hopefully today is not the day

I am going to get lots of writing done today. I say “lots”, but my ideal minimum is 3k words lol. I just really want to get this fic further along, I want to get to the good juicy parts, because ohhhh boy are they juicy. Well, they are in my opinion lol. I don’t know, maybe this fic is a little too…I don’t know, it could be a little squeamish? Hard to explain. (And god, why is it so hard to come up with filler sort of scenes? I knowww, I know, “every scene should be important and not filler blah blah” but plot stuff needs to be delayed and I do not know how to delay??? How to fic????)

BUT YEAH. Anyway. Lots of writing. No messing around doing other things. Or else I’ll delete my AO3 account as punishment for myself pfffffffft XD

My ankle wasn’t nearly as bad today as I thought. Beach days and easy hikes are now back on the table and I couldn’t be happier. I see my orthopedic doctor tomorrow and hopefully she’s pleased with my progress.

big 11 year old on the block today

today is eva’s 11th (irl) birthday! january 21st 2007

i signed in to post this lol i finally got my computer back the other day, but i havent been able to get my desk. once i get that out, ill be back in full 💜 expect me back in the next week hopefully!

100 days of productivity - day 21


i’ve had two big productive things today, the first being my grandad’s birthday party (which went well despite the lack of people because of illness) and the second being this post. it was an absolute nightmare trying to put it up because tumblr was fighting me, but hopefully it’s worth it. not much more to say other than i’m pretty happy with it all, and i’d appreciate if you let me know if it was interesting (i know the photos are ugly but i wasn’t about to mess about editing them when everything else had been such a struggle). blog rates and compliments are probably coming when i reach 1000 followers!

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i saw geminids (?) today!!! thank u for ur username or i wouldve never looked it up and saw them a the beach (california) they are suppose to be a ton at 2 am but im going home now hopefully i can see more lol,,, anyways just thought it was cool

Wow!!! I’m so glad you got to see them! I flew back to the city a few days before they peaked and it was too bright for stargazing…. I always thought they were pretty cool but I’ve had this URL for 6 years now and only seen them once 

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Do you always post this much without queuing? Just I really don't want to unfollow, but I feel a little spammed?

[this is from yesterday when I was posting almost constantly for like 4 or 5 hours]

At the moment, I’m only using the queue to manage the comment of the day. I want to be sure that I’m getting one comment per day posted, and that’s the best guarantee of doing that. 

Unfortunately, because I’m not great at queueing (I tried on my main channel once and it didn’t really suit my), I haven’t been doing that here. I did read this ask earlier today though, and I’ve been trying to do stuff in bursts rather than just sitting down and doing it all in one go. Hopefully that’s better?

I’m new to having this sort of a blog and very new to doing the kind of reblogging of my own asks that I’m doing, so if anyone else has experience with this sort of thing or ideas for improvement, I’m all ears. 

And just in case anyone needs to hear it, if you unfollow this blog I will not take it personally. This is a lot. And a lot of it is uncomfortable. Do what works for you :)


Green day today! 😁

Last night I went out bowling and actually had a few drinks. I never drink so I was feelin it this morning. I got asked to come in to work today, that’s where most of my active minutes are from. I spent the rest of the day cleaning up my room and being lazy. Tomorroe I’m getting up and going to breakfast and hopefully doing something outside. I just want one nice day dang it.

I’m also like 3 days behind on the I am me challenge, and I’ll work on it tomorrow!

hi everyone! i’ve been dealing with depression since may 2017. though everyone here on the studyblr community seems to be well intentioned when it comes to advise on mental health, i noticed that a lot of people feel uncomfortable, knowing that a significant part of them may not have ever experienced any kind of mental illness – note that i used the term ‘uncomfortable’, not ‘angry’. sure drinking water is important, but how is that going to help me, mentally? 

you see, i got no other knowledge about the subject than my own experiences, conversations with doctors and basic research. i can’t guarantee any of this will be helpful to you, but i can share what i’ve been passing through and try to reach a more equal level to those who are also dealing with mental illness and school. here are some things to note:

settling a time for taking medicine

  • this one can sound just as silly as drinking water, though it’s very important to the right functioning of the medicine you’re taking. it’s simple chemistry and you’ll find better results by doing that. your doctor will advise you to do so, then listen to all of their reccomendations
  • ok, so you’re taking medicine and has settled a time for doing it, great! now, you should turn it into a task. write it down on your journal, programme a phone alarm, or even find an app for this, so you won’t skip the correct time for doing it
  • however, you’re probably going to skip time for one day or another, and it’s absolutely ok, since it doesn’t become something frequent!


  • well, sleeping is a quite complicated one: apparenty, depression can make you wether sleep too much or not sleep at all, and that’s s my case. i would wake up every night and spend 40-50 min awake. it took me 5 different pills until i found the one that made my sleep enough and regenerating again
  • report your sleeping problems to your doctor. sleeping medicine can lead your mind to some weird dreams, as it’s done to me, and your doctor will know how to handle this

doing stuff you like

  • depression is well known for making people uncapable of doing all the things they once were passionate about. i know. however, you have to keep in mind that you’re now starting a new phase, the getting better phase, now that you’ve been taking medicine and seeing the doctor. in time, maybe the day you start taking medicine or maybe not so early, you’ll return to do what gives you pleasure
  • make sure that your hobby doesn’t feel like an obligation and happens spontaneously 
  • maybe you don’t have a hobby, a hobby that feels like the stereotypical ones, like drawing, singing or playing tennis, and that’s alright: find something you do without any blame and stick to it 

studying for exams

  • this can be a great oportunity for you to try new studying methods. depression injuries your academic productivity, and by the end of the semester the only you wish is your school year to be over; then all you want is your notes to be efective
  • there are tons of study tips for your here on tumblr. don’t be afraid of trying a new note taking system or doing those vocabulary things that are so popular here
  • i know it doesn’t feel like the correct time for experimenting; you have to make it to the next year and shouldn’t get too excited planning what you’re gonna do, and then end up in a mess bigger than before. i have this thoughts frequently. but, during my last exams seasion, i was just so tired!!! i didn’t read every book, didn’t take revision notes that covered up everything in detail, but what i did felt effective
  • trust me, neither you nor these people on studyblr community can study everything to their 100%, even if they are mentally healthy. that’s impossible, so don’t push yourself too hard

receiving exams results

  • well, you can probably guess that this is about receiving bad results. good grades need no preparation for, in contrast to bad ones… erm, but we have to cover them up: your effort may not work. you may fail some subjects. it is a possibility, and it doesn’t mean that you should’ve done more or that it’s just a big picture that represents how you were never able to develop studying skills – sorry! i have these thoughts
  • you can always work on prevention. prevention from failing and prevention from feeling completely helpless if you do

letting your school know

  • you should consider letting your school teachers and headmaster know about your condition. this way, they’ll get to understand your lack of motivation and the occurrent classes that you’ve been skipping or simply away from
  • you can also get the chance to take tests at home or separately from the others, if that’s how you wish to

getting a legal absence

  • you can get a legal absence from school, if you understand that you’ll feel better at home. i decided it was the best for me to do and had my parents, doctors and school supporting my decision. if this is something that often cross your mind, make sure you have thought it through, then you’ll have to deal with all the bureaucracy, but hopefully it won’t take too long

final considerations

keeping a journal

  • the day i started taking medicine, i decided i would start a journal to monitor my feelings and simply write down moments or things i’d like to remember later on. both my psychologist and psychiatrist supported my idea. maybe you could enjoy doing so, or going for the things i did well today challenge

treating yourself

  • it can be a hobby. we all know how life is busy. if you just can find an hour when you can enjoy your body lotions, do some skin care or simply wash your hair, then lucky you are
  • though depression can depravate your want to do some of the self caring, you could find a way to reanimate these habits, when you do it only in order to take care of your well-being

starting a studyblr, studygram or a studytube

hobbies during bad days

  • i’m so glad i’ve got my hobbies to use them in my favour! they can feel pretty productive when i can’t function to the productivity patterns. my psychiatrist recommended me not to pin them to my weekly activities, so i wouldn’t have to worry about them. maybe this strategy suits you as well

i believe this is pretty much everything for now. ahhhh please let me know if any of this sounds helpful and thank you very much for reading!!! 

wishing you the very best on earth!!!

Inktober day 28 - What if Jack Skellington went down one of the other holiday doors instead??

This is based off of the prompt that @thatsthat24 gave for today. Valentine’s day is kinda like Halloween, it just has a different kind of heart-pounding excitement and candy giving. Tried a different style for inking and coloring this piece, and I can’t help but like how it turned out. Don’t know how I’ll use this style again, but hopefully an opportunity will arise.

Please do not edit or repost without permission.


18/100 days of productivity · it’s been a rough month and i feel like i have a million things to do now that the semester is coming to an end, but i have no energy to do any of my work. it’s one of the reasons why i haven’t been posting any of my content. hopefully today will be a good start to get back into the productivity challenge and feel motivated again.

MP100 Valentines Week: Day 5- Lanterns

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I haven’t drawn Terumob in a while… I don’t think I’ve ever posted any of it on here either, huh? Hopefully, these glowy lads will do~