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Saying Thank You to Sarah J Maas

If you can’t afford to go to one of SJM’s signings, or she’s not touring close to you, this is designed to be a chance to say thank you to her.

So for me personally, SJM’s books came at a time where their content saved my life, and continue to be something that helps me through the days from time to time. I know others feel similarly, or that they’ve found SJM’s books to be a major source of happiness/inspiration/etc in their lives. 

So Sarah J Maas is doing a Fan Event on Wednesday November 22nd 2017, At Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, Westminster, London. 

@abookandacoffee, @my-name-is-fireheart, and I are lucky enough to be attending this event, since we’ll be in London at a time. A random selection of participants will have the chance to go up and talk to Sarah. 

I’m used to never being able to meet American Authors/Celebrities etc. because I live in the middle of nowhere, so for me this is an insane, impossible, fantastic opportunity. But you know, not everyone has this privilege to thank someone who’s helped them. 

So this may sound cheesy as fuck, but we wanted to try and compile as many people as would like to enter’s letters/notes/fandrawings/etc to Sarah. The current plan is to print them out, bind them in a folder or book or something, and give it to her as a ‘from the fandom’ kind of thing. Of course, each ‘work’ can be signed by whoever wrote it. You can add your social media details to it if you’d like to!

The aim is that anyone who wants to can get to let Sarah know how much her work is appreciated. She’s been sick and had illness in the family, and still continued to give us content. So you know, if ever a ‘THANK YOU’ was appropriate for her, it’d probably be now. 

Below I’ll list the current ‘rules’ for entries to keep everything positive, but here are the main details for how to ‘enter’ your submission to be printed in the final book:

  • You can email it to the email I’ve set up for this at ‘sjmlondonmeet@gmail.com’. If you use this method, I will reply to let you know I’ve received the entry, and then again once it’s been checked over and made sure there’s nothing that could get her sued.
  • You can post it here on tumblr, and tag me in it. Please MESSAGE ME/Send me an ask with a link just in case, because tumblr is a poo-bum sometimes. I’ll respond as soon as I’ve seen it, and again once it’s been verified. 

  • If neither of those work, you can message it to me directly! Or send it in an ask - if this is on anon however, it is up to you to check back to see that everything’s gone through a-okay!

ADDITIONALLY (For Those Attending The Event):

If you are attending this event and WOULD LIKE TO help out, please let me know. At the moment we have a 3 out of however many chance of being able to explain this to her. Hopefully we can drop it off to her regardless of if we get to go up to and meet her, but it’d be nicer if someone can go up to her and let her know in person WHAT it is. SO, if you are attending and would like to, if you get to go up to her, hand in the folder/book, please let me know either here or at the email! Closer to the event, I will message you about co-ordinating stuff at the event itself. 

Rules For Works:

  • No Fanfiction. SJM could get sued for reading our Fanfic so let’s not thank her with a court case, yeah?
  • No hate speech. You can definitely say ‘I would love to see more lesbians in your work’ or mention a thing or two that you would like to receive more attention/improvement, but if the whole thing reads like an ANTI-SJM blog post none of us feel comfortable forcing that upon her.
  • Nothing swearing heavy. I swear like a sailor but I don’t know how SJM feels about it so let’s keep it RELATIVELY clean (i.e. not every other word)
  • No pornography. You can submit smutty artwork since I’m sure SJM of all people would appreciate a saucy Feysand scene, but nothing that would only be allowed in a porno (i.e. no downstairs ‘accessories’ if you catch my drift). 
  • I’m not setting a maximum word count, but I don’t want to print off 100 pages so let’s keep it to a couple or so pages maximum per person? Thanks.

Updates for this will be kept a track of under the tag ‘thankyousjm’. If anyone has any ideas on how to refine this, let me know, but this is aiming to be a chill, nice thing. I owe this fandom a lot for keeping me a happy chappy, so idk. It sounds SUPER CORNY and EW SENTIMENT but I wanted to help do a ‘give back’ thing so… yeah. 

If you’re not interested in it but ARE a SJM blog, maybe consider reblogging it so people who might like to participate know about it? Idk, I just want us to be able to give SJM a HUGE book of thank yous so yeah that’s me being a sucker for cheese. 

Thanks Guys!

The Sexual Awakening of An Innocent Pureblood, Dating The Randy Prat Who Lived Ch.8

Aaaand thsi weekend’s final post, where I (attempt to) play Ron and Hermione and @bixgirl1​ continues to portray the randy prat with perfection; although in this chapter ‘randy’ seems like an understatement of epic proportions.because… well, you’ll see. xD

For those of you who’ve only just stumbled upon this, welcome, we hope you’ll stay, and if you like, please go catch up with the previous few chapters, all of which you can find under the tag #virgin draco on @bixgirl1​‘s or my blog! ❤️

We’ll hopefully share another teaser for next weekend’s first post in a couple of days, and fuck but we cannot wait for you guys to read the next chapter omgggg!

Chapter 8: In Which Ron Questions His Friendship With the Randy Prat and Hermione Is Done With the Both of Them

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anonymous asked:

Hey, can you help me with something? If yes (that would mean a lot ♡) so, I'm not a witch and I really want to be one ive been reading all blogs that I could find about it but I have no idea of how can I start! You know? I mean, what should I buy? +

+ What book should i read? Everything’s kinda confuse right now… do you have any advices? Or ideas of how can I start? Thank you so much anyway ♡ (it was a bit long, hope you can read it, sorry xx)

It wasn’t too long, and I can read it just fine. :)

But, this is going to be a long ass post. So, yeah, be warned.

First of all, you don’t really need to buy anything if you don’t want to. (Check this post: [“Do I Need a ________ to Be a Witch?”]. The answer: no.) There are some branches of magic that don’t really require any physical components - energy work or sigil magic being the ones that jump to mind first. There are also many average household items that have their own energies that can be used in magic. Sometimes people already have some witchy supplies in their homes that can be used - many people have spice racks and candles and jars from other food, and those are pretty common tools in the craft.

It also highly depends on the sort of magic you want to do. Do you want to work with candles, crystals, herbs, all of the above? Then you’ll want to look into places to find those. (I get my herbs from the grocery store and candles from the dollar store, honestly.) Do you plan on grinding herbs into powders? Then you’ll probably need a mortar and pestle, or something similar. Plan on making poppets or sachets? You’ll need fabric, thread, and sewing needles, though poppets can be made out of paper instead, and you can buy little baggies that can work for sachets. Want to make magical jars? Hit up the dollar store for bottles and containers. Do you want a wand? Do you want a ritual space / altar? Tarot decks / other methods of divination? It seriously comes down to what you want, and what you might plan on doing.

Here is a list of some things that might be useful in your magic, more as a jumping off point of ideas, and in no way absolute or complete:

  • candles
  • crystals
  • herbs
  • jars
  • sachets / tiny pouches
  • sewing needles, thread and fabric
  • thicker string / ribbon
  • paper and writing utensils

You can use almost anything in your magic, though, and many things you can just find outside, like:

  • leaves
  • nuts
  • rocks
  • water from streams or rain
  • feathers (some places have laws about picking up feathers, be sure to check out where you live and if that will be an issue)

Everything has magical potential. You can even enchant regular objects like jewelry to bring about magical effects. This is also good if you have to be super discreet. The options are literally endless. 

Here are a couple of posts, [The Beginner Witch’s Starter Spell Kit] and [New Witch’s Shopping Guide], that I think you should check out as well. Some other useful posts: 

If you are on a budget…

If you need to be discreet…

* not my choice of title

And just because something might be useful, doesn’t mean you have to use it. For example, I find blood to be very useful in magic - it is super potent with energies - but some people aren’t comfortable using it. And that’s fine. If you don’t want to utilize something, you don’t have to.

Notebooks are almost vital as a witch, in my opinion. You’ll want a place to store all the information you’ve learned to access later. It’ll be a place to keep all your spells and correspondences, and notes on any magical workings you do as well. 

However, you can go completely digital and forego a physical book - using programs like OneNote, Google Drive and the like can be another way for you to store your info discreetly, password protected, and have access to it anywhere you have internet and your mobile device. 

As to finding out what you want to do with magic, where you should start, I generally give people this list of questions that will hopefully help them narrow their focus and figure out where it is they want to go:

  • Why were you drawn to the craft in the first place? What got you interested in studying / practicing it?
  • What sorts of expectations do you have, if any, about what you can do with magic?
  • Is magic something you just want to experiment with, or do you want to practice long-term?
  • Are there any things in particular you hope to achieve by doing magic? Do you have any end goals for yourself or your craft? Any expectations?
  • What sorts of things would you like to do (in regards to different varieties of spellwork [candle magic, sachet magic, etc.], divination, etc.)?
  • Do you feel an attraction / affinity to any particular branch of magic (chaos magic, green magic, spirit work, hedgework, etc.)? Why? What in particular makes it appealing to you?
  • Are there things you don’t want to go near no matter what? Why? What bothers you about those things?

Ultimately that’s what matters - what you want, where you want to go. Here is my advice on that front: pick something to start with, and go with it - learn what you can from it, play with it, and when you think you’ve got it covered, try something else, while still keeping in mind what you’ve already learned.

Witchcraft is such a personal practice and area of study - it allows you to experiment and find out what works for you, while also not enforcing anything that you may not be comfortable with. Don’t wanna do this thing? You don’t have to. Maybe you would prefer to focus on this thing? Go right ahead. Oh, wait, you changed your mind, and now you wanna do this? Yep, go for it. It is a beautiful thing.

Here is a list I ended up throwing together of some common branches of magic. You are not bound or excluded to only one - you can practice many of these at any one time, and you are not stuck with it of you happen to pick it up but decide you don’t like it. This list is also not exclusive, but a way to give you an idea of some of the things you can do.

  • energy work
  • candle magic
  • crystal magic
    • crystal grids
  • sachet magic
  • knot magic
  • poppet magic
  • kitchen magic
    • tea magic
  • bath magic
  • traditional magic
  • urban magic
  • chaos magic
    • sigil magic
  • pop culture magic
  • green magic
  • cottage magic
  • hedgework
  • spirit work
  • shadow work
  • blood magic
  • sex magic
  • death magic
    • necromancy

There are so man different veins of magic, and they can blend and mix in such cool ways. Most spells have components of different varieties of magic - you might see a spell call for candles and crystals, or jars and poppets.

It takes some time to build up witchy supplies, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have 20 different herbs in the span of a week. It’s taken me two years to build u the supplies I have, just picking up bits and pieces here and there. A good idea to start would be pick one spell then buy the ingredients for that, and do that spell. Then, decide on a spell you want to do next - you’ll find you might already have some of the ingredients left over from the first one, then you just need to pick up what you’re missing. It is also good to keep lists of substitutions for various herbs if you decide to use them. Not everything has a substitution, but if you can find things with similar correspondences as to what is being used in that spell and why, you should be okay. 

Learning to write your own spells is also a great way to ensure you’ll have the ingredients you need (by basing it off what you have), but that can be a bit daunting, and is in no way necessary, just a handy skill to have.

I am not so sure on the books you should buy - I tend to get my witchcraft resources from online, and this whole blog is my resource compilation. I use Tumblr as my main source of info, along with my discretion of course. I know other witches have lists of book recommendations, and I can give you those:

[Here] is a list of authors you should try to avoid - trigger warning for mention of various disturbing topics. [Here] is a post that talks about why your book on witchcraft might be full of it; if you have any questions as to why that might be, feel free to ask the OP or even myself. [Here] is a post that explains using discretion and critical reading in regards to witchcraft books.

I have a page on my blog, [Advice for Witchlings], that has more advice that can help you out. I also made it into two rebloggable posts if that is easier for you to access: [part 01] and [part 02].

I am also going to toss a huge list of posts here. You don’t need to read them all immediately, but they do all contain various points of interest and things to note, as well as useful information (and sometimes even more links). Witchcraft is a practice of study and learning, after all.

Oh dear gods, okay, I am done with this. Not only because it’s way too long, but because my fingers hurt. xD I really hope that can help you anon, and best of luck! If you have any more specific questions, I’ll do my best to answer, it’s just really hard to get everything in such a broad question. There’s so much (as you can see). But, I hope that answers some of your questions, or gives you an idea on where to look to find them! Again, if you have other questions, I’ll do my best to get into more specifics, just maybe do one at a time so I can break it down a lot easier, and hopefully in not so long a post, lmao. I wish you all the best on your newfound path! :D


1. Wally (iPhone, iPad)
I personally love this app cause it’s easy to use, beautiful to look at, keeps my receipts and isn’t cluttered with useless features. You can divide them into various categories/subcategories, add in your income, see your balance as well as see your spending habits graphed into beautiful pie charts.

2. 30/30 (iPhone, iPad)
This app is mostly intended for study sessions but I use it to keep track of routines, particularly for housework. I tend to procrastinate and dilly-dally when doing laundry/dishes/etc and sometimes I just need to GET IT DONE. You can allot how much time you want to spend, and save these lists/routines for future use. 

3. IFTTT (iPhone, iPad)
IFTTT stands for If This, Then That and you can use it for ANYTHING. Statements are called “recipes” and allow for a more productive use of your time by eliminating routine actions. I currently use “If raining tomorrow, then remind me today to bring an umbrella” and “If tagged in Facebook photo, then save in iOS Photos”. Alternatively, you can use it to automatically transfer tagged screenshots/notes/etc to dropbox/google drive/etc. 

4. Evernote (iPhone, iPad, Macbook)
I think everyone knows what Evernote is. It has a ton of features including journals, notes, lists, whatever you want. I use it to keep my 2015 goals and lists (books to read, movies to watch, music to get, gift ideas, recipes to try and my bucket list). How does it make me a better student? I no longer waste free time thinking about what to watch, where to eat, or things to do. I get more things done that I’ve always wanted to do and can therefore appreciate when it’s time to get back to work.

5. Grades 3 (iPhone)
Also self-explanatory! It helps you keep track of how each of your evaluations are affecting your final mark. Sometimes it’s hard to see how a 5% quiz improves/ruins your grade. I found myself 10X more motivated after using this app cause you can see just how much better you can do.

6. Inkflow Visual Notebook (iPad)
I just recently discovered this and it is THE BEST. As a human bio major in my undergrad, I drew out flowcharts ALL THE TIME. The problem was that I’d run out of space or need to add a new molecule in between, and my OCD would hit the fan. This app allows you to take a photo of your work, but only scans the pencil/pen part, and therefore seamlessly fits in with the rest of your document. You can then erase, select, add and move around different components of the flowchart/note/picture/etc.

7. Flashcards+ (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Windows)
This is pretty self-explanatory! What I liked about this is that I was able to test myself while walking to places in the freezing -30 degrees Celsius weather in Toronto (which I wouldn’t be able to do with physical flashcards). Not to mention it saves so much time and paper, and you can easily share them with others.

8. Duolingo (iPhone, iPad)
Learning a new language keeps your head sharp and resume competitive for this increasingly globalized world. I’m currently learning German and this app makes it super easy and fun! I started last week doing 15 minutes every day and I have already had a full (simple) conversation with my German friend - it’s that good!

9. Circle of 6 (iPhone)
As newly independent adults, we need to organize our SAFETY. This app allows you to choose 6 people to send an emergency text to with your details and location at the click of a button (as well as an “I’m okay but thanks” message once the crisis is averted).

10. SAM (iPhone, iPad)
If you’ve ever had anxiety attacks, you’ll understand how much time an attack eats up when you’re trying to be your most productive self. It has a toolbox of methods to calm you down and provides explanations for what you’re feeling. You can even rate each method so you know what works for you.

11. Dashlane (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Windows)
With all the different social media accounts, email accounts (going on my 4th one now that I’m a Masters student at a new university!), online shopping accounts, bank accounts, etc - it starts to get hard to keep track of all your usernames/passwords AND have strong, individual passwords for all of them. This helps keep track and allows the ability to change ALL your passwords at once if something were to happen to your various accounts.

12. Google Drive (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Android, Windows)
I can spend a whole blog post talking about this one. I have 100% of my documents saved on google drive on my desktop. This means I have 100% of my documents on my phone, ipad and .. anywhere with an internet connection. You won’t have to lug around a big laptop all the time, AND you can have the peace of mind knowing you have access to important information from literally anywhere in the world. And a bonus - it doesn’t take up any space (except in the cloud!).

13. Zotero (Macbook, Windows)
I love doing research papers but I absolutely hate having to keep track of everything I’ve read. This app allows you to create folders to keep citations for each of your individual reports. Once you’re done, just choose your referencing method and it creates all your bibliography for you at the click of a button!

14. Self Control (Macbook, Windows)
Need to study online but keep feeling tempted to go on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, etc? Put them all on a “Blacklist” on this Self Control app and prevent yourself from being able to access them for a certain amount of time. Even if you delete the app, you still can’t get on those sites until your time is up. LIFE SAVER.

Hopefully these tips have helped you in some way. I’d love to hear about other useful apps! The trick is to have apps that satisfy more than one function, so that you don’t clutter up your devices.


The Organized Minimalist

Tarot Blogging What I Wish I Knew

Running a Tarot blog is such an interesting and rewarding experience. It can be used as a wonderful creative outlet where you can freely express yourself, meet like-minded people, grow and learn throughout your Tarot journey. Are you apprehensive about starting a Tarot blog or feeling a bit discouraged with your current one? Here are some things I wish I knew before starting my Tarot blog.

Dare To Be Different

I cannot stress the idea of daring to be different. When I first started my blog, I was met with many harsh comments and mean messages from other bloggers who wanted my blog gone. I was constantly told that the combination of tarot and prose was such a stupid idea and that they were tired of seeing my content in the tags. I blogged for myself for so long. I did my best to continue on my journey of blogging despite the discouragement I had and it was the best decision I have ever made.

Trust Yourself

You are going to grow and learn a lot about yourself as you blog and use Tarot. It is okay to step away from what others consider universal practices and challenge what you read or have been told. Your divination journey is yours and it is all about trial and error. There will be some people who may disagree with you, your practices and your process but that is perfectly okay. Do what feels right and trust yourself.

DeckLust Is Real

When you are a Tarot blogger, you will come across many beautiful Tarot and oracle decks that you may lust and love over. I wish I would have known how much my deck collection would grow being a Tarot blogger but I was not prepared. Make a #DeckLust wishlist to keep track of your deck wants. It has helped me so much.

The Follower Game

You won’t obtain thousands of followers overnight. It takes time for people to learn who you are, what you are about and if your blog and content is one they would like to follow. When I first started blogging it was difficult trying not to dictate the value of my blog and my content by the number of followers I had. I learned early on that my follower count shouldn’t be my driving factor of content creation and expression or I would be blogging for all the wrong reasons.

Mass Appeal

You cannot appeal to every single person that comes across your blog. You shouldn’t want to either. There are going to be people who like your content, and those who do not. Accepting that is the hard part. Embrace that you are wonderful just the way you are and focus on those who enjoy your content rather than those who do not.

Original Content

Creating original content is hard work. I spend hours upon hours writing, rewriting, revising, taking photos and photo editing before my content is ready to be posted. I love sharing my thoughts and unique flare in regards to Tarot and divination. Although creating original content can be difficult, I find it the most rewarding.

Social Media Is Your Friend

Social media has been my greatest asset in helping my blog grow. Utilizing social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter helps me to curate my original content and share my blog posts so those who are active on those platforms can find and view my content and hopefully share it.

Set A Schedule

Having a blogging and post schedule helps take a lot of the guess work from blogging. In the beginning, blogging can be a bit overwhelming but if you create a schedule that allows you to queue posts and curated content, you have more time to do other things like interacting with others.

The “Need” For A Shop

Running a shop to accompany your blog is serious business. You do not need to sell Tarot readings or divination services if you aren’t comfortable doing so. You do not need to open an online shop to accompany your blog to be considered a “real” Tarot reader. You do not need to open a shop to “prove yourself”. You are still a legitimate Tarot reader and blogger without it. Do not feel pressured to start selling readings if you are still trying to figure out your own Tarot journey.

Tarot Burnout

It is okay to take a break from your blog and put the Tarot decks away and take care of yourself. I wish I would have taken my own advice looking back. I was always on ‘go’ so to speak in the beginning and put my health and needs last.

Community Events And Divination Challenges

When I first started my Tarot blog I felt so alone. I didn’t really know many people. I strived to interact with others in the community the best way that I could. I started participating in tarot community events like Tinychat hangouts, rabb.it rooms, discord servers, and divination challenges hosted by my favorite bloggers. I’ve also joined Tarot Facebook groups, google hangouts and webinars about Tarot. This helped me meet lots of new people. Networking is so important.  If you are interested in weekly community events, I host some twice a week. More information HERE.

Making Friends And Losing Friends

You are going to meet some incredible and life long friends on your blogging journey. Once I started interacting with other bloggers on a regular basis, I began to form positive friendships that I could talk to about Tarot, divination and other blogging things. These people have helped me so much in my life and I owe it all to the wonderful Tarot and Divination communities of social media for bringing us together. Another sad truth I  wish I knew was that some friendships just don’t last. Whether it’s growing apart, having different interests, no longer liking one another anymore,  or one person being jealous over the other, etc. some friendships have the potential to be long lasting, others do not.

Legal Issues And Copyright

My first year as a Tarot blogger, there was a community-wide issue with legal uses of Tarot deck images and cards. This put a lot of bloggers in a sort of limbo, unsure if they could continue blogging, myself included. It is important to seek out deck and artist permissions for decks before using them on your blog or social media accounts, especially if you want to keep you and your blog safe legally.

Anonymous Bullying And Trolling

It is no secret that I have had my fair share of anonymous bullying and abuse during the life of my blog. My biggest advice is to delete the anonymous hate messages and comments, the trolling messages and block the IPs if you can. I’ve also blocked the drama/gossip blogs. Once I cleared my space from all that noise, I was able to blog peacefully and without fear.

Haters And Constructive Critics

Something I wish I would have known was to take critiques in stride and acknowledge when someone was intentionally being a bully to me. There are going to be people who hold your best interest at heart and want to help better you and hold you accountable for your growth and mistakes and then there are those who want nothing more than to see you discouraged. Knowing the difference is so important.

Safe Spaces And Blog Boundaries

Never feel bad about cleaning up your blog list, unfollowing, blacklisting or blocking someone who jeopardizes your safe space. Also never feel bad about asking your followers or mutual followers to tag things that are troubling and triggering for you. Set boundaries for yourself and your blog. I learned early on that it was impossible for me to try and answer every question that was sent to my inbox or e-mail.  I also knew that I could only devote a certain amount of hours to blogging a week. It is important to set limits within your means to keep your blogging experience enjoyable and safe.

Competition And Comparison

There is no use in trying to compete or compare yourself to another blogger or their blog. As I mentioned above, being uniquely yourself is so much better than trying to be a copy of someone else. Allow yourself to grow and learn and become the kind of Tarot blogger you want to be.

The Fear Of Missing Out

This is something that I still struggle with and it is the fear of missing out. You do not need to purchase every new Tarot deck that is released, buy every new Tarot book, take a new Tarot course or fund every cool independent deck on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to be or stay relevant. You do not need hundreds of decks to be considered valid. You are valid with one deck, no deck, or if all you have is a tarot app.

Post Notes:
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Title: Tarot Blogging What I Wish I Knew
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2017
Decks: Rosetta Tarot, Tarot Of Holy Light, Illusori Tarot
Disclaimer: This post in no way, shape, or form intended to tell you how you should approach your tarot blogging journey. The intention of this post is to share some things I wish I had known when I started my Tarot blog. What I find useful may not be useful or of interest to you and vice versa. I encourage you to do what you are comfortable with and to tailor any advice provided henceforth to your specific needs and individual situation. I encourage and open up this conversation to added commentary to supplement this post of any kind.
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anonymous asked:

can you help me get into myteen before they debut?

sure thing, anon! right now is a great time to get to know myteen since their debut is a couple weeks away, you won’t have to suffer long months of being teased like some of us earlier. ;;

so to start, i’m sure you all know that myteen consists of seven lovable members. they’re under music works ent, whom notably houses baek jiyoung, minzy, kim sohee, and u sungeun. 

official links:

myteen has A LOT of content and we have a pretty small fanbase right now, so subbing is a bit on and off. i would check out their vlives since most of the time their broadcasts and earlier myteen shows are subbed. for the more recent myteen shows, i recommend jxj subs. (keep in mind that they’re a two-person team and they do have a life, so subs cannot always be ready right away!) 

vlive subbed their mini reality show, but it only has yuvin, eunsu, hanseul, and chunjin! this was before myteen was even announced. such fetuses. each episode is only 5-10 minutes long!

FY!MYTEEN uploaded all the episodes from MYTEEN GO, their reality show, and unfortunately, it’s not subbed except for episode 2. link.

now that all the basics are out of the way, let’s jump into the members!

Originally posted by taebinnie

Taevin / Taebin

  • full name: lee saewoong (im honestly not sure if it’s sewoong or saewoong lmao)
  • birthdate: january 22, 1996
  • position: sub-vocalist, actor, visual(?)
  • speaks english since he lived in new zealand
  • high iq king
  • screamed bc he thought a shoestring was a bug on him
  • shares the visual spot with junseob!
  • shot a cf for j route (x)
  • featured in gb9’s just i like you with kim sohee (x)


  • full name: kim sangjin
  • birthdate: december 22, 1996
  • position: main dancer, sub-vocalist
  • quiet but also that weird one 
  • takes care of his health
  • he keeps herbal medicine in his bag


  • full name: choi eunsu
  • birthdate: february 12, 1997
  • position: leader, rap
  • mommy leader!
  • sensitive and shows his cute side v often
  • he cried when they performed on stage for the first time, poor bby (x)

Originally posted by taebinnie


  • full name: kim gukheon
  • birthdate: april 15, 1997
  • position: main vocalist
  • honey voice king
  • scared of honestly everything (first ep of myteen go shows this clearly)
  • honestly so funny and extra
  • future variety king


  • full name: shin junseop
  • birthdate: february 4, 1998
  • position: main rapper, sub-vocal, visual(?)
  • honestly his visuals are top notch so i think he shares the visual spot with taebin
  • auditioned for show me the money 6
  • he laughs a lot bc he loves lame jokes
  • savage af
  • taebin said he was reading a book and junseop called him a liar

Originally posted by xi-heon


  • full name: song yubin
  • birthdate: april 28, 1998
  • position: main vocalist
  • auditioned in superstar k and was in the top 4
  • baek jiyoung liked him so much, she decided to make a duet song with him called garosugil at dawn and it’s literally so perfect (x)
  • also made his solo debut with you to the bone (x) ft. eunsu, xiheon, and hanseul
  • part of ‘i am the actor’, a show where yuvin shows his acting skills along with other idols! (x
  • pretty much the most popular
  • bby lost a lot of weight ;;
  • he has a dog but is allergic to it lol
  • rly talkative and annoying (in a good way)
  • he speaks english out of nowhere sometimes lmao

Originally posted by saeoong


  • full name: park minjun
  • birthdate: january 8, 2001
  • position: sub-vocal, maknae
  • he’s a tall bby
  • was not present in myteen go and most events due to school and his shoulder injury
  • so do not worry if you don’t see him in past myteen show videos!!
  • he has a bucket of different types of sweet

and that’s all the info you really need to know for myteen! hopefully there’ll be a fanbase soon to provide subs because they are literally so funny!!! there’s only a few of us, but i hope this post will help you and a lot of other people to become their fans! the boys are extremely lovable and talented and i can’t help but obsess over them. 

a couple of blogs you should follow:

@all-myteen @saeoong@taebinnie@xi-heon@minijuns@princejunseob

and also @kmseul​ (that’s my side-blog for myteen i made a few months ago lol i am definitely going to post a lot more myteen content on that blog, esp since i miss making gifs!!) and to those who i didn’t mention, i’m sorry! 

we’re finally leaving the predebut era and coming closer to debut. i hope all you lovely people will join the myteen train and support them because this is music works’ first boy group, and first group overall! our fanbase is small, but we haven’t even entered the beginning yet, so let’s do our best to make our boys have a successful debut as well as a successful route into the idol industry. 

i know this wasn’t a very good guide, but i tried my best! thank you so much for following me and you have no idea how happy it makes me to see how many people are steadily becoming fans of them. i will do my part and post a lot of content of taebin!

p.s. myteen will make their debut on july 26, don’t you guys forget!

Special Fic Rec ❤❤

Ok so, I began this blog on December 9th, well, actually I’ve been on tumblr since 2013 (nice, old Naruto Era), yet, I consider this one the actual date of this blog birth, since it was the day I posted my first BTS Fanfiction - Sanitarium (which I still hold very dearly to my heart).

To be honest, even if writing has been one of my passions for many years, I never expected much from my own stories, especially since English killed me in more than one way (ah, it kicked my ass so hard during my high school days lol); yet, I surprisingly found an incredible amount of happiness in writing for seven lovely dorks - not to talk about the crazy, wonderful authors and friends I had the pleasure to meet here, people who helped me grow and who gave me some of the most pleasurable reading moments of my life :’)

But I was saying, I didn’t expect much from posting my fics, yet, nearly 5 months later, I reach my first mile stone. Really, I can’t believe it: 1k people are reading my fics, and supposedly they also enjoy them. It happened quite fast, in my opinion, and I also know I’ve been very lucky for many authors are amazing and still don’t have the exposure they deserve! It takes them a lot of hard work when they should really be appreciated a lot more! This is why, to celebrate this milestone (ok, compared to other authors is not that big of a number, but still I consider it an important accomplishment ;^;) I decided to do a special, big fic rec to share the talent filling this social!! 

Some of these writers are super known actually, yet others have a smaller public: they have such a fantastic way with words tho, such a breath-taking creativity, that I just needed to tag them and link their stories - hopefully, some of you will fall in love with their work too; please, if so, go send them all a lot of love, for they are not holy amazing authors but also amazing people :’)

And I’m incredibly happy to have some of them as mutuals, if not even as friends <3 <3

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whatamidoinidk  asked:

(please bear with me) Okay, so, I'm a 15 year old freshman in highschool, and I've wanting to create some sort of series, whether it be a comic, or something else for a few years. I haven't too serious about it, but after one my of my friends showed me your video, for some reason, i was especially inspired. Now, I already have one character... but that's all i got. How did you come up with the things in your film? And did you ever experience "writer's block"? and if so, how did you deal with it?

No worries dude!  So okay, I’m gonna’ be honest, when I read this, I was hit with such a weird mix of, like, “god this is literally impossible to answer”, and “man I remember feeling that way when I was 15″.  So I guess the best thing I could do is elaborate.


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[shaky off-tune kazoo version of the jaws theme playing in the distance]

Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’m so incredibly sorry for just vanishing for more than half a year, especially because I realized my last post was about a hospital stay (which I did mention was harmless, but probably still looks pretty ominous as a last post.)
I feel terrible for making people worry, especially since there’s already enough upsetting stuff happening :c 

To be honest I’m a little nervous writing this post right now after being gone for so long, but I really wanted to give a life sign! This weekend I finally checked my inbox, and I was incredibly touched by all the sweet messages. I can’t get back to everyone so let me just thank all of you who sent messages or replies, or even just thought about me! I cannot put into words how much it means to me ;-; It made my heart hurt in a good way, and I hope good things happen to you!

(Personal stuff behind the cut)

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AroAceHogwarts’ White Dragon Gift Exchange

You are formally invited to aroacehogwarts’ White Dragon (creative content) Gift Exchange! That’s right, our White Dragon Gift Exchange is back for 2017!

What: An aro/ace Harry Potter creative White Dragon/Secret Santa! A Secret Santa is where you are assigned a giftee in secret to surprise with a gift during the specified time (and so on and so on so that everyone who participates is providing a gift and receiving a gift). Here on aroacehogwarts, we will be swapping aro/ace Harry Potter related creative content. You can choose to gift a fic, fanart, photomanip, gifset, etc. that you have created yourself. No physical addresses involved - all of this is stuff that can be shared online! At the bottom of the post is the form you will need to fill out in order to participate. The form includes what kind of aro/ace stuff you’d like to see (e.g., specific characters, ships, or orientations, house pride, or a link to particular headcanons from this blog you would like to see expanded), as well as what kind of stuff you are not willing to create (e.g., specific characters, ships, or orientations) so that we can make sure gifters and giftees are well matched. Your gift must be aro- and/or ace-related. This is aroacehogwarts, after all. In that same vein, please NO nsfw content.

To ensure that we can find all posts, you must submit your post or post link (mobile link here) to us so we can make sure everyone receives your gift. You have the option to post the gift on your own blog and send us a post link to the post OR submit the post directly to us. You MUST include your giftees name in your post. Please feel free to @ your giftee and/or message your giftee to notify them their gift is posted and where. We will also message your giftee to ensure they see their gift. But please post the gift on YOUR blog and submit the link to us OR on submit directly on our blog. Please do not just @/tag us and call it done OR submit your gift to your giftee’s blog and expect them to notify us of the url; when we did this in 2015, we had so much activity that we had trouble tracking all our mentions down. You must specifically submit (mobile link here) your gift/post to us. Please use the submit so the link works or so that your whole story/art is visible.

Who: YOU

When (all times are Eastern Time):

  • Sign-ups: Nov 5th - 12th OR the first 30 people who sign up Submit a completed form, found at the bottom of this post, to us if you want to participate. SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED

  • Giftees Assigned: Nov 15th We send you the person you’ll be creating for. 

  • ~~~Use the next month or so to work on your gift~~~

  • Activity Check: Dec 10th - Dec 15th This is where you let us know if you are unable to participate so we can reassign gifters and giftees. If you cannot be on during these days, please contact us earlier if you can still participate. If we do not hear from you, we’ll assume inactivity - sorry, this is just to make sure that everyone who participates does end up with a gift. We realize last minute things happen, but please let us know ASAP if you’re not going to make it or something comes up.

  • Final RSVP: Dec 20th - 22nd This is where mods remind you that gifts are due in a few days. Hopefully you can still complete your gift, but if not, this is the last scheduled chance to let us know that you will not be able to make it and your giftee will need re-assigned. You won’t need to confirm your activity, as this is mostly just a reminder.

  • Due Date: Dec 25th - 30th This is when you submit/send your gift to your giftee and send us a post link to verify your gift was received. Please let us know beforehand if you won’t be available for these dates but can get your gift in earlier or just a little later.

  • We will be posting/sending out reminders for these dates, but as time moves forward, do keep them in mind!

Where: Tumblr!

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Please RSVP at your earliest convenience by submitting (mobile link here) the following form to aroacehogwarts:

Tumblr Username: username - please include your submit link (and make sure submit is enabled on your blog!)

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Requested Content: what should the gifter focus on for you (specific single or multiple  identity/character/pairing/headcanon/situation/relationship/ location - or you can just include some prompt/s)? If you’re being very specific, try to provide options for inspiration. Try to provide at least some guidelines so your gifter has something to work with, though.
Is there anything you specifically do not want to see (specific character/pairing/headcanon/situation/relationship, no kissing, no mentions of sex, no death, no war mentions, etc. - be as specific or general as you want so you can enjoy your gift)?
Remember, content must be aro/ace and HP-related.

Requested Medium (OPTIONAL): You can request a certain creative medium/s (art, fic, aesthetic), but this will be considered a request only - you may get matched with someone who cannot do that medium as it will really depend on who enters

Refused Content: is there anything you are not willing to create or create for (so we don’t pair you with someone who requests content you can’t stand - see list under requested content for ideas)

House: you will get headcanon cup points for your content if you include your house

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anonymous asked:

Henlo! I was wondering if you could do Mc watching a horror film with each of the members? V + Saeran + RFA, also I am in love with this blog!! Please keep up the good work!💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️ -Miz

Thank you ^^!! I’ve never really been a fan of horror but I tried my best! I hope these are what you wanted :) ~H x

RFA watching a horror movie with MC


-This boy doesn’t do horror
-Like, at all
-But you ask to watch one
-And he can’t deny your puppy dog eyes
-So the two of you end up curled on the couch together, about to watch a horror film
-What Yoosung doesn’t know is that you can get scared at them easily too
-Right from the beginning, Yoosung’s hand is tightly wrapped around yours, squeezing it
-And when it gets to the really scary stuff, he screams
-But so do you
-The two of you hide underneath the covers
-“Can we turn this off?” Yoosung asked.
-“Good idea,” you agreed with a slight smile.
-He could definitely tell you were scared
-“MC, can you stay with me tonight?” Yoosung asked with pleading purple eyes.
-You can’t say no
-Not that you would
-“Of course,” you complied.
-The two of you cuddled until you fell asleep
-And even when the nightmares came, you held tight


-“Horror? You have an interesting taste but no problem, babe,” Zen grinned when he saw your selection of movie.
-Don’t be fooled
-He’s terrified of horror a lot of the time
-But you can’t know that
-He’s your knight in shining armour
-Despite being a good actor and appearing confident, you can tell he’s scared
-The little flinches and jumps betray the brave face he’s wearing
-But you love horror so decide to see if you can get the truth out of him
-“Zenny, I’m scared,” you lied, hugging him tighter.
-“Shhh,” he whispered, stroking your hair.
-You let out an audible gasp at a scary-ish scene and Zen jumps too
-“Don’t worry, babe, I’m scared too, but I promise you’re safe,” he whispered.
-You tried not to grin
-But also felt kind of bad because he was still trying to protect you even though he was scared
-Sometimes I forget how sweet Zen is


-She’s kind of opposed to the idea at first
-“MC, I’ve not really watched any horror films but I doubt I’d be good with them,” she warned.
-But you’re excited about it
-And she can’t say no
-The two of you curl up on the couch and watch the film
-Jaehee looks to be handling it well, although she doesn’t seem that interested
-She’s actually terrified and dying inside please help her, MC
-When the film ends, she shrugs
-“I think I prefer musicals, but you have an interesting film choice,” Jaehee commented.
-It’s not until that night that you realise how much you screwed up
-Jaehee hugs you super tight and refuses to let go
-And you’re sure she’s having a nightmare, the poor thing
-After she lets out a muffled shriek in her sleep, you decide to wake her
-She jumps upon being awoken before realising where she is and immediately pulling you into her chest
-“MC, you’re safe!” she sighed in relief.
-“It’s okay, Jaehee, I’m here,” you promised.
-Now you feel really guilty
-Jaehee was right- you’ll stick to musicals from then on


-Honestly, he was just a bit confused
-He’d never watched a horror film before
-He’s a sucker for soap operas, though
-So he didn’t really understand a) why it was scary or b) why the characters were so stupid
-“Why did he just shout into an empty house, MC? It’s highly illogical.”
-Jumin, we love you, but shut up and watch the film
-Your plan to try and scare him didn’t really work, though
-He wouldn’t stop commenting
-“That was stupid. Looking behind you when you’re running slows you down.”
-“There’s a door at the back. Why don’t they check it instead of kicking a locked door?”
-You actually have to stop the film several times to explain that it’s ‘entertainment’
-He doesn’t find it funny
-You’re definitely sticking to Soap Operas


-As soon as you mention it, Seven is very ready
-A bit too ready
-He has the spooky lighting and sound effects prepared in the lounge
-And even drags Saeran to watch it with you
-Throughout the film, he laughs and doesn’t seem affected at all
-Instead, he tries to scare you and Saeran by occasionally going ‘boo’
-Watching a film with Seven is a nightmare
-Because the boy never concentrates on it
-Once the film’s over, Seven goes about his usual life, appearing unaffected
-You and Saeran are unconvinced
-So you decide to play a prank on him
-When he comes in from grocery shopping the following day, the house is in darkness
-You and Saeran are nowhere to be seen
-And Seven is getting slightly worried
-He’s still scared from the film
-Saeran plays a recording of the evil guy’s laugh from the film
-Seven immediately tenses
-You cast a shadow, having dressed up as the character
-“MC? Saeran?” Seven called out.
-“They’re gone,” you say in a gravelly voice which he hopefully won’t recognise.
-To your and Saeran’s satisfaction, Seven dives out the house again and closes the door
-After the two of you laugh for a solid minute, you quickly set the house right and pretend nothing happened
-He was scared of the film after all
-But he’s even more confused when he thinks he dreamed your prank


-Saeran says that he loves horror
-You don’t doubt him
-You choose a film and curl up on the couch to watch it
-It’s only halfway through when you realise
-You made a huge mistake
-As the first gunshot goes off
-You turn towards Saeran immediately
-Sure enough, he immediately tensed and it staring, wide-eyed, at the screen
-You don’t even hesitate to turn the TV off
-“Saeran? Saeran, are you ok?” you asked.
-He shook his head and started to hug his knees close to his chest
-Idiot! Why didn’t you think of this when you chose the film? you tell yourself
-Your priority is Saeran, though
-You hug him tightly to your chest and repeatedly remind him that it’s all in the past, that he’s safe now, that you’re here with him
-Saeran slowly comes around and hugs you back, tears falling from his eyes
-“Sorry, MC, I had a flashback- I couldn’t-” he croaked.
-“Hey, it’s ok. It’s my fault- I just want you to feel safe and happy,” you apologised.
-The two of you hug on the couch
-“How about we watch something else?” you asked.
-You both agree on children’s TV. It’s definitely safer and better watching


-He’s really not a horror person
-It’s not that he gets scared of it, he just doesn’t really like it
-However, after all the crazy drama with Rika
-He starts to sympathise with the main character
-And gets really invested
-You watch as your boyfriend sits on the edge of his seat, wondering how they’ll get out of the crazy cult the protagonist and their friends are trapped in
-Instead of bringing back horrible flashbacks, it reminds him of how glad he is to be out of that situation
-Of how glad he is to be with you now
-The film finishes and he turns to you with a smile
-“That was a really good film, actually. I’ve never really liked horror before,” V said.
-“Really?” you raised your eyebrows, shocked that he did actually enjoy it.
-You had been hoping to sneak in a cuddle session had he been scared
-“Yes, we’ll definitely have to watch them more often,” he nodded.
-You’re going to have to find some really spooky ones now
-So you can finally have your cuddle session

New York // Part 1

hi. um, sorry I haven’t been really active on here, I didn’t have any motivation to do any of the texts or write one shots or anything like that. although after Harry’s performance on snl I was like yanno what I really wanna write somet about it so here it is. well, the first part. I am planning on writing the part where he’s on set and stuff I just kinda had to intro the whole thing plus I guess it was about time I posted somet as well. hope you enjoy it, make sure to tell me if you have any ideas or if I should start one shots which are continueous? I’ve seen some people do that and it seems interesting, it’s not so much as a fanfiction because the events wouldn’t be happening after each other but they would have some connection. wow I’m rambling but tell me what you think! happy easter guys! 🐰 oh and you can follow me on my main blog which is hesasnowflake bc i kinda got back onto it? idk up to you. oh that’s also my twitter if you wanna give me a cheeky follow lmao shameless promo x have fun reading this tho also idk when part 2 will be out so keep an eye on this blog or just turn the post notifications on. lotta love, xoxo -b


Travelling was always one of my favourite things to do and so when it meant it will excuse me from doing other things I was supposed to, I just loved it that much more. Working on assignments wasn’t near as much fun as packing a suitcase, getting a plane ticket then driving to the airport and getting on a plane to get somewhere else in the world.

Honestly, there was nothing better.

Even though many people don’t like long flights I personally enjoyed it. I liked going on different planes, experiencing different journeys with different people. I know I might sound like a right weirdo at this moment and time but I’m only telling you the truth.

And so going back to the beginning, where I was saying I loved travelling just a little bit more when it meant I didn’t have to do certain things – well, at least for a little while – that was exactly the situation I was in right now.

My luggage was already checked in and I went through security as well so I had the chance to get myself a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks with a sandwich which I ate at one of the tables there. Feeling extra happy, I pulled my phone out of my hoodie pocket and pressed down on the button on the device so that my screen lit up. A smile made its way onto my face as I saw unread messages from my best friend who also happened to be my boyfriend.

Harry: you’re still coming right? I’m absolutely flipping nervous

Harry: oh crap I’ve gotta go, we’re doing an intro ad thing for the show. see you soon hopefully. love you x

A light chuckle left my lips as I clicked out of the message and opened another one from my lovely mother who was asking me if I made it onto the plane yet or if I’m still at home, lying around on the couch. Well what can I say I was never one to leave in time or make it in time to somewhere therefore I wasn’t surprised when I saw her messages.

Instead of texting her back, at which I was absolutely terrible but I think that was already shown when I never answered Harry, I clicked on her contact name and called her.

“Hey love, are you at the airport yet? Are you all checked in, yeah?” she asked me straight away, not even letting me take a breath before she flooded me with her questions.

But I guess mums will always be like this, right? And I should be grateful she’s like this with me because most children don’t have the opportunity to have a good relationship with their mothers or parents in general. 

“Hi mother, yes, I am at the airport and yes I am checked in,” I laughed as I lifted my cup full of hot coffee which may I add very rarely drank. I wasn’t the biggest fan of coffee but I needed it in that moment.

“Very well then,” she sighed. I heard soft clicking noises in the background so I knew she was working on something like she always did. It was as if she never stopped. If she wasn’t at work she was cleaning the house, the garden or doing extra work at home. I guess you could say she was really work-orientated, she liked keeping herself busy at all times. “Have you talked to Har yet?”

“Hmm,” I hummed as a huge smile appeared on my face again. My mum and dad called Harry “Har” and he loved it and it just made me very-very happy because they got along so well. “Although he had stuff to do so we didn’t talk on the phone.”

“Right, he is a busy man, isn’t he?”

“He is,” I agreed. “Anyways, I think I should get my laptop out and do some work so I don’t have to do all of it when I get back. I know for a fact I’m not gonna do anything while in New York.”

“That’s great thinking, my love. Looks like you inherited some of my drive to do work whenever wherever,” she laughed.

We talked for a few more minutes then she had to excuse herself because she had a Skype interview with one of the applicants or something like that. I guess you could say my mum was a boss-kinda-person at work meaning that she was an important member of the company she worked with.

While I had my laptop open and my drink in my hand I didn’t really do much although I didn’t expect any less or any more from myself. Basically, I just wasted my time until I had to pack my stuff away and get my arse on the plane. Which might I add was happy about. How could I not been happy about it?

Finally, I was going to New York. Not to mention the fact that I was also going to be seeing my amazing boyfriend who I miss very much.


Those eight hours on the plane didn’t even do anything to me. Probably because I slept all the way through which was clearly shown in the fact that my phone’s battery was dead since I forgot to plug it in once we were in the air and I was listening to music throughout the journey.

When I got through the security and immigration which was literally the longest bloody thing ever, I got my stuff then sat down inside and got my laptop out. It took me about fifteen minutes to connect to the free Wi-Fi which was terrible on its own so that just added to my stress and small amount of panic which was starting to build up within me.

I had to get a hold of Harry somehow because stupidly enough I didn’t tell him the time my flight would be arriving here and I also didn’t let him buy my tickets. Well, he helped me out because he truly insisted but he just transferred money onto my card, which honestly was more than I needed so I sent it back to him and only used a small amount of it, and I was the one who bought the tickets.

Once I was on the internet, I clicked on my messages which were blowing up, all of them from Harry. I didn’t even bother reading them I just clicked on the little bar and started typing out what I wanted to tell him before that stupid free Wi-Fi cut off.

Me: hii, I’m here and I’m stuck lol. my phone’s dead cos I never charged it on the plane so if you could come get me from the airport that would be lovely. sorry for not telling you when I was landing, I totally forgot. I’ll be outside but don’t bother replying bc the wifi is shit and I’ll probs won’t get your messages. I love you see you soon x

To send that message it took me like another ten minutes and just when I thought it would never go through, it said “Delivered” under it. I felt the built up pressure leave my shoulders as I almost closed my laptop off but then I saw his message pop right up.

Harry: good thing I have amazing connections right? I figured I’d find out when you’ll arrive because I know you and I had a feeling you’d end up stranded at the airport

Me: wait what you spied on me little fucker smh well at least you’re here right I’m really hungry haz hurry up please the wifi will go away pls xxxxxxx

Harry: get up your ass then and come out. I’m in a white Audi right as you come out the sliding glass doors

I smiled reading that message. I didn’t even bother putting my laptop away I just closed it down, put my backpack on my back then with my macbook in one of my hands and my suitcase in the other I started making my way out of the airport.

The sun was brighter than my future in that moment and I absolutely regretted not taking my sunnies out but it didn’t matter too much as soon as I set my eyes on the car which he mentioned in his text.

Squinting, I walked towards the car and as I was about to open the door, the window rolled down at the driver’s seat.

“Hey, what are you doing?” asked the lad as I looked at him, one of my hands coming in contact with my forehead so that I could keep the sun out of my eyes.

I could feel my cheeks heat up as I looked at the stranger, confusion taking over me completely.

“I-I’m so sorry sir, I thought-, my boyfriend,” I stuttered as I didn’t know what the actual hell to say. Was Harry seriously taking the piss? “I’m sorry, I’m going now,” I told the man as I reached out to my suitcase handle then pulled it behind myself.

I couldn’t believe how big of a dick Harry was. Did he find that amusing? Well, knowing his crazy ass he most probably did. And he definitely saw it all happening from one of the cars.

I crossed my arms once I put my laptop away in my backpack and leaned back on the seats. I honestly didn’t find this shit funny at the beginning then as I started to get over it, I begun to chuckle slightly until I realised I was shaking my head and grinning like crazy.

This was not the first time he had played me like that. We’re always like this with each other though. Some people would say we are too immature for our ages but I mean we couldn’t care less about their opinions. This was another reason why we worked so well together with Harry.

“Now that, my friend, was absolutely hilarious!” looking to my left I saw him walking closer, looking bloody gorgeous as always as his deep voice made a few people look at us.

His outfit was full black like always, his skinnies hugging his legs perfectly and his dark coloured shirt was so see-through you could easily make out the butterfly on his tummy and the swallows on his chest. He was fricking perfect and he knew it. Well, I was hoping he did because he was.

He was laughing by the time he got to me and all I did was shake my head and stood up, my hands still folded together and pressed against my chest.

“You’re just so funny, aren’t you?” I asked him, arching a brow while the tone of my voice was nothing but pure sarcasm.

“That I am, baby, that I am,” he smiled as he put his arms out, ready to pull me into a hug and boy did I waste any time? The fuck I didn’t! I almost flew into his arms, my body literally smacking into his and he had to take a few steps back as I basically fell onto him. “I missed you too, love,” he laughed quietly.

His arms wrapped around me in a tight hug, his chin resting on the top of my head then later he pressed a few kisses onto my hair. I hid my face in the crook of his neck as my hands wrapped around it and locked my fingers together at the nape of his neck. I sighed as I let myself melt in his touch, in his hug, in his arms.

“I love you,” I whispered as I pressed my lips against his skin for the shortest second then pressed my temple against his neck before I pulled away.

“I love you more,” he kissed my forehead as he let his hands slip off of me; down my arms and in the end he intertwined our fingers. Bringing them to his lips, he kissed my knuckles while he shut his eyes, not minding one bit that we were still out in the public.

Once he let go of me he took my hand in one of his hand and got my suitcase in the other one. I rolled my eyes as I saw we were nearing a black Audi and not a bloody white one. I could hear him chuckle as he opened the boot and put my luggage in and I just got in the passenger seat at the front.

Soon enough he was sitting next to me, buckling his seatbelt in and starting the car right away.

“Hand?” he held his right hand out to me as he looked to the left to see if any cars were coming and I just had to give in. Making sure my sigh was loud enough, I put my left hand into his and he once again intertwined our fingers. “I’ve gotta nip to the studio real quick to sign some papers with Jimmy. D’you wanna come or should I take you to mine first?”

“Whichever works for me,” I shrugged. “If yours is too out of the way I’ll just go with you and then we can get some food because I’m still starving then go home.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


And so that is what we did. Harry quickly went into the studio and he was out within ten minutes. I was dying at that point, my potential jetlag and hunger both doing my head in.

“Okay-okay, what d’you wanna eat, hm?” he asked me as his hand found its home on my thigh, gripping it a bit here and there.

“Dunno, don’t care,” I muttered. “Whatever’s close s’fine by me.”

“I’m guessing you don’t wanna go in, right?” I shook my head no and he hummed in response. “Have you ever had Taco Bell before?”

“Do I look like I spend all my time in America like some poeple?” I asked back sassily. I was tired and hungry with a headache on top. I wanted to cuddle Harry and sleep. And food of course.

“Drop the attitude, sunshine. I’m not up for it.”

“Well I’m not either so that makes two of us,” I told him right away. “Take your hand off of me now and take me home. I can’t be arsed getting food now.”


It took us twenty minutes to arrive at Harry’s penthouse that he rented while he was in New York or he owned it. I honestly didn’t have a clue and I couldn’t care less. I wanted a bed and nothing else. I was starting to get in a pissy mood and I didn’t like it because I knew Harry didn’t need my stress on top of his.

Throwing my stuff on the floor I found my way upstairs and into a bedroom which most probably wasn’t the one Harry was staying in because it was way too clean and I didn’t see anything in this room apart from the basics.

Shutting the door behind me rather strongly I plopped down on the bed, slowly crawling under the sheets and putting my head on the pillow. My eyes were shut right away and I felt content. Relaxed. Cool.

In that moment I also knew I should’ve stuck it out, taken my attitude back and get food instead of coming home but oh well. I made a scene already so it didn’t matter. Especially not after I fell into a deep slumber.

anonymous asked:

Hello. I am relatively new to your blog and I was just wondering if you have some tips on studying? Like links and all about studying in general.

Hi! Welcome, I hope you decide to stick area hah! Some simple tips would be:

  • always add a title and dates to your notes - Knowing when you learnt a particular topic can be handy for when exams are coming up and you need to study or when you need to organise your notes. Dates can also give you an indication of when you should be revising the material to ensure your remember it. Have a look at this post, it outlines the curve of forgetting and can help you determine when you should start studying.
  • read the textbook/reading material prior to your class - This helps give you an outline of the material so you can summarise and shorten your notes. You also have the opportunity to clarify anything you might not have understood from just reading.
  • use the layout of the textbook or syllabus to organise your notes - I found copying the headings and subheadings really helped simplify my notes and helped to ensure I was learning each section. If this is not for you, use the titles given by your teachers as mentioned before!
  • include different ways to show the information - Use mindmaps, bullet points, graphs, flow chats and symbols to help visualise the content. This also helps break up large blocks of text which can be boring to read. If you are like me and a bit of perfectionist, do these on a post-it note so it doesn’t have to be perfect or take up a lot of room!
  • have a small colour coding system - An extensive colour coding system is tricky to use in fast-paced classes where the teacher is quick to move on. Using a mixture of black, blue and red pens can help differentiate parts of your notes without having to change your pen constantly. My colour coding system can be found here.
  • make note of what your teacher is saying - They’re knowledgable in your subjects so be sure to pay attention to what is being said and not just what is on the board or powerpoint. You can use small post-it notes for this kind of thing!
  • add your own personal touch - Draw doodles, acronyms, ribbons and abbreviations in your notes. You can check out this and this as inspiration. Also this masterpost has some links to help illustrate your notes.
  • avoid distractions - Whilst in class it’s obviously best to be focused. Try sitting where you can see and hear well, put away your phone and only use your laptop if necessary. Chatting to friends can also make you miss important information so if you don’t help but talk, sit away from them.
  • make your study space productivity - make sure it is bright, clear and organised! Gather all the things you need so you don’t have to get up every 5 minutes. Also, if you can try to study away from your bed. You’ll be more inclined to sleep if you on it. Keep a glass of water and tissues close by.
  • set yourself up with a routine - this is how I prepare to study! It is a little weird but works for me. You’ll be able to develop your own!
  • pick out your top priorities - if you’re easily overwhelmed by long to-do lists, pick out the top three or five things that need to get done and focus on them. 
  • remove all distractions - if you can reduce the amount of time you spend on homework, there is going to be a better chance of fitting in half an hour or hour of actual studying! My top tips for removing distractions include: using Forest to stay on task and not use my phone - you can see a post with lots of time management/productivity manage apps here; have a “brain dump”/“procrastination page” where you write down anything that bothers you during a study session!
  • don’t multitask - yes it is so tempting but it’s going to ruin your ability to focus on the actual class. Josh Kaufman says that with multitasking, you’re basically asking your brain to bring whatever you’re doing into working memory. By multitasking, you’re making your brain load and reload contexts over and over. Diverting your attention over and over is just going to tire out your brain and therefore, equal a loss of focus.
    develop your discipline - this is the best way to get yourself into the habit of studying. By doing something each day, rewarding yourself and getting positive reinforcement you’ll be more inclined to study and not feel such strong resistance.listen to some music - I know it’s recommend to listen to instrumental music or soundtracks but honestly the music you enjoy is going to put you in a good mood. Blast it for a little bit, get hyped up! Then turn it down but have in low in the background. As long as it’s not taking over, there isn’t a problem having it playing quietly.
  • find a friend to help keep you accountable - friends are always looking out for you so why not get them to help you with your studies!? Tell them what you’ve got to do and allow them to keep up on your progress every now and then. Hopefully, you won’t want to let them down! x
Run Away Baby Ch. 5 (Steve Rogers x reader)

Hey lovelies! So, school is over in four weeks and then I’m free to stay at home all day to write and eat ice cream! Yay! I just have to get through some performances, an audition, and finals. But thank god that it’s May because I am sooo done with school. Anyways, I’ve finally gotten to write the next chapter of “Run Away Baby” and I hope you all enjoy the severe angst. I love you guys, and thank you for 1.5k. Much love to you all, xoxo

Description: Pregnant with Steve Rogers’ child, your husband, you’re a happily married couple. He moved you to the countryside, trying to keep you away from as much harm as possible. Isolated, and by yourself most of the time, you always worried about him when he went away. But, marriage couldn’t have been better for the two of you for the three years since you had taken his last name. But, one night, when Steve’s out on a mission, you get a call from Nick Fury telling you to get as far away from your house as possible.  

Warnings: Death and angst. please be wary, this chapter relates to a very sensitive topic which is losing a baby. Please, if it is too much for you, I suggest avoid reading this chapter.

Chapter 4


“She’s going to be okay. Well at least physically she will recover, but I do have to warn you about how her mental state will be in when she wakes up.” The doctor folded his hands together as he spoke with Bucky and Fury outside of your room. “I suggest staying with her at all times, being there for her, and if things take a turn for the worse, please don’t hesitate to contact me.” 

Fury placed a hand on the doctor’s shoulder. “Thank you. Thank you for doing all that you could.” The man nodded, taking Fury’s free hand and shaking it before walking down the hall, and disappearing around the corner. He turned to Bucky. “Can you watch and protect her? I need to deal with this Rogers issue that we have on our hands.” 

Bucky clenched his jaw at the mention of Steve. “He’s not going to lay a hand on her.”

“Oh, don’t worry. That’s not going to happen on my fucking watch.” Fury’s usual hard tone softened a little with his next sentence. “But, I need you to stay with her while I make sure that doesn’t happen. Take care of her for me, okay?” 

“I will, don’t worry. She’ll be safe with me.” Bucky looked into your room and his gaze landed upon your beaten up, sleeping figure. “I promise that nothing will happen to her as long as I’m with her.” 

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wowy, another ff in celebration of 2.9k??? how am i almost to 3k this is absurd! i’m gonna do something big for 3k so be on the lookout

I’m gonna make this a little wordy because I have been dying to say all of this to you guys since the first ff i ever made for this blog. Through the months i’ve had this blog, i have created the most beautiful friendships i could possibly ever have, i get to interact and talk to so many of you on the day to day about dnp, music, movies, literally everything imaginable. I get to showcase my love for aesthetics, creating content for my blog, as well as post videos of me singing in my bedroom and playing guitar. All of this has lead me to such an extraordinary amount of happiness and i’m honestly so grateful for making the decision to make this blog. thanks to being a part of the phandom, i’ve become more and more driven in my music career than i ever thought I would be and i have you guys to thank for that. Your words of encouragement and overwhelmingly sweet comments is what truly pushes me to work my ass off and in time, i hope for this to become a successful career bc i can’t see myself doing anything else. <3 

never did i think being in a fandom would do so much for my life. thank you guys for following me, support me in my craft and liking the stuff i post, and for always being kind and genuine and just overall incredibly beautiful soft talented people. i love every one of you individually!! 

to show more of my love, i wanted to do a lovely follow forever. i will mostly include the people i talk with the most, the mutuals i consider pals, as well as my best friends in my gc’s (some people will have paragraphs sooo it’s going to be really long just a warning!!! ) <3

mentions under the cut <3 

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Hiveswap’s out soon!

Y'all already knew the above, but I might as well remind people I’m still alive by reiterating my plans for it.

  • Yes, I’m still planning on liveblogging my playthrough of Hiveswap. Probably video format, since it’s easier.
  • I still get this tight feeling in my stomach whenever I think about the way Homestuck ended and have to quickly think about something else instead. Hopefully won’t get in the way of my playthrough though.
  • I’m not going to start playing/liveblogging on the day of release, likely; I’m going to do it soon for sure, but I’m not sure HOW soon. Some sinus issues have been gobbling up all my vacation days, so taking the week off work I’d planned to for this might not be as easy as I’d hoped.

I’ll keep you all posted; this is the one thing I absolutely want to follow through on, blogways. Maybe the last thing…? I’m not sure. We’ll see how much I can constructively contribute with this LP, then go with what feels right from there I guess.


EDIT: Oh! One last thing I wanted to mention: Dropbox recently changed their image and HTML linking policy, and since that’s where I hosted the majority of my stuff, I’m sure a lot of links and images around my blog are probably broken. (Or at the very least the few HTML compilations, like my Wizardology or SBaHJ archives.) I’m going to go about fixing that in maybe a week or two.

Happy accidents

This is written for Kim AKA @ilostmyshoe-79 and her sweet emotions challenge for hitting 27k followers  (woo!) I picked ‘coping’. Not 100% certain if this works but hopefully you all enjoy it anyway :)

Word count: 837

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared and Gen

Warnings: mentions of injury to reader

A/N: this is a work of fiction and in no way is hatred towards the Ackles! They’re awesome! Just pretend Danneel is happily loved up with another hunky man for this

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anonymous asked:

If you follow Kelly mulderswaterbed and / or Rose crossedbeams you should unfollow. They're danger and they lie and now Rose says she has connections to Gillian and knows what she's talking about with Morgan. Why aren't you and others like J.H.H. calling her fucking bluff?

I want to address this in a way that answers as bluntly as possible, because this entire situation is getting out of hand.

I think most people will agree, because it’s well known in the fandom, that Rose met Gillian during a day where Gillian was in at the publisher to sign copies of her Earth End saga books.  We can also agree that Rose spoke about it before it happened, as well as after.  Both she and Kelly talked - widely and to many people - about how Rose took Kelly in with her to meet Gillian.  Following that meeting, Rose explained in a post that she wouldn’t be talking about what went on during her day, yet she did, because details got around fairly quickly, from both her and Kelly.

If you don’t know what was said, it went as follows.  This was all supposedly, no matter who heard it, private and not told to anyone else.  Except, the problem was, a lot of people knew because it was told to a lot of people.  Apparently, according to Rose, Gillian made a comment about spending the summer with her boyfriend.  There was no name attached to it, and most everyone will remember that summer was when Gillian and David were both in LA with their respective children, and during the same time period.  It was also the same time when others decided to attack those who believe in Gillovny because they didn’t like seeing posts concluding David and Gillian were vacationing together.  The idea of a car that David was driving for everyone particularly offended some. They felt it was disrespectful to Gillian and accused those who stand firm on Gillovny as being “lost in fantasy”.  So, IF, and it’s a big if, Gillian did make a comment about spending the summer with a boyfriend, it isn’t a stretch by any means to conclude that it was with David.  Also, her not attaching a name to the supposed narrative would also fit with maintaining their privacy.
Gillian also supposedly talked about The Crown and its production.  That’s not unusual in and of itself, because it’s a project, and regardless of what capacity she’s associated to it in, talking about it would be from a professional standpoint.  
But there was more.  There were parts of the story that were originally shared, such as the boyfriend writing a screenplay about Fleetwood Mac, that were changed and finally, omitted entirely. The boyfriend had supposedly been watching Fleetwood Mac rehearse in a closed rehearsal and had invited his girlfriend to go with him.  Due to time constraints, she was unable to attend, but he went.  These things were told to many people.  The only concert Fleetwood Mac held this summer was for an MLB event in conjunction with The Dodgers. We know David’s love of baseball, The Dodgers and how he’s loosely tied in to the MLB, including having narrated one of their recent videos.  But then along came the Washington Post article that said Gillian was “with” Peter at the NY premiere.  We could easily get into semantics about what “with” someone means and what it doesn’t, but hopefully we can all agree that it was an easy way for the reporter to add a reference to the story that included Gillian’s presence and another reference to a Netflix co-property (The Fall). The story of the boyfriend that Gillian spent the summer with suddenly turned into Peter Morgan being the one she was referencing, and it spread like wildfire from there.  It’s not a secret that tabloid “reporters” hang out on Twitter and Tumblr and try to find tidbits for stories that they can pick up.  That’s been known for years and it’s easy for them to find something getting enough attention online and then to say it’s a “thing” and write about it.  I know there are people in the fandom who insist that Page Six is well sourced, but there are others who are reputable and also in journalism who’ll say the opposite, and logical people who aren’t connected to journalism at all who automatically roll their eyes at any mention of Page Six, because, IT ISN’T A NEWS PAGE.  It’s gossip.  Nothing more.  Sources often turn out to be nothing, because who does Page Six have to prove anything to? They get the page hits, they get the readers, and they know what story types draw more eyes.  Whether someone in the fandom used their connections to call in “info” from a fandom source is something that most of us are aware of and opinions vary.  It isn’t a stretch to believe it.  And if it wasn’t a fandom person with connections, tabloid reporters can read and they love juicy freak-outs, like was happening over the “with” in the Washington Post.  

All of these details were supposed to be, according to Rose and Kelly, very private and told to only a few people.  They weren’t.  They were told to many.
There’s also the question of how much of this is true and where the professionalism standards lie.  It’s hard for me, and for many who’ve heard these stories, to believe that Gillian, who’s notoriously guarded about her private life with strangers, would suddenly start sharing details about her boyfriend, their summer, and what he’s writing a screenplay on.  Gillian’s not stupid, contrary to what some people may think. Her memory is also not as poor as others keep insisting.  She’s a smart woman, very aware of her surroundings and what happens when things are said.  So it’s hard for me to believe that she would go into an uncontrolled setting and start talking about private topics to people she didn’t know and to people who she had no way of making sure wouldn’t twist the story into something else entirely.  Maybe she did, though, and in that case, Rose’s original story was about a boyfriend with no name attached, and both Gillian and David spent most of their summer in LA, at the same time.

The professionalism aspect is just as troubling, for many reasons.  Why would you take a friend with you to a work event happening during your work day? This wasn’t an evening party.  This was a client of the publishing house showing up for work, as well, because signing books IS work, regardless of how simple it is. Why would a supervisor even allow that?  Why would someone think it’s all right to try that? Work events are just that.  They’re for employees who are bound by standards (and, in many cases, strict restrictions) and are expected to carry those standards with them for everything work related, regardless of what forum or environment they’re in.  And for anyone participating in such an event, why would it even for a moment, be thought of as all right to share the details with virtually anyone and everyone?  Why would any materials that someone would receive through their job suddenly be all right to discuss openly, whether on a private side-blog or not?  Especially in the world of publishing, where leaks of books before their release dates can easily have a detrimental effect?  

So fast-forward to today.  The accepted “facts” now by the majority are that Gillian has been dating PM for many months, and some have said back to January.  Suddenly, there are a vast number of people on the non-Gillovny side who have a “source” who’s “confirmed” for them that Gillian’s been talking about her boyfriend, PM.  Him being at HB really needs to be logically discounted, because The Crown has a strategic partnership with Harper’s Bazaar.  Others can argue this all they want, and complain that PM would have no reason to be at a women’s event, but that’s not how professional events within entertainment, as well as other fields, work.  At some point, it’s obvious that Netflix and PM agreed that he would be their representative of the project going forward.  This is normally discussed and agreed upon in the negotiation stages for most projects, again, regardless of what field.  It has to be laid out as part of the marketing plan ahead of time, and can’t be approached haphazardly.  So PM being the voice and face of The Crown was probably decided long ago.  Also, if you still don’t like that explanation, it’s essential to remember that he and Gillian (and Elizabeth Hurley, who was also at the table) belong to the same agency.  It’s common for agencies to sit their clients together where there is no specific assignment according to project.  Once you remove HB from the equation, because PM would have been there regardless of whether Gillian was or not, you’re left with the GGs.  Gillian was in The Crown’s prep suite, where the photo was taken and PM was in the background.  That means virtually nothing, because everyone had to be there at one time.  Gillian’s tweeted a photo of a hotel room she’s stayed in before, and it’s an actual room, not a grand suite for 100 people.  Then, she walked the red carpet alone.  In Hollywood, that means you ARE alone.  It’s done to send a message.  If you want a different message to be understood, you walk it with someone.  Simple.  The only thing Gillian did was sit with PM at the same table.  Not unusual, because she’s obviously associated to The Crown in some way, whether through a future role or a future producer position.  She attended the after-party with him, and again, that wasn’t unusual because she was in his company.  I’m sure some of you will be more than happy to argue with me that it means she was his date and they’re together. It’s more than possible for a woman to be in the company of a man on a completely professional basis and not be his date.  If people haven’t figured that out yet, then I can’t help them.

There was no kiss at the door of the car.  There was no holding hands walking out to the car.  There was no mouthing of “I love you” before Gillian got into the car.  At the table, when The Crown won, there was no kiss lean-in from Gillian that PM didn’t meet.  Those things didn’t happen.  Making slow-motion gifs won’t change fact.  And it’s well known that gifs can change what things look like.  For comparison, way back, there were some gifs made of the pilot episode where Gillian and David are in the rain.  In gif format, it looks like, once they’re leaving the cemetery, that David leans over and kisses Gillian’s head.  But go and watch the episode.  That isn’t what happens at all and the gifs distort what’s seen because of the way they’re cut.  So they’re not a reliable indicator.  They’re fun, but for the actual truth, you need to look at the video.  So yes, Gillian obviously traveled to the after-party with PM.  Again, there’s nothing uncommon about that and it had no real meaning.  (And yes, I’d be saying the same if it were David and Gillian.)  The photos of Gillian around PM show a reserved woman who’s very aware of her body language and keeping her body, arms and hands close to herself.  She glowed, but only when she was apart from PM.  Every photo of her with him had their bodies separate.  No arms around each other, no sitting close together, and no particular warmth or excitement from Gillian.  PM was more interested in his award (and, alternately, his phone) than he was in her. Of course, those are snapshots of only moments in time; but that’s why they’re so telling.  They were snaps taken when the subjects in the picture weren’t posing and weren’t aware of it.   And again, in the ones where they did pose, the interaction was distinctly professional.

You can easily see how this spiraled out of control.  Whether Gillian even said anything in the first place is questionable.  If you believe it, that’s fine, but then you have to set aside knowing that everyone in the fandom knew about something that was supposed to be private, according to Rose herself, and that the story morphed as it went along.  Then you have to set aside the questionable professional decisions that included taking Kelly in to a work event she had no place being at.  Then you have to set aside never having heard about PM until the Page Six rumour, which was based solely on the fandom freak-out and potentially a fandom member who was a close friend of Rose’s becoming the “source” that was referred to.  Then you have to set aside the fact that Gillian threw all caution to the wind and started sharing personal details about her life with virtual strangers.  Then you would have to set aside the factual details about Fleetwood Mac’s concert and where and what it was associated to. 

But no matter what you choose to do, you need to stop and think about whether or not you’ll accept as fact something that has so many holes to the story, something that’s professionally unacceptable and crosses all boundaries, and something that’s been shared with countless people.  Because truly private details stay private.  Truly professional people remain such, whether at work or outside of it.  And facts which are true are not going to be shared by celebrities in detail with strangers when they’re not widely and publicly known.  That’s the job of their PR teams.  Think about why so much of this is wrong and what parts don’t make sense, and think about how this story has morphed into something that it isn’t.

Because there’s a lot to think about.

GaaLee Summer Fest: The Summertime of Love

It’s finally time to take another stab at a proper GaaLee fest! For those who don’t know, back in 2010 and again in 2011, I attempted to hold GaaLee exchanges that both had to be canceled due to lack of participants. Hopefully, this time will be different! It seems that the GaaLee community is a bit more broad and a bit more diverse and a bit more active! So without further ado: 

(banner art by @rockgaara)

The GaaLee Summer Fest: The Summertime of Love

Sign-ups: May 22nd-June 15th
Prompt Claiming: June 16th-June 30th
Submissions Due: September 1st 
Posting: September 2nd-October 1st (depending on how many entries)

Sign-ups for the GaaLee fest will stake place from now until June 15th to hopefully give plenty of people time to see this and take part. We are looking for artists, writers, betas, and pinch-hitters! There needs to be at least 10 people committed to the fest before we move forward with prompts, because a fest really isn’t a fest without people! Once everyone has signed up, prompt claiming will begin. One person per prompt! After that, you will have two months to write or draw your assignment. Betas will be assigned to writers who don’t already have a beta. Pinch-hitters will be contacted as needed. 

Follow @puregaalee and the tag #gaaleefest17 for updates! If you want to meet your fellow participants, the aforementioned tag is a great way to do so!

This is a general fest, but in the future, if this goes well, we will have more theme-focused fests and exchanges. In this case, I chose ‘Summertime of Love’ because this is really just about having fun and getting people excited to be involved in the GaaLee fandom again. 

Below the cut there is going to be a lot of info, so bear with me. 

Now for the rules and the proper sign-up forms: 

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anonymous asked:

Headcannons for how Gaara would realize he likes someone and how he confesses to them. Extra points if you add in that person confessing to him (but being rejected) beforehand! I love your blog btw!! 😙

Oh god am I rusty, but I figured you deserved more then just a few headcanons given how long you guys have been waiting. Hopefully I get back into the swing of these a bit better and they don’t all end up taking 3 hours to write a few words ;w;

Anyway, everyone likes some sweet Gaara fluff right? Right. Enjoy!

~Mod Whipski

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