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Dream Snooping

Hey, everyone! This story was inspired by the Toon Henry AU of Bendy and the Ink Machine, created by @squigglydigg/ @squigglydigglydoo ! So if you haven’t seen that, well… You’re probably not gonna understand what’s happening here! I really suggest to go check it out, though, it’s really cool and the art is super charming! While I want to wait a little bit for more of the game story to form my own headcanons, this AU really caught my heart and so I wanted to do something as a gift for Squigglydigg. It’s really late right now and I’ve been writing this all day because is my true day off in like ages. Hopefully it won’t come off as too messy. I hope you enjoy it! (Oh, it’s also on AO3 !)

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c0rpsepride  asked:

hey! I've been a fan of yours for a while and I've just started tryijng to sell my art to the world and I was wondering if you had any tips for me on how to get A Little Famous?

my process has gone as follows:

1. big fandom
2. mambostuck
3. ?????
4. profit

okay but seriously though, er.  fandom work is accessible and if you tag all your stuff people can find you through shared interests!  so that’s always good, and then if they’re following you hopefully they can develop a connection to your original work (if you’ve got it).  just draw what you want to draw b/c you don’t wanna get popular for drawing stuff you don’t care about.

Pretty dolly - The teaspoon girl pt 6

A witch turns Y/N into a teaspoon sized woman, and Sam and Dean has to make sure she doesn’t get squashed – and find a cure.

Word count: 3152

Hopefully part seven (the last part) isn’t too far away (I’m sorry – I’m a slow writer).

Please let me know what you think – and remember that I’m not English. Also let me know if you want on – or off – my tag list.

From part five:

Dean found Sam lying on top of the covers in his bed. He was fully dressed and sleeping restlessly. The laptop had slid halfway down from his stomach, and the cursed bowl was in his hand. Scattered all over the bed and floor were papers with scribbles, copies of the symbols on the bowl, attempts at translations.

Smiling softly, Dean checked on Y/N before cleaning up the mess and the computer, and carefully moving the bowl so it wouldn’t fall to the floor and shatter.

Once that was done, he expertly removed Sam’s shoes and coaxed the blanket from under him. “We really need to figure this one out, little brother,” he whispered as he shook the blanket out over Sam. “And then you and Y/N are gonna have a serious talk. Don’t think I haven’t seen through you. Both.”

With a squeeze on Sam’s shoulder, he went to get ready for the night. When he got back after brushing his teeth, Sam had turned over on his side, facing Y/N and stretching a hand towards her.

The next morning, Sam skipped his morning run. Instead, he gathered the notes he’d been taking that night and began pouring over them, comparing symbols and tracing new ones, and when Dean woke up, he was already through one pot of coffee, one note pad, and had started on a second one. He muttered to himself, frequently shaking his head, and sighing when he realised he was on the wrong track.

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WIP list

So, I saw that both @culturevulture73 and @jainadurron7 posted about their current/upcoming fics and invited others to play as well. So here’s my list of stuff that is in something resembling progress at the moment. (You’re supposed to tag people to do it too, but I just throw this out to anyone who writes stuff and wants to play. But tag me so I get to see what you’re working on!)

1. (Working title) Hana and Lei: A genderswap Han/Leia fic set during the rescue from Jabba’s in ROTJ. Per a request that I have been taking forever to fulfill. Hopefully will be done in the next couple of weeks.

2. Truth and Reconciliation: Sequel to Corellian Lilies. Two years after Endor, Han and Leia are stronger than ever, raising their wonderful but willful toddler Lilya. But an unusual proposal from a potential ally and the demands of turning a rebellion into a stable democracy bring up old wounds and put new strains on their family. (I started this a while ago and it’s going to take quite a while to finish. Apparently my brain is fond of complicated plots.)

3. In this One, Friends: Wedge and Leia’s friendship over the years, including  one time when they got drunk together and talked about Alderaan. Based on a headcanon I came up with for Wedge and the fact that I love to write the two of them as friends who flirt. (You didn’t think I would write a Wedge and Leia friendship fic and not have them flirt with each other, did you?) Probably going to write this one in the next couple of weeks. If it doesn’t completely get away from me and turn into eleventy-billion chapters or something. Don’t worry, it’ll probably only be one or two.

4. A few ideas I’m noodling around but haven’t actually made it far enough to be called a WIP yet…

  • Grumpy Old Men: Han still calls Luke “kid” when they’re old, gray, and running after a bunch of Force-sensitive grandkids…
  • Han/Leia honeymoon fic (see, @otterandterrier, I still have it on my list, just haven’t figured out what to do with it yet)
  • Trip-to-Bespin moment based on Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams”
  • Hoth Hot Tub: I saw “Hoth Hot Tub” as one of the suggested projects in a Lego Star Wars book and laughed hysterically. So I’ve decided that the Rogues decide to build one and Han and Chewie are helping them out. Except a certain Princess is in charge of procurement…
  • And yes, I am already thinking about a sequel to Epic Love, but it probably won’t happen for a while yet. Who knows, though; I have lots of Jaina Organa-Solo scenes coming into my head, so maybe it will decide it has to be written sooner. (I also have a very personally satisfying fight scene with a certain villain in my head as well…)

Requested by @lovedreaminspire
Song request Oh Darlin, what have I done by the white buffalo with Chibs

AN: okay this is my first music request and it’s taken me a few days to write this because I don’t want to mess it up. So hopefully I did okay!!!’

“Oh darlin, darlin,
What have I done?
Well I’ve been away from you so long, and all my days have turned to darkness.
And I believe my heart has turned to stone”

How could things get so between Fillip and I? y/n thought to herself. Ever since Fillip joined SAMCRO, things got harder than we expected.
With a glass in her hand, she sipped the cold liquor, her packed bag sitting next to her chair. Never thought there’d be a day like this. The amount of unneeded blood shed was too much. Never seeing Fillip either, certainly didn’t help.

“Oh darlin, darlin,
What have I done?
Now I don’t say anything at all.
Well god don’t listen to the noise,
Now I’m left here all alone.”

Chibs POV

Walking inside his home, something felt very off to Fillip. He knew things weren’t the best with y/n right now.
Once the Scotsman enters the living room, he sees her, glass in her hand, bag next to her feet. Anger raging inside him.
“What you doin lass?” Fillip says to her, y/n looking up. Tear stained cheeks. She never looked this upset before.
“I’m leaving fillip, things here are too fucked to fix.” y/n says, raising her voice. He could hear the pain in her words but he was too angry to care.
“For Christ sake, what ye talking bout?!” Fillip said, completely angry and fed up.
“Donna got fucked murdered because of the shit the club is going through for starters ! And you’re always on runs fillip ! I’m in the relationship alone!” Y/n screams at fillip, she couldn’t stop the tears.
“Donna wasn’t our fault! We didn’t do it lass! I do the runs to make money for our future girl!” Fillip screams back, anger fueling him. Headlights beamed the living room, lighting them up. Y/n standing up and grabbing her bag.
“Goodbye Fillip.” Y/n says, leaving her home. Fillip too shocked to move.
Fillip goes to the chair and sits down, taking the bottle to his lips. Forgetting everything.

“Take out the bodies that live,
Oh, lord it gets me high.
I think I’m going to get my fill of lives.
Oh lord, I don’t wanna let my baby down,
Well I just wanna give us something one of a kind.”

Chibs POV
It’s been a week since Fillip has seen y/n. He’s called and called but nothing. She won’t answer. But he isn’t giving up.
Stuff with the club was the same. Fillip asking his brothers for some time off. A week at best. They agreed that he needed to fix his problems.
Riding his bike to y/n place, he pulls up to the street corner. Walking up the sidewalk, he reaches the apartment and rings to doorbell. A moment later, y/n opened the door.
“What do you want Fillip?” She asked looking down. Seeing him again just hurt her. She wanted to stay with him forever.
“ I want you lass, I ain’t givin up.” Fillip tells her, y/n kept staring at the ground, tears running down her face.
“It’s just not that simple Fillip….I got to go” y/n says, shutting the door before he could say anything.
Walking to the curb, Fillip sits down and lets the tears fall from his face.

“Oh darlin, darlin, what have I done?
Oh darlin, darlin, what have I done?
Oh darlin, darlin, what have I done?……”

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I've been a silent reader of this blog for her a year now and Ren, you're so cute. Regarding Inna, if you look through her entire instagram, you can clearly see she's been trying to be in a band in the "scene" for awhile now. Everything from her "onion/new york" trips to ":meet her new band mates" has been for the sole goal of making her "music" dream come true.

part 2, what’s even more interesting is that in her videos of her and jake, on his youtube, when they first got together you can see numerous rimes where she’s outright stated and met certain bands like FIR CTE and more. She needed a green card and wants to be famous. A specific video where they road trip to san francisco she comments on jake dropping those dogs off to be baby sat that thats “hopefully were they stay” I’m not making any of this up. all you have to do is look

Reply: Lol thanks, and damn I haven’t been following her so long but wow. It’s becoming painfully obvious that she’s just trying to climb the fame ladder so that people adore her. You would think she’d be a little more sly with it.. 


Been battling some painful thoughts lately, but I didn’t want it to get me down. I drew out my feelings and hopefully, if some of you feel the same, then you can understand. My handwriting may be hard to understand, so there’s a transcript below the cut <3 I also apologize for my understanding of communications…Language is hard for me to understand @_@

I really do believe in you all, and I figure “hey, if little me got to where I am over time, what’s stopping me from believing in myself as well??”

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Nesting Headcanons

-Omegas start nesting at a young age, like three or four years old, not so much because they need to but because they see their mother do it and they want to do it too. They start with small nests made just about anywhere, their bed, the floor, the couch, anywhere they feel like settling. Their little nests are always filled with small blankies and stuffed toys. At this age they don’t really care who is near their nest, they actually love having people around because they take pride in showing it off

-As Omegas start to get older, around twelve to fourteen years old, they become very dependent on the security and comfort their nest provides. They no longer like people being around it because they’re starting to be able to pick up the scents of other dynamics more and it makes them uncomfortable to have other scents on their nest besides their own

-When an Omega goes into heat for the first time, around fifteen to seventeen years old, they often make a new nest in a dark and enclosed place like their closet. Absolutely no one is welcome in or near that nest, with the exception of their Omega parent who checks in with food and water every now and then, since at this age the Omega usually won’t have a mate to take care of them yet

-Unmated Omegas always have a nest made, mated Omegas don’t though because they have an Alpha to provide them with warmth, comfort and security. Mated Omegas will usually only nest during heats, pregnancies, sicknesses and when they are extremely stressed or sad. Only their Alpha is allowed in these nests

-Whenever an Omega buys a new blanket they will insist that their Alpha needs to cuddle in it with them before it can be used for a nest, because it needs to have their scents rubbed into it

-Little Omega children excitedly building a big nest for them and their Alpha and Beta siblings in the living room on movie nights so they can all be cuddly and cozy together

-When Omegas are building a nest they become very zoned into it and even their Alpha has difficulty getting their attention until the Omega is satisfied with it

-An Alpha trying to be helpful and building a nest for their Omega who is about to go into heat, the Omega being very appreciative of the gesture but as soon as the Alpha leaves the room they rearrange everything the way they like it because Omegas are very particular about their nests

-Omegas are very uncomfortable with any Alpha scent besides their mates being anywhere near their nest, the scents of other Omegas can be comforting at times though

-During summer Omegas build their nests with light sheets and blankets and prefer to sleep naked because they love the soothing feel of the cool linens on their warm skin, but in winter they will use the thickest and softest blankets they can find while wearing fuzzy pajamas and snuggling as close to their Alpha as possible

-A small Omega building a nest and insisting that their Alpha parent cuddle in it with them, “like you do with mama!” and the Omega parent trying not to laugh as their big strong Alpha is cuddled into a tiny nest of stuffed animals and pink flowery blankets

“I think we ought to live happily ever after,“ and she thought he meant it. Sophie knew that living happily ever after with Howl would be a good deal more hair-raising than any storybook made it sound, though she was determined to try.

"It should be hair-raising,” added Howl.

“And you’ll exploit me,” Sophie said.

“And then you’ll cut up all my suits to teach me.”

-Diana Wyne Jones, Howl’s Moving Castle

Painted on borrowed time so lots of messy details sorry argh >_<;;

One of my favourite Ghibli movies , and the book made me love it even more! <3 I was always afraid to draw fanart for it, because I kept feeling like I would mess up (and I did lol); well in the end I listened to some advice and just went for it aha. 

Speedpaint here!  

She doesn’t like to be called babe because it’s sort of a lazy way of saying baby, she loved it when I called her by nicknames, babygirl, princess, tiger (because she wants to reincarnate into a tiger if she one day dies) beautiful, etc, she doesn’t like when others call her by her name, because she prefers “soph” but she loved it when I called her by her name and she sat there smiling at me for ages. Her favourite drinks are iced coffee, those frappe things from McDonald’s and rubicon (the mango one though) she loved coffee and I’ll never understand why. Shes insecure of her face and when You look at her too long she’ll cover it, she’s insecure of her body, though it’s perfect just the way it is to me, she’s insecure of her smile but I find it beautiful. No matter how many times I called her beautiful she didn’t once believe it because she believes she isn’t. No matter how many times I tried to prove to her she was beautiful she didn’t believe it. She’s insecure, she’s scared of being hurt, she’s scared of wasting time, she’s scared of putting her all into somebody to be left alone, her guard was up, even after I showed her the craziest amounts of love, because she’s afraid of letting people in and it’ll take her ages for her to be able to trust you and open up, the way she is stubborn drives me crazy because I want her to tell me what’s wrong but she won’t. She’s spend all night crying over me but has been happy for me the next day because whose wants to see a smile on my face, she will be emotional, she’ll cry, she’ll cry and lot, she won’t tell me she’s crying though because she’s scared to bring attention to herself. She gets jealous but only because she doesn’t want to see me with anybody else. She has days where all she wants to do is be alone and cry, there’s days she’ll have no motivation but all you need to do is try to be there for her regardless of how much she acts as though she doesn’t care because deep down she does and her pain is too much to explain so she’ll keep it in rather than tell me what’s wrong. She thinks she’s stupid and not intelligent (which I think and believe she is) and regardless of what i tell her she will never believe it, she always believes she isn’t enough but she is more than enough, I look at her and see my future, I look at her and it will physically hurts me because i know that she is worth much more yet she sticks around just for me, I think back to all the times I’ve hurt her and made her cry because of stupid arguments, I’ll look at her and my eyes will light up from the way her smile forms and the way her pupils dilate, the way she turns her head to the side so I won’t see her smiling or laughing. she never wants to see me upset, she may never say much but she knows, she wants to say things but her shyness takes over, she wants to be here for me but she will have no idea what to say, she will try her damn right hardest to be there for me and even though i don’t realise how much effort she puts in she will still carry on doing so. Even though I don’t thank her enough for making you happy she will still carry on doing so because she wants me to be happy. She never really speaks about what’s on her mind until i physically beg her to, she hates to talk of her past and her future and if I’m lucky she’ll tell me a story or two about her past, I need to pay attention because she hates to repeat herself, i need to reply to her like I’m interested or she’ll think i don’t care. She hates to talk of her future because it’s “depressing” because she doesn’t believe in herself but now is the part where i should interfere and motivate her to believe that everything she wants will be hers as long as she tries. She hates it when i give her “positivity rants” on the phone because it makes her overthink. She hates feeling like I’m not paying attention to her. She hates when I don’t realise everything you do for her. She hates feeling depressed and alone so i much bring as much happiness to her as possible, she hates knowing that I’m not okay. she loves sci-fi movies and that’s another thing I’ll never understand why she loves but when we’re married I’ll sit with her through 3 hour sci-fi movies because it’ll put a smile on her face and I’d do anything for that, She loves to mess and play with her hair, she is so downright passionate about photography and she loves relating to somebody, she loves when I know things about her, she loves having deep meaningful conversations, she sometimes stays up until stupid o clock to check up on me and to see if I’m okay or just to speak to me because she craves me and the feelings I give her. She stays up some nights doing things for me which I would never expect and some nights she will cry herself to sleep because I upset her or because im not okay. She loves to play fight and she loves it when I look into her eyes and she loves it when I lay in bed with her and just talk absolute shit. She loves long walks and pleasing sights, she loves going to pretty places, she loves the nights and one day she would love to travel the world with the love of her life, even though she’s never been an an airplane before but it’s fine because neither have I. she would love a long car journey to wherever as long as it’s with somebody she loves, she loves old music and she loves to make you happy. She loves wearing casual clothes and rarely ever wants to look “feminine” but I love it because its her character and who she is and she will never change that. She will make me happy even if I’m not making her happy because she loves me and will do anything to see a smile on my face. She doesn’t like going to busy places like concerts or crowds etc, she loves dogs and practically develops bonds with them, she dislikes her dog because she’s ‘boring’ but she still loves her and sees her as a sister, because she’s grown up with her. She is sometimes so full of life and so happy that its literally contagious, her smile makes me smile and her laugh is honestly the best sound ever, I see my future every time I look deeply into her eyes and i realise that she is worth so much more than me yet she sticks around, once she loved me she has not once stopped, ever since that day 3 years ago. Sometimes she will act heartless but only because she wants me to show her that I care, sometimes she’ll cry and not tell me because she wants me to figure it out. She doesn’t like to be around many people, she doesn’t want to go to college because she hates the whole school vibe but I respect her for that because going straight for a apprenticeship takes guts, she doesn’t have many friends and although people think they know her, I can assure you they don’t, she will make you feel as though you know her but you really don’t, even I don’t know/understand her to the full extent, because she doesn’t really let anybody in unless she really wants to tell them something, she doesn’t really open up to anybody, she may talk a lot on the phone sometimes but in real life it is the complete opposite because she will become shy. She loves her dads car because of it’s blacked out windows so people can’t see her. I’d describe her as mysterious and as every single day which goes on I carry on learning more about her. She is the book I’ve opened and I will carry on reading her till I am finished reading her which will be never because she is an endless story. She loves it when I hype her up when she looks beautiful when I replay, screenshot and reply with endless emojis because her beauty takes away my breath. Sometimes she’ll have an attitude because she’s upset about something and she wants me to figure it out. But her attitude is nothing to fuck with at all because she can talkkkkk I assure you, she will fight her opinion onto you and she will make her point, but she won’t say a word in person, regardless of the arguments and regardless of the heartlessness she will love me entirely and will carry on doing so and I will never question that. Her heart is made of gold and she will always want what is best for me. I’d keep on going because this isn’t everything about her, if I could, but quite honestly I’d be going on for hours, I could never lie, me and her have made the most happiest and craziest memories together, and I could never doubt that. If forever does not last for me and her and you’re the next person who falls in love with her, take this all in and realise what you’re getting yourself into. Treat her well because she is honestly a queen, you’ll learn to love her, but let me assure you something, you will never love her half as much as I do. But for now and hopefully till forever, she is mine and I will carry on loving her till the day I die.
—  dedicated to my wife.
For anyone who ever falls in love with her or is lucky enough to get into a relationship with her. But hopefully she’s mine till the day I die. But take some of these things on board. - From someone who is in love with her and has been for 3 years. And always will be.
She loves FaceTime calls, especially video calls she’ll probably like seeing you because I definitely like seeing her. And hearing her voice. Her voice is special, and perfect to me because it’s hers. I could listen to her talking all day. Even if she’s complaining. She absolutely hates slow replies and being ignored, so reply to her as quickly as you can. And if you go out or you’re busy, make sure you tell her. Don’t allow her to overthink, and worry about you. It’s bad for her. Listen to her. Especially when she talks about something that makes her happy or inspires her. Listen. Even if she talks for hours , listen. Have deep conversations with her, about anything. She loves that. Talk to her for hours until 4am and you’re both tired , but happy so it doesn’t matter. Talk about weird things , like I do. Reincarnating into a tiger and a dolphin, so when we both die we can be happy together. Yes that’s weird but it’s us, and I love that. I’m sure she does too. Make her feel wanted, she absolutely hates feeling unwanted. I can assure you she’s wanted. More than anything by me. Send her cute messages and paragraphs , anything to make her smile, it’s difficult to make that girl smile. So it’s extremely precious to me when I see her smile. Be patient with her, it takes time to understand her. Wait. Wait a long time, as long as you need to wait until she’s comfortable to tell you something, for example if she’s in a bad mood. Don’t pressure her to tell you, don’t assume things. Yes I do that because I’m insecure and I overthink. But don’t make assumptions. Wait until she’s ready, but reassure her, so she knows you care. Please be patient and she’ll open up to you, if she trusts you. And it’s very hard to gain her trust. Appreciate her. Everything about her, how beautiful she is from head to toe. Her soul, her heart , her mind. I mean everything. This girl is special. Real fucking special. When she’s insecure and gets jealous of other girls , remind her she’s the best. To me she’s the best anyway. I wouldn’t want anybody but her. Admire every single thing about her. Emphasis on admire. She’s perfect. My perfect dolphin, I’d call her. That’d make her smile. All our little weird conversations mean a lot to me, and all our memories. I love her smile though, she hates it. But out of all the thousands of smiles I’ve seen hers is the best. I honestly can’t put into words how beautiful she looks when she smiles. The way her eyes glisten, sparkling omg. She hates her eyes too, because they’re “ boring brown” but to me they’re far from boring. They’re the type of eyes I could look into all day long and not for a second be bored. Even sitting in silence with her is perfect. The vibes off her are the besttttt. It’s unexplainable tbh. Don’t use her, never do that, she’s been hurt way too many times before and doesn’t deserve any more pain. Her happiness means the world to me. And if she ever becomes yours, do your best to keep her happy. This girl is different from the rest, NO ONE is like her. I swear you’ll never come across someone as perfect, precious, beautiful, amazing, out of this world etc. (I could go on) like her. Sometimes I have to ask myself if I’m dreaming, because the amount of love she shoes and all she does for me is unbelievable. And if you can ever call her yours , you’ll be very blessed to have her. This girl has her guard up too, a huge wall you have to break down bit by bit, for a very long time. Until you know her. I don’t know her to the full extent but I know her better than anybody else. And I lover her more than anybody else has or ever will.
She loves being called babygirl, princess or wifey. Or in our special kinda way she’s my dolphin. Something like that will make her smile. Don’t call her “B” or “baby” or “ babe” she thinks it’s cringe, or “ year 7 relationships” she’d say. And don’t put like 100 heart emojis or weird emojis when you text her, just be normal. When she’s happy she’ll put a lot of emojis. Pay attention to them. They represent her mood. It’s pretty important to me.
She’s passionate about reading and she’s soooo fucking good at writing. Anything. Literally. She’s the most intelligent, smart , brainy ( whatever you wanna call it ) girl I’ve met. No exaggeration at all. She absolutely loves getting new stationary, fine liners , coloured felts, glue, sticky notes, sexy note pads. You name it. And if she loves you she’ll spend hours and hours creating things for you. She’ll write you books if she’s 100% in love with you ( I’m lucky asf to get that ) even make a canvas of photos together. She will do a HELL of a lot. So appreciate that. If she’s ever yours. I appreciate her and I’m so thankful for every single thing she does.
She loves bright colourful sunsets ( purples and pinks , blues ) she likes it when they start to go dark though right at the end of them. She would spend ages taking photos of the sky , until it’s “ right ”. Sunsets are another thing that make her happy. Her happiness is key, remember that. And I hope In the future, me and her can sit and watch sunsets together. But if she becomes yours, please sit and admire the sky with her. Do anything you can to make her happy. She deserves happiness. And more. She loves romantic movies, tbh they’re her favourite, and horror movies. Lying in bed and watching a movie she’ll like, will make her happy. Some days she will push you away, and she’ll get angry at you for little things, but you need to understand that, that’s her. But try and stay, reassure her. Tell her how much she means to you, she loves when I do that. She will just stay in bed some days , not move at all, cry and hate herself. Those are the difficult days, don’t leave on those days. Do whatever you can to make sure she’s okay. Remind her that everything will be okay , the bad thoughts will go away. They don’t last forever. Better things will come.
She gets jealous too, very easily , if she loves you. Focus on her and nobody else, don’t ever take her for granted. Ever. And she doesn’t like going out, in crowded places , so don’t pressure her to go out. Whenever she’s ready you’ll know. She’ll prefer being indoors as long as she’s in the presence of someone she loves. That’d make her day, she’d say to me. There are a thousand of other things I could say, but hopefully this gives a decent idea. If you’re ever lucky enough to call her yours , protect her, love her, appreciate her etc. Take all of this into consideration. There’s much more but this is what comes to mind right now. But hopefully nobody else will ever have her and she’ll be mine until forever ends. If one of us die. But I will always love her no matter what. Regardless of anything, literally anything. I promise that.
—  for my wife.

anonymous asked:

pretty sure the followers are started to change ya. really wish you would act how you used to...

I’m getting a lot of complaints about me and my content lately saying that I’m turning into Marzia, that I’m not like I used to be and that I’m not what you want me to be, which I think is really unfair.

I’m trying my best to make content that I like, am comfortable making and that I think you guys will also appreciate.
I accept constructive criticism that can help me grow and learn wholeheartedly because I know how important it is to listen to your audience and take their viewpoints into account, but saying “you are not what you used to be” is not helpful. I cannot be what you want me to be 100% of the time and I’m not going to stay the same forever, just like you guys aren’t going to stay the same forever.

We are all people and we all change as we grow. If you don’t like it then I can only say I’m sorry…

That being said, if you really feel like I am changing for the worse then please tell me why, so that I can reflect on those things and hopefully do something about them.

“Paying Guests” (Part 1)

Pairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky

Summary: When a need arises, Steve and Bucky on a whim lie about their sexuality to you. Unbeknownst of their purpose you let them stay with you, in your apartment. But what happens when they start falling for you? And what will be the outcome of their harmless tall tale?

Word Count: 3341

Genre: Pure floof, throughout the series

Warning: none

Author’s Note: enjoy! 

Next Part 

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Bonus 1979-1990 Anime Primer

I wrote the first 1979-1990 Primer over a year ago in an effort to highlight what I consider the very best of my favorite era in anime. Just 50 titles felt too limited, however, so I recently decided to add a bonus 15 to hopefully provide the fullest 80s anime experience. If you blew through the original list and are hungry for more, hopefully this will sate your old school appetite!

1981    Ashita no Joe 2
1981    The Door Into Summer
1982    Arcadia of My Youth
1982    Space Runaway Ideon: A Contact/Be Invoked
1984    The Star of Cottonland
1985    Night on the Galactic Railroad
1986    Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies
1986    Prefectural Earth Defense Force
1987    Phoenix: Space
1988    Kimagure Orange Road: I Want to Return to That Day
1988    Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack
1989    Cleopatra D.C.
1989    Riding Bean
2000    Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
2014    Blue Blazes