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How does adhd affect you? If you don't mind me asking. My friend he adhd and I want to be there for him.

Pretty much in the ways you’d expect tbh–

  • Focusing on anything I’m not at-that-moment interested in is practically impossible.
  • ^Especially if it’s reading large paragraphs of text, even if I am interested in the topic that kinda focus is hard.
  • I have little to no perception of time 9 times outta 10.
  • Talking to authority figures or about myself generally is not a fun time due to RSD.
  • On focus again– on worse days I won’t be able to read/process the words I’m looking at on a page if someone’s talking in the room.
  • More recently, the nonverbal bouts I’ve mentioned due to brain overload for one reason or another.
  • My brain goes a mile a minute in a very roundabout and seemingly disconnected ways, so sometimes in conversation I’ll blurt out apparently totally unrelated things that I actually got to logically, just way too fast;
  • My memory is terrible - like, good lord.
  • It can be hard for me to focus on conversations / for people to get my attention if I see something interesting.
  • Sensory overload– personally I got it whenever I used to go to church, for example, ‘cause there were so many sounds and sights and smells and you have to stay still and quiet throughout it but my brain was just freaking out internally the whole time. But anywhere with a lot of sensory things going on can set it off.
  • Kind of sensory overload related (??)– sometimes my meter for conversation will hit rock bottom by the end of the day but somebody will still wanna talk and I’ll just be there flailing on the spot both physically and mentally ‘cause processing any more interactions just hurts.
  • Stimming: it’s not something I realize much until I think about it, but for example; personally, at work I feel weird without my lanyard cause I’m used to the weight of it and tend to play with the keychains on it or pop my nametag in my mouth while I’m walking around – idk it’s kind of a grounding thing – kinda like those totem things in Inception, haha.

there’s probably stuff I’ve forgotten tbh (like I said; memory problems, lmao) but that list looks long enough – all these things obviously differ in intensity from person to person, but hopefully that gives ya some insight on what might be up for if ever your pal seems a bit off at all

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I'm thinking of opening an etsy or equivalent but idk how to use paypal and my disabilities makes it hard to focus and read all the important stuff. can you do like a "for dummies" or "explain it like I'm five" version?


To set up a PayPal account, click the button on the home page, and it will direct you to set up your account. You will need to link your bank information (debit card, credit card, or bank account info) to the account so that you can get paid!

According to the PayPal website, they will keep 2.9%  $0.30 of each sale within the US, and more for international selling.

However! According to this link, many countries accept what they call Etsy Payments, meaning that the funds will go directly into your bank account through Etsy and you do not need to link your personal PayPal account. This link explains it in more detail, but basically, the buyer pays through PayPal but you are given your money through your Etsy Payments account, that you make with Etsy when you set up your store. Here’s what Etsy says about their Integrated PayPal system:

“If you accept only Etsy Payments as a payment method, you’re automatically eligible to receive payments from buyers who wish to pay using PayPal. The funds will be deposited into your bank account at the same time as all of your other sales. No action is needed on your part”.

Hopefully this helps! I’d highly recommend checking out this beginner’s guide to selling on Etsy if you haven’t already. Also, if things get confusing, sometimes it’s easier to call the company and try to get someone to walk you through it over the phone! Try to talk to a human by pressing zero. You can request a phone call with Etsy Customer Support through the this page  and the PayPal customer service number is: 1 (888) 221-1161.

Good luck!

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Idk if you've seen that new YouTube video titled "do I have ADHD" by Vox but I looked at the comments (big mistake) and saw so much hatred and misunderstanding towards ADHD but also disorders and illness. part of the video they had audio of a doctor talking about how ADHD is false and I totally had an emotional breakdown about it. Am I making this all up in my head? I don't think me having ADHD is an excuse for me to be lazy or have bad behavior. Idk man I'm trying my best.

This is the video mentioned above.

The fact that there are so many people who completely misunderstand what ADHD is in its entirety and claim so many things with nothing to back them up frustrates me to no end. While I think the video did an okay job explaining the very basic parts of ADHD, comments on these kinds of things are unfortunately something it’s best to stay away from. Most of them are written by people who have a very stereotypical view of ADHD (as mentioned in the video) and seem to think ADHD only means not being able to sit still and constantly being dist– oh look, a bird!*

This is, of course, completely ridiculous. These two things alone don’t even begin to take into account all the ways ADHD affects you. Executive Dysfunction, Emotion Dysregulation, higher risk for comorbid disorders like depression, anxiety, sensory processing disorders, learning disorders; these are just some of the things ADHD does in addition to hyperactivity and inattention. People are worried that ADHD medication can cause depression? How about the fact that girls with ADHD are 4-5 times more likely to attempt suicide? For some reason these people don’t seem to want to admit that ADHD could actually have a huge effect on all areas of your life. There will always be those who think any kid could be diagnosed with ADHD just because 8 hours of boring is impossible for anyone to sit through without zoning out. Frankly, I’d like to ask them how they’d explain the fact that it doesn’t matter where I am or how interesting what I’m doing is; I zone out anyway. 

Then there’s always the people who say that ADHD is a modern disorder caused by social media and technology. Yes, the internet might make it hard to stay on task. The internet also makes it possible to find studies and observations done as early as 1798 that basically describe ADHD (even if it wasn’t called that before the 20th century). I don’t think smartphones and TV’s were an issue back then. I politely suggest that those who think ADHD is a new disorder try this thing called Scientific Evidence when making ridiculous claims. Yes, more and more people are diagnosed with it. The same phenomenon has been recognized with ASD, but studies have found that the actual number of people with ASD symptoms hasn’t changed; only the amount who actually get a diagnosis and help for it. Psychiatry has made huge steps in recent years, especially when it comes to ADHD. Maybe people are just finally getting better at recognizing it. 

I let a lot of pent-up frustration and anger out on this one. But do not feel like you’re using ADHD as an excuse. It is a real thing; there is so much scientific evidence to back that up, it’s not even a question anymore. There will always be people who think they know everything about it. They don’t. The best thing we can do is continue sharing our experiences, being vocal about it, and refusing to let who we are be reduced to a stereotype. Hopefully, as the second doctor in the video said, we won’t even be having this discussion in 20 years. Keep trying your best. Your best is good enough. Don’t let ignorant idiots tell you otherwise. 


*Obviously these things can also be part of ADHD even if they’re stereotypes. I always stop what I’m doing and shout “DOG” whenever I see one, and I never stop fidgeting. But these things are by far the least annoying part of ADHD for me. 

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hi! i'm cishet and an aspiring author and i was just wondering if you could give me advice on writing LGBT characters without being offensive or disrespectful, and how i can let the reader know the character is LGBT without making it their entire character. would you have any tips on that?

ok, first and foremost: youre not gonna please everyone. theres always gonna be some people (lgbt or otherwise) telling you you did it wrong, but please dont let that stop you. the fact that youre asking an lgbt person how to do it respectfully means youre trying your very best and thats all that matters.

couple things to avoid: having the ‘token gay character’ or ‘token trans character.’ gay people hang out with other gay people. that doesn’t mean that you have to have a cast of entirely lgbt characters, but having one single (openly) gay person in a group of straight people is pretty unrealistic. a huge chunk of my irl friends at school are gay, bi, or pan, including my best friend who is bi. i didnt know that when i started hanging out with her. i dont necessarily become friends with people BECAUSE theyre gay, i just make friends and then they happen to be lgbt??? idk we flock together its weird. in terms of trans people its a lot less common for us to have a friend group of trans people unless they all met at an lgbt or trans specific event because it’s a little more dangerous for us to be out (even within the lgbt community) so its harder to find other trans people. having one or even two trans/non-binary characters would be really fucking swell tbh

another thing, please dont make it a caricature of an lgbt person. i’m 100% here for feminine gay men and butch lesbians however “gay character” doesnt mean “every single stereotype i can think of slapped onto a single person”

a lot of people will tell you to just bring it up very very casually because it’s just one more thing about a person like having blonde hair and brown eyes, which is true to an extent, however if i’m in a situation where it’s safe for me to do so i LOVE to talk about being gay/trans with other gay/trans people. not even in a “haha were better than cishets” way, its more just like relatable experiences and whatnot. we are constantly told that we should be ashamed of who we are so openly talking about it is very freeing. so dont do the “girl mentions she has a girlfriend once and then never again” type thing. their identity as lgbt is more important to some lgbt people than others, but its really unrealistic that if they are in a non-homophobic environment a gay person would only ever off-handedly mention being gay like once. ESPECIALLY if you have a scene where an lgbt character finds out another character is lgbt. theres gonna be a lot of happy chatter for a little while. so, basically, yes being lgbt isnt their entire character, but no you shouldnt downplay it to all fucking hell to drill that point into your readers heads.

in terms of making it known, an idea for a trans/non-binary character is that they bring up a time before they transitioned or during their transition and that plays into the story theyre telling somehow, and the person theyre talking to is like “you’re transgender” if they didnt already know and the trans person is like “yeah” OR for trans men mentioning binders is always a good giveaway! im not a trans woman so im not super sure abt them, any of my trans fem followers contributing some tips would be very much appreciated

as for gay/bi/pan people, there are lots and lots of options, and tbh part of developing this character would be deciding how important them being gay is to them. do they outright say that they’re gay when the subject of relationships comes up, or do they just talk about dating someone of the same gender without explaining it because they dont feel like it? an lgbt character getting a crush on someone is always a p straight-forward indicator. 

part of the characters backstory could be dealing with homophobia/transphobia, like a non-accepting family, however please for the love of christ dont make their entire character arc surround the world being shitty to them for being lgbt. i absolutely love seeing lgbt characters, and every lgbt person goes through some sort of struggle to find themselves at one point or another, but having an lgbt character and then just seeing the fact that theyre lgbt used to create conflict over and over is really frustrating.

these are just ideas, like this isnt the How To Write LGBT Characters Correctly bible. a lot of these things depend on what kind of story youre writing and what kind of characters they are. i think googling how to write lgbt characters and getting perspective of some other people would also help, but hopefully this is a good starting point!

if any of my followers have other suggestions they are welcome

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Sorry I'm trying to understand but why is genderbending bad..? Why is making them trans better??? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm cis if that even matters but i just can't wrap my head around people being upset by it. I'm not transphobic either i just.. idk it's weird to think people are bothered by such mild things.

Oh, it’s okay. It is a confusing and controversial matter that I don’t fully understand either. 

For starters it doesn’t upset everyone, some enjoy, some are neutral and some have very negative reactions from/towards it.

So it’s really not my place to tell you why it’s bad or not, just why I personally won’t do it. Which is a plain simple that if there’s a big chance it’s going to make people sad, let’s say through the association of certain body traits with gender, then I don’t need it.

Does it makes you a bad person if you enjoy it? I don’t think so. Just always make sure to tag.

If anyone wants to explain it better to anon feel free to use the reply, I won’t be answering more tho’ because that’s it for me. Be kind.

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Oh sorry I wasn't being clear!!! I meant what does Fe look like within a single type specifically in INFJ

Ooh, okay, that helps organize my thoughts a lot! Thank you!

So before I start, let me clarify a bit. When it comes to developed and underdeveloped Fe within an INFJ, there is a difference between being “underdeveloped” and being “toxic.” I’m going to be going from what I’ve noticed of myself and a common trend among INFJs. I won’t be touching in on what Fe will look like in a toxic nor overdeveloped state. This is going to be a bit long because I love overexplaining stuff, so bear with me.

Underdeveloped Fe in INFJs

Typically speaking, an INFJ with an underdeveloped Fe will make them look very much so like a thinker. They will have a seemingly amazing Ti and will often mistype as an INTJ or INTP. They probably won’t see the point in interacting with others and will be very introverted in appearance. Ngl, depending on their enneagram type, they can come off as extremely pretentious and self-obsessed. Lenore Thomson describes this type as living in an “ivory tower,” so obsessed with their own findings that they don’t feel the urge to share their findings with the rest of the filthy plebian world. Well, Thomson didn’t say that last part, but let’s pretend they did. And if they do want to share their findings with the world, they can be very pushy with it, getting passive aggressive and quite pissy when people refuse to listen.

Why This Happens

Now when it comes to why this happens, it’s solely one trouble at play: the struggle between the auxiliary and tertiary function. I explained more about it a while ago in this post, but in short, naturally when it comes to people, we will default to the world we’re primarily the most comfortable with. If your first function is introverted, you’ll feel the most comfortable using the next introverted function. If your first function is extraverted, you’ll feel the most comfortable using the next extraverted function. And thus, we are most comfortable using our dominant and tertiary functions the most. As an introvert, using our extraverted functions takes conscious effort.

I read an amazing analogy for this a while ago that’s buried somewhere deep in my likes. I found it!! This is honestly like one of my favorite posts because it explains things very simply. If our dominant function is us, our tertiary function is our home. Especially for introverts, we don’t like leaving our home. Sometimes even if our friends call us, we just don’t feel like leaving, you feel? However, it is necessary for our health that we get out on a regular basis, even if we don’t want to. In the same sense, an INFJ with an underdeveloped Fe is like an introvert that stubbornly refuses to leave home. They’d rather stay on their mental internet (Ni-Ti) than enter the world and interact with it.

For an INFJ trying to develop their Fe in the proper manner, they become aware of this tendency. And then the extreme conscious struggle starts to occur. For me in particular, yielding to the hold of my Fe is very difficult. Ni sees things how they are and Ti analyzes it. It is from those two functions that I receive “truth,” and much of the times, “truth” ain’t pretty. While I may wish to act upon what I receive from this Ni-Ti process, doing so is difficult because Fe is so high. If you ever heard the song Left Brain Right Brain by Bo Burnham, this is a good description of this internal struggle (though I feel that song matches the mentality of Fi/Te more). To an INFJ going through this struggle, yielding to Fe feels a lot like sacrificing truth to make everyone happy. In reality, though, we are giving our findings balance and a good dose of reality.

Developed Fe in INFJs

When our auxiliary function is utilized in a developed manner, we get balance. For an INFJ, this means that they use their Fe in a proactive manner, they become connected with the outer world. They have an outlet in which to utilize the insights their Ni tells them. This doesn’t mean they go out righting every wrong and solving mankind’s problems without rest. Looking at famous INFJs, some are philosophers, authors, scientists, actors, filmakers, etc. An INFJ will use their Fe in really any way they feel like, but the point is they’ll use it. By becoming connected with the world, an INFJ will realize their place within it. They realize that they accomplish nothing living in that high ivory tower of theirs. And (I hope) will realize they aren’t as amazing as they think they are, but will become more balanced in their pretentiousness. Hopefully this makes sense!!

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Reader/Trevor "best friends since the other started working here, we both have feelings for each other but never admitted it, went to vegas with AH/RT people for some Important Gaming/Media Thing, and don't remember getting trashed and confessing our feelings until we wake up the next morning and WE'RE MARRIED"? because I'm trash for cliche tropes like this (and idk maybe they annul it and tell it as a podcast story but still decide to date?)

Word Count: 1,632

You were a lightweight and in a professional environment. Sure, you had never been to Vegas but you told yourself one drink. You looked down at the ice in your glass barely feeling a buzz. Maybe one more drink couldn’t hurt.

“Y/N!” Trevor called as he rushed over to you through the crowd.

You set down your empty glass, ignoring your craving for another drink and smiled at your best friend, “Hey. Fun party.”

“It’s okay. Oh, this is for you,” he passed off one of the drinks in his hands to you with a brilliant smile. “You looked like you wanted another drink.”

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colors pt. I || jinhwan
  • notes : the third of the halsey songs x ikon series thing is finally here! Please bear with me because I’m back in school and it’s exams season, but I will do the rest of the members & their scenarios soon! Thank you for being patient / reading!! ((:
  • genre: angst angst angst
  • warnings : no warnings with this one but it’s kinda sad if you really think about it js / plus it’s kinda long
  • read pt. II here!!

Originally posted by hwan-tastic

You’re ripped at every edge, but you’re a masterpiece x

         The first time you had noticed him? Ah, what a good question that is. Would it be too cliché to say that the day you noticed him happened to be the very first day?

           Well, despite what anyone may think of such an answer, the truth is that you had been well aware of Jinhwan ever since the first day you stepped into that lecture hall. It was only the first day, but you were already feeling the new weight on your shoulders from the realization that you were in college now, and the one person you could depend on was yourself, and that’s it. That would be something you would come to realize time and time again throughout your whole experience.

           “Everyone, please take a sit as quickly as possible,” you heard the professor say from somewhere in the front. With a deep breath, you managed to steal a seat in the back; sitting in the front had never been so ideal to you since middle school.

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You might already gotten this question (or not, IDK) I have a hard time (I don't know how to explain it)"liking" Daesung, is not that I dislike him, I don't really know how he is as a person and might also be bc I don't find him very attractive (but that's just my opinion) , I just don't understand the hype about him And you seem to really like him, so I'm wondering if you could "help me" to understand the "hype", I'm sorry I'm having a hard time explaining/ finding the right words.

I will gladly try to present some reason as to why I, personally, like him as much as I do. I’m gonna divide this up into different categories, because… Reasons haha. Hopefully this will be of some help for you, sweetie ^^

Deeper reasons:

  • He is portrayed and also acts pretty carefree in interviews, on TV shows and so on, but he’s actually a deep person. That becomes clear when you really take the time to listen to him talk about stuff, read intervews that he’s done and things like that. His words are phrased very well, what he decides to say has a lot of meaning to it and you can really tell that he’s through it through.
  • After his car accident back in 2011, where a motorcyclist passed away, he got bashed pretty harshly by the public. It took a real toll on him and, as I’ve seen other people describe it, he almost lost his smile forever because of that. He pulled through, though; he stayed strong, kept on smiling and kept on working hard. I admire and respect him for being able to do something like that.
  • His voice is amazing and his biggest love is music. There has been setbacks for him in the past, some even before he debuted, that challenged his passion for music and desire to make it as an artist. His dad was completely against him becoming an idol, but he stood his ground and proved to his dad that he really wanted it and that he also had what it took to make it - and he succeeded. His weak vocal cords is what’s standing in his way now, instead, and he needs surgery to get past that. He keeps on pushing, though, and doesn’t let the fact that his vocal cords aren’t as strong as they used to stand in his way. His greatest love is, like I’ve already said, without a doubt music and, if you just take some time out of your day to really watch him when he’s up on stage, you’re going to see how incredibly and truly happy he is up there.
  • He’s not hungry for fame, which I really appreciate. He’s also not hungry for attention and, during interviews and whatnot, he doesn’t try to hogg the spotlight every other second. He’s content to stay in the background and speak when he feels that it’s appropriate. I don’t know if that’s a reason that’s worth mentioning, but I really like that about him.

Reason I don’t know how to categorize:

  • He’s a very charismatic and charming person to me. I can’t really describe it all that well; but when I watch him while BIGBANG are either doing interviews or livestreams, he just exudes charisma for me. Their livestreams during their MADE promotions as well as all the streams that’s had to do with everything for their 10th anniversary are good examples of that - to me, at least.
  • While his activities in Korea, especially during the past few years, have only had to do with BIGBANG for the most part and not solo stuff, he’s immensely and undoubtedly successful in Japan as a solo artist. He’s held very successful solo concerts, he’s had his own variety/TV shows and so on. He’s even sold freaking molds of his NOSE and LIPS goddammit. If that doesn’t tell you anything about his popularity over there, I don’t know what will haha.

Light-hearted reasons (dunno what to call it, really):

  • I love his smile, that’s really all I’m going to say regarding that.
  • I also love his laugh a lot. I don’t know if everyone fees the same, but I personally love it a whole lot.
  • He is, just like the rest of BIGBANG, very humble - despite the massive success they’ve had as a group. He also seems to be very down to earth, which I like about him.
  • I find him very funny and entertaining and, speaking of that:
  • He’s the variety genuis within BIGBANG. Back when they’d only been a group for two/three years and didn’t have the sucess they have now, Daesung was the one getting BIGBANG’s name out there through all of his apperances on variety show (mainly his permanent spot as a member of the, for those who don’t know, very popular varity show Family Outing during 2008-2010), but also as an MC for different shows and whatnot.
  • He’s an adorable scaredy cat; gets scared easily by a lot of things.
  • He knows how to work those hips, like…. seriously.
  • Take a moment to appreciate this man’s body, because… Reasons.
  • I, personally, find him very attractive. I do more than understand that there are people who don’t, even though it’s a shame. People have different preferences, though, and that’s just how it is. I don’t find every human being on earth attractive, after all.
  • His hair is fluffy perfection, just saying.

I’m gonna stop myself here, because this list is already a mess and already long as it is haha. I hope this at least gave you a few reasons that could help you start warming up to him a little more, so to speak.

Also, if you are curious about him and if you are interested finding reason to like him, then I highly recommend to do some research on your own! Search on YouTube, watch him on shows like Running Man and Family Outing, listen to his solo albums and things like that :) I guarantee that you’ll warm up to him a lot, because he’s an amazing person. Even if you don’t find him attractive, that doesn’t mean that you can’t like him or enjoy what he does~

Happy +  Bedroom/house/living quarters + romantic headcanon ficlet, Stucky:

More often than not, Bucky’ll go back to their apartment when Steve’s on a mission.

He feels closer to Steve there, he’d told him. Surrounded by all the Ikea furniture they’d picked together and Steve’s art hanging on the walls.

Living in the Tower has its perks, sure, but sometimes they just need this, a place that’s just theirs. The coziness and warmth that come with smaller, quieter rooms. A smoke on the fire escape and the familiarity of their old neighborhood. It still welcomes them there. Like a hug, Bucky’d said. And Steve gets it.

So when the mission’s finally over and Nat confirms that’s where Bucky is, he’s not surprised, just heads there as soon as they land. Debriefing, a shower… they all can wait.

For now, all he wants is to get home. To Bucky. To that place where the rest of the world can’t reach them, solid walls guarding them, allowing them the fantasy of a simple, boring, domestic life. Boring sounds heavenly right now.

It wasn’t a particularly difficult mission—no force on Earth would’ve been able to stop Bucky from coming along if it had been—, but complications had arisen, and so Steve finds himself dragging his feet down the hallway, bone tired and covered in grime and sweat and blood that’s—mostly—not his.

It’s late, and Bucky’s probably asleep, so he lets himself inside as quietly as he can manage, and all but collapses onto the couch. He hasn’t even gotten out of his suit, feels sticky and hot and uncomfortable in it, but he can’t bring himself to move for the life of him.

All things considered, the headache isn’t really that bad. Nothing like the skull-piercing ones he used to get before; he never gets those now. This one feels… like something weighing down on him. As if gravity was suddenly stronger, or the air a lot thicker around him. The body’s way of demanding that he rests for a little while.

And he has every intention to do so, except he’s at that point where you’ve gone just too long without catching a break, past that state where you’d be able to fall asleep as soon as you hit any remotely horizontal surface, and into too-exhausted-to-sleep mode.

So he just lies there on the couch, too tired to move or think, just hoping it won’t take him too long to go full circle, hoping for sleep to find him and make the headache go away. The room tries to help, to cradle him and let the peacefulness seep into his bones, but a good 30 minutes go by and he’s still just as exhausted, head aching just as much, and twice as uncomfortable.

And then he momentarily forgets about everything, because the bedroom door opens, and that means Bucky’s awake, and just that is enough to put a smile on his face.

The footsteps draw closer, then stop, and Steve doesn’t even have the energy to open his eyes, but he hears the foot-tapping, the scoff, can just picture Bucky’s expression, and his smile gets wider.

“You’re back,” Bucky says in an accusing tone. “I told you to wake me up.”

Steve feels better already. “Hi, Buck.”

“Too tired to drag your sorry ass to bed?”

In an incredible display of willpower, he manages to crack an eye open and turn his head to look at Bucky. He’s only wearing a pair of black briefs, metal arm glistening in what little light comes through the window, like something out of a dream. His hair’s a fucking mess, and Steve loves it.

“Sorry. Didn’t wanna wake ya,” he explains. Bucky rolls eyes at him. “And… yeah.”


“Tired. As fuck,” he moves, trying to get comfortable, and his body kindly reminds him of everything that hurts. A groan falls from his lips.

“Fuck, Steve, please tell me that’s not your blood,” and he says it in a way that, more than worried, sounds like he’s ready to hurt Steve even further if the answer happens to be yes. Steve smiles some more.

“Nah, ‘m alright. Just tired”

“Not hurt?”

“Headache, ‘s all,” he assures him. Then: “Fuck, you’re pretty.”

Because he can. Because it feels like home here, with Bucky standing at his feet, in a place they’d chosen together, and that’s something he’d stopped wishing for long ago. Because he’s too worn-out to have a filter anymore, and it’s true anyway.

Bucky snorts—but there’s a small blush creeping up there, Steve can see it even in this dim light—says: “Scoot over,” and gathers him in his arms. “Jesus, Rogers, you stink.”

But he wraps an arm around him anyway, let’s Steve rest his head on his chest, kisses his forehead. It must be terribly uncomfortable, to have Steve’s weight resting atop of him like this, still in his suit while Bucky’s practically naked, but he makes no mention of it.

Instead, he asks: “headache, huh?” and bring his metal arm up, rests it gently on his forehead, draws nonsensical patterns on Steve’s back with his other hand.

The relief is instantaneous. Steve lets out a long-drawn-out sigh, and moves just enough so he can give the cold metal a quick peck. Bucky might not feel it, but he still hums in appreciation, forever amazed that he can do any good with this arm at all. Steve’ll prove to him that he can for life if he has to.

“This helping?” Bucky asks. Still disbelieving. Still needing the reassurance. Steve kisses him again.

“Very much. Feels good, soothing. Thank you.”

And with that, with Bucky kissing the top of his head and their home keeping watch over them and Bucky’s rhythmic heartbeats acting like the world’s best sleeping spell, he finally dozes off.

Send me a symbol and a ship and I’ll write you a headcanon ficlet.

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Hey, i love your blog! I just got into D&D but the thing is is that my mom doesn't really approve? Im currently going to a club that plays it but my friends want to start a weekly one on sunday, my mom was on the border of okay with the club but i'm afraid that she'll say no to the sunday one. She just doesn't really approve of the game and i don't know why? I think it's mainly because she doesn't understand it. Do you have any tips on explaining it or what i can do? Thank you so much! <3

So typically we don’t give advice on this blog but I’m going to answer this one anyway, because way back when I started playing D&D I was in much the same situation. 

At the time I was a teeny eighth-grader, and ended up hanging out with a group of high school seniors who played D&D (it was a small school). My parents were very skeptical but let me join the game provided I followed a bunch of strict rules (calling when I got to the house of the guy hosting it, calling if I was going to be even a minute late coming home, etc etc, which was much more onerous in the days before cellphones). My parents were deeply skeptical of the whole thing and kept a close eye on me to make sure I didn’t start slaughtering goats in a Satanic ritual. 

Then the guy whose house we played at couldn’t host one of the games for some reason. My parents’ house is big, so I asked if we could have the game there. My parents said yes, so my friends showed up and we took over the dining room and played a game and generally had a great time. After that, my parents were much more chill about my gaming. 

Years later, my mom told me that the reason she’d agreed to let me host the game at our place was because she wanted to see exactly what we got up to when we played this supposedly evil, Satan-worshipping game. She said she was expecting lots of dark devil talk and maybe some creepy rituals or, idk, drugs or knives or something, but instead she saw a bunch of geeks sitting around a table cracking bad jokes, rolling dice, and pushing tiny statues around a grid. She told me how eye-opening it was, and how awesome, to hear us laughing and goofing off and having what was actually a very safe good time. 

So yes, it’s highly likely that your mom is skeptical because she doesn’t know anything about the game. She probably heard a lot of the same “D&D cultivates Satan-worship!” BS that my parents did. Talk to your mom about why she’s apprehensive of D&D, and if she brings up any of that stuff, offer to have one of your games at your place where she can see what’s actually involved. (You could also show her the Dead Ale Wives’ D&D sketch, which is pretty much exactly what my mom experienced.) 

Basically, give her a chance to see what D&D is actually about - having a good time making up stories with your friends - and make sure she isn’t working off bad information from a 70s scare campaign. She may still disapprove - there’s lots of other reasons why a parent might not like their kid playing D&D - but hopefully seeing how safe and silly and fun the game actually is will help alleviate any fears she has.

Good luck, and hopefully we’ll be hearing from you with great quotes from your new Sunday game! :) 

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Hi homi, I'm sorry to be negative and to fill your ask with depressing shit, but I'm really down atm. My boyfriends just dumped me, my parents are arguing and there are a million other things that are stabbing me in the face right now and I'm getting really depressed. Do you have any suggestions for things that cheer you up? Thank you so much you are such a wonderful person xxx

im really sorry you’re having such a shit time, sincerely
heres some stuff that will hopefully make you feel even a little bit better

try listening to some music! either sad/mellow to comfort yourself or happy and upbeat to raise yourself up, ill give you some of both (8tracks mixes!)

occupy yourself with some light fun movies or tvshows, i recommend HTTYD1&2, Enchanted, Legally Blonde, Robin Hood: Men in Tights (trust me), The Devil Wears Prada, any studio ghibli film!
, Parks and Recreation, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, Azumanga Daioh, The Office

watch some youtube vids, here are a couple of channels that i like

treat yourself! you deserve it, buy yourself a fuckload of chocolate (theyre on sale now right??) or splurge on those shoes you’ve had an eye on or idk anything! even if its something small like going to get $4 pancakes from mcdonalds
try to get out of the house, hang out with friends, take your dog on a walk (go on a run?), maybe go see a movie in the cinema
honestly, you know yourself best, and i trust that you will be able to pick yourself up from this, its shit, i know, but im here if you ever wanna talk, on anon or not. and as weak and regurgitated as this sounds, its gonna get better, real soon too, so just focus on taking care of yourself and your comfort

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Hello, I'm sorry to bother you. I'm sort of struggling with how to be a feminist and a good friend, not that they're mutually exclusive. But my friends will criticize other girls' clothes and stuff and I want to say something but I find it's hard for me to hold my ground when I'm arguing feminism. Like with my brother or something, I just have so much trouble effectively using language to elucidate a point. Do you have any advice? again, sorry to bother you, and thanks.

Hmm well I feel like there’s an assumption here that you have to give a feminist explanation every time you hear that sort of stuff said?

Don’t get me wrong, I can see situations where it’s either very helpful and/or necessary by way of how they reply, BUT I personally tend to chose the road of setting an example rather than give a lecture. Not only do people not like lectures, but I think as fallible humans it’s hard to separate the ego from the path of the right thing to do, and placing boxes on top of a soapbox and climbing on top of that thing is often where my ego gravitates to if I start lecturing…

I think sometimes the best thing you can say in the face of commentary like that is simply that you think the person or the outfit or whatever looks beautiful, or flattering, or cute, or smart, or whatever is diametrically opposite of what they’re saying. If they say it’s not flattering because it showcases someone’s rolls, you explain that you think that part of their body is a part worth showcasing. I mean, you have to believe it, ideally, for this to be a good point, but hopefully you do. Round bellies are a beautiful shape. Leggings as pants are a comfortable, logical choice. Etc. When you say these things and believe it you can literally stop and change the direction of a conversation sometimes.

One part of this type of feminism is, yes, eventually having a conversation about why we feel a need to tear other women down. But the other part of the thing is building ourselves and our relationships back up, piece by piece, and that involves being the person that stands as a wedge in these conversations and encourages people to see things in a new way.

IDK you’re sort of asking me, I think, to hand deliver you a lecture or swift, disarming point about feminism but without literally being in these conversations with you I’d just be guessing, and you’d just be parroting. Live out the message that not only are we all “beautiful” but more importantly that our defining worth isn’t “physical beauty” (and that our bodies are not intended to be a constant museum display) in what you say and do, and that should be effective in itself

soooorry I’m not the best advice giver and people will probably advise you on specific points BUT that’s what I would do/that is a route you can take when you are stuck 

love, i have wounds only you can mend [1/?]

Summary: A decade of not committing a single crime is impressive, but not when he’s centuries years old. A decade is enough for him to fall back into the darkness, however, when the council provides him a chance to redeem himself by being a guardian angel, he cannot possibly deny…especially when his arse of a brother is one himself. His first assignment? Emma Swan, single mother with a rusty past of her own.


a/n: woah, a fic. from me. yes, i know i’ve got some unfinished stuff to also do, but this has been something i’ve been looking forward to posting FOR SO LONG (when I mean long, I mean like 2 months or something). anyway, here we go…just in time with cs au week. note that chapters will grow longer in length as time goes on. thanks to @cutieodonoghue for the beta/help!

Being reunited with his brother is something he could have never imagined. Killian Jones is no hero, not like his brother. He hates himself more than anything in the world, hates that he’s done the world plenty of bad deeds, hates that he’s lost people he cared deeply for, hates that he’s still bloody alive after everything bit of pain he’s suffered along the way. He’s the last one on the list to be considered someone of perfection. He’s a man full of pain and old pent up anger that’s been seeping out of his pores ever since he lost a certain woman. Killian has been lost since that moment of his life, and that’s…it’s been ages.

Yet, the Council has given him another shot at things. He is a sinner, a man of a million (billions, trillions) sins, yet they’re giving him a chance to prove himself worthy of redemption.

He hasn’t committed a crime for over a decade now, but that’s nearly the same thing as saying he hasn’t aged for the last decade (or for a good century), either. Two entirely different things, two entirely different meanings, but he is completely and utterly serious on both counts.

Liam, though. Liam has been a saint since the day he was born, a man who’s been a hero in many people’s lives, a man who’s of good form and every drop of honour there is on planet earth and the heavens combined.

Killian is painted black as the devil, heart tainted with old revenge and darkness, while Liam is the epitome of an angel, which really, he is. Guardian Angel, that is, but he’s up there on the list to be one of the most renowned Guardian Angels there are, and that’s out of a lot of men and women doing their jobs.

Guardian Angels, though. Who originally thought that was a thing? It is, fortunately for him, and it seems like he’s being saved though he’s technically not supposed to be saved. He figures he should thank the Council for putting this faith in him, but it’s a whole lot of faith that he needs to shoulder, and that’s direct pressure on him. He’s been a sinner most of his life, lost his way from Liam and then from the woman he once loved (he still loves her, an aching gape in his heart that still loves her), so he really shouldn’t be offered such an opportunity, yet here he is.

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Could you write a prompt for me to cheer up my miserable day, please? Where Dean is all macho and thinks he's gone soft, so he puts himself on a secret diet and starts eating less and less... It all comes to a head when Cas notices Dean is grumpy and gets him some pie, and Dean confesses the truth. Queue a comforting chat with Cas and cuddles, and force feeding Dean all the pie he wants. (idk why I always end up on your blog when I'm upset, but I guess it just makes me feel better...) <3

Ahh, hello there!! I’m so sorry that you’re having a bad day and I’m sorry that I didn’t get to this yesterday, I had some tummy problems so I wasn’t feeling good the remainder of the day :( I did eventually get to it though, hopefully in time, and hopefully you’ll like it, it’s short but still, I’m hoping that you won’t mind!! And I’m glad to hear that being on my blog makes you feel better, that means a lot to me :D <3

Dean frowned, looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. He looked like shit to begin with because he needed a shave and his hair was a total mess (that may or may not have been due to sex with Cas the previous night) but he was starting to notice something else; he was starting to gain a little pudge around his hips and his stomach. Or so he thought.

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