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We are happy to announce the birth of our precious baby girl,
Justice Jay “JJ” Ackles. She was born happy and healthy on May 30th.
- Danneel 

Coming home and having my daughter run to me. I would relive that over and over again. I want to live in that moment forever. Hopefully she’ll always love me like that. - Jensen at San Francisco Convention (2015)

Happy Birthday Justice Jay Ackles  ❤

So I feel like if there were to be some point of reference for the Women’s World Cup this summer, a lot of people might be more inclined to watch. I understand how difficult it is to have a level of consistency following the women’s game when it isn’t so readily available. Hopefully this list helps! And you’re more than welcome to reblog and add appropriate information! 



Group A: Canada squad list China PR squad list  / New Zealand squad list  / Netherlands squad list

Group B: Germany squad list  Côte d'Ivoire squad list  / Norway squad list  / Thailand squad list

Group C: Japan squad list  / Switzerland squad list  / Cameroon squad list  / Equador squad list

Group D: USA  squad list  / Australia squad list   / Sweden squad list  / Nigeria squad list 

Group E: Brazil squad list  / Korea Republic squad list  / Spain squad list  / Costa Rica squad list

Group F: France squad list / England squad list / Colombia squad list / Mexico squad list

Match Schedule 

(click here for a time zone converter!)

Group A:

  • 6th June - Canada vs. China PR / 23:00 GMT
  • 6th June - New Zealand vs. Netherlands / 02:00 GMT (7th June)
  • 11th June - China PR vs. Netherlands / 23:00 GMT
  • 11th June - Canada vs. New Zealand / 02:00 GMT (12th June)
  • 15th June - Canada vs. Netherlands / 00:30 GMT (16th June)
  • 15th June - China PR vs. New Zealand / 00:30 GMT (16th June)

Group B:

  • 7th June - Norway vs. Thailand / 18:00 GMT
  • 7th June - Germany vs. Côte d'Ivoire / 21:00 GMT
  • 11th June - Germany vs. Norway / 21:00 GMT
  • 11th June -  Côte d'Ivoire vs. Thailand / 00:00 GMT (12th June)
  • 15th June - Germany vs. Thailand / 21:00 GMT
  • 15th June -  Côte d'Ivoire vs. Norway / 21:00 GMT

Group C:

  • 8th June - Cameroon vs. Ecuador / 00:00 GMT (9th June)
  • 8th June - Japan vs. Switzerland / 03:00 GMT (9th June)
  • 12th June - Switzerland vs. Ecuador / 00:00 GMT (13th June)
  • 12th June - Japan vs. Cameroon / 03:00 GMT (13th June)
  • 16th June - Ecuador vs. Japan / 22:00 GMT
  • 16th June - Switzerland vs. Cameroon / 22:00 GMT

Group D:

  • 8th June - Sweden vs. Nigeria / 21:00 GMT
  • 8th June - USA vs. Australia / 00:30 GMT (9th June)
  • 12th June - Australia vs. Nigeria / 22:00 GMT
  • 12th June - USA vs. Sweden / 01:00 GMT (13th June)
  • 16th June - Nigeria vs. USA / 01:00 GMT (17th June)
  • 16th June - Australia vs. Sweden / 01:00 GMT (17th June)

Group E: 

  • 9th June - Spain vs. Costa Rica / 21:00 GMT
  • 9th June - Brazil vs. Korea Republic / 00:00 GMT (10th June)
  • 13th June - Brazil vs. Spain / 21:00 GMT
  • 13th June - Korea Republic vs. Costa Rica / 00:00 GMT (14th June)
  • 17th June - Costa Rica vs. Brazil / 00:00 GMT (18th June)
  • 17th June - Korea Republic vs. Spain / 00:00 GMT (18th June)

Group F:

  • 9th June - France vs. England / 18:00 GMT
  • 9th June - Colombia vs. Mexico / 21:00 GMT
  • 13th June - France vs. Colombia / 18:00 GMT
  • 13th June - England vs. Mexico / 21:00 GMT
  • 17th June - Mexico vs. France / 21:00 GMT
  • 17th June - England vs. Colombia / 21:00 GMT


*Streams will come nearer the time but I can give you some TV channels that will be airing WWC15:

  • BBC: X
  • ZDF: X
  • British EuroSport: X
  • Eurosport 2: X
  • Fox Sports: X
  • Fox Soccer 2GO: X 
  • ARD: X
  • TSN 1 / 3 / 4: X X X
  • TV4: X
  • Eurosport France: X
  • Fox Sports 1: X
  • W9: X
  • CTV: X
  • Sky Mexico: X
  • SBS One: X


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Cranberry & White Chocolate Cake Bread

I apologize for the delay in posting lately, now that I have some time to rest, hopefully I can post regularly like before. And I’ve got quite a few recipes and photos lined up from dishes I made a few weeks ago too! It’s so good to be back! Thank you to all my supportive followers!

Try this delicious loaf cake/ bread (I’m not sure if this counts as a cake or a bread) recipe! The cake is quite sweet, probably because of the presence of white chocolate, so I made it in mini- loaf pans. The recipe makes 2 of those, but it’ll also make 1 standard one.

And happy Friday everyone! 


  • ¾ cup cranberries
  • ½ cup white chocolate
  • 2 small eggs
  • ¼ cup butter
  • ½ cup sugar (feel free to add up to 1 cup, but since there are chocolates, ½ cup sugar was sweet enough for me)
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 ½ cup flour
  • ½ tsp salt


1. Preheat the oven to 300′F before starting. And grease the loaf pans with a small amount of olive oil (or any kind of oil, really).

2. Beat the eggs in a bowl very thoroughly, or you can use a mixer. Then mix in the sugar and beat until the mixture is very creamy and smooth.

3. Add in butter, salt, and vanilla extract. Mix well.

4. Slowly fold in the flour and mix well until a doughy mixture forms. Then fold in the cranberries and white chocolate until everything is spread evenly. 

5. Pour into the greased pans and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes for small ones, and up to an hour for a large one. 

6, Slice and serve! They can also be frozen, so wrap them in plastic wrap if you want to have it later.

So to celebrate this blog reaching 10k followers (again. Thanks a lot for that. You guys are great.) I thought I could have a silly themed live stream. And this is what I came up with. So what I’m gonna do is just mess around with the Hunger Games Simulator and doodle all the dumb interaction that would happen. Hopefully it will be fun!

I’ll be posting all of the pics as soon as I’m done, so. Don’t worry if you can’t or wont join.

Listen up!

So recently, Tumblr user ships-and-fics has attempted to commit suicide and is currently in the hospital.

This is what happened. So D.J has been suicidal for quite a while, from what I’ve collected. This also isn’t the first time D.J has attempted to commit suicide. Tonight, ne had decided today would be the night ne took nirs life and succeed, but the attempt had failed. Ne had overdosed on nirs sleeping medication, had cut vertically directly into nirs veins, and had jumped out of nirs 2nd story window, resulting in a broken rib and a fractured ankle, and is barely breathing. (Ne is getting surgery done soon to get the broken rib taken out and replaced with a metal piece one.) Ne had lost a lot of blood and is hopefully going to get nirs blood type transferred into nirs body soon. We assume that D.J will be okay, but we aren’t completely sure.

Please, if you all could, start using the hashtag and tag everything with #pray for our D.J, ne needs all the help ne can get. That would be so helpful and we need all the help and support we can get. Thank you for the ones who do.



I’ve made a couple posts before detailing music that inspired the novels and have mentioned that I actually have complete temp scores for the movie versions. But I had never, until today, actually typed up all the songs included on those temp scores in full. Posted for your listening enjoyment are the full tracklistings for each film, including that of the upcoming third book.

Bear in mind that almost all of these songs will be rewritten or replaced with a final metal film score (Hopefully by Amon Amarth or Therion, or maybe Samael) or will at least be instrumental versions. Almost none of the vocals in these songs will be in the movies. In other places, a character might be singing the song listed or only a couple seconds of the song, or even a single sound is used.

The final book has two track titles missing as they would be spoilers.


Valhalla: Stabbing Westward “Save Yourself”

Ragnarök:  Samael “Solar Soul”

Guðsríki: Theatre of Tragedy “Debris”



Dimmu Borgir “Fear and Wonder”
Dimmu Borgir “Blessings Upon The Throne Of Tyranny”
Tristania “Endogenesis”
Tristania “The Wretched”
System of a Down “U-Fig”
Theatre of Tragedy “Retrospect”
Rammstein “Links 2-3-4”
System of a Down “Fuck The System”
The Smashing Pumpkins “Pug”
Therion “Wondrous World Of Punt”
Metallica “Disposable Heroes”
Old Man’s Child “God Of Impiety”
Therion “Wondrous World Of Punt”
Finntroll “Bakom Varje Fura”
Old Man’s Child “Towards Eternity”
Prodigy “Smack My Bitch Up”
Metallica “Orion”
Rammstein “Benzin”
Therion “Asgård”
Rammstein “Reise Reise”
Amon Amarth “The Varyags Of Milkagaard”
Therion “Asgård”
Tool “Mantra”
Old Man’s Child “My Kingdom Will Come”
Therion “Helheim”
Tristania “Cure”
KidneyThieves “Trickster”
Samael “Moongate”
Nine Inch Nails “3 Ghosts I”
Burzum “War”
Hans Zimmer “Main Theme From Crimson Tide”
Deftones “Change (In The House Of Flies)”
Finntroll “Födosagan”
Epica “In the Hall Of The Mountain King”
Powerglove “Tetris”
Lamb of God “For Your Malice”
Therion “Cults Of The Shadow”
Nightwish “Nymphomaniac Fantasia”
Darkwell “Realm Of Darkness”
Nightwish “I Want My Tears Back”
Therion “Muspelheim”
Therion “Ljusalfheim”


Nightwish: The Poet And The Pendulum
Enigma “The Eyes Of Truth”
Rob Zombie “Demonoid Phenomenon”
Satyricon “Black Crow On A Tombstone”
Burzum “Key To The Gate”
Toto “Main Theme From Dune”
Old Man’s Child “Soul Possessed”
Amon Amarth “Cry Of The Blackbirds”
Therion “Land Of Canaan”
Therion “Children of the Stone: After The Inquisition”
Marilyn Manson “Evidence”
Amon Amarth “Under the Northern Star”
Amon Amarth “Embrace Of The Endless Ocean”
Korn “Wake Up Hate”
Nightwish “Seven Days To The Wolves”
Nightwish “For The Heart I Once Had”
Carpathian Forest “A Forest (The Cure Cover)”
Boston Blackthorne “The Minstrel Boy”
Therion “Via Nocturna”
Summoning “Like Some Snow-White Marble Eyes”
Therion “To Mega Therion”
Dethklok “Bloodlines”
Amon Amarth “Twilight Of The Thunder God”
Stabbing Westward “Shame”
Amon Amarth “Twilight Of The Thunder God”
Summoning “Where Hope and Daylight Die”
Tristania “Cure”
Tristania “Cure”
Nightwish: The Poet And The Pendulum
Tristania “Fate”


Epica “Indigo (Prologue)”
Bathory “Twilight of the Gods”
The Waterboys “Fisherman’s Blues”
Brian Tyler “Selections From The Score To Children Of Dune”
Unheilig “Spiegelbild”
Ilan Eshkeri “Coronation”
Summoning “Land Of The Dead”
Tristania “In The Wake”
Nightwish “Erämaan Viimeinen”
Tristania “In The Wake”
Nightwish “Élan”
Gregorian “Ave Satani”
Lamb Of God “Walk With Me In Hell”
Vital Remains “Dechristianize”
Ensiferum “Mourning Heart (Interlude)”
Ensiferum “Tale Of Revenge”
Dethklok “Thunderhorse”
Nightwish “Planet Hell”
Craig Armstrong “Escape”
Sirenia “Downfall”
Tristania “Midwintertears”
Nightwish “Last Of The Wilds”

Just signed these all for you here at bookcon! Only a few more days until it’s released.. Holy moly can’t believe it. If you haven’t pre-ordered you still can get it by June 2nd hopefully if you do it now!!! ijustinebook.com

Follow List - Part 1

Hi taylorswift, here’s some amazing Swifties that would love to get a follow from you <3

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Bekka: drunk-on-swift


Bridgett: goingbackintimeto1989

Maeve: bloodrunscoolldd

Isabel: now-that-i-am-finally-clean

Jemma: fifth-demi-mendler-swift                  

Carli: flamesxembers


Martha: longsixmnths

Megan: everythingt-swift

Rosey: merediths-paw

Natalie: swiftscabello


Eeshani: youhearis-no

Reblog so she can see this and hopefully everyone on this list gets a follow <3

500x5 squat PR. I’ve felt pretty out of sorts the last couple weeks, hopefully this gives me something to build on.

Exo Reactions To What They’re Like In Bed

This was kind of a while ago but I hope people still remember when this conversation was happening. If you don’t, go /here/ to read the original post. Also, this took me almost 2 hours to make so hopefully you guys all like it. haha xo


/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *obviously since he’s horny 24/7, he knows what he’s doing & you don’t have to worry about whether or not he’s enjoying himself because anything is pleasuring to him, he’ll squeeze your thighs tightly & love hearing you moan as loud as you can*

Chanyeol: *it will always start out sweet & gentle but gradually get more & more intense, he’ll use every bit of energy he has to fuck to the best of his ability & it will usually end with the both of you sweating & panting like dogs, he’ll like to tease you by biting you in different places before things start to get hot & he’ll love when you have a hard time walking afterwards*

Chen: *he’s another always-horny that will show you the meaning of pleasure as soon as he gets going, he’s sneaky & you’ll orgasm at least 5 times without him even trying, he’ll like to run his hands all over you & grind his pelvic bone into yours*

D.O.: *another one that will start out sweet but quickly turn into an almost BDSM situation, he’ll know what he wants you to do & he’ll make sure you know it, he feeds off of your moans & will get even more rough as they get louder, he won’t tease you or hurt you but he’ll enjoy seeing you walk funny the next day* 

Kai: *beds are boring so you’ll always be in different places - the shower, the beach, the pool, you name it, he’ll want to do it there, you’ll always have to stop yourself from screaming in pleasure but he’ll pin you with his strong arms & make you moan a little before letting you go*

Kris: *another one who doesn’t like to do it in a bed, he’ll like places where you could get caught like on the roof of a building or the back of a car, he’ll use his teeth to remove your clothes & nip at your neck so you squeal while he’s doing his best to fuck your brains out*

Lay: *he’d ease you into by making you think he’s shy & self-conscious but once it all starts, he’ll shake the walls with his power & literally barrel into you without a single thought, he’ll use his flexibility to get you both in creative positions & you’ll almost never do the same thing twice*

Luhan: *almost literally a porno in real life, he’ll have absolutely no problem performing & won’t question whether you’re not enjoying it because he’ll know how good he is, he’ll be confident & you won’t have to do much of the work since he’s such a manly man*

Sehun: *there will be a lot of him stopping to use his hands, he’ll have a way with his fingers that almost doesn’t feel any different than the conventional body part used during sexy time, he’ll be fast & precise with his movements & never doubt his performance which will make it that much better*

Suho: *you’ll need a few days to recover from just the emotional pleasure that he’ll give you, let alone the physical, he’ll be smooth & almost too careful that it feels like you’re having sex with a big sexy cloud, he’ll use every body part that he can to pleasure you, he’ll love sucking  & licking*

Tao: *it’ll be slow & sensual, lots of careful thrusts with small movements to make them each different, he’ll also be good with his fingers & hands, using them to squeeze & stimulate you, he’ll take his time & it’ll feel like hours of intense, erotic pleasure*

Xiumin: *you’ll be blind the next day, he will have fucked you so hard that you physically can’t see for a whole day, your body will be in shock & he’ll just enjoy it, he’ll love playing with your hair & pulling it while thrusting to hear the whimper you make from the small amount of pain, but he won’t hurt you in any serious way, he’d also be gentle when it comes to using his mouth*

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

So Branderson has posted an update on his website. The highlights:

  • Shadows of Self: October 6
  • Bands of Mourning: January 26
  • Calamity: Spring 2016
  • Alcatraz vs The Dark Talent: Summer 2016
  • Stormlight 3: Christmas 2016 (beginning work on it in earnest middle of next month asdfghjkl;)
  • Possible Stormlight novella Spring 2016

And what does Brandon have to say about this lineup?

Hopefully I’m not releasing too much. I don’t want you folks to get tired of me.

Oh, Brandon.

your royal highness // prince hemmings pt. 5

pairing: prince hemmings + reader

word count: 1.4k

pt.1 pt.2 pt.3 pt.4

(a/n): I’ve haven’t updated this fic in a long time sorry for that. but hopefully this will be worth the wait! enjoy! x

if a person saw him in his current state, you couldn’t have recognized him to be a prince. The blue eyed man had found a place in a small village with his beloved fiancé. They had told the village that they had recently moved from another kingdom in search of a new beginning- which they weren’t lying. Luke was planning to marry her in the upcoming days, he was just trying to build the perfect wedding for him and his girl.

Meanwhile back home, there wasn’t a day back home where King Andrew sent the guards to search for his son. His anger had died down, and the king ached for the chance to get his beloved son back. The king had also taken the drastic decision of calling off Luke’s wedding with Princess Helen. She was very unhappy until Luke’s father had given her over hundreds of precious and rare jewels.

Y/N couldn’t believe how things somehow came into place. Now Luke wasn’t known as “Prince Hemmings” or called “Your Royal Highness.” It was just Luke. Luke’s sapphire eyes seemed brighter and happier ever since he had left his throne behind. He was now free of the restraints that pulled him back.


Shrieks of joy echoed through the field as the little boy had finally succeeded in hitting the bullseye with his bow and arrows.

“Luke! I did it!” The toddler squealed looking into Luke’s bright blue eyes in admiration. The tall blonde crouched down to ruffle the boy’s hair with a large grin on his face.

“I saw that! Great job buddy!” Luke raised his hand to give him a high five. The winter months had finally passed by and now summer was fast approaching which resulted in his skin to become tanner than ever. Luke could now roam around wearing whatever he wanted- he would never dare to wear the ripped shirts and pants in the confines of the castle or in front of his parents.

The little boy’s mother had walked over to the two with a basket in her hands and a small smile on her face.

“Thank you for handling Arthur for me. Luke you’ve been such huge help.” She thanked him.

“Not a problem. With just a little more practice, I bet Arthur could beat anyone at archery- even me!” Luke beamed, laughing when he saw Arthur’s awestruck face.

After a few moments the woman pursed her lips and began to speak. “Y/N hasn’t been feeling well for the past few days. Is she doing fine? I made a little something for you guys,” she gave the basket containing various pastries to Luke.

His pink lips turned into a frown and his eyebrows furrowed in worry. He hadn’t really noticed Y/N act differently around him and the brown haired girl didn’t Luke anything about it.

“Thank you. I’ll see you guys around.”  


Y/N couldn’t control her thoughts. A thousand different scenarios were flowing through her anxious mind; she didn’t want any one of them to be true. Her hands protectively rested on her stomach as she took a deep breath, not knowing how she had ended up with Luke. Brown eyes peered at every single detail of the blue water that flowed serenely at her finger tips.

“Please don’t let it be true.” She mumbled herself, biting down on her lip trying to hold back her tears.

Luke walked to the small cottage he had gotten for rent; it wasn’t the biggest nor the smallest. It had been perfect for the blond and Y/N, it had everything they need including a backyard with the incredible view of a small, yet pristine lake. The summer months had brought its heat with it, so Y/N and Luke had used the lake to their advantage (if you know what this is lead to).

Opening the door to the cottage, Luke took off his shoes and placed them next to fireplace. He hastily stored the basket of pastries on a kitchen counter before stumbling into his shared bedroom to find his girl laying on the bed.

“Y/N?” His raspy voice called out into the room. “Are you feeling okay, princess?”

Luke had loved calling her “princess.” He thought it fit her because she deserved the world and Luke knew that Y/N secretly loved when he called her that. One day, Luke would be able to call her his “Queen” - if the time was the come.
His long legs dangled off of the side of the bed as he ran his calloused fingers through her soft hair. Her eyes sleepily fluttered open to meet the bright, sapphire eyes she had loved since the day that they met. She reached out to intertwine their fingers together.

“You’re back, ” Y/N mumbled, cuddling closer into the sheets. Luke bit down on his lips, quietly noticing the sweat that laced her face. “I’m fine.”

“Stop lying to me, Y/N.” He sighed. Without a word, Luke left the room and said something that she didn’t hear.

Y/N sat up on the bed, her heart beating against her chest. What if Luke found out? How would he react? She was shaken out of her thoughts by her prince charming pressing a kiss to her hand. He had a bowl of cold water filled with ice cubes in his hands as he motioned for her to lay down.

“But Luke, I-“

“Don’t fight me, Y/N.” The blue eyed prince asserted as he sat down next to Y/N. Carefully, he placed the cold cloth on her forehead as if she was made of glass. Y/N thanked him and relaxed under his soft touch.

“I’ve called for a doctor to come check up on you.” He explained, taking the wet cloth off her forehead. Y/N’s eyes widened in panic, her head becoming dizzy.

“But why? There’s no need to! I’m fine Luke! Why can’t you understand?” Y/N yelled throwing off the covers. She frustratedly tugged at the ends of her long hair. Her breaths were staggered as she watched Luke’s face change expressions - one that of a gentle boy she knew to that of a furious man.

His towering body creeped closer to her. Y/N lowered her gaze to the ground, not wanting to see what was in front of her.

“What are you hiding from me? Y/N, look at me!” Luke clenched his fists by his sides, each passing second causing him to panic.

“I… I can’t.” She took off running towards the bathroom, locking the door behind her. Y/N immediately sunk down on her knees in front of the toilet, emptying out what was left in her stomach.

Luke banged on the door imminently, waling for Y/N to open the door. “I’m sorry. Princess, I overreacted.” A heavy sigh left his pink lips. “Please forgive me. Can you open the door now?”

There wasn’t an answer behind the door; just the not so pleasant sounds of Y/N throwing up and crying. Luke started to get worried and was running out of patience. Taking a deep breath, he kicked the wooden door open to reveal a tear stricken Y/N wiping her mouth with the back of her hands.  

Without a word, Luke sat down next to Y/N resting his back against the bathtub. Y/N blinked away the stray tears as she rested her head on Luke’s chest. Luke’s assumptions seemed to become true; Y/N was pregnant. She was carrying his child- which was a piece of them both.

“It’ll be okay. We’ll be okay.” Luke mumbled, intertwining their fingers.

“But Luke! I’m pregnant! It’s not okay!” Y/N exasperated, releasing her hands from his grasp. “We don’t have enough money and what if the kingdom finds out? I’m going to be the worst mother ever, and did you ever think-“

Luke interrupted Y/N’s anxious words with a light kiss on her chapped lips, making her shoulders relax and her breath hitch in her throat. His tired eyes seemed to turn into a pool of blue despite the situation they were in.

After a few seconds, Luke pulled away but kept his lips close to her face. She could feel his warm breath on her sweaty skin. His plump pink lips hovering over her skin, a small smile etched on his face.  

“I hope it’s a girl.”


big thanks to the awesome cakeaesthetic  aka sophia for the cover! and as always send me your feedback and your favorite part of the fic here

Max is either jealous or having separation anxiety. I took Maeby out on a walk before Max this morning. I could hear him whining from the bottom of our drive. He scratched up the door too. Little monster. Tomorrow I am going to take him first. Then he would be tired out after & hopefully less anxious.

Hello everyone!!!

Me and Mikey are thinking about making a group to make lots of friends and just chat. 

A few ideas we have for this are:

  • We’ll talk about new anime or video games
  • At some point we’ll play some games online as well (if you have steam we can play some games on there too hopefully!)
  • Watch anime as a group????
  • and honestly just talk about stuff in general, this group is about establishing friendships and just having a good time!

We’re also open for new opinions and ideas to make this group super enjoyable and fun as well, as some people don’t have Skype we can start a group on kik or Line messenger or anything that you may have. We’re open for recommendations so if you find something that you’re comfortable with just send us an inbox c: 

Anyone can join this group so if you’re interested on joining us with this group please send an inbox with your name + username and we’ll add you and welcome you! (:

ps: it would be very nice if you could reblog this so we can get the word around C: 

Thank you!

anonymous asked:

Sooo not trying to be nosey but who is your boyfriend?

A guy named Kegan. Hopefully yall can meet him soon. Maybe he’ll be in some videos? :3