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positive things we can take from this chaos

1. it makes the show more realistic. one of my most favorite thing from yoi is how they present yuuri’s anxiety, usually it would be cured by the power of love but that’s not how it works???? it doesn’t magically disappear and i’m pretty sure there is a law in the universe that anxiety has to fuck up your relationship with people at least once ha h a so yeah but i hope viktor and yuuri can navigate through this because even tho anxiety is a bitch you can absolutely try to teach it a lesson once of twice???
2. his losing actually would make his winning later even better, you won’t feel the same rush of happiness if everything is okay, you won’t be surprised. it is actually a thing called hedonistic treadmill, it basically says that humans are never satisfied, after feeling pleasure we will seek a higher level of pleasure. so even tho this week sent us to hell hopefully next week will taste even sweeter
3. if yuuri is to win, his yuri on ice performance has to be downright spectacular. i hope it can break world record and also my heart because i love that performance the most with all my being and yes please destroy me in the last episode
4. I AM ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT EPISODE!!!!! i have been dreading watching this anime end i don’t want it to end i want to watch it go forever but this actually makes me want to know what will happen next how will they resolve everything can i have the wedding yet
5. tho basically i’m just in pain and trying to keep my remaining sanity in tact please give my sons happiness

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hey im trying to advance with my italian in prep for my gcse's and i need to improve my listening / speech so do you know any site that can help with that? And also do you know of any italian youtubers that i could try? x

To improve your speech, I would suggest finding a language exchange partner from italki or a website like My Language Exchange, and if you feel comfortable enough, you can practice with those language partners over Skype :D Or if any of my followers speak Italian and is willing to help out, reply to this ask or something so that anon can message you :D 

As for Italian Youtubers, I did a bit of digging, and here’s what I found: 

- Frank Matano (general humour, gaming, social experiments) (link)

- Cane Secco (vlogs, sketches, general) (link)

- Makeup Delight (beauty, makeup) (link)

- Willwoosh (general humour) (link)

- ClioMakeUp (makeup tutorials, vlogs) (link)

- Italia’s Got Talent :DDD (link)

- St3pNy (gaming, vlogs) (link)

- An Italian Documentary with Italian subs :DDD (link)

- Easy Italian (Italian + Eng subs) (link)

Buona fortuna :DDD

♥ For mine to accidentally bite yours too hard while kissing.

There’s a faint hiss from Oliver in the middle of the kiss. Tonuge darting over towards where he taste the metalic taste of blood and immeditly looks back over towards Emily.

You ok? “

Hopefully she didn’t taste the blood or else someone’s mouth would be burning and not in the good way. 

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What do you think is in munakata's head whenever he sees awashima's ass squeezed inside that tight, short uniform of hers?

Hopefully “I should really find Awashima-kun a longer skirt.” Or possibly “That’s the last time I let Roy Mustang design my female officer uniforms.” Or “How do I gracefully admit that the skirt was a joke that I’ve been waiting for her to call me out on for years.” Also possibly “I should ask Awashima-kun for tips on how she keeps her behind so firm, I have been wanting to work on my glutes.” Or “Fushimi-kun would really look magnificent in that skirt.” There’s all kinds of possibilities, really.

Confession:  I recently got introduced to the DA world and I love and hate that your decisions decide the fate of this world. I love how personal it is but I hate actually choosing. I have a hard enough time deciding what to eat for dinner yet I’m the one who chooses who will rule a country! My only wish is to have more control/decision making in your relationship beyond who you’re in a relationship with.

Watching this white lady melt down over Viola Davis’s awesome Emmys acceptance speech on Twitter has been enlightening.

40 year old aged white tears hopefully taste good because this lady is squeezing them out like a leaky fire hydrant. Stay in your lane, Nancy. If you gave a shit about ALL women, you’d have appreciated and celebrated Viola’s win and respected her extremely valid point.