pokemon meme -  favorite legendary 1/??

This Legendary Pokémon, with wings like thin sheets of ice, is believed to possess the ability to freeze water vapor and create snow.

kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring! 


{07/08/16} - weLL this weekend has actually been pretty productive for me!! i finished a whole chapter of physics notes aND made notes for symbolism in to kill a mockingbird!! also i’ve been trying out my crayolas seen in the momentum header, im not too good yet rip but hopefully with practise i’ll get better!! how was your weekend??


Fun fact: I’m actually very uncomfortable with drawing messy… somewhere down the line I got really insecure about my art and all my sketches ended up being super clean as if they were already finished linework.  IMO it makes my art look really stiff and as a result, i get frustrated very easily with it. 

SO, I got some 9B pencils the other day to hopefully help me loosen up a little.  They’re so smooth and really dark so there’s no going back with each line.  essentially, its like drawing with a pen.. but not really. lol.

This year, I really want to get more comfortable with my art :)

We got a lot of snow yesterday and it actually started early in the day, so we could take pictures in it! Which means I finally got photos of my Galavant inspired renaissance-ish dress.

 I finished this back in January but I didn’t try it on until yesterday, since I kind of forgot about it. But it fit and everything was fine! I also got to wear my fleur de lis crown I got on ebay last year so that was exciting.

Hopefully I’ll get them edited and posted in the next week or two. 

Chrome Dome and Mouthy Merc

Deadpool and Colossus

Originally I did not plan on finishing it as early, was stuck on what to do with the background.
After my tablet pen replacement finally came. I just went for it and well have to say I actually like
what I did with the environment. Its much better than I planned it out.

So excited for Deadpool. The Russian Giant is finally getting some justice and Ryan/Wade is being redeemed.
Hopefully seeing it this Friday/Weekend.  

Recored the colouring process of this piece. Will be uploading it soon, you can check it out if you are interested.

Help, help, help

Hi there buddies,

i really need your help as soon as possible.
Actually i have financial issues lately because i can’t get a grip of one of my professors to get his sign to keep getting money for the rent and bills and so on. I am really pissed because this man isn’t even replying to one of my emails, which makes this even worse.

I thought about it for some days now and got my final decision. So besides my still going commissions (which will hopefully be finished as soon as possible finally), i want to do small emergency requests QuQ; But actually i have to do them traditional, which may take a bit (over a few days, depending on WHO wants what etc.)

Here is an example of my lineart with traditional media uvu

Okay, so… let’s get to the pricing.

Bust, Chibi => Lineart = 10$; With Colours = 15$
Fullbody => Lineart = 20$; With Colours = 25$ || Each additional Character=> Lineart +5$; Colours +7$

What i am drawing:
Pokemon, human, fursona, pokesona, OCs

What i am NOT drawing:
NSFW, my OCs, giant monsters, whole illustrations, everything without a reference

Also i am able to say NO if i don’t think i can do that request or if i don’t like the request :V

Uhm… What else… Ah, of course. Please write me a comment there with whatever you want and i will reply to you if that’s okay or not. Afterwards i’ll receive your payment and start the request UvU;

Payment: Only paypal
Paypal: kuraidoku@gmail.com with “Emergency Requests” in the message

Please reblogg this ;-;
Thank you for your help, buddies… >^<

I started writing a Kaisoo Elevator AU, thanks to doksoo~ ♡♡

Kyungsoo steps out of his apartment and locks the door, pulling on the door and trying to open it afterwards. He slips the cold metal of his keys into his pocket with a laugh because hell, why would he care whether or not anyone broke into his apartment, he’s got nothing to give. Just some lousy old furniture he threw together years ago with the intention of starting a great, new life, and buying great, new things, and spending a great, happy life with someone he loved. But time went by, and the furniture was no longer new but covered with Sunday morning coffee stains, and the white, fresh curtains were replaced with scrappy, old dark ones; Kyungsoo never found the love of his life, and after almost twenty-two years of being alone, he doesn’t think it’s worth trying for anymore, because he’s had boyfriends and flings, lovers and one night stands, but none of them have ever stayed more than a night or gave him a call the next day or two to ask whether he needed anything, or whether he was okay– If they asked, he wasn’t okay, but he never got the time to explain why because they were gone in the time it took him to pick up the phone and say hello. For the first time in a while, though, Kyungsoo is smiling as he walks to the elevator of his run down apartment building, because today’s the day it’s all going to fade away– no more sadness, no more disappointment, no more nights spent awake wishing for childish dreams. He knows where he’s going to go and what he’s going to do, and there will be no note left in his path, because Do Kyungsoo’s departure will mean nothing to the world and everything to himself. He walks down the small, dingy hallway, jacket pulled tight around his body even though it’s almost the middle of summer and he’s about to go outside; it doesn’t affect him much, though, because Kyungsoo always feels cold, and he doesn’t think it has anything to do with the temperature of his skin. He reaches the elevator and presses button, swaying a few times and humming a soft tune to some song that’s been stuck in his head for what has to be days now, blinking a few times as the door opens in front of him. There’s only one other person in there, a boy around his age with platinum blonde hair and tan skin who’s a few inches taller than him, and Kyungsoo bows politely, muttering a greeting before stepping inside. “Could you press the ground floor button?” He asks, and the other boy nods, reaching out and pushing the button quietly. Kyungsoo thanks him before leaning against the wall of the elevator, holding back a sigh when he sees that the other male is heading all the way to the top floor of the building. It puzzles him as to why someone would want to go to the roof, but he doesn’t ask questions, because maybe it’s just him that’s terrified of heights, and he has no room to ask– who knows, maybe the blonde haired boy likes heights, maybe they make him feel alive; someone on this earth deserves to feel alive, Kyungsoo thinks, because he certainly doesn’t. The elevator begins to move and, much to Kyungsoo’s distaste, the torturous, monotone music begins to play. The elevator takes them up first, and they’re almost to the top before suddenly, the machinery creaks and comes to a sudden halt, a loud bang accompanying the movement before an eerie silence takes it’s place. Kyungsoo’s eyes go wide, and he looks towards the taller male near the corner of the elevator before he walks to the button panel, hitting the emergency button numerous times in hopes that it’ll call someone. Of course, the button does absolutely nothing, and he curses himself for forgetting that the apartment complex he lives in is almost as shitty as his life. He begins to press all the buttons in sight, almost smashing them in an attempt to get help. He jumps as the blonde male begins to bang on the elevator door, shouting for help as if someone will hear them. Kyungsoo doesn’t blame him for trying, though, and after a few moments of silence, the smaller male watches as the other slides down the side of the elevator to sit down. He does the same, and while he’s thinking of a way to get out of the elevator or possibly end his life right there, the boy in front of him offers a soft smile, and Kyungsoo returns it, laughing softly at the other’s next words. “Hey, I’m Jongin, and we’re stuck in an elevator together, but it’s not all that bad, because I have a pack of gum in my back pocket that’s gonna last us at least two days.”

“Kyungsoo, huh?” Jongin asks, raising his eyebrows and scrunching his face up in slightly confusion. “You say you’ve lived here for years now, but if that’s true, how haven’t we met yet? I mean sure, we live on different floors, but this apartment if pretty goddamn small, and I don’t mean to brag, but I’m willing to bet I know everyone in here.” Kyungsoo takes a deep breath and rolls his eyes lightly because wow, is Jongin talkative, and he’s really hoping he won’t regret telling the man his name and apartment number out of desperation to get the conversation away from a debate over which flavor of gum would be the most satisfying to live off of. The dark haired boy shrugs his shoulders and stretches his legs out in front of him, examining the suddenly fascinating fabric of the washed denim that clings to his legs before he raises his head to meet Jongin’s eyes. “I don’t know. It might be because I’m either holed up in my joke of an apartment or out avoiding the rest of the world and it’s suffocating responsibilities,” he replies, realizing he probably should not have told the stranger that he’s stuck in an elevator with of his boring, utterly pathetic life. So he’s surprised, to say the least, when Jongin laughs and nods along, leaning his head back against the cold metal of the elevator and swiping his hands along the fabric of his pants. “Are you kidding me? We should have definitely met each other at least once before, because we have the exact same hobbies!”

Finally Finished! (Could have finished it sooner, but being screamed/yelled at led me to delay getting it done…)

Now to work on its opposite…Final Fantasy Type-0 HD….for fun! Hopefully have it done, so I can print it for the next con (coming up in October).

(I have been wanting to do a Final Fantasy 15 art since I have played Episode Duscae and currently waiting for the actual game to come out….please…)


I made the sleeves yesterday and attached them today, the lining is all sewn in and the skirt is pleated. Hopefully I can get the skirt sewn on tonight and the eyelets done. Then I will have it finished by tomorrow! 

This time I have enough fabric leftover to make a proper bonnet, yay! 

The proportions of this dress still weird me out. I’m going to try layering petticoats to balance out the skirt-to-sleeve poof factor. Maybe then i’ll fall in love with it. If not, I may actually consider selling this in the very near future.

anonymous asked:

Hiii, so getting right to it; could you do a headcanon for Jimin scared to commit to Jungkookie because he feels he's not perfect enough...? Basically you could use the 'insecure Jimin' concept

I actually have a draft for an insecure!Jimin fic, but it’ll be a while before I even get close to finishing it, so here are a couple things instead (that won’t be in the fic):

  • The boys would be at interviews and someone would always ask about Jungkook being an adult and finding girlfriends. Even though Kook would always sneak looks at Jimin and describe someone sweet, caring, talented, beautiful in a way that would obviously apply to him, Jimin would always dart his gaze away and let his heart sink heavily. He doesn’t think he fits Jungkook’s ideals.
  • Jungkook is very observant when it comes to Jimin; very attuned. He’s the first to follow Jimin out after the broadcast, trying to find out what’s wrong and what Jungkook could do to fix it.
  • Nothing, nothing, Jimin always insists with a smile, but Jungkook knows him like the back of his hand.
  • Couldn’t you tell that I was describing you in that interview? It’s you, hyung. It’s always you.
  • But why, Jungkook-ah? What do I have to offer?
  • So much more than I deserve.
  • After that, Jungkook learns to shower Jimin with compliments and I love yous
  • But Jungkook is still Jungkook. When he knows he’s on camera, doesn’t usually put an arm around others when they put an arm around him, and Jimin isn’t different. 
  • Some days, Jimin doesn’t care, but on others, he does. Maybe I’m too clingy, he thinks, and slowly slides his arm away. He tosses Jungkook a quick smile and walks over to someone to distract him from his thoughts. Hobi or Namjoon, for instance.
  • He doesn’t realize that Jungkook notices, and that he gets extremely jealous over it. Jimin doesn’t really think of the times Jungkook would hover and watch him with hawk eyes with the other members. It must be just coincidence.
  • And as much as Jungkook respects and adores Namjoon, he feels much more threatened by his affection toward Jimin than anyone else’s. He also doesn’t like when Jimin acts cute and shy over it. Jimin has a knack for barely saying or doing anything and it still comes off as flirting to other people.
the devil’s advocate #18

chapter 18: the cold never bothered me anyway 

rated: M for mature content (no nsfw)
summary:  If Lucy had thought that the gratitude she felt couldn’t grow any more, she was proven wrong.

Another update so soon?? What’s going on? :’D I actually finished this chapter two days after the last update, and am halfway done with Chapter 19 already! :o So hopefully you’ll get another update next Sunday! ^o^

read: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6.1 | Part 6.2 | Part 7 |Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16| Part 17all chapters | on ff.net

Lucy awoke to a world of pain.

There was not a single part of her body that did not ache terribly, which at least meant that she was most likely alive.

She was dropped onto hard ground with little care, immediately turning her head to the side to cough up water. Her lungs burned even more painfully than the rest of her body, every single part of her being boiled alive. Her arms gave out beneath her, and she dropped her head back onto the ground. There it was again, the stinging in her head. It was too hot.

But she could not do a thing besides lying still, her body refusing to follow her foggy mind’s commands.

Until she realized she wasn’t feeling hot at all. She was freezing.

It was the kind of cold beyond temperature, where the body could no longer distinguish between heat or cold, and all that was left was pain.

A weight she hadn’t realized had existed suddenly lifted off her, and she blinked up at the grey skies as they came into view. It was the low wail at her side that finally snapped her out of her stupor.

It all came rushing back.

“Natsu!” she gasped, finally managing to push herself upright.

River water dripped off her, clinging to her clothes and already turning them stiff and frozen. She couldn’t feel her fingers.

But all concern about her own state slipped her mind when she laid eyes on Natsu.

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I think i’ve finished adding all the teeny tiny pearls to this dress! I’m not sure if it was worth it, since it probably won’t even be visible in photos…but I think it makes it much fancier. 

I just have to sew the skirt on, hem the skirt, make the hood, sew on the hood, and that’s it…which is actually quite a lot. Hopefully I can get this project finished up this week.