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Finally reopening commissions for the new year! Trying to keep things simple, this time around. I’ll start with 5 slots for now, and we’ll see how things go…

Message me if you have any questions! Reblogs are always appreciated~


Can’t/Won’t Do:
Explicit NSFW (porn, gore, fetishes, etc), realistic portraits or animals, detailed mecha or vehicles, abusive/racist/homophobic/etc content

Can do:
OCs, Fan Characters, Fanart, character design, mild blood/gore, non-sexual nudity, romance/shipping, stylized animals, and just about anything else!

Prices may vary depending on complexity/extras.
I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason.

To order, please email me at kamrynbishop@gmail.com with a few references (visual preferred, but will also accept written), the size and type of commission you want, and a description of the commission itself.

All payment is done via Paypal Invoices. Note that the prices listed in this post are for personal-use commissions only. Email me if you’d like to discuss Commercial or Freelance work, instead.

anonymous asked:

So you want some dio and rohan huh? What would they be like with a hot tempered s/o?

H e l l   y e a h, I love these grumpy lads so much,,

Rohan With a Hot Tempered S/o

  • Since both Rohan and his s/o have a bit of a temper, they would fight a  lot, especially in the beginning of their relationship.
  • Whenever they do fight, Rohan just wouldn’t know when to give up. 9/10 times it was likely his own fault that it started (usually due to him not knowing when it’s better to keep his more insulting comments to himself), but despite that he’ll never really see himself as being in the wrong. Even if he does, unless he actually does feel bad he still won’t apologise at all.
  • After a fight, Rohan will likely resort to more childish methods and go back to his work room to sulk and give his partner the silent treatment. If his s/o goes into check on him when he’s like this he’ll immediately throw himself into his work, trying to look as busy and unbothered as possible. On the inside though he’s lowkey regretting the fight, hoping his s/o will speak up first to break the ice so they can go back to normal again.
  • Eventually he’ll learn that he can’t be an asshole to his s/o like he is to everyone else. He’ll still slip up occasionally, but for the most part he’ll refrain from really insulting them and try to be more cautious whenever he has an actual complaint with them. If he know’s he’s in the wrong his s/o might even manage to get an actual apology from him (though it’s still fairly rare)
  • Rohan actually likes when his s/o blows up at other people, especially when it’s at people he dislikes (mainly Josuke). If anyone ever manages to anger both of them at once, they better be ready to be verbally obliterated in every way possible
  • On more than one occasion his s/o’s had pause an argument just to yell at Rohan to stop drawing them when they’re yelling at people, but he never does, he just gets better at hiding it. His s/o just looks so lively and their pissed off expression makes perfect reference.

Dio With a Hot Tempered S/o

  • A relationship between Dio and a hot tempered s/o would be quite.. intense to say the least
  • He loves when his s/o lashes out at one of his underlings if they ever do or say anything wrong. It gives him pride to know that his own s/o is able to get these powerful stand users to basically beg them for forgiveness just by yelling and berating them enough (though a large part of their fear probably actually due to the fact that their boyfriend is a super powerful immortal vampire) 
  • If one of his minions actually dares to talk back he’ll love watching how his s/o just immediately puffs up and begins verbally destroying them, tearing down any attempt at retaliating they might have. 
  • He’ll usually stay out of any fights they’re in, preferring to just watch, but if he notices the other person actually looking like they might try and make the fight more physical he’ll make sure to make both his presence and obvious displeasure known 
  • If his s/o ever directs their fiery temper at him, Dio will be much less amused. No matter what it is that caused his s/o’s anger he will refuse to apologise and will just ignore them, feeling as though fighting with them would be a waste of time, which only manages to rile his s/o up even more. 
  • If Dio’s in a bad mood when his s/o snaps at them they’ll almost immediately be able to tell they’ve done something wrong from the way the air almost seems to chill. One second he’s in his chair reading and the next he’s towering inches from his s/o’s face, staring down at them with a dangerous look
  • “Did you really think you could get away with talking to me like that? Come, I think it’s time I punished you for that mouth of yours.”