hopefully this coloring works on other shows

Keep Kissing

By sskuvira

“So … I fell in love with the characters from The Legend of Korra and spent the last two years drawing them. The show contains a vast array of female characters: many are (canon) or could be interpreted as queer, differently-abled, and non-binary and ALL of them are women of color.
Representation in the media absolutely matters. I could have saved myself a lot of emotional stress and mental anguish growing up if there had been more/better representation of queer women of color on TV.

I’ve spent a lot of time and effort drawing these characters; exploring the nuances and crossing them over into other shows/books. I try to keep the work very optimistic or positive: Body positive, sex positive, with many different types of relationships. Drawing the characters being unabashedly queer….modeling different body types …. just out their living their lives….that type of world building in art…. can have a huge affect on the artists own self-image.

Drawing these characters is a type of healing for me…. and hopefully positive for the viewers. It’s a different type of activism”

This piece of art was submitted to the @aroomoftheirown​ project, a blog and zine that seeks document the myriad of ways in which LGBT content creators and fandom participants use fanworks as a celebration of their identities and to force popular mainstream media to reflect their lived experiences by collecting essays, comics, and interviews documenting how LGBT members of fandom use their various talents to carve out a space for themselves in mainstream fiction and to explore their identities in a relatively safe space.

The blog that will accept submissions on a consistent basis and the eventual goal is to compile a selection of the pieces into a zine or a series of zines, the proceeds of which will go to the Trevor Project and Trans Lifeline

To learn more or submit to the project, click here.


Thanks for the long and surprisingly well-researched reply! I asked because I do want to like CRT / scanline filters in theory, but most really do look like ass (although that 4k filter looks amazing). I’ve read on emulation forums that old game pixels are designed to be viewed on CRT more than LED monitors so they “look better” on older screens but I don’t know about that. It sounds like pure nostalgia.

There is some truth to this and there are a few bits that are important.

The first is pixel size. Most retro consoles don’t show square pixels. This is easily resized very nicely in most modern emulators. This can have a big effect on how games look, in most cases making things look wider than they are in memory. Many games just kinda ignore this, but here’s magus’s tower from Chrono Trigger at SNES resolution.

and then here it is, stretched , roughly.

Clearly trying to come off as closer to round on most TV sets.

The big one people talk about is dithering and acting like dithering is a CRT only technique. Which in itself, is BS because you’ll see dithering on like, computer grade monitors where it was super obvious or on the gameboy or whatever or in modern retro art. Dithering can be done to look attractive bended and non-blended. 

Like this shot of Ristar vs this blurred one 

Now in reality in most cases on a CRT you could actually spot the dithering (I can on my CRT for sure). I snagged another example off GIS to help from earthworm jim off the Genesis. 

You can see the actual dithering artifacts on the blurred image. The genesis used a lot of “Vertical dithering”. Thats when you just put two lines next to each other and have them blend color. You don’t see this a lot on the SNES but I’m not sure if this is because of the consoles themselves are different (I don’t think they should be? This effect seems intrinsic to the NTSC standard) or cultural. The genesis had many more western devs, while the SNES had many japanese devs, many of which were likely used to making art for various PC style systems with better screams, where checkerboard style dithering works better.

The genesis also used this for faux transparency.

(Hopefully that shows up right on tumblr but the blurred one comes off as transparency while the other one comes off more like lines of water).

Even when using dithering for transparncy on the SNES (you didn’t NEED to but maybe it was cheaper?) it used checkerbox. 

so some aspects of color blending might come from the hardware itself. In general I find the styles of dithering employed on the SNES to be much more attractive.

If you want to see an extreme example of using NTSC signals for blending, 8-Bit Guy has this awesome video on CGA and how it actually looked.

How much this matters is up to you. Even back in the day these effects wouldn’t hold up on nicer screens or with better cables so the best devs still made sure their games looked good even when the dithering was visible and PERSONALLY I find great dithering to be beautiful.


Here is the Line Cleanup and Base Coloring of the upcoming Saizo art.

I will not be uploading these videos regularly (unless this is something you peeps wanna see)

I do like the idea of showing you guys how I work (and hopefully giving other artists a chance to see something they may want to try.)

Hope you guys enjoy this- sorry for all the random posts today! Saizo should be done by the morning. 

Um, been working on these for a while? Like two months or so? Basically my lil fatesonas? Still WIPs because I’m very slow, though I actually have most of Corwin (boyo on the right) lined, it just felt weird to post him lined but not Rue…? But yeah, so I’ve fixed some issues on the lined versions of these so just/// ignore any of the wonkiness they may have… ヽ(・_・;)ノ

They are fraternal twins who’re about 24. They haven’t seen each other in almost 15 years due to their parent’s divorce when Rue & their father moved to Hoshido. More info and stuff when I finish them and etcetc but Eri finally convinced me I should go on and post their sketches. (*/▽\*)

Probably won’t see me in the tag often for a while after this because college and research papers!! But hopefully I can get full references with colors done before summer arrives. (> x < ;; )


Still working on Corwin’s, but I figure I’d show Rue’s sprite. Just need to add the goggles.

br00dy-elf  asked:

I so hope there will be enough support garnered for a second season. I love this show so much. The colors and animation style is so pleasing to the eye and the characters have so much backstory that isn't yet explored and I think there is so much room for chatacter growth. Hopefully we get a new season. Until then good work on all the other shows ^_^

Thank you for the love and support! We are happy you love the show and we hope to get a second season!

anonymous asked:

I seriously love your gifs and edits and I was wondering if you could maybe share some of your Glee psds? Just some basic colorful ones? That would be so awesome! But if you don't want to post them that's understandable too. In that case I'm just letting you know how appreciated your creations are :) hope your vacation is/was great!

Ahh, bless you! It’s comment like this that motivates me! And my vacation was great, thanks :)

I only have two of my own psds saved at the moment, but hopefully that’s okay!

Base psd (download)

Works on almost all scenes. Add/delete and change layers if needed. Can probably be used on other shows too

Dalton psd (download)

This is a newer one, so I haven’t checked it on all dalton scenes! Will need some adjustments

I hope they’re useful to you. Do whatever you want with them, just don’t claim them as your own, and please like/reblog the post if you download!

Tutorial: legacy banner

Since it’s been highly requested, here’s a little tutorial that shows how I made my legacy banner! It’s a pretty simple one but hopefully some of you find it helpful.

This tutorial uses Photoshop CC but should work with most other versions of Photoshop. If you use paint.net or gimp, you may be able to produce a similar result, but the keyboard shortcuts, etc. will be different.

Step 1: draw your shape

Here I’ve used the Rectangular Marquee Mool (M) to select roughly half of my canvas. Once you do that, go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color, name your layer, and select the color you’d like to use.

Step 2: add the border

This is the part that made the tutorial take so long - I was sure there was a more elegant way to do this than I’ve used here but well, at least it works.

Draw a box with the Rectangle Tool (U) that goes slightly around the original box you drew, then use shape options from the top bar on the photo above, and from the photo below to match your dotted border to mine (or change it as you see fit!).

Like I said, not very elegant, but at least it works!

Step 3: add a pattern (optional)

If don’t want to add a pattern to your shape, skip to step 4.

CTRL + click on your shape’s thumbnail in the layers panel to select the shape. You should have the “marching ants” around your shape as in the picture above. With the selection active, go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern, to create a pattern layer in the same area as your shape.

Once you’ve created your pattern layer, set it to a layer style like Multiply, Overlay, or Soft Light, depending on how you would like the colors of the pattern to show through. Try a couple layer styles out just to see which looks best. Here I’ve chosen Multiply.

Step 4: add your text

If you’ve ever used the Type Tool (T) in photoshop before, this is a piece of cake! Simply type out the words you’d like to use on the banner, then use the text options on the top banner to choose your typeface, font size, and color!


You’ve successfully created your very own legacy banner. Now just save the file as a .png to keep the background transparent, and you’re good to go!

Hopefully, this helps some of you make your own banners! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me an ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Warm days ♡

The last few days it’s been so hot… I don’t know how I survive to be honest. Usually early in the morning when I wake up and if the kids and Jackson are not awake yet, I take my breakfast near the pool. It feels so good and it’s peaceful outside at this time of the morning…

The sun becomes hotter later in the morning, and I can’t leave the house with the kids when it’s too hot. Usually we try to get the kids outside every day if we can… Even if it’s only for a walk around the house with the dog. Lohan loves to hold his leash, no worries his dad is always behind them because he doesn’t has much strength to hold the dog by himself yet !

These days we only leave the house only around 5pm which is a bit late for us since they have diner at 7:30pm… and Aëlys can’t forget she eats at 7:30pm ! I swear, this girl is always hungry and saying “yum yum” every time she sees food. She’s a little cutie, but a way too much obsessed with food now.

I still can’t believe they will be one soon… Only 3 days to go and my little babies will be one year old. Lately I just love to go through their first pictures and it’s crazy to see how much time flies… how much they grew up… the small babies that I carried in my arms a few months ago are now two beautiful little girls with strong and different personalities.

We have planned a small party on their birthday day, which is next monday, with family and a few close friends. I hope they will enjoy it and I’m so excited to show it all… I’ve been planning their party these last days and it’s all about pastel colors, flowers, balloons, cotton candy, pop corn, cupcakes etc… Well I’m probably more excited than them ahah…  

In other news, I took advantage of these hot days and I could work on my online shop. I was able to finish but now I need to design some new products and hopefully it will be launched before the end of the year !

With that, I hope you enjoyed our last pictures and one more time, I’m sorry for posting such long posts lately… I guess I just have too much things to say ?! Ahaha ! See you soon   

Meet Russ,

Hi Elliott and team! I saw your post today Elliott about looking for someone who is a parent of a non-binary child. I had actually thought before about submitting, but I thought what do I have to offer such an amazing site? But then I read your post and I thought OMG! That’s our family! So I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself and my children to see if we could offer some insights and fun that could be a benefit to House of Alexzander. 

I was born a female bodied person, but always knew that I was much more of a guy. I did not come out as transgender/genderfluid until last year. I was 38 years old. And the parent to two amazing kids. I’ve also been a working artist for about 16 years, so I worried very much what it could mean to my career. But last year I became very ill and had to go into semi-retirement. It seemed like the perfect time to finally talk about the rumors publicly. Thankfully most of the feedback was supportive of me. But I still felt because of my partners family that I could not be open about things on the internet. So I created my tumblr to have a space to talk about gender issues as well as what it means to be raising two kids in the world today. And of course I post lots of pictures of celebrities and every day folks who inspire me to just keep living. 

After coming out my life became more free in a way. I was able to say a lot of things I never felt I could before. But it hasn’t all been easy. My mother still calls me by my birth name and strictly female pronouns. She’s a really good person who has been really helpful with me having a permanent incurable illness. But she can’t seem to get past the fact that I’m more then just the girl she always hoped for. And my partners brother told him when I came out that he should divorce me and take away custody of our children. It was really heartbreaking for me. I’ve never felt more hated in my life. Thankfully my partner is amazing and reassured me that I need to just keep being me and the good parent that I am.

So that leads to raising two non-binary kids. Both our kids were born female bodied. We have an 11 year old who has a legal female name, but goes by Jack and insists that she never be called by her legal name. Thankfully her school and our family respect her wishes. She loves pink, red, science, and reading books. And is a bit boy crazy. haha Her older sibling is 15 and very much walking her own path. She has always been the kid who did whatever she wanted. She goes to a public high school where the kids think you should wear the latest fashions and tow the gender lines. She wears a lot of men’s clothing, plays a lot of sports, and is the only female in the school shop class. Last night she came to me and asked me if it was a good time for her to shave a bunch of her hair off. I know a bunch of my friends would flip out if their daughter wanted to shave her hair or even cut their hair. I told her to go for it as long as she cleaned up her mess. And I ended up helping to make sure the back looked good. For me the bottom line is, is this going to make her proud to be who she is and happy in her skin? If so we are going to support her choices.

About a month ago she came home from school and told me that a girlfriend of hers had asked her out. We never had a talk about whether she’s queer or not. But she joined the Gay Straight Alliance at school and we often talk about trans and queer issues in our household. I think she expected us to have a whole are you coming out of the closet talk with her. Instead I just asked her if she liked the girl, did the girl treat her with respect, and did she want to date her? When she said she wasn’t sure I told her that it was her decision and there was no reason they couldn’t just be friends if she wasn’t ready to date. I just wanted her to know that there is nothing she can’t say to her dad and I. That we will always be here to listen to her and offer our support. I firmly believe that parenting ANY child means not trying to shape them to be who you think they should be, but to be there to support them and give them a safe loving environment to grow up in. 

So what do I have to offer to the site? Some insights about what it means to be non-binary in today’s world as well as what it means to parent non-binary children and how you can support them when they go against a very binary world. I’d also love to make some artwork that shows different characters and creatures who don’t really have genders, but are fantastic just the way they are. I am known for making very colorful art with funky characters. I stopped making my characters too realistic years ago, because I found it made it easier for people to see themselves in them. And for it to prompt talks about what gender really means to people. I’d be happy to work up some example paintings for you, if you’d like. Or I’d be just as happy to give parenting insight in words that would hopefully encourage other parents to know they aren’t alone in their journey. 

Thank you for all that you do! You inspire me to want to be happier with the body I am. I hope one day to feel as fantastic and fierce as you do in my own skin. 

<3 Russ 

2015 year end roundup (and announcements!)

I take this time every year to look back on what I’ve done that year and think on where I’m gonna go next year.

This year, I moved from Michigan to Chicago. It has been a rough adjustment, but from the sounds of everyone else I know who’ve moved here, it’s an average amount of bullshit I’m going through and I’m on the right track.

I quit my day job as a cheesemonger to pursue comics full time. Then I immediately injured my wrist and couldn’t work for a good six months. I wouldn’t have been able to at a regular job anyway, but it was scary to have that come just when I was getting ahead with comics, and just when a clerical error made me lose my health insurance.

I drew around 130 pages of comics this year, mostly stuff for Filthy Figments and various print publications, including three anthologies and a French magazine. Very little webcomicking this year, which felt very strange. I’ll definitely be putting a heavier priority on getting back to that in 2016. In 2014, I drew 222 pages of comics, most of them free webcomics. But I’m pretty proud of how much work I did get done despite the injured wrist.

I got signed on to do a really super cool project with some super cool people, but it’s not officially announced yet, so I can’t say exactly what it is. But it’s the best thing to happen to my career so far, and I’m incredibly excited about it. I just want to document this here and now to look back on in a few years.

I went on a very long burlesque tour in the spring and a shorter one in the fall, and performed in NYC for the first time. I performed in 58 shows, with around a dozen of them being as an independent performer outside of Super Happy Funtime Burlesque.

I had a complete mental breakdown over the summer due to a bad round of HBC that threw my hormones so out of whack that it felt like death. Every day I wake up sane, I am consciously thankful for it.

Plans for next year!

As much as I love performing burlesque, I’ve come to realize that touring so much for it is destroying every other aspect of my life. So I’m cutting back on touring in 2016. I’m going to work on creating a few highly polished acts and working more in Chicago, with a few occasional out of town gigs when I can justify them. I will, however, be applying to more comic conventions, because I miss that environment, and I need to get back to it. Hopefully I can combine the efforts, and perform shows in whatever town I’m doing a convention.

In 2014, I released three books. In 2015, I released zero. Bummer! In 2016, I plan to release several coloring books, the print collection of Eat Me, a collection of my short smut comics, and a few other things that are a bit too up in the air to comment on right now but hopefully I can solidify them and make them happen.

I’m going to make my patreon more interesting. I love how many of you have stuck with me on that while I worked through my physical and mental illnesses this year. It kept me afloat both financially and emotionally. You will be repaid for this kindness.

Basically, 2016 is about refocusing my life on comics. I am blessed to be at a point where I can make it my career, and I need to put it first, now that I can. Burlesque is wonderful, but I have to do it in a way that doesn’t require the rest of my life to be filler around a tour schedule.

Thank you for sticking by me in this awkward year of re-adjustment. I hope you like everything I have planned for the next year! Onward to 2016!