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I was going to add color to their faces and the bg but I kind of liked it more like this, I also made some icons for you are ur bae. Really like how Dan turned out, I will (hopefully) get a good character design of Phil.

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MBTI Spotify??

Hey guysss so I just created 16 new public playlists on Spotify under the name “aviatta” that correspond to–you guessed it!–the 16 personality types! I plan on making them collaborative if they get enough followers….?

SO you should go follow them! And so I get a good idea of what songs should go with each type, PLEASE comment below and tell me a) your type and b) your favorite songs/songs that you think correspond with your type. You can also suggest songs for other types!!

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1/26/17: i don’t know if some of you remember but this is the little feral kitten that i feed. the past couple of days it developed some discharge from its eyes which i was told is due to an upper respiratory infection. yesterday the kitty hardly ate anything. yesterday it left in the afternoon and hopefully it comes back today. i got some antibiotics and i am going to try to catch it. please pray for the kitty and send good vibes its way so that hopefully everything turns out okay. thank you


I meant to share this earlier, but here’s both sides of my placard from yesterday’s (30/01/17) anti Trump protest in Newcastle. One side reads “History has its eyes on you”, whilst the other side says “Autistics against Trump (& May, & Iain Duncan Smith)” with the neurodiversity symbol. Overall it was a really positive protest to be part of (turn out ~2000) and hopefully a good stepping stone for future action in general.

Hey mom I baked sugar cookies for the space fam! (Although they turned out a little sad tho. I got another batch in the oven hopefully they’ll turn out good!!) ☺

THIS?????? IS SO????? PRECIOUS????????


“…Soren… Are… We frauds?”

( @green-kool-aid I DID THE THING. I’M REALLY PROUD OF IT. IT’S BEEN YEARS SINCE I ANIMATED AND JUST NGHHH. This was supposed to be something happy and simple but H a. Nope.

Feels and complexities ftw.)

Dear Theodosia alternate

*Aaron Burr x reader
*Word count: 2626 (sorry)

Summary: You recently had a miscarriage, and your husband, Aaron Burr, finds you in what was going to be the baby’s nursery. He calms you down a bit and helps you go to bed. Later, you wake up to find him in the baby’s nursery singing what is like an alternate version of Dear Theodosia.

A/N: So basically this is sort of like Dear Theodosia, but what I think the song would’ve been like if there had been a miscarriage and the baby died. So there is some inaccuracies but don’t come @ me for them, I tried and I’m aware that some things aren’t correct. Anyways, that’s all, byeee.
(P.S. I’m not exactly sure how some of this stuff works, as I’ve never had an ultrasound before or a miscarriage, but I did some research so hopefully it turns out good.)

Warnings: angst, mentions of miscarriages, mentions of death, sadness


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It had all happened so fast… One moment, you were fine, you were happy… And now? You didn’t know how you felt at the moment. You just knew that you weren’t going to be okay for awhile.

It had been a peaceful night, your husband had gotten home from work and you were resting on the couch with one of your favorite movies, Heathers, playing on the tv. “Hey beautiful,” Aaron smiled as he pressed a light kiss to your forehead, which made you smile and hum softly as you looked up at him. “And how’s my princess doing?” Aaron mumbled, leaning down to press a kiss to your belly, his smile growing even more as he did so.

You smiled and let out a sigh of content, “we’re both doing fine.” When he sat back up, you ran your hand over your stomach, before looking back up at Aaron. “And how are you?” You asked, getting up to press a kiss to his lips. He hummed against your lips and smiled, before pulling away and leaning his forehead against yours. “I’m fine, work was fine. Hamilton was being a huge bother, as always.” He muttered, pulling away to go up to your shared bedroom and take off his trench coat and shoes. You laughed, shaking your head as you followed him down the hallway.

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Diabetes | MT

Genre: Angst, Fluff (at end)

Word count: 1353

(Hey I have a request! Can you make a scenario where mark and his girlfriend are going to celebrate their 3month anniversary. When he comes to her home to pick her up for the date, he finds her on the ground faint. He finds out that she has diabetes type 1 when they go to hospital and he never knew about it?)


“You’ve gotten so skinny” Mark said to you, his tone made him sound overly concerned about his observation of you in the mirror. He was right though, your number on the scale has decreased and you look visibly thin in the mirror. But you still had no idea why, you weren’t even trying to loose weight.

“It’s okay mark, it happens” You said casually, not wanting to make him more worried than he was at the moment. He sighed heavily, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Keep yourself healthy jagiya” he said, resting his head against your shoulder, kissing the crook of your neck, “remember what today is?” He suddenly brought up, making you smile.

“Hmm” you nodded your head, smiling while looking away from your boyfriend.

“Well I need to go, see you tonight” he said, realizing that he was late for the time he promised JB he would be at the studio to practice. He kissed you on the cheek and ran towards the front door to leave towards the JYP building.

As Mark was fully gone, you looked at your body in the mirror. Still confused to why you’re getting thinner and thinner day by day. But that wasn’t the last of it. You’re mouth was occasionally dry, causing you to hydrate yourself more often, causing occasional trips to the washroom. You became much more hungrier and tired than usual. These things were what a lot of people had but…you never had this problem before. You looked down at your hand, you accidentally cut your palm when You tried to stop bam bam from dabbing again. The bandaid still covered the wound, it’s been almost a month and it still hasn’t healed, or gotten the tiniest bit of better. This all was starting to worry you.

You went to your room to pick out your clothes for the date mark promised for today. Today was special, of marked your guy’s 3 month anniversary, and you were going to spend it lovingly together, since Mark was and idol and all and didn’t have a lot of time to spend wth you. Hopefully…today will turn out great.


“Okay good job guys, that’s it for today” mark’s manager said to him and the rest of his group, focusing looking over the seven sweaty bodies on the floor.

“See you tomorrow” Jinyoung said as he waved to our manager as he left the room.

“Well guys, I need to hurry” Mark quickly said, regaining strength his my legs as I got up from the floor.

“Have fun on your date mark~” Jackson cooed, frolicking around the practice room. From all the years He had know this guy, it still amazes him how he still has all of this energy inside him.

“See you guys later” Make finally said, waving ‘bye’ to the other 6 as I left the room, and outside of the JYP building.

As He got outside, the sun was still up, but starting to set, giving him enough time to drive to drive to your house to retrieve you for your guy’s date. Off towards the car and onto your house.


Mark twisted the knob to your front door after he unlocked it with the spare keys you gave him. He slowly walked into your house, finding only darkness to cross all of it, since the sun had set by now.

“Y/n” Mark called for your name, but no reply. He started to walk through your house, trying to find you, but no luck. After searching and searching, he finally caught a glimpse of light, coming from the bottom of a closed door. He slowly walked up to the door and knocked.

“Y/n…are you in there?” He softly said, his nose was already touching the cold wood of the door. To Mark’s panic state, it made it worse when he didn’t get a return reply. He put his hand on the door knob and noticed that the door was unlocked, and wasn’t even closed completely.

“Jagi…I’m coming in okay?” He silently questioned, knowing that you won’t respond to those words either. He gently pushed the door open, revealing the sight that we wasn’t expecting.

You body laid limp on the soft carpeted floor of your room. Not knowing if you were still breathing still. Mark ran over to you and without thinking, he checked your pulse out of pure fear. He calmed down a bit to find that your breathing was still regular.

“Y/n?” He lightly shook your body, hoping that you fell asleep or something small like that, but you didn’t get up. You passed out. Realizing this, Mark quickly picked you up bridal style and brought you to his car to bring you to the hospital.


You stared at the needle that the nurse just placed into your arm. You became hypnotized as you watched your blood rush out of your body and into the tube the nurse was holding in her hand.

“We are doing a simple blood test Mrs. Y/L/N. we have to check if you managed to attract something” the doctor spoke up, starling you, making the needle in your arm move a bit, causing it to send a rush of pain through your body. You visibly twitched, causing Mark, who was standing next to you, to place his hand on your head and moved his hand though your hair, petting you.

As the nurse and doctor left to perform the blood test, you and Mark were left waiting in the room. Th were sitting on that chair-like table that they had in the Doctor rooms while Mark was standing directly infront of you. As you looked at your boyfriend, you suddenly felt the feeling of guilt hit you. Because you fainted, the reservation that Mark made had to be cancelled, and also with the rest of his plans.

“I’m sorry I ruined today” you said, looking away from him, unable to look at him straight in the eye, waiting for his response.

“Ruin it? Baby…I would rather be here than you fainting on our date” he said, getting closer to you. I look back at him, your eyes were now wide, waiting for what he was going to do next.

Mark softly kissed your forehead and smiled at you, “at least-” he said, getting cut off as the door started to unlock. Mark swiftly stepped away from you, looking at the doctor that just entered the room.

“Well…Mrs.Y/L/N…the test has diagnosed you with type one diabetes” the doctor said, his words hitting you like a truck.

“It’s a lot to take in for a youngster like you, I know…well for now, we can prescribe you with insulin ejections until we can get you an actual prescription” he said, walking towards his cabinet that hung above his computer. You looked at Mark, as he looked back at you…you never thought that your three month anniversary would go like this,


You finally made it back into Mark’s car. Since the doctor came back into the room, Mark did all the talking, which means that no word came out of your mouth since then, until now.

“Mark” your voice was low, “what were you going to say before the doctor came in?” You asked him as he got into the car, turning it on.

“Hmm?” He hummed, shrouded by your sudden question. You looked at him, your eyes showed tiredness, pleading for his response as quick as possible.

“Well…I was going to say; at least I’m here with you, that’s all I wanted” he said, reaching over to place his hand into your cheek, turning your head.

“Happy three month anniversary, even if you were diagnosed today, it will never change the way I view you y/n…I love you” he said, kissing you.

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ah im not really sure if youre still doing icon requests or if that was only last night, but if you are, may i request shuichi saihara icons?

100x100 Shuuichi Saihara icons!

Don’t worry anon, requests are still open!

lmao i totally gave yall standards that i wont be able to meet @ that life is strange au fic didnt i

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Name: Ivy

Nicknames: V, Ivs, Poison Ivy

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5′3″ - 5′4″

Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Favorite Fruit: Mangoes. (I also love persimmons lol)

Favorite Season: Probably spring. Despite the allergies.. and it means that the end of the school year is coming ;DD

Favorite Book: Well,, I recently have been reading Harry Potter! And I really like it sooo.. :)))

Favorite Flowers: Roses

Favorite Scent: Vanilla, cherry blossom perfume, and freshly baked sweets

Favorite Color: Dark colors and silver

Favorite Animal: Foxes! And wolves! *Remembers Tae with that fox plushy he named Vick..*

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Favorite Beverage: Dr. Pepper

Average Hours of Sleep: Around 5 hours, more or less

Favorite Fictional Characters: Saeyoung/Saeran (Mystic Messenger), Jiwoo (Dandelion), Waltz (Cinderella Phenomenon), Hibari/Mukuro (Katekyo Hitman Reborn), Luffy/Ace (One Piece), Eren/Levi (Attack on Titan)

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1

Dream Trip: Europe, some countries in East Asia, and a couple states in the USA~

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Anonymous: Can I please get a story imagine about Poe x reader where reader works in intelligence under Leia. Reader has been in love with Poe since the minute he arrived in the resistance but since he got captured and destroyed starkiller, he’s the most eligible bachelor on base. Reader thinks he doesn’t notice them but he proves her wrong one night

–For Anonymous

You swore, even something as simple as a lunch break couldn’t be quiet anymore. You munched on your evening meal and couldn’t help your eyes darting towards Poe and the two women practically hanging off of him. He had always been well liked among the resistance but ever since the destruction of Starkiller base, he was now the center of everyone’s attention. You could hardly blame them of course, he was a hero. He and the other X-wing pilots had been a vital part of saving countless lives. Still, seeing so many others flirting and hanging off of him sent a stab of pain through your chest all the way down to the pit of your stomach.

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Holiday angst request: the RFA members celebrating the best they can while trying to ignore that MC is with someone else. Struggling with unrequited love during a season designed for spending time with loved ones.

A/N: Admin 404 is a hoe who can’t handle angst so I’m writing it! Hopefully it turns out good, sorry if you dont like ;~: ~ Admin 626

Listen,,, i’m not the hoe,,,ur the hoe,,, ~Admin 404 


  • Listen,,,this cutie patootie is SO lost
  • You’re…with someone else?
  • He cries the night he founds out
  • You were just so amazing
    • You understood why he gamed so much
    • You knew that you couldn’t push him into studying if he didn’t want
    • You knew that he still needed time to recover from Rika and you gave him all the time he needed
  • He never had someone understand him so well notevenRika
  • He has his family time on Christmas, but honestly, he doesn’t wanna be there
  • He wants to be curled up with a pillow, just thinking about you
    • Ithurtswaytoomuchtopretendtosmile
  • But he’s happy for you, if you have someone that understands you like you understand him, he will be nothing but happy for you <3 


  • Surprisingly this little dramatic unicorn doesn’t say anything..?
    • He totally wasnt planning an over the top declaration of love that involved a dance to Bruno Mars’ ”MarryYou”
  • But he is still a dramatic little unicorn
    • Can you blame him?? When he found out you were taken, he was crushed
    • After he hands out all his presents on Christmas Eve he couldnt stand the idea of giving the present to you while you were with someone else on Christmas, he spends the rest of the holidays throwing himself into his work
    • When he’s not working, he’s at his favorite spot in the mountains where he wallows in his own pity
  • He’s not an idiot, he may act clingy and protective of you in the group chat, but he knows your heart lies with another
    • He can’t do anything about that
    • Lowkey mad at himself because he’s hoping you two break up but it’s so wrong to want that becausehejustwantsyoutobehappy
  • Why couldn’t you be happy with him? It really isn’t fair.


  • Oh god mc why would you even hurt our precious Jaehee
  • She’s surprised, but she’s genuinely happy that you have someone to spend Christmas with
  • She knew she couldn’t satisfy your needs anyway
    • She wouldn’t have enough time for you with the amount of work Jumin gives her
    • she thinks you can do better shes so plain why would you want her
  • At least thats what she tells herself to make herself feel better
  • When she wakes up Christmas morning she is definitely not thinking about how warm youd be
  • She’s really glad Jumin schedules her for work, at least she can ignore the ache in her heart by working
    • Someone give this little bby a hug


  • He doesn’t cry when he finds out
  • He doesn’t throw himself into his work when he finds out
  • He just goes around his normal activities as usual
  • Honestly though, he’s so heartbroken
    • At night, he drinks so much wine
    • Makessuretoturnhisphoneoffsohedoesn’tcallyou
  • He doesn’t know what to do with himself
    • You’re the only person he’s gotten close to since V and Rika
    • And he just has so many feelings for you
    • And he can’t express any of them
  • He felt so close to you, and still does, but a piece of him just been ripped away
  • He tries so hard to be happy for you, he really does
    • But he can’t, it’s too hard and he can’t handle it
    • On Christmas Day, he decides he needs time away from you
  • This ultimately leads to a very distant Jumin and one day he texts you
  • I’m sorry but I don’t think I can be friends with you anymore


  • He knew the entire time
  • He investigated all of your social meda, so of course he knew
  • But he still fell for you
  • How could he not? You always went along with all of his jokes, and when he did show his somber side, you took him seriously
  • He was staying in for Christmas, he hated Christmas, he didn’t wanna be all around that stupid spirit stuff
    • But you liked it, and he was happy that you had someone to spend Christmas with
    • ButthefactthatyouarentgoingtospendChristmaswithimhurtssomuch
  • It shouldn’t hurt so much, he hates this holiday, but he thought there might be the slightest chance of happiness for him on Christmas after years of not knowing what happiness is like
  • But all he can do is smile and laugh and pretend nothing hurts
  • Even though he doesnt celebrate christmas, he makes a christmas tree for you


  • Oh my god this poor boy, why would you even do this to him MC ur horrible
  • He really doesn’t have a handle his emotions yet
  • He just finally came to terms with the fact that he might possibly like you???
  • And now he finds out you’re with someone else???
    • He passes out when he first finds out
  • At the end of the day, he knows you’re way better off with someone else?
    • Why would you ever want someone as fucked up as him?
    • Why did he keep hoping that maybe you would want him
  • Saeyoung tries to make Christmas better for him, he gets a seven foot tree and decorates all of it!
    • He smiles a little because his brother is trying so hard
  • It works for some time, but when he goes to bed that night, the ache in chest keeps him up all night, and it takes all his self control not to cry
    • Hewontcryhewontcryhewontcryyouhavesomeonebetterthanhimandthatsallthatmatters


  • He’s happy for you
  • He’s happy for you
  • He swear he’s happy for you
    • Excepthesobviouslynot
  • he tries to happy for you at least
    • he knows that you’re better off with someone else, he has so much baggage, no one should be burdened with it
  • butitstillhurts
    • He thought he’d never find anyone who understands him after Rika
  • But you! You’re his moon! You’re the light shining in the darkness
    • No one else was patient with him like you were
    • Everyone tries to get him to hate Rika while you were actually there for him
    • You understand him so well, you helped him heal
  • And he fell hard
  • But he’ll try to be happy for you, you have someone amazing
    • You two have a healthy relationship, something you couldn’t have with him
    • something he wishes he could have with you but never will
  • On Christmas day, he can feel his heart breaking when he thinks about you spending Christmas with someone else
    • He doesnt leave the house
    • He stays curled up in bed
    • But he only lets a few tears fall because he will force himself to be happy for you