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tomania (tom holland series) (I)

a/n: feeling so inspired recently! I feel great. This was a weird idea I came up yesterday and then I started listening to lots of 80s music (Billy Joel mostly) and I just missed seeing some wholesome, non-romatic humour up here so HERE YA GO!

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“Movie star!”

She yelled, arms outstretched dramatically as if she were about to hug a large child and not her best friend of several thousand millennia. Well, at least it felt like it.


He said, wrapping his arms around her as they met in the middle of her campus quad. She felt smaller than before but then again, they hadn’t seen each other since she started university and he went off to film.

“Good to see your face! How much is it insured for?”

She asked him, playfully slapping his cheek. He frowned at her as they began to walk towards her room. Matching her pace was easy and familiar. It felt just like old times to him but she was secretly hoping he wouldn’t notice her newest realisation and see it in her movements.

She swiped her student id and allowed him to enter through, only to let the door go at the last moment so it slammed against his face. Rubbing his face in annoyance, he followed her.

“That wasn’t funny!”

“Oh. It really was though.”

Tom lowered his cap. He really didn’t want to be recognized and the deeper they walked into her building, the more chances he had of being found.

When he told his agent he was going to visit his best friend and try to maintain their feeble 13 year friendship at her very public, very crowded university right after the release of his hit film Spider-man: Homecoming, she had laughed. She had thought it was his British sarcasm again, like that time he suggested being sent off to an American school for the part of Peter Parker. But when he broke it to her that he was in indeed, serious, she frowned at him and simply watched him have his way. That was in his opinion, one of the only advantages of fame.

Still, he didn’t want to be recognised.

Retta on the other hand, really couldn’t care less about his fame.

She wanted no part in that part of her best friend’s life, having made it clear as crystal when he asked her to accompany her to the superhero film he was leading.

They walked to the end of the hall until they were standing in front of her room.

“My roommate’s at her boyfriend’s. So it’s cool to chill here.”

He nodded, letting the small overnight bag he had packed to stay over drop to the floor. Closing the door quickly, Retta spread her arms out dramatically again.

“Welcome to the palace, movie star! What can I get you?”

“Another nickname.”

“Ehhhh…..error on that request. Wouldja like to request something else?”

He shook his head from side to side and then sat down, a small smile plastered on his face. He looked around to see pictures of them and many others she did not recognise stuck to her wall. Retta’s bed had a soft blue quilt that Tom ran his fingers over, wondering if his life would be like this had he never started Saturday classes at Nifty Feet.

“You’re not longing for a normal life, are you? Cause you’ve got your longing face on.”

“I don’t have one.”

“Yes. Yes, you do, Thong-ass and you know it.”

He cringed internally at her other nickname for him and settled on folding his hands on his lap.

“How’s Uni?”

He asked quite innocently.

“Uni is Uni, mate-a pain in the ass that leaves you in so much debt you work a job you hate to pay it off.”

Tom looked startled, which entertained Retta thoroughly.

“Hey bud, I told you before didn’t I? It’s not some fairy-tale where you get great grades while maintaining a healthy social and personal life.”

“Then what it is?”

“Bad grades, poor skin, no sleep, not eating to save money, eating cheap ramen, trying to date but only ending up being friends-with-benefits because you don’t have enough time to manage everything.”

He didn’t say anything, letting the words she had said seep in. When he thought of Uni, he thought about studying to get a degree to do a job he loved. He had never really pondered on the reality of it. He had never spent time thinking about the technicalities because he never had to. He was set for life and he knew it.

“The movies get it wrong more times than they get it right.”

Tom folded his arms over his chest and shrugged.

“Yeah. I guess people do have a habit of romanticising things they barely understand.”

“Woah! Deep Tom-you turning into a poet too?”

“I think I’ll leave the writing to you, Ret.”

“Smart idea.”

She said smiling. She knew they were just teasing but Tom had always thought she was a great writer-a writer that should have her work published professionally. He had even offered to give her some connections to make her dream come true. But she had declined. Even though Tom didn’t have any arrogance or malice in his heart when it came to the subject, she still wanted to ‘make it’ on her own.

They looked at each other for a few minutes, absorbing all the words that had been exchanged. Tom appreciated her honesty more than anything else, especially now that he was in an industry which was built on being professional liars. He knew well enough that he could count on her. Retta liked that he would ask questions and talk things through without making assumptions. She knew he was busy living his life and making a great career but in the end, when it came down to it, he would stay up late listening to her complain about bullshit because it was important to her. He always had.

They had been looking at each other for a few moments, absorbing all the words that had been exchanged when there was loud knocking on the door.

“Oh shit!”