• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:Not only is Gillian Anderson extremely talented in her craft and an inspiration to her fans, it is refreshing to find an actress in her forties to be in such high demand to several major networks for quality roles playing strong, complex women. She has shaken being typecast in exclusively science fiction parts based on her longest running character of FBI special agent Dana Scully and now appears in a plethora of projects. For example, her performance as cool tempered Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson in BBC's The Fall garnered positive attention for its explicit feminist themes. Her portrayal of Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire also received positive reviews and will hopefully make its U.S. premiere in New York within the next year. Her role as NBC Hannibal's Bedelia Du Maurier will play an integral part in the new season. Despite having plenty of work, she is able to be involved in several charities, interact with fans, and will still return comfortably to the role of Scully for the upcoming X Files revival to air in 2016. Gillian Anderson is truly a remarkable asset to film, television, and theatre industries and an inspiration to fans and actors alike.

Christine Milne has resigned as leader of the Greens, replaced by Richard Di Natale. Tony Abbott hopes this will somehow make the Greens cooperate more with him.

“As my mate Joe Hockey says - hopefully they’ll see some common sense now…” Tony said proudly. “…then disregard that completely and agree with us.”

An assistant tugged Tony on the sleeve to get his attention and whispered in his ear.

“I have just been informed that Natale is pro-multiculturalism and a fan of people having healthcare… Shit.” He scratched his head awkwardly. “Well… damn.”

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I remember when you were thinking that you weren't going to live until fall and here you are looking forward to the summer still fighting im happy for you :') hope you had a great day pumpkin!!

it’s crazy, isn’t it? hopefully i’ll be around to see fall this year too :~) i’ve learned to let go of any expectations of when my time will come because nobody really knows and i’m just enjoying living life day by day. thank you sweet pea!

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Ypu fucked up the podcast again. Random audio skips at 1:02:51 on the premium feed.

I like how you just couldn’t resist bringing this here anonymously after posting the same comment verbatim on the podcast page, like I couldn’t possibly deduce who you are.

The errors (all two of them, which, come on, are a fraction of a second) are in the original recording, which means they’re happening during the recording process, which means there isn’t much I can do about them because that isn’t our studio. That hopefully won’t be an issue for much longer.

To everyone who isn’t this jerkoff, sorry about the errors.


Steel Monkey Design Poll

Sorry for the delay on this! Finals are finally over though so hopefully the Omnis Region will be on track again! You guys get only ONE vote for this poll.

Here are your choices:

  1. pedanticscientist
  2. toldentops 
  3. utter-hypocrisy 
  4. raikounrolla 
  5. sollyinpurplepants (art by trakolock)
  6. witchyroses
  7. ajentmm
  8. sollyinpurplepants
  9. Alessandro
  10. oddishguy & ehalcyon

Which is your choice?

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Help I'm in a really bad reading slump and nothing I mean NOTHING is bringing me out of it any tips?

I have a post on slumps HERE but here’s the basics:

  • Re-read one of your favourite books/series
  • Read something other than a novel, such as short stories/novellas, comics, graphic novels, manga, etc. 
  • If you read ebooks faster than physical books, read something on your e-reader and vice versa
  • Listen to an audiobook
  • Buddy read with a friend
  • (Particularly good if you’re experiencing a book hangover) Read fanfiction
  • Read whenever you can and maybe try to read for just 10 minutes a day whenever your schedule allows you to - you can trick your brain into getting into a routine but slowly
  • When you are reading, try to find a nice quiet environment. The last thing you need is too many distractions when your slump is already a huge unwelcome distraction in itself
  • Moan about it. It doesn’t achieve anything but *shrugs* 
  • Focus on another hobby and hopefully after a break, your brain will be craving books again
  • If you need to read 30 pages of hundreds of books until you find one that grips you then so be it. You just need to go with it and be patient
  • Travel to the mystical land of Booktopia (not to be confused with the online Australian bookstore) and secure the cure for reading slumps, but tbh you might just want to try the above steps first

Just submitted the new version of the app! I’m sorry it took so long  but I promise I had being working on it. So much better now, hopefully it gets approved in a day or something <3

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What do you think of Kaname's "justice"?

The woman Tousen loved was murdered by her husband and he pleaded and watched as soul society did nothing,

I believe Tousen became a shinigami to maybe, hopefully, change some things in soul society, to teach them justice. But soul society’s law and generally the way it operates are fucked.

And not even a little. The gotei 13 was built by killers, and that’s what the gotei 13 still is, and probably always will be. (hello Maggot’s Nest, and the quincy genocide, and Mayuri killing entire districts of rukongai).

Tousen was a genuinely nice person (unlike Gin, or Aizen), who really wanted to make a change, but if you strive for true justice when it’s never ever gonna happen no matter how hard you try, it’s very easy to have your ideals warped.

Aizen is very good at warping people’s thoughts and wants.

For Tousen, if Aizen destroyed Soul Society, and the gotei 13, that would have been justice.

And there is truth in that.

But Tousen has a bleeding heart, deep down, Aizen knew this, which is why Tousen went through hollowfication, while Gin didn’t.
That process warped Tousen even more than he already was, until there was barely anything left of him except something monstrous.

defend kaname tousen 2k15 

So here’s a little part from my new fic which I’ll hopefully have up soon B)

“ Phil was unlike anyone else on YouTube. He wasn’t a vlogger, and he didn’t post singing videos, no. He didn’t even have a web series or anything. What he did was unique, and something that couldn’t be compared to.

    He made violin covers.

    He’s been playing his violin since he was five years old. He never joined an orchestra, and instead got private lessons, and once he got old enough to understand the notes and music sheets, he started self-teaching.

    He started his videos when he was nineteen, in March of 2006. His camera was crappy, just a small camera found in a cereal box, but everyone on YouTube adored him, and his wonderful covers.

For the first four years he was on YouTube, he racked up three quarters of a million which was pretty impressive, but suddenly, his cover of Jar of Hearts got noticed by Christina Perri herself and she tweeted it. Then, Phil just skyrocketed on from there. Now, in 2015, he has over six million subscribers, and he is a huge inspiration towards musicians, including me.”


I unfollowed a buttload of blogs and shit I need to follow new ones gdi so just like or reblog or whateves this post if you post these pretty awesome stuff:

-Steven Universe
-Gravity Falls (Plus points if Dipifica)
-SVTFOE (Plus points if Starco)
-Sonic memes ;9

Yeah, I’ll check you out ;) and probably follow too :DDDD

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Uh, hi! Can i get quick explanation of peridot's arm / leg thingies?

Her legs are pretty much the same as Mega Man’s boots, so if you’re able to find/make those, you’ll be set with them. We have a tutorial right here for them.

For the arm thingies, a lot of different cosplayers have been making them all sorts of ways. I definitely recommend checking out our Peridot tag and seeing how others do it. 

Also, the lovely Hanari-san made a reference post with all of the supplies used for her Peridot cosplay (she also has one for her Opal cosplay, for those interested in becoming a giant woman!). So definitely go check that out.

Hopefully this answered your questions. Let us know if something’s still confusing or if you have anymore questions. :)