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Literally everyone that was the panel said davids words weren't said harshly and were definitely not directed toward Gillian but a bunch of girls on twitter took his words out of context and now there's a mess 🙄 Hopefully the video comes out on YouTube soon so they can see how silly they're being by assuming David would drop hints about his relationship with Gillian in a comic con panel

It drives me crazy when a bunch of teenagers have the power to mess up the fandom like this for absolutely nothing! Nothing happened at all, and I keep getting asks about why did David say this or that. As if we didn’t have enough to deal with what happened for real!

I wasn’t able to take any videos, but I think this con records their panels and posts them online. (Or at least they did the last time I was there.) Hopefully a video will come out.  But until then, I came up with a little (long) summary of some of the Candice/Caity interactions.

(I live tweeted as much of the panel as I could, so check there if you want Candice, Caity, or Danielle specific stuff.)

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A friend when they saw the WIP art.

Yes. HunkiePop is indeed a thing that is happening. It’s a fan tribute to HuniePop with hot guys instead of hot ladies. 

It will be a video series on YouTube first then, should it have a positive turn out, it may become a free-to-play Otome VN for people to enjoy. Obviously, there will be advertisement for the original game during/at the end of each video and in the VN, but it is something I wanted to create to appease the HuniePop fanbase that have been craving a male version of the game.

“All the girls will be guys?” At least the main 9 (minus Celeste, Venus, and Momo) will be turned to men. However, if the artist is up for it and if it comes to popular demand, then the extra 3 girls will also be turned into men.

“For the VN, can we play as a girl AND a guy?” Yes. You can play as either gender in the original game, so why not have the option to be either in this fan tribute? However, the video series will automatically assume the ‘player’ or viewer is female.

“Will the gameplay be the same?” Unfortunately not because of the limitations of VN creation via RenPy. It will be a linear-ish otome game with a plot and dating simulation. However, if HuniePotDev teams up with us and makes an official HunkiePop game, then yes.

“Will the hot guys be voiced?!” Yes. A group of very talented and awesome guys have volunteered their time to voice these awesome men =)

“WHEN WILL IT COME OUT?!?!” The first video will hopefully be out at the beginning of December, if not mid-December. The video will incorporate meeting Kyu. As for the VN, that depends on how well the video series is taken by the fanbase.

“SEXY CGS IN THE VN?!?!?” Maybe. I don’t know. If the artist is up for it and the VAs are up for some moans, then maybe.

I hopefully will come out with an explanation video on youtube, but for right now I thought I’d talk about the sudden conversion to kiwi kandy when everything else is fallriver.

I’ve been having a lot of inner conflict lately, most of it having to do with who the heck I am and who I want to be. The thing is, I feel FallRiver is more of an older me. a Me who thought she knew who she was. I created Kiwikandy in a point of my life when i was discovering who I was. and now I’m slowly finding out who I am and I realize that the first thing to start showing this is to finally just choose ONE username.
Although i know i can always be happy as fallriver, it does have some probelms. for me. 1. it’s an actual name of a place. which can be very confusing when looking me up. 2. I feel as if it represents an old me. a me I’d like to move on from. and 3. it’s just a name that’s kind of gotten old. I don’t use it as much anymore.
I think switching over to kiwikandy fully is a huge step for me, even if it doesn’t seem like it to you guys.

for me switching over to kiwikandy is getting me one step closer to accepting the new me. the me I want to be.
KiwiKandy is the person I want to be now. Most people know me as it on here. And hopefully will know me as it for a while.

but if you get too confused trying to keep up with all the usernames.
you can just call me Isaac.

hopefully I’ll continue to grow and Hopefully I’ll finally figure all of this out.

thank you for understanding
and have a nice day.

Sooooo I have like 85 projects in the works. I wanted to give the bamily a little preview of something one of the many things I’m working on. I’m not really sure what direction this one is going in but I kind of like it so far? Idk… what to do you all think?


Hey everyone, if you haven’t yet check out my new video on coming out tips and advice! Hopefully it can help some out you out who are going through the coming out process. Share it around! :)

Something I Want You To Know

Hangrid, SFW. What happens next? You choose - send me prompts!

Part Three

It feels like so long since they last hung out as friends, just the three of them with no cameras and no agenda. It’s a lazy meal out, accompanied by a variety of different alcohols and Hannah knows she’s missed this. However, Hannah also feels like she can’t relax entirely because she and Ingrid are still trying to keep their relationship a secret from their friends until Ingrid’s coming out video. That way, hopefully it will be less of a surprise and there’s will be far less explaining to do.

“Hey Hannah, how did your dinner with Ingrid go the other night?”


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On the set of Doctor Stranger

(source: DC)

We were filming in Daejeon, and young female students kept coming up to ask if Lee Jong Suk was coming. But on our set today, there is only Cheon Ho-jin.

Filming the two scenes took almost the whole day. For something that won’t even come on screen for one minute, we would have to run around here and there.

There will be tanks in the final product, but they will be painted in with CG so we used green boxes where they should be. (T/N: This explains the giant green box in this video.) Hopefully, the drama will come out with good quality. ^_^


From the twitters of other staff members, it seems that filming in Hungary has also begun. Some of the crew are going around taken shots of festivals, etc. They will do parallel shooting in Korea and overseas for ‘DS’.