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“We don’t call him Man-Ape,” executive producer Nate Moore told EW during our set visit. “We do call him M’Baku.”

The problem was self-evident. “Having a black character dress up as an ape, I think there’s a lot of racial implications that don’t sit well, if done wrong,” said Moore. “But the idea that they worship the gorilla gods is interesting because it’s a movie about the Black Panther who, himself, is a sort of deity in his own right.”

Director Ryan Coogler and his co-writer Joe Robert Cole (American Crime Story) borrowed some inspiration for the character from Marvel scribe Christopher Priest, who had an acclaimed 1998-2003 run on the Black Panther series.

“You learn that M’Baku is essentially the head of the religious minority in Wakanda and we thought that was interesting,” Moore said. “Wakanda is not a monolithic place. They have a lot of different factions.”

In Priest’s story line, M’Baku was enraged that his White Gorilla cult was outlawed, leading to a clash with the Panther. The character’s exact role in the film is still being kept under wraps, but the filmmakers confirm that M’Baku and his Jabari tribe are, once again, not happy with the young, new ruler (played by Chadwick Boseman).

“A lot of the writers who did some of the most interesting work around the character, they treated Wakanda like a truly African country,” Coogler said. “When you go to countries in Africa, you’ll find several tribes, who speak their own languages, have their own culture, and have distinct food and way of dress. They live amongst each other, and together they make the identity of those countries. That’s something we tried to capture. We wanted it to feel like a country, as opposed to just one city or town.”

M’Baku has a grievance with T’Challa, but he and his followers were equally unsettled by the previous king, T’Challa’s father T’Chaka — who was assassinated in Captain America: Civil War after trying to engage with the world beyond the closed-off, technological paradise of Wakanda.

“In M’Baku’s worldview, T’Chaka made a huge mistake going to the U.N.,” Moore says. “‘We should never engage with the outside world. That’s a terrible mistake. And if his son is anything like his father, I don’t support him being on the throne.‘”

 “Man-Ape is a problematic character for a lot of reasons, but the idea behind Man-Ape we thought was really fascinating. … It’s a line I think we’re walking, and hopefully walking successfully.”

“In this movie, it’s a little tricky to define who’s a [good guy],” Coogler says. “The film very much plays with those concepts, looking at conflicts and different motivations, and who’s with who. M’Baku is a really interesting character, and I’m excited for people to get to see him.”

Me: *thinks about the in the heights movie and all of the hype I’m giving it despite the fact that it most likely won’t feature any of the cast members that caused me to fall in love with such a production, the fact that it’s still a few years away so I have no idea if I’d still even like in the heights by the time it comes around, the ridiculously high standards I have for the cast especially in casting an all poc cast being my number one want (something Hollywood’s been notorious in withholding), the fear of adding foreign plot points or even worse SUBTRACTING important plot points, the fear of somehow removing women from the narrative, the fear of watering down such a beautiful story in general*

Me: *cries*


7.28.17 // Leaving for Hong Kong today! Planning to be productive on the flight with notes and art, and hopefully there’ll be some good movies too.


A belated birthday present for my very good friend @beccadrawsstuff, who wished for something involving any of her OCs. I decided to do something with her character Phuong, Tucker’s eventual wife. Happy Birthday Becs! Sorry this was so late!

“Oh hun. Nobody warned you about Amity before you moved here, did they?”

Phuong was already having second thoughts about calling that number Linh had given her. The woman who answered Fenton Works’ main line was disarmingly chipper, and seemed to accept Phuong’s stuttered, embarrassed explanation of the situation without an ounce of skepticism. 

“I don’t usually work the phones but we’re actually kind of short staffed at the moment,” Phuong had already forgotten her name. Something with an ‘i’? “It doesn’t sound like bloody threats on the wals or ectoplasm clogging the sink level of haunting; we can get a guy over to you tomorrow afternoon, about eleven. Is that okay?”

No, it was perfectly fine. Just the right amount of time for Phuong to hang up and feel foolish for being desperate and jumpy and gullible enough to resort to this, no matter how many times Linh tried to explain it to her. There were so many logical, non-paranormal explanations that made sense, considering her circumstances. Moving to an unfamiliar town, new apartment with its own quirks and night-noises, she wasn’t used to living alone. It had only been two months since the funeral. 

She still had a little camp-out in the living room with her laptop, armored with blankets and the tried and true childhood defense against all manner of monsters by leaving every light on, electric bill be damned. Because she was an adult, dammit.

The pendulum had swung again by morning, frazzled and on edge from yet another sleepless night, the back of her neck prickling with the constant, persistent sensation of not being Alone. She almost jumped out of her skin when the intercom buzzed. 

Past the point of caring, Phuong answered the door with her hair uncombed since yesterday, still wearing sweats and a t-shirt. She didn’t know what she expected- Bill Murray? (preferable) a shifty guy in a tacky redone exterminator’s jumpsuit but for ghosts? (likely) Kate McKinnon? (If only).

….a handsome man with tied-back dreadlocks and a tacky but endearing Pacific Rim t-shirt?

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Warning: like one swear word

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“Thank you, Klaus. For making my shitty birthday turn into a great one” I thank Klaus as he walks me up to my door

“No thanks needed love, I’m just glad you had a good birthday” he replies earnestly

“(Y/n)!” we both hear from behind us, we both turn and see Damon

“What do you want Damon?” I say annoyed

“Yes, what do you want? Haven’t you messed up enough?” Klaus says, getting into a protective stance in front of me. I look to Klaus with a look of adoration, no one, not even Damon, has protected me as much as Klaus has and is. This makes me think of all the times Klaus went after my friends and I realized that not once has Klaus put me in immediate danger and has always kept me safe and out of the line of fire between him and my friends, even though it was difficult when Elena and Damon would put me back into it.

“What are you talking about I’m her boyfriend and you’re the enemy” Damon spits out

“Do you really- “Klaus starts

“Actually Damon right about now you’re not my boyfriend and Klaus has been a better friend to me then my actual friends and he has been the only one to not betray me and oh I don’t know, sleep with one of my best friends, so if you would be so kind as to leave me and Klaus alone that would be great” I cut Klaus off grabbing his hand and pulling him inside leaving a dumbfounded look on Damon’s face

“You ok love?” Klaus asks me immediately after the door closes

“I will be”

“Want to watch a movie?” he says gently

“I would really like that, I’m choosing though” I say with a smile on my face

“Well hopefully you have good taste in movies” he replies cheekily


It’s near the end of the movie when Klaus speaks up

“I’m leaving”

“What?” I say siting up as I had my head down on Klaus’ lap

“My family and I are moving to New Orleans something has come up”

“Oh.” Is all I could say. After everything that has happened I realised that I no longer belonged in mystic falls the others would trust me anyway now that they knew that I sided with their enemy

“I’m sorry lo- “

“Can I come with you” I cut him off again

“You want to come to New Orleans with me?” surprised at the question

“Well I don’t belong here anymore and I feel more at home with you than anywhere else so why not, parents won’t care”

“We leave in two days” Klaus replies with a smile on his face

Me, watching Beauty and the Beast
  • Expectations: Watching a movie, with hopefully good casting, well-made songs and a good remake of the original animated movie.
  • Reality: Watching an absolutely masterpiece with A+++ casting, main and supporting cast. Watching a movie of pure perfection and probably one of the best movies I've ever seen. Joining at least three new fandoms and meeting amazing people.

I think for me the worst part about The Emoji Movie imo is that it has serviceable animation - people were obviously putting a decent amount of effort into their work, and what they have to show for it is a %6 on RT, a 9 on Metacritic and an opening Weekend that currently looks like its only made back one fifth of its budget.

I wish the people whose first job was working on The Emoji Movie good luck in the future; hopefully it won’t end up as too big of a black mark on your resume.

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22 with yoongi please:) if it could be hybrid!reader x normal yoongi smut i would offically die

Hey, I am sorry this took so long because I accidentally turned this into a oneshot rather than a drabble so I hope you’re fine with that. 

I got really excited about this ask, I had never tried to write something like this before, so I read a few other hybrid au fics and while I am on the way I am going to recommend the fic that mostly inspired my own Take it like a puppy by @mochijamz if you haven’t read it yet and it’s probably way better than mine. 

Don’t hesitate to send in any requests from the drabble game :3

I hope you enjoy your read :) 

22. “Did you just hiss at me?”

-4 029 words 


Pairing: Hybrid!Reader x Human Yoongi 

Genre: Hybrid AU 

~You’re college roommate turns out to be a human..~

masterlist - drabble game

disclaimer: this needs to be polished so i’ll edit it sometime soon if i don’t forget

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Acting will never stop to amaze me…


The Marvel universe and the list of the movies that have come from them has received a very high caliber of praise from fans and critics. Does that put any kind of pressure on you?

Nah! I don’t feel any of that kind of stuff. I am a very relaxed person, I am very confident, and I am also really smart and good looking. I also think I dress really well and have excellent taste in trends and people. I mean just listening to me, you must begin to understand the level of confidence I have and obviously that’s going to be infused deeply into this movie that I am going to make; this level of confidence that I keep talking about. I am very relaxed kind of person, and I know what I like, and I know what I think is dumb and what’s good in a movie… and hopefully that will happen and what I am trying do in the film.