hopefully the angst will bring them together

Our Last Night ||| Soulmate!AU  |Preview|

“What’s the difference between the love of your life and a soulmate?” I asked.
“One is a choice, and one is not”


Word Count: ????
Genre: Angst | Fluff | Romance | Smut
Pairing: Reader(She) x Jungkook 
Triggers: Depression, Mention of suicide, lots of angst tbh, Mature content.

A/N: So, this is my very first finished two part fic of Jungkook. It took a lot of time to develop. 
 Here is a sneek peek, hope you like it :) and thanks to everyone for the support :). I will be revising the final details and post it hopefully tomorrow. >3<  Thanks for reading~!


~Sneek Peek~

Will that happen thought? Will I simply forget about him? About all, we did together?

Slowly, you crouch to sit down; your jeans completely damp, the water rising due to your weight, and wetting your shirt; hugging your legs, you bring them closer to your chest.

No, I’m not gonna forget, Not at least the actions…but I’m gonna forget how he makes me feel, won’t I?

I’m gonna forget the butterflies, I’m gonna forget the tickling he leaves over my skin every time he touches me; how bad it burns. 

The water begins to drip over the edge of the tub.

I’m gonna forget how the world turns and disappears when he graces his lips over mine, how my heart hurts whenever he chuckles because I’m too weak, and I grab his shirt pulling him in despising the none existent, and yet, very present distance between us. 

It falls down onto the tiles of the floor, but you can’t hear it.

How my heart jumps on my chest every time he smiles at me.

The sound of the water flushing,   blurs in the back of your mind. Gradually slithering down the door. 

I’m gonna forget how much I always need him. How much he means to me.

You slide down, slowly, the polished material of the tub offering no resistance, until your head is completely under the water. 

I’m gonna forget…

Your eyes close.

I’m gonna forget…

Then, a knock on the door.

I’m gonna forget…

The knocks repeat and repeat, more intensely, more aggressive, and there’s a voice…too muffled to bring you back from the reverie.

I’m gonna forget…

How much I love him…

The water around you stirs.

Cold strikes suddenly, and your body is lifting from the blanket of water, your eyes open and your mind wakes up from the disheartening vile cycle that’s going through. 

Taking a deep, and long breath, the air enters your lungs painfully. You are aware of everything happening, you can hear the water dripping from your clothes, the faucet still running, the big “flop” of waves behind you when you are taken from the tub.

And Jungkook, shouting your name.

“y/n!” he wails “y/n!” he repeats desperately, calling for you. “y/n! What the fuck are you trying to do?”

He is holding you in his arms,  eyes moving rapidly along your face. 

You stare at him, completely confused in your daze. 

He is angry, you can tell by the wrinkle that is formed between his eyebrows, but also, his features are filled with anguish, eyes teary and his mouth trembles while saying your name.

“Jungkook…” your voice weak and feeble. ‘I love you’  You confess inwardly. 

“Jesus fucking Christ y/n…what were you thinking?!” He scolds.

Carefully he steps back, carrying you outside the flooded bathroom. 

You can’t see the mess, but you can hear, even after you are being moved to the bedroom, some light splash of water on the floor. 

You lift your chin,  eyes focused on his teary features. 

I love you. 

Our Last Night ||| Soulmate!AU Pt1 - Read Here 

I Choose This

I Choose This by Speary
Rating: T
Word Count: 21,800
Summary: They almost kissed, but he had to open his mouth and ruin it all. Dean wanted to fix it, and Christmas seemed like just the time to set things right. Hopefully, Cas can stop hunting Lucifer for long enough to join them at Jody’s house for the holiday season.

2016 has sucked. And you know what I need right now? Some sweet, family-driven fluff. And here it is!! This season 12 fic brings together delicious fluff with just a pinch of angst. Since Mary’s idea of Christmas dinner is take out and Dean is looking for an excuse to nest, cooking Christmas dinner at Jody’s just makes sense. Everyone is there except Cas. When he does show up, it is not without concern and those somewhat terrifying words, “Please trust me”. What follows soothed my shipper’s heart and gave me everything I wanted for the holidays. 

anonymous asked:

This is just a thought, but so far all of the Spriggan 12 (that we've seen) have had magic that is either unheard of or far greater than what we've expected. So what if Invel is more than just an Ice mage? I was thinking he is either an Ice God Slayer or perhaps his ability is one that can manipulate any form of ice in all properties (so like ice, water and steam). I think that would be so interesting to see if he went up against gruvia.

Yes even Makarov said he didn’t know the full extent of Invel’s abilities, just that he is aware Invel uses ice magic. Invel’s name (which when translated into Japanese is “Imber”) means “rain storm” or “violent/pouring rain” in Latin so there’s speculation that he is definitely much more than an ice wizard, and thus perfect for Gray and Juvia, as he might embody the combo of water and ice himself. Therefore, anyone still doubting Gray and Juvia will fight him together, already his name and what we know of his specialty, give away who his opponents should be. ^_~

In any case, I agree, there’s clearly more to Invel than what we’ve heard and seen so far. We also know absolutely nothing about his personality, but he’s obviously powerful enough to be Zeref’s right hand man, so what he will potentially do against Gray and Juvia is I’m sure going to present a major challenge to them. 

I’m looking forward to whatever the fight brings, which will hopefully be lots of angst please lol. ^__^