Originally posted by thetinybat

I have chapters 10 - 13 to finish fixing and then I can post those over the next couple of days, and then hopefully I’ll get 14 - 18 back soon and I can get the rest up before the 20th and it’ll all be up before my actual posting date for WIP Big Bang and then BOOM! My last story is done and I shall never have to think of it again.

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Now I can move on to other stuff! I’m going to do an update on “New Family Memories” for @greenskyoverme next, then an update on “What Matters More” for @chitarra10, then a fic or two for @sideofrawr and then hopefully a new commission for @mcbangle on Sunday since I have a visit with the kidlet today, and then we’ll see after that! But OMG, it’s so wonderful to finally have that story done, it really is…

No more 100 fics in 100 days

So, I’ve decided to stop the challenge, for now. As much as I enjoyed producing a small fic a day, it was stressing me out and I kept on falling behind. Hopefully I can pick it back up when things with school have settled down.

I almost made it to 50 fics, so over the next few days I’ll finish the remaining 3 fics, and then I’ll hopefully get to work on a continuation of my winterhawk fic, Overwhelmed and finish my +3000 words Stucky fic and put it on AO3.

I don’t know if any of you actually read the fics, but just in case you did, there won’t be any more for now :)

OOC: Okay, everybody. I just wanted to let you know that I am moving this weekend, finishing up packing tonight actually Hopefully I’ll be able to have my laptop and internet up and running for the weekend so that I can get on and actually be active once everything is moved.
I am willing to share my skype with anybody who wants it (mutuals only though) if you wanna chat over the weekend and maybe we can talk about potential plots and threads between our muses. :9
But yeah, please MAKE SURE You put your tumblr username in the friend request, if you don’t, I will ignore you. OK?? <3333 wish me luck, friends!

I’m trying to write and I’m having trouble focusing for some reason… which is weird because I’m so stoked to actually finish this thing and hopefully finish tiny!brock some time soon as well, and then I remembered… I haven’t eaten since yesterday…..😶 so now I’m gonna order some food (because it’s hotter than Satan’s armpit and cooking will most definitely set me on fire) and hopefully it won’t take too long to get to me.

                tomorrow i’ll set up a bio / headcanons page ( be prepared for it to be messy and scarce for now and expanded on later ), try to get an actual tagging system set up, and reply to the rest of what’s in my inbox ( hopefully, or at least most of it ) but it won’t be till late since i’ll be running errands w my mom all morning and in the afternoon i’m going to a friend’s house!!

               in the meantime !!! feel free to im me if you’d like to plot at all !!!!!!!