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chocolate & toothpaste (3/3)

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Sorry I took such a long time to post this, i’ve just been going through some stuff with family recently, and i’ve also had no inspiration to write anything so I’m sorry if this is bad, I just really wanted to quickly finish this series. So I apologize if it’s really bad, and sorry if I didn’t tag you :/ 

So basically this whole part is going to be (hopefully) some cute moments leading up to Tom proposing.

part one    part two


“I hate that guy. I bet he wakes up looking all gorgeous and stuff.” My friend says as she stares at my boyfriend, Tom. I can’t believe that I got lucky enough to be able to call Tom Holland my boyfriend. We’ve been dating for 2 weeks, and only a few people know because I hate publicity. 

“Oh, no he doesn’t, trust me, he drools on pillows, and it’s disgusting. But he is also so adorable. I mean, you should see his bedhead, it’s the cutest thing.” I reply as I stare at him dreamily watching him talk to Harrison with a smile on his face.

I look over at my friend to see her looking at me stunned. I shrug my shoulders before my eyes widen realising that I just told her that I was dating Tom Holland.

“WHAT?” She yells, catching almost everyone’s attention, Tom and Harrison’s heads snap towards us. I slap my forehead and grab her arm dragging her towards them. 

“I accidentally told her.” I say sheepishly to Tom, he laughs deeply and hands Harrison $5. My mouth drops open in shock. 

“Were you both betting that I would be the first to accidentally spill that we are dating?” 





“Why are you staring at your spoon like that?”

“Well love, haven’t you ever thought that spoons are just tiny bowls on sticks?”

“Oh please, not this again.”


“Oh, is that the Infinity War script?” I say to Tom as I slide over closer to him, making him hide the script from him. 

“You can’t see it.” He hisses jokingly as he ends up sitting on the script.

“Yes I can, I have eyes.” 

“Oh, you are such a comedian, I can’t stop laughing.” Tom says glaring at me with a straight face.  

“I can definitely tell,” I state as I suddenly remember that I had a pizza in the oven. I get up to go get it when I’m pulled back down onto Tom’s lap.

“No, cuddle with me for a bit.” He says, making me sigh contently as I lean into him, carding my fingers through his soft curls. 

*like 7 minutes later*

“Do you smell something burning?” I sniff.

“Just my love, and desire for you,”



“I can fit my whole world in the palm of my hands,”

“Are you going to cup my face, because if you did then that’s really unoriginal Tom.”

“I was actually going to grab your butt, because I didn’t know that your face was an option,”


Harrison walks into the room, the first thing he sees is Tom and Y/N staring at eachother, lovingly he thought. and then he sees Zendaya in the corner.

“Aw, they look so cute looking at eachother like that,”

“It’s not what you think, they’re having a staring contest, it’s been 2 minutes.”

“Okay cool, good thing I brought food with me.”


“I love you,”

“And, I love you.”


“You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me Banana Bread Girl.”


“I dropped a bar of soap on the floor earlier and I had a thought,”

“Oh no,”

“Well, is the soap dirty or is the floor clean?”

“Why are you like this Tommy,”


“I think I need to break it off,” I say as I pick at my fingernail looking at Tom, his face contorting into one of shock.

“What? No! I don’t understand, what have I done? I’ll change, I’ll do anything, please don’t break up with me, I love you! I thought soulmates were perfect for each other? Please don’t leave, me you’re all I have!” He sobs as tears start to appear in the corner of his eyes. 

“Baby, I meant my fingernail…” I say softly as I walk towards him. 

“O-Oh, um. I’ll just go make some tea then,” He whispers slowly turning towards the kitchen.

I chuckle to myself and grab his arm softly pulling him into my arms.

“I love you so much.”



“O-Okay, wow I didn’t think that I would be this nervous, okay. When I’m alone, I can think of many things to say to you, but when I get a chance to ask you, I go speechless. I remember the first time we met, and I stupidly called you Banana Bread Girl, but now, it’s one of my favourite things to call you. Look, I guarantee there’ll be tough times, I guarantee that at some point, one, or both of us will want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine forever, it will be the biggest regret I will ever have, and I want you to know that the next time I get on my knees for another girl, it will be the day that I tie a shoelace for our daughter. Okay that part as random and it didn’t need to be there but I thought it would be cute. Harrison stop laughing, I can hear you. You too Y/N, I’m trying to be really sweet right now. Anyway, I promise that from this moment forward, the only running you will be doing is into my arms, and i’ll never stop looking for your cold little hands to hold on the morning, there will never be a day that goes by that I don’t think to myself, wow, how did I get so lucky to be with the most beautiful girl in the world. And now, finally I will ask you the question that I have wanted to ask you ever since the day I was trying to eat my steak but tasted your banana on bread with honey, will you, Y/N M/N L/N, marry me Thomas Stanley Holland, and become an official member of the Holland family?”




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The Ugly Truth

Characters : Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

Summary : Ex-maid of honor - having been relieved of her duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text - decides to hold her head high and attend her oldest friend’s wedding anyway. She finds herself seated at the random table in the back of the ballroom with a group of strangers, most of whom should have known to just send regrets. You and a stranger you met, try to make your ex jealous, something begins to heat up between you two. But there are a few secrets which will unfold. Based off the movie ‘Table 19’

Word Count ; 513

A/N : I haven’t made a Drabble series in such a long time. Hopefully you all enjoy it! Want to be tagged?? Send me an ask!!

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The card laid perfectly still on your coffee table.
You sat there, staring endlessly at it, nibbling on the nail on your thumb.

It was the invitation to your close childhood friend. A girl you have grown up with since the second grade and was like a sister to you at one point.

But here you were, contemplating on the choices.
‘Accept with pleasure’ or 'Decline with regret’

At first you marked the regret line, knowing you shouldn’t go. Then your mind began to over think.

Suddenly, you crossed off the check, and marked the accept line.

Letting out a deep breath, you shoved it back into the envelope and sealed it before you could change your mind, for the hundredth time. And you slipped it into the mailbox.

Immediately, you felt sick. And before you knew it, you called him.

Luckily, he didn’t answer.

So you left a voicemail.

“Hey, so I may have accepted the invitation to the wedding. But I was wondering if you can rip up my RSVP?” You said, running your hand through your hair. “Um-thanks.”

As you hung up, you started to pace back and forth in your living room. The heavy feeling on your chest, lingering.

The sound of your phone going off nearly gave you a heart attack.

Looking down, your breath hitched as you read the letters on the screen.

“Shit.” You exhaled.

Cautiously, you answered.

“Hey…” you drawled out.

“Hey, you called?”

For a moment, you were glad he didn’t listen to the voicemail but then maybe if he did, he wouldn’t have called you.

“Y/N!” His voice was louder than before, snapping you out of your daze.

“Sorry. Yes-yeah I called.” You stuttered.

“I see that. But why?”

“I-I was–well it was about the wedding.”

For a moment, the line was quiet. Too quiet. You could feel your heart begin to pace.

“So anyways-” you tried to break the silence. “I shouldn’t have-”

“Please tell me you’re not going to the wedding.” He said. “You can’t. You’ll just ruin the day.”

Suddenly, you felt a lump begin to form in your throat. You were taken aback by his statement.

“Y/N, you can’t go. Okay? She shouldn’t have invited you. It was a mistake.”

Anger began to wash over you.

“Well–” you pursed your lips, having no control over your emotions. “Too late, I already accepted. So looks like I’ll see you there. Asshole.”

And before he could say another word, you hung up and threw your phone across the room.

You were panting from the adrenaline that pulses through you. The anger now simmered down but you were still upset.

Bucky was the love of your life. Ever since you were eight years old. And once you two were seniors in high school, he asked you out.

Those four years were the best years of your life, but then he ended it without warning.

The phone was now lighting up once again. And you could feel the heaviness in your gut.

“Shit.” You whispered to yourself.

Part Two


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a/n: okay so I actually think I did well on this one so…im happy with it :)) btw if you want I might turn this into a series…so if you want me to, feel free to ask :)

summary: You move back to Riverdale, expecting a fresh start. Slowly realizing, somethings and some people don’t change.

word count: 670

“Okay, so…here’s the bathrooms. The classrooms. The cafeteria. And here you have the newsroom. Which is fairly new… I kind of brought it back…not to brag or anything”, Betty says, lightly giggling. “Ok, that’s basically it, I guess. So I’ll hopefully be seeing you more often”, she said with a warm, welcoming smile. You responded with a small smile and a nod.

“Um…yeah sure…”, you said hesitantly. It has only been three years since last time you have been there, yet everything felt different to you. Hopefully, some people changed too.

As you were walking to your next class, looking at your schedule, you felt something hard crash into you.

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If we’re all lucky enough to be blessed with a Series/Season 5 then I really hope that Irene comes back and she meets Molly. And I want them to actually have a mutual like and respect for each other. I absolutely LOATHE the “catty female character”/“female characters on the show who can’t stand each other” trope. They’re both strong female characters, I love them both equally, to be honest and I have no interest in watching a show in which females are being so negative towards each other. Hopefully, Moftiss will see the potential in this and make it happen.

anonymous asked:

Looks like we can relax knowing that Kaneki and Touka having sex didn't magically fix anything: she is (supposedly) keeping her pregnancy a secret, and 'rushing on her own' to save the baby while he is keeping her out of things again... With these things in mind and the whole setup with Yoriko being raised again, do you think that we might get some of the scenarios people have speculated over after chapter 123 (Yoriko being the link between 'anti-Furuta' CCG and Goat, etc)?

Hello! Actually, I’m still waiting to see where we are exactly with the miscommunication issues, although it’s obvious that ch125 wasn’t a magic spell that erased all their flaws! xD

I mean, while it does seem that Touka actually didn’t tell anyone yet, for all we know she might soon. Same for Kaneki, he burnt the letter but he might still decide to tell her if he really intends on doing something about Yoriko.

You know Anon, the thing is, even though they talked about it…

…the fact that Ishida is writing his characters realistically is one of the main reasons things can’t be so simple between them in the first place as I explained here: despite growing closer to each other, now they are probably at a stage where they might be miscommunicating and acting against the other’s wishes out of fear to lose them.

For Kaneki, the reason is simple, they’re at war, the situation with Yoriko is an obvious trap and he seems to have finally started looking forward to a future of his own, looking forward to live because he finally found a good reason, so telling Touka or not depends on what he intends on doing about this trap

For Touka, the situation is a bit more complicated. She always was the one who wanted to talk more between the two of them in the first place, but she’s probably terrified by her pregnancy because:

  • she has no idea what to do to make it viable
  • and losing the baby scares her a lot (she’s literally begging it to survive) so she probably doesn’t want to give Kaneki any false hope
  • + they’re in the 24th ward and it’s rather obvious that Touka hates this place, while they’re also in a complicated situation, with a lot of people depending on Kaneki (about food, protection, survival), which is why she might find it difficult to ask for his constant support 24/7.

I know the fandom’s reaction to the pregnancy was mixed but…

I personally find it to be a very interesting plot twist on many different aspects, namely on the aspect of miscommunication, since Touka didn’t ask for this rebellion in the first place, while Kaneki is the one leading it when she needs his support because everything around this pregnancy is going to be emotionally difficult (as they have no idea about how to make it viable + because it’s war).

To expand slightly more (sorry Anon for rambling), while Touka used to hate this unfair world, she grew up a lot between TG and :Re…

and so, in my opinion, the only reason she joined this rebellion was basically because a lot of people that she loved were fighting for it. We know Touka always had abandonment issues even though she made peace with this world (a little like Yoshimura), which is why:

  • she fights for the people she loves and not for changing the world,
  • she so desperately wants her baby to survive because it’s a symbol of hope for her.

Meanwhile Kaneki is still the OEK, not super good at this obviously xD, but he’s the one many things and people depend on, although he’s probably getting tired of this and wants to move on, which is why he and Touka are still having miscommunication issues.

Touka’s pregnancy implies that she will do anything to make her baby live because she already loves it and she fights for people she loves, but she still needs Kaneki’s support, who would surely want to be there if he knew, when the situation is too critical for him to stop being the OEK right now, even though he doesn’t want to remain the OEK for the rest of his life.

So I’m really looking forward to who says what in the next chapters, because this pregnancy definitely serves a role narratively speaking, in my opinion, both for Kaneki’s and Touka’s characters and relationship but also towards the plot (since it’s the first hybrid pregnancy with a ghoul mama).

Anyway, about Yoriko’s situation, I certainly would love it if what happened to her motivated everyone to take action against Mutsuki/Furuta, but at the same time, I still don’t think that it will be enough to trigger an inner rebellion within what’s left of the CCG, especially since Furuta is not an idiot and might be expecting something like that (not that he cares if it happens or not, surely).

There was a nice discussion about this subject here that can hopefully answer your question and I agree with what was said. Ultimately, because Yoriko is a 100% innocent character (one of the rare few in this series), her maybe coming to harm’s way will trigger important consequences on different levels, so I’m looking forward to it too, especially (again) when it comes to what Kaneki will do and if he’ll tell Touka about it or not (and what Touka herself will do about Yoriko if she finds out since she wants her baby to survive).

I’m really loving this (last?) arc so far and what’s at stake, personally, even if it’s not the case for everyone as I could see. xD 

Anyway, I think it’s important to keep in mind for Touka and Kaneki that they might never become perfect characters who will have solved every issues that they currently have by the end of the series, even if, as the external observers that we readers are, we know where their flaws are and that’s why we want for the characters to be confronted to them. 

Sorry for rambling Anon, I hope it made some sense and that I answered your question! Have a nice day :)

Never be the same

Hi, unfortunately this is going to be the last installation for the first imagine I ever did about Peter Parker (which I turned in to a short drabble series!). It has been really fun writing this and I absolutely adore this too. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy this last bit! I honestly had a fun time writing it. Thank you for the endless support, everyone! 


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Peter looks at May when she comes to a stop right in front of your house. She parks the car and turns to look at Peter. “Remember what we practiced earlier?” May asks her nephew and Peter swallows the nervousness in his throat before nodding his head a couple of times.

“Compliment her but not too much because we do not want to creep her out, ask how she is doing, remember to always listen to whenever she talks and,” Peter continues to list out every single thing he can remember from what he had practiced with May earlier.

You had been putting your books away when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You jump slightly, surprised by the sudden tap, before turning around. A smile appears on your face when you realize that it is Peter standing in front of you.

Peter is looking at you with a rather nervous expression on his face and he looks even more adorable today. You immediately remember the night where he had saved you and you try to keep the smile at bay. “Hi, Peter.” You greet him softly, hugging the book you had been holding on to your chest, tucking your own hair behind your ear, looking at him with a somewhat shy expression.

Peter tries to control the smile from breaking out on his face and he nods his head at your greeting. “H-Hi, Y/N. How are you?” He asks dumbly and almost immediately; Peter shakes his head before looking straight in your eyes. “I, I wanted to ask if you would want to go out. Tonight. With me, for dinner. Like a date kind of thing.” Peter stumbles over his own words and your cheeks are really starting to hurt from all the smiling you are doing. Why is Peter so adorable like this? You really want to hug him!

“Yes, of course!” You reply excitedly. Peter looks slightly taken aback by your reaction and he gives you one of the brightest smile you have ever seen coming from him. You almost feel blinded by it even. “I mean, of course.” You immediately take out a piece of paper from your book and quickly scribbled down your address as well as your phone number on it before handing it to Peter. “Unfortunately I have to go now – I am running late – for my meeting with the rest of the student body so I’ll see you later, right?” You look at him, not wanting this moment with Peter to end. Even if it’s just talking with him.

Peter nods his head, holding the paper you gave him tightly. “I’ll pick you up at 7.” He tells you and you nod your head before closing your locker behind you. “Do, do you mind if I, I walk you to your meeting, Y/N? I mean, you don’t really have to let me but I just thought, like, maybe I could walk you to your meeting and,”

“No, of course not,” You immediately cut him off and Peter grins at you, making him look at the more adorable. He falls in to steps with you as the two of you walk to the room where your meeting has been assigned. The entire walk to the room had been silent – except for the several whispers that went around when people saw Peter with you – but the silence was not unwelcomed. In fact, it was very comfortable.

After walking you to your meeting and telling you, he will be seeing you later, Peter had rushed home. The moment he had reached his floor, he threw his door open and skids to a stop right in front of May, surprising his aunt from whatever book she had been reading. “I need help, May!” he rushes up to his aunt. “I asked Y/N out on a date tonight and, and I need help!”

Which brings Peter back to the situation at hand. May gives him a reassuring smile. “And do not forget, just be yourself, Peter.” May reaches out to place her hand on Peter’s cheek, caressing her nephew’s cheek. “That is the most important thing.”

Peter nods his head. He is really beginning to feel nervous now. “Right, yeah, be myself, of course.” He mumbles to himself as he nods his head again and he takes a deep breath before opening the door.

May smiles at him once again and keeps her eyes on her nephew. “Hey, Peter!” May calls out just as Peter closes the door. He turns to look at his aunt and the smile on May’s face grows wider. “Have fun tonight, Peter. I love you!”

Peter chuckles, nodding his head. “Thanks, May and I love you too. See you later. Drive safe!” He tells his aunt before heading towards your house. Once he reaches your front door, that is when Peter begins to panic again. He is not as ready as he thinks he is – but to leave after telling you he would be picking you up at 7 would be really bad and he is not about to do that to you at all. He has been looking forward to this for the longest time!

So with feign confidence, Peter rings your doorbell. There is no response for a few seconds and just as Peter is about to raise his hand to knock on the door, said door swings open and you step out looking absolutely beautiful. Even though you are wearing casual clothes, Peter still finds you absolutely beautiful and he flushes as he stumbles backwards.

“Hi, Peter!” You close the door behind you, tucking your hair behind your ear – you seem to be doing this a whole lot whenever you are with Peter.

“You, you look really beautiful tonight, Y/N. Not that you don’t any other night – I mean, not that I am seeing I look at you every night or anything but this is not going as well as I had hoped!” Peter groans causing you to chuckle at his rambling.

You shake your head. “I know what you mean and I think you look really handsome tonight too, Peter.” You tell him and Peter smiles at you, momentarily forgetting his word vomit.

He clears his throat. “Are you okay with Thai?” He asks you – he has been there a couple of times with May and he likes the food there too. When you nod your head, Peter feels relieved. “It’s not far from here and I didn’t realize you live so close.” Peter tries to make conversation.

You giggle as the two of you begin walking to town, chattering about this and that. This is the first time you have ever actually talked more than just a few sentences with Peter and surprisingly, the two of you have a lot of things in common too. The date has only just started and you really do not want it to end!

“Thank you so much for tonight, Peter.” You tell him once Peter paid for the both of your dinner. He had insisted and even though you had initially wanted to split the bill with him, looking at his determined expression, you simply let him pay for the both of you.

Peter smiles, the flush on his cheeks does not seem to want to leave his face. Occasionally your hand would brush against his and after the third time, Peter simply reaches for your hand and holds on to it causing you to smile widely.

“It’s nothing, Y/N. I really enjoyed tonight.” Peter confesses, turning to glance at you. You are looking at him with a smile on your face and Peter could not help but grin too. He is feeling very happy, giddy even – all the nervousness he had experienced earlier had flown out of the window the moment the two of you started talking animatedly about a whole lot of things.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and you find yourself right in front of your own door, staring at Peter. Peter keeps your gaze and you can see him occasionally looking at your lips – it makes you feel happy and hopeful that Peter seems to want to kiss you too.

“I had a really great time tonight, Peter.” You bite the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from grinning too much. Peter has that effect on you. Peter flushes and nods his head.

“Yeah, I had a great time tonight too, like a lot, a lot.” Peter tells you causing you to giggle at how adorable he is. The two of you keep quiet for a while – you waiting for Peter to make the first move and Peter contemplating if he should make the first move or wait until the two of you are at your second date.

Fortunately for him, you decided to help him instead by pressing a kiss on his cheek – akin to the one you left the night he had saved you – and Peter stares at you in surprise, jaw hanging slightly before grinning boyishly at the adorable blush that covered your cheeks.

Peter leans forward to kiss you and you meet him halfway, closing your eyes the moment his lips presses against yours. You relax in to the kiss and Peter places both of his hands on your hips, pressing his head closer. He smiles triumphantly against your lips before pulling away.

“We should do this again sometime, soon, that is.” Peter steps back. You nod your head happily. “Good night, Y/N and I’ll, uh,” Peter scratches the back of his neck – he was not sure about what to do now. He wants to stay with you longer – but that’s not possible since it’s still a school night and he also needs to go on patrol soon.

You lean forward to give Peter another kiss, catching him by surprise and the look on his face had been worth it. “Text me when you get back okay? Or when you leave for your… you know, spider business.” You whisper the last words at him and Peter nods his head, grinning at you. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Peter.”

“See you tomorrow, Y/N! Good night.” Peter waits until you walk in to your house to finally leave for the subway station. He could call Aunt May to pick him up but right at that moment, he just wants to bask in the aftermath of going on that date with you. Peter realizes that he really, really likes you a lot! More than he had initially thought and he honestly cannot wait to see you tomorrow!

You’re Hot

Also on AO3
This directly follows “Staffing Issues” 

 "Hey Maman, Papa,“ Marinette waved as she trudged through the bakery.

"Good gracious, what happened to you?” her mother demanded.  The few customers joined her parents to gawk at her.

Ugh.  "Akuma,“ she said with a sigh.  God she wanted a nap.  "I guess I’ll be like this until Ladybug and Chat Noir take care of it.”  She shrugged.  "It’s not… bad, is it?“  She hadn’t had a chance to look in a mirror.  Maybe she was so tired because she was ancient.

"Nooooo.”  Her mother said hesitantly.  "Just different.“

"Would it be all right if I take a few photos?” her father asked.  "I’m curious how accurate this is.“

Marinette shrugged.  "Sure.”  She half wanted to assemble a photo album of all the odd things that had been done to her in nearly five years of superhero work.  "But if it’s super embarrassing, please don’t share it.“

Her father pulled out his cell phone and snapped a few photos, one with her mother.  Then she was released to drag herself up the steps to her room.  She toed off her shoes and crawled into her bunk.  "You doing okay Tikki?”

“Yup.”  The little red being floated into Marinette’s view, landing on her pillow.  "All charged and ready when the Chronologer shows back up.“

"Great,” Marinette mumbled.  "Wake me if she turns back up.“  She set her phone on the shelf her kwami liked to use when she had to keep an eye on the news and the Ladyblog.  

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Popular | Chapter 3

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: Part three! Hopefully not too late. Buckle up kids, because after this we’re kicking into some more plot and drama. 

Warnings: Cliches. Cliches everywhere. 

Series Masterlist

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Sam’s Problem

“Guess this is goodnight,” Bucky said. You grinned up at him, eyes a little droopy from the exhausting day.

“Goodnight, Buck. Thanks for the date.” You winked. Bucky surprised you with a small wave. You chuckled to yourself, returning the notion.

You collapsed onto your bed, letting out a groan. You hadn’t realized it in the restaurant, but fake dating was exhausting. Your feet felt swollen from being stuffed into heels all night. Not to mention your sudden shortness of breath. You coughed once before ripping off your shoes. Showering could wait.

You hastily changed into sleep clothes, your dress tossed onto a nearby chair that was already full of other clothes. You’d find space in your closet another day. Pulling your blankets up higher, you made a noise of content. This was going so perfectly. No doubt you attracted a lot of attention. You could only imagine what the headlines would say tomorrow. Bucky was amazing at pretending to be into you. Maybe, just maybe, this would end with you guys becoming better friends.

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Seras Victoria and Blood Powers

Today’s popularity poll was a landslide of 100% for Seras Victoria.
Seras being Best Girl really deserved to be added to this series of illustrations and hopefully I made it so that she compliments the Alucard illustration while still having the softness if own self (i.e I used pink tone in the palette).
I enjoyed making this one so much more than Integra, I knew straight away what I wanted to do.

::Like my art?::
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Do you want to build a snowman? ~Carlos imagine

A/N:I’m so sorry guys, that I didn’t upload anything for a long time, but school is really hard for me now. Although I just started a school year a month ago they already are preparing us to final exams, because it’s my last year of junior high school. I really hope you would like it, send me your feedback! I try to write some ships this weekend, and hopefully, another chapter of ‘I’m wishing’ series! ^^

Request by anon: Hey there new blogger! I like what you write, but could you maybe write something for Carlos? Idk, a daughter of Anna, which means she’s a princess, but since she is also daughter of Kristoff, she knows what it’s like to have to work hard for what you want, unlike most of the others princesses. And then, when Carlos meets her he thinks she’s a brat, but later he stops hating her and love happens. If you can do it, thnx! If you don’t wanna, thank you as well! 😘😘😘  

Originally posted by bahtwoman

Shortly after Carlos arrived in Auradon with his friends, all the children from the royal families irritated him. They were always smiling, they wanted to talk about senseless things and stubbornly tried to make friends with them. All the girls dressed in pink dresses made him sick.

As time passed, when he realized that these people only wanted to help and didn’t have bad intentions, all of this stopped disturbing him. He understood that they were raised differently than he and that he wanted to be good. So when they gave up their plan of giving the wand to their parents, and Mal’s mother didn’t threaten the kingdom anymore, Carlos was almost friends with everyone. Except one person.

Among all the people who once irritated him, he still couldn’t stand one person. Princess [Y/N]. Worst, most smiling and most joyful of all the girls Carlos has had the pleasure to meet so far. There wasn’t a single day for this girl to stop smiling. And she never give up. She set herself the main goal of making friends with the children of the island, even if not all of them wanted to.

Carlos had no idea why the girl was so attached to his pack. Her family was known throughout the kingdom and the girl was proud of it. Her mother-princess Anna, red-haired heroine. Father, Prince Kristoff, who if he hadn’t married a princess, he wouldn’t have got that title and would continue to sell ice. And finally the most famous of the three, Queen Elsa. A solid but warm woman with the magical power that everyone were jealous of.

Carlos did everything he could to avoid the princess and it was getting easier when autumn came. On the outside was getting colder so he could stay with Jay in his room without any excuses. Sitting on his bed with a laptop on his lap, he tried to focus on his homework until someone knocked on the door and didn’t wait for an answer, went inside.

“Hi guys!” You greeted boys cheerfully, holding hands in pockets of your waistcoat. Carlos looked at you and rolled his eyes. You ignored his gesture and nervously walked up to the boys, knocking the heels of your boots with joy. “Ben and Chad are on the field and they decided to do extra training - I thought you might like to join us?”

Jay already wanted to answet when Carlos closed his laptop loudly. He quickly licked his lips and looked at your hair, braided in two braids. He laughed ironically, thinking about how much you wanted to be like your mother. “I’m surprised you can think of anything at all, but do it more often, because sometimes it’s good to wait until someone agrees to get you in.”

“Carlos” Jay hissed softly, glaring dangerously at his friend. The boy ignored his warnign and got up from his bed taking his dog to his hands, saying further. “And besides, no, thank you, I will not join you. What are you doing out there anyway? You’re just a messenger, or a good friend who’s been cheering on her friends? ”

Your cheeks were red, but you hoped the boy didn’t notice. You were accustomed to his boorish and annoying comments, but you still felt that if he wanted, he could have been more sympathetic. You just have to show him that you don’t have bad intentions.

“No, I play with them. Evie and Mal will join us in a moment, so I didn’t want you two to sit here alone.”

Carlos laughed briefly and sat down on the couch, turning on the TV. “I wouldn’t refuse to spend time with such a beautiful girl like you [Y/N]” Jay quickly took his jacket and moved his mouth, to gave you a sign that you don’t have to care about his friend is behaviour.

“Have fun! Watch your nails so you don’t have to paint them again later.” Carlos shouted at the end. Jay slammed the door loudly and gave you a shoulder so you could lean on him and you two together walked up the stairs. “I have no idea why he is so stubborn,” he said, improving his long hair. “But give him time. I’m sure he’ll change his mind about you soon.”

“Hopefully,” you answered, smiling gently. It was very harmful that even though you made no mistake, Carlos never changed his behavior. You were damned stubborn and wouldn’t let go until all the children from the island didn’t feel in Auradon like at home.

At lunch you quickly dressed up your scarf, fastened your vest buttons and held a box of chocolates in your hand. It wasn’t cold, but in spite of all, you shook in the wind looking for your friends. Somewhere in the middle of all the tables in the grass, you saw Mal, who waved at you with a hand in a purple glove. You quickly defeated the path that separated you, waving all the way to greet your other friends.

Carlos was watching you all the time and couldn’t refrain from malice. “The Queen in her natural environment, she couldn’t just sit elsewhere and not pay any attention to herself. It wasn’t you Mal that talked about how much you wouldn’t like to be in the company of any of the pretty pink princesses?” The freckled boy asked his friend, slightly tillting his head. Mal opened her mouth to answer him when she notice that you was standing behind him. Carlos turned his head and snorted. “Please remind me why we agree everyday to have lunch with you.”

You bite your lips tightly, pretending that his words didn’t hurt you. “Because,” you started talking, sitting carefully on the bench next to Carlos. “Except of you, nobody mind my company, and I always bring something sweet.”

You smiled sweetly and opened a plastic box full of chocolates. Evie, Mal and Jay immediately reached for sweets, accustomed to being able to take them without asking.

“Come on.” you said, rolling the box closer to Carlos, seeing his eyes shining for chocolate. “My aunt sent them recently from Arendelle. I specially asked for a little more than the last time.”

Carlos reached for one chocolate and held it for a long time in his fingers. “Great.” he said. “You don’t only make my life unhappy, but now you claim that I’m undernourished.”

He threw the chocolate back into the box and took his things off the bench. “For your mind princess, my mother may not have been a good parent, but she fed me well enough that I didn’t die of starvation, although not every one of us could eat sweets every day.”

He finished his sentence and went away, leaving all four of you stunned.

The next day you decided to stop. Give yourself a moment to try to make friends with Carlos. You decided that you would give him time and you would stop trying so hard to spend time with him, or maybe he would get accustomed to your presence among his friends. In the morning you only greeted him, and then you went to class with Evie. You sat together in a bench, still yawning. You leaned your head on the girl’s shoulder, listening to the teacher’s chatter when something catch your attention at the end of the lesson. You raised your head and whispered quietly to the girl. “Evie, look. Snow. It’s snowing.”

It was only a matter of time when all the students looked out the window and saw the light white flakes falling slowly to the ground. Everyone stood up from the benches and ran to the windows, looking at the first snow this year. Evie squeezed your hand “My first winter in Auradon, oh my god, I can’t wait.  Do you know how to ice skate [Y/N]?” she asked, pulling one of your braids behind your back.

“Of course!” You answered with a smile. “I know it sounds pathetic considering my family background, but I love winter, sleigh riding, ice skating, building snowmans and God, of course I love Christmas! I wonder if my mom knows that snow is falling here. I don’t know about the weather in Arendelle, but I hope it’s as beautiful as here. ”

Evie listened attentively until Carlos stood beside you, saying “Why it doesn’t surprise me?”

You turned to him and nearly hit your friend with your braids. “Excuse me?”

“Come on, go get your jacket, gloves and go do the igloo, or have fun with something else you’ve been doing all your life. You know how Evie and I spent the winter on the island? Worrying about whether we would be warm in home and how we would steal food. While you were running around the palace, riding down the railing of the stairs, we were worried if we would survive, but you have no idea about it, and you will never have. ”

You stood by the window stunned like never before, unable to believe what Carlos had just said. You were very happy that none of the students except your three didn’t listen to the conversation, because in every second your heart beat faster.

“Why are you always doing this?” you ask. “Why do you always think that everything I say to you is insulting or harmful? I never wanted to offend any of you and I would never do that. You’re right, I have no idea how it’s to live on the island, but I want you to know how it’s to living here.”

“And who are you to make our lives better, huh?” Carlos stood up against you. “You pretend to be holy and you want to be a big heroine, just because your mother went off to the top of the mountain with a village idiot to bring her crazy sister to the palace. Are you proud of your family? Your mom is a living failure, father- uneducated, ordinary salesman, and your aunt- let’s face it. She is just a witch, who should land on the island by law.”

Silnce reigned in the room. Nobody spoke a word. You knew everyone would surely hear what Carlos had just said. The school bell rang, so all of them nervously walked away from the windows, took their stuff, and began to leave the room. “What have you just said about my family?” You asked in shock. Tears flowed to your eyes. Carlos took his bag and left you alone with Evie under the window, shouting at you from the door “Don’t pretend you didn’t hear.”

You felt anger flowing in your veins. That was too much. You liked this boy, maybe you had a little crush on him, but now he definitely exaggerated. Furiously, you took your things fast and ran out of the classroom as Carlos walked slowly down the corridor. “I asked what you just said about my family?"You  yelled and pushed Carlos on the school lockers.

There was a bang and the boy looked at you confused. "Let’s explain something” you started dropping your bag to the ground. “Maybe my mother is a princess, but she hasn’t put her nose out of the palace for all her life. She lived imprisoned and didn’t know the world at all, and yet she went out alone to bring her sister home. ”

Carlos swallowed loudly as he watched as you approached him more and more. “My dad didn’t grow up in the royal family, but your mom didn’t too. He was raised away from the people, so he take any work, to make some cash. He was working really hard and despite that he never had enough money he never felt worse from anyone.”

You were now so close to the boy that you could freely count the freckles on his nose, but you continued talking. You have unleashed all your frustration and anger that you’ve been holding for weeks. “My aunt is not a witch, she is the queen, who was only twenty-one years old, unable to cope with the power that no one else knew. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, and certainly not her people and her loved ones.”

Carlos moved his hands nervously, clutching the lockers to which he was pressed. “Maybe they are not perfect” you countinued “But no one is. Instead, they taught me everything that is important in life, and I regret that your mother couldn’t show you what my family showed me. ”

You stepped back to the boy and you were glad to find that it was the first time he blushed with embarrassment. You had a great hope that you were the one who made him foolish by what he did. You took the first person at hand and walked down the corridor to your room.

It was almost lunch time when the snow covered the entire school yard. By lack of willingness and a lot of duties, you kindly asked the service to bring dinner to your room. You were sitting at your desk doing homework, occasionally looking at the picture in a frame on which Aunt Elsa kissed you on one cheek, and your mom on the other. If you could only now let them know how great you stood today in their defense, you would have already listened to how proud they are both. A knock on your door knocked you out of your thoughts. Confident that it was your meal you opened the door wide with a smile, not expecting to see Carlos there.

The boy stood in front of you, nervously licking his lips. He saw you in simple black t-shirt, gray tracksuit and dissolved hair. Without braids, waistcoats and boots with royal designs of Arendelle. He blushed and wasn’t able to tell if it was embarrassment or because he especially liked what you looked like.

He opened his mouth to say something when you closed the door to his nose. He was the last person you wanted to see in your room. “Come on [Y/N]!” Carlos moaned steadily. You stood on the other side of the door leaning back against your back, listening to what he had to say. “I just want to talk.”

“So let’s talk.” you said, crossing your arms to your chest. You heard a boy sigh on the other side and you could swear that he is improving his hair because of his frustration. “Look, I know I acted like an asshole. I have no excuse for what I did, or why I was doing it, I just … I don’t know I thought you were different.”

You continued listening, pressing your ear to the door, because the boy started spoking quietly. “So far I only consider you as a dissolved brat, but today you showed that you can fight like a real villain. Just give me another chance okay? I can go with you anywhere you want, eat with you any chocolate, just please open the door.”

You chucked softly, covering your mouth with your hand so Carlos wouldn’t hear you. You couldn’t believe that boy finally changed his mind. You held your hand on the doorknob, wondering if you could actually give him a chance until Carlos asked. “Damn, I can even go build a snowman with you!”

You immediately opened the door, staring at him with wide open eyes, smiling slightly. “Did you really say that?”

“It worked?” The boy asked smiling wide.

You wondered a moment, then quickly began to dress your boots, while binding the scarf with one hand. “Go for your jacket.”

“What?” Carlos asked confused.

“I told you to go for a jacket, and of course, for gloves. If we want to make a snowman, it’s probably not a best idea to do it with bare hands. ”

You closed the door from your room and hurried to the stairs, leaving Carlos alone in the corridor. You didn’t know that he had the biggest smile on his face, since a long time.

Some Larry Tea

Okay so I had a really great post ready about how things are looking good. How we haven’t had stunts for a while, the boys seem freer, Louis promo is improving, and maybe everything is coming to an end (if you still want that post please let me know). But then things turned to shit. We had about three stunts in the space of a few days, Louis’ songs JLY and BTY were completely ignored in an article, and all the media focus was on Louis stunts rather than his music, once again. In the midst of all that, Harry got mobbed in Paris and sexually assaulted at another show. Which I’m still completely disgusted about and still can’t quite believe anyone would ever think that’s an okay thing to do.

So yeah it’s all been pretty negative but recently we’ve gotten some tea ☕️


First of all, after Harry was sexually assaulted (yes @ the media, it is called S e x u a l A s s a u l t. Not an ‘awkward encounter because of some crazed fan’ CALL IT WHAT IT IS PLEASE) anyway after that disgusting thing happened, a couple of people spoke out about it including our very own captain Niall, and also this guy

He met with Harry a couple days ago

And seems to be a really big supporter of Harry. Anyway, if you look at who Khalid is following you’ll see he is following Harry and Louis (and none of the other boys)

In fact he’s following Steve Aoki and Bebe Rexha (who I know are artists in their own right, but it’s a nice coincidence that they’re also connected to Louis). This happens an awful lot. Take Bebe herself for example, she follows both Harry and Louis and none of the other boys. In fact she was WILD. She talked about Harry an awful lot and never mentioned the other boys. This also happened with Steve Aoki at first as well (although he does now follow all the boys).

Not only that, but Louis also JUST followed Khalid. Just after Harry met him, and just after he spoke out about the assault.

And this has happened before as well, take Louis following DJ Kahled’s son just before Harry covered wild thoughts (he already followed Kahled but he still had to show his support somehow :’) )

So please don’t @ me saying any of these are coincidences because it happens an awful lot and not with any of the other boys, ONLY with Harry and Louis.


Now onto the other sip of tea 😂

Katie Waissel tweeted this

We all know that One Direction were, and Louis still is, with SYCO. I’m so glad Katie spoke out about this, it’s such a brave thing to do and I also hope it spirals a domino effect so that other people begin to expose this mess and bring more light to how awful SYCO is. Also, this is for anyone who refuses to accept that SYCO are disgusting enough to closet people. Here’s the proof that they are a vile company. This also isn’t the first time people have spoken out about SYCO or Modest!

Also, Katie then went on to like a lot of replies, and a LARGE amount of them were about Larry

To me it does look like she was just scrolling through her replies and liking all of them. However, she must have at least been reading the replies (as there are a couple she hasn’t liked). This is a very serious topic and I think it would be very irresponsible to be shading Larry if they aren’t actually a couple. If the Het narrative is true, and Louis and Harry hate the gay rumours I think it would be very stupid to like tweets about them and throw accusations around like that. She clearly wants this to be taken seriously so she needs to be careful with what she’s liking and I highly doubt she’d like tweets about Larry for the sake of it if there’s no truth behind it. I also want to add that Katie was on the same series of X factor as One Direction so she would’ve know the boys while they were still free and probably into their career as they’re both with SYCO.

So a massive well done to Katie for speaking out about this issue and hopefully it will encourage other people to speak out about it


Finally, I just saw this on my Instagram timeline…

And erm ☕️☕️☕️.


I hope you’re loving this tea as much as I am. And please tell me if you still want me to publish the post about everything coming to an end (even though most of it doesn’t apply anymore) please let me know. (Reply to this)

Also thank you for the all the notes on my iheartradio post 💗💗 bye my loves ✌️ Larry is real 💙💚

Make Me Forget Part 4 (G.D)

Summary: Certain moments in life and certain people are worth forgetting. Forget the pain, and forget the ones who hurt you. But sometimes you need a little help to forget. Can he make her forget? Or will she forget him?

Warnings: Some cursing.

A/N: You guys are so supportive & encouraging! I had my doubts about bringing this series back, but seeing all of your comments & positive feedback, I’m glad I did! Anyways! I added more than 1 POV in this chapter. I wanted to add a little bit of Ethan’s POV also a little bit of the reader’s best friend. That way you guys can get a feel of each character, & what they’re like. Hopefully you guys like it! What do you guys think is going to happen between the Y/N & Grayson after what happened in the last chapter? & I wonder why Trey texted Y/N… Hmmm? Leave me some feedback! Let me know! <3


Reader’s POV

* 1 New iMessage From Trey *

I swiped right on my phone, unlocking it, and opened up my message app.

 I clicked on Trey’s name, and read his text.

Trey: Call me.

Keep reading

Why I Ship Rapunzel and Eugene

SO, by watching the movie and the TV show….Rapunzel and Eugene is the best Disney couple, in my opinion. THERE IS SPOILERS!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


First, the movie…

When they first meet, they both meet at different times but they meet each other at the same place, the tower. Rapunzel first sees Eugene for the first time after she knocks him out with her frying pan. If you have watched the movie, you can see her staring at him in awe. Same thing with him, everyone could see he was attracted to Rapunzel from the start.

In the movie, you can tell Eugene protected Rapunzel during the entire movie. For example, the time they walked into Snuggly Duckling, the thugs were going to take Eugene away. Eugene wanted to make sure they didn’t harm Rapunzel. So, he put his arms around her. 

After Snuggly Duckling, the scene in the tunnel and the campfire. They both told each other things they are both not comfortable talking about but they were comfortable saying these things to each other. 

When Rapunzel told Mother Gothel “I think he (Eugene) likes me”…you can tell Rapunzel was happy saying it. 

During the kingdom scene, Eugene was happy that Rapunzel was happy. He bought Rapunzel the Corona flag (note that Eugene lived an Orphan, has no job, was homeless at that time. Basically, he barely had money). Rapunzel wanted Eugene to dance and he did, you can tell that they were both happy at the end.

Eugene did what Rapunzel asked him to do, take her to see the floating lanterns. BUT, he went ABOVE AND BEYOND what HE could do. He got a boat and bought two lanterns. He gave her, in my opinion, the best view of these lanterns. 

 In the end of the movie, Eugene was going to die for Rapunzel….FOR RAPUNZEL (not himself, he put HER over HIMSELF) . He almost died because he thought if he didn’t, Rapunzel would be trapped in that tower for the rest of her life. Eugene never wanted Rapunzel to be trapped ever again. He wanted her to be free. 

When Eugene thought he was going to die, the last thing he told her wasn’t “I love you” (The common thing couples would say each other). Instead, he says “you were my new dream”. To me, that’s much more powerful then “I love you”. It’s something they have been talking about since they first meet each other, was dreams. 

Obviously the hug and the kiss was the most romantic thing ever at the end. When Rapunzel first hugged Eugene, he hugged her tighter when she was crying. Then, when she kissed him straight on, Eugene titled his head and made it much sexier. And the great thing about the kiss was we don’t know how long that kiss actually was because we never saw it end. 

Now the TV show, 

First of all, the TV show is NOT over. So, I can only talk about the first 12 episodes 

In Tangled Before Ever After, many things happened. First of all, Eugene proposed. You can tell Rapunzel loves him very much and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. But, she wants to explore the world. She doesn’t want to be trapped again. This was what was running through her head when he proposed, so she said no. 

Eugene wasn’t embarrassed that Rapunzel said no in front of her parents and all these other royal people. Instead, he was sad that Rapunzel wasn’t ready yet. He won’t propose again until he knows that Rapunzel is ready. 

So now I will talk about random episodes in the series, these won’t be in any order, this will be in general, 

Rapunzel and Eugene are together…..a lot….they pretty much go everywhere together….most of the time though, they are not alone, but it’s still cute.

There were times when Rapunzel was upset, and Eugene did anything to make Rapunzel happy again. 

Rapunzel promised to Eugene that she would hide no more secrets from him. 

Eugene tells Rapunzel that he loves her and she responds “I love you, too. More than you will ever know.”

One time, Eugene tells Rapunzel she’s on his mind. (In my opinion, it’s all the time) 

If you watch the episode closely at the moments where Eugene and Rapunzel are together. You can see that Eugene is ALWAYS looking at her. To me, it’s so romantic how much he looks at her. 

There was a moment Eugene and Cassandra almost died. Rapunzel was so worried and she jumped into his arms when they came out. 

Rapunzel has this journal and there are two pages of Eugene that say “Eugene and I have grown very close…he is so kind and he always makes me laugh” and “Eugene is such a wonderful person!” (There are other pages she does write about him) 

There is a scene where Eugene says to himself that he loves Rapunzel (3 times to be exact). 

Eugene tried to stay awake until 4 AM because he wanted to help Rapunzel. (It was specifically about a crime scene) 

So, this is all why I ship Rapunzel and Eugene. Hopefully, now you understand why I do. 

Alright, I’m done. This is the longest Tumblr post I ever wrote. Hope you all enjoyed it! 

My Thoughts on Bughead’s Physical Intimacy

These are my thoughts on just the physical intimacy of Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones both with each other and with other people. It will (hopefully soon) be followed by my thoughts on their emotional intimacy/vulnerability. 

On Riverdale, neither Betty nor Jughead touch or are touched that often in the whole series thus far.

Betty doesn’t reach out very often. But when she does, She tends to reach out as a gesture of comfort. I think that Betty’s personality makes her want to reach out and offer the support and comfort she doesn’t receive in turn. She’s a very caring and emotive individual who instinctively reaches out to people. It’s a part of her that has evolved from being forced to be “perfect” so that she can provide for others. Like she says she “does everything for everyone”. It’s something that now comes natural to her.

Examples of Betty offering comfort through touch is her reaching out to Archie when she sees his bruised eye and putting a hand on Ethel’s shoulder. When her mother is upset in 1x08 Betty is the one cradling her mother and offering comfort. In 1x09 she follows Veronica into the restroom and cradles her through her tears just as she had with her mother in the episode before.

Betty hardly receives any comforting touches in return. From the condescending touches of her mother to the way that Archie grabs her arm when she’s upset and walking away from him, there are very few non-forceful or welcome touches that Betty receives.

The majority of comforting touches are shared with Jughead.

Jughead is almost NEVER touched in any episode. Poor kid is touch deprived. The only touches he receives are a violent shoulder knock from Reggie and a threatening arm grab from Archie when Jughead confronts him about Grundy.

1x04 is the first time Jughead voluntarily reaches out to anyone. TWICE. The FIRST TIME Jughead reaches out physically to anyone is to Betty when Betty is going to go confront Archie. She slides out of the booth and Jughead ries to stop her by saying “Betty, wait”. The second time is to lead Archie away from the crowd so that he can convince Archie that Betty wouldn’t hurt him willingly.

And I noticed something. In 1x04 Jughead reaches out to Betty but HE DOESN’T PHYSICALLY TOUCH HER. He could have. If he had reached a little bit farther, it would have been easy for Jughead to physically pull her back. Betty wasn’t far enough away yet for Jughead to not reach her but even as Jughead reaches for her, he also holds back from physically forcing her to stay.

Other than Betty and Archie, Jughead doesn’t really reach out to anyone or is reached out to by anyone. The exception to that is his dad, F.P. In 1x07 Jughead grabs his dad’s arm to stop him from confronting Sheriff Keller. Minutes later, F.P. grabs Jughead’s face to get him to try to understand that F.P. will make an effort to get his life together. Even then, it’s less F.P. giving a comforting touch, but a desperation where Jughead is the one offering belief and stability and comfort. I think this can be directly compared to Betty consoling her mother in episode 1x09. Both times, the child is the one taking on the more responsible role, being more of an adult and offering comfort to their parent when they should be the ones comforted instead.

What is incredibly interesting to me is the way that the touches between Betty and Jughead have evolved over the course of the season. Especially in contrast to how they touch and are touched by others. From that first non-touch to THE KISS and to the more casual, intimate touches of his hand on her neck or the knee touches, Betty and Jughead have created this easy and comforting physical intimacy between them that is unlike any other relationship portrayed on the show.

Jughead’s and Betty’s touches are all very soft and tender, even before the kiss. The touches on the shoulder that Jughead offers Betty are some of the very few non-forceful physical touches that Betty receives throughout the season. And that trend continues after they start dating. The only time when Jughead’s physical actions can be read forcefully is that first kiss which softens immediately and Betty reciprocates. His hands on her face bring his lips to hers and she returns the gesture by leaning into him and putting her own hand on his shoulder.

Jughead and Betty’s touches are so incredibly intimate because we can see how it evolves from more hesitant to the more sure. It becomes instinctive to reach out to one another and find the other one ready to return the gesture. There’s no hesitation now in the way that she grabs his hand or puts her hand on his cheek/neck. The way Betty touches Jughead in reality, the sweet and gentle way she clasps his hand in hers is the EXACT SAME way that she grasps Jughead’s hand in his dream.

Every touch between them speaks of familiarity and comfort born of being friends for so many years which has now bloomed into a more intimate romance.

ESPECIALLY the kisses in 1x08 and 1x09. That they both reach out to each other in the 1x08 kiss in mirrored poses shows it’s not just Betty reaching out to Jughead or Jughead reaching out to Betty but they’ve come to a point where it’s very much reciprocal, it’s very much mutual between them and they both acknowledge that.

Neither Betty nor Jughead are touched by anyone all that often but the touches between them are incredibly significant. Even though they are arguably the most chaste couple on the show, the physical intimacy between them is remarkable. Not only do the touches they share outnumber any other touches they receive or give to others by a fair amount but it’s the fact that the touches between the two ARE SHARED. It’s not one or the other but both of them taking and giving comfort in equal measure.

Sam Winchester-Moose’s rugrat

Title: Moose’s rugrat

Pairings: Sam Winchester x daughter reader

Word count:2531

Summary: Imagine being Sam’s 16 year old daughter and neither of you knowing you were. You travel alone since your mom died with your angel friend looking out for you; Castiel. 

A/N: Hopefully if you guys want, this will be a series, the first one shot will mainly be based around Sam finding out. The others will be more angst and fluff with a twist of drama! x

Sam had no clue. Neither did Dean, neither did you. You were sixteen years of age and you were alone hunting. You only had one friend; he was an angel called Castiel. Your mother died only a few years ago and you’ve been on your own since fourteen. You had the letter she gave you, the one she told you she wanted you to open when you were ready. It had his name in it.
Your father.

You had no idea who it was and she wanted to tell you. She said he wasn’t a bad man, a man who made mistakes, yes, but he wasn’t bad and he didn’t know you were even alive. She never ever wanted you to think he abandoned you, she wanted you to know that if he did know you; he would love you, and he would be proud.

There was only his first name and his last name on the paper. She scribbled it down and told you to open it when you were ready. But you were never ready. Plus, you didn’t need him, you were fine on your own.

You swung back your arm, machete in hand as you were ready to cut off the vamps head. A sharp pain jolted through your spine as you screamed. Black dots clouded your vision before it all finally turned black.

You dipped in and out of consciousness as you felt yourself being dragged across the rough floor, the cold floor scraping and scratching at your torn skin.

Before you could black out fully you closed your eyes and tried to block out the searing pain before trying to call out your friends name.



Castiel fluttered into the Winchester’s motel room before they could even comprehend what was going on. Dean jumped, startled as he placed a hand across his beating heart.

“Dammit, Cas. How many times have I told you to stop doing that’‘he groaned, slamming his wet hands onto the towel hanging next to him and washing his wet face.

Castiel shot him a sharp glare which fell unnoticed to Dean but not by the taller moose. Sam got up from his seat as he shut his laptop and walked over to his friend.

’'Cas, man. What’s wrong?’'Sam asked sweetly as he braced a comforting hand on his worried friends shoulder. Dean stopped as he came into the room and looked worriedly at his friend.

’'You alright man?’'He asked, watching him carefully as he looked for wounds. Castiel paced as he frowned deeply.

’'It is not me that is in danger’'he whispered, his voice husky and hoarse. The two brothers looked from one another before Dean stopped the pacing angel.

’'Cas, what’s going on. Talk to us’'Dean said slowly to try and calm down the angel who he had never seen so worried before. Cas stopped, blowing out a shaky breath as he turned to face the brothers.

’'You should probably sit down for this’'Castiel informed. The two brothers shared a look as they knew it couldn’t be good.

’'I’m good standing. So why don’t you just say what you gotta say, and we’ll try and figure it out, yeah’'Dean replied. Castiel glanced at Dean before looking at Sam.

’'it is not you that should be sitting down, Dean. It is Sam’'Castiel sighed. Sam’s brows shot up as he started to get anxious himself. Dean started to worry himself too, worrying for his brothers safety.

’'Sam is okay. As I said, it is not him who is in danger, but what I’m about to say may cause him some shock’'Castiel added when he saw Dean’s panic for his brothers safety.

’'C-Cas. Just tell me’'Sam whispered, his voice deepening as he tried to act calm and collected. Castiel nodded as he sighed, trying to figure out how he could ’'let him down easy” as people put it.

“There’s this girl-”

“Alright, Cas’'Dean whooped as he shut up the moment Cas glared hot holes into his head.

’'Not like that, she’s sixteen’'Castiel informed. Dean looked a bit embarrassed but shrugged as he let Cas continue. ’'I have been helping her as she hunts alone and does not have anyone to turn too. However, this morning I got a prayer from her, I believe she’s in danger’'Castiel mumbled, biting his lip in fear.

’'Don’t worry, man. Look, if she’s important to you, then she’s important to us. We’ll help’'Dean reassured as he clapped his friend on the shoulder. Sam nodded but frowned.

’'Cas, what does that have to do with me?’'Sam asked, confusion setting in. Cas let out a breath as he paced again slightly. He didn’t really want to say because he didn’t want to betray you, he had asked about your father hoping that you knew or wanted to, but when you said you didn’t want to, he left it alone. You just weren’t ready yet.

’'This girl is very important. Every monster, every supernatural being out there wants her because she is important. The first time I felt her presence was because she was nearby. Something about her soul felt familiar, too familiar. So I went to her and I knew then why she felt so familiar. I- on your behalf. Looked out for her, protected her. I am sorry, I did not tell you any of this sooner, Sam. She did not want to know’'Castiel whispered as he frowned at the deep betrayal he felt he had caused.

Sams brows furrowed as he shook his head. ’'Cas, you’re still not making sense. What does this have to do with me?’'He repeated growing slightly frustrated at the angel.

’'What did you mean on, Sam’s behalf?’'Dean asked wearily. Cas looked up as he stared at Sam.

’'She is important to every Supernatural being because she is a Winchester’'Castiel mumbled, hoping if he said it quiet enough he wouldn’t feel as guilty.

’'We’ve got a sister?’'Dean gasped, his heart racing. How many did his dad leave behind? Dean grew confused on why Cas thought it would only effect Sam. Dean seemed to be pretty effected. Sam too was shocked with the news.

’'No’'Castiel shook his head as he watched confusion rush over their faces. ’'Sam’'Cas said confidently, turning to the younger Winchester. ’'You have a daughter. And she is in trouble”

Sam stuttered, slowly falling back before Dean reached out and caught him.

“Whoa…big guy!’'Dean grunted as he helped his brother take the seat Castiel suggested he should have took in the first place. Sam’s face had paled, he felt slightly sick and confused and scared at the same time.

’'You’re sure about this, Cas?’'Dean asked as he looked at the face of his younger brother. ’'How do you know she isn’t a shapeshifter, or a demon?’'Dean asked protectively.

’'Because, the reason she felt familiar is because her and Sam’s souls are linked. They share the same blood and I already did all the tests. She passed every single one. I am an angel of the Lord, Dean. She is definitely Sam’s offspring’'Cas added.

Sam looked up after taking a deep breath. ’'How old did you say she was? Who’s her mother? Why is she a hunter? Who’s got her? Does she know who I am?-”

Dean cut off Sam as he tried to calm down his brother. Sam felt a weird feeling in his gut as he felt protective even though he didn’t even know you yet.

“I will answer all your questions, Sam but first we mus-’'Castiel stopped as his head lifted up, staring at the sky.

’'Wh-what? Is she okay? What’s wrong?’'Sam panicked as he stood up quickly. Dean watched with concerned eyes.

’'She is calling.’'He breathed out in relief as he vanished. Sam tried to grasp the angel but he was gone. He prayed and prayed for hours as he tried to ask the angel to take him with him so he could help.

Dean and Sam talked through it. Sam was pacing as Dean sat in his seat, rolling his knife between his fingertips. Dean glanced up at his younger brother.

’'You okay? You’ve had quite the shock’'Dean whispered. Dean too was unsure how he felt. He was thrilled he was an uncle but he was concerned about how his brother would react and wasn’t sure if pulling a kid into their world was good.

Sam stopped for a short while as he looked over at his brother. ’'I’m not sure. I-I mean, yeah it’s a shock but-I don’t know why, but I just felt the need to protect her, to keep her safe when Cas said she was in trouble. Is that weird, since I don’t even know her?’'Sam sighed, running a hand through his locks.

Dean smiled proudly as he shook his head. ’'Fathers instinct’'He chuckled. Sam flushed slightly as he sat down slowly next to Dean.

’’D-Do you…’'Sam trailed off as he looked sad all of a sudden. ’'Dean, what if I’m a lousy father. I’ve always wanted kids but not in this life. I swore I would never bring a child- my child into the hunting life. What if she gets hurt?”

“Sam, you’ll be a great father. You don’t need to rush, take it slow, get to know her. Sam she’s already in danger because she’s a Winchester, we can protect her and I know it seems like we’ll make it worse, but she’s already stuck now, you may as well get something good out of it and try and get to know her’'Dean smiled as he patted his brothers legs comfortingly.

Sam nodded, deep in thought when Castiel poofed into the room. Sam and Dean stood up abruptly as Sam went to swing a thousand questions at Castiel.

’'She is is the truck she owned. She’s hurt but she’s sleeping it off. Would you like to see her?’'Castiel asked as he smiled softly at the younger Winchester. Sam looked back and fourth to Cas and his brother as if asking permission off his brother.

Dean gave him a reassuring nod as he gently shoved his brother. ’'I’ll wait here but don’t think I ain’t getting a look at moose’s rugrat when he’s done’'Dean chuckled as he sat down.

Sam grabbed his jacket as he pulled it closer to him when they hit the chilly night air. His heart lept in his chest as Castiel brought him to the pick up truck you stole.

Castiel nodded towards the back of the pick up truck where a blanket was sprawled out. He glanced at Castiel nervously who gave him a smile and ushered him forward.

Sam rested his sweaty palms on the side of the truck as he peered inside. His mouth slightly fell agape as his eyes softened. You were curled up in a ball beneath the blanket that tangled around you. You looked exhausted and broken. Completely torn up and bruised as your dark, chocolate locks sprawled out around you.

Castiel smiled when he saw the look in Sam’s eyes. Sam’s eyes watered as he bit his lip to keep himself from getting emotional. He turned back to Castiel with a worried glance.

’'Is that warm enough for her? Isn’t she gonna get cold. Shouldn’t s-”.

Cas cut Sam off as he stood chuckled. “I will bring her in after, right now she just needs a few hours without being disturbed whatsoever. Sam nodded slowly as he turned back to face you. His eyes roamed over all your features and he realised how much you looked like him.

The door closed quietly as Dean stood next to his brother, shoving his cold fingers into his jacket pockets as he zipped up his coat and shook his leg to try and keep warm.

’'You know, for being your rugrat, she’s awfully small’'Dean chuckled. Sam laughed, his eyes watering as he looked at you in awe. He carefully extended his arm as he went to brush his fingertips against your cheek but stopped when he realised you’d probably wake up due to hunter reflexes.

’'It’s okay, Sam. She’s a heavy sleeper’'Castiel chuckled. Watching the two brothers from behind. Sam nodded, gulping as he carefully brushed his nimble fingers against your cheek. He smiled at how soft it was and grinned when you nuzzled your face into his palm.

’'She’s cute’'Sam chuckled as he carefully pulled the blanket up closer to you. Dean was on his tiptoes, peering closer over the edge as he gave a proud grin.

’'Get’s that from her Uncle Dean’'Dean grinned. Sam smiled at the term 'Uncle Dean’. Sam rolled his eyes anyway but a thousand questions ran through his head.

Would she call him Dad?

Would she be happy to see him?

Did she even want to see him?

Cas stepped forward as he carefully placed his hand on Sam’s arm and retreated it back. ’'I shall answer all your questions, Sam. You too, Dean. But first we should left her rest.’'Cas informed.

Sam was reluctant to go, scared of leaving you out there but Castiel promised he would know if anything in a mile radias even stepped over the line.

The three men made their way back to the motel room as they all sat down, getting ready to shoot a million questions at Cas.

’'What would you like to know first?”

“What’s her name?”

The Antisocial Freak| Shy!Female!Reader x Seth Clearwater

Part 2

I wrote this before I went to sleep because I had this idea and I had to write it before I forgot it. I hope you like this! I’m hopefully going to make this into a series so tell me if you like this or want a part 2! Thanks!

Warnings: Shy reader, bitchy Kim (I love Kim but I put this in because it was necessary) and angst? maybe I dunno but also creepy Seth

Y/N=Your Name

W/Y/A/F= Where You Are From

Y/NA= Your Nationality

I knew it was weird and creepy but I was doing it. God I hope she doesn’t wake up- that would be one hell of an awkward conversation. 

I was in the corner of Y/N’s room and watched her. She had moved to LA Push two days ago and she came to school today. I remember it vividly:

I walked into school with the rest of the pack. Kim was beside Jared and they were whispering. I knew exactly what they were saying and I scrunched my nose up in disgust. They could at least wait until they were alone to talk like that. Leah still had her sour face and Paul still had his resting furious face. Everyone basically reeled back from us like we had the plague. I tried to not notice but I still felt a stab of guilt when they did that. They were under the impression that we were some sort of cult but boy were they wrong. Usually, the whispered were about us but today they were about a new girl. The rest of the pack seemed to not notice that they were not talking about us for once or they just didn’t care. I continued walking until I saw a new face. It was the new girl. She had had earphones in and she was going through her locker. Her Y/H/C hair was in a ponytail that looked like she had just rushed up and shoved it up carelessly.

Despite her hair being messy and her clothes not matching, she was beautiful. When ever there is a new kid that kid is almost always claimed by a group but this girl was all alone. I wondered why but kept my questions to my self. There were a group of girls approaching her. “Seth?” Leah asked putting a hand on my shoulder pulling me out of my daydream. “Yeah?” I replied not taking my eyes of the girl- it was like there was a magnet that attracted me to her. “What do you know about the new girl?” I asked her before she could say anything else. “I can tell you something,” Kim said. “What?” I asked, anxious to know more about the lonely girl. “She moved her just yesterday with her family from W/Y/A/F and shes your age I believe,” Y/NA? How interesting. “Thanks,” I said turning back to the girl. The group of girls were in front of her now. The new girl noticed them in front of her and took one earphone out. “What’s your name?” The leader asked. “Y/N,” She replied shyly. Y/N; such a beautiful name. It suited her. The three girls introduced themselves, “would you like to sit with us at lunch?” One of them asked. “Um no thanks,” I was taken back at her answer. “I’m more of a loner, thanks though.” Y/N said before closing her locker and moving away from them. For a terrible second I thought she was coming to me and my heart stopped. I froze- just in the place she needed to be. When she arrived in front of me she gulped. She looked up and the world stopped. My eyes connected with her magnificent ones and it was like god himself had reached down into my ear and whispered- ‘Shes your soulmate!’ I don’t know how long I was frozen but it was long enough for her to notice and the pack. “Seth!” Paul snapped at me, pulling me out the way. Y/N quickly said, “Thanks,” then scampered into the classroom. After I recovered, I turned and saw everyone smirking at me- all except Leah. “What?” I asked completely oblivious to why they were smirking. “Seth!” Embry said. “You just imprinted!” 

And there she was. In her room asleep on her bed. I knew I had to see her but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. After a few hours of searching, I had found her house and had scaled up into the backroom- luckily it was her room. She looked like a princess. She had earphones in and I could faintly hear the low piano music in them. She still had her glasses on and she was wearing sweatpants and a grey t-shirt. Her hair was still in its ponytail. She was absolutely stunning. I smiled at myself. How was she my imprint? She was way to great for me already. I still hadn’t talked to her but I already knew she was a shy person and a bit of a loner but that was okay- she was amazing just the way she is. She turned around and I quickly scampered out of the room before she woke. 


Everyday I told myself I would talk to her but I was too scared and too much of a coward and with all Bella’s wedding and Jacobs disappearance I was too stressed. Now that I had imprinted it was like the world was completely different. Was Y/N okay? Should I go see her? Does she need some help? All my thoughts were constantly on her. Now I knew why everyone was so weird about their imprints. It was Friday and I was waiting outside next to Paul’s car. “Looking out for Y/N again?” Kim asked standing beside me. “Is it that obvious?” I asked biting my lip. “Talk to her!” She insisted. I saw Y/N walk through the gate- her infamous earphones in. “In fact I think I will,” Kim said smirking before practically ambushing her. “Hey!” Y/N looked taken back at the bubbly girl in front of her but took one earphone out regardless. “I’m Kim, nice to meet you!” Kim held her hand out. Y/N looked at her hand and cautiously shook it. “I’m Y/N,” She said warily. “I was wondering if you want to meet my friend?” Kim said pointing to me. I shyly waved as Y/N looked to me- she gave me a small grin that made my heart stop. The others laughed at me clearly heard me have a mini heart attack. “Um, I’m alright,” She said and my heart dropped. Did she not like me? “I’m not good with lots of people and. . . Well just people in general,” She looked uncomfortable and just awkward. I felt terrible for her. “How can you be bad with people? You are a person yourself right?” Kim said. Y/N seemed hurt. “I’m … right… Bye.” Y/N said before running off stuffing a earphone in. “Wait!” Kim said but Y/N was already in the school. Kim came walking up to me looking defeated. “Why did you do that for?!” I demanded. I was furious. I told her not to bother Y/N and all Kim successes in was making Y/N uncomfortable. “I’m sorry okay! Its not my fault she an antisocial freak!” I felt myself shake at her horrid words. I heard a few members of the pack gasp. Kim was usually so nice and optimist it was so wrong hearing her talk like that. I felt like I wanted to murder her right then and there. How dare she say that?! “Calm down!” Leah hissed into my ear. “People are noticing!” I looked at say people were in deed watching me tower over Kim with a dangerous look in my eye. Kim herself looked shocked at what she said- but instead of apologizing, she stomped off. I turned to everyone and saw Jared glare at me before running after Kim. “You need to talk to her man!” Paul insisted. “Your going to go crazy!” I agreed with him.

I soon realized, as I sat down in History, that I shared this class with Y/N. She was standing at the front of the class as the teacher went through the seating plan. As I sat down, I came to the realization that the only open seat was next to me. I felt my heart race and a huge smile break out on my face. 

“Go sit down next to Seth,” The teacher said pointing to me. Y/N looked to me and then sat down beside me. We were on a two person seat table and right at the back.

“I’m Seth,” I introduced myself, smiling widely. 

“Y/N.” She said simple before getting out a book of paper and began writing the title and notes as the teacher spoke. I couldn’t help but watch her in awe. She was writing so much and she looked like she understood what he was saying and I had no idea what he was banging on about. 

“Mr. Clearwater!” the teacher boomed. “Will you please listen!” I nodded and began writing notes.

The lesson was terrible. I hadn’t talked to Y/N- not once. History was my last lesson of the day and so was Y/N’s. I was rushing out of the building trying to keep up with Y/N; she had her earphones in and was oblivious to my shouts. Before I knew it, she was gone. 

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45 and 43 please omg your writing is amazing I’m in love!!!!

Hope you don’t mind I’m going to do 43 first in this ask and then make a separate post for 45 and tag you in it! I assumed you wanted these as Bughead but if not just holler at me and I’ll rewrite what you wanted! Also, you are too sweet thank you thank you! (Shameless self-promo but check out more of my writing on AO3)

43. Falling in love with best friend’s partner AU (Flipped things on its head a little bit. Also this is going to be a bit of a long one, I got carried away! I hope you like angst <3)

Maybe she should have realized it sooner, how hopelessly she was in love with Jughead Jones. Maybe if she had, she wouldn’t be standing here next to her best friend, Veronica Lodge, helping her decide which stationery to have at their wedding. They wanted an old Hollywood glamour wedding. Betty tried to be supportive, tried to be happy, but the truth was there were pages in her diary planning her marriage to the Jones boy.

Veronica didn’t like what he liked. She hardly knew him. She wasn’t the one who was by his side when his dad got thrown in jail or the one who had driven cross country so they could surprise Jellybean on her graduation day. No, she had been far too busy with that. Likely with her driver, Archibald Andrews.

Betty knew there was something happening between them. Something that would break Jughead’s heart if he knew. Something that would destroy him. Because when he loved, he loved absolutely. He held on tight, refused to let go. Kicked and screamed and fought for that person. She loved Veronica, with every fiber of her body, but this marriage was going to end in turmoil, and she couldn’t bear to see Jughead suffer like that.

“I have to go check out the flowers V,” Betty said, “I’ll be back in half an hour? Please don’t kill the caterer in that time. You know he’s trying his best but a wedding cake that huge is a lot to ask for.”

“What am I supposed to do? My groom’s single request in the entire wedding was that cake! If it’s not perfect then the wedding isn’t perfect!”

The two laughed and Betty departed, lost in her own thoughts. It didn’t take long for her to realize she’d left her phone back in the Lodge’s apartment. Despite having been together for two years, Jughead and Veronica had not moved in together. They both “valued their space”. Which meant, V liked her closet, and Jughead liked being able to leave his book and manuscripts thrown about a small room with little to no repercussion.

She turned around, frustrated. Of course, that would happen today. On top of every terrible thing that was already going wrong in her life, like watching the literal love of her life marry someone completely wrong for them, she’d left her phone 20 stories up and hadn’t noticed until she was at the bottom. And now both the elevators were broken. If she hadn’t been waiting on a call from her sister Polly, Betty would have counted her loses and come back after the florist meeting.

Enough flights to leave her breathless later and she had finally reached Veronica’s apartment again. It should have been simple. A laugh as she grabbed her phone, assurance that lilies and roses looked great together, and another sprint down the stairs.

But no. Life would not be kind to her today. The giggle was the first clue, the smear of red lipstick on Archie’s face the second. They hadn’t seen her, not yet, but Betty used her reporter’s ears and listened.

“I love you Archiekins. I wish this was our wedding I was planning,” she sounded wistful, making Betty’s stomach churn with anger, “But Daddy would never allow it.”

“You could just run away with me Ronnie. Forget this place, forget him, and we could start somewhere else together. You have that apartment in Barcelona. I could write there.”

Veronica’s voice sounded choked, tears in her eyes as she whispered, “I wish. God, I wish.”

Phone forgotten, Betty ran. Angry pedestrians shouted at her, street sellers tried to con her out of money, but it all sounded like a buzzing white noise. She didn’t know where she was running until she ended up right outside apartment 505. For a moment, she hesitated. Her moral compass was on the fritz. Could she possibly betray Veronica’s trust like this? Her best friend. But it wasn’t right for Jughead not to know. He couldn’t walk into a loveless marriage without being well informed.

She took an unsteady breath and knocked.

Shuffling from inside, followed by a sleep graveled shout let her know that Jughead, at 3 PM, was just now waking up. She couldn’t help but smile. That was just like him. Staying up until the sun was rising, burning holes in his keyboard.

When he answered the door, his signature cap missing and sleep still in his eyes, Betty smiled. Even without his morning (or rather, afternoon coffee) and his teeth unbrushed this man could blow her heart to pieces. He was everything she wanted.

“Hey Betts,” he smiled and opened the door further so she could sneak into his apartment, “What brings you here on this fine Manhattan…” his eyes drifted to the clock hanging above his desk and winced, “Afternoon. Wow. Guess I slept through every alarm I had. Want some coffee?”

“I’m fine Juggie. This isn’t purely a social call anyway…” her throat felt tight and she tried to keep the tears at bay. No this wasn’t about her. It was about him.

He shrugged and moved towards the coffee pot. “Is it about Veronica? She’s driving me up a wall lately,” his tone turned mocking, “Jug what do you think of the drapes? Jones, should we have these napkins or these? Can I call you Forsythe during our vows it sounds nicer.”

Betty tried to laugh, for his sake, to give him a moment of happiness before she crushed him. But it came out strangled, chocked. For a moment, their eyes met, worry lacing his expression, he opened his mouth to speak again, but she beat him to it.

“Veronica’s cheating on you,” Classic Cooper, breaking news like a blunt knife to the heart. She tried to think of anything to comfort him, “I-I’m sorry and-”

Jughead shook his head, pouring the coffee from the pot into his cup. He liked things black.

“I know.”

The silence came again. Nothing but the ticking of the clock’s second hand until she could finally break it. “You what?”

“I’m not an idiot Betty,” he took a sip, relaxing when the caffeinated wave hit him, “I’m not the one messing up her lipstick most Tuesday nights. I’m not the one texting her, making her smile when we’re supposed to be having date-night.”

She was taken aback, green eyes wide as saucers. “Then why haven’t you said anything? Why are you still marrying her Juggie? You’re just setting yourself up for something you know won’t work.”

At last his composure seemed to break. Tears tugged at the edges of his eyes and he looked away, forcing their gazes apart. It took a moment for him to finally speak, but when he did her heart broke.

“I’m a weirdo. A kid who’s dad is in jail for drug trafficking who writes mystery novels and forgets to sleep most nights. Normal people don’t fall in love with guys like me. And I figured if I just pretended we could have this unspoken agreement. She keeps seeing Archie behind my back and I get to pretend to have a regular life for once. Who else is going to marry someone like me, Betts?”

She took a shaky breath, closing the distance between them with a kiss. It was gentle, chaste, but hopefully he knew, without a doubt, that she had pages upon pages dedicated to just how special he was.

“I would.”

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hey, it's the anon who asked about hel and your relationship with her. see i was just reading on some websites and then i found hel and became immediately attracted to her and started reading all i could find on her. but like i don't have any experience with deites and don't know how to go on about her and i just can't contact through meditation and the like. any tips? sorry if this is confusing, thank u <3

Hey, love! ❤️ It’s totally okay - thanks for coming in with more detail. I’ll honestly be with Hel most of tonight working on a new project so if you’d like to message me off anon I can ask her if she has any specific advice for you. If you’re not comfortable with that here’s some more detailed help. Well, hopefully it’s helpful!

💀The first thing to consider is that deities may not always respond to you immediately. Be patient and in the mean time try to do more research about Hel. I know when I first met her she wanted me to read and do a few things before we set up a relationship. It might not be what you expect. Deities can come to you in many ways; a gut feeling, shivers, a dream, de ja vu, a series of odd events, a dream, keep your mind open.

💀Perhaps you’ll have an easier time contacting her if you have things that reminds you of her out or an offering. What I often use are smokey quartz, onyx, petrified wood, and clear quartz for crystals.  wine, dark chocolates, coffee beans, black/white candles, skull symbols, bones, yew, yarrow, and the runes Hagalaz and sometimes Othala(this rune is currently being used by white supremacists so I’d caution wearing it). I like the Wardruna album Yggdrasil when trying to reach out to her. Some people include photos of their ancestors also, I like to give a little love to her pupper Garmr as well. I like to light white candles and a little skull candle I have for her!

💀So meditating isn’t working and that’s okay! I’d personally keep giving it a shot maybe once a week(or to your ability/convenience) to just to have the door open ya know?  Below is a little incantation I say sometimes when working with Hel, it might work for you as well! You can always just try talking to her at your altar or in a sacred space. Sometimes I say the prayer and just talk to her with offerings out and candles lit, I ask for advice and I let her know I’ll keep my mind open. Give it a few days like I said gods aren’t always conventional when talking to us.

    •  Hel, Lady of the Darkness- ruler of the night, We sleep within thy shadows to wake into thy light.

💀You can always try to reach out to her through service offerings. Offer sincere aid to the dying, the recently bereaved, the mentally ill, the chronically ill, and the socially outcast; work in a soup kitchen (Hela feeds the vast underclass who would die a “straw death”); work to alleviate proverty; work on and expunge your own insecurities(this one is very important to me honestly.


C o r r u p t 

Summary: Giulia grew up without knowing her real father’s identity. And now, after 25 years she knows his name and exactly where he is. She leaves everything behind as she heads to Charming to get to know him – Alexander “Tig” Trager. She didn’t receive the welcome she expected from him, or the Sons of Anarchy and it’s enough to make her want to go back to Oakland, her hometown. But a certain Scot convinces her to stay for a little longer. Will she stay and hopefully create a relationship with her real father? If not with him then with Chibs Telford?

A/N: Yet another Sons of Anarchy fic – also another Chibs fic (no, I never get tired of those). Keep in mind that this story takes place in season 5 of SoA, which means spoilers if you haven’t finished the series. I know the summary is pretty vague but I didn’t want to reveal too much of Giulia’s story there. The first chapter is set in Oakland, giving you a bit of backstory on her and her connections. She may not have been raised by Tig but there’s a lot of similarities between the two. Somewhat of a freak with a love for bikes and inappropriate jokes. The quote in the beginning is from a David Bowie song, Cat People. I altered it a bit so it could fit better with the character.

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Chapter 1

“see these eyes so blue

I can stare for a thousand years

colder than the moon

well it’s been so long”

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