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Canon Anti

I decided to try remaking a still from the PAX Anti vid in terms of style and glow. It’s not exactly a remake as the bloops from that video haven’t been released but I wanted to try to do the general style. In that way, it is a remake. It’s still not exactly perfect but I like the look of it. Hopefully you all do as well! :)


“BTS discovers that you have a blog and you ship them with another member.”

This was fun to remake lol. Hopefully, you guys like it and thank you all so much for being so patient with me while I work through my dry spell! <3<3<3<3

Without hesitation, Hanzo grabs Jesse by the front of his blue and white gingham shirt, and he crashes their lips together. He fists the shirt and presses himself against Jesse’s body, suddenly desperate for contact. His cowboy tastes of the spices Ana used in her jerky and sweat from a long day’s ride in the sun.

– Chapter 19 “Constellations” of Petals on the River by bamfbugboy and @ijaat

This commission art was done by @Kazimo. Please check out their artwork and consider commissioning them! Kazimo captured this moment so wonderfully, and we are so touched by the thought and care that went into this piece! Thank you very much!!


“The code is more what you’d call guidelines then actual rules…” Points to YOU if you caught that reference ;)

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Scenes Simplified Master List

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I’m trying out the 30 Days of Writing Challenge! :D

A/N: I saw this challenge on @paintedbuttonarchive’s page and I decided to give it a go.  We’ll see how this turns out :) (P.S., I don’t think any of these are going to be very long, probably really short, but hopefully you still enjoy them <3)

Prompt: Fingertips

Pair: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 413

“Wow,” you whispered, staring at the boy in front of you.  

You gently ran your fingers along his chest, tracing the design and pattern with your fingertips.  You traced the outline of the spider displayed on the center of his chest making him shutter under your touch.  

“You like?” he asked placing his hands loosely on your waist.  

You nodded, still speechless about the boy standing in front of you.  You ran your hands back up his chest and loosely wrapped them around his neck.  

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” you asked, still in awe that your boyfriend was actually the famous Spiderman.  

“I didn’t want you to get hurt,” he replied, resting his forehead against yours.  

“Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself, you know it,” you said with a smile.  

“I know,” he replied with a smile.  

A comfortable silence fell between the both of you, you still admiring his suit.  

“Imagine if my father knew who you were, man, he would kill you in an instant,” you said quietly, knowing how much your father hated Spiderman and his recklessness.  

“I know, but I am counting on you to not say anything to anyone.  I haven’t even told May and you know what would happen if she knew.” 

You nodded slowly at his response indicating that you will never speak of this to anyone.  Suddenly, Peter’s phone began to chime making him groan and hide his head in the nape of your neck.  You laughed quietly before he let you out of his embrace and checked his phone.  

“There’s a Robbery down on main street,” he said quickly before grabbing his mask.  

“Be careful okay?,” you said, following him to your open window.  

“Aren’t I always?” he asked with a smirk.  

You laughed as you watched him climb out of your room and into the cold New York air.  You heard the sirens from the distance causing Peter to quickly put on his mask.  

“Wait,” you said quickly grabbing his arm and turning him around to face you.  

You gently lifted off the mask just enough for the bottom half of his face to show before gently placing your lips on his.  After a few seconds, you broke the kiss before saying, “Stay safe Spidey.” 

You saw him smirk before placing the mask back on, covering his face completely.  You watched as your crime fighting boyfriend fired a web and flew through the streets below you towards the sounds of sirens in the distance.  

The Signs As Legendary Pokémon
  • Aries: Victini - The Victory Pokémon
  • Taurus: Terrakion - The Cavern Pokémon
  • Gemini: Confined Hoopa/Unbound Hoopa - The Mischief Pokémon/Djinn Pokémon
  • Cancer: Cresselia - The Lunar Pokémon
  • Leo: Entei - The Volcano Pokémon
  • Virgo: Xerneas - The Life Pokémon
  • Libra: Rayquaza - The Sky High Pokémon
  • Scorpio: Darkrai - The Pitch Black Pokémon
  • Sagittarius: Ho-Oh - The Rainbow Pokémon
  • Capricorn: Coballion - The Iron Will Pokémon
  • Aquarius: Deoxys - The DNA Pokémon
  • Pisces: Manaphy & Phione - The Sea Guardians
Imagine Jacob being shy around you until he gets jealous about another man flirting with you

Originally posted by walshconnr

A/N: I got a ton of Jacob requests and this just happened to be the most finished work, so I quickly finished it up and badda bing badda boom! Hope you guys like it!

Jacob Frye.

A charming, ambitious man who was known to be skilled with both his words and his cane sword.

Did I mention he was a gang leader? And an Assassin?

His personality certainly befitted his job. And he knew it. His confidence and occasional arrogance practically radiated off of him.

And yet…

How come he had such a damn hard time talking to you?

It’s not like you scared him, or intimidated him. He respected you, and your presence always put him at ease. But just looking at you wasn’t what made him so nervous and flustered; it was when you talked to him. When you were so near him, he could see every little perfection and beautiful flaw. And when you spoke- we aren’t talking about little things, we’re talking about when you got passionate about the conversation. The way your eyes would light up and your voice would rise a little higher and your lips would curl into a lovely smile. He noticed those things about you, and he wondered how someone like you could even associate with him.

It probably didn’t help that Evie and Henry both knew about his little crush on you. Evie subtly teased him about it while Henry did his best not to bring it up for the most part (although sometimes he couldn’t hold back a small quip). Whenever you and him were anywhere near each other, Evie would cast a knowing look at Jacob, to which Jacob would scowl. It’s not like he was afraid of you rejecting him, of course not!

Well… maybe a little…

Or a lot.


It was a cool, cloudy evening in London. You, the Twins, and some Rooks were all having a few drinks at a pub, celebrating the victory over the Blighters in a big gang war. You were watching everyone celebrate, and your eyes lingered a little bit longer than normal on Jacob, who was drinking alongside a lanky Rook with blond hair. What was his name again? Nathan? Michael? No… Nigel! You were pleased that you had remembered his name, and in those few moments, you didn’t notice a man sit down next to you. You only realized he was there when he began talking.

“And what’s a lovely young lady doing here, all alone?”

You smiled, “Just enjoying the lovely London weather.” You replied. The man didn’t seem scary or malintent, so there was no harm in letting him talk, right? He laughed, “Ah yes, the gorgeous rain and clouds. Why haven’t the poets immortalized this city like they do Rome and Venice?” This in turn made you laugh, which caught the attention of Jacob, who was sitting across the pub. He glared at the man almost instantly- how dare that man just waltz right up to Y/N and start chatting her up like it was nothing! That was supposed to be his job!

He just sat and watched the two converse, periodically taking angry swigs of ale. He wanted to intervene, but it was Y/N’s choice. She didn’t look uncomfortable, so pulling her away would make her cross with him.

“Feeling a bit jealous, Jacob?”

Evie was smiling a tad mischievously at him, that same look in her eyes. Jacob rolled his eyes, “How can he talk to her and I can’t? I’m twice as smooth as that guy- and three times as handsome.”

“Maybe it’s because he has the balls to take a chance.” Evie smirked.

“I do have-!” He paused, realizing he really didn’t want to shout ‘I do have balls!’ in a pub, in front of Y/N.

“I do have them,” He continued, quieter, “But have you seen her? She’s just… wow.”

“I do see her. I’m seeing her right now.” Evie replied dryly. Jacob narrowed his eyes and scrunched up his nose. Evie went on before he could say anything, “Why don’t you just tell her after they’re done talking?” Jacob sighed loudly, “What if they don’t stop talking, though? What if they do more than talk?” Evie lightly smacked his head, “Head out of the gutter, Jacob. She doesn’t seem infatuated with him. They’ll stop talking soon enough- make your move then.”

Sometimes Jacob loved his sister’s logic, and sometimes he hated it. Right now, he wasn’t sure whether he loved or hated it.


“It was lovely chatting with you, love,” The man- Houston Price, you found out- was readying to leave. You just smiled and nodded, “I enjoyed talking to you as well, Mr. Price.” He took your hand and lightly kissed it, and bid you farewell. You felt a light blush on your face- it certainly was nice to be flattered by a young man every once in awhile. Even better, he was an utter gentleman about it. Usually you expected drunken swine.

“Y/N, may I, um…”

Jacob was standing where Houston just was, “May I have a…” He glanced over at Evie, who nodded her head encouragingly. “A word?”

“Sure Jacob, is there something wrong?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. He shook his head, “No, no. Just… Come outside with me.”

You followed him just outside the pub, away from the other Rooks and Evie. You were alone now, and the streets of London were unusually quiet, even for a cloudy night. Jacob looked a bit… anxious? That was strange; Jacob was usually a ball of heave-ho confidence and a sureness that you had always admired. Now, though, he seemed almost worried.

“Y/N… I just…” His face was slowly getting redder, and he had a difficult time making eye contact with you, “I wanted to… ask… about that man from earlier.”

“Earlier, as in three minutes ago?”

“Yes.” He looked to the right a bit awkwardly.

“Well, alright. What about him?”

“You didn’t… you know… enjoy his company very much, right?”

“Well, he was very chivalrous and polite. I cannot say I didn’t.” You told him honestly.

“Oh… well…” Jacob seemed at a loss for words.

“You seem a bit off right now, Jacob,” You tried to look him in the eye, which he seemed adamant to do, “Everything alright?”

“No! Well… mostly, but no!” His voice got a bit more direct, and his eyes snapped up to meet your own. You blinked in surprise, but urged him to elaborate.

“It’s just… He was a stranger, who just started talking to you!”

“That’s how conversations work, Jacob.”

“No! I mean, he was flirting with you!” He put emphasis on ‘flirting’, as well as a bit of bitterness.

“What’s wrong with that?” You crossed your arms. You wished he would just get to the point.

“Because some sod decided it was fine to try to chat you up!”

You were a bit surprised by this. Why would Jacob care about that?

Was he…

“Oh my god,” You said aloud, “You’re jealous?”

Jacob almost looked genuinely offended, “Wha-? Me, jealous? I… I have no clue what you mean, Y/N!”

You were surprised by this newfound talkativeness from Jacob. It’s not like Jacob was a reserved person to begin with, it was just that Jacob always seemed quieter around you. It was as if he had little to say. Evie had told you once he was shy around you, but you hadn’t taken her words to heart. Turns out, she was right, because now that he had had a few drinks, and was overboiling with some kind of apparent emotion, Jacob seemed to be quite able to talk to you.

In the moments of reflection that Jacob had taken for a disbelieving silence, he was looking around as if trying to find what he wanted to say next. An awkward silence fell between the both of you, as you didn’t really know how to approach this situation, and Jacob was still trying to figure out how to word the things he wanted to tell you.

Evie was watching, hoping that Jacob would pull up his little boy pants and just tell her his feelings. Watching the two dance just out of each other’s reach was frustrating, sometimes infuriating. Y/N was a good choice for Jacob, as he needed someone like Y/N in his life.

“Look, Y/N, I just…” Jacob rubbed the back of his neck, deciding that he would rather get it done and over with instead of drawing it out like he was doing, “You know the way that Evie and Greenie look at each other? All sickly sweet and that rot?”

You nodded, and could faintly hear a tsking sound from Evie.

“Well, that’s how…” He shifted awkwardly, “That’s how I look at you. I guess I just wanted to say… I like you. A lot.”

“Like… like-like, or just…?”


“Oh…” You felt a rush of hidden happiness. Jacob had feelings for you? This was great! You grinned, “Well, Mr. Frye,” You tried to sound calm, although your insides were all fluttery, “I like-like you too.”

Jacob’s eyes lit up, “Really?” His voice was higher pitched from his surprise. He then coughed and repeated, “Really? Well, good.” His goofy smile spread across his face, and from where she stood, Evie could almost feel the happiness radiating off of him.


“You seem very pleased with something, Evie.”

Henry walked up to stand beside her, noticing Y/N and Jacob just outside. The two looked happy. Like two kids hearing that they would be getting their favorite dessert.

Evie smiled, her blue eyes glinting with quiet contentment. They were happy together, and they finally both realized it.

It took them long enough.

@mac-noa asked for the foxes at the pool + andreil!

  • sometimes it gets really fucking hot during the summer in south carolina
  • nicky always wants to go to the pool to cool off
  • aaron doesn’t care
  • neil is not keen (doesn’t want to show off his scars and doesn’t see the point)
  • kevin is like why aren’t we playing exy rn
  • andrew just shuts that shit down
  • but one time the upperclassmen get on board with it and they go to the outdoor pool in town after practice

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This time I made some A-spec rockets to explore the endless depths of spACE! Who knows, maybe they will find some new worlds and spread their amACEingness to newly discovered civilizations!

Like the other times, I made a asexual, aromantic, demisexual, demiromantic, gray-asexual, and gray-aromantic version of the rockets which is each transparent. 

You all can use them as you feel but please mention that I have made those : ]


LQ Persicope Footage of Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe being adorable on the black carpet at the Outlander NYC Premiere/Tartan Affair.

Cuddling with Logan would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Haven’t seem the movie yet but hopefully soon :3 Yay Logan!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him acting like he’s reluctant about it, only to not be able to resist hugging you back as you’re usually the one to start it

-Him pulling you in a way to make you rest your head against his chest and keeping you tightly snugged against him

-Him feeling so relaxed, that his powers are properly controlled as he wouldn’t ever feel himself threatened while in your arms

-Him enjoying to listen to you talk to him about your day, making him slowly opening himself more and more to you

-Him nuzzling to your hair as he kisses the top of your head, to make you understand that he loves you

-Him laughing to feel you wrap your leg over him and deciding to be playful, doing the same to you but tightening his grip over yours

-Him intertwining his fingers with yours whenever he’d reach to hold your hand for a moment just to kiss them

-Him keeping the blanket up to keep you warm as he wouldn’t want you to get sick

-Him pretending to hate it when you would turn your back at him just to grind yourself against him but actually liking to have a reason to “punish” you, making you laugh

-Him stroking your cheek as you fell asleep in his arms and saying a few loving things to you before kissing you and going to sleep himself

Daddy Devil  { Submission }

<– [Prologue] | [Dominance] | 

A/N: Lmaoooo the title is misleading xD but! In the context of the first part of this story, it makes sense lol. So there!

Anyway, here’s the second part of Daddy Devil! There was a lot of positive feedback on the first part, so I figured I’d give writing a second part a shot. Hopefully you all like it!

Consider it a belated Valentine’s Day present~ ;p

Words: 7,414

Genre: Smut/Demon!AU

Namjoon finds himself standing at the bottom of the regal staircase, face blank and cock grown hard between his legs. The clock on the walls ticks just past 3AM, and the entire house is silent—Hell, for once, seems to have quieted down.

But the thoughts in Namjoon’s brain are loud. The images from his dream continue to play in his head, and he scowls, fingers curling into fists.

Taut, rosy nipples—skin decorated with bruises and hickies. Thighs quivering, lips and chin slick with drool, ass red—but that smirk. That cocky little smirk that only belongs to one girl he’s had the pleasure of attempting to ruin, and that damn smirk belongs to you. A smart little girl in Jungkook’s territory, daring enough to deem him “daddy” and even more bold as to play games in his presence despite the fact that you had been at his complete mercy.

The way you’d reacted and bantered with him had been branded into his mind, and you’d been terrorizing him even though your physical presence in his life was lacking.

And tonight is not the first night you had entered his dreams and made him like this—cock stiff and weeping, his heart thrumming with the need to dominate and make you submit.

Yet…his dependence somewhat scares him, because he doesn’t need you, so instead he turns his frustration elsewhere—stepping forward and throwing open the double doors leading into the Play Room.

Girls are thrown over the couches and chairs, eyes groggily popping open at the sound of someone entering. They’re wearing nothing but collars or piercings, typically not needing clothes when their services are needed by many of Namjoon’s men throughout the day.

Eyes widening, the girls can hardly believe their eyes when they spot that its Namjoon who has interrupted their sleep, and any rude thoughts that had come to mind fly away. They all scramble to their feet, watching as Namjoon looks them over, their mouths already slack as their gaze drops to the tent in his pants.

“Don’t make me ask,” he simply states, voice gruff from sleep, and undresses himself before sitting down in an arm chair. Obedient as always, the girls immediately surround him, hands roaming his tanned skin and their mouths parting to release quiet moans.

Namjoon closes his eyes as they work, eyebrows furrowed as lips caress his neck and chest, a small hand boldly wrapping around his cock. They tug skillfully, a mouth descending to enclose around the head of his length. The wet warmth comforts him, coaxing his orgasm towards the surface, but even so he still feels unsatisfied.

These girls have no voice—no effect on him. They don’t make him cocky—don’t give him a challenge. They’re here to please and nothing more, there’s no feeling behind their actions, no reaction behind what they feel.

When he opens his eyes he sees a girl knelt before him, mouth engulfing his cock, her eyes locked on his, waiting to receive his approval. But that’s all she cares about, making sure the Devil is happy with her work, and that doesn’t get Namjoon off.

It used to, in the drunk hours of the night, but not now.

Now he only sees the girls face and wishes that she could be you—trying your best to please him earnestly, searching for a reward yet also getting off despite the pain. A spicy, yet innocent demon—one that he wants to get his hands on once again.

“Fuck,” he growls, reaching down and shoving the girl off of him.

“Sir?” she asks in surprise, nervousness overtaking her tone. Standing up, Namjoon quickly steps into his pants, cock still hard against his leg, and looks back at the girls. His eyes are dark.

“You all did fine, go back to sleep.”

With that he exits the room and storms up the stairs. When he reaches his private quarters, Namjoon slams the door shut behind him, feet gluing to the floor a few steps inside the room. His eyes lock on the spot where he’d first saw you—hands bound above your head, body bare and utterly perfect.

Hand sneaking beneath the band of his pants, his palm strokes his cock, breath turning shaky as he recalls his memory of that day. Your ass, your lips—the way your pussy had felt around his cock. The way you’d obeyed him yet had made sure to retain your independence with wit, and the thought of your snarky words alone has a growl building in his throat, wrists twisting and his eyes fluttering shut.

He recalls your slicked thighs and quivering muscles as he’d touched you, and his teeth grind, dick aching under his touch. The temptation of your wet, warm walls enclosing him and taking him so wonderfully is what sends him over the edge, a gravelly curse sneaking past his lips as he cums in his own palm, the white substance accidentally painting the inside of his pants as well.

Eyes reopening, Namjoon stares down at himself, eyes burning maroon as confused anger passes through his skull. He doesn’t remember the last time he got off like this—like a blushing virgin boy, jacking off to fantasies in his head. He’s always had people to service him—to do his bidding, to take care of his needs. And the girls eat him up, truly. A chance to pleasure the Devil—what lower level, horny demon would pass the opportunity up?

But now they’re not enough for him, and it’s frustrating to realize that he wants you. God, you of all people—a random demon he hadn’t even known about until two weeks ago. But…fuck, something about you has him yearning for more…

“Fuck,” he growls, running his unsoiled hand through his hair. Namjoon walks forward and steps out of his pants, discarding his shirt on the bathroom floor as he strides into the white-tiled room, hand reaching out to start the shower.

He wants you but he’s not sure if you want to see him again. After all, he’d taken you under his mercy, even if you had enjoyed it (at least judging by the way your body had reacted).

But why should he care about the way you feel? He’s the Devil, he can have what he wants.

So, attempting to push his worries aside, writing it off as an emotion he shouldn’t need to bother with (even though the question of: do you want him like he wants you? remains), Namjoon steps into the steaming shower and decides that the next time you come to his mind he won’t hold back. He’ll come and find you.

Darkness descends upon Hell, the artificial sun fading away. The sky changes shade as the ball in the sky fades from yellow to dimmed white, craters appearing on its surface—a little feature added to mimic the look of Earth’s moon.

Namjoon has always been interested in Earthlings and the way that their world functions, Jungkook muses, nursing the glass of juice the bar tender had passed him. Well—half juice, the other half is vodka, but he hates to drink it straight. He typically despises being teased by his hyungs as the youngest, yet in this instance he’ll resign to his younger age. Sweet drinks are still his favorite.

Taking a swig of the concoction, Jungkook’s eyes shift sideways, head turning as he survey’s the laden bar. Most of the patrons he knows briefly on a name or face basis. It’s his job as the 3rd level guardian to know those he needs to keep tabs on.

However, mixed into the crowd are unfamiliar faces as well—people who are likely from Hoseok or Jimin’s level. It’s rare that anyone from Jin’s or Taehyung’s levels ever comes up for a visit, and typically the high class demons of Namjoon’s domain stay mingled amongst their own rank. And, of course, people from Yoongi’s dusty basement don’t get out much either, or…ever, really.

Sighing, Jungkook turns on his stool and takes another mouthful of his drink. Slyly, his eyes glance to the corner of the room where you and your friends are sitting, chatting away about one thing or another.

A couple days after Namjoon had deposited you back home, you had bumped into Jungkook, slapping your hand against his chest angrily at the way he had treated you before. Jungkook had laughed, taking your hand into his own and bringing it to his lips, apologizing for his actions. “It was too much fun,” he’d said, which had earned him another smack, and then…an invitation for lunch. To talk.

You had wanted to know about Namjoon—what he would do next, if he would come for you again. Jungkook hadn’t been able to supply you with much of an answer. He had no idea how Namjoon would act from here on. To his knowledge, nothing like this had ever happened before. Sure, Namjoon had found plenty of girls over the ages to take into his bed for one night only, but…this was different. That’s what Jungkook sensed from the situation. And his suspicions had only been confirmed when you had—

Oh, and do you know what this is??” you had asked him, looking around with slightly flushed cheeks before you’d lifted up your shirt, revealing the small, shattered black circle on your ribs.

In speed unmatched Jungkook had immediately reached over, tugging your shirt back in place, his face so close to yours that you had seen the shock in his eyes.

“That’s the Devil’s mark,” he had said, sounding baffled, his voice quiet as he had fallen back into his seat. “I mean…it’s the guardians mark—we each have one—

Pushing a bit of energy into his palm, Jungkook made his own circular black mark appear.

“What…is it?” you had asked, and Jungkook had bit his lips, brows furrowing.

“It basically…is claim? Well–,” he quickly made to amend his phrasing. “The guardians use these circles as a way to keep track of the people we especially…want to keep an eye on. The mark allows us to sense any extreme emotions—pain, sadness, happiness…ecstasy…

Your eyes had widened, arms crossing over your chest, and Jungkook had stared back at you, unsure what to say.

“So it’s basically a leash.”

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A Case of Mistaken Identity

Vanoo. 17989 words. 

Summary: Los Santos was a city riddled with crime, and it was up to Evan and his friends to fix that. By night, he was Bat Owl - a superhero tasked with defending his city from the baddest of the bad, alongside his friends and teammates, Batcoon and Early Bird. By day, he was a mild mannered security guard and loving husband to Brock, the son of a local billionaire entrepreneur.

Little did he know, however, that Brock had a secret identity of his own, and their lives were more intertwined than he previously thought.

(Vanoo Bat Owl and Early Bird AU.)

A/N: Loosely based off of this post from a year ago. 

The city was quiet.

It was rare that Los Santos would be this tranquil and peaceful, but Evan wasn’t going to complain. The absence of sirens was calming and more beautiful than any sound, and he was determined to enjoy it while it lasted. The city lights twinkled under the backdrop of the night sky, and the familiar rumble of cars zooming down the streets rose up from underneath them. The ever shining streetlights cast an orange glow on the horizon that drowned out the stars, but the full moon still hung brilliantly and watched over everyone below, emitting a gentle aura of peace that washed over him.

Being a superhero in a city with such a high crime rate meant genuinely peaceful moments were few and far between, and it was refreshing to perch on the edge of a rooftop with his team and bask in the tranquillity while they still had the chance to enjoy it. It was a demanding job, but Evan couldn’t imagine doing anything else that would be even half as rewarding, and it was in moments like this when the city was sleeping soundly without a care in the world that reassured him that the risk was worth it. His body may be littered in bruises and scars, but if the people were safe, then that’s all that mattered to him.

(Read on Ao3)


blue neighbourhood || troye sivan 

X-Files AU

Another old-ish (finished, at least) thing for an AU that I thought about a lot but never drew out. More info under the cut again, but it got super long so:

TL;DR: Ross, Trott, and Smith were abducted together as teenagers but don’t remember/believe it until they coincidentally (or not) run into each other years later - all working for the FBI - and realize they have matching nightmares, matching scars, matching implants in their necks.

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