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“I understand. I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world.

The way before you has been prepared.”    

“if I can introduce just one person to this show i’ll be satisfied.wmv”

I’ve had Making Fiends on my mind for a while now… if this video doesn’t convince you to watch it, here’s a few more reasons:

  •  It’s the first animated series ever created based off a youtube series
  • Seriously I think it deserves more credit for that alone
  • The creator (Amy Winfrey) also voices Charlotte, the overly optimistic (if not curiously morbid) main character
  • The voice cast is the same as the original series. There are a total of three voice actors. That’s it. Not three main voice actors. Three. (except Dee Bradley Baker guest stars once as a pony)
  • Aglaia Mortcheva, who was an animator/character designer on several classic shows, is possibly the most melodramatic villainess Nick has ever seen
  • It has a hilariously dark sense of humor, seriously if you like Invader Zim you will love the humor on this show
  • You can literally watch the whole show in a matter of hours; there’s 18 six-minute episodes and they’re ALL available on youtube

I could think of more but I don’t want to take up too much of your time. Please, everyone, please go watch this show

Strange Habit

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Requested: No

Word Count: 3,659

Summary: You have a strange habit of sleeping naked. Jongin drops by your house one day and catches you in the act and he can’t help but feel turned on at the thought of you with no clothes on.

Author’s Note: This is my second time writing smut so forgive me if there are any mistakes or it just seems kind of off. Thank you and I’m so sorry for this >.<

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How to Say I Love You

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A/N: AHEM. SO, I’ve been working on this idea for a bit of time now, and its a series of one-shots for every character revolving around a central theme: 100 different ways to say I love you.

now, some of you might recognize the title, or variation of, because it’s very closely related to the ‘Don’t Say I Love You’ series I published months ago, but eventually stopped working on from lack of inspiration. THIS SERIES HAS NO RELATION TO THAT SERIES. they are two completely separate things, and I hope there’s no confusion. if there is, just shoot me an ask!

Now, without further ado, here is the first one, a Credence Barebone time span one-shot!

title: How To Say I Love You [Part One]

warnings: nothing too severe or detailed

How to say I love you.

     “Excuse me,” Credence mumbles. It’s quiet, so very hushed, but he says it anyways, because maybe, just maybe, they’ll hear him this time. When no one does, he tries again. “Excuse me?”

     There’s an elbow in his ribs, and he grimaces, stepping out of the crowd and into an alleyway that provides a temporary relief. The rush of New York continues, bustling on unceasingly, ever flowing, ever moving. Never stopping.

     A moment later, while he’s still catching his breath, something in the crowd breaks off and stumbles into his alley. You’re an out of breath mess, gasping for air. You wince with displeasure when the only thing that meets your tongue is the polluted, dirty wind.

     “Sorry,” Credence hears you mumble, waving a vague hand to him, “I hope this alley isn’t taken?”

     He stares. Thankfully, you don’t take offense to that, or maybe you’re just too preoccupied with controlling your breathing that you simply don’t hear his answer, or lack of. Even after you straighten properly, you fall short of his height and blink up, disoriented.

     “(Y/N),” you introduce, smiling widely. “I saw you stumble in here and thought I’d follow to make sure you were fine. You’re not hurt?”

     He stares again, but this time, his eyes dart around frantically, unsure of where to look at exactly. He could look at your disheveled hair, your flushed cheeks, or your outstretched hand. But he doesn’t do that. Instead, he steps forward, clearing his throat, and says,

     “Are you alright?”

     (I love you.)

How to say I love you.

     You throw the rock.

     It bounces off the brick, thankfully, and makes a dull thunk! against the material before falling to the ground anticlimactically. No matter, though. You’ve got his attention either way.

     Three seconds later, his window slips open, and you wait eagerly for his head to follow. It does, but he looks tired, exhausted, even. You bite back the worry and focus on the relief of seeing him instead. “Credence,” you whisper, gesturing hurriedly.

     He looks torn. “I can’t,” he says, and looks away, almost ashamed. “Ma might hear.”

     “She won’t,” you say grimly, firmly shoving away all thoughts of the International Statute of Secrecy out of mind. “Come on, I’ve got something for you.”

     Credence hesitates for a brief, tenuous moment. He disappears from view, and you sigh, leaning against the wall to wait. It’s only a minute or two before you hear the familiar creak of the church door open, and he slips out, quiet and graceful.

    “Hey,” you say, and your voice is a whisper, even though there is no need for secrets anymore. “I missed you.”

     He shifts from one foot to the other. You’ve grown to not expect much back, but he offers a quick, fleeting smile instead, and you grin, overrun with joy.

     “Here, let me see your hands,” you murmur, running a palm along his shoulder. “Let me help you, Credence.”

     (I love you.)

How to say I love you.

     There’s no longer any time for rushed goodbyes, for soft farewells, or whispered confessions. There’s only a blur, a cacophony of panic and screaming and dust. There’s Credence, and suddenly, he’s not, just like he’s been tugged apart and ripped from limb to limb. A pained howl emerges from the swirling mass of vicious blackness, and somewhere within, you can glimpse a shadow of Credence’s face, strained and tortured.

     “Credence!” you shout, voice lost in the whirling wind. “Credence, it’s me, (Y/N)!”

     For one, so very brief second, he falters, and you almost think he’s done it; he’s managed to regain control of the dangerous magic he possesses. Dark, panicked magic spirals into the faint figure of a boy, a boy who reaches towards you. “Credence!”

      It’s as if everything has been frozen. For one terrifyingly lucid moment, you can see him. He’s scared, absolutely terrified, and every inch of his face is clear, more solid than anything. He turns to you, eyes burning with the weight of a lifetime of suppressed magic, and says something. Whispers something. You can’t tell.

     And it’s over. You can hear the force of so many lethal spells rip into his form, aimed directly at the body of a boy inside, and it’s barely enough time for your mouth to form a horrified ‘no’ before it all explodes.

     There’s sunlight. Bright, clean sunlight that finds its way onto whatever remains of Credence’s form. You taste something, a mixture of crushed dust and whatever is left of a broken boy. There’s a hollowness, too. Something that the sun can’t fill up.

     “Credence,” you whisper, but there isn’t anything to hold, to kiss, to love. Not anymore. “Credence, stay with me, please.”

     (I love you.)

I’m also too tired to bother tagging anyone properly so if i accidentally missed anyone, i’m so sorry. please let me know if there’s anything you want me to write, or if there’s anything you want to tell me in general.

and yes, there will be another part, concerning Percival Graves, and it’ll hopefully be out in a couple days. If this is terrible, i know, but what can i say? i’m really sorry for bad quality and content. :(

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Nathan Chen has a great repertoire of quads. What do you think he lacks to become like yuzuru hanyu?

Well, if you’re saying like Yuzuru Hanyu as in skating exactly like him or close to it, then the answer is nah, not possible, there is only the one Yuzu and his skating is unique. I’ve been watching skating for more than a decade (albeit on and off) and I can’t think of anyone that skates the way he does. Furthermore, the Yuzuru Hanyu™ is an intricate figure skating system made up equally of cutting edge technology, musical sensitivity, and genetics - nigh impossible to be replicated in full details, you see. Anyhow, I don’t think Nathan aspires to be like Yuzu in that sense either, so it’s a moot point.   

Now, if you mean like Yuzuru Hanyu as in winning events and setting records, then yes there are a couple of things Nathan can do:

  • Improve his jump landing. At the moment I can’t help but flinch every time I watch Nathan lands a jump. His landing is too much flat edge and stiff knee. It’s not even the aesthetic I’m talking about here: that kind of landing is horrible for his hip and not at all sustainable, especially in quads (and we all know he does a hell of a lot of those) where he has to jump higher, spin faster, and the landing impact is a lot more significant than triples.
  • Get more variety into those transitions and more color into that choreography. For this, I think Nathan is moving in the right direction. Both his programs this year have become markedly richer in content, so that they’re not just empty stretches where he moves from one quad to the next. That entry he has going into his solo triple Lutz in his SP is very nice. I don’t think we’re going to be treated to it when he moves to a solo quad Lutz, but hey, a girl can hope, right?
  • Get some more depth into those edges, more knee bend into those turns, and reduce the amount of two-footed skating. If I have to rate the top 6 men on skating skills, the current Nathan would occupy the bottom spot. His edges are unclear especially outside of step sequences (check out his spread eagles, for example). He does not have a lot of natural speed going on so every time he wants to build up speed for a quad you’d see a series of crossovers from one side of the rink to another. The thing is, this kind of improvement in edge and flow requires a lot of time, work, and dedication put into basic skating skill exercise. I’m not sure Nathan and/or his coaching team is giving it the attention it deserves, since they seem to be mostly eager to up the number and variety of quads in his programs. 

I’m not bringing up performance/interpretation because those are qualities that will (hopefully) develop as he matures as a skater (should not forget that he’s only 18 years old now).

Last point to clarify is I do think Nathan has a lot of potential in him. He’s of course ahead of the curve with his stratospheric jump base value. His ballet background does do wonder to his posture, and he’s not half-bad when it comes to musicality either (you see that when you watch his EX and in competition once he’s done showcasing his jump collection; in between jumps he’s just too damn focused on landing those quads to actually allow his body to move to the music). He’s also quite an engaging performer (again, when he doesn’t have to fixate 110% of his brainpower on landing jumps). 

P.S. Can somebody please find that kid some shirt that fits? He’s a national champion goddamnit, he doesn’t deserve to have to swim through his costume while he skates.  

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I've started feeding my cat Blue Wilderness Grain Free Duck adult cat kibble. He seems to really like it, but I get discouraged because I don't see it on the top list of high quality kibble. I did try Wellness Core Grain Free and he didn't like it sadly. Does that make me a bad cat owner for going for a bit "lesser" quality kibble? He does get wet food too by the way.

It’s ~8AM and I’ve been awake for 4 hours with no sign of getting back to sleep, so let’s talk about cat food and corporations. I’m on my computer now, so hopefully I don’t have to worry about Tumblr crashing and eating my response…

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to determine what the ‘best’ cat food - or cat foods, even - are. What one cat thrives on another may not, so you’re not a ‘bad’ cat owner for feeding your cat a ‘lesser’ food. 

I knew someone whose cat didn’t fare well on an all-wet diet, she did everything right… nice, easy transition but once they made the final leap from ‘mostly wet’ to ‘all wet’ the cat didn’t fare well, she had to go back to including kibble in the diet. Just because something is good in theory doesn’t mean it will work well in your particular situation for your particular cat. 

The only reason I have a recommendation list [WIP] is because I’ve been asked numerous times “What food do you suggest?” and even after I go on my spiel people still want brand names. So the list is just a guideline, it’s to get people started on the right track - it’s not law, my cat’s kibble is Tier 2 according to my own list! 

Not to mention exceptions, there are plenty of very good quality foods not mentioned because of the strict criteria I used and I’m still not sure what to do about foods where ‘egg’ is in the first three ingredients… do I count it as a meat? Do I not? There’s a lot of things to consider, so just be critical and do some research, experiment and find what your cat likes and does well on. I have some guidelines in my Care FAQ that are more helpful than the brand lists, in my opinion.

So to reiterate, are you a bad cat owner because your cat doesn’t like Wellness CORE? No fucking way. However, I would like to have a little discussion about… Blue Buffalo.

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The latest, in a long line of, scandals involving Blue Buffalo includes accusations that their food contains lead. One of the brands main selling points is that it doesn’t include poultry by-products, which was proven false and resulted in a non-apology no longer available on their website, this scandal resulted in a settlement to the tune of $32,000,000

Not to mention their history of recalls. I’m not against recalls, I don’t think the occasional recall is a negative reflection on a company - mistakes happen and it’s good to take responsibility for them, and sometimes nothing happened but they’re acting preemptively just to be on the safe side. There’s a limit, however, and I’m certainly wary of companies with consistent recalls. 

  • April 2007 [All cat+dog cans, all dog treats, Spa Select kitten]
  • October 2010 [Basics Salmon, Wilderness Chicken, LG Breed Chicken]
  • November 2015 [Kitty Yums Tasty Chicken Recipe]
  • November 2015 [Cub Size Wild Chews Bone]
  • May 2016 [Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe]
  • February 2017 [Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner]
  • March 2017 [Seventeen varieties of Divine Delights and Trail Trays]
  • March 2017 [Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Red Meat Dinner]

Blue is also known for feuding with other companies, they and Purina are constantly going after one another. I work at a pet store and have experience with the representatives, I can attest that Blue is highly focused on competing with other brands - this appears to be their sole motivation when releasing new products, actually, as opposed to improving quality and transparency. 

They began to release dog food in tubs as a direct response to Rachael Ray’s food, and their Divine Delights are intended to compete with Cesar. They also released Kitty Cravings to appeal to the ‘supermarket’ crowd with vibrant packaging and cartoon cats. I’ve been told by the representative before to “tell everyone who says they feed Rachael Ray that her food is made in Thailand,” and when someone brought up recalls to them the representative only referenced the 2010 one.

“I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.”

Who draws art of their historical fave for their birthday? This loser of course. Anyways it’s officially September 23rd so happy birthday Octagon you did amazing sweetie

Why are you holding my hand, Jake?

I want to protect you, I don’t want those Watchers caught you again.”

well, my friends drew this during my birthday for few months ago, and i shook for how she drew both jake and diego like that! i don’t expect a shipping picture like thsihiodh Also, she wanted me to post it on tumblr, hopefully y’all like it! so there you go! @playchoices please notice my friend’s art, pretty please???

Also, please send her a nice, good message to her drawings! (and also reblog too. because she want to see the all the message from the fandom, since she is feeling very hard right now…)

also, sorry for bad quality camera thing! (i was suck for taking picture…)

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You know the episode of Spongebob when Squidward tries to sneak into the patty vault but gets caught by Spongebob? (Look up you like krabby patties don't you squidward on youtube). Yeah. That part. That whole situation but instead its McCree caught outside Mei's room by one of the girls and instead of a patty, he's hiding a bouqet of flowers behind his back. And it all culminates with Mei opening the door in seductive nightwear and being subsequently embarrassed. (Theres yo prompt.)

hopefully this isn’t too far from what you hoped *o*;; 

(probably will go back and fix some of it in the morning)

Chibi Sea Grunks

I thought I’d try my hand with practicing animation more by drawing my favorite sea Grunks as chibis. <3 Nothing too special. It’s a bit rusty, but it doesn’t look half bad(maybe). Hopefully it works and it looks okay! Quality probably looks bad though. :p But I tried. *shrugs*

Lovely surprise

(A/N): ewww, I’m literally hating all of my work as of late

Request: May I request a Natasha Romanoff x female reader imagine? One where the reader wants to do something special for Natasha and wants to surprise her, but it’s hard since she’s not good at that kind of thing. So she goes to Clint for help

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine

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   "Clint pleeeeaasseeee?“ You whined, stomping your feet like a child as you begged Clint for help.

    ”(Y/N), she’s your girlfriend and it’s her birthday, you’re all on your own for this one,“ 

    "But clint,” You take on a more serious tone, showing him just how much you meant business. “Nat means so much to me and I just want her birthday to special. I’m hopeless when it comes to gifts and I just really want this year to be good,” It was all true. You loved Nat with every fiber of your being and you’d be damned if you got her a crappy present all because you were a terrible gift giver. You needed this year to be special for her, it absolutely had to be. 

   With a sigh Clint turns to look at you, an exasperated look upon his face. 

    “Try something sincere? Something she’ll appreciate?" 

    "Clint that’s what-” you stare at him incredulously, a look of complete and utter shock on your face. “That’s what I’m trying to do you idiot and since the two of you are best friends I thought maybe you’d know the way to her heart or something,” Clint breaks out in a small smile, unable to contain his amusement at your little predicament. 

    “Okay, I’ll help you but you owe me, got it?” You nod your head, smiling widely.

    “Thank you so much Clint," 

    "God,” he grumbles, grabbing your hand and guiding you to the training room, a place no one would be at this time of night. “The things I do for you people," 

    Weeks of practicing led up to this moment, to Nat’s celebratory party hosted by Tony. Everyone had gathered round to hear Tony’s toast on now great Nat was and you realized that now was your moment.

    "с днем ​​рождения моя любовь,” (happy birthday my love) You whispered in Nat’s ear, hoping you hadn’t butchered it as badly as you thought you had. With wide eyes Nat turns to look at you, her lips parted slightly and a wild twinkle in her eyes. 

    “You speak Russian?” She asks, her tone almost find as she smiles at you. 

   "маленький,“ (a little) You reply, smiling proudly at yourself. "я узнал для вас,” (I learned for you) “since I’m so bad at presents I figured why not give something that makes both of us happy?” You smile at her shyly, hoping that your so called present would suffice. With watering eyes Nat nods her head, sniffling softly. 

   Nat rarely ever cried, perhaps after a bad nightmare or flashback but never had you seem her cry other than that.

    Before you could comprehend what was happening Nat had tackled you in a tight hug, her arms wrapped around you snugly. With a smile you wrap your arms around her, gently rubbing circles into skin with your fingers as you do. With a shaky, tear filled voice Nat finally replied. 

    “спасибо (Y/N),” (thank you) 

    Hopefully google got the translations right? And hopefully this isn’t too short and shitty? I’m so sorry for my awful quality as of late too, including This piece above.

@amedotbomb Day 3: Camping Trip

“-and we can make lanyards, and friendship bracelets, have a three-legged race, sing around the fire, swim, and- and-”

Peridot was clearly excited to go camping, the whole way there she talked about all the fun looking things she saw on Camp Pining Hearts.

“Wait, swim?” Amethyst had quieted Peridot down by putting her hand on her partner’s shoulder. “Don’t you sink like a, well, stone?”

“Steven gave me apparatuses to put on my arms to help me with my buoyancy issues,” Peridot puffed out her chest.”Swimming won’t be a problem for me.”

“Oh, cool,” seeing Peridot so excited is always cute. “Anything else you wanna do?”

Peridot’s eyes lit up and she began listing off activities once again.

The whole day was spent doing Peridot’s dream activities.

The three-legged race was a mess, Peridot tripped coming off of the starting line and Amethyst’s sturdiness kept her upright. This ended up hurting Peridot’s ankle.

Amethyst made it better by carrying and kissing her.

Swimming didn’t result in injuries but Peridot didn’t know how to so she ended up floating aimlessly.

Amethyst did give her private lessons so she could at least somewhat direct her movements.

Canoeing required more coordination than Peridot expected so they capsized.

Amethyst was quick to bring Peridot to the surface.

The majority of the day was like that, Peridot would run into some trouble and Amethyst would help her.

After everybody went into their tents Peridot pulled a hand-woven bracelet out of her pocket.

She frowned and faced Amethyst. “Today was a mess.”

Amethyst shrugged. “I kind of expected it. But hey, at least it was a fun mess. Well, except for the race. Your ankle feel better now?”

“Yeah, it does,” Peridot’s train of thought was derailed, she cleared her throat, “As I was saying, today was a mess.” She gently took Amethyst’s wrist. “But at least I managed to make a bracelet.”

Peridot tied it around Amethyst’s wrist.

Amethyst quietly chuckled. “Thanks.” She pulled a bracelet out of her bra. “I made one for you too.”

She tied it around Peridot’s wrist.

It wasn’t even remotely perfect but a lot of heart obviously went into it.

“I’m not as good at fiddly stuff as you,” Amethyst said with a blush.

“Wow, thanks,” Peridot hugged Amethyst tight. “I love it.”

Uh, you may have noticed a divergence from the usual quality and genre. And.. story. Sorry. It should be a one-time thing. Certainly Monstrous will never be about two guys on a couch playing video games, I can promise you that.

But my arm pain is definitely a chronic thing at this point, haha. This is about the highest level I can manage right now, unless I take far too long or strain my arm further. I’ve had to spend the week resting it and doing stretches, but I have no idea what’s made it this bad again, so there’s not much I can do besides that. Hopefully I’ll be well enough soon enough to get back on track right away, but I can’t promise anything at this point. I’m really sorry.