hopefully this is an ok request fill!

Hey guys! I just wanted to update you guys on some possible fanfics that I’ll hopeful be throwing your way soon 😏😁Ok so one is going to be a very fluffy a/b/o gajevy, a Zoro/Reader one that I might make into multiple parts but I’m not a 100% sure yet, and I think some like angst/kind of tragic marvel fics. So yeah that’s what I am hopefully planning to share with you guys and if any of you have request you would like full filled, just send me an ask or IM me!! 😁😁

deaf Michael au

ok warning this isn’t edited and is really boring and short but i’m going to do a part 2 so if it sucks hopefully it will get better she part 2 comes out and yeah… 

word count: 1,226

part 2

part 3


request? nope


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