yay teen!lock doodles with rugby!john and…something!sherlock

Taron Egerton is the kid’s name and what a break out performance. This kid is awesome, there are shades of Leonardo DiCaprio, thats right I said it, there are some points in this movie where you go, wow he reminds me of young Leo…. I think this guy could eventually win a Oscar

such meaningful thoughts


Haylijah Appreciation Week » Day 6: Favorite Overall Scene

"Forgive me. I thought you were in danger. It appears I was mistaken."

it is something i should have learned

// a playlist to listen to while coming to terms with your feelings for a certain hockey captain. listen (x). 

maple hayley kiyoko // hey amie miriello // too afraid to love you dylan gardner // reflections misterwives // nicest thing kate nash // when you sleep mary lambert // you my everything ellie goulding // i wasn’t prepared eisley // bad idea yuna // bad religion frank ocean // all about your heart mindy gledhill


David Luiz Posted:

Spending the with @y/n_igname and her nephew. She’ll be an amazing mother #mothermaterial 


I wouldn’t mind having a baby with @y/n_igname  


Davi has been asking me for a little sister, I’m starting to want another baby too! @ y/n_igname are you down? 


Doing @ y/n_igname little sisters nails. Hopefully in the future I get to do our daughters 


Got to baby sit this cutie! @ y/n_igname lets make one!

Re-hatching furfrous

Hopefully I get a shiny black baby soon!!!!

This would be great to add to my collection

(๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

I just realised that we’re probably going to see a few pap photos in the airports and maybe one or two of them out and about and then we probably won’t get anything from Benedict and Sophie for at least a few weeks and it made me kinda sad because awards season means we see him fairly regularly for at least a few months and then he goes into recovery mode and vanishes while I figure out how to occupy my need for photos of him

Gooood Morning everyone! It is 9:30 A.M. in California and since my lovely daughter woke me up.. I am awake way earlier than I want to be. So with that being said I am determined today to make a dent in my drafts, along with a few other things. I am actually alone in the house today (Which is unusual.) so I am hoping the relative quiet will help me get things done. 

To Do List: 

  • Drafts: 54 
  • Edit my verses and what not. 
  • Make new Opens. 
  • Plot with some new people (and my regulars as well if they like.) 
  • Memes 

LOOK at my pregnant belly!! So wonderful! I can not wait til August to hopefully ttc baby #2… hopefully I’ll get to carry another chef!

Hopefully i get can a vet appointment sometime this week,  maybe if i mention it’s urgent i can get in earlier. My mouse just needs to be seen, her eyeball is bulging out of her head and every day since she gave birth, it’s worse. She was born inbred so she’s missing a paw and it’s the side of the bad eye so she can’t clean it. We’ve tried but it’s not any better. She’s “just a mouse” but she’s my animal and i don’t want her to be in pain, plus its stressing me out.