hopefully this changes in future

so i just wanted to point out how Gran Torino very casually calls out to Izuku like it’s no big deal

and Izuku replies with the same sort of familiarity, with absolutely no hesitation whatsoever

and Sir Nighteye is looking at the two very contemplatively

i really hope that Gran Torino and Nighteye have a convo with each other about Izuku in the future, and hopefully that’ll change Nighteye’s opinion of if Izuku is really worthy of OFA and All Might’s legacy

I love you so much I've forgotten what hating myself feels like

Connor Murphy X Reader

Warnings: anGST, anxious reader, worried tree bros.

Requested? Yes! by anon

sorry this was a vent source, I might change it in the future to hopefully improve it!

It wasn’t a good day. It wasn’t a good week. It was a big clusterfuck of problems and no sleep and over thinking, but you couldn’t help it. Everything felt wrong and when Connor told you how he always felt like a freak and how you couldn’t help him, you broke. You couldn’t make him see how much he meant to you and you took it the wrong way. You thought he was blaming you for him feeling this way! How he phrased it didn’t help and neither did when he stormed off after he scoffed at you.

 "It’s not my fault everyone makes me feel like a freak, y/n! You don’t- you can’t help me!“ He said before walking off in the other direction.

 Now, you were sitting all alone in the bathroom at school trying to breathe. You dialed the first number that you could think of and raised your phone to your ear. 

Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice messaging system. To leave a message, press 1.”


 "Evan,” you said shakily through your phone. “I know your probably in class right now, or maybe you just don’t have our phone… but I really need your help.” You looked around at the light blue bathroom stalls you were in-between as you took a deep breath, trying desperately to calm down. “Everything is wrong Evan, Connor is being distant and I probably did something wrong and it feels like the world is crashing down. Your probably too busy for me but you’re all I have left.” You swallowed the lump in your throat. “Just- call me back please.“ 

 You hung up the phone and looked up at the off-white bathroom ceiling, holding back your tears as you by your lip. Wow you’re such an idiot y/n. Evan has his own problems why bother him with yours?

You looked down at your shaky hands and began to wonder what exactly you were going to do now. You could go home but you didn’t want to be alone right now. Your parents were on a week-long vacation and just being alone in your house didn’t sound so good. 

You just wanted Connor, or even Evan, to come to your rescue and do… whatever. Anything is better than this. You could always splash some cold water in your face and get back to class, but then everyone would look at you. 

God, what am I doing? You put your head in your hands and quietly tried to calm down through the tears, it was hard to breath and everything felt like it was closing in around you.

 Deep breaths. In. Out.

 Evan taught you that’s what to do when you feel like everything is collapsing. As soon as everything felt normal-sized again, you checked your phone for any messages, hoping Evan would save the day and- Nothing.  

 You got up from where you were sitting and carefully wet a paper towel. You dabbed the cool cloth on your blotchy cheeks until you looked somewhat decent and headed to the front doors. You were leaving this wretched place, you had enough of it for today. You started up your car and made your way to the little park hidden behind a thick patch of woods. It was always that place that calmed you down, that was your security blanket. The creaky swings, old dirt packed down from use, the tiny bench full of engraved initials, and the top of the slide where you could see the sunlight was where you could forget about your worries for a while. 

 After a few minutes of sitting on the old swings and listening to the birds your phone buzzes lightly in your pocket, shaking you out of your trance.

(1) missed call from ’ Evan(-; ‘ 

(6) new messages from ’ Evan(-: ‘ 

(2) new messages from ’ Con💛 ‘ 

 You sighed and swiped to see the multiple messages Evan had sent you. He was probably worried sick from the voicemail you left him earlier, shit.

 From: ‘ Evan(-: ‘


 Please answer

 I called you back, where are you?

 Okay you aren’t in 5th period.. Where are you!?

I’m getting worried. 

 I’m texting Connor. 

 Oh no. 

 To: ’ Evan(-: ’ 

I’m okay Evan I just need some time to think. Sorry for worrying u!

 Now to Connor, you felt your stomach drop a bit when your thumb hovered over his name, you closed your eyes and clicked. 

From: ’ Con💛’

 Y/n? Evan called me are you okay? 

 Where the fuck are you ? We’re getting worried. 

You took another deep breath and typed out your response.

 To: ’ Con💛' 

 I’m sorry, I left early. 

 After a few seconds you typed another message 

 To: ’ Con💛 ‘ 

I’m okay. 

 You shoved your phone back into your pocket and tried to enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. The way it poked out of the trees and shined gently onto your skin was so tranquil, you almost fell asleep. You checked the time on your phone which read 2:07. School was over and you had to go home, or you would stay here forever. Hesitantly, you headed back to your car. 

 You dropped your bag onto the floor and headed towards your room. You wanted to sleep it all away. After you had left the park everything came rushing back to you again, not so much panic this time, but it was more of depressing things repeated over in your head. You laid down on your unmade bed and drowned out everything. You couldn’t tell if you were dreaming or just lost in your thoughts when- 


 You groaned as you woke up and checked your phone again. Your eyes widened at the sight.

 (2) new messages from ’ Evan(-: ’

 (7) new messages from ’ Con💛 ‘ 

 You started reading Evans first, not wanting to deal with Connor after the scarce response you gave.

 From: ’ Evan(-;

Are you okay? 

 Connors freaking out, please y/n, call one of us.  

Oh god, this wasn’t supposed to be a big deal. 

 From: ’ Con💛

 Why leave early? 


 Please answer 

 I’m worrying my ass off over here.

 Fucking text me !


 Evans freaking out and I am too 


 You turned off your phone and threw it across the room. why did he care? He started the argument. You were mad and sad and confused and didn’t know what to do. 


 You sighed and walked toward your phone and hesitantly picked it up. 

 From: ’ Con💛’

 I’m coming over. 

 You froze. You let out a groan which turned into an angry scream and threw your phone again. you were sick of these games. You were sick of all the lies get your brain told you but you couldn’t help but believe they were true. Why does he care? Why would he care?

You sat there with your knees huddled close to your chest until you heard a faint knock. You heard the doorbell, followed by more knocking. Louder this time.

 "Y/N! Hello?!” Connor hollered though got front door. 

You didn’t move to answer it, you honestly couldn’t move at all. After a few more harsh knocks and angry grumbled it went silent. He must’ve left you thought and you pulled your knees tighter to your chest and slowly started rocking, trying to think of anything other than Connor leaving. You were so lost in your thoughts you didn’t notice the long haired boy climbing in through your window, just saying it was the wind, until the loud thump of him jumping in and the yelling proceeding afterwards startled you. 

 "What the fuck! Y/n what were you thinking? Disappearing for 6 hours? Is it because of that stupid ass argument? Whatever it was why didn’t you fucking call me? I can’t believe yo-“ 

 You turned to look at him and made eye contact before you turned your head back around, staring blankly at your wall. Connor gaze went from angry to confused to soft all in a matter of seconds when he saw you, all crumpled on the floor and staring blankly at your wall. 

 "Wait, have you been… crying? Holy shit are you okay?” He whispered, dropping his hands down to his sides. He slowly sat in front of you and took your face between his hands, examining your blotchy cheeks and red eyes. You watched his face contort in confusion as he looked at you. You avoided his eyes at all costs. 

 "No.“ You squeaked out, not willing to let the tears fall again today. Too late, they were already rolling down your cheeks. 

 "Wha-What happened?“ 

 "I’m just- I’m such a fuck up! I ruin everything I touch! It’s like I can never catch a goddamn break and whenever something good happens to me,” you motioned at Connor slightly.

 "I push it away. That’s just how I work! and I don’t want to ruin you Connor, I don’t want to have to hate myself because I make you feel like freak!“ Connors jaw dropped. He didn’t mean it like that at all! How could you think that? 

 "I love you so much but if I hurt you- I’m just- I’m so- lost! I’m going to hurt you,” you hiccuped, pointing at yourself while your knees threatened to give out. Somehow you found enough courage to finish. 

 "I already have hurt you! You need someone better than whatever I can give to you!“ You yelled at him through gasps of air, both of you standing up now.

 Connor was awe struck. He never knew you felt his way, you never told him. How could you think those things about yourself? He loves you with almost every ounce of his being, a tiny fight wasn’t going to change that! He was just mad at all the dumbass kids that called him a 'freak’ or 'lost cause’. He took it out on you and now, he saw he consequences of his actions. He felt bad about freaking out sure, but he didn’t think you would blame yourself, and he definitely didn’t think you would cry. 

 He walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you so tight he could’ve suffocated you. You heaved and sobbed into his shoulder, clinging onto his shirt like it was your lifeline; in some ways it was.

 "Why hadn’t you told me? You never make me feel like a freak, hell, you’re the only thing that makes me feel good about myself! I- I love you.” He whispered into your ear. He unwrapped his arms from around your waist and gently grabbed your face, making you look into his gaze. 

 "I love you so fucking much, You’ve made me forget what hating myself feels like.“ 

 "What? But this morning..” you whispered. 

 "I don’t give a fuck about his morning. I wasn’t trying to blame you. I mean- the only thing that makes me happy is you.“ 

You felt your heart swell a bit at his surprisingly meaningful words. His gaze was so sincere, you couldn’t help throwing yourself into his arms again with so much force that you both fell onto your bed.

Here’s another redesign. This time it’s Megami!

For Megami, I wanted her design to be more sophisticated, dressed professionally and to show that she’s a mature, serious school council president.

The one thing I have changed from her is her face shape. He face needs to so-what reflect her personality, so now her face is abit long and her cheekbones are more defined. Showing more maturity and sophistication.

Her hair is now black but she has a streak of silver on her bangs, she has Poliosis in which a part of her hair is lacking melanin.

As for her name, I changed it to Megumi Enoki, Megumi is written in hiragana in this case because her name can be interpreted in many different meanings (you can call this a pun name of sorts) depending on the kanji used to pronounce the name, it can mean:

- 恵:  “ blessing, grace"
- 恵美: “blessing, favour; beauty”
- 愛 (alternatively read as “Ai” but it also reads as Megumi):  “love, affection’
- 斡美: “administer, go around, rule; beauty”

Enoki might be a name of a mushroom, however, this surname also belongs to a Japanese politician, pharmacist and feminist, Misako Enoki, who was a symbol for woman’s rights in Japan during her time.

Another thing to note that, I might give her a few flaws in her personality, sure she might be strong, confident and an heiress to a big company, however, I feel like it’s better to flesh her out since she is a big character and ‘mary-sue’ won’t cut it. I feel like despite Megami being so serious, sophisticated and strong, I feel like that makes her a bit cold and distant to the other students in her school, she only talks during work related matters and she doesn’t have much time to socialise because of all the work she spends her time mostly doing. She is rather business savvy too, and there’s a possibility that she might not believe in romance as she only cares about the safety of the school and work, however that doesn’t say she would not change. Hopefully, in the future, I can try to weave in connecting stories with all the other characters. but for now, this is all I got. 

Thank you~!

Tools used: Sai, Photoshop  

Play Choices Instagram Profile:

Sebastian Delacroix is an alumnus of Hartfeld University. Previously known for his acting capabilities in school plays, he paved his way to Hollywood with his skills and charming looks. He became one of the most wanted actors in entertainment industry, having been nominated Academy Award for Best Actor twice in a span of two years, taking home the title at the second time. He’s currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

I made a video comparison between the force vision and the movie’s present events. There are so many parallels between Rey and Kylo Ren and I believe their fates are intertwined and future have been altered

Let me explain ~

The Force vision starts with a series of events, which is still debated to have occurred in the past or future, such as the cloud city, jedi massacre (or is it only rocks?).  

The first scene Rey and the audience are certain know happened in the past is seeing Rey as a child yelling “No! Come Back!”, while being held back by Unkar Plutt.

Parallels align perfectly between Rey’s past and the movie’s present storyline, specifically what has transpired on Starkiller Base (refer to the video 0:00 - 0:06).

  • Past:
    (1) Rey looks downward at her younger self yelling for ‘presumably’ her parents to “Come back” as the ship flies away.
    (2) She is physically being held back by Unkar Plutt telling her to be quiet. 
    (3) The sky darkens and sun turns to red. Red light shines on her face. Does it symbolize the dark side? In the book, it has been hinted that Rey resisted the dark side in the final fight against Kylo Ren, when someone (Snoke?) told her to kill him.

  • Present:
    (1) Rey looks downward at Kylo Ren, who faces his father on the bridge. Han Solo tells him to “Come home” with him.
    (2) Han Solo implies that Snoke is using and manipulating Ben. Figuratively Snoke has a hold on Ben’s mind and free will.
    (3) When Starkiller Base finishes charging, the sky darkens and the sun turns red. Red light shades his face, symbolizing that he has been consumed by the dark.

Rey and Kylo Ren want to go back to their parents. Rey held on hope that her parents will return one day, while Kylo Ren has believed its ‘too late’ for him to go back. Both paralyzed in the same spot for years. Rey in Jakku and Kylo in the dark.

The force visions  then shows us a future event that does occur in the same movie, which is the fight in the snowy forest of the Starkiller Base.

The force vision’s future event have altered drastically (refer to the video 0:06 - 0:12). Now Rey is fearless, Finn fights along side Rey, and Kylo Ren is unmasked. 

  • Future: 
    (1) Rey finds herself alone in a snowy forest.
    (2) Panic registered on her face, she starts to run frantically, until  a masked Kylo Ren comes out from behind a tree with his lightsaber ignited.
    (3) Surprising her, Rey falls backward and out of the force vision.

  • Present:
    (1) Rey and Finn run away from Starkiller Base.
    (2) They stopped running when they saw Kylo Ren waiting for them with his lightsaber ignited. He is not wearing his mask. The mask represents Kylo Ren’s identity, which he let go during his confrontation with his father.
    (3) Rey faces Kylo Ren and aims her gun at him.

The future has changed, based on actions both have taken in the course of the movie. 

After experiencing the force vision, Rey’s first instinct was to run away. Then decides to help BB-8 escape, when the First Order attacks Takodana. When she finally faces Kylo Ren for the first time, still frightened, she move backwards (instead of falling) while fifinv her gun. Indicating that the future has started to shift. 

As for Kylo Ren, in the beginning of the movie, he has spared Finn when he did not report him in for not firing on the villagers. Finn took the second chance and ran away from the First Order and the dark side. Finn represents Kylo Ren’s light, who also faced him in the snowy forest.

Again, the future has changed and hopefully for the better.

W/ Wonder Woman making bank at the box office a look back @ how WB failed the WW dtv

It interesting to see how Wonder Woman is doing in theaters and comparing it to how the WW dtv did when it was released. Both made less then their Bats/Supes movies but had strong legs. WW is likely to make more then Superman/BvS at the domestic box office while the WW dtv ended up catching up to a JL film and ended up becoming one of their better selling films but since she didn’t make instant bank WB put a ban on any future female DTVs. Hopefully someone at WB will change their minds and give us another WW dtv and more solo female dtvs that deserve to get made. 

Hi there. I’m Kyran, an 18 year old ftm looking to make new friends. He/him pronouns please. I’m not on T yet, but hopefully that’ll change in the future. I was born in Japan, and I stick close to my roots. Message me @pellucid-pneuma if you want to chat~

An Open Letter to the world, From the people.

My name is Marvin Thompson, and none of that is important. I want to start a project. Id like Tumblr, and anyone who sees this, to help me construct a living manifesto to the entire world. A cry for peace.

I want to prove to everyone that their voice matters, and that through our voices, we can change great things.

Reblog this and share with your own writing. Add to this letter. Help it grow. Turn this small post into something that the world cant ignore. Stop a war, feed a child, spread love, tolerance, write for our future.

Write to change the world. Hopefully a world leader sees this or a politician, or it makes the news.


Im asking you all for peace. I’m asking for you all to stop everything that you are considering, and to think about everyone and everything we have. I do not ask this blindly - I am well aware that there are many stipulations that interfere with the notion of peace. That there are many pictures that come into your head, and that some of you laugh and smirk at the impossibility, because nothing in life is that simple. But as a firm believer in chance, and as a stagnant stone with the idea that anything is possible, I believe that it could be. I believe that we shape our lives and our future. I think, at this point of human development, we’re reaching a dangerous point in a curve that can curtain the very possibility of tomorrow as we know it. And that if we turn a blind eye to the senseless, pointless killings, wars, and even to the smaller scaled issues of everyday communal, it will continue to fester, and it will continue to grow.

Tolerance. Respect. These are things we should fight for. These are things we should maintain. We should learn to understand each other, because we’re on the same thin sheet of ice, pressed against the same uncertainty.

I have a weird religious belief. I believe that every time we die, we are reincarnated to another life or another time where we learn, fresh faced, and grow as people until we hit the point where with our lives we can change a world, or a life, or create new ones, until one of the billions of inhabitants can succeed in stopping the crash of a peak like this.

And this is all by chance, to me - which is what makes it great. There isnt anyone pulling the strings. Just us, and what we dont know, and the things that can and cant happen. We are born, by chance, to end up as something and die when and in a way that we dont know. We have the chance to do amazing things, and equally, the harrowing ability to do or allow horrible things to happen. Both of those possibilities are looming above us, and its up to us to decide which we want to take the reigns.

The days of imperialistic conquests are over. We’ve carved up most of this planet, and I assure you, there is no square inch of it worth dying for. These are the days where man and its ambitions are rubbing against a glass ceiling that if broken, can rain horrors down below. These are the days of the peak. These should be days of reflection. And for all the factories across the world, we’ve yet to learn how to mass produce understanding.

What more is there to have? We have men on the moon. Buildings that touch the sky’s cieling. Jets that break the sound barrier. Airplanes, cars, jets, super highways, computers, we have cures for disease, we have enough food, we have movies and music and schools and we can learn anything we want whenever we want.

Why do we need more? Why do we always take and take and want and want and we almost never give? Why is there so much food and there are starving families eating dirt? Why are there so many religions that preach peace and kill each other by the thousands? Why do we get such a kick out of abusing each other, monetizing our sadness and dividing each other? Why do we need bombs? Why dont we take our Planets health seriously? Why do we destroy cities and rape women and kill children? Why do we advance so much just to ignore everything we’ve learned?

Do you know how much we have left to fix here for that tomorrow to happen? Is there an endgame to greed?

How many more great men and women have to die after leading lives of advocacy for peace for us to get the point?

World leaders.
No more bombs. No more poisons or massacres. No more stockpiling. No mpre backroom deals, no more destruction and death. Its possible. You dont need any of this to live. We’ve created the illusions of power and influence and now its got us by the throats, doing things in the name of things that are insane and insensitive. Justifying our hate filled actions with promises of more hate instead of love. With cooperation. With solid leadership. There is your strength.

It is not your bombs or your guns Or your armies that make you strong. Who do you have to fear? We are all human beings. I dont care if you live next door or in North Korea, or Russia or India or Pakistan or Washington or Tokyo or France, Britain, Spain, Italy or anywhere else, you are all human to me and you all have that same chance and possibility to do something amazing if you choose to.

And I know there’s alot to forgive, and a lot that cant be forgiven, but none of those are excuses to do more horrible things to each other. We do not stand for hate anymore.

Stop your stockpiling and feed a village. Stop your explosions and save the earth. Stop your hate crimes and understand each other. Stop everything and love this life because you haventhe chance to live it. We are all going to die. There is so much we can and need to do. There is so much we can change. I want to change so much in this world.


Washington, stop your bombs.
Korea, stop your bombs.
Russia, Stop your bombs.
If you want to prove you are strong, then work together and fight the impossible notion that this destructive tide cant be changed.


Build a future.”

Majesty- John Murphy Imagine (Splendour Part 3)

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ. ok so thanks to the person who suggested I write this in 2nd person. I ended up writing this in 1st and 3rd person indtead, because the last two were written the same way and I didn’t want to disrupt that pattern. However, I do hope on writing in 2nd person in the near future, so hopefully that’ll be a positive change. Sorry I’ve been so inactive, I’ve been stressing out about picking my subjects for next year. Have a good day/night! Xxxx

P.S Should I write a part 4? Let me know what you think, as always :)

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John Murphy x Reader

Word Count: 874

Warnings: mentions of violence

You can read part 1 of this story here (Splendour)
You can read part 2 of this story here (Grandeur)

NOTE: This particular section of this series is set at the end of Perverse Instantiation Part 1 (3x15) with (Y/N) taking Ontari’s place, so if you haven’t seen that episode, I highly recommend you watch that episode first :) enjoy!

***1st Person***

“They’re here,” ALIE informed, her posture straightening in both fascination and slight worry. She turned to me, her hands clasped together in a casual fashion. “We can’t let them have you.”

“I understand,” I replied nonchalantly, nodding at her with a smile. I turned to a table next to me, picking up a fire stoker in my hands and walking over to Jaha.

“What are you doing?” I heard from behind me, Clarke’s tone growing more and more frantic by the second. “Wait, stop!”

Ignoring her, I handed the stoker to Jaha and knelt, watching as he circled me with the metal object. Meanwhile, Clarke pleaded helplessly from her restraints.

“Jaha, don’t do this.”

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I’m really tired of seeing comments that Nico dating Will in ToA somehow ruined his character development. If the ship isn’t your cup of tea, then that’s fine. But to say it disregards Nico’s development and relationships with other characters doesn’t make sense to me.

If it wasn’t for Nico’s development, Solangelo couldn’t have happened. If it wasn’t for Hazel, Jason, and Reyna then Solangelo wouldn’t have happened.

Hazel became Nico’s first connection outside of his crush on Percy. The first person he was able to let in and care about. When he resurrected Hazel, they both thought it was temporary. Just a chance for her to reach Elysium. But then she stayed. And you can’t tell me that didn’t give Nico a reason to fight and survive.

Jason, who before that point did not understand or trust Nico, was there when Nico was outed. And his reaction was to immediately support and befriend Nico. You can’t tell me that Jason did not have an impact on Nico’s comfort with his sexuality.

And then Reyna. Necessity once again forced him to let her in. Literally in order to survive, he had to reveal all his emotions and pain. Once again he was met with support and friendship.

If all that hadn’t happened, do you really think that when Nico ran across Will he would be able to accept the “doctor’s orders”? That later he would give his budding crush on Will a chance to become more?

Personally I don’t think so. Nico’s platonic relationships are important individually and needed for Solangelo to even have a chance.

Look, I wish that Rick had showed more of Nico’s platonic relationships in THO but by necessity of the plot (e.g. Camp being cut off from the outside) he couldn’t. Hopefully that’ll change in future books. But there’s a good chance it won’t because Nico is not the main character. There’s a limit to what we can see of his life from Apollo’s pov.

Basically stop staying Solangelo disregards Nico’s platonic relationships. By doing so you are actually belittling them.


clois + supercat parallels: first flight, scared of heights

wofflez  asked:

Are you into cosplay at all? I'm in the process of making an Uraraka cosplay for a convention in July. I've never made my own before- it's a pain in the ass, but I'm excited! I've only ever worn store-bought ones before, like an old Chrome Dokuro cosplay I have.

I absolutely love cosplay, actually! I’ve never cosplayed as a character from a series I’ve loved though mostly because I’ve always felt self-conscious about my size in regards to my favourite character’s sizes but hopefully that’s something I’ll be able to change in the future! (On a related note though, as someone who actually LARP’ed a few times before, I have cosplayed as ‘original characters’ if that even counts as cosplay and  not just being a dork!)

Oh my gosh! That’s so cool - Uraraka is such an adorable character too! Are you doing her in school uniform, the school festival outfit, or her hero outfit? I’d love to see the finished cosplay when you’re done, if you’re not too shy to share!

scerek fic recs
  • Wolf Moon by pocketlass (E, 93k) On the night of 2013’s Wolf Moon, eighteen-year-old Scott McCall travels back in time to change Derek’s past and, hopefully, their future. The morning after 2003’s Wolf Moon, fifteen-year-old Derek Hale wakes up after meeting a teen wolf named Scott. And then the story really begins.
  • Any Port In A Storm by poisontaster (E, 88k) aka How Derek Hale, Age Twenty-Mumblety Spent His Summer Vacation. (set between S2 and S3)
  • Stolen by pocketlass (T, 23k) When Derek sees Scott for the first time, the first thing he thinks is, I want. (Or, the Greek Mythology AU where Derek is Hades and Scott is Persephone.)
  • untitled by queerly_it_is (Not Rated, 3k)  Sometime in the future when things quiet down and most of the pack is off at college or busy with other things, Derek writes a book almost by accident.
  • On A Saturday by clawstoagunfight (T, 4k) Derek still maintains that it was 100% Boyd’s fault for getting him into this situation. Seriously. Boyd is the worst friend ever.
  • I Will Wait by pocketlass (E, 60k) Scott goes to Sparta to vie for Danny’s hand in marriage because, well, why not. He expects to be impressed by the suitors’ gifts (he is), and he expects to have to pull Stiles out of at least one fight before things get ugly (he does), and he expects Danny’s beauty to leave them all speechless when he finally appears (it does). What he doesn’t expect is to notice the companions at Danny’s side, especially the one who leans in to mutter into Danny’s ear and spark a laugh as sweet as bells from the young man. “Who’s that?” he asks Stiles. “Um, that one is…one of Talia’s kids, I think? Something that starts with a D? Darren? Darryl! No, wait, I remember, that’s, uh, that’s Derek.” “Derek,” Scott repeats softly. The man turns his way, as if hearing him, and glances at him curiously before laughing with Danny. Scott looks away, ears burning, and thinks, uh-oh. He expected a lot when he came to Sparta. But he never expected Derek.
  • don’t stand so close to me by nighimpossible (E, 6k) In retrospect, knowing the way that his life usually unfolds, Derek should have known to keep to himself. Disasters happen much more rarely when you’re isolated. Yes, natural disasters can and will happen at any time—there was no stopping the wildfire that burned his childhood home to the ground—but interpersonal disasters? They can be avoided. Watched for. Regulated against. Prevented, for fuck’s sake. But Erica had been teasing him so relentlessly about being a recluse. 
  • You and I by pocketlass (T, 24k) But there’s something about Scott, something about the way he sits on that wobbly stool like it’s the finest of thrones and banters easily with the crowd. The fact that some of the crowd actually banters back is astonishing.Derek watches Scott lead the bar in an admittedly impressive cover of “Bad Romance,” smile lighting up the room, and thinks, Huh.(Or, the modern-day small town/rock star Greek Mythology AU where Scott is Orpheus and Derek is Eurydice. The first chapter is the entire fic; second chapter is the same story but with an alternate ending where Derek lives.)
  • just a little bit (is what you need) by canistakahari (G, 1k) you’ve got pressure dripping off your shoulders, let me be the one to relieve it
  • Destroy Everything You Touch by Saucery (E, 5k) It’s weird, being two people at once, and picking which one of them the world gets to see.

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A Pirate's Treasures

Captain Swan. Killian Jones is not a man accustomed to receiving gifts. But his new family is quite fond of giving them.


Hook and Henry celebrate Father’s Day together for the first time. 


1. First Father’s Day

“Here,” Henry says, handing Hook a rectangularly wrapped present. 

“What is this?” Hook asks, confused by the gesture. He looks at the present and then back at Henry. “I’m afraid I’ve nothing for you in return." 

"Oh that’s okay,” Henry says shaking his head. “I just wanted to say thank you, for taking care of me and telling me about my dad.”

“Well I don’t need a present for that,” Hook tells him, handing him the gift back. “I did that for you. You deserve to know about him." 

"I know, but you didn’t have to,” Henry tells him, pushing the box back into his hands. 

“You’re wrong,” Hook says, looking him the eye. “There was never a choice when it came to looking out for you." 

"I know,” Henry replies bashfully. “But you’re always doing that." 

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Title: Premonition

Fandom: Star Wars

Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Anakin Skywalker

Pairings: None - Gen fic

Rating: Teen+

Word Count: approx 1666 words

Warnings: canon typical violence

Spoilers: The prequel trilogy and minor spoilers for Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest later on.

Summary: Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi is no stranger to visions, but these are different. These visions feel real, like memories - as if he actually lived them. But as quick as these visions come, they slip away - leaving Obi-Wan with more questions than before.

A/N: So, I’m posting this probably against my better judgement because self-confidence, but I wanted to see what people’s interest in this fic would be so yeah. It’s a timetravel fic, but hopefully its a bit different form the usual “obi changes the future with knowledge” thing. Feed back would be much appreciated. If you don’t want to read this on tumblr, it’s on ao3

Chapter One

Iridescent blue clashed against blue. Lava roiled behind him. He felt the sweat that beaded on his forehead and the exhaustion that weighed at his limbs. The breath in his lungs was ragged – a testament to how long they’d been dueling – but he ignored this discomfort. Any distraction now would be fatal. He didn’t even want to imagine the consequences that his death would bring. Because, should he die, the galaxy would be doomed – doomed to a darkness.

He didn’t know why, but he knew that it was the truth. The Force told him, whispered it to him while he mediated on the journey to this hellish planet. And he trusts the Force, he always has. It’s been his companion for his whole life – always there for him and now the only thing that he has left.

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  • In my headcanon, Hermione is white. She always has been and always will be. That's okay.
  • In some of your headcanons, she is black. That's okay too.
  • In the films, she is white, in the play she is black, and in the books it is left ambiguous.
  • That's okay too.
  • What's NOT okay is telling people she is definitely one or the other. What's NOT okay is claiming one race is more canon than another. If you do, you're an asshole. Here's why.
  • Growing up in England (where the character of Hermione grew up too) the weather here makes girls hair inevitably frizzy and uncontrollable. Just because Hermione may be POC does NOT mean her untameable hair is part of that. It could be part of her being black, but it could also be part of being an white English girl growing up in humid central England. That's how I grew up. She was the only character at the time described how I grew up: crappy hair that because of the lack of pure heat frizzed up like an asshole. I identified with that, just like many POC women identified with her because of their hair. All of that, is okay.
  • I will always see my Hermione as white, and you will always see your Hermione as black, and that is okay.
  • I am so damn excited about this casting, even though /my/ Hermione is white. BUT FOR THOSE WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THIS CASTING IS WONDERFUL AND ARE BEING COMPLETE ASSHOLES: WE'VE ALREADY SEEN WHITE HERMIONE FOR TEN YEARS IN THE FILMS. It's time for a change. Hopefully in the future we will also see a black Harry and a Desi Hermione, because those would be awesome too!
  • BUT THAT DOES NOT GIVE ANYONE THE RIGHT TO CLAIM ANY RACE AS MORE OR LESS CANON. My Hermione is just as canon as yours. Your Hermione is just as valuable and exciting as mine. And Harry Potter is still the same wonderful world it always was and will continue to be.
  • And that's okay.

Speed Animation 218

I was watching a cartoon over the weekend and I was inspired by the explosion FX that they had on there…. I actually didn’t get to animate an explosion like they had on the show, but I still had fun and after finishing this test I realize that there are some things that i’d probably do it differently.   So hopefully i can get to make those changes in future tests.  

This test took me about an hour or so.