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I found what you said about my digital work very helpful. So here are some traditional pieces of mine too. I hope they are clear enough for you. Both critique and redlines if needed would be very much appreciated.

I’m not going to get too detailed cause it’s three pictures so I’m just going to briefly go over the first one with some redlines and then discuss the other two.

So, profiles can be rather difficult. sometimes we have a hard time discerning where facial features are placed and even the shape of the head and how far the nose and lips protrude. You have a good idea of the proportions but I think the head shape is off.

It’s always important to remember that the head is generally round (the skull itself isn’t exactly round but when drawing, round is a better shape to use than an oval for the base of the head). You also want to make a sort of ‘face shield’ to draw the features on top of. Also be careful of making the neck too straight up and down. 

Here’s an explanation of how to go about drawing profiles. With practice, eventually you won’t need to do all these steps, but they help you to learn general placement of things.

For the next I would be very careful about drawing poses without a reference. 
Most people wouldn’t sit with their legs up that high because it’s not a natural or comfortable way to sit. The elbows would probably also rest on the knees for support.

Something like this would probably be a more natural way to go about it (obviously with the hands as you have them in your original picture).

The last picture is probably the strongest out of the three in terms of proportion and structure. I would say that the hand might be a bit too box-ish but I think that might be due to the need for some creases on the palm and the fingers being up a bit too high. 

Future Writings

I was tagged quite a while ago by @canumoveyourseatup-no and @abovethesmokestacks who are both wonderful and amazing. I’m just never on time for anything, sorry about me. :) 

So here we go! Fics I’m currently working on or hope to get to soon, but no timeline or promises my life is still a mess. ha. 

Leave This Town Series (Mechanic!Bucky AU) (continuing)

- To be finished in the next few weeks. No idea when cause I keep adding parts! Whoops. :D

The Lucky One Series  (continuing)

-Yes, I will be finishing this series! Hopefully after LTT. I love it too, I just haven’t had time. Oy. 

Into the Fire (Chef!Bucky Drabble Series)

- “They say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but in the restaurant industry, it’s a man’s world. Being the only woman in the kitchen at a new pastry chef job wouldn’t be so bad, except the Sous Chef, Bucky, seems to have it out for you. After your last disastrous job, can you make this one work? And what does Bucky have against you? It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire!” [Enemies to Lovers. Based on my life experience. Again. heh.]

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Flour Girl (Bucky AU Drabble Series)

-”Discovering the cute guy you just flirted with was the heir of a rival bakery, you suddenly find yourself running into him all over the city. Can your small boutique bakery compete? And how do you deal with the guy whose guts you happen to hate? Luckily you’re distracted by a secret admirer…But who is he?” [Loosely based on “You’ve Got Mail” and I’m excited y’all :D ]

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Untitled Jefferson (OUAT) Fic - Enhanced!Reader x Jefferson

- “You had seen him around the village and knew some of his story, but after seeing the man in the market with his daughter, you felt compelled to help him. However, he may not want anything to do with you. Will your powers help or hurt your chances of making him see a different path?[This will be my first fic outside the MCU and I’m excited :D ]

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So there’s a little taste of future fics! Once again, I can’t promise when most of these will happen but I’m pretty jazzed about them so I really hope life will settle down soon so I can write more often. Love you guys!

Tagging for the heck of it, no pressure: @buckyywiththegoodhair @hellomissmabel @ilovebeingjoyful @imaginingbucky @just-some-drabbles @serzhantkris @rogersxbarnesx @sebseyesandbuckysthighs

Imagine – Slow Dancing with Dean Ambrose after a fight

Word Count – 1487

Warnings – Angst, Drinking

A/N – Sorry for being off schedule lately. I’ve been super busy with going to doctor appointments almost every day and school. Hopefully I can get back on track soon!


Vince McMahon gave you and your boyfriend Dean Ambrose three weeks off since you’ve been working nonstop for four years. You both were so excited, you finally got time to be with each other without worrying about staying in character backstage! Nothing could go wrong! At least that’s what you thought.

The first few days were nice, staying at home and relaxing on the couch together. Catching up on The Walking Dead. But the rest of the week has been lonely, for you anyways. Dean’s always out drinking with his hometown friends, which you didn’t mind if it was just for a few nights. But it’s been every night for almost two weeks now. You both go back to work in a week, it’d be nice to spend the last week of your vacation with him!

Tonight was the worst though. You were sitting on a bench inside the airport, eating Mc Donalds and hopping Dean didn’t forget he was supposed to pick you up.

“Are you coming?” You texted him about 7 minutes ago, still no reply. “Maybe he’s driving” you thought to yourself.

15 minutes go by and now you were getting furious. You called him a few times, still no answer.

It was 9:30 PM and you had your last straw. Dean was supposed to be here at 7:40 and he still isn’t here and even worse not returning your calls. You stood outside in the freezing rain, catching a taxi and telling him to drop you off at your house. Your leg was bouncing nonstop the whole car ride along with you playing with your fingers, trying to keep your calm and checking your phone.

You thanked the taxi driver, got out of the car and stomped to the door while shivering in the rain. You didn’t even think to bring a jacket or an umbrella. You went inside and found Dean drinking whiskey with his legs propped up on the couch.

“DEAN, FUCKIN’ AMBROSE!” You yelled, slamming your keys down on the table.

“Oh.. hey babe! You made it!” He burped after, slurring his words

“Yeah, thanks to a taxi driver. What the fuck happened?!”

“What do you mean?”


“I was? Oh.. My bad..” He frowned.

“You’re a fuckin’ drunk.” You growled, walking away. While you were walking away you heard him say “I love you” but you slammed the door.

You woke up the next morning to Dean asleep on the couch. You grabbed a bucket along with a glass of water and medicine and put it on the table next to him, slightly waking him up.

“Good morning darlin’” He said tiredly. You just gave him a stare, making him confused.

“What’s wrong?”

“You don’t remember?” He shook his head, grabbing it in pain

“You were supposed to pick me up from the airport. I called and texted, waited forever and decided to just stand in the damn rain and wait for a taxi. I come home and you’re drunk off your ass! At 10:30 at night!” His heart ripped apart.

“Y/N, baby, I’m so sorr –“

You cut him off, slapping his hand away

“if you were sorry you’d clean up your act, Ambrose! You go out and drink so much, what if you drive home drunk and get in a crash and get hurt, or die! Do you know how much that would destroy me? You don’t care either way. I’m tired! I’m going to say what I said last night, you’re a drunk! Get your shit together!” He didn’t answer, knowing you’re right.

“I need to go, I need air.. I’ll be back later. Hopefully you’ll be here and not out drinking with your buddies. It seems like you care more about drinking then you care about me…”

You grabbed your keys along with a jacket and left, leaving him broken hearted and alone.


You braced yourself for the arguments that were about to come as you pulled into the driveway, seeing Dean’s car was still here. “Maybe he didn’t go out” you thought to yourself, hopping you were right and that his friends didn’t just pick him up or something.

You walked in and your breath was caught, not believing what your eyes are seeing. The lights were dimmed, candles on the windowsill, Dean standing in the middle of the room with roses in his hand, and a huge trash bag in the other that was filled to the top. He was wearing his leather jacket and cleaned up jeans along with his black tank top he always wears.

“What is that?” You asked, nodding your head towards the bag. He shook it, hearing bottles clink together as he did.

“My alcohol. Empty. Down the drain, sweetie. I don’t want to be this way anymore.. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. And if you don’t believe me here’s a video.”

He walked up to you and pulled out his phone. He pulled up the video and pressed play.

“Hey darlin’. You’re out somewhere mad at me, which you have every right to be. I’m sitting here at home, and I’ve taken in every word you’ve said over the last few weeks and… you’re right. I need to quit, or I’m going to kill myself. I’ve already called and told my friends, they asked me if I could come out tonight and I told them No. It felt pretty good, actually. Knowing I get to stay home with the love of my life and cuddle up on the couch with her. I’m rambling sorry, anyways… I don’t want my life to end short. I don’t want you to think I’d put ANYTHING in front of you! You come first. Always. I want to grow old with you, have little Deano’s running around the house. And of course because you want one… a cat.. Even though I can’t stand cats if it makes you happy we can get one, but not right now since we’re always on the road. I want to live and be happy with you, so that’s why I’m doing this.”

He picked up a bottle of whiskey and poured it down the drain. You could tell he hesitated for a second, but you both knew he wanted it to be done. The video went on for a few more minutes then it ended.

You looked up at him with tears in your eyes as he had some in his too. He passed you over the roses and gave you a soft smile.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know. I know I’m not good at being romantic, but I hope this was alright.”

“You dork, of course I like it! I love it!” You punched his arm, making him rub it but smile.

He turned around and grabbed the remote, turning on the radio and playing “Crazy Girl” By Eli Young Band. You raised your eyebrow, giving him a smirk

“Country, Dean Ambrose listens to country?”

“Not really, but when I heard this song it made me think of you. I’m not good at this, but will you dance with me, darlin’?” You shook your head and blushed as he placed his hands on your hips, looking down and smiling trying to hide the blush coming across his cheeks.

You two swayed back and forth as the music played softly. You leaned your head on his chest, feeling his left hand move to your back and his right go in your hair, running through it gently as he hummed along with the song. You felt like you were in heaven. Hearing his heartbeat and feeling the vibration of his humming coming from his chest. His heaven was just having you in his arms.

The song ended. The look of love in his blue eyes as he looked down into your y/e/c eyes and hearing his heartbeat quicken as he watched you. A smirk running across his lips as he leaned down and kissed you, tugging his fingers in your hair and you with your arms around his neck. You were a lot shorter than him so he picked you up and kissed you again, leaning his forehead against yours and kissing your nose.

“Did you really mean it? We can get a cat in the future?” You asked excitedly, making him chuckle

“Yes, in the future. But for now all I want is you. You’re all I want. Not booze, not drunk nights with friends. I could stay like this forever if we added wrestling into it.” You both laughed, kissing each other again.

You finally had your Dean back.

N.M | Off Limits Pt. 2

A/N: Not too crazy about this one. Honestly, I’m still getting back into the swing of writing again. It has been sooo long. Anyhow, please send me a requests. I would love to write some more. 

Part 1 (x)  Masterlist (x) Requests (x)

Just as I was about to lean up to place a kiss on Nate’s lips, my phone buzzed once again. It was Natalie again.

“I know it was you. You’re the other girl.”

My heart sank. “She knows,” I said as I showed Nate the message.

 “What now,” I asked, feeling awful about the choices that I had made. My thoughts and emotions were hard to explain. I did not feel guilty for being with Nate, but I felt guilty for hurting my friend. “Should I try to talk to her?”

“I’m not sure if that’s the best thing. She probably just needs time. It will eventually blow over.”  Nate didn’t seem to be worried the least bit. To be quite honest, his attitude made me admire him as well as be angry with him. 

“Do you not care the least bit about this? What we did is so awful. I’m awful.” I said the last bit in a whisper, ashamed of my own self. 

“Well…not really. I mean obviously you’re the one I want to be with. This will eventually pass over. She can’t stay mad forever.” Nate just didn’t get it. He didn’t understand why I was so upset. 

Aggravated and fed up, I said, “you should go.” 

“Y/N..” Nate said with a confused look, “why? This really isn’t a big deal.” 

“Not forever, just for now. Just until this blows over and is taken care of.” I assured him. If Nate wasn’t in my home, if he wasn’t a distraction, then maybe just maybe I could handle things with Natalie. 

“Okay,” Nate said as he placed a sweet kiss on my lips, “but at least call me.” 

“I will.”

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This. This is what you do best, and the worse thing about it is, the person you’re pushing away doesn’t understand why you’re doing it, even though they may know the situation that’s going on, they just don’t get why you push them away. You say you need time and space but does that ever really work? You’re just hurting the person you care the most about more and more. They don’t understand that you just want them to hold you, and tell you everything is going to be okay! Because maybe you’re a little too far apart for that at the moment but when you’re near each other, she just doesn’t get it. She’s hurt because she never thought the person she cares so damn much about, could ever hurt her. Her expectations were set to high, she was let down and she was hurt. And right when you think you’ve had enough time and you miss her and you need to talk to her so you want to text her or call her even, don’t. Because I promise you shes still hurting and now she needs time. She needs to realize that things won’t be the same and that they never will be like that ever again. She’s afraid things are going to get worse. She’s afraid that you’ll leave her for good next time. That you won’t come back you will just forget about her. She can’t go through that pain again. She never really stops hurting, she just pushes it to the side to try and fix things and hopefully it will get better. And eventually when you guys talk again, you’re both praying to God that everything works out because you need each other. And I pray to God that everything will work out.

These Quiet Times - Chapter 7

A heavy, suffocating scent of camphor and balsam fir hung in the air, burnt inside his lungs with fiendish power, and made his eyes sting. Geralt tried to distract himself by controlling his breath, paid extra attention to the waterfalls building up already in his nostrils, tickling and moist, annoying.

“You’re allergic, Geralt?”  Yennefer observed rather than asked, wiping her hand in linen cloths. “Wait outside if it makes you ill. Your presence here can’t make the situation any better.”

“I’m fine,” the witcher coughed. He lied. It seemed to be a right thing to do. He had followed the sorceress’ movements for a good ten minutes. Even lost in her chores and the sudden puzzle, she managed to keep the full control over her face. Geralt however knew where to look, he knew what sort of questions to ask. The answer was clear: she was furious.

“You don’t need to worry,” exhaled Avallac’h between the stifled gasps. Exhausted by the painful sensations and prolonged surgery, the elf appeared very pale, amongst the sheets and blood-stained towels almost transparent. The only distinctive part of his body was his pale hand kept in tight embrace of both Ciri’s hands. “It’s really nothing,” he repeated and then buried his face in the pillows once more.

Geralt’s life is about to change and he has no clue how much. 

Sorry guys for keeping you so long. Hopefully the length of the chapter would be your consolation a little bit. 



anonymous asked:

🍾 - i'm kinda in the same spot as 💊 anon 😬😬. my boyfriend started college last month (im still a hs senior) and he hasn't had much time for me and its rly worrying me. plus he doesnt rly text so i can really only see him and talk to him once a week 😩 idk like he's so sweet and loving, i know he doesn't mean to make me feel like that, i just cant help but have anxiety over it 😬😬😬 (ps 💊 anon, i'm so sorry you guys broke up, hang in there ❤️)

I completely understand, and I think you should talk to him about it. College is definitely a busy time, but if you at least let him know your concerns, then he can hopefully make a concerted effort to fix them. Maybe you two could find a schedule that works for you or something of the sort? Open and honest communication is key!

And yes I hope 💊  feels better as well <33 You two are both in my thoughts.

Monsta X reacting to you dancing silly


  • Walking into the room, he would be distracted with his phone and then look up to see you doing your own…strange dance
  • He’d stay silent until you noticed him, then he’d encourage you to keep going
  • He’d probably use this chance to teach you dances that he knows really well
  • You guys are just having fun learning more dances together


  • He calls for you when he enters the room, but you’re completely immersed in humming and dancing in a funny way.
  • This nerd would probably take the opportunity to record it
  • When you notice him recording it, you fall over laughing and yelling at him to delete the video
  • He joins you on the floor and is definitely gushing about how cute you were dancing like that.


  • He sees you jamming to the radio in the kitchen and giggles because you look adorable!!!!
  • Definitely joins in with you, the both of you get really into it
  • The rest of the members are just watching and trying to hold in their laughter
  • He asks you if he can dance with you again, maybe learn dances with each other next time!


  • You two are in the car and your favorite jam comes on, you can’t resist screaming the lyrics out of tune and flailing along to it
  • Kihyun stares at you, his hand over his huge grin.
  • He’d probably ask you to calm down as a joke but he does the same thing when his favorite song comes on
  • You two end up jamming too hard and one of you drops your phone under the seat.


  • When he sees you, you’re dancing in the bedroom to a new CD you bought.
  • Hyungwon laughs when he sees you, but he really urges you to keep going if you really are enjoying yourself.
  • You stop the music and claim you’re too embarrassed to continue dancing, he turned the music back on and said that you had nothing to be embarrassed about.
  • He ends up doing a little dance to convince you to get up and dance again


  • He’d catching you jamming to a really cutesy girl group song and his signature smile would pop out
  • You can bet 100% that he is going to join along without missing a beat
  • He’s smiling and laughing the whole time that you two are dancing around
  • You two end up too tired to move after you two stop dancing, but Jooheon wants to do it again.

Changkyun (I.M):

  • You two are talking about something when you hear one of your favorite songs, but you tense up because you aren’t so sure you should ruin the conversation because you really like this song but you also value your deep conversations with Changkyun.
  • But he’s the one who starts to dance to the song, you join in with him and you two are laughing the whole time
  • He does an ugly dance and you both lose it big time. You end up falling out of your chair, gasping for air.
  • It gets to the point where both of you are snorting, you two bond over ugly laughing and that song.
Confrontation of Bill Cipher & Dipper Pines
Confrontation of Bill Cipher & Dipper Pines

artwork by  zoelymoely on deviantart

So idk what happened but the first time I posted this I don’t think it was working for a lot of people, myself included, which makes me SO upset because it had like 100 notes but hopefully second time’s the charm

Got inspired after listening to the Jekyll and Hyde soundtrack once again, and instantly thought of these two. Both voices done by me sorry about Dipper’s I don’t know what was happening there but I did my best

Hope you guys enjoy! Here are some lyrics to follow along:


Lost in the darkness,
Silence surrounds you.
Once there was morning,
Now endless night.
I will find the answer.
I’ll never desert you (Mabel) -
I promise you this -
Till the day that I d i e…

Do you really think
That I would ever let you go?
Do you think I’d ever set you free?
If you do, I’m sad to say,
It simply isn’t so.
You will never get away from me!

All that you are
Is a face in the mirror!
I close my eyes and you’ll disappear!

I’m what you face
When you face in the mirror!
Long as you live, I will still be here!

All that you are
Is the end of a nightmare!
All that you are is a dying scream!
After tonight,
I will end this demon dream!

This is not a dream, my friend -
And it will never end!
This one is the nightmare that goes on!
Cipher’s here to stay,
No matter what you may pretend -
And I’ll flourish, long after you’re gone!

Soon you will die,
And my silence will hide you!
You cannot choose but to lose control.

You can’t control me!
I live deep inside you!
Each day you’ll feel me devour your soul!

I don’t need to survive,
like you need me!
I’ll become whole
As you dance with death!
And I’ll rejoice
As you breathe your final breath!

I’ll live inside you forever!


With Satan himself by my side!


And I know that, now and forever,
They’ll never be able to separate
Cipher from Pines!

Can’t you see
It’s over now?
It’s time to die!

No, not I!
Only you!

If I die,
You die, too!

You’ll die in me
I’ll be you!

Damn you, Bill!
Set me free!

Can’t you see
You are me?

Deep inside-!

You are Bill!
I am Pines!

No - Never!

Yes, forever!

God damn you, Bill!
Take all your evil deeds,
And rot in hell!

I’ll see you there, Pine Tree!


arya-durin-51  asked:

That's a late reaction, but that chapter was amazing. Unfortunately, the tag did not work, so I wasn't notified and I just found the new chapter by accident. But it doesn't matter, because everything you wrote made up for it. Like, is the Reader stupid? Why would you meet with a person that wrecks havoc just because they don't want to control their powers? And George connecting and then losing said connection moment had me squealing; it was this awesome. I just can't wait for the next part.

Oops, I’m sooo sorry the tag didn’t work! Hopefully next time it will (maybe if you turn on notifications you could be reminded, sorry about that!) And yes! The latest chapter was fun to write and we’re both excited for the next one to come out! Woo woo!



Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None….I don’t think

Words: 2,422

Summary: Having to work on Valentines day and not being with his wife, Jensen wasn’t doing too bad. He had his brother and his family right in front of him, but that doesn’t stop you from surprising him.

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Peter Maximoff Request- All About Us

Request: heyyy lovelies can i request a peter maximoff one based on the song all about us by he is we? i’m aware that you guys have a lot of requests so take your time to do mine! <3

Hello my lovely! I’m so so so sorry about not having done this sooner! I know you said take your time, and I thank you so much for that, but I really did take too long so I’m extremely sorry. Also I didn’t know if you meant Avengers Peter or Xmen Peter, so I designed this imagine to hopefully work for both XP On a brighter note, this is an amazing song, so thank you for introducing me! I love it so much, it’s so cute!!!! Anyways, thank you so much for requesting! Happy Reading!


Peter zipped past you. Again.
“Peter!” you shouted in frustration. You’d both been exploring and found an old mansion with an old ballroom. Exploring was something you two would often do, so Peter wouldn’t get so cooped up. He zipped past for a second time.
“Peter, would you quit that!” He stopped dead beside you.
“What? Running fast is what I do.” You rolled your eyes.
“So I’m guessing you’ve already taken a look at what’s here?” You prompted. You wanted to check it all out but also, the stairs that lead upward just didn’t look safe at all. And you couldn’t run quickly away from stuff like Peter could…
“Yeah. Pretty boring. No ping pong, but this ballroom is pretty cool. The rest is just empty.” Peter said, suddenly reappearing in the other corner, and then the opposite corner. And then another. That kid was hyper!
You looked around the room, seeing all kinds of junk.
“Hey, that stuff looks pretty cool.” Peter commented, as he dashed over to it. You walked over calmly and the both of you began rifling through what seemed to be records. You moved aside a wooden board and there was a record player. It was worn and dusty, but it was alright. You picked a record at random, loading it on whilst holding the needle. You dropped the needle on the outside of the record. A beautiful tune started. It wasn’t too fast, or too slow. The lilting lyrics breezed softly over the music, just fitting with the beat. It was like some kind of sad song in an opera, where the singer’s heart was breaking so hard that her music was flooded with emotion, yet quieter. Not as brash as the usual dramatic opera music you had heard.
“It’s beautiful.” You gasped in wonderment. Peter looked over at you
“Want to dance?” he asked, holding out his hand in a gentlemanly fashion.
“Only if you don’t go too fast for me!” You laughed. He didn’t reply, just smiled as you took his hand and you wandered out to the centre of the ballroom. You both started a relatively slow dance.
“Uh…” You started.
“Am… Well…. Am I doing this right? I’m sorry. I’ve never danced before.” YouPeter laughed.  mumbled quickly, shyly looking at the floor. Peter laughed.
“You’re doing alright. But I’ll teach you. Ready?” He asked. You didn’t know what this ready was for, but you didn’t like where this was going. Peter had elongated himself to arm length, holding your hand. You looked at him puzzled, but quickly he span you. It was the most exhilarating thing, twirling in the middle of nowhere, just Peter by your side. You started falling to the side after your twirl, like a spinning top coming to it’s end. Peter quickly caught you, his arms wrapping tight around you as he looked down into your eyes.
“Didn’t think I’d let you fall, did you?” He smirked.
“Never.” Your breathing was heavy as your heart raced.
Peter pulled you up to normal standing height. The music changed on the record. This time it was a waltz.
“Perfect timing.” He said, and you could see a plan forming in his head. He pulled you close to him and placed your hands where they should go.
“Just follow my lead.” He told you. You did, but waltzes were hard, so you ended up stepping on his feet a little bit.
“Sorry! Sorry!” You kept saying.
“It’s aright. At least you’re giving it a try.” He cupped your face with his hand. Slowly the music went dead, and you were left standing in a silent room, wrapped up in each other’s gaze. You looked deeply into Peter’s eyes as he looked deeply into yours. Soon you were kissing. Lightly, gently. A declaration of romance. Your breathing was flustered, your heart beat was racing but that just added to the intensity of the emotion hiding behind your light kissing. You pulled away and could see Peter smiling.
“What?” You asked him, still slightly breathless.
“Nothing… I just…. wanted to do that for a while.”
You smirked at him and he smirked right back at you. You walked over to the record player and looked next to it for the brightest record you could. Peter zipped up to you.
“What are you doing?”
You put it on and it was exactly as you hoped. A bright sounding, faster pace record.
“We’re dancing.” You told him. Peter didn’t complain. He picked you up and zipped you right back to the middle of the dance floor, both of you landing in a perfect dancing position.
“Wooahhhh. I always forget that that is slightly dizzying.” You told him, shaking your head slightly to clear it. He just smiled at you. There were large windows covering the left side of the ballroom and they allowed the warm, afternoon light to come in. The light from the centre window hit the both of you as you danced, the warmth swallowing you both. As you danced you could see your elongated shadows hiding from the light and thought to yourself that the sun was like your own personal spotlight for the two of you.
You looked up at Peter, your heart melting. You just wanted to tell him, show him how you felt. He locked eyes on you and it was almost as if he felt the same thing, because next thing you knew, the both of you were moving closer together, slowly kissing. Peter pulled away first.
“I’ve never felt this way.” He told you. You kissed him lightly again.
“Neither have I… but that doesn’t matter.” You told him. The both of you knew, looking at each other, dancing with each other, that your love was all for you and for no one else, that you were both feeling the same thing. You were both so happy you continued to dance all afternoon, till you were breathless and your feet were sore. But it was worth it, for the both of you to just be with each other and be happy with each other.

History, a Luke Hemmings Series

Part 2

A/N: This is a continuation of History! Sorry, it took so long, but hope you like it! Reminder: this is a collaboration with @smilessi1al!

You can find Part 1 here

Luke walked out into the parking lot, swallowing his regret down. All he could think about was how angry he was that you had the audacity to move on. He made it to the lobby, before slowing down. Looking through the windows, he noticed it was raining outside, how cliche, Luke thought to himself, this is just what I need. I hate Valentine’s Day! Luke reluctantly walked out of the building and into the parking lot, letting the rain patter against his flat, sandy hair. He was losing control of his resolve.

Unlocking his car and getting in, he turned the ignition on. Suddenly, Luke didn’t want to leave anymore, this was the first time in a month he had been remotely close to you. He reached over to turn on the radio and it started to him out your guys’ song. Images flashed across his mind of that night and he could remember it like it was yesterday: the tears, the yelling, all of it, and it was all because of him.

He remembers you dancing to this song in the kitchen in just a t-shirt and underwear, him in his sweatpants and hand t-shirt. The sun poured in through the windows as you laughed. Your voice haunted him now, but that was a fond memory, and when it came down to it, Luke was a scared boy who didn’t want anything serious. At least that’s what he convinced himself of. The music continued to play softly as he felt the pain of that night wash over him…


“So I was wondering…” you started with a delicate demeanor. You were nervous to ask Luke, you knew this would change things, but you were ready for the next step, something more serious. Luke looked at you expectantly, ready to hear your pretty thoughts. 

“Would you like to meet my parents tomorrow for dinner? You know, if you aren’t doing anything,” you tried to sound casual to cover the nerves underneath.

Luke felt something twinge inside, he wasn’t the type to be in a relationship, but the eager look on your face was irresistible.

“S-Sure,” he stuttered out.

You beamed with joy and began to plan when and where via text with your mom. Alas, your joy did not last, because soon enough it was time for dinner with your parents, and Luke never showed up. As the tears fell from your eyes, you thought about how nothing would be the same between you two again.

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