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Jellybots started as a number of character designs back in 2011- (which started as an attempt to prove to a friend that Beard Holograms are a sweet idea) then some more designs, and eventually a mini comic and a longer comic pitch (very just *almost* a series of GNs) and persistent dreams about wanting to do something bold and colorful and sci-fi/fantasy about growing up and mixing in major personal influences in a very particular sort of way that haven’t left me alone (despite never feeling like I have enough time or followthrough to do it justice). A quick googling should fill in some of the details but suffice it to to say: Jbots is my little personal project about kids and monsters, and a story world I’ve been taking trips to for years. Most characters are based, if loosely, on my irl friends. #DailyJellyJam is a month long attempt to take some of my own advice: one push-up is better than no push-ups! And a little bit of dreaming a day is better than no dreaming at all. So, at the suggestion of @erkshnrt, I’m making time to do some low-stakes worldbuilding at the glacial pace of no money, and I sincerely hope you guys are enjoying it! :)) Above is a sampling of some of the work that’s come together across the last few years- it’s all evolving and much is outdated and likely to be revised, but hopefully it gives you more of a sense of The Thing, or at least how gelatinous sausage gets made ;) new art momentarily!

Daily updates and process videos on Instragram:

Classwork! A sort of mock book cover or something for a color theory class.

This is very unpolished, but it’s supposed to be about developing a color scheme more than it’s about making a finished looking piece. Hopefully I succeeded in that respect. Plus, I sorta like it all sketchy looking.

It’s also definitely inspired by Car Boys and I had Clair de Lune in my head the whole time I was working on it. It’s not directly Car Boys fanart, but it’s an attempt to capture the mood a bit. Especially of the last few episodes.

One of those long overdue commissions I finally could complete. I am working on my backlog as I also picking up my commissions at last, hopefully can progress with everything fluently now.

The character belongs to her respective owner and second attempt to do it. The original concept I first did simply became toxic in my eyes and never could befriend it and after a time I just started to hate it. After 2 years going over developing my artistic skills and approach I managed to build from scratch a lot better idea I could easily work with. 

Thank you those who were company of mine during streaming this one!

Business Dinner (Jay Park Smut)

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POV: First

Genre: Smut

Soft and passionate; no kinks

Admin: Nari

A/N: This is a little different from what was originally requested, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

A frown turned my lips downward as I glared at my phone screen. It was the night before Valentine’s Day and while most girls were all giddy to spend time with their significant other, my boyfriend and I were texting each other about having to celebrate it late due to busy schedules.

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anonymous asked:

Urgent prayer request: my husband suffered his first (and hopefully last) suicide attempt last night. He says he was alone with his thoughts and didn't want to wake me. Please pray that we can get him counseling very soon (he is already on meds) and that his depression will become less of a problem. Pray also that he comes to see his worth and finds more meaning in his life. I'm very scared of losing him to this illness.


I’m definitely praying for him. 

May God bless and guide you both.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima

I just had to turn off the sound for my IM’s cause it’s doing the thing where I get the SCHWOOP BING noises over and over again but clicking on the icon just causes it to cycle and time out as tumblr shits itself and gives me a quirky “something went wrong here” message.

Attempting to open them on mobile just makes the app crash so that’s fan-fucking-dabi-dozi-tastic an’ all.

Hopefully it’ll be fixed tomorrow when I actually plan to have time (*hysterical laughter*) to sit down and go through my messages and my emails. I’ve noticed 3-4 editing requests/queries too in my email, so if you sent something to my gmail you can expect a response tomorrow <3

Things are just a wee bitty mental at the moment with trying to pack for going home to Scotland for a wedding (finally found a dress that fits!), and all the usual stuff as well, so thank you for having patience. I’d like to say things aren’t normally this disorganized but that’d make me a bold faced liar, and I’m nothing if not an honest hot mess.

Stories I Will (Probably) Never Write: BatB Victorian!AU

Inspired by personal headcanons and @dereksprettyboy‘s fic “We Loved with a Love That Was More Than Love.” 


London, 1887–Miss Isabelle “Belle” Prentiss, the daughter of a struggling society painter, is everything that a young lady of the middle classes ought not to be: independent, outspoken, and desirous of a life beyond marriage and childbearing. When she unexpectedly finds herself the recipient of a distant uncle’s fortune, Belle is delighted over the prospect of having the means to leave the city and support her ailing father; yet a preexisting condition in her uncle’s will which states that Belle may only obtain her inheritance “upon the happy occasion of her marriage” threatens her hopes for independence and her father’s welfare. 

Adam, Duke of Thornborough–alternatively known as the “Beast of Balmore”–finds himself in a similar financial predicament: with the revenues from his estate falling into decline he needs to marry a heiress or risk losing his family’s ancestral home. But the scandalous reputation of the reclusive aristocrat, along with his personal aversion to matrimony, makes this task more difficult than he initially thought. When an evening at the Opera brings him into the company of Miss Prentiss, the beastly duke and the headstrong beauty do not hit it off, but over the course of their acquaintanceship during the Season they learn of the other’s situation and eventually agree to marry–he for this security of the estate and it’s occupants, and she for her father’s comfort. 

Love was never intended to be part of this arrangement, yet amongst the gilded halls, towering bookshelves and hidden gardens of Balmore Castle, something begins to change between the Duke and his bride. Genuine emotion starts to emerge, and leaves each party with the hope that maybe, just maybe, they can make their strange marriage work after all. 

Prompt 92- You’re So Clingy. I love it. 

Round 2! for at @yours-julie ^.* I hope you like it, my love, ^.^ <3

I’m not as happy with it as I was with my last attempt but hopefully it will make someone smile ^.*

“Turn that goddamn song off.” It’s some Taylor Swift pop shit that Yuri can’t stand, every whiny note grating on his very brittle last nerve as he tries his best to fall asleep against the car window.

“But it’s fun,” Viktor says, turning up the volume until the vibrations shake his tired bones. Gritting his teeth, Yuri kicks at the driver’s seat once, twice, until a hand clamps around his ankle, stilling him into submission.

“Yura,” there’s a hiss at his ear, a tender brush of warm lips, but he just scowls, pounding the headrest to emphasise how done he is with Viktor’s crap and sinking lower into his seat.

“Why couldn’t we fly to Moscow like any other sane fucking person would,” he mutters, yanking his hood over his head. They were three hours into their nine hour drive to the capital, and the only thing stopping Yuri from throwing himself to the mercy of the motorway is Beka’s hand cupping his knee and dedushka eagerly awaiting his safe arrival later that evening. “Can you at least play something that isn’t going to leave me with an IQ lower than my age?”

“Maybe,” Viktor hums, switching lanes with a jolt of the steering wheel, and Yuri’s head knocks jarringly against the glass. A thumb burrows into the hole of his jeans, stroking circles into his skin. “If you ask nicely.”

“For the love of God, I’m-”

“Just do it, Vitya.” Yuuri, until then, had been doing a stellar impression of someone completely dead to the world. Now the sleeping mask he’s wearing is pushed atop his head, ruffling his hair in a way that definitely isn’t cute.

With a sheepish glance over to his husband, the radio station is changed to something classical, something easier to fall asleep to. There’s a collective sigh from all passengers, another hasty lane change from the driver, and Yuri finally thinks he can relax, lulled into unconsciousness by Tchaikovsky.

But if it’s not the music, it’s the comfort of the back seat- meaning, the lack of it. No amount of wriggling or clothes screwed into makeshift pillows helps ease the serious case of dead leg Yuri’s sporting. And to make matter’s worse, Katsudon’s light snores begin to punctuate the music like an offbeat metronome from the front seat, because of course he can sleep, what with all of that extra room. Fucker.

“Yura,” Beka says again, although this time it’s because Yuri’s accidentally kicked him whilst contorting his long legs in a vain attempt to release the pins and needles slowly crawling their way to his ass. “Stop it.”

“Fight me,” he pouts, making the decision to switch to the middle seat, causing Viktor to yell frantically, knuckles white and straining against the wheel. When the commotion settles, a sorry forced from his lips with intense dark eyes, Yuri nuzzles his nose into the dip of Otabek’s exposed collarbones, lightly teasing the skin with his tongue before murmuring, “Hold me.”

“I thought you wanted me to fight you,” Beka retorts softly, but an arm settles around his waist, drawing him closer until the seatbelt digs painfully into his thigh. Yuri can’t find it within him to care, though, when a smile is pressed to his forehead, fingers dipping under the hem of his shirt and tracing the contour of his hip bone. And even with Viktor watching him with eagle eyes in the rear-view mirror, he twists so he can capture Beka’s lips with his own, swallowing a sigh that hums through the space between them.

“You’re so clingy,” Beka murmurs, nipping his earlobe just so, causing Yuri to squirm against him. There’s another bite at the juncture of his jaw, then another to his still pouting bottom lip. “I love it.”

“Shut up,” he mumbles, face hot with a blush he knows he cannot hide. “I hate you.”

“I love you.” It feels like the first time he said it, alone in their apartment with his back pressed against the kitchen counter, pulse fluttering dangerously in his throat, a heat spreading through him that only Beka could ignite.

He’ll say it back, one day, when he’s ready.

First, he needs to introduce his dedushka to the man who was able to tame his wildcat of a grandson into a purring kitten.

“You’re such a fucking sap,” Yuri says eventually, as he always does, and this time it’s his turn to press his smile into Beka’s skin.

Yes, I do.

Hi, thank you for sending in your request! I went with Older!Damian instead of Jason Todd because I really wanted to write something about Damian because I miss writing about him. That aside, it’s a tad bit short but it has its charms (hopefully!) Hopefully you can still enjoy this! We are finally in the last 30 requests and I really hope I can get it down even more soon so that I can open my requests again!

You aren’t going to lie. This is actually your third attempt in trying to propose your longtime boyfriend, Damian Wayne. The thing is Damian does not want to accept your proposal because he wants to be the one proposing to you – boys and their pride. So you have been trying your best to catch him off guard and get him to say ‘yes’ to you even though you know trying to catch Damian Wayne, son of batman, trained by the league of Assassin, etcetera, is like trying to catch you dancing – not the best analogy you can think of at the moment but it will do.

“Beloved, I love you but I want to be the one to propose to you.” Damian frowns as he crosses his arms and you roll your eyes. He pulls you up from where you had kneeled in front of him and wound an arm around your waist, pulling you to him. He presses his lips to your temple. “It is quite adorable – for the lack of a better word – to see you trying hard.” He chuckles and you roll your eyes. Technically Damian did not really say ‘no’ to any of your proposals – he simply did not give you a straight answer which annoys you the most.

You huff before wrapping your arms around his waist, enjoying his warmth. At times like this, being in Damian’s arms is really the best. A lot of people have always said that home is where the heart is and for you, that is Damian. He has hold your heart for the longest time and it is evident that you hold his too.

“This is nice.” You murmur on to his shoulder and Damian chuckles, placing his chin at the top of your head. He sways the both of you gently, side by side and you don’t even remember how long the two of you stayed like that, just holding on to each other and not saying anything, basking in each other’s warmth. It was really nice.

Damian is the first one to pull away causing you to pout at the loss of his warmth. He chuckles before smirking at you. “I have something for you.” He tells you, clearing his throat before he reaches in to the pocket of his jeans and takes out a folded paper. He hands it over to you.

“What is this?” You take the paper from him anyway. You try to figure out what it could contain but you know even if you turn to Damian for help, he’s most probably not even going to help you out. You sneak a peek at Damian and he shrugs his shoulders, that smirk still evident on his face.

“Open it if you’re so curious.” He tells you and you stick your tongue out at him before doing as he said. Damian had folded the paper in to four and when you open it, your jaw drops slightly because one, it is a comic strip and two, you can tell just by how beautifully it was drawn that Damian had been the one to draw them – he always had talent for drawing.

But what caught you by surprise even more is the fact that the comic strip contains a drawing of Damian and you. Damian is kneeling down and he is holding what looks like a very big ring and is looking up at you and you are looking at him in awe. Your heart starts to beat faster and when you hear the rustling, you know what Damian has done. You look up from the paper to see Damian in the same exact position as his drawing and the moment he took out the ring from his pocket, that is when you somewhat lost it and started to cry.

“Beloved, those better be tears of joy.” He mutters before taking your hand in his. “I wanted this to be special and just could not find the right time to execute this and yes, yes and yes, for all of your three proposals, Y/N.” You let out an ugly sob as you use your other hand to cover your mouth. Damian gives you a smile, one that really highlights his charm. “Now, I want to know, will you finally marry me, beloved?”

“Yes, yes, yes and yes!” You cry out before throwing yourself at Damian. This is something he had already expected because Damian knows you like the back of his own hands so he accepts you in his hug, the both of you falling back on to the floor. Damian chuckles as you continue to cry. “I don’t even know why I’m crying anymore.” You mumble through your tears and Damian kisses your head a couple of times.

“Because you’re silly like that and I am absolutely in love with you, Y/N.” Damian whispers causing you to lift your face from his neck to stare at him. Damian uses his thumbs to wipe the tears away from your cheeks and while he is caressing your cheeks, you lean down to press your lips against his a few times.

“I love you too, Damian.” 

Some things- 1. Northampton is grey, I’ve been grottyill, I’ve taken no nice snaps for insta so here’s last week in Disney happy mode! 2. I’m going to attempt a LIVE HAUL on my main channel (http://ift.tt/1pFu8QX) tonight at 4pm, for reasons I’ll explain in the video. Bit nervous about it so hopefully see you there! 3. I’m writing this from my car because it’s pouring with rain and I daren’t make a dash to my door yet!! Eeepp!! ☔️☔️☔️ http://ift.tt/2mltBUe

Monsta X reaction to them being mad at their S/O but their S/O does something cute and they just can’t stay mad at them

Request - A scenario where they are really mad but their gf looks super cute and they just cant stay mad

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The Cat’s out of the Bag - Part Two / Archie Andrews

I doubt this was worth the wait for those who wanted a second part, but hopefully it’s somewhat okay. 

Words: 1108

Part One

It had barely been a month since I last spoke to Archie. He of course has attempted every single day since the game to talk to me, but I couldn’t face him. Not after what I had learnt.

For as long as I can remember, Archie and I have never spent so much time apart. We grew up together, we’ve known each other for the longest time. I thought that even if we never worked out as a couple, we could at least remain friends.

That fantasy is currently long gone. It was never a possibility in my mind for him to cheat on me and with a teacher of all people and that changes everything.

Ms Grundy has left town, something I find very comforting. The emptiness inside of me is slowly healing. I miss Archie more than I would like to admit, but no longer as more than a friend.

I’ve moved on from that. He hurt me too much. I still haven’t found it within me to forgive him or even talk to him, but having all this anger inside of me is not healthy. I know I have to do something soon, I have to move on properly.

Shutting my locker, I take a deep breath. Only one more class to go and then I can leave. 

Not many people know about everything that went down with Ms Grundy and Archie, but everyone knows that he and I have broken up. I was sick of the stares and the gossip.

“Can I talk to you?” 

The same question in the same tone that he had asked for the past few weeks. 


Shifting my body to face him, I look him in the eyes. Seeing the desperation and shame that hid behind them makes me sigh. “Okay.”


“I think it’s time. Walk with me?” I offer.

Archie nods and quickly joins my side, “I guess I should start by apologising.”

“You guess?” I laugh, shaking my head. 

“I know,” he corrects. “I need to apologise. Not because I think it’s the right thing to do, but because I know it is.”

“You’ve already apologised. Many times in fact,” I remind him.

“And every single time, you’ve never believed me.” Glancing up at him, I nod, gesturing for him to continue. “I’m not going to offer any excuses,” he says. “I know I hurt you and you didn’t deserve that. You deserve so much more than that. I’m really sorry for how I handled everything, for everything that happened-I’m just sorry.”

“I’m sorry too,” I say. “For not being enough.”

Archie stops walking, gripping my arm gently to stop me from going any further, “Don’t ever say that-as if you played some part in my actions. What I did has nothing to do with you, it was me. Okay?”

“Okay,” I mumble, removing my arm from his hold to continue walking. Archie rushes to match my pace once more. “Is that all you wanted? To apologise?”

“I-” he cut himself off. “I know we’re done, what he had-it’s over. I get that,” he sighs. “But I wanted to know…is there any chance of us going back to how it used to be? To be friends again?”

Jughead and Archie had come to an understanding over the past few weeks, their friendship, for the most part, had been mended. “Maybe,” I reply honestly. “I just need some more time, Arch.”

He nods, “Take all the time you need. Just let me know if you need anything or if you-”

“Archie,” I laugh, cutting off his rambling, “I know,” I smile. “You’re here for me when I need you. I hope things will get back to how they were. I just need you to know that things will be different.”

“I understand.”

“It’s going to take a long time for me to trust you again,” I say slowly. “You really hurt me, Archie.”

Pain flickers across his face as he remembers what had gone down between us only a few weeks ago, “I know I did. I want to make it up to you. I don’t know how, but I will.”

“I’m sure you will,” I tell him. “I just need you to be patient with me, can you do that?”

“Of course,” he replies immediately. “I don’t expect you to forgive me easily.”

“Good,” I tell him playfully before my face turns more serious. “I’ll see you around, okay?”

Archie nods, halting his movements, coming to a stop in the middle of the hallway, “See you around.”

“So I spoke to Archie,” Jughead announces, sliding into the booth opposite me. Taking a quick bite of my burger, I gesture for him to continue. “He told me you actually talked to him today.”

I nod, “I did. Do you not approve?”

Jughead rolls his eyes, “I want you two to make up,” he says slowly. “But I want you to do it because you want to, at your own pace.”

Smiling, I push my plate across the table for him to pick at. “I know. And that’s what’s happening. I haven’t forgiven him, Juggie,” I admit. “I don’t know when I’ll be ready to do that, but I need to move on from this. I can’t keep dwelling on what was. Do you understand?”

“I do,” he confirms. “I just don’t want you to get hurt anymore.”

“Neither do I,” I laugh. “I hated the way he made me feel,” I tell him. “But what I think I hate the most is how much I miss him, I shouldn’t miss him as much as I do-not after what he did.”

“I think that’s normal,” Jughead claims. “Especially after your history with him.”

“Even after how much pain he caused?” I ask quietly.

He nods, “Unfortunately we can’t help the way we feel.”

“I want him back in my life,” I say quietly. “As a friend,” I clarify. “But I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet.”

“It will take time,” Jughead states.

“That’s what I told Archie.”

Jughead munches on a few chips before asking his next question, “Do you really think you will be able to forgive him one day?”

I take a moment to think, despite already knowing the answer, “I think so. Not just yet…but yes.”

“So the Three Musketeers will eventually be reunited,” Jughead murmurs, squinting his eyes as if he could imagine the day.

“I think there were actually four in the group,” I interject, interrupting his train of thought. 

Jughead rolls his eyes, “You get what I mean.”

“Yeah,” I smile. “I do.”

The Other Lodge (Part 3)

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Pairing: OC x Reader

Requested: Nope

Synopsis: Veronica Lodge and her twin brother Jackson ‘Jax’ Lodge are new to Riverdale. He thought he was going to hate it here but then he met you.

GIF Not Mine

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

“Well, it’s not the Met ball.“ Veronica said as you, herself, Betty, Archie, and Jackson walked through the entrance of the gym where the dance was held. The dance was in full swing, everyone was having fun and dancing. You glanced over to Jackson, who stood next to Betty the other side of the group, and you had to admit he looked good in a suit.

“I’m… uh going to get some punch.” You informed the group and walked away before Veronica could protest. When you got to the punch table you poured yourself a glass, you didn’t actually want any you just wanted to get as far away from Jackson as you could. He was your weakness, the longer you were in his presence the more you want to forget about everything and hook up with him. You were leaning against the table scrolling through your phone when Veronica came over with Kevin. She cleared her threat trying to get your attention but to no avail so she snatched your phone out from your hands. “Hey!” You exclaimed.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Veronica asked. Her perfect eyebrow arched.

“I was on my phone.” You replied, emphasising on was.

“There is a handsome guy wanting to dance with you so go dance with him.”

“Okay, if you’re referring to your brother, he doesn’t. Secondly I don’t want to dance. I don’t even want to be here so can I have my phone back.” You asked attempting to get your phone from Veronica but she moved it out of your reach in the last second.

“No you can’t. You are going to dance with my dear brother. We’re here for Betty so if we all dance it will hopefully make her relax and finally tell Archie how she feels.” She said grabbing your hand to guide you where Jackson is. “Also, you’re not getting your phone back until you dance with him.” You both stopped where he was standing and she nudged you towards him before going off to dance with Kevin.

“So..” You started.

“So… I’m guessing she took your phone too?” Jackson asked.

“Yep.” You replied.

“Well, I guess if we want our phones back we better fulfil her bizarre wishes.” He decided and took your hand leading you to the dance floor. He slipped his arms around your waist and you crossed your hands around his neck. It was a slow song on so you were both swaying to the music. You were looking around trying to avoid eye contact with him. Jackson sighed when he noticed what you were doing. “Why can’t you look me in the eye? Am I that bad?”

“Depends. What did you mean when you said you pegged me as a cheerleader?” You didn’t mean to ask him tonight, or at all, but you had enough and not knowing was driving you crazy.

“What did you mean when you said you didn’t peg me as someone who plays football.”

“I asked first.” You were getting impatient with him now. You stopped dancing and removed your arms from around his neck.

“Okay… you’re superficial, self-centred, bitchy. Your parents are rich so you think you’re untouchable. You’ve probably been with the whole football team, if not most of it. You are fake and you don’t let anyone see the real you.”

“That’s a bit presumptuous, don’t you think?” You crossed your arms dumbfounded at his presumption of you.

“Oh like you haven’t done the same.” Jackson retorted. He was standing close to you now, towering over you.

You scoffed. “Wow, I was right about you.” You shook your, disappointment laced in your tone and flashed across your face. You hoped you were wrong about him like you were wrong about his sister but tonight he proved you right. The music soon stopped for Cheryl to introduce Josie and the Pussycats to the stage as well as make a speech about Jason. You turned away from him and started heading to the door leaving Jackson standing in the middle of the dance floor on his own. You wanted to not draw attention to yourself but Little did you know was that two people were watching you. Cheryl was standing on stage and noticed you walking off out of the door, it was easy for her as everyone else was standing still.

The other one who was watching was Veronica. She was watching the exchange between the two of you the entire time. When you walked away looking upset she was confused, she didn’t know why or how it went so wrong. She caught her brothers gaze to which he looked away immediately and walked off. Veronica followed her brother and caught up with him. “What the hell happened?” Veronica demanded. She grabbed his arm so he would look at her.

“Nothing. It’s none of your concern.” He replied turning back to the punch table grumbling at the lack of alcohol in it.

“It’s obviously not nothing. Y/N walked off clearly upset. What did you say to her?”

Jackson scoffed. “She was not upset and I told her the truth. Why do you care so much anyway? Isn’t there someone else’s life you can be meddling in?”

“I care because you’re my brother. What did you say to her, Jax?”

“I told her she was fake. Look, I know the type V. The typical cheerleader.” Veronica’s face dropped. She was angry, no she was pissed. Jackson saw the look that clouded his sisters face and knew immediately what he did was wrong.

“You’re joking right? Please tell me you didn’t actually say that to her.” Veronica looked at her brother waiting for an answer but he just stood there speechless. “I can’t believe you. How could you make an assumption about someone after everything we’ve been through.”

“V I-.” He started but Veronica held her hand up to tell him stop and continued.

“And if you must know Y/N is the least fake person I know. She’s nice and caring and definitely not like the girls from our old school but of course you wouldn’t know that because you didn’t even bother getting to know her before you made up your mind about her.”

“She did the same thing, you know.”

“Then you prove to her that she’s wrong.” Veronica shook her head in disappointment at her brother and scoffed. “You can take the boy out of New York but you can’t take New York out of the boy.” She looked at him in pity and shoved his phone to his chest. Once again Jackson was left on his own in the middle of the dance floor realisation that he messed up flooded him. He liked you, from the moment he met you he liked you, but now he’s messed up. Any chance of being with you gone.

“Don’t give up on her. She’ll come around. You just have to work even harder to win her over.” Cheryl assured standing beside him. Jackson was startled, he didn’t hear her or see her come over. ‘She was right’ he thought but now he’s got to win you and his sister over, both he wronged.

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Breathtaking In Black (Part 3)

I know its a bit short, but i’m just happy I’ve finally finished part 3.  Because their birthday was just last month, this chapter is dedicated to my dear friend Prin!  @theshinyhuman I’m sorry it’s so late, but I hope you like it :)  Happy belated birthday!! 


Part 1

Part 2

After several hours of attempting to pay attention in class, Marinette had finally given in to the fact that she would not be learning anything new at school today.  The only thing she could seem to focus on was the weight of the small green envelope sitting in her back pocket.  The hands on the classroom clock appeared to be ticking in reverse as she desperately waited for the afternoon lunch bell to ring.

Finally, it rang throughout the school and Marinette was up and out of the room without so much as her usual “See you later,” to Alya.  She left the classroom in such a rush that she failed to notice Adrien smile to himself as he watched her sprint out.  She ran home as fast as her toned legs could carry her, and quickly climbed the stairs up to her room after swiftly waving to her parents down in the bakery.  She would apologize for being in such a rush later, but for now all of her attention was on the note.

She locked her trap door beneath her and leaned against her bedroom wall to catch her breath as she retrieved the note from her back pocket.  “What do you think he wrote?” Tikki questioned curiously as she flew out from inside Marinette’s small bag.

“I honestly have no clue Tikki,” she admitted as she began peeling the envelope open.  Her hands shook slightly as she unfolded the piece of paper that rested inside.  Marinette took a deep breath and began reading the note quietly out loud to Tikki.

“Dearest Marinette,                                                                                           

As you have most likely figured out by now, I have been attending school with you since I began class two years ago.  I know that you most likely have several questions wandering around in that pretty little head of yours and I promise to answer them all in time.  For now all I can tell you is that we have talked on several occasions while both in civilian form.  I’ve always considered you a friend, but last night I saw your true colors my princess and might I add that your true colors are beautiful!  I look forward to seeing you later today and can not wait for our dance this Friday.  Until then I will continue to leave you small clues and notes that will hopefully answer a couple more of your questions.  

Truly yours, Chat Noir”

Marinette’s breath was unsteady and her eyes continued to skim over the words frantically as if attempting to decrypt an ancient puzzle.  He had given her three big hints to his identity in just one tiny paragraph.  First, she now knew that she and Chat noir had spoken with one another multiple times while both out of costume.  Second, he had considered her to be a friend even before he had begun visiting her as Chat Noir.  And finally, she had either already run into him today or he was planning on running into her later after lunch.  And yet, even with all of this new information buzzing around in her mind, Marinette still couldn’t seem to stop the questions that kept interrupting her thoughts.     

How often had they spoken to one another?  Had she ever interacted with his civilian self outside of school?  Did they already see each other or even speak to one another today?  The questions continued to pile up as she slowly folded the letter back up and slid it back into the small envelope.  She hid the note inside of her sketch book and placed the book back down on her desk.  She then unlocked the hand made box that she kept her diary hidden in and began to scribble down a few sentences as Tikki hovered curiously.  

“What are you writing?” the small creature questioned as she floated over the book.  Marinette appeared to be making a list of some sort.

“I’m writing down all of the clues he’s given me so far.  I can’t tell if he wants me to figure it out or if he’s just having fun messing with me.”  Marinette had written “Clues” at the top of the pag and three bullet points with hints given to her in the note.  For once Marinette was finally focused until Tikki broke her concentration by asking the one question that Mari had been avoiding the most.

“Marinette, why do you suddenly care so much about who’s behind that mask anyway?”   

Why did she care so much?  She never wanted to know before.  Marinette knew that their secret identities were to be kept secret for a reason.  She knew that it was best for their own safety as well as for their dynamic as partners.  However, part of her knew there was another reason she refused to reveal herself to Chat.  As much as she adored and trusted her partner, she wasn’t very confident that he’d be happy to learn who the girl behind the mask really was.  He had always gone out of his way to show how much he admired and respected her as a partner.  What if he didn’t feel the same way about her civilian form?  These thoughts had quieted down when he started visiting her more, but a small part of her still worried that he’d have less faith in her and their entire partnership would be thrown off if he found out.  

Despite all of these thought and fears, she still wanted to know who he was.  She knew it wasn’t really fair for her to suddenly be so curious when she had refused to tell him her identity for years.  However, she still couldn’t ignore her new found curiosity.

“I’m not sure why to be honest with you Tikki,”  She spoke quietly without looking up from her list.  She silently took in a breath and finally looked up to lock eyes with her kwami.  “I’m worried the dumb cat might be growing on me in more ways than one,” she said with a slight blush on her face.  She hadn’t said it out loud up to this point, but now that she had she was suddenly very aware of her feelings.  Her heartbeat had skipped a few times since their recent meeting.  She had caught herself blushing many times. She had even stuttered when speaking to him.  All of the above were actions she had exhibited before, but only when she thought about…

“But what about Adrien?”  Tikki’s question stung.  Marinette definitely hadn’t forgotten about Adrien.  How could she ever forget about her first crush?  He was so kind and gentle towards her ever since she first met him.  He wanted to be her friend from day one, even though she had trouble even speaking to him clearly.  Marinette sat down on her chaise and looked down in her lap as tears began to build up in the corners of her eyes.  

“I honestly don’t know what I feel, Tikki”  she mumbled as tears began to dribble down her face.  Tikki lightly nuzzled Marinette’s cheek as she continued to cry softly.  Many ladybugs had fought with their feelings toward their partners in the past.  Tikki had learned that comforting her chosen came with the territory.  Every ladybug needed different forms of comfort.  For Marinette, words were never truly needed.  Simply feeling Tikki’s weight against her cheek helped her know she was not alone.    

Marinette eventually decided that returning to school later in the day was going to be too difficult for her.  She told her parents that she wasn’t feeling well and Sabine called the school while Marinette walked back up to her room.  She still had two days left to figure out her feelings about the two blonde boys in her life.  Taking one day to clear her head and get some rest would be for the best.  She lied down on her bed as her exhaustion from the night before finally began to really present itself.  Tikki curled up on the pillow beside her and watched over her chosen as her eyelids slid shut.  As Mari took time to rest and calm her thoughts a bit, two of her classmates began to worry about her sudden absence.

*     *     *     *     *

“Alya.  Do you know where Marinette is?” Adrien asked in a very uneasy voice.

“No!  I texted her about twenty minutes ago and nothing,”  Alya replied as she checked her phone a fifth time.  “I hope she’s feeling alright.  She seemed more exhausted and anxious than usual today.”

That response worried Adrien.  He never meant to get Marinette upset or distressed.  Had she been up all night?  Was she really so worried about the dance that it caused a visible spike in her anxiety?  

Did she not want to know who he was?  

“Dammit!” he exclaimed as he lept up from his seat.  

“Adrien where are you going? Return to your seat immediately!”  Ms. Mendeleiev called after him, but he kept on running.  Whatever trouble he was in, he would deal with it later.  For now he was only concerned with making sure he hadn’t crossed a line and taken his fun too far with Marinette.  He had to see her.  Had had to know she was alright.  Then he would go back and blame the whole thing on an emergency stomach ache, which wouldn’t be a total lie.  There was definitely a growing pain in his stomach as he approached her house and stared up at her balcony.  

“Alright Plagg, time to go aid a princess in distress,”  he whispered.  Plagg flew out from inside Adrien’s jacket and rolled his eyes.

“Isn’t that how this whole fiasco started in the first place?  Maybe you should just leave her alone for a bit.  The girl has been given a lot of information all at one and I’m sure she doesn’t need you bursting in and making it worse.”  For once, Plagg’s whole blunt and honest routine hit deep in Adrien’s chest.  The last thing he wanted to do was upset Marinette more, but he still wanted to make sure she was okay.  

“You know Plagg you’re actually right for once,”  he admitted as a new idea crept into his mind.  “But even if she doesn’t really want to see Chat Noir right now…”  he began as Plagg looked up at his chosen with an inquisitive expression.  “Maybe She wouldn’t mind speaking to Adrien Agreste,” he finished with a smirk.  Plagg shook his head but knew Adrien wasn’t going to give in.

“I still think this is a bad idea, but I know you won’t listen to me.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you kid.”  With that final remark, The kwami flew back into his usual hiding place in Adrien’s jacket.  Adrien closed his eyes and took in a deep breath before pushing open the door to the Dupain-Cheng bakery.              

This is not what I had planned but this is what you’re getting..
Idek if this is how I want them to look.. /:

To feminists:

This kind of thing is why I support the Men’s Right’s Movement, and not feminism. Feminists claim to care about men’s issues, but in practice they either dismiss them or blame them entirely on men themselves. Katherine Spillar is supposedly a feminist leader (TBH I’m not all that familiar with the “leaders” of each side, just the arguments and stances both sides take). When she says this, it indicates to me that a large portion of feminists hold this view point. The MRM is not trying to brush off women’s issues. When it comes to domestic violence, for example, they want to end violence against everyone, not just men. They also don’t blame femininity for female on male domestic abuse, unlike feminism which constantly blames “patriarchy” and masculinity for most of the world’s problems.

If feminism cares about men, it has yet to demonstrate that fact.

If you want to see the source of this picture, it was from an interview in Cassie Jaye’s The Red Pill. Feminist or not, I highly encourage everyone to see it. Jaye began filming the documentary as a feminist, so she doesn’t just give the MRM a free pass (hence interviews with feminists like Spillar about the MRM). It’s not a fluff piece at all. You can find a list of places to stream it from on the front page of the movie’s website. Just google “The Red Pill Documentary” and click the first link. The site is called The Red Pill Movie.

Note: This is my third attempt at posting this to get it into the tags. My last two attempts don’t show up if you search for their tags. I contacted Tumblr support, and they gave me a list of possible causes for this. The only one that I haven’t ruled out is the “external site links on photo posts” issue; apparently they remove photo posts with links to some external sites to fight spam. In my other two posts I had the link to the movie’s website at the end, so I’ve replaced it with an (probably too detailed) explanation of how to find it. Hopefully this one works.

EDIT: Finally, it works. Removing the link fixed the issue. This post is showing up in the tags now.

See You On The Other Side💙💙💙

well, the surgery is tomorrow morning! My doctor will be attempting to remove the tumor fully. This specific surgery usually lasts 3-5 hours, needless to say, I will be missing from tumblr for a little bit. I am trying to fill up my queue and I’ll hopefully be posting and giving an update by the weekend! I don’t like saying this sappy stuff, but I really want to hug each of you that have had my back up to this exact moment. I have been uplifted and made stronger by so so many of you. I’ve met so many amazing people and even gained a best friend through this journey. You all truly changed my life, for the absolute better, and i can’t wait to make many many many more memories with you all. I love you, thank you.

💙 Áfram Latibær 💙

some relatively coherent thoughts on brain ghost dirk

i was always a little torn on what to think of him and whether he represented dirk or hal, since bgd tells us that he’s a representation of dirk through jake’s understanding of him, but overall comes across much more like hal 

so here’s the thought: he takes on whatever form jake expects/wants at the moment

first appearance: jake’s memory of his 13th birthday’s conversation with dirk. bgd acts out the part as past dirk perfectly until it’s disrupted by his accidental acknowledgement that they’ve already had this conversation. as soon as jake becomes aware that he’s dreaming, and when he becomes aware that he’s not talking to “real dirk”, bgd behaves much more like hal. jake explicitly states this.

bgd appears again when jane is threatening jake with sexual slavery, and behaves like hal, as a reflection of both the situation (sexual objectification and harassment) and as a reflection of jake feeling very overwhelmed and insecure after having been yelled at by jane for ignoring her feelings for him/making her listen to all of his problems, forcibly drugged by her, broken up with by dirk (complicated situations notwithstanding. remember how everyone just awkwardly shut up after dirk broke up with him despite the fact that they were still hyped up?), seen jane be brainwashed, been sent to prison and promptly objectified and told he’s only good for his body… he’d been through the emotional gauntlet at this point. i’m probably missing some details, too. 

anyway the point is that hal/the AR liked to needle jake at all of his sore points, so it’s no wonder that bgd takes this on when jake’s so run down. particularly the sexual slavery part — no doubt some of the memories of hal’s words were in jake’s mind at the time. 

then, bgd in the infamous princess bride scene. bgd is dirk again, here, i think. as a manifestation of what jake understands about dirk — that dirk is a deeply caring person who would do anything to protect his friends because of how much he loves them, and that because of both the physical distance between them and the dangerous nature of their lives, dirk’s worry for them came through with his attempts to protect them from physical danger (lil seb, the brobot). dirk comes to jake’s rescue the way jake wanted earlier while in prison,

but couldn’t manage because the memory of hal was too strong.  

so there’s my thoughts about brain ghost dirk, sorted out at last, hopefully. a representation of dirk as projected through jake’s understanding of him indeed. 

By Any Other Name (DCU)

Honestly I have a hard time getting into the Trinity because writer depiction varies wildly so hopefully my second attempt at writing Wonder Woman isn’t horrible. Set in some vague time because I haven’t read anything 52 or beyond.  For @robininthelabyrinth (and to a lesser extent @kickingshoes?)

Title: By Any Other Name
Fandom: DCU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 684
Characters: Len, Diana
Summary: Cold contemplates his crush on Wonder Woman, she contemplates his name.

He still wasn’t sure how it happened but Cold was now a member of the Justice League. They must’ve been really hurting on their last membership drive, he supposed. But it came with perks- getting to hang out in outer-fucking-space on the Watchtower, access to a global teleportation system, meeting heroes that were actually pretty cool and not at all sanctimonious and, best of all, there was Wonder Woman.

It wasn’t enough that she was powerful and gorgeous and composed even in the most disastrous situations, she also- and Cold was embarrassed that such a thing would end up being a turn off -treated him like a normal person. She wasn’t suspicious of him because he of his criminal background (Superman) or because he was a new member (Batman). Wonder Woman had actually talked with him extensively upon his membership in order to get an idea of his capabilities and who his abilities would compliment best. Then she took it upon herself to give him a tour of the Watchtower and made sure he had everything he needed.

She was a goddamn saint and Cold found himself following her around like a puppy the first few days.

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