hopefully this coloring works on other shows

Tutorial: legacy banner

Since it’s been highly requested, here’s a little tutorial that shows how I made my legacy banner! It’s a pretty simple one but hopefully some of you find it helpful.

This tutorial uses Photoshop CC but should work with most other versions of Photoshop. If you use paint.net or gimp, you may be able to produce a similar result, but the keyboard shortcuts, etc. will be different.

Step 1: draw your shape

Here I’ve used the Rectangular Marquee Mool (M) to select roughly half of my canvas. Once you do that, go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color, name your layer, and select the color you’d like to use.

Step 2: add the border

This is the part that made the tutorial take so long - I was sure there was a more elegant way to do this than I’ve used here but well, at least it works.

Draw a box with the Rectangle Tool (U) that goes slightly around the original box you drew, then use shape options from the top bar on the photo above, and from the photo below to match your dotted border to mine (or change it as you see fit!).

Like I said, not very elegant, but at least it works!

Step 3: add a pattern (optional)

If don’t want to add a pattern to your shape, skip to step 4.

CTRL + click on your shape’s thumbnail in the layers panel to select the shape. You should have the “marching ants” around your shape as in the picture above. With the selection active, go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern, to create a pattern layer in the same area as your shape.

Once you’ve created your pattern layer, set it to a layer style like Multiply, Overlay, or Soft Light, depending on how you would like the colors of the pattern to show through. Try a couple layer styles out just to see which looks best. Here I’ve chosen Multiply.

Step 4: add your text

If you’ve ever used the Type Tool (T) in photoshop before, this is a piece of cake! Simply type out the words you’d like to use on the banner, then use the text options on the top banner to choose your typeface, font size, and color!


You’ve successfully created your very own legacy banner. Now just save the file as a .png to keep the background transparent, and you’re good to go!

Hopefully, this helps some of you make your own banners! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me an ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.


One drawing or painting that shows what you feel is unique about yourself.

i ended up experimenting with a new brush setting and coloring style like…halfway through lmao. But yea! I finally finished assignment A for my csssa app aahhh. I really enjoy story telling so I went with a comic-type theme. Hopefully it works pffhaha. Time to work on the other four assignments now ;;