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Stony Prompt #27

Anonymous said: “I know you did touch starved Tony but what about touch starved Steve? Maybe all he ever knew was the touch of doctors and he’s not really familiar with casual touches until the team comes along. And then he realizes that’s exactly what he wants?”

This got a little out of hand and is almost 2k of words- Also apologies in advance because it’s not QUITE what you wanted. I’ve never thought about Steve being touch-starved, but I tried - and hopefully you will enjoy it. Thank you for the Prompt and happy reading!

Most things about the modern world are strange to Steve. While he catches up fast enough and surprised everyone with how quickly he learns, there are still aspects about the future that he finds hard to understand. Some of them are pleasant, for example the fact that homosexuality and the like are widely accepted now, or that these couples even have the chance to get married now.

Some other aspects are less pleasant, or downright confusing. For example, Steve doesn’t understand why modern fellas have such an aversion against casual touches. It seems that it’s not okay for him to touch another guy. The only thing coming from it are rumors the press spreads about his sexuality.

Truth is, Steve wasn’t always familiar with friendly touches. Before the serum, the only contact he got that was gentle were his mother’s warm hugs, her reassuring hands stroking through his hair when he was sick again. And Bucky, who’d hug him too or pull him close to share warmth. Bucky, who got all handsy to make sure Steve was alright after getting into yet another hopeless fight.

The Howling Commandos were the ones he learnt casual touches from. There was always someone patting his back, always someone who’d pull him into a hug after a particular hard mission.

Steve misses this, the intimacy from this. It’s what made them a real team, he believes – and it’s what is missing in his new team.

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I had a teacher in the business and she said that being gay is basically a death wish in Hollywood. That they won't hire you for the lead because guys want to be like you and women want to be with you. Hopefully it does change I know Jared wants to "retire" but I know Jensen either wants to act more or direct more. I just hope they can be happy at the end of the day no matter what they decide to do. Love your blog XoXo

Hi Anon.

You’re teacher is kind of right. Back then, (when the J’s first started acting) coming out as gay was really taboo. These days though, celebrities are coming out of the closet left and right.

But back then, it wasn’t a good thing for your image. Which is most likely the reason why the J’s decided to beard. The sad part is that they keep this charade going.


- K

To all those that follow me

Tomorrow when I wake up I am going to turn off the ability for people to send me anonymous messages. I really don’t want to as I know some people send me anons telling me things that they aren’t confident enough to do off anon. However over my accounts I have started to get a lot of negative and nasty asks. Instead of my inbox being filled with these I would much rather reply privately to those who do message me. Hopefully I can turn it back on in the future and I will try and do anonymous hours or what not in the future. Much love to the majority of you who just send me love and compliments they really do bring a smile to my face. Hope you understand. James

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Omg, I just want to say I loved Sleep Patterns and Downpour so so much!! You are amazing and I would come off anon, but I'm a shy little Kabby baby! Can I prompt you to write something angsty like a fight or something between them? Just because I am trash for sad, then happy, stories <3


“Abby,” he says. And her name is the sound of a breath that’s caught between a sigh and a laugh.

“C’moooooon, Marcus,” she pleads. “This is our last Unity Day dance before we graduate and eventually drift apart.”

He rolls his eyes at her.

“We are not going to drift apart. I’m not even sure it’s possible to drift apart on the Ark.”

“You don’t know that. I mean, I’ll be in medical, stitching people up all the time and frantically trying to remember how to deliver babies, while you’re off on your guard rotations…doing your guardly things.”

He smirks at her.

“Guardly things?”

She huffs and glares up at him.

“I’m seriously telling you my fears about the future of our friendship and all you can do is make fun of my word choice?”

He resists the urge to roll his eyes, instead chooses to reach over and tug her hair lightly.

“I’m not making fun of your word choice, I’m making fun of you. We aren’t going to drift apart. I’m going to come to the medical bay after my shifts and make sure you’re eating and sleeping and not trying cure every person who shows up with a slight cough. We’re going to eat lunch together when they serve the sloppy joes in the caf every other week.”

He sees her lips turn up slightly, but there is still a sad slump to her shoulders that makes him sigh heavily.  

“And,” he continues, “we’re going to go to this last Unity Day dance even though it’ll be stupidly boring because that’s what we do. I mean, c’mon, what do you think of me?”

She smiles brilliantly up at him and jumps to her feet.

“I think you, Marcus Kane, are a wonderful friend.” She leans over and gives him a quick hug before tugging him out the door.
“Abby,” he says. And her name is a line of poetry he can’t quite remember.  

“Hey,” she says quietly, and he doesn’t miss the hurt in her eyes.

“Hi.” He looks away, lets his eyes wander around the room like he’s searching for something. He knows what she’s here to ask, practiced for days what his reply would be.

He broke the law, Abby. No matter the reason. No matter what we think might be right or think might be justifiable, he broke the law. And so I voted as the law required.

“So, is it true?” He can hear the quaver in her voice. The hope that he’ll say no.

That he’ll be someone other than who he is, now.

He opens his mouth to answer her, but finds himself unable to in the face of her disappointment. Just nods mutely instead.

“We always said we’d do things differently,” she reminds him. “If we were ever on the council. And now you’re the youngest member to ever be on the council and I’m so proud of you. But…”

“We were just kids when we said those things, Abby.” He hates the pleading tone in voice, but can’t help but want to make her see. “The rules have to apply to everyone, otherwise they won’t apply to anyone.”

She furrows her brow and chews her lip.

He sighs wearily.

“What do you expect from me, Abby?”

She’s quiet for a long moment.

“Something more than this.”
“Abby,” he says. And her name is the angry grinding of teeth before a gutted out curse word.

Her cheeks are flushed with her fury, eyes sparking with withheld rage.

“I don’t even know why I keep being surprised,” she spits at him.

He shrugs and laughs mirthlessly.

“I’m not really sure why either.”

She bristles at him, and launches into a truly furious tirade. He almost reflexively softens his expression, the way he used to when they were younger and he wanted to mollify her.

But there’s no use for that, now. Not for this situation. Not for who they’ve become.  

Instead, he just crosses his arms and plants his feet, hears himself interrupt her.

“It’s what had to be done, Abby.” He snorts at her expression. “That’s the answer to the question you were going to ask, right? Why did I do it?” He sighs wearily. “That’s always the answer.”

“That can’t always be the answer, Marcus.” And he flinches at the way she chews around his name.

Suddenly, he’s angry and tired. Of this conversation, played out in different locations, with different names, but always the same accusatory slap to her tone, the same bewildered hurt behind the anger in her eyes.

“What do you want from me?” He snaps at her.

A dozen responses flood her brain, each one more impossible than the last.

I want things to be the way they used to be.
I want to know why you stopped meeting me for sloppy joes in the caf.
I want to know who you are now.

“Nothing,” she says finally, but it’s the answer to a question he’s long past asking.

“I expect nothing from you.”


“Abby,” he says. And her name is a whispered promise that settles in the hollows of her heart.

He takes her hands in his; brushes his thumbs lightly over her knuckles.

She sighs and leans into him. He reaches up and cradles her gently in his arms. Resists the urge to bury his nose in her hair; settles for tangling his fingers in it instead.

He feels her let out a shuddering breath and rubs his hand in small circles on her back in reply.

“What do you need from me?” He asks gently.

He feels her smile into his chest.

“Just,” she pauses to take deep breath and lets it slowly.

“Just this.” She looks up, lets her eyes linger on his. Wraps her arms around his waist and pulls him closer.  

“Just you.”

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i also want to secon what the other anon said. thank you for talking about your anxiety! it's comforting to hear that im not alone with my hypocondria! health anxiety and social anxiety suck! but hopefully all of us can make small steps to get better at dealing with it.

Agreed! Like I said, the knowledge that the problem is anxiety/stress related is a really good first step to being able to “beat” it the next time it happens. =) 

In fact, when I was about 20, I had already gotten over my anxiety and didn’t have problems with it for a couple years. It wasn’t until something really upsetting happened to me in just the wrong place (a place I was completely unfamiliar with, miles away from any place I felt comfortable or could “retreat” to), that it came back for me. 

I do think that it’s mainly stress related. And if anyone is looking for other suggestions, I’ve noticed physical activity, even just taking a walk outside, is one thing that has consistently helped me. Even just getting out of the house and going outside or driving somewhere seems to help and even help prevent it later. This was something my doctor suggested to me a few years back. 

Stuck Day

I might be able to pump these out once a week if I actually can focus enough, though my mind has been all over the place lately. Mostly just school stress and scholarship troubles. As usual, thank you for all of the wonderful messages of support. Man, I love you guys.

Shoutout to the anon wanting to shove their fist in Sans, the one that begged for Temmie for the past month, and to someone who wanted ASL Frisk. Hope I satisfy.

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Warnings: Temmie, uncomfortable Sans, butter

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M!A!!! For the next 10 post you would look like a young girl (20's sort of). Magic Anon Make Up!!*transformation sequence music on*

what?? *music starts*

Oh goodness…

Not this again… hopefully there’s something around the house that can fit…


Ah! there we go!

Alright everyone! Just call me…Matsuko for the next 10 asks! Please don’t tell my sons, this is so embarrassing… (ah, I guess I should let Matsuzo know though…wouldn’t want him to call the cops…)

((ps, any existing threads will still have normal adult matsuyo))

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Hello! I wanted to ask if you know when that ONS OVA is coming out?

I don’t know which one you’re talking about >.< I believe you’re referring to the one that was shown at Jump Fest (i think that was the festival?…) The Vampire Shahar one? If so, that one comes bundled with manga volume 11 which is released on May 2nd in Japan.

Here’s a link to the CDJapan page for pre-order. 

 Here’s a link to the Amazon Japan page for pre-order.

If you were talking about something else, feel free to ask again (´∀`)


Originally posted by ofzico

asdfghjkl I thought I wouldn’t be able to post today ;~; I made the character with a mild cold because I’m currently sick and really wanted Jeon Jungkook to walk me home. I’m sorry anon, hopefully  this is what you wanted! I’M SORRY IF YOU THINK IT’S TO SHORT T~T


Can u plz do a scenario for Jungkook when he walk his gf home after school, and  sleep together not like have sex or anything.

characters:Jungkook x Y/n


description: Sure you were sick as ever, but he didn’t care because on this cold night he would sleep peacefully with you by his side.



You felt your eyelashes get heavy as you tried to desperately pay attention to the lecture you’re teacher had decided to give. It was your last class before you could go home and rest the mild cold you had caught. As your teacher blabbed about the Jazz Age, you felt your phone vibrate, secretly you went to check who had messaged you. It turned out to be you’re loving boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook, he was a member of growing fame BTS. The message had caused a smile to form on your face. ‘Love, I’ll be able to pick you up from school. Can I walk you?’ You knew it would be a mistake of letting this offer go , so you quickly wrote a response back confirming that you would love for him to walk you back home.


When the teacher was finally done with the lecture you grabbed your bag as quick as you could to go see your bunny faced boyfriend. You walked to the entrance of the school searching for a black haired giant, and when he came to a view you realized he was dressed in his normal clothing , white t-shirt and jeans with his favorite pair of timberlands. You had also noticed he had wore sunglasses and a face mask, of course, he was Jungkook after all. And as you walked, approaching him, his eyes blocked by his black shades landed on you.

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Ok here's a good one. How would the ladies react after having sex with sole for the first time and soles not there the next morning. But sole just went to the bathroom or something to that extent.

This is a really good one! You are very creative, anon. I didn’t mean for this to be this long. Oh well. Hopefully you enjoy it!

Cait - Cait woke up with a smile on her face. There had been a little drinking last night, but neither she or Sole were drunk. This meant she remembered everything that happened, and what she remembered was very, very good. She had been wanting Sole for so long and it had finally happened. It was well worth the wait, too. Speaking of Sole, where were they? When you bring a girl home with you for the night, the least you can do is cuddle them in the morning. Cait feel asleep in their arms but she didn’t feel them next to her anymore. Maybe they had moved in their sleep. Cait rolled over expecting to find them, but instead found the bed empty. She felt herself grow a little angry. Was that all she meant to them? One night and that was it? Cait wasn’t a stranger to one night stands, but this one was different. She thought there was something special between her and Sole. Apparently she was wrong. She was just about to leave when the bedroom door opened. Sole was standing there with a mug in each hand.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” They said with a cheesy wink. They held out a mug for Cait. “I made this for when you woke up.” Cait smiled and took the mug of tea. She felt guilty for thinking they had abandoned her, when they were doing something so thoughtful for her. As they climbed back into the bed next to her, she decided she was going to keep this one around for as long as possible.

Curie - Curie woke up and pulled the blanket up back over her head. She wasn’t ready for it be morning yet. She thought about the previous night with a smile. That was her first time ever having sex and she hadn’t known what to expect, but it had been amazing. Her and Sole had been dating for a few months and she finally felt ready last night. She felt cold, so she reached out to pull Sole against her. Instead of Sole, her hand landed on empty sheets. She pushed the blankets from her eyes and looked around. Sole wasn’t there. A million thoughts flooded Curie’s mind at once. Why had they left? Maybe she hadn’t been good enough for them last night so they didn’t want to be with her anymore. Maybe last night was all they wanted from her and now that they had gotten it they didn’t want to be with her anymore. She was debating if she should leave or not when the bathroom door opened. Sole walked in and smiled when they noticed Curie was awake. They crawled back into bed next to her and pulled her against them. Sole gave her a big kiss on the check. Curie smiled and whispered,“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Sole said, holding her tighter.

Piper - Piper opened her eyes to see sunlight pouring through the window. Last night had been great. She and Sole both have had feelings for each other for a long time now. Last night all those emotions had bubbled to the surface and they both admitted their feelings for each other. The two of them decided to take things slow. They didn’t want to take any major steps for a while now. So they decided to take things slow and the next thing they knew they were in bed together. Naked. Piper giggled to herself. So much for taking things slow. She felt pretty content. She was warm and cozy. The only thing that could make things better was cuddling. She rolled over to see if Sole was awake yet and found the other side of the bed empty. She called their name and got no response. Had they left? Piper doubted that they would have thought this was a one night stand type thing. After the conservation they had yesterday, they established this as an actual relationship. Maybe they just had somewhere to be and forgot to tell her. Piper was trying to be rational but she still couldn’t help to suspect the worst. As she waited for Sole’s hopeful return, she grew anxious. Maybe Sole had only wanted sex from her. Maybe she didn’t mean anything to them. They probably didn’t mean any of the stuff they said to her yesterday. It was probably all just a ploy to get in her pants. She decided to wait a few more minutes before jumping to any conclusions. A minute or so past when she heard footsteps down the hall. Sole appeared carrying a plate of food.

“Morning beautiful” They said. “I made you breakfast!”

Piper accepted the plate with a smile and gave them a kiss. She was definitely keeping this one around.

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hi carrie!!! you're so nice and helpful in your replies so i thought i would direct this question to you... i really want to start writing more sterek fic and get involved with the community on tumblr. i started a sterek sideblog but in your opinion, how can i start talking to other sterek shippers and getting more visibility for my blog/writing? (that sounds so selfish but hopefully you know what i mean!!!) thank you and keep being amazing!!!

Hi anon! I think it’s great you want to write more fic– first, it’s not selfish to want to share your work at all, you just want to engage with more people, that’s wonderful. 

There are benefits and drawbacks of using a sideblog– like if you want to focus this sideblog on just your fic that’s great, but you also can’t follow people on the blog, and any messages you send to other blogs will be from your original blog. So there might be confusion if your urls are very different, but I know a few people who use the sideblog and just let people know like on their page (like, my name is ____ but I follow as ____). Just keep in mind what will work best for you, and if you want to create a new blog (not a sideblog) just for your fic stuff and interacting with people there, that’s fine, or you can use your current blog and sideblog.

Talking to other people can be nervewracking, but here are a few ideas to get you started with messaging people or sending asks: 

  • Compliment them on something they’ve made– did you like that art? That gifset? That graphic? Let them know! It’s a great way to appreciate someone– likes and reblogs are great, but people who take the time to point out details are really appreciated. Things you can compliment them on– the lighting, the coloring, the choice of scenes to gif, the story presented there, the feelings evoked… Did you enjoy a fic they wrote? Tell them what your favorite line was, how much this part made you laugh or cry or what you loved about it! 
  • Headcanons! This is a really fun way to start talking to someone, especially if they post headcanons of their own. For example, if they make a post like “Oh, I bet Derek loves books, he was always reading in those scenes in S3, I wonder if…” and you can use that as a springboard to build up on it! This can be really fun, too, and you can move forward in a conversation about your thoughts, whether you’re building up on their previous post or engaging them in a subject for the first time. A starter ask might be something like, “Oh, I saw you posted that Derek would love reading, I think so too, do you have any headcanons on who his favorite authors would be?” 
  • Did they post any sort of ask meme? These usually look like a list of questions, kind of the “get to know you” type or questions about their fic, and if someone’s reblogged one of those, they want people to send in asks and communicate! Pick one of the questions and send them in! 
  • If you think you’re nervous about interacting with another blogger, take a deep breath and remember that the person is likely to be just as nervous! There’s a lot in taking the first initiative to talking to someone, so send that ask! 

And some writing tips on tumblr:

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so lets say that s/o hears about how much the brothers love totoko (its kind of inevitable to hear about) and gets kind of sad and jealous. This is s/o's first relationship and they just end up shutting themselves off until their matsu comes to ask why they've been avoiding them (does this make sense?? sorry if this is worded weirdly- )

Ohhhhhhhhh! Get dunked on, and it’s fine anon! I hope what I put is what you wanted. Also, I made it so the beginning would be the same for all of them, but when the argument comes it’ll be individual. Hopefully that makes sense? Oh! And this is kinda sad? I can only make these a certain length, yah know? So you can imagine the ending by yourself~ :)

You knew you shouldn’t have just shut him out, he was your first boyfriend after all… Maybe it was the fact that he said he loved another girl, especially sense it was Totoko… She never exactly liked you, saying something about being less spoiled sense your dating one of the brothers. You didn’t really care, until you heard what your boyfriend thought about her.

So here you are, walking to your door with someone pounding their fist rapidly against the wood to get your attention. You didn’t notice you stopped right in front of it sense you were lost in thought, and quickly allowed it to open. Seeing him…

His face was flushed from running all the way to your home, but you could still see the emotions in his facial features. His eyes showed confusion, while his eyebrows and mouth showed that he was upset.
“Why are you avoiding me?” Were the first words to come out of his mouth.
You didn’t really know how to respond to him, especially sense you know his emotions about Totoko. You didn’t want him to get mad. Again while lost in thought, he sighed and pulled you into a hug. “Please talk to me…” He whispered, “I miss you…”

He may have been trying to play his ‘cool’ act, but it was obvious that he was trying to hold in the panic he truly felt. He always thought negatively to your actions: ‘did you want to break up?’
‘Was I not good enough?’
‘Do I cause you pain?’
Questions swarmed his mind and begged to be answered, so he took a deep breath, “Why are you-”
He thought he would be able to hold everything in, but he couldn’t. Tears started to form in his eyes and roll down his cheeks, “I’m sorry! Please don’t leave me! Tell me what I did wrong!!”

He was so confused as to what could have happened between the two of you. I mean, he did everything the book said! Cuddle with you, hold your hand, give you compliments - what could he have done wrong?
When he stood at your doorstep, he was shocked to see you looking so tired, and how your eyes were blood shot from crying. He wanted to comfort you, to hold you and say soothing words, but he had to figure out what’s going on first.
“What did I do wrong…?”
The pure confusion in his voice made more tears form into your eyes, but were wiped away from his hands that are now cupping your cheeks, “please…”

He was his usual self, hands deep into his pockets, hair messy, that 'I-don’t-give-a-shit’ look on his face. You were actually curious on how he was going to confront you. Was he going to simply ask or- Your thoughts were cut off by him pushing past you and into your house. Should have know…
You turned and closed the door, but right as you turn around Ichi grabbed you into a tight embrace. You felt a slight wetness on your shoulder and figured he was crying. He nuzzled his nose into the crook of your neck and muttered some words. “What did you say?” You asked and gently rubbed his back.
“Please forgive me for what I did wrong. Even though I don’t know what it is, please…”

You never expected to see Jyushi to be in tears. Ever. So now that your seeing it in the flesh, it shot an unbearable pain through your heart. You always wanted to see his smiling face every time you greeted him, and now its your fault that he’s like this.
With tears now in your eyes, you opened the door wider and allowed him to come in. When the door shut, you quickly turned and pulled him into a hug that he gladly accepted. You both feel to your knees sobbing onto each other, already knowing the words that aren’t being said.

There he was, the sweet Totty you knew and loved, wearing an unbearable frown on his face. It was like you just kicked him and he was an innocent puppy. Of course, you know Todo has that other personality that he doesn’t share with his brothers, but right now you know this emotion is genuine. With a pained sigh, you opened the door wider and allowed him in.
He turned to you as you closed the door and gently grabbed you by the hands. He stared into your eyes, as if he was trying to see into your soul. The intense gaze sent a shiver down your spine, which was noticed right away from him, “What happened to you?”

Coming up Blog Goodies

Starting TOMORROW, requests will be opened again UNTIL Valentines day! YAY, just send me a quick message telling me what you want. And it will be up following that. Make sure to specify if you’d like to be tagged or to just put it on Anon for ya’.

I have almost reached 15k, (hopefully by the weekend), and so, for the 15k, I will start taking artists submissions for the blog! Just submit all the Furry (Yiff preferably) and you will be posted.
WARNING: Anime girls with ears and a tail will not be posted.

That’s all for now, but if you have suggestions, feel free to let me know WHAT YOU would like to see happen to the blog and remeber: just keep on yiffing!

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Hey! Just wanted to tell you that you and your guy are so adorable! I'm from Europe and was also lucky enough to find my Bavarian a year ago, and things are as great as they were in the beginning! It's so relatable when I read what you said about him and I just wanted to wish you all the happiness and hopefully this can grow into something bigger :)

Awwwe 🙈
I laughed at “find my Bavarian” 😂
tysm 💛

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hey! sorry this is anon but hopefully it will sound a little better than the previous anon asks you got. i'm trying to begin my japanese studies for real for real and noticed that you have been translating a lot of material lately, and wanted to ask, how did you go about it? how long has it been since you've begun to really get japanese? thank you!

heya, anon! i don’t know if i’m the right person to go to for advice, since 1) i don’t know where you live and what local resources are available to you (mine were ridiculously limited), and 2) my japanese really isn’t all that! i have a decent enough grasp of its grammar and syntax that i can fill in most blanks with a dictionary, but to say i ‘really get’ japanese would be a stretch. hah!

but in any case, what i did was go to a bunch of japanese classes in my area. while there’s many language resources online if you look, i’ve never had that sort of self-discipline, and a real-life physical class got that stuff into my head much more efficiently. beyond that, immersing myself in japanese media really helped – obviously people who claim to have achieved japanese fluency through anime are guaranteed to be full of shit, but frequently reading and listening to the language definitely helps things click.

for translating things on the computer, rikaikun (or rikaichan if you’re on firefox) and kanjitomo are an absolutely must-have! rikakikun translates from text, while kanjitomo, god bless its heart, translates from images. i would be dead without them.

anyway, i hope this was in any way helpful? best of luck to you!!

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OMG i just read this elrond-post and i thought: HEY WHAT IF ELROND AND SOLAS MET?? and now my brain won't shut up about it, so because you write amazing AUs i wanted to ask: lotr-AU with a meeting of solas (or fen'harel) and elrond? *__* (i feel so bad for not being able to read LG right now, i have so much to do, but i will get to it, i swear! <3)

It’s okay, Anon! LG’s not going anywhere. You take your time, and then hopefully you can enjoy it whenever you get around to reading it.

As to Solas and Elrond, it is possible I am actually writing the LotR AU. And this may or may not happen in it.

I mean it’s slow going because I have so many projects, but it has made it onto the stack. Somehow. Because reasons. >.>

ALSO for my presentation I need to write down some asks from my followers about what they think of my writing and fics so if you want to be part of me hopefully getting a decent grade send in your asks regarding my writing really quickly as in like the next half hour, thankyou for the support

(Bonus points if you reference a specific fic you liked/loved etc, and off anon is better but anons are fine as always my loves) x

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can you leave your country soon? it sounds absolutely horrific and i'm kind of afraid for you ;o;

I want to, I really really want to but I don’t want to do so without a job, so right now it all hinges on a reply I may get around April. Please do cross your fingers and pray for me, anon!! I’ll make sure to let you guys know what it is about once things are (hopefully oh god) set on stone!

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Hello i really like your blog but i am still lacking of seventeen on my dash, can you introduce me some good seventeen blogs? thank you

Hello Anon~!

Sorry for the late reply! I hadn’t exactly been on my computer today and I didn’t want to do this over mobile. I see, seventeen blogs hm? And I assume you want strictly seventeen? Let me see what I can conjure up! Hopefully you don’t already follow these blogs yet:

@jihanlife @diamondandl @mc-gyu @seungchul @scoupstv @leewooji @pledisseventeen @dirty-jamjam17 @v-hansolchoi @hanwooz @bteas @sugarjisoo @saltyjeonghan @jeongahn @jeonghau @jeung-han @junhuiw

Ah I think these are strictly seventeen blogs? Like, not multi-fandom? I’m sorry anon if these were already some you have followed ( ;A; ) 

But I hope it helps! And thank you for liking my blog~! :D

waiting4morning answered your question:I got the most amazingly condescending (anon)…

I have to admit something shameful. You me realize for the first time in what 17 years of reading and writing fanfic, that not everyone wants concrit. I love it, so I assumed other writers would want it too. Hopefully I wasn’t a jerk like this guy.

The thing is, I think it’s about a) knowing your audience and b) whether or not the critique helps the author. And when I say that, I don’t mean if your critique is salient or not, but if it’s what the creator wants or needs. It took me a while to realize that too. When I first poked my nose into this playground, the dominant culture seemed to be that you were supposed to want and accept critique at any time, and that it was always supposed to be helpful. And if it was hurtful, then it just meant you had to get a thicker skin or suck it up. It was an almost macho attitude.

But these days I think that hardline approach, one that perhaps assumes we’re all on our way to trying to impress a publisher, can err on the side of too harsh to writers who are just starting out, or writers who are just doodling for fun, or maybe working out difficult emotions on paper.

Maybe a better way of looking at it is from that utilitarian perspective; is it or is it not helping the author right now? That’s not always easy to judge – good concrit is often hard to hear. Fundamentally, the author has to be in a place where they’re ready to be challenged. And not everyone who posts fanfic is. 

In this case, it’s a matter of the person being a stranger, and them going after writing I put to bed for now. In a lot of ways, it’s because I want a bit of distance from something that dominated my life for 7-8 years. I love my stories, but it’s not something I feel like generating stress over right now. (especially not, as I said, in light of my current job stress. And critiques, no matter how pertinent, are stressful.)

Regardless, the tone and delivery of criticism is SO important. If you’re not being condescending about it, you’re already doing better than some. ;P