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Anon asked: Heyyy omg I freaking love your blog your acc amazing at writing!! Can I pls get a taeyong make up smut scenario thankooooo xx            

Anon asked: Hey! I really like your works and id like to request a super duper fluffy smut with my king, lee taeyong!!! Thanks!!!             

Anon asked: Heyyy do you take requests? Can i request a smut (or a smutty scenario) with Taeyong in which he comes back from his work so he is tired and you take him to the bedroom and he falls asleep but you go shower and when you get out he’s horny? Thank you for even reading this^^  (Your blog is amazinggggg~~ I’m hooked^^ keep up the hard work!)             

HOPEFULLY this is smutty enough for all of you. I hope you enjoy. Listen to every day by ariana grande or rollin’ by brave girls those songs got me through this. ^^

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Imagine Jacob being shy around you until he gets jealous about another man flirting with you

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A/N: I got a ton of Jacob requests and this just happened to be the most finished work, so I quickly finished it up and badda bing badda boom! Hope you guys like it!

Jacob Frye.

A charming, ambitious man who was known to be skilled with both his words and his cane sword.

Did I mention he was a gang leader? And an Assassin?

His personality certainly befitted his job. And he knew it. His confidence and occasional arrogance practically radiated off of him.

And yet…

How come he had such a damn hard time talking to you?

It’s not like you scared him, or intimidated him. He respected you, and your presence always put him at ease. But just looking at you wasn’t what made him so nervous and flustered; it was when you talked to him. When you were so near him, he could see every little perfection and beautiful flaw. And when you spoke- we aren’t talking about little things, we’re talking about when you got passionate about the conversation. The way your eyes would light up and your voice would rise a little higher and your lips would curl into a lovely smile. He noticed those things about you, and he wondered how someone like you could even associate with him.

It probably didn’t help that Evie and Henry both knew about his little crush on you. Evie subtly teased him about it while Henry did his best not to bring it up for the most part (although sometimes he couldn’t hold back a small quip). Whenever you and him were anywhere near each other, Evie would cast a knowing look at Jacob, to which Jacob would scowl. It’s not like he was afraid of you rejecting him, of course not!

Well… maybe a little…

Or a lot.


It was a cool, cloudy evening in London. You, the Twins, and some Rooks were all having a few drinks at a pub, celebrating the victory over the Blighters in a big gang war. You were watching everyone celebrate, and your eyes lingered a little bit longer than normal on Jacob, who was drinking alongside a lanky Rook with blond hair. What was his name again? Nathan? Michael? No… Nigel! You were pleased that you had remembered his name, and in those few moments, you didn’t notice a man sit down next to you. You only realized he was there when he began talking.

“And what’s a lovely young lady doing here, all alone?”

You smiled, “Just enjoying the lovely London weather.” You replied. The man didn’t seem scary or malintent, so there was no harm in letting him talk, right? He laughed, “Ah yes, the gorgeous rain and clouds. Why haven’t the poets immortalized this city like they do Rome and Venice?” This in turn made you laugh, which caught the attention of Jacob, who was sitting across the pub. He glared at the man almost instantly- how dare that man just waltz right up to Y/N and start chatting her up like it was nothing! That was supposed to be his job!

He just sat and watched the two converse, periodically taking angry swigs of ale. He wanted to intervene, but it was Y/N’s choice. She didn’t look uncomfortable, so pulling her away would make her cross with him.

“Feeling a bit jealous, Jacob?”

Evie was smiling a tad mischievously at him, that same look in her eyes. Jacob rolled his eyes, “How can he talk to her and I can’t? I’m twice as smooth as that guy- and three times as handsome.”

“Maybe it’s because he has the balls to take a chance.” Evie smirked.

“I do have-!” He paused, realizing he really didn’t want to shout ‘I do have balls!’ in a pub, in front of Y/N.

“I do have them,” He continued, quieter, “But have you seen her? She’s just… wow.”

“I do see her. I’m seeing her right now.” Evie replied dryly. Jacob narrowed his eyes and scrunched up his nose. Evie went on before he could say anything, “Why don’t you just tell her after they’re done talking?” Jacob sighed loudly, “What if they don’t stop talking, though? What if they do more than talk?” Evie lightly smacked his head, “Head out of the gutter, Jacob. She doesn’t seem infatuated with him. They’ll stop talking soon enough- make your move then.”

Sometimes Jacob loved his sister’s logic, and sometimes he hated it. Right now, he wasn’t sure whether he loved or hated it.


“It was lovely chatting with you, love,” The man- Houston Price, you found out- was readying to leave. You just smiled and nodded, “I enjoyed talking to you as well, Mr. Price.” He took your hand and lightly kissed it, and bid you farewell. You felt a light blush on your face- it certainly was nice to be flattered by a young man every once in awhile. Even better, he was an utter gentleman about it. Usually you expected drunken swine.

“Y/N, may I, um…”

Jacob was standing where Houston just was, “May I have a…” He glanced over at Evie, who nodded her head encouragingly. “A word?”

“Sure Jacob, is there something wrong?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. He shook his head, “No, no. Just… Come outside with me.”

You followed him just outside the pub, away from the other Rooks and Evie. You were alone now, and the streets of London were unusually quiet, even for a cloudy night. Jacob looked a bit… anxious? That was strange; Jacob was usually a ball of heave-ho confidence and a sureness that you had always admired. Now, though, he seemed almost worried.

“Y/N… I just…” His face was slowly getting redder, and he had a difficult time making eye contact with you, “I wanted to… ask… about that man from earlier.”

“Earlier, as in three minutes ago?”

“Yes.” He looked to the right a bit awkwardly.

“Well, alright. What about him?”

“You didn’t… you know… enjoy his company very much, right?”

“Well, he was very chivalrous and polite. I cannot say I didn’t.” You told him honestly.

“Oh… well…” Jacob seemed at a loss for words.

“You seem a bit off right now, Jacob,” You tried to look him in the eye, which he seemed adamant to do, “Everything alright?”

“No! Well… mostly, but no!” His voice got a bit more direct, and his eyes snapped up to meet your own. You blinked in surprise, but urged him to elaborate.

“It’s just… He was a stranger, who just started talking to you!”

“That’s how conversations work, Jacob.”

“No! I mean, he was flirting with you!” He put emphasis on ‘flirting’, as well as a bit of bitterness.

“What’s wrong with that?” You crossed your arms. You wished he would just get to the point.

“Because some sod decided it was fine to try to chat you up!”

You were a bit surprised by this. Why would Jacob care about that?

Was he…

“Oh my god,” You said aloud, “You’re jealous?”

Jacob almost looked genuinely offended, “Wha-? Me, jealous? I… I have no clue what you mean, Y/N!”

You were surprised by this newfound talkativeness from Jacob. It’s not like Jacob was a reserved person to begin with, it was just that Jacob always seemed quieter around you. It was as if he had little to say. Evie had told you once he was shy around you, but you hadn’t taken her words to heart. Turns out, she was right, because now that he had had a few drinks, and was overboiling with some kind of apparent emotion, Jacob seemed to be quite able to talk to you.

In the moments of reflection that Jacob had taken for a disbelieving silence, he was looking around as if trying to find what he wanted to say next. An awkward silence fell between the both of you, as you didn’t really know how to approach this situation, and Jacob was still trying to figure out how to word the things he wanted to tell you.

Evie was watching, hoping that Jacob would pull up his little boy pants and just tell her his feelings. Watching the two dance just out of each other’s reach was frustrating, sometimes infuriating. Y/N was a good choice for Jacob, as he needed someone like Y/N in his life.

“Look, Y/N, I just…” Jacob rubbed the back of his neck, deciding that he would rather get it done and over with instead of drawing it out like he was doing, “You know the way that Evie and Greenie look at each other? All sickly sweet and that rot?”

You nodded, and could faintly hear a tsking sound from Evie.

“Well, that’s how…” He shifted awkwardly, “That’s how I look at you. I guess I just wanted to say… I like you. A lot.”

“Like… like-like, or just…?”


“Oh…” You felt a rush of hidden happiness. Jacob had feelings for you? This was great! You grinned, “Well, Mr. Frye,” You tried to sound calm, although your insides were all fluttery, “I like-like you too.”

Jacob’s eyes lit up, “Really?” His voice was higher pitched from his surprise. He then coughed and repeated, “Really? Well, good.” His goofy smile spread across his face, and from where she stood, Evie could almost feel the happiness radiating off of him.


“You seem very pleased with something, Evie.”

Henry walked up to stand beside her, noticing Y/N and Jacob just outside. The two looked happy. Like two kids hearing that they would be getting their favorite dessert.

Evie smiled, her blue eyes glinting with quiet contentment. They were happy together, and they finally both realized it.

It took them long enough.


Behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End (Part Eight)

Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine #398, as reported by Benjamin Cook

“Right, so we see Freema spinning a Dalek,” says Billie Piper, alias Rose Tyler, “and that’s when me and Lis [Sladen, who plays Sarah Jane] decide to grab one too?”

“And when they spin,” wonders David, “aren’t they going to smack into each other?”

“Yes, can we rehearse this?” requests Barnaby Edwards, the chief Dalek operator.

This is the sequence of Donna taking control of the Crucible.  On the take, Barnaby keeps spinning, and spinning, and spinning.  “Sick bag for Barney, please,” requests Simon Morris [First Assistant Director].

“Ladies and gents,” says Graeme, “when the Daleks start going potty, you’re delighted, congratulating one another, loads of energy!”

“Can I ask a question?” says Catherine.  (”Oh God, she’s off again,” teases Captain Jack actor John Barrowman.)  “When I’m doing this,” - and she flicks some switches on the central console - “can I do this?” And she back-kicks one of the levers.

“She’s stealing your thunder, dude!” John says to David.

“All my best bits,” David nods. 

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