hopefully this turns out the right colours

Holy stars this was complicated as hell. Sooo many textures though I’m pleased with how the mural turned out even if getting all the colours to work right was a nightmare.

Anyway a scene from ACOTAR this time, since I was rereading it, and this scene stuck in my set designer’s brain and had to paint. I can’t help but imagine how awesome this scene would look on screen <3

Also played around with the lighting, and hopefully I’ve managed to achieve that dusty atmosphere the scene invokes.

Feyre and Prythian belongs to @sjmaas

paint tool sai and wacom bamboo


Look more “Skeleton squatters and the landlady” fanart!  What a surprise! even tho it is a bit old as I made this when that chapter came out actually haha

Anyhow, this is based on one of my fave scenes from chapter 18, where the landlady, in the pic is my version of her who I call Pakse, ends up in a hammock with Stretch for a bit, srs that scene made me schreech so much the first time so damn good! I had planned on colouring this but have decided not to, mostly because I already got a bunch of other things I need to work on and also this didn’t turn out super good anyhow and stuff <:

It’s kind of funny tho, someone asked @tyranttortoise a couple of days or so ago for what scene from the fic she would love to see drawn, and this was one of them and I was like oohh wait I have drawn that! xD

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“who knew you’d be here?” with york and carolina?

“Oh.  Carolina.”  Carolina looked up from her book to see York stopped dead in the doorway of the rec room.  “Ah.”  

Carolina used a finger to hold her spot on the page.  “You need something, York?”

He gave a shaky laugh.  He finally stepped into the room, and immediately put his back to the wall.  “Oh, no.  I’m… good.  Just…uh… who knew you’d be here?”  

“Pretty much anyone who has ever tried to find me at 21:30?”  Carolina watched as he scanned the room, and her eyes narrowed.  “What are you doing?”

“Me?  Ah.  Nothing.”  There was a sound of footsteps in the hall and York’s eyes popped.  “I’m not here!”  He bolted around the sofa and crouched next to her armrest, out of sight of the door.  As he pressed himself against the upholstery, a figure blocked the door.  Carolina stared.  

North stepped inside, half naked, covered only by a towel around his waist that he clutched with one hand.  His hair was shockingly pink, and his skin down his neck, shoulders and chest appeared stained with pink ribbons where dye had dripped down.  “York!”  At his roar, the armrest under Carolina’s hand trembled.  

“North?”  Carolina looked him up and down one more time.  “What are you –”

“Oh.  Carolina.”  North gave a start as though just noticing her.  “Have you seen York?”  

“You mean just now?”  The armrest quailed again, but he was safely out of her periphery, so she was able to answer truthfully.  “No.”  

“Do you know where he is?”

Ah.  No way to spin that.  Deflection time.  “Have you checked his quarters?”  

“Yes.  The weasely one-eyed bastard wasn’t there.”  

“The mess hall?”  

North’s eyes narrowed.  “Not yet.”  He started to step back out the door and then stopped again.  “If you see him, tell him that when I get my hands on him, he’s going to spend the next two weeks looking like a fucking smurf.”  He turned to walk away.

“North.”  Carolina felt York start to stand, but he dropped back down again as North’s head swung back into the room.  “Go put on some clothes.”

North looked down, cheeks suddenly as bright as his hair.  “Uh, yeah.  Sorry.”  Without another word, he turned and left, his footsteps sounding a good deal quicker than his arrival.

“Oh thank god.”  Carolina leaned away as York threw both arms over the armrest, hauling himself up from the floor.  “I thought I was dead for sure.”

“Hopefully I bought you a little extra time.”  Carolina glanced down to make sure her finger was still on the right spot on the page, then peered up at him again.  “Unless you really like the colour blue, you better get moving.”

“Some shades more than others.”  York stopped behind the couch to hug the top of her head.  “You’re the best.”

“I know.”  She gave a casual swing of her hand behind her, catching York in the ribs.  He laughed and ran out the door.  Carolina shook her head and turned back to her book with a smile.

I'm never gonna Bake again

Major Steven Universe spoilers


During the fight in the Homeworld kindergarten, Lars losing his life was a blessing in disguise, as it created a convenient portal home. So what if he lost something else instead?

“EAT… THIS!” Lars bellowed, plunging the stalactite deep into the eye of the robonoid. Almost immediately, blinding light flooded out from the robot, before it exploded. Violently.

Lars, who had previously been clinging to the machine for dear life, was flung into the nearby cliff side. A sickening WHACK! Was heard as Lars’s head smashed into the cliff face. Time seemed to slow down as Lars fell the 20 or so feet to the ground, once again bashing his head against the hard surface, before ragdolling limply and rolling to the side. For a second, everyone was quiet.

“LARS!” Steven cried, shield in hand. He sprinted over to the older boy, eyes wide. He knelt down in front of Lars, and with shaking hands pulled his arm so that Lars was facing upwards. He didn’t respond as Steven called his name again, this time quieter. Nobody moved.

“Lars!” Steven pulled on the collar of Lars’s tattered shirt. He searched for any sign of life, tears in his eyes. The off-colour gems behind them were speaking in hushed tones, amazed by Lars’s brave actions from a few minutes ago. Padparadscha let out a cheer, a few seconds after the others.

Steven placed his hand over Lars’s chest, right overtop of the little skull that was printed on his shirt. Steven pressed his ear to Lars’s heart, fearing the worst.

…one second… …two seconds…
Ka-thump, ka-thump.

Steven pulled away, breathing a heavy sigh of relief. Just unconscious. Would probably have a wicked headache, but hopefully he was no worse for wear. Steven turned to the other gems.

“He’s fine. He just got knocked out. Should be fine in a bit.” Steven stated, voice wavering a little. The thumping in his own chest was starting to slow down to a reasonable pace.

The gems didn’t look very worried, although, Steven thought, they wouldn’t have had any experience with human injuries. To them, if they looked at someone, and saw that their form was intact, they’d say they’re probably fine.

Steven looked at Lars. He was absolutely covered in scrapes and scratches, from his fall down the cliff. His arms had light burns on them, from the robonoid’s explosion. He looked… well, he could look worse. Not a lot worse, but still worse.

Clearing his throat, Steven asked, “Hey, is there anywhere we can rest? Lars is gonna need some time to recover.” He glanced back at Lars. Yeah. A lot of time.

Fluorite hummed. “Well… most of us… just… hide here. Either in the holes in the walls, or… we just pass the time here.” She curled in on herself, laying down on the rocky floor. The other gems nodded in agreement. “We hardly ever go outside.”

Steven thought for a moment. “So no beds or anything… hmm.” He looked to where they had entered the kindergarten from. “I’d love to go out and try to find something, food or water… or a pillow.” He mused. “But I should probably stay and make sure Lars recovers okay. That was a hard fall.” Steven winced just thinking about how Lars would feel waking up. A Headache, some burns, and the dehydration wasn’t doing them any favours either.

He made sure Lars was in what looked like a comfortable position (were you supposed to lay an unconscious person on their side, or their back? …I guess I’ll try on his side) before leaning against the cliff, keeping an eye on his charge.

Steven’s thoughts drifted. Now what were they gonna do? They wouldn’t get very far without food or water. That’ll be the first thing in the morning. If they can find any. Stuck on an alien planet with beings who have no use for water, how hard could it be to find?


After what seemed like hours, Lars’s eye twitched. Steven sat up immediately and scooted closer. Lars then moved his arm a bit. Steven could barely contain his excitement.

“Lars! Ohmygoshiwassoworriedwe-” he was interrupted by a loud shush from the addressed. Lars squinted his eyes, then sat up a bit, clutching the back of his head. “Uuuugh…. what- what happened…” he slowly blinked his eyes, before snapping them open, looking around wildly. “What- Where am I? Tell me Steven! Where did you take us?”

“We’re still in the kindergarten. You know, where you saved us all from the robonoids?” Steven said, hoping Lars would at least remember that.

This didn’t seem to help, as Lars then asked “t-then why is it so dark? What time is it?” He fumbled for his phone, then realized he no longer had it.

Steven frowned. “It’s like…” he checked his own phone. “…12:32. AM. Although I’m sure the light here doesn’t follow the same pattern as the sun… it’s not that dark though.” he looked up at where the entrance to the cave was. It was letting in a generous amount of light, enough to flood into the cave and light up the surroundings. Now that Lars was awake, the other gems were coming closer to the two, still curious about the new additions to their crew.

Lars shook his head. Slowly, as not to upset his headache anymore than it already was. He was staring at the far wall. “No- wait, do you have crazy magic night vision or something? Cause to me it’s just all black.”

Steven paused. “Um, no… it’s like the afternoon here. There’s plenty of light.” He glanced at Lars. “Hey, are you feeling okay?”

Lars didn’t look convinced whatsoever. “No no no, you’re messing with me or something. C'mon, show me your phone or something.”

Steven obediently handed over his phone. Lars clicked a few buttons, turning it over in his hand. He frowned at it. “Rgh. It’s dead or something, I don’t know! C'mon man, tell the truth!”

“Lars…” Steven stared at him. There was a pause. “Your shirt. The symbol on it, it glows in the dark, right?” This caused Lars to still. He looked in Steven’s direction. “If it was dark, you’d still be able to see it.” Lars narrowed his eyes. He then glanced down at his shirt. He felt around for the green skull on his chest, feeling the rise in the fabric where it was sewn on. He grabbed it and pulled it towards his face, his face a little more desperate. He rubbed his eyes with one hand, then both of them, and stared at the shirt. And stared and stared.

Steven covered his mouth. “Lars…” he started. Lars slowly turned to look at him. Little beads were forming in the corners of his eyes. “I think you’ve gone blind.”

Part two

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hi i just got home sorry if this sounds ignorant but what did taylor do wrong????

Hey! I’ll try to sum it up as best I can and hopefully not get anything wrong.

So, basically Taylor’s people sent a cease and desist to a journalist who published some article alleging Taylor’s link to the alt right and saying that their support of her in turn makes her one as well. What she did wrong was simply send a cease and desist when she should have put out some kind of a statement. A tweet, a statement via Tree, stood outside on her porch wearing an “I’m not a nazi” sandwich board. A lot of fans of colour feel hurt by her silence and they’re positively right to. She was able to write an entire letter to Apple and formulate a statement during the Kimye drama, she should come out and deny any link or positive feelings toward the alt right. 

Her silence doesn’t effect just her, it effects the fans of colour, Jewish fans, lgbt fans, etc who repeatedly have to have stan Twitters favourite moniker thrown in our faces- “Taylor and all her fans are straight, white girls who voted for Trump” 

Hope this helped!

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I love how your low messy buns turn out. Could you post a tutorial pretty plz? I can never get mine right, having serious hair envy over here 😅 xx

i legit just grab a handful of my hair and wrap one of those swirly slinky like hair ties around it! afterwards i get a scruchie that is similar to my hair colour and wrap it around! it makes it look bigger! 😄
i’m way too awkward and shy to make a video so hopefully that info will suffice! 😅

The phrases shouldn’t be running into one long indecipherable chunk of sound. Seijūrō blinked a few times, holding back what would have been a very rude sigh, and rededicated himself to listening to his advisor.

“…as you know, the London branch has lost stock value recently…”

Kōki had suggested a few weeks ago that they take the upcoming trip to London together. Seijūrō finding out exactly what was going wrong there shouldn’t take too much time; it was a small branch anyway and he would scarcely be a few million yen worse off if he closed the branch altogether. Maybe London was a step too far anyway.

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Making A Storm Hawks OC: An Advice Post

Before I start, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I’m not doing this because I don’t like OCs. Far from it. Done right, an OC can be a very interesting addition to canon, but done wrong… well…

And I’ve seen the show plenty of times, so hopefully I know what I’m talking about. Just to make this clear, this is more a list of dos and don’ts than a full on instruction manual.

(This turned out waaaaay longer than I thought it would be)

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The Prince and the Peasant Part 3

Part 1. Part 2.

Also at ao3.

Killian paced the halls of the palace, waiting for Emma and her son to arrive.

“Killian, sit down. You’ll wear a hole in the floor,” Liam’s voice drifted to him from around the corner.

Killian looked up to see his brother enter the corridor. “How did you know it was me?” he asked, a little put out.

“You’ve been a nervous wreck all week, since you visited the Emma woman.”

Killian raised a brow. “You might want to be more respectful, brother,” he said, his voice tight.

Liam’s expression was tight with disapproval. “You know how I feel about this whole situation.”

“Yes, but that’s only because you won’t listen to me. She had nothing to do with me believing she is the heir. I suggested it to her, and she was so shocked that she fainted.”

Liam looked at him doubtfully. “And then the handsome prince tenderly carried her in his arms, and placed a romantic kiss on her brow.” Liam said dramatically. “You can’t tell me that isn’t a tactic that countless girls have tried before.”

Killian clenched his jaw. “Just wait until you meet her. You’ll see.”

Liam sighed. “It isn’t as if I am not pleased that you are showing a marked preference for someone. We’ve all been waiting for you to take a fancy to somebody and settle down. I just…I worry that you will be taken in by her wiles.”

Killian softened slightly, but held his ground. “I know you are only doing what you think is best. But in reality you are being a judgemental ass. At least meet the woman, before you condemn her.”

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Hartsquaredbig SFW. SFF. 2,590 words.

They’re cooking together when they hear the loud crash from the yard. It’s a beautiful day, the sun is bright and warm and the air feels fresh and they’re all looking forward to spending some much needed time together. Grace is helping Mamrie in the kitchen, hovering around, chopping things and topping up their drinks as Mamrie does all the real hard work making them a pasta salad that smells delicious. They’ve paused for a minute when they hear the crash. Grace had been leaning over Mamrie for the pepper and Mamrie had just moved up in time to press their lips together. When the crash, followed by a sharp yelp, is heard from outside, Mamrie has her pressed hack against the fridge, making out with her hotly.

Mamrie pulls away to groan softly in Grace’s ear at the sound, Grace giggling softly when they redhead turns and hollers, loudly. “Everything okay Hannah?”

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