i said i wasnt going to show another preview pic but im gonna be gone for 4 days starting tomorrow (at least away from my tablet) so heres 1 more. my guesstimate for finally being finished is either late feb (hopefully earlier if i can get my lazy ass in gear)/early march. if its later than that i give you permission to bully me until its done.

zlaying  asked:

can you make an imagine of luke being jealous of you and calum and he tries to get your attention and like he thinks you don't like him and you like calum and ahh basically a jealous/fluffy imagine? :)))

a/n: okay I felt bad that I hadn’t posted anything at all and then I got so carried away with this that it’s still only half done but I figured I’d split it into two so I could give you guys something now. There is a little smut in it, I mean it’s like pretty tame but. Also it’s my first ever attempt at writing anything smutty so be kind lol :-) 
word count: 3600
masterlist | request

Luke could pinpoint the very moment he realised he liked you; when he tripped on nothing stepping to shake your hand the first time you met and his cheeks went so red he could feel them burning because of course his first impression would be so lame and you were so pretty. You just smiled sweetly and took his hand, steadying him and introducing yourself. He wasn’t sure he believed in love at first sight, but the romantic in him liked to believe in clichés, and he liked to think that one might be real every time he looked at you. 

He could also pinpoint the moment he realised his love might be a little one sided, a little more unrequited than he initially hoped. In fact, he could pin point various moments since he’d met you when that little pang of envy had hit him right in the chest. Every time he walked into Calum’s room and you were there, tucked under the blankets watching a movie, or napping; every time he spotted you across the room laughing at something Calum had said; every time you needed a hug and it was Calum’s arms that comforted you.

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How to be kind to yourself this results day ❤

So I have left it a bit late to write this but it being A level (and GCSE and AS level) results day tomorrow in the UK I thought I would make a post about dealing with the nerves and the aftermath of receiving results. I know it is something I and many of my friends struggled with this time 4 years ago (wow I feel old…!), and I definitely could’ve done with some help because I had a difficult couple of days ahead of me. So here are a collection of tips/advice for tomorrow. Some you may find helpful, others not, we are all different! But hopefully you can take something away from this.

  • You can’t change anything now. Your exams are done, and whatever it is going to say on that piece of paper tomorrow is already there. The best thing you can do right now is try to help yourself get through the day and process the results so that you can move on in a productive way.
  • This may feel important, and it is, but it is not the end of the world if it doesn’t go your way this time. You can go to your insurance choice. You can take a gap year and reapply to university next year. You might have to take a different path to achieve your goals, but it is important to remember that there are other paths! And at the end of the day, you can never know what your life would’ve been like - it might be that another path is actually the best path for you! I am not a superstitious person so I am not going to say everything happens for a reason, but sometimes things are beyond your control. Let life take you the way it wants to take you; sometimes it’s easier that way.
  • You are more than your results. You are beautiful and worthy and valid and loved! Think of all of the things in your life apart from your education: family, friends, sports, hobbies etc. All of these things are valuable and good. Yes education is important but it is not all there is to life! Try to be thankful of all of the other things that you have. Make a list if you think it will help you!
  • Your results are not the sum total of the past year. Think about everything you’ve learned and achieved, both academic and personal, over the last 12 months. You are a different person to the one you were at the beginning of this, and that is a good thing! You have grown into a better version of yourself. Be proud of that. Be proud of all of the hours you put in. Even if you feel you could have (or should have) done better, recognise that you were trying your best at the time (even procrastination is a legitimate struggle!). Try to find some love for the version of yourself that made those mistakes. They deserve it!
  • Try to see your results in a balanced way. Maybe you didn’t get that A in Spanish that you were hoping for, but you surpassed your expectation in Chemistry! Whatever your results, I guarantee you there are positives to be taken from them.
  • Failure is valuable and necessary. When I found out that I hadn’t made my offer, I thought I would fall apart. Of course I was devastated. But if I hadn’t failed, I would never have learned how to better myself. Failure helped me to understand how the fear of failure itself was holding me back, and how I could overcome that fear. I would not be the person I am today if I had made my offer, and the struggle and the fight it took to get me back to where I wanted to be showed me how strong I actually was, and how failure was not something I needed to fear anymore. It sounds counter intuitive, but failure helped me to believe in myself, because I know now that I can bounce back.
  • Give yourself time to celebrate/process. Whatever happens tomorrow, please take some time off to be kind to yourself/do something you love! Even if you do have work to do now, it is SO important to deal with any negative emotions you are feeling, and to look after yourself, so that when you do start work again you are in a good frame of mind to do so.

Good luck to everyone! And if anyone needs to vent, my inbox is always open. I am sending so much love your way right now, I hope you can feel it! x x x

day 59/100 - (08/09/2016) feeling super unproductive today, but i did a bit of studying for the act & went to the gym earlier in the day. hopefully i can get more work done tomorrow!



Amaranthine - ‘rooted in the Greek words amarantos, ‘immortal’ and anthos, ‘flower’.

Summary:  ‘A smile tugs at her lips.’ AU, not much more specific than that really. Sorry for how late this is! Straight up fluff.

Weekly fic prompt for @deathberryprompts  last week’s -  ‘Possession’.

723 words.


She hums and curls her toes into the cool river of sheets, tracing figures of eight into the skin of his shoulder blades, her hair awry in a midnight halo. The sunlight filters through the slits of their curtains and lights him up like rows of embers, skin a haze of golden hues. Mornings with him are her favourite.

        He sleeps like the dead these days.

Rukia doesn’t mind. She’s like that, too, unless there’s a noise to infiltrate her hazy consciousness and leak its’ way into her dream. Today, that happened. It was the quiet tinkling of their neighbour’s wind chimes catching on that stray piping outside that still needs to be fixed — a nuisance remembered each time the weather sours, and a gush of rain assaults their living room window.

Ichigo says he doesn’t mind it too much if she’s home, but she’s not, not often. And, the wood’s beginning to grow weary of constant saturation. She imagines he is, too.

        A minute longer, and then he ought to be up.

A breath he blows into the skin of his arm reaches her cheek in a burst of warmth, and she wriggles closer, using her size to entangle herself with him in a mess of limbs and broad miles of warmed skin. An elbow may have knocked his side. His grunt rumbles through her core. Then, he burrows his hand into her hair to send a shiver done her spine, his smile a secret to his wrist.

        “Mornin’, Rukes.”

He mumbles, blowing out a slow sigh into the pillows and easing the tension out of his muscles with reaching movements, rolling onto his side in a languid turn to greet her morning hair with deft fingers.

Rukia looks gorgeous in their mornings — all of the time. But, there’s a hidden kind of beauty that he finds in her skin amidst the realities they share just between the two of them. Pale and glowing - ethereal; like the moon.

      She scowls at the tugging of her hair, feigning seriousness in a moment of unique, unperturbed calm. Nothing but the sound of their breaths mingling in the space between them rocks the room.

        Violet meets rust.

He grins and catches his lip between his teeth, worrying the skin until it turns pink and rosy to compliment the bursting warmth of his face, certainly favoured by sunlight.

        A smile tugs at her lips.

If she closed her eyes between breaths it’d scarcely matter; the placement of each freckle is so imprinted in her mind she can record each mark and change of tone in his tiny constellations. Her eyes trail to his, their sepia canvases seeping with that molten amber that just thrums affection.

It’s that soft, gooey look that he gives sometimes, when he’s completely open. She is unprepared. Every. Single. Time.


She starts, straining away from his warm grasp to shift the sudden flutter in her chest, sitting straight. Her gaze is fixed on his feet, speckles reaching even his ankles.

“What’s your favourite thing?”

      “Huh? Like, an item?”

She shrugs, “A possession, sure.” His voice is still hoarse with sleep; it suits the mess of hair atop his head.

      He hums, sitting upright and coiling his arms about her midriff, two solid supports that seep warmth into the skin of her back; he presses a tender kiss into the dip of her collarbone. Rukia rests her hand easily on his knee now situated by her side.


She feels a singing under her skin as she turns her head, meeting that pure shred of his soul he bears now and then, and lets him cling to her tighter, his knuckles lighting jostling her elbows.

        “‘Course, I don’t own you…”

“…If anything, I own you.” She muses, chuckling and burying a kiss into the hair above the nape of his neck, “You’re like a stray cat. So needy… following me around all the time… bringing me dead—“

      “One time! And I didn’t even kill the poor guy, he flew into your stupid birdhou—“

Their lips seal in an abrupt, heated embrace, and his reply is lost to the fire that suddenly quivers under her fingertips.

        When they part, she breathes,

“You’re mine, too.”

      In that moment, she is sure her eyes bear that same kind of frankness that his do.


And here he is in all of his glory! Lance the Furfrou, sporting his lovely star trim!

I tell ya those fur ‘spikes’ were hard to fur and I had to go in and trim them up so they wouldn’t be so crazy. Over all he’s pretty much done I just need to do some touch up work around the lips but that’s all! I had some issues with the neck and I’m still hoping it fits .____. Other than that tomorrow hopefully we’ll get some pictures of me wearing him so we can see my fancy boy in action!

Enjoy :3


First draft of the Prince Cat Storybook translation. I might tweak a few things here and there but I just wanted to get it done because it was really adorable and I wanted to share!

I actually just barely resumed my regular translation schedule not too long ago, but an unrelated mishap interrupted me and I was really busy the next day. Hopefully I can continue tomorrow!

Sonic Boom Icon/Reaction Image Set - Episode 3

I tried to make less icons this time around since my set for episode 2 apparently broke Tumblr for some mobile users, but I still ended up with just under 140 icons… there are far too many good faces in this show </3 As usual, feel free to do whatever you want with them!

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Cursed (pt 7)

Originally posted by jinful

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Cat!Yoongi x Reader AU

(A/n): Yoongs is completely done with my shit in that gif lmao. By the time I finally get to write I’m already half asleep fml, sorry for the delayed update, hopefully I can get Interference up tomorrow. 

Just a warning that in the upcoming 2-3 weeks I’m gonna get busy because of finals sobs, so sorry in advanced.

There’s something cute about the way Yoongi looks so happy and accomplished when you agree to be his girlfriend. He has a cheshire grin that spreads across his face as he leaps onto your lap and nudges his head against your stomach appreciatively.

There’s also something odd about how quickly his mood changes and becomes stern as he looks up at you with his eyes narrowed, round pupils now slits.

“Since you’re my girlfriend, stay away from Kim Namjoon.”

You balk at him, raising an eyebrow, “And what if I don’t, huh?”

He’s taken aback by you, provoked and irked as he glares at you, “Just stay the fuck away from him, I don’t like him being around you.. Don’t give him any funny ideas when you’re dating me, not him.”

“That won’t stop me from being friends with him though,” you point out, reaching out to pick him up. Yoongi squirms and wriggles, swiping at your arms to let him go. However, you crush him against your front, hugging him tightly despite his half-hearted pleas to let him go, “You’re so adorable as a cat, can’t you just stay like this forever?”

“Yeah and never get to touch you intimately again? Yeah no thanks,” he grumbles as your face heats up.

“That’s what you’re worried about, not being able to touch me? You’re really hurting your boyfriend points Yoongi, and I just now agreed to date you,” you pout, pushing him off your lap, but he pretty much latches his claws onto the front of your shirt.

“Oh shush–”

Yoongi is interrupted by your phone, the cellular device vibrating and ringing on the bedside table. You look at him briefly before leaning over and answering your phone.


You startle, eyes widening when you remembered that you had to message Namjoon that you were alright.

“Oh hey uh.. Namjoon,” you say, watching the confusion on your boyfriend’s face morph into irritation, a hiss slipping out of his throat as his tail puffs out. You wince as his claws pop out from in between his paws but you choose to ignore it.

“Are you okay? Do you remember anything from last night?” Namjoon’s asks on the other line, footsteps echoing in the receiver.

“Mm.. I remember drowning myself in liquor,” you laugh, catching Yoongi staring at you apprehensive and upset, “Just a slight headache, but I’m fine.” Great, you want to correct, terrific even. There’s a surge of excitement or maybe accomplishment about Yoongi asking you to be his girlfriend.

You wonder if people are supposed to act different now, or feel differently now that they’re in a relationship. Surely you’re going to have some restrictions, Yoongi already telling you to stay away from the man you’re talking to on the phone.

“Just a headache? Are you sure?”

“Yeah! I’m fine–”

“Well I don’t believe you, so why don’t you open your front door and let me in.”

You blink, dumbfounded as your doorbell sounds off and Yoongi looks as though he’s gonna murder someone, probably about ready to sink his claws into your bed and destroy the sheets. Hopefully, you think, he doesn’t think about attacking your poor friend again.

“Stay in here,” you say but he hisses at you and you give up trying to persuade him to calm down, “Fine.”

You change into more decent clothing, not caring if Yoongi watches you like a hawk, his narrowed eyes following your every move.

“Tell him to leave,” he says simply when you’re about to slip out of the room.

You give him a look before sticking out your tongue at him. Hurriedly, you meet Namjoon at the front door, his tall, lanky frame standing in the doorway with a plastic bag containing what you assume is a bottle of advil.

“Hey,” he greets meekly, entering your living space when you move aside and welcome him inside despite Yoongi’s warning. Namjoon looks around wearily, and you could guess he’s probably worried about your cat- er boyfriend. You take pity on the poor guy when he flinches the second your silvery feline leaps onto the armrest of the couch and hisses at him.

“Suga,” you say plainly, shooting him a look when he glances at you irately, “Behave.”

He can’t complain, especially since he can’t just easily speak around Namjoon in the form that he’s in at the moment. Yoongi makes a mental note to punish you later for treating him like an actual animal. He’s not even a dog for that matter and your command sounds like one for a mutt.

“I bought you some medicine,” he says cheekily, placing the bag on the couch, “I was on my way to work and you didn’t message or call yet so I was just checking up on you..”

“Thank you,” you smile, watching how his face reddens and he returns the expression with one of his own with the appearance of his dimples you’d found adorable on your blind date with him, “I’ll be sure to take some later.”

“Do you want a drink before you go to work?” you ask politely, nodding your head towards your kitchen.

He nods eagerly, “Just a glass of water please.”

Once you disappear into the kitchen, Namjoon is immediately reminded that he is not alone in the living room. The cat venomously glares at him, pupils narrowed into slits as he wearily steps away from the couch.

“You probably don’t like me, huh?” he asks awkwardly, scratching his cheek with his index finger, “You’re probably protecting her from me.”

You’re damn right, Yoongi thinks with a twitch of his mouth, curling back to show off his canines.

“You have a really pretty owner,” Namjoon sighs dreamily, looking in the direction of the kitchen, “Do you think she has a boyfriend already? I’d like to take her out again some time.”

Yes, in fact she does you doofus, his thoughts grumble, feeling his chest tighten but choosing to ignore it.

The taller leans down to regard the cat with a look of curiosity, “Perhaps you’re my rival in love, huh, I’ll tell you what, I’m sure to win over her heart.”

Yoongi feels his claws extend from his paws, a strong need to swipe the man across the face brewing inside him.

Not much competition to feel threatened, he huffs in his mind, watching as Namjoon straightens and greets you with a toothy grin. He bows slightly, blushing brightly when your fingers brush against one another as he takes the glass and eagerly gulps down the clear liquid.

When Namjoon finally leaves for work, you collapse against the sofa with an exhale of relief. Staying in that position for a brief moment, you sit up straight and turn to glance suspiciously at Yoongi. The feline stares at you, unblinking as he stretches his limbs across the top of the couch.

“Did you do anything to him while I was in the kitchen?” you ask cautiously, squinting your eyes at him.

“Why do you think I did something, maybe he did something,” he protests, pushing himself up to sit back on his hind legs and cross his front legs over his chest. It’s odd and looks like something out of a cartoon, but you find it cute as he fumes about your suspicion.

“He was just going on about how pretty you were–”

“How about you Yoongi, do you think I’m pretty?” you blurt out, holding your breath when he halts and looks at you carefully. He’s always called you cute, but you wonder if he actually thinks you’re pretty or something.

“You’re gorgeous,” he breathes, cat eyes arching adorably and ears folding over, “Any man could tell from afar, that’s why you need to stay the fuck away from him.”

“Afraid he’ll steal me away from you?” you tease, wiggling an eyebrow at him.

He stares at you blankly, silent before he hops down from the couch and starts sauntering back to your bedroom.

“Yes, of course I am.”

You blink, jaw slackened before you regain your senses again and follow after him, “W-wait really?!”


Later on you place a gentle kiss on Yoongi’s nose before you leave for work. Although he doesn’t let you leave until you promise him to come home on time and not with another man, especially Kim Namjoon, you tell him no promises but you reassure him that you’d come back on time unlike last night.

You wonder, on your commute to work, what Yoongi does all this time while you’re away at work. Especially since he’s not a normal cat and a human in a cat’s body. You can guess he’d probably nap all day, snuggled up in your bed sheets.


You blush, the blood quickly rushing to your face and ears at the thought of you and Yoongi’s little make out session in bed that morning. You bury your face into your palms, embarrassed, completely ignoring the weird looks other commuters shoot at you when you whine.

When you look up, people are casting you side glances, and you turn around quickly to face the window. Why are you so embarrassing, you cry in your mind, quietly tapping your head with your fist.

You sigh, letting your fingers brush over your lower lip. Your tongue runs over the slightly chapped flesh, remembering the consuming heat that engulfed you when he merely pressed his lips against yours. Fuck, his tongue, oh god his tongue, the wet muscle lapping and dipping into your mouth.

You’ve never kissed anyone before in such a way, you never kissed in general up until Yoongi came into your life. How erotic, the way he nibbled and sucked at your lower lip until he was satisfied with how swollen they were.

Fuck, and the feather-like kisses on your neck, you just want him to ravish you– oh.

You blink as you pretty much get nudged in the side, barely knocking you off your feet. When you look over to apologize to the other, you’re surprised by the scarlet lips that greet you.

“I’m sorry, Miss,” the woman says, her voice enchanting, a low sultry whisper that you’d think could seduce any man.

You smile, shaking off your thoughts of Yoongi and bowing your head at the woman. This was she, the one Yoongi claimed to be his classmate, you thought you’d seen her at the bar the other day with Namjoon, but here she is.

When you get off the bus, you walk towards your building, the bus already long gone and no one else having gotten off with you. Maybe you didn’t see her get off, but she’s somehow right beside you and stopping you from going further with a well manicured hand resting on your shoulder.

It hurts, you think in surprise, the weight of her hand on your shoulder feeling like a ton of bricks lined with needles.

Her lips curl back to display her pearly whites, dark eyes watching you with a tilt of her head. Her tresses are dark and silky, and just like that day you first saw her, she’s wearing an all-black outfit.

“U-um.. can I help you?” You ask wearily, questioning the sick feeling that brews inside your middle.

She lets go and you feel weightless again, no weight bearing down on you.

“You’re that girl that was with Yoongi the other day, right?” she smiles, but the expression doesn’t reach her eyes, her dark orbs are mysterious and cold, “I’m Jinri by the way, are you perhaps his new side bitch?”

You blink, wondering how she could just say that with a sickeningly sweet smile on her face.

“Uh yeah.. I’m his girlfriend…” you say awkwardly, peeved that she called you a side bitch, “You’re his classmate from high school right?”

Jinri looks at you with an unreadable expression, frowning before she grins and laughs heartily, “Is that what Yoongi told you, that I was just his classmate? Sorry honey, but I’m his ex-girlfriend.”

You shouldn’t be surprised, someone like Yoongi is capable of having any woman he likes. You shouldn’t be surprised, this woman was gorgeous in contrast to you, and plus, she seemed really close to him the first time you’d seen her at the park.

When she leaves with a bubbly good bye, you’re left sitting at your desk that day, dejected and blank.

She’s his ex, you repeat in your mind like a broken record. It’s not the fact that she and Yoongi used to date that shocked you.

It was the revelation that Min Yoongi lied to you.

OTP 30 Day Challenge

Day Twenty-One: Cooking/Baking

“Giiiil, don’t. The brownies will be done in, like, fifteen minutes!”
“But I’m hungryyy! You want one?”
“Hehe, surrre”

I know this doesn't technically show them cooking or baking but believe me, they. are. baked.

Here’s a progress photo of Flareon. It was my first time doing a red/orange galaxy. After this commission I’m definitely going to experiment with different Galaxy techniques and improve my style a bit. But I hope you guys like it so far! I was going to try and finish it all tonight since I’m basically more than halfway done. But I realized it’s 5a.m 😳 Story of my life 😂 I’ve barely been getting much sleep lately. Sometimes I get too into the drawing that I lose track of time. 😅 I’ll hopefully try and finish it tomorrow if I can. If not on Friday for sure. Anyways, it’s definitely time for me to sleep. I have work later today 😂 Good thing I have a closing shift 😅 Goodnignt guys! Talk to you later! 💖

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I REALLY want to use dandelions in my new town, so I’ve been TTing in Red Lake to get as many as I can (along with other things like mushrooms and saplings). Hopefully I’ll be done TTing tomorrow and I’ll be able to reset. I updated Red Lake’s dream address one last time so people can go run through a field of dandelions.

Dream address should still be 5400-3878-6045.

Road Trip (Peter Parker)

Scenario: We’re on a miniature road trip together when my car broke down in the middle of nowhere. The heater isn’t working now, and we’re both freezing because it’s rainy out, so we’re forced to huddle under a blanket in the backseat and share body heat (and oh god this wasn’t meant to be romantic but if you keep looking at me like that I am going to kiss the shit out of you) 

Author’s Note: There are about 3,000 words to this story, which is why there’s a cut on it. I immediately fell in love with this prompt, which I think is why it didn’t take me long to write it. I’m also still working on Things You Said requests – hopefully you can expect a new one to drop tomorrow or later tonight, depending on how much finalizing I can get done. 

The road in front of you is dark, endless, and barely occupied as you continue to drive. The window is constantly being splattered with the heavy raindrops that are falling from the sky, and the heater is cracked to the top to try and battle the cold that threatens to spread itself into the car. However, despite the horrible conditions that are supposed to be putting a dark cloud over your future plans, you and Peter are anything but negative. 

“Okay,” Peter starts, reaching over to turn down the volume of the radio. “Favorite Pixar movie. Go.” 

“Oh crap, really?” You retort, looking over at him for a brief second before fixing your gaze back on the road. “You can’t make me pick my favorite. That’s horrible!” 

“Too bad,” Peter counters back in a sing-song voice, grinning over at you and laughing when you merely shake your head dryly at his antics. 

You think about your answer for a second. “Honestly though, it probably has to be The Incredibles. What about you?” 

He wrinkles his nose. “Ratatouille.” 

“That’s my second favorite!” You rebuff.

Peter thinks about this for a second. “Okay, that’s fair.” 

The pair of you share a brief laugh before it dies down enough for you to bite down on your lip in order to try and ignore the racing heart in your chest. Truth is, in spite of all your previous episodes of playful bickering, flirtation, and sexual tension, getting to be alone with Peter in a car for a five hour drive has always been something you thought you would never get to experience. 

Just being friends has always been a label you told yourself for countless weeks that you could deal with. Too bad if you’re madly into Peter and too bad if he’s never really seemed to notice your staring and too bad if he’s reportedly said that he merely sees you as an awesome sister he can joke around with and pull pranks with. It’s all part of bad timing, but you know that you need to take this with good grace. You’re nothing if not accepting of terrible fate. God knows that you’ve had to deal with this kind of situation more than once. You can get over it. Or at least try. 

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