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fluff prompt souharu - haru comforts a jealous!sousuke :^) (sorry if I ever sent this twice! I was not sure if it got through)

I definitely didn’t stay up till 4 am writing this instead of sleeping.  Nope.  Anyway, the continued adventures of Olympic celebrities Haru and Rin, and Haru’s bf Sousuke.  Also domestic souharu because I’m weak.  I love these dorks.

“Haru, what are you wearing?” Rin asks in a disbelieving voice.  His eyes survey Haru’s outfit incredulously. “Just… how?”

Haru shrugs, indifferent.  “My warmups,” he mumbles, as if that should be obvious.

Rin runs a hand through his hair, gritting his teeth.  Leave it to Haru to do something this ridiculous right before a fan gathering and act so distinctly nonplussed.  

“Why are they… pink?”  Rin honestly doesn’t want to know the answer, but he can’t just let Haru be seen during public events like this.

Haru blinks, and then glances down, as if he’s just realizing for the first time that his uniform has gone from a crisp white to a dull salmon.  “Sousuke messed up the wash.”

Rin chokes.  Beside Haru, Sousuke makes a small moaning sound and hides his face behind his cellphone.  

“He- what?  Haru, those are official Japanese National Team uniforms, you can’t just-”

“I like them better this way.”

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This is coming probably a bit late, but man... I loved the last episode. Tyreese's death crushed me, but he went out in a beautiful way. I'm going to miss him a lot. And when did you start shipping Rick&Michonne? I've never ship them in the comics, but the show is different and now I just can't imagine them being together with anyone but each other. I'm hoping to watch an episode where they're already together and no one mentions it but it's impossible not to know because it's visually obvious.

I think Tyreese’s death was the most beautifully crafted death in the history of this show. Not only did he get a majority of the episode dedicated to his impending death but we really got to delve deeper into who he was and his thought process. And he got closure, complete closure. Which is something no other character has been afforded on this show. They really did a wonderful job tying up all of the loose ends with his character and I think he was done the utmost justice. While it still hurts that we had to lose another amazingly pure and heartbreakingly good character I don’t think they could’ve done it any better if they tried. It was just perfect. 

As for Richonne, I’d say I really started shipping them after watching Clear because I was completely mesmerized by Michonne and her interactions with Rick and Carl. I made a post about it before but it was so amazing to me that she made a choice to be personable when they had made the choice to be anything but. It was such a huge moment for her because she was putting herself out there and she was still being shut down and out by the both of them. But what was beautiful about it to me was that even though they were being difficult she didn’t stop trying and she didn’t blame them for it either. 

That episode still means everything to me and my favorite thing to do now is to compare their interactions in Clear to Claimed. Seeing how much they’ve all grown since then and how much they need and depend on each other is beyond wonderful. They really are a family in their own right and Clear, I’d say, laid the ground work for that. 

Funny thing is, I did ship them in the comics. I’m one of the people that feels that Kirkman was building up to it even in the source material but he backed out at the last minute. I mean, come on, Michonne, Glenn, and Rick go to Woodbury and Michonne has known Rick for the shortest time, he still locks her in her cell at night, she isn’t allowed to have her weapon at all but when The Governor chops of his hand Michonne wrestles her way out of one of his guards hold and bites The Governor’s ear off. She bites his ear off for Rick. COME ON. 

And don’t even get me started on Rick catching Michonne talking to Mike and him proceeding to pull out the phone he secretly totes around that he uses to talk to Lori. It’s so great because in the show it’s Michonne reaching out to Rick and letting him know he isn’t alone but in the comics it’s actually Rick that reaches out to a frazzled Michonne (who is very upset at the idea that he might think she’s crazy btw) and lets her know that he’s doing the same thing, that it’s okay. They share an awesome moment and its one of my faves. 

Just look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh. Fave, ever. So yeah I did ship them in the comics (that’s not say I don’t love Rick and Andrea because I do) and I would’ve loved to see them together but hopefully the show won’t let me down. 

The thought of Rick and Michonne with any one else physically repulses me. They’ve had such amazing build up on the show and it really does feel like they’ve been crafted for one another. I’m 110% convinced of that and no one will ever change my mind. They just complement each other so well and I think at this point putting them with other people wouldn’t only not make sense but it’d shit on the development they’ve had thus far. Like everyone that watches the show and truly pays attention to the direction the writers have taken these characters in have been saying, it would be out of character for TV!Rick to hook up with Jessie. 

It was different in the comics and Rick, himself, is different in the comics. They hadn’t built him up truly romantically with anyone in the comics as he was still working through the passing of Lori and Judith. That’s not to say he isn’t still doing the same in the show but his bond with Michonne is definitely deeper. He relies on her more heavily. After watching “Them” it also feels like he’s passing some of the leadership over to her. I really got a sense of that when he tells Michonne to watch after Sasha. He trusts her to do something that he would otherwise be doing. He even lets her call a lot of the shots in 5A and then again in 5x09 with the decision to continue on to Washington.

I mean, he’s just unimaginably close to her on the show and I would hate for the writers to ruin what they’ve been clearly building up to. It’d make my teeth itch and my skin crawl. 

But holy shit if they ever gave us an episode like that, where it’s impossible to not tell that they’re together, I would be so gone. I don’t even think I could handle it. That episode would be like 5x09 x100, like 5x09 on steroids, and I’d backflip into the sun.