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Office Party 2016

I hate office Christmas parties. Hate them. It’s not the music or the ugly as sin sweaters. It’s not even the shitty Secret Santa exchanges or the awkward, hopefully forgotten conversations with half-drunken co-workers who don’t even have the common decency to look at you the other 364 miserable days. It’s none of that.

It’s f*cking Craig.

Perfect Craig and his bullshit, ‘go get em’ attitude that makes the rest of us look bad, and his million dollar smile. I don’t think I’ve ever hated anything more than I hate this a*hole. There’s always one of him in every office, one guy who’s so locked in to winning that no one else gets a chance. Gotta hand it to him. He’s good at it. It’s gotten him a corner office, front row parking space and a shot at every single worthwhile piece of tail in the department. Jerk is always one step ahead, one move faster.

I hate him.

I sipped my watered-down, bottom shelf Gin and watched as Craig spun Sheila for the billionth time on the dance floor to some shitty 80’s pop song. I can’t stomach the sight of it. I’m stuck over here, invisible in this ridiculous Santa’s hat, under the bar’s muted television, and this piece of shit is having the time of his life, getting patted on the back and having free drinks tossed his way.

God, I hate him…

This party’s not gonna end the same as last year’s. Not by a long shot. I won’t be slinking home alone, and Craig won’t be enjoying the intern. I came prepared this year. Right after I’m done with this shitty drink, I’m gonna get the revolver from my glove compartment and show everyone who really deserves the respect. I’ll show them who’s not gonna get pushed around any—


The party screamed and I snapped to the ear-splitting sound. The pistol’s barrel breathed a spiral of sinister smoke up past Craig’s waist and in front of his eyes. Sheila’s crumpled body is in a heap by his side. I watched, heart pounding in my throat, as Craig reached up and locked the door behind him.

“I’m tired of carrying all of you useless bastards all year long,” Craig said, darkly. The gun eagerly panned over the shivering mass of our co-workers. “Time to thin the herd.”

When the gun settled on me I knew I was f*cked. It’s like I said before. Craig was always one step ahead. One move faster.

i wonder how good wishiwashi is, they were hyping it up a bit before release, let’s see them stats

oh my god its literally the worst pokemon in solo form, worse than sunkern and magikarp RIP you fucking fishy asshole let’s see the school form


Posted to my twitter last week.  The line art of the Vex painting I’m working on!  I downloaded the FireAlpaca program to give it a try and I’m never going back.  I found the stabilizer and now I have the most beautiful lines!  Never has anything I’ve ever done digitally looked this good!  I usually hated and avoided doing line art cause it was so painful to do but now!!!  Look at this beautifulness!!!!

Full color version to come later.  And hopefully the rest of Vox Machina.  At least a Percy, cause he’s next.


Despite half hoping my alarm didn’t go off this morning and I’d sleep through my race, I am so happy I went. I mean that medal alone was worth it LMAO. It definitely wasn’t my best run, but it wasn’t my worst either. It felt good. I feel good. I feel happy. I need to remember this feeling when I don’t want to work out.

And look at that scenery. Got to love a good run. Church and meal prep the rest of the day. And I have the baby all to my self while the hubs drafts for fantasy baseball.

Have a great Sunday. Hopefully I’m here more this week and continue to slowly hey back at it.

I finished P5 the other day. Which is a weird thing to comment on yet another Yu sketch but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It’s pretty painful not to be able to draw some of the cool stuff in the game due to it being spoilers but rest assured there will be none on this blog. Plus I don’t actually know Japanese so I only know like a quick summary on the plot as a whole. Anyways, hopefully a lot more art coming up from least to most interesting: trying to finish up a forgotten Rise drawing, a new P4 series of images based on P5 art (maybe depends if it looks good or not) and bringing back the idea of a mock P5A because those artworks are fun to do.

Also in general more purely P5 stuff hopefully.

TL;DR: Yet another Yu sketch. 


final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Jack ➟ Transience.

welp my birthday is almost done! It was an cool time. now I’m another year older and hopefully wiser lol. anyways guess it’s time to cap off my birthday celebration with some good old youtube :D looks like I’m going to be binge watching Jacksepticeye for the rest of the night lol (he’s awesome so it’s ok xD)

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So, I had this crazy idea in my head where Blanche gives one of her eggs to Spark because, apparently, her inventory was full. And in the process, Spark unintentionally grasps her hand– which leaves our little miss genius super duper startled. And the convo goes like…

Spark: Don’t worry, Blanche. *looks at the egg* I’ll take care of you…

Blanche: *looks at the egg, then to Spark* Wait, what? .///////.

Spark: *looks at the egg, then to Blanche, then laughs* I said, I’ll take good care of this. ;)

Blanche: … O-Okay. .//////.

I’m kinda terrible with cliches and stuff, so yeah. I leave the rest to you. 😂

Full Hi-res + (hopefully) a digital coloured version will be uploaded on my DA and Tumblr… Soon. 😙

Imagine Aidan taking care of you when you're sick

Writer: Zee
Fandom: Aidan Turner
Type: One shot
Pairing: Aidan x Reader
Word Count: 1067
Warnings: fluff
AO3 link or read below on tumblr

**marteenysqueeman has been under the weather the last few days, and we were talking about what Aidan would do, so based on some of her ideas, I made this (ノ゚ο゚)ノミ★ I kinda went out on a limb with one of the things he does so hopefully it’s all good stuff! *sweats* ** 


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HiiT Training

Hello fitness friends!

Today I wanted to talk a little about my goals and how frustrated I was that I wasn’t meeting them. Hopefully this also does some good for you guys too.

So I’ve been lifting for the better part of 3 years now and I keep seeing progress is how much I can lift, the weights are going up my muscles are starting to show but I straight out neglected and even looked down on cardio. I’ve gone so long thinking if I just decrease the rest time between sets and lower my working weight I can get a better work out like that and not need cardio. Which just isn’t totally true, sure you can get a great workout out of that format but I just wasn’t seeing the body that I wanted forming. I have a really particular goal aesthetic in mind and this just wasn’t it.

Meanwhile, I decided to stop going to my usual gym in LA since I just didn’t agree with where they were headed and I honestly thought $100 a month for a non 24hr gym is absurd. So I’m left with a somewhat below standard apartment complex gym with nothing more than some dumbbells and cardio machines. This is where it all started to make sense. I can totally use this. I’ve pretty much all but abandoned my lifting program in favor of doing HiiT workouts. High Intensity Interval Training works with bodyweight and sometimes light dumbbells in short but intense bursts of exercise. Really gets your heart racing and blood pumping however,  I still need a squat rack for the leg muscles I so desperately crave.  What I realized is that I am not focused on increasing muscle mass, no- I’m interested in reducing the fat that surrounds the muscles I’ve already built.

My cardio is shit but luckily we can change that. Starting out with a 30 day HiiT program, that I merely googled and had countless results pop up, I’m already on day 6. It’s tough though! The mentality of keeping yourself going in a HiiT program is totally different than lifting but I can see the benefits of both. Already I’m seeing huge improvements in my waist and legs, I don’t feel so sore or laid out as I usually do and they don’t take nearly as long. Coupled with a good diet I think I can make some real progress in the next few weeks.

 I’ll be filming some of my workouts for you soon.

So here’s my new plan, I should mention that I’ve given myself a deadline since Coachella is coming up and I want to be looking extra fresh for that. I’ll be working with this HiiT program until then but afterwards I’ll likely start doing a mix of barbell lifting and HiiT training for maximum efficiency in achieving the look I’m going for!

fall // cth

this is for cliffordchick’s 13 nights of halloween the ending is a little weak and I wanted to write a bit more, but I think my brain is fried as of this point lol, but I hope you enjoy this and I’m really excited for the rest of thirteen nights of halloween, it’s such a good idea and all of the themes look like tons of fun :) 

Your daughter loved fall.

You’d never known anyone who loved fall as much as your five year old, until you’d met Calum. He’d been in your life for almost a year now and things were pretty serious, but it wasn’t often that you got to spend loads of time together. He was still touring and during his breaks he was always home with you and Harper, spending time with his two favorite girls. This happened to be one of those times that he was home for longer than a few weeks. He was home for three months this time and so far everything had been lovely. He’d helped you get ready for Harper’s first day of school during her first year and he held you and reassured you for hours after she’d gone off on the school bus. He was doing a lovely job of being there for you and Harper while things were busy.

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raven girls au; blue was perfectly aware that it was possible to have a friendship that wasn’t all-encompassing, that wasn’t blinding, deafening, maddening, quickening. it was just that now that she’d had this kind, she didn’t want the other.

KlanceWeek2k16 Day 2: Hate

Not quite as proud of this one, but still not bad hopefully.

“You’re full of shit,” Keith snarls.

“You think you’re the best goddamn thing in the castle! Always storming off and training because you have to be better than the rest of us, telling us off for not being as dedicated and prepared, we’re all sick of it!” Lance yells back.

“Leave the rest of us out of this,” mutters Pidge, not even looking up from their laptop.

They’re in the lounge, in the middle of a heated argument. Though it’s less like an argument and more like full-blown war. Keith doesn’t even remember what prompted it. All he knows is that it’s been hours, and he’s not backing down. Neither is Lance.

They don’t fight like this often. They’ve gotten pretty good at settling their differences quickly and relatively easily. But it’s impossible to defuse the situation every time. Someone is bound to snap eventually. It’s gotten so bad this time that everyone else has already given up and left the room aside from Pidge, who seems strangely unperturbed by the action. If anything, they look bored.

“Even if I did think that– which, again, I do not– I’m pretty sure I’m justified. We’re in a war! You go and screw around while I’m working my ass off making sure I’m ready to fight! You’re gonna get killed!”

“Like staying up until 3 in the morning training is any better! You’re gonna collapse mid-battle someday!”

“Believe it or not, I’m used to running on less sleep. It’s what got me through the Garrison, and it’s what got me this far out here. You wouldn’t know that, since from what I remember all you did was sleep during class except for the simulations! No wonder you were a fucking cargo pilot!”

Lance shoves Keith backwards, his eyes blazing. “Bunch of good that did you, dropout!”

Keith clenches his fists. God, he wants to punch Lance. But then Shiro would definitely intervene, and Keith isn’t through with Lance yet. Keith opts for something else.

His hand shoots out to grasp the fabric of Lance’s jacket, and he tugs harshly, unbalancing Lance. Before he can react, Keith’s smashing their lips together and locking him in place with his other arm. Lance makes a strangled noise.

Keith ignores him as he forces his tongue between Lance’s lips. Lance groans as Keith explores his mouth. Then Keith’s tongue is met by Lance’s, and they struggle for control. Keith’s mind registers Lance’s hands sliding down his back and resting on his ass. Lance squeezes and Keith unconsciously arches into him, allowing Lance to push his tongue past Keith’s into his mouth.

Keith is damned if he’ll let Lance win that easily. He pushes hard on Lance’s chest and forces him backwards until his back hits the wall. Lance pulls away with a gasp on the impact. Breathing heavily, they stare each other down.

“Can you two go do that somewhere else?” Asks Pidge irritably. Keith twists as much as he can and opens his mouth at the same time as Lance.

“Shut up!”

“We’re busy here, Pidge!”

Keith wastes no time in turning back to Lance and attacking his neck, biting and sucking hard. Lance groans and lifts a hand into Keith’s hair, tugging whenever Keith mouths a particularly sensitive spot.

“No, no, nope nope nope,” Keith hears as Pidge leaves the room. He can imagine the long-suffering look on their face.

Pidge is barely out of the room when Lance forces Keith to meet his lips again. Their teeth clack painfully. Keith bites down on Lance’s lip. Lance hisses, and Keith tastes blood.

That’s when Keith pulls back for good. They’re both panting and flushed, but no longer with anger. Keith rests his forehead against Lance’s.

“I fucking hate you sometimes,” he whispers. There’s little force behind that statement, and they both know it. Lance snorts and pulls Keith into a much gentler kiss.

“You love me twice as much the rest of the time though.”

Keith can’t find it in him to deny that.

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I agree with the other anon. If this wrecks Erin, Jay better not pull away and blame her for not being there. Though I don't see it happening since Erin seems to be the rock in this situation now. I look forward to the backstory, but I do agree with most. The hidden wife was not the proper trigger. It was a nit of a cheap shot. C'mon CPD writers -- rally caps on please. Make the rest of the season awesome. The actors deserve better writing.

Yeah hopefully it won’t go down that way and we do get something good out of it and something soon. I’m not gonna like if we’re just left hanging for the rest of the season…

They do. I get the vibe that they actually don’t like this story line either but you act what is written I guess, your job’s your job.

Several things:

1) some rabbis in my hometown are giving kosher supervision to various eating establishments, which I think is really great

2) I’m pretty sure if I convert, it won’t be Orthodox (sorry, Chabad) and I was originally just looking at Conservative synagogues but decided to look into Reform as well, and there are at least five places that offer intro classes in the area. Most are yearlong, which on one hand seems like a lot, but also, 1) learning and community is always good, and 2) I would be choosing this for the rest of my life, so experiencing the cycle of holidays and such would be important.

3) I think I’ll try to go to synagogues this spring and summer, and hopefully one will click. I might try to connect with the local Hillel too just to see if they have any advice.

4) I most likely won’t be attending college in the area this fall, but I could transfer fairly easily, I think, if that’s what I wanted. Or I could transfer to another part of the state (or even another state, I suppose) to have more of a Jewish community.

5) I kinda have some worries about being Conservative because duh, I don’t know Hebrew, but I also think I’d like having a community that was more observant.


For you it was a somewhat normal day, beside the fact that you were wearing a very revealing cop two piece outfit in front of lots of grown men and some women. It wasn’t particularly your choice, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get this hunt done.

You put on your short brunette wig, added some more glitter to your chest and walked out with the rest of the girls. Tonight wasn’t exactly what you’d call a full house but there was a good amount of people. It was your turn to go up. The music was already playing and all you had to do was dance, very very provocatively. The outfit helped, especially the blood red lipstick, it helped your lips pop and attract more attention from people, and hopefully the Siren you were hunting.

You scanned the crowd, looking for any sign of the supernatural creature. Since it was basically a mimic of the person of your dreams it wouldn’t be that hard. Especially since most guys that came in here were in their mid 40’s or 50’s. Sometimes however there was the occasional hot guy that would walk in, asking for a lap dance by one of the other girls. If they did ask for you you declined, lap dancing wasn’t your thing.
There was something that caught your attention. A pair a piercing green eyes, but the thing that was more attractive was the person attached to them. He was a tall man with light brown almost dirty blonde hair, wearing a burgundy flannel with a black t-shirt underneath and jeans. He caught your gaze and winked at you, you kept dancing, doing your best to attract him.

After all, he looked like he could be the Siren…. looks like you were gong to find out soon. He started walking over to you and sat down right at the front table. It made perfect sense for a Siren to hunt in a strip club. One reason being that most girls here are willing to do the dirty with lots of people, and if you look like the person the their dreams chances are they’ll go with you.

He smiled and shoved a twenty in your bottoms. You smiled and danced a little more till the song was over.
You walked back off stage and went to go walk around serving costumers and declining requests for lap dances.

That was until one of the girls called your name, startling you and making you drop the beer you were holding. “Hey Lily, guy at table 6 want a lap dance.” Lily was your alias, you were about to decline when you looked over to table six. It was the siren from earlier.
As you walked over to where he was one of the other dancers whispered in your ear. “Lucky.” You laughed in your head, yeah lucky till I have to kill him, you thought.

“Hey sexy.” He said when you approached him, you smiled and straddled his lap. No, you never gave a lap dance at the club, but you had done it on many other previous nights if you know what I mean.

You started grinding your hips against his when he threw his head back. You smirked and picked up the pace, whispering dirty things into his ear. He groaned. Yes, it was quite sexy but it also made sense, guy of your dreams = Siren. He leaned forward and put a bundle of 1 dollar bills into your top. You got off him and smiled. “See ya.” You walked away with the swing of your hips and the clack of the high heeled boots you were wearing.

Your plan was simple, wait till your shift is over, follow him to where he was going, then take that son of a bitch out. You smiled to yourself and looked at the clock. 12:26, you got off at 12:30. You then looked over at the man, panic stuck you. He wasn’t at the table anymore, you searched frantically for him, your eyes rested on him at the bar. He was talking to the bar tender, when you walked away to go to the back room where you were going at take off your outfit and wig.

You changed into your normal clothes and let your H/c hair fall down. You grabbed your keys and left through the back door. You walked around front just in time to see the man from earlier get into a black car.
You quickly rushed to your car and followed him.

You guys drove for a while only to come to a dirt road, you smiled to yourself, could he be anymore cliché. You followed him at a reasonable distance, with your lights off to an abandoned wear house. Okay you take it back, this was the most cliché thing ever.

He got out and walked around the car and into the wear house. You got out of your car, going to the trunk and grabbing a bronze dagger, you had already stopped by the crime scene of a previous victim and collected some of its blood, you dipped the blade into the blood and held it in your left hand as you gathered other stuff, including your gun which was your prized possession.

You walked inside with your gun and the dagger in your belt loop under your jacket. You walked further in, you heard a noise behind you, you turned around to see a black shadow move behind you. You grabbed your gun from behind and held it up, ready to shoot.

Someone came up behind you and held your arms behind your back. You elbowed it in the chest and grabbed a throwing blade from your boot, you chucked it at whatever it was then missed.

“Good thing your a terrible shot.” The Siren from the strip club said, you scoffed and grabbed your gun from the floor looking around for any sign of the creature.

He stepped out from behind a pile of wood, and smirked at you. He walked towards you. “Why do you do what you do?” He asked, waving his gun around. You shrugged “Because I like it.” He chuckled. “All you freaks are the same.” He said walking closer.

“I get that a lot.” You said before pulling the trigger so the bullet hit his shoulder, that was connected to the hand holding the gun. He shouted in pain, but not before you were behind him, hands behind his back and the dagger pressed to his throat.

You would have slit it too if it wasn’t for his instant reaction to it. “Woah, woah, woah. You think I’m a Siren.” He said trying not to move to much. “What do you mean ‘think’.” You said as he pulled your hands away from his throat. He reached behind him self and pulled out a bronze dagger, similar to the one in your hands.

“Guess we thought the same thing.” He said putting his knife back, same as you did. “Look, I’d love to stay and chat but I have a monster I have to go kill.” You said walking away.
When you got to the door, a phone rang. It wasn’t yours but it was the other man’s. You stopped walking.

“Yeah Sammy I kinda figured it out.”
“No I didn’t kill her.”
“We’re on our way!”

The last part seemed worried. “What do you mean we.” You asked turning around to look at him. He smiled. “That is why you stopped walking, right.” You felt a smile tug at your lips but you kept it held back.

You followed him out the door, you walked to your car when he stopped you. “Aren’t you coming, it’ll be easier just to take mine.” He gestured opening the door. “And why would I get into a car with a stranger that just tried to kill me?” You asked him. “The names Dean, see I’m not a stranger anymore. And to be fair you tried to kill me too.” He reasoned, you shrugged and walked over and sat down in his car.

You guys had gotten a little bit down the road when you looked over at Dean, as you now knew his name. He was bleeding from where you had shot him. Without thinking you took off your flannel exposing your black tank top. He looked over at you. “I usually don’t get this friendly till the second date, but I’m not gonna decline.” “Don’t get too excited big boy.” You said as you leaned over and pressed the flannel to his shoulder, he winced.

“Doesn’t look like the bullet went all the way through.” You said looking at his back. “You think.” He said sarcastically. “So, where are we going now.” You asked, leaning more onto Dean, for the pressure of the flannel of course.

“My brother thinks he knows where the siren is living for the time and he wants us to meet him there. Honestly something seemed very off about this, but you let it go.

You guys pulled up to a crappy looking gas station, it also looked like no one had been inside for years. There was no other car there which was odd. You looked at Dean and he gave you a confused look, obviously questioning this too.

You guys walked inside, guns drawn. “Dean!” Said a voice, catching your guys’s attention. You looked over to where it was, you couldn’t believe what you were seeing. “ Sammy.” Dean shouted as he ran over to hug him. Sam however didn’t hug back, Dean pulled away looking at him awkwardly.

A girl wearing a glittery two piece outfit, walked out from behind Sam. “Oh Dean, he doesn’t like you anymore.” She said smirking at him, you pulled his arm back so he was standing next to you. The siren looked at you. “Oh, and little miss Y/n, on to the next Winchester I see.” She chuckled walking down next to Sam.

You recognized her, she was one of the girls from the strip club. “What?” Dean asked, turning towards you. “She didn’t tell you? Well that’s too bad, but now ‘I’ get to tell you.” She said happily, smiling. “It was back when you and Sammy boy had an argument. Sammy left, as you know, and started drinking his feeling away.” She paused and looked at you. You didn’t dare looking up at Dean. “Y/n here was hunting one of my sisters so they happened to end up in the same town. Anyway, they got it on and had a little….hmmm, fun.” She said smirking. “And you left without saying bye to poor old Sammy, but not before you got him to pour out all his feelings to you..” She finished.

Dean looked down at you, still slouched over from his wound. “Go get them Sammy.” She said smiling at you and Dean, she paused. “Oh, and Y/n. You really shouldn’t have let me use your lipstick…. Why don’t you team up with Sammy to kill Dean, then you two can kill each other.”

You looked down wiping your lips off, but it was too late.

You kicked Dean’s gun out of his hands, and punched him in the jaw, sending him stumbling backwards. “Y/n, Sammy! Fight it, this isn’t you.” He yelled. You chuckled. “Oh baby, then you obviously don’t know me.” You said kicking the back of his legs making him fall to the ground.

Dean got up stumbling backwards. Sam walked up, sending another punch into Deans ribs. He took his hands and dug his fingers into Deans gun shot wound. He winced. “Sammy I don’t want to fight you.” He said, a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Sam kicked him again. Dean grunted, blocking Sam’s punch and twisting his arm back, he kicked Sam to the ground. He hit his head on the corner or a shelf, getting knocked out.

Now, you came towards him, dagger in hand. You stabbed at him, he dodged your attempts and punched you in the stomach. He took this time to grab the dagger and run off, going to find the Siren.

It felt like hours had gone by but in reality it had only been minutes, you were still doubled over in pain clutching your stomach.

You heard a groan, you looked over and Sam was starting to wake up. You fell down to his side. “Hey, Sam you okay.” You asked, helping him sit up. He looked at you and in the slightest he pulled away. “Look Sammy, I’m so sorry for what I did, I’m sorry I didn’t say good bye.” You poured out. He looked at you, puppy dog eyes and all. “It wasn’t just that Y/n, it was that you let me pour my feeling out to you, then you were gone, without a trace.”

He looked down at you, clear pain on his face. “I’m so sorry.” You said going to hug him, he didn’t hug back straight away, but he did eventually.

You heard foot steps stumbling back, you grabbed your gun off the ground and aimed it at the door. Dean came into view, you sighed helping Sam up off the floor.

“Well, that’s one more Son of a bitch down, and a lot more to go.”

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                Sofia was fuming with rage. That wasn’t necessarily a rare thing – she got angry quite often, and pretty damn quickly. But tonight she had a good reason for it. After a hellish week, she had been looking forward to spending the entire evening ( and hopefully also the rest of the night ) with Ruby. She had gotten ready, as dressed up as she possibly could, but Ruby never showed. Instead, she showered Sofia with Snapchats of some date she was having. And Sofia? Once again she felt like a used doll that had been thrown away the second something more interesting came along. She wanted to go out and have sex with someone, anyone, and she very much intended to send very NSFW Snapchats Ruby’s way. But she did not do that. She ended up sitting on Ruby’s doorstep, angry and fuming and broody, and at her absolute worst. 

                And when Ruby finally showed, she was close to exploding. “Oh, look who finally showed up.”

I’ll Take Care Of You

Request by dudadragneel:  Hi~~~ how are you?? Can I request a scenario where Jimin is/gets really sick and is throwing up a lot and you have to take care of him? The place and the rest is up to you~ thanks in advance!

I’m good thankyou :D And you’re welcome. Hopefully this makes up for the angst from a couple days a go, haha XD

-Admin Kitty

Park Jimin was the sort of boy that rolled out bed as if he was about to walk on stage. Sure, there was always makeup artists flitting around him like moths to a flame, but the truth was he didn’t even need it. He looked good at all stages of the day - catch a picture of him on your phone half way through a yawn and when you looked back at the picture he would be smiling a smile that would make your heart melt. Yes. He was just that good.

But today, was an odd occasion. 

Today, his hair stuck out at all ends, his eyes were heavy and grey rings circled them. He looked like hell.

“Morning, Jimin…,” Namjoon cocked a smirk, “Or not, as the case may be.”

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