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* Uh, so.. I guess I have to talk about this thing, huh?

* So, I thought we could all use a little wind down after the big party we’ve all had, somethin’ to really help us relax. What better activity is there for that than watching bad movies and laughing about how bad they are?

* Humans and Monsters welcome, just try to keep things civil. 

So, here are the details:

Date: Thurs 18th Feb 2016
Time: 12pm - 6am GMT [18 whole hours!]
Where: http://cytu.be/r/sans-movie-room


- Undertale roleplayers only, this includes Undertale OCs. This is an in-character event, so personals have no reason to get involved.

- Doubles of muses are welcome, as are Au versions. I’m sure I won’t be the only Sans there and that’s great.

- Warning: There may be low quality blood/gore and mild nudity in some of the movies, as often bad b-movies have such things. Please keep that in mind when entering the movie room.

- When entering as either a guest or making an account, please use your current tumblr url.

- Anyone who attempts to cause trouble will given two warnings, if it persists then you will be booted. This is meant to be a relaxed movie night for our characters and Sans will not put up with troublesome individuals.

- Movie suggestions are more than welcome, please send them via ask or IM.  

- If you want to use a tag, #sans bad movie night will be tracked by me, feel free to tag pics of your muse in their pajamas for the night. I’d love to see them.

- Feel free to come and go as you please when the event is on, it’s a really relaxed atmosphere and should be a lot of fun.


Observations in Inferior Se

So earlier I put up a whole screencap of different posts I was in the process of writing, but then I thought to just screw it all and start on something new. More specifically, I want to focus on an Ni-dom’s perception of the outer environment in the moment. As that Ni is introverted, it is not instant. Rather, it can be quite slow. It needs to gather a bunch of information subconsciously via their Se in order to synthesis an intuition. And much of the time, they’re not even aware of it. That being said, the question arrives of what the experience of Ni is like. Before I start, please take into account that this is all my personal experience. Don’t take everything at face value and expect you’ll match perfectly too.

The best way I can explain the experience of Ni-doms in regards their perception of the outer environment in the moment is the difference between hearing and listening. At face value, these two terms seem like they both mean the same thing. Often times, they’re listed as synonyms of each other. However when you look at the actual definitions, these both have very different connotations. Hearing is defined as the “perception with the ear the sound made by (someone or something).” Listening is defined as the “giving of one’s attention to a sound.” Do you see the difference between the two? There is no thought involved in hearing, yet there is a conscious decision involved in listening. All listening is hearing, but not all hearing is listening. And thus, if I had to apply these two terms to inf-Se and dom-Se, inf-Se hears while dom-Se listens.

As an Ni-dom that is close friends with Se-doms, the differences are huge. It seems like Se-doms have a miraculous awareness of the world around them. My ESFP friend will be driving and then will suddenly start dying laughing at something tiny happening on the side of the road. My ESTP friend will detect the slightest change in behavior of a person at a party by their facial expression. Honestly, they’re so aware of such tiny things that it absolutely amazes me. And it’s not in an Si-sense either. They don’t notice inconsistencies between the present and past. I can’t describe it really. It’s as if they’re able to be aware of many things, but are able to simultaneously prioritize what they want to focus on the most. They “listen” to their surroundings.

My experience in the moment is similar, but quite different. When in the moment, everything is experienced without bias. I see, I hear, I smell, etc. It’s almost exciting in a sense because everything is so stimulating. There are so many things to discover and I want to experience it all. However, while I may be surrounded by external stimulation, I do not absorb it. I am aware without being aware. I hear what’s going on around me, but I do not listen. I’d like to say that the reason being stems from information overload. Unlike an Se-dom that can prioritize external stimulation, I become overwhelmed by it. However, this lack of awareness even shows in dull sensory surroundings. For example, after more than six months of having my glasses, I just realized a few days ago that there are polka-dots on my glasses.

I think I mentioned this before on my older blog, but I find it extremely difficult to pin down Ni in onesself. While all perceiving functions work in a passive way, extraverted perceiving functions always involve action in some way or form. Si is sensory, but compares the present with the past. It feels like the only way to pin down Ni is through the process of elimination and self-searching. You really need to examine from what perceptions your actions are based off of and how you came to that perception. You need to figure out if it stems from sensory or intuitive input. Ni in Ni-doms functions a lot like a background process on a computer. It does not show on the taskbar below, but only can be found while looking at the task manager (at least on a Windows computer).

I feel this becomes extremely evident when I try to review my personal memories. Unlike many Se/Si-doms, there aren’t many things I remember in detail. Hell, I have an extremely difficult time recalling details that have been with me my whole life. For instance, even though I talked to my mother this morning, I can’t conjure up her voice in my head. I can’t tell you what it says on the back of my phone case despite having it since last March (apparently it says “Unicorn Beetle”). My memories are hazy at best. Sometimes all I’m able to recall is a single emotion that summed up the experience. It’s honestly quite depressing how little I can recall, how I literally have to focus all of my attention upon something to retain it in its pure form.

It’s because of this that I feel Ni-doms really have to be careful with what their Ni tells them. Sure, it’s easy to base everything on what Ni says. After all, when is Ni wrong, right? However, when you focus only upon what Ni says, you’re no better than a smartass student that doesn’t feel the need to show their work in math class. Sure, you may be right, but you cannot possibly ever hope to convince other people if you cannot prove that you’re right. And sometimes, it’s in the process of proving ones rightness that they end up discovering they were wrong.

It wouldn’t be a true Girl Meets World episode if we didn’t have someone complaining about how people ‘Only Care About the Ships’

Let’s go over this one more time. We can value the lesson and the ships at once. We know what they were trying to teach and if they really didn’t want us to notice shippy things they shouldn’t have put so much foreshadowing/hints into the episode.

Honestly why don’t people get we can notice both at once. This happens every single time.

So I decided I really liked that cute little sketch and wanted to finish it, so here it is :D

Also I decided to open a RedBubble shop, and so this is the first thing available in my shop, so if you want you can go buy it ;)


my favorite historical story is the time julie d’aubigny (super cool bisexual french swordswoman and opera singer, google her she’s great)’s girlfriend got sent to a convent and julie burned down the convent to help her escape. so i made a comic of it!   (also on tapastic!)

Hey, Guys, I Need A Huge Favor.

One of my friends, Oso, is really far away from home right now and one of his kitties was attacked by a dog. Thankfully the little guy (his name is Oberon. Cute name, right?) was taken to the vet but I don’t have any info on how he will be. As far as I know, he’s stable but being attacked by a dog isn’t very fun for a kitty.
Oso is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and he absolutely adores his cats. They’re like his kids, so this is hitting him hard, especially since he can’t physically be with Oberon right now, and he won’t be able to be for a while.
Could you all do me a solid and fill his inbox up with nice messages and well wishes for Oberon? You can find his blog @elosoquelee.
I know he could really use the boost right now, but would never ask for me to do something like this. He helps everyone he meets, is super sweet and supportive for so many people, and is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met from getting into ponies. Please go ahead and send him a kind word or two.

What if Yixing received a text or call about a missing article of clothing from each member of Exo. Each time he denies knowing the whereabouts of the clothing item and advises them to search again. After having a conversation with Sehun about a pair of black jeans he climbs into bed and hugs a pile of all of the missing clothing. “My babies, I miss you.” He whispers as he nuzzles his face into one of Jongin’s sweaters. 

anonymous asked:

ok, random question; do you say taekook or vkook?^_^ (and why??)

I say VKook 90% of the time although i tag both!;p …For start, because i won’t have to worry about someone else in the future claiming the name for another pair and secondly.. Jungkook is his stage name for Jeongguk ..V is his stage name for Taehyung.. If we would combine their real names it would be Taeguk but that reminds me of Taegeuk which would be Taeguk’s Taehyung’s future daughter so we can’t have that and i still think of Jungkook singing “Oh Kookie day” so must be used the ‘Kook’ and not ‘Guk’ but on another hand ->this<- exist and as you can tell, i’m having too many thoughts over the “Taekook” one so… VKook it is!!!  \(^ヮ^)/