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How to wake up easily in the mornings!

Okay, so I love to sleep (who doesn’t!?) buuuut I always find myself feeling tired during the day, and recently I’ve come up with a couple of things to do to help myself (and now, others) sleep better, feel less tired and wake up more easily!

1. Get. Enough. Sleep. 

I know so many people who complain about being tired and it’s almost always because they stay up too late the night before. What they need is a sleep schedule, a set time to go to bed every night and wake up each day. I, being a young teen who can’t function without enough sleep, usually go to bed at 11 and wake up at 8 on nights that I don’t have school, and on nights that I do, I go to bed and wake up an hour earlier. 

2. Your bed is for sleeping and ONLY sleeping.

If you use your bed like a couch, watching Netflix and do your homework on it, your brain will begin to associate it with those things and not sleeping, making it harder to fall asleep at night. So don’t. By only using your bed for sleeping, your brain will start to think that bed=sleep, which helps you fall asleep faster each night.

I have a bunk bed, so I use the bottom bunk for whatever I like (usually scrolling through tumblr or watching Netflix) and when I feel it’s time to go to bed, I leave my phone on my desk and climb onto the top bunk and go to sleep. Bringing your phone to bed only encourages you to go on it and before you know it, your battery is dead and it’s 4am. So don’t. Just put the phone down for once. Eventually your brain will learn that bed=sleep and you’ll be able to get to sleep faster at night.

3. Waking up effectively.

This can be separated into 3 main points:

  • Don’t hit snooze, this is so tempting, but getting up as soon as your alarm goes off is key to being more productive in the mornings.
  • Drink a glass of water as soon a you wake up, this helps you feel more refreshed and keeps you hydrated (which Tumblr seems obsessed with haha)
  • This one’s more specific to me, but I figured that other people might find it useful too: Put on some music when you get up, dancing around my room to it while I’m getting dressed and ready for the day puts me in a really good mood and if I’m feeling happy I’m usually more productive too! (If you want to know what I’m listening to, my Spotify is laura_ann203)

This is my first original textpost, hopefully someone found it helpful? I’ll probably be making more of these in the future.

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fanaticfandomfaun  asked:

I am a huge fan of your style! It's absolutely lovely! How long have you been drawing and how did you develop your own style?

 ive been drawing my whole life! (always an odd question for me bc like…. yall stopped drawing after kindergarten? what did you do all day??)

as for developing style, my biggest piece of advice is just! keep! drawing! its been a bit hard to follow my own advice lately because my depression keeps fucking up my motivation and for the first time in my life i just dont feel like drawing, at all, ever. but if youre having similar motivational issues or if youre just starting out and you just arent feeling satisfied with your art, dont give up! the less you draw the harder it will be! i have a personal policy (that i dont actually remember to follow) where even if i dont want to, even if i hate how it looks, i have to draw at least once a day every single day. i swear it will improve your work if you do this. its hard, i know, i havent been doing it, but follow my advice not my example! (honestly im the embodiment of that quote “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.” by Lewis Carol)

the other piece of advise i have is honestly…… steal art. 

“gasp! but Kate,” you say, “stealing art is bad and wrong!!” you say, “i know because of all those ‘art theft is bad and wrong’ posts i reblog!”

look. thats not what im saying, im not telling any of you to try to pass anyone elses art as your own, or use other peoples art without their credit. dont to that its bad and wrong. what im saying is LOOK at other peoples art and copy what they do. copying other peoples art styles is how every artist has learned for centuries. i started out drawing myself as a powerpuff girl or as a pokemon character just like everyone else. hell, i used to straight up print out and trace drawings i found on deviant art, which is a perfectly viable way to learn styles (muscle memory) so long as you dont try to pass it off as your own work then honestly its not stealing.

for example recently i was trying to draw these cat characters i had come up with, and i could not for the life of me draw these cats they were just turning out so ugly,

so i was like “well fuck this, i just need to find a simpler style” and by some kind of MIRACLE, while i was looking up drawings of cats i stumbled across this one blog, daily cat drawings. and it was like, holy shit this is it this is the exact style i need to draw my cats in. so first thing i did was try to follow some of their drawings exactly, not tracing but the closest you can get by sight. 

this is one of dailycatdrawing’s drawings:

and this was my attempt to copy it:

after i felt like i kinda had it down i drew that athena. NOT based off of any one of dailycatdrawing’s pieces, but still using the basics of their style. after that i felt confident enough using this style to draw the rest of my cats and they turned out great! naturally i had to draw hermes again because i couldnt just use such a blatant copy of another artists work, and it turned out even better than before!

which proves my earlier advice about how every single time you draw youre improving! its also important to note that even if you try to copy an artists style exactly you will probably never have it perfectly, and thats a GOOD THING! because it means that you arent truly stealing someone elses work, youre just using it as an example of ONE WAY a drawing can be good. by paying attention to MANY artists styles you can use all of them together to make your own unique style! even trying to copy dailycatdrawing’s style to a T i still ended up using elements from other artists and my own experience to change the style just enough to make it personal. looking at hermes’ face you can tell ive unintentionally taken some inspiration from lackadaisy’s art style, another artist i really admire. 

this turned out way longer than i meant it to, sorry, i always get so caught up in explaining things when people ask for advice. hopefully this helped someone!

My All-Time Top Ten Favourite Fanfics

I’ve thought about doing this list for quite a while now. Let me tell you why. 

Being part of a fandom is, for the most part, quite awesome. However, being a fanfic writer can be quite daunting and discouraging, especially if you don’t get the feedback you’re looking for. As a writer myself, I just want to spread the love and point people towards some amazing, amazing works I’ve loved and have been inspired by since I was a mere thirteen year-old discovering ff.net for the first time. I really, really hope you guys check these stories out. In my humble opinion, they are even better than some original novels that have been published over the years. (*cough* Twilight *cough*) 

At the end of the post, I’ve tagged TEN people here on Tumblr. I hope these people who are tagged will share ten of their all-time favourite fics and tag ten more people, and hopefully, we can keep this whole ‘support for fanfic authors’ thing going for a while yet. Fingers crossed! :) 

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1. The Life and Times (Harry Potter) by Jewels5 ( @itreallyatemyhand ) - The story of James and Lily’s sixth and seventh year at Hogwarts, and how they fall in love. This fic remains THE fic for me; it is practically canon in my mind.  If you’re a long-time Harry Potter fanfic reader, you’d probably have heard of TLAT. This fic has its own fandom, for God’s sake. (It’s even been mentioned in a Buzzfeed article? Whattt?) But if you haven’t heard of it, START READING IT NOW. I can’t gush enough about how well-plotted and well written this story is. It has inspired my own writing throughout the years and I’ve reread it more than five times. It physically pains me that it might never be finished, but don’t let this stop you from enjoying these 36 chapters. They will make you laugh, they will make you cry, they will make you fall in love, and trust me when I say - you won’t ever be disappointed. I still come back to this story every now and then, and every time, I fall in love with it a little bit more. - Multi-chapter on ff.net

2. The Queen Susan in Tashbaan, Part 2 of the Stone Gryphon (Narnia) by @rthstewart - The Pevensies aiding the British war effort in WWII. If you’re a history lover and a Narnia fan, you MUST read this story. The amount of history woven into this series is simply awe-inspiring. The plot still floors me, even after all these years. And the characters - both the canon ones and the original ones - are written and expanded so beautifully. Not only that, there is a lot of heart to this story and a very real, very palpable sense of bittersweetness to everything. - Multi-chapter on AO3

3. A Sea of Golden Sand (Narnia) by Andi Horton - The events of “The Horse and His Boy” through the perspectives of the Pevensies. This is everything - I repeat - EVERYTHING you’d want from a Golden-Age Narnia fic. This story chronicles the events leading up to the final battle at Anvard, from Rabadash’s visit to Narnia to Aravis and Shasta coming to Archenland. It is incredibly, incredibly well-written, filled with humour, heart, and amazing characters. And although it was published in 2007, most stories in the Narnia fandom don’t even come close to this level of badassery! Edmund, one of my favourite characters ever, is pretty much swoon-worthy in this. I’m legitimately in love with this version of Edmund. - Multi-chapter on ff.net

4. Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops (Narnia) by Francienyc - The Pevensies navigating life in England after they’re not allowed to go back to Narnia. Lots of sibling bonding in this one, but by God, the simplicity and the subtleness of their pain! It has been years, but I still think of this fic every once in a while, and it still chokes me up a little. - One-shot on ff.net

5. Hung Out to Dry (Narnia) by @rthstewart - Jill/Eustace but with an angsty, heartbreaking twist. Despite how short it is, it is still one of my favourite things I’ve ever read. The aesthetics, the silences, the unrequited love - this story has it all. Every time I read it, I find myself still getting emotional by the simplest of sentences. In short, just exquisite. - One-shot on AO3

6. Fools (Harry Potter) by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ) - The First Order of the Phoenix, with the Marauders, the Prewett twins, and Marlene Mckinnon. I remember crying my eyes out the first time I read this story, years and years ago. Yes, there are a ton of First Order fics out there. But please trust me when I say - none of them is quite like this one. This story will undoubtedly shatter you, but in the best of ways. - Multi-chapter on AO3

7. In Their Autumn Beauty (Harry Potter) by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ) - The teenagers of the First Order of the Phoenix as seen through the eyes of the much older, much more jaded Dorcas Meadowes. This story is only 2,000 words long, but it has stayed with me for years and years. It is so, so beautiful. Please. Just read it. I beg you. It’ll take you only ten minutes, maybe. You won’t regret it. - One-shot on ff.net

8. Joy in the Mourning (Narnia) by Andi Horton - The Pevensies during the Blitz in London, after they’re not allowed to go back to Narnia. I also remember crying when I first read this. (Yes, there really is a pattern here; I do cry a lot.) This story really captures what the Narnia books are about: finding joy and hope amidst despair. - One-shot on ff.net

9. The Death of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire) by La Reine Noire  ( @poorshadowspaintedqueens ) - The events leading up to and of Robert’s Rebellion through the perspectives of the Dead Ladies Club, primarily Lyanna Stark, Ashara Dayne, and Elia Martell. Usually, I’m not a fan of fics about Robert’s Rebellion; I find most authors’ take of the events hard to believe and the characters not well fleshed out. This story, however, is EPIC and SO well-written, you’d think it was canon while you’re reading it! I cried buckets at the end, of course. If you’re a fan of the ASOIAF books, definitely give this one a try. - Multi-chapter on AO3

10. Corellian Gin (Rogue One) by guineapiggie ( @ruby-red-inky-blue ) - Jyn/Cassian surviving Scariff, with bits told through the eyes of Bodhi. Of course, I had to squeeze in a Rogue One fic somehow, but I really had a hard time choosing ONE story from my old writing partner, guineapiggie. I nearly chose “The World Through A Scope”“Beinahe”, or something from the series that we wrote together (”Happy Endings”/ “Where’s My Love?”), but I settled on this one instead because it is one of the first Rogue One fics I read that made me tear up. I LOVE a bit of well-written romantic angst, and this story has it in spades. - One-shot on AO3


HONOURABLE MENTIONS (because I can’t quite help myself):

Harry Potter - Anything by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ), especially Brackets (Sirius/Marlene), Stray Thought (Sirius/Marlene), and the No, Nay, Never series (the First Order of the Phoenix). 

Narnia - Firstly, anything by Andi Horton, especially King’s Champion (Edmund-centric) and The Better Part (Pevensies bonding). Secondly, The Delight of My Eyes (Aravis/Shasta) by Francienyc. And lastly, Rat and Sword Go To War (Pevensies in WWII) by @rthstewart , as well as the rest of her The Stone Gryphon series. 

Rogue One - Resistance is Built On Hope (WWII AU) by ChronicOlicity, Floating, Sinking (fix-it fic) by @shu-of-the-wind, the violet hour (Jyn/Cassian modern au) by caramelle or @mellamymake, the road that sets into the sun (a beautiful Jyn/Cassian in the SW Legends-verse) by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ), and all the angsty Jyn/Cassian stories by guineapiggie ( @ruby-red-inky-blue ). 

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TAGS: Now, to join me in this venture of spreading fanfic love (yes, I’m perfectly aware of how weird that sounds), I’d like to invite these ten awesome individuals who I have interacted with here or on AO3: @ruby-red-inky-blue, @operaticspacetrash, @yavemiel, @rxbxlcaptain, @rapha-senna, @thenewleeland, @pingou7, @jeroncassianandor, @lclrgsl and @rebelcaptainfics. And don’t worry! You guys don’t have to write these long reviews for each of your recommendation like I did; I was simply bored and overzealous! :) 

If you’re not tagged, but have seen this on your dash and want to jump in on the action, please feel free to make your own list and tag ten more people. Let’s show appreciation for fanfic writers who put so much work and time into writing these stories we love so much! <3 


What does the future hold for Ashton Sanders?

Hard work. Dedication. Knowing myself, continuously being myself and not conforming for other people. I want to have my hands in everything: acting, fashion, cinematography, directing. So I’m just building myself up right now. I’ve been having some conversations with God and following my intuition. I want to leave a mark on this world. I want to inspire. That is what the future is: having my hands in everything, building myself up. Hopefully the result will leave a mark. I already know that I’m going to put in the work. It’s the law of attraction. I’m a strong believer in that. I’ll be calling shit out so the universe will hear it.

Coming soon: BNHA Femslash Week 2k17!

BNHA femslash week is planned for July 30th ~ August 5th, as not just one but TWO of our girls have birthdays that week! Join us in celebrating the female characters in boku no hero academia, and f/f relationships because they are sadly underrated. 

The response has been much bigger than expected, and it fills or hearts with joy to see that so many people are interested. Big thank you to everyone who submitted feedback and ideas! <3

Without further ado, here are the PROMPTS! Interpret them however you want. Hopefully some of these will inspire you :)

July 30th:

  • first impressions/last words
  • parties/festivals
  • Mina’s birthday!

July 31st:

  • acceptance/coming out
  • ribbons/skirts
  • Quirks

August 1st:

  • sparring/training
  • villian-hero swap
  • Jirou’s birthday!

August 2nd:

  • downtime/shenanigans
  • soda fountain/amusement park date
  • crossover

August 3rd:

  • teamwork/strength
  • bandages/battle scars
  • quirkless!AU

August 4th:

  • injuries/comfort
  • tea/coffee
  • college AU

August 5th:

  • frustration/guilt
  • hugs/kisses
  • future/past

You don’t have to focus on a specific pair (or ot3+, if you desire). You can make fic, /edits/videos/playlists/anything else (or even just share your headcanons & recs!) for one ship on one day, or the same ship on different days, or vary day to day. The possibilities are endless!!

Just be sure to tag your things #bnhafemslashweek in the first 5 tags or @ us at @bnha-femslashweek, that way we can find and reblog it. If you don’t have a tumblr, that’s ok, you can submit things in our inbox. There will also be a collection for works on ao3.

We ask you to please submit your own works only, and tag any nsfw content.

Most importantly, have fun! Can’t wait to see what everyone creates!! ^^

I really needed a piece of art that I can look at when I don’t feel motivated or uninspired (or when I feel insecure over my art >_>) so it can lift me up! And who is better suited for that job than Ink?? It’s crazy but every time I see art of him I feel filled with creativity :’) 

So I will print this and pin it at my wall! SO (hopefully) I  FEEL MOTIVATED EVERY DAY YESS!!

Perhaps it can inspire some other people out there as well?

SPEEDDRAW: here (or if you speak German watch here)

Ink belongs to the awesome @comyet / @myebi !


Hi everyone! I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting as much CC recently–work has been super busy these days. 

I did start working on a hair a couple of days ago that I thought I could show some WIP shots of! This hair is inspired by a character name Aloy from a game that I’m super excited for, coming out later this month, Horizon: Zero Dawn!

I’ve still got some weights to fix and I’m not sure that I’m completely happy with the UVs yet, but hopefully I can release it in a couple of days. I’ll make a version without the braids in the back for those people who may not be interested in those. I hope you all like it! :)


0602 - Happy Birthday Jung Yunho!!

 Dear Yunho, you are one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever ‘met’ ( maybe,hopefully, one day in person too). Your undying optimism, enthusiasm and determination to look at this world with love and compassion is what also gets me going. You’ve been through so much, too much for some, things that would make any other person broken and bitter, but it only makes you stronger and more understanding and more generous. Your mind is sharp and strong, but your heart stays pure and filled with love. This world does not deserve you and yet I feel blessed to be alive at the same time as you and be your witness. Stay amazing. Stay healthy and happy!


So what was supposed to be a little doodle exercise in style, kinda turned into a low key self indulgent gemosona thing 😅😅😅
I’m not even that big of a Steven Universe fan
But I know that other people are so I thought I should share for mutual fans haha

Hello everyone! \( ● ⌒ ∇ ⌒ ● )/

My name is deena and I’ll be starting my first year of being a university student in September and because of that (along with some other reasons) I decided to make a studyblr to help me to get into the mood to study as soon as possible and also the most important thing is to help me to stop procrastinating stay focused and stay motivated.

About me:
Let me start this with my hogwarts home: I’m a proud ravenclaw! I’m a girl from Indonesia and I just turned 18 few weeks ago. June was such the best month for me because not only I graduated from high school but also I got accepted into a medical school! (which has been my dreams since I was in eleventh grade) and I seriously have no other thing to say it’s just: I’m so excited to finally learn the things that I love!

Why did I create this blog?
I’ve been watching this community for quite long time now and and I realized how this community is so supportive and the people are so kind to each other. So I decided to make a new tumblr account to join and maybe inspire people and spread some positivity and hopefully gain my motivation on studying also make some new friends along the way. 

Why did I choose a medical school?
I’d like to answer this complicated question with a simple answer: because it scares me the most!

What are your interests?
- I love the world of medicine
- I love biology sm and I love watching TED-Ed videos before I go to sleep
- A hobby that I’ve built in my senior year: procrastinating
- I love cats, they are blessings to the humanity
- I love reading books (especially Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments), watching scary and thriller movies and writing short-stories or even poems too!
- I love listening to music and I have lots of favorite singers and bands. Some of them are Ariana Grande, Avril Lavigne, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, and the holy trinity: Lorde, Lana and Halsey. I’ve got a ton of favorite bands and some of them are Paramore, Twenty One Pilots, Arctic Monkeys, All Time Low, 5 Seconds of Summer, Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Kodaline, Little Mix and don’t even let me finish. I’m so grateful for music.

Some of my favorite studyblrs: to the lovely @emmastudies who taught me lots of things about the studyblr community! also @lychiestudies @legallychic @studyquill @studytherin @ohlookimstudying @intelliqents @successe-s @equaticns @m-ediblr @birdkostudies @studyneurons @sootudying @eggystudy @snowystudiess @notesworthtea @elkstudies @mochi-studies @studykouffee @alimastudies @stillstudies @studypetals @sapphirestudy @thecoffeedesk @aestudier @cielstudies @studypetals @natastudies @studyign @boystudy @lattetudes @studeebean

I’m looking forward to follow a lot more studyblrs and make some new friends!

Okay so. It’s  5:20 am and I can’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking about a post that I had accidentally ran across this- …yesterday morning. And, for the record, this is why I currently avoid discourse now; last year discourse had fed my mental illnesses to hard-to-believe amounts and I can’t begin to explain how horrible it was…. But anyway, with only one post, I’m here, 5:22 now, thinking about it.

It was a typical mocking post. Saying how they couldn’t understand what an aro or an ace person was suppose to get out of pride- how, do they just see a bi person waving a bi flag and think “that’s me!” or how they see two women kissing or something and go “I’m with my people!”? And the only notes on that post were only people laughing at aces and aros.

It has gotten easier for me to not reblog discourse posts within the past year of trying my best not to- but that didn’t stop me from wanting to. I didn’t know what I was going to say exactly, and I still wouldn’t know. I suppose I’d draw from my own experience, and lecture and scold.

But here I am, trying to go to sleep, and with everything that has happened today, my mind comes back to this. This idea that aces and aros shouldn’t have pride because we’ve got “nothing really in common” with LGB people, apparently. …Heh, which is funny thinking about how just yesterday, I read on that Jughead post, how so many gay people thought that having made Jughead officially ace was homophobic, due to him being “gay coded” for… you know. Not showing attraction to women… So yeah, super homophobic, super homophobic, etc. Ah yeah, we’re so different… ….

But like. When I see a gay person waving the rainbow flag (I can’t use the bi flag example because I am m-spec), I don’t think “This is me!” and, well, honestly, despite my romantic orientation what it is, I don’t ever, and will probably never “relate” with two women kissing… But what I do see when I see a gay person waving a rainbow flag or two women kissing is “family”, or a sort of kinship.

Ignoring how transphobic and intersexist (not to mention aphobic) it is to frame pride by the narrative that you have to be “sga™” to have anything to do with being at pride or to be a part of the larger community, after a while, a few words just kept repeating in my head again and again- For you see, it’s apparent that if they don’t understand- if they don’t understand what we get out of pride then, do they understand us at all? We’re too “different” for these people. We’re being singled out by being “different” and, I mean, we’re already too different for straight people, but like, the LGBT+ community, it’s just full of people from all different communities, and we unite together by our differences, and we teach each other about our differences, so that we may make things easier for each other when straight cis perisex people refuse to listen. And, then we work together to make them listen. But like….. If we’re getting stopped at the door, and we’re like, too different from them, and too different from straight people, then, we’re like…. going back to the words my brain keeps repeating to me now, “not normal”.

And that sucks, you know? That my mind has on repeat that I’m not normal, because of other people in our community. Other people who starts off their example about how we can’t connect by having a bi person wave a bi pride flag. My pan(???)romantic ass will still never be normal enough to those shits. I’ll never relate to two people kissing regardless of who they are. It sucks that straight people never think they’re “not normal” for being straight, but aces and aros feel like they’re not normal all the time because of how society forces us all to be, but to a lot of LGB people, we’re “practically straight”, or that our ace or aro identity is just a quiriky addition or subtraction to what our other, “real” orientation is.

Dude. I am normal. Thankfully, when I discovered just exactly who I was capable of having crushes on, as early as 12, and, while I was scared of telling a lot of people, I never had trouble accepting myself- which I understand isn’t the most common of reactions, especially for a time like 2002, but, it’s taken my lifetime to accept and be comfortable that I am ace, and goddamnit, I shouldn’t be awake at- 6:03am because exclusionists wanna think me too different to enjoy a parade with them! I am different! I am very different! But I belong and I am normal!

Even if I wasn’t just different because I’m ace, my romantic orientation makes me different as well! Am I bi? pan? Who knows! But it’s different than gay! Do you see yourself when you see me wave a bi flag? I’m also different because I’m trans! It’s not the LGB community no matter how hard some of them try to make it out to be (until they want leverage).

Damn. Okay. So.

What do aces get out of pride?

We get to see ace people wave ace flags. We get to see people we’re fighting alongside be happy. We get to feel like we belong, that we’re normal, that we exist. We get to feel safe, to say who/what we are, and to live how we want. With pride, pride in ourselves, pride because we’ve been made to feel not proud, some of us can live happier, to accept ourselves in spite of what has got us here today, and hopefully some of us can be less suicidal. And, with pride, some of us can be role models, and inspire others, and make our identities more acceptable, and, honestly, keep this ball moving for the future- this ball of progress. I’ve watched progress happen, and all of these things are important.

So, I hope, even though I know for a group of people who hate people who are “different”- like asexuals and aromantics, in the future, when they see an aromantic or an ace person wave an aro flag, or an ace flag, I hope they see it how I see someone waving the rainbow flag; “Family.”

anonymous asked:

hi, so i've been following overinvested and your recap posts on american gods, and generally really appreciate and like your opinions. howev, i /think/ the rising tension in ep6 with vulcan is probably really different for white pp bc watching it as a black american: the ep didn't work for me bc it was fight-or-flight from when they drove up, no rising tension whatsoever. basically, would you elucidate on your analysis of that part of the ep? I'd like to hear what you think, as a brit

People’s opinions are influenced by their own experiences, and I think American Gods inspires VERY different opinions because it’s an ~edgy show, it has a black protagonist and a diverse cast, and it deals with themes of race and immigration in America. (It’s also mostly written by white men, lol.)

In this ep, I found Shadow’s discomfort and Vulcan’s role to be the most effective/memorable aspects, along with the Jesus intro. The trifecta of Christianity, racism, and guns was a pretty in-your-face depiction of toxic American conservatism. Here’s what I wrote in my recap:

After several episodes of Shadow being freaked out by supernatural weirdness, this feels like a more meaningful threat than, say, getting stabbed by a magic tree.

He’s a black man in a small town in the South, populated by heavily-armed white people with an obvious distaste for outsiders. When Vulcan invites Shadow and Wednesday back to his house, he points out the noose in his garden—an intentionally disturbing gesture toward Shadow, who wants to get out of there as soon as possible.

There’s a realistically unsettling dynamic to their interactions, with Vulcan being subtly aggressive toward Shadow while excluding him from the conversation. Corbin Bernsen is perfectly cast as a bully who enjoys making people uncomfortable, hinting that Vulcan holds all the power in the room. Mr. Wednesday ignores Shadow’s discomfort (and the warning signs) out of a desire to rekindle his friendship with Vulcan.

Re: your question about my view as a white/british person, it’s often hard to gauge one’s own influences from an inside POV, if that makes sense? Hence why people publish so many racist & sexist reviews without realizing it! (I’ve probably done this at some point, although hopefully I’m not fucking up in this actual reply.) With American Gods, Shadow may inspire different responses depending on the viewer’s race/cultural background, not necessarily in a negative sense, but because white viewers might not understand the rarity & impact of seeing a black/biracial protagonist in a fantasy show. Kind of like how men watch Wonder Woman and enjoy it, whereas women watch Wonder Woman and burst into tears of relief. And AG’s creators experience similar biases/influences from the other end of the process. They want to make a show that directly tackles racism, but they may not have realized how the scenes in Vulcan’s town could obliterate the rest of the drama in that episode, because some viewers would find it distractingly tense from Shadow’s perspective.

My reaction to the show will inevitably be different from someone who experiences racism in America, but I also agree with your comment that this episode lacked a sense of rising tension. AG has a kind of meandering, disjointed structure with multiple storylines in each ep. That contributes to people having wildly different reactions to the show, because it’s easier to focus on individual characters and scenes. 

This is now slightly off-topic, but I think that phenomenon played out in an interesting way with Laura. I loved her rewritten role in the show, and found it refreshing to see her be so unpleasant and miserable compared to the “beautiful dead wife” cliche. She isn’t likeable, but she makes sense from an emotional perspective. At the same time, some viewers just hated her and thought she was a bitch for ruining Shadow’s life. And then there’s this more nuanced analysis from a thread with film critic Rebecca Theodore:

My reply got kind of outta hand, but basically: I think American Gods is an interesting but flawed show, and because it tells a wide range of stories, it invites a wide range of perspectives and critiques, including reactions that the showrunners may not have predicted or intended. (Also it would help if they hired a more diverse creative team for season 2, because almost every ep is written and directed by white men.)

For a more in-depth analysis of this ep from a black critic, I recommend Charles Pulliam-Moore’s commentary on Vulcan’s role in ep 6. My own recap is here, and the Overinvested podcast episode about American Gods (covering eps 1-4) is here.


Hey guys I made some avatars of the PJO characters! Inspired by minuiko’s minimalist pjo colour palettes which are amazing! Hopefully I did it right and everything outside the circles are transparent. If any of you want to use them as avatars please message me because I’d love to know!!

Edit: Some people are confused but the girl with the coral background is Calypso :)

Finished drawing of a modern Mel and human Virgil! I was gonna have my first drawing of them be directly from the game, but then I got this mental image. 

Thanks so much to everyone who came by the stream to watch me draw this! I’m usually lucky to get 1 or 2 people and chatting with you folks was fun. Hopefully I can do some similar streams in the future.

Mel’s shirt was inspired by a drawing @ouroborosasunder did. ^^


I’m just leaving anime Detour. Despite having have gone for the past how many years I think this might be my last year. I didn’t really have as much fun as I would have liked.
The best thing though was that I entered my Hanzo cosplay into the masquerade. It’s my second ever cosplay that I’ve made and I actually won Best Workmanship overall and honestly it was such a shock??? There were so many good cosplayers that I felt deserved it more. I know some people were upset that I won because right before I went on stage parts of my costume broke but honestly that’s stupid??? Even professionals have things break and emergency repairs are needed.
But none the less the kind words I got literally made me feel so much better because the whole cosplay was my own personal nightmare.
It’s just inspired me to try and get better at crafting and hopefully be good enough to not have people saying I shouldn’t have won.

anonymous asked:

I need some inspiration to write. Can you please help?

Here are some unfinished excerpts. Hopefully they’ll get you past your writer’s block :)

i. I just wanted to forget about it for a while,“ she said.

“But then I remembered that you don’t forget about things like that.”

ii. “What would you do if I fell in love with you?” I asked.

You paused before saying: “I’d love you right back.”

iii. “When I was younger,” she said, “I thought that everyone had dreams. But now that I am older I see that most people live day to day, just focusing on how to survive. There isn’t time for dreaming.”

iv. Don’t you dare think it didn’t hurt me to leave,“ she said. “Don’t you dare.

"Leaving you was the hardest thing that I’d ever done. Leaving you was the only way I knew how to save myself.”

Witcher Headcanon: Geralt and Yen 3

  • Their dogs have play dates with Anna Henrietta’s beagles.
  • When Ciri is on the path, Geralt and Yen will go through her room looking for love letters and other keepsakes. 
  • Yen adopted another dog because she wanted her dalmatian to have a friend. It was a husky.
  • Yen wants to adopt kittens as well but they already have plenty living on the estate. Plus they aren’t too fond of her Witcher.
  • Geralt and Yen go on nature walks throughout the duchy almost daily.
  • Sometimes after lovemaking, Geralt will ask Yen for a game of Gwent as a joke.
  • Geralt has a multitude of different trophies littered around their home. Mostly from Gwent. Yen loves to tease him by referring to them as “petty trinkets.”
  • Geralt and Yen cuddle outside almost every night. They enjoy watching the stars together.
  • If Geralt is about to go into town then Yen will pepper him with kisses to make sure her scent gets all over him. She needs the women of Toussaint to know he is off limits.
  • Geralt has secretly read some of Yen’s shitty two crown romance novels. He doesn’t mind them.
  • Yen prefers Geralt when he wears the Cat School Armor. The more scarred skin she can see the better.
  • Every time Dandelion visits, Yen makes him tell the story of how Geralt saved the play in Novigrad much to Geralt’s embarrassment. 
  • Yen cheers Geralt on when he performs in the tourney every year. She loves it when he vows to fight for her honor.
  • Geralt and Yen will occasionally prank each other. Geralt likes to move Yen’s unicorn to various locations around the estate and then tells her that he sold it.
  • Geralt made Yen visit the dye shop in Beauclair. He insisted on her trying out some new colors.
  • One time when Geralt moved the unicorn, Yen found it with some of the estate’s children playing on it. She decided it was best if she didn’t tell the children.
  • Yennefer still laughs every time she sees the near nude painting of Geralt.
  • After arguments, Yen will make Geralt sleep outside. He likes sleeping out by Roach anyways.
  • Marlene tried intervening in one or their arguments. It was the one and only time that she tried this.
  • Yen makes sure to cuddle with their dogs daily.
  • Yen has reopened her alchemy shop in Toussaint. Geralt helps her by acquiring rare herbs and monster elements. 
  • Yen loves to play with the children that live on the estate. They now call her Aunt Yen.

Thanks everyone for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed. I quite like a lot of these that I have come up with so I hope you do too. Some of these were inspired by other people lists so if they sound familiar then that may be the case. I hopefully will have some more soon. Thanks again! :)

🎓 Hi guys ! I’ve recently started my first studygram because I really want to be more active in this community/family. I’ll be posting stuff about school, about my plans, life, stuff I like… You can find me right HERE on instagram, my username is cupcakes_studies 🎓

And this is my very first post here as a studyblr, yay ! I’m currently studying Business&Management, but will be (hopefully) studying Psychology in September, as soon as I graduate from my current school. I cannot wait ! I plan to study Neurosciences in the future, especially for my Master’s degree, and I’d like to be at the head of a hospital. Therefore, studying Business&Management, and Psychology, is useful and needed ✨

I’m deeply interested in Med, Psychology, Health, Selfcare, Art, Books, Architecture&Deco, Planners&Stationery, and many other things ❤

Some studyblrs have inspired me to get more involved and I want to thank them:

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