hopefully this movie is good

i went on a date this afternoon and we were talking about how many americans don’t make an effort to communicate with foreign people/immigrants or like pronounce someone’s name and then he taught me how to say his name and when i tried it a few times he said “you got it like 90% right like that’s basically it” like NOOO i want to do it right!!!!!!!!!! what if he never wants to see me again because of my 10% margin of error.. that would be tragic 


Acting will never stop to amaze me…

ID #93507

Name: Ailish
Age: 20
Country: UK

Hey there! I’m looking to have friends all around that I can send some cute and artsy letters to.

I’m currently saving to go on travelling adventures and to also add to my tattoo collection. But my main interest would be finding and listening to all types of music and films while drinking tea.

Hopefully looking for someone to share some good music/books/movies with as well as an insight into your culture, personality and just have a cool handwritten friendship with :) 

Preferences: Everyone and anyone 18+

i just saw Logan and i cried twice

haven’t seen the last 2 eps of river-dale and was just gonna let eps pile up until i got to a day where i wanted to kms and then i’d watch them all in a row as a distraction/ torture but like

i’m literally going to catch up purely for reggie and pussycats content and you can quote me on that, i love my children

Gradblr Challenge: Day 11

Thu, 03.16.17

Things I’ve gotten done today:

  • Finish metabolism paper! (except for the citations…which should take me at most 15 mins)
  • Continue reading 03.23.17 paper (5.5/8 figures)

Sorry, no pics today. Writing this paper while on vacation is one of the hardest things I have to do, and I didn’t want to distract myself with taking and editing photos. I’m done with it now (thank God!) so I feel much better. D and I spent the afternoon getting Thai and we’re off for a night in with wine coolers and hopefully some good movies.

It’s such a shame class for which this paper is written was so poorly taught (we spent 2 weeks there without the professor, who, when he finally showed up 2 weeks later, spent the next 4 weeks repeating himself about pyruvate dehydrogenase–ONE enzyme!) because cancer metabolism is so interesting! I read a review paper and decided to write about the effects of lactate accumulation in the extracellular space (the byproduct of heightened glucose and glutamine catabolism) and how that advances cancer progression. Fun fact: lactate gets pumped out of the cell via MTC1, which also co-transports H+ along with lactate out of the cell. This leads to acidification of the tumor microenvironment that can render some immune cells ineffective because of the low pH, which allows these tumor cells to evade immune detection. And this is just one of many cool things I learned while reading about this topic!

It’s absolutely insane to realize that people do get cancer because so many things need to go wrong for a cancer cell to be successful, and then so many more things need to go more wrong for it to metastasize from the primary site. I just wish I had more time to read and enjoy these articles instead of speed read to finish my paper.

Electrified Movie. Venus & Silvi

So of course, Venus and Silvi got dolls in the Electrified line, but had absolutely nothing to do with the plot in the movie. Venus didnt even appear in her dolls outfit, and Silvi being added to the show(in this movie atleast) was literally pointless. Should’ve introduced Ghoulia AND given us Electrified Lagoona instead. And at this point, Moanica is just getting on everyone’s nerves, they need to just write her off, or have Ghoulia kill her or something, cause not even Toralei was this annoying as an antagonist
Oh well, that’s reboot Monster High for you. Waste potential, and completely ignore the important characters.

Hopefully the next movie is decent. (Don’t get me wrong, Electrified was good, but it was lacking in lots of departments)

“As much as I adore Disney’s The Jungle Book, sometimes I really wish Kaa the snake wasn’t a villain. Despite his intentions, I found him rather likable & enjoyable, & I would have liked seeing him help Mowgli. Plus, in the original Rudyard Kipling books, he was a good guy who helped Mowgli a lot. Hopefully they make him a good guy in the upcoming live-action movie.”

“Whedon says they tried to come up with something worthy of the end-credits shot but ultimately couldn’t top shawarma. ‘It didn’t seem to lend itself in the same way, and we wanted to be true to what felt right,’ Whedon says.” (x)