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I respect the opinion of my elders, but just an open query about the charges brought against my generation:

For not working hard enough: where is the evidence. When we were younger you told us you started from a small job and climbed your way to the top. When we are flipping burgers it’s because we didn’t apply ourselves. When you did it, it was shouldering the future by suffering in the present. When we ask for the money to buy bread, it is shameful. When others went on strike in the name of labor conditions, it was heroic. When we ask for more, we never deserve it. So how did you get here? Did you never sit up and demand the world give you what was rightfully yours? How hard working is hard enough?

We are illerate, use slang instead of language, shun poetry: did I just imagine the “rad” bloom of the 70’s? Is it because you can’t catch our tongues in your hands? Is it because our poetry is now published beyond books, beyond the control of one voice, beyond you? That our language doesn’t need your approval to evolve? When you drew political pictures of us asking how to turn a book on, you laughed at our ignorance. When the tables turned, when we were shown to be the most literate and well-read generation on record, you scratched the mirror. You said it was our lazy nature. A body rotting. Because we read trash, or we read into things, or we write loudly and it bothers you. Why does it bother you?

School is too easy: What was it like going to school without being worried about a shooting? Did you ever cower like we have, like I did, like our friends, crying muffled in your hands because you love your parents and now have no time to tell them? What was it like, dear, in a world where my standardized testing scores would have broken your curve and I didn’t even get perfect. What part is the easy part. Is it the highest recorded level of anxiety? Is it the rising teenage suicide rates? Is it the eating disorders, body dismorphia, self harm, self destruction? Tell me, have you seen - there’s a show called “Are you Smarter Than A 5th Grader.” It’s very funny. In it, bright young kids show adults that what we’re learning didn’t even exist in common knowledge while they were in school. Tell me. If you were up against our 5th grade curriculum, who would win? No, I’m sure you’re fine. You learned it all in high school.

We want too many free things: What was it like to want for nothing? What was it like to have a certainty that hard work leads to a bright future. What was it like imagining being rich instead of imagining just being rich enough to eat good food. What was it like, not being worried that a broken leg would cost you an entire apartment? Do you know they hate us so much they would rather see us die than bring down the price of an EpiPen. And since I know you love the idea of us abusing the system, tell me, where do I go to expose the lie about my life-threatening allergy? How do I fake it, because I’d like to opt out of it, and while I’m at it my mental illness, and while I’m at it can you take my chronic pain please. And since I know that the answer is to go to school and get a degree so I can be worthy of not dying, just another question: are you aware fifty thousand dollars a year is equivalent to a house. I could buy a house instead of going to college. Since you’re good at this, while we’re talking, I have two siblings. Which of the three of us gets the money? Go on. Look at us. Choose. Who goes hungry?

We’re entitled: yes, please, give me a deed, give me land, give me better than winning the lottery. What I’m entitled to is life, liberty and the pursuit of profit, am I not? So where are any of the above? Where did the jobs go? Why do you jail people for small crimes but free the criminals? And my life? This life? I end where my body begins, I am cut off from the nation’s decisions about what I can put in or take out of me. And me? I’m safe because I’m white-passing. Don’t the bodies pile up? Aren’t we entitled to justice? Aren’t we entitled to an answer? A response from the government? More than just speeches about how riots won’t solve things? Aren’t we entitled to a fair trial? To freedom of speech? Was it not our common fathers who fought for these things?

We’re lazy: Where? Who has the money? I’ve been working since I was 12, am I just an anomaly? Or do you just ignore those who don’t fit your story? All those student-run engineering projects that are changing history. All those protests. The art world, shifting. All these adults who demand more - do they count as lazy or as entitled? What were you doing at our age? Did it really look all that different?

We don’t listen to real music, don’t like real art, are loud, are too busy partying: We changed and you didn’t keep up. Is that’s what’s so startling?

We are sucked up into the Internet, wouldn’t drop the phone if the apocalypse was happening: my phone has my family on the other end of it. Do you not save pictures from a burning building? Do you really care so little for others you’d stick to the old ways entirely instead of texting? Oh sure, yes, a letter is pretty, I love them. But just asking for a friend: What do I do in an emergency with only a pencil. And I don’t mean to downsize the problem because I mean it’s not like you took Polaroids of your friends at sunset - right? - and it’s definitely wrong of us to want memories of a really nice night, but, just curious, did you post that opinion on the Internet? Was seeing others on the Web what made you upset? Maybe - this is just a crazy idea that popped up into my head - you should go take a walk, go outside, disconnect.

We do everything different: Yes. Because we were raised on the cusp of the next great Renaissance. We are in somewhere new, a galaxy of expansion that doesn’t rely on you. That knows more than you do. That doesn’t function the way you expect it to. How rose-colored is the past to you? The place where you erase AIDS and drug abuse in an effort to tell us we are a terrible youth. Where you don’t talk about the marches that happened around you. How painted do you picture it, simply because you had to physically look in a book to learn something new? How do you turn your eyes to a world where war sits on our necks, our earth melts, our populations swell, our people starve, and we are powerless in it all - and say, “It’s your fault.”

It’s our fault. The housing market, somehow related to our obsessive need for safe spaces, I’m sure, because our dreams no longer lie in yards but rather something big enough for at least a bed, and hopefully with tasteful curtains, and you have no idea what a safe space is. The certain failure of the two-party political system, maybe somehow due to our political correctness - we are, after all, rude enough to never open doors for old ladies or just let you be racist - how we controlled the media, how our desires drove this. Our request for trigger warnings and correct pronouns is a burden, and I see that now, because our special snowflake syndrome really does hurt you as a person; while your ongoing use of torture in corrective therapy is only a problem if you’re actually looking. You’re so right about so many things. When you beat us to correct us, it’s your child and it’s your right; when it’s our bodies we ask to have rights over - well, what did we expect? It’s our fault. The crushing debt, the companies that own our government, the privatization of prisons, the unrightful searches, the human trafficking and abuse of sex workers, the gun violence, the pharmaceutical industries which control our doctor’s choices, the climate change you only just started to admit is happening, the extinction of species worldwide - we are responsible for both pollution and poaching, the lead in our water, the death in our streets. So what do you get from it? From dismissing us? From quitting on us before the race begins? From forgetting who exactly raised us kids?

Now, I was told that the problem is that we too often point to bigotry. That we hide behind pointing out your sexist comments instead of realizing the truth your words wrought. I was told we are so focused on our victories, of a world that rallied for marriage equality, for gender expression, for the safety of survivors, for a healing nation - we call out instead of calling on. So I’m calling on you, Generation X kids. Here’s your free one. No bigotry spoken of. So speak. Explain what exactly you mean.

I get it. We asked for a country. The land is borrowed from your children, they tell me.

Now why are you so afraid when we show up and start collecting?

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Warning: like one swear word

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“Thank you, Klaus. For making my shitty birthday turn into a great one” I thank Klaus as he walks me up to my door

“No thanks needed love, I’m just glad you had a good birthday” he replies earnestly

“(Y/n)!” we both hear from behind us, we both turn and see Damon

“What do you want Damon?” I say annoyed

“Yes, what do you want? Haven’t you messed up enough?” Klaus says, getting into a protective stance in front of me. I look to Klaus with a look of adoration, no one, not even Damon, has protected me as much as Klaus has and is. This makes me think of all the times Klaus went after my friends and I realized that not once has Klaus put me in immediate danger and has always kept me safe and out of the line of fire between him and my friends, even though it was difficult when Elena and Damon would put me back into it.

“What are you talking about I’m her boyfriend and you’re the enemy” Damon spits out

“Do you really- “Klaus starts

“Actually Damon right about now you’re not my boyfriend and Klaus has been a better friend to me then my actual friends and he has been the only one to not betray me and oh I don’t know, sleep with one of my best friends, so if you would be so kind as to leave me and Klaus alone that would be great” I cut Klaus off grabbing his hand and pulling him inside leaving a dumbfounded look on Damon’s face

“You ok love?” Klaus asks me immediately after the door closes

“I will be”

“Want to watch a movie?” he says gently

“I would really like that, I’m choosing though” I say with a smile on my face

“Well hopefully you have good taste in movies” he replies cheekily


It’s near the end of the movie when Klaus speaks up

“I’m leaving”

“What?” I say siting up as I had my head down on Klaus’ lap

“My family and I are moving to New Orleans something has come up”

“Oh.” Is all I could say. After everything that has happened I realised that I no longer belonged in mystic falls the others would trust me anyway now that they knew that I sided with their enemy

“I’m sorry lo- “

“Can I come with you” I cut him off again

“You want to come to New Orleans with me?” surprised at the question

“Well I don’t belong here anymore and I feel more at home with you than anywhere else so why not, parents won’t care”

“We leave in two days” Klaus replies with a smile on his face

{BTS x Forest Fairy!AU} Hoseok

Keeper of Foliage & Flowers Jung Hoseok 

Find Keeper of Streams and Waterfalls Min Yoongi (here)
Find Keeper of Rabbits and Deer Jeon Jungkook (here)
Find Keeper of Trees and Roots Park Jimin (here)
Find Keeper of Birds and Raptors Kim Taehyung (here)
Find Keeper of Wolves Kim Seokjin (here)

  • the only keeper who actively enjoys human interaction 
  • all of the other keepers,,,especially seokjin and jungkook don’t understand,,,humans are hunters they come and destroy the forest and the creatures
  • but hoseok is always talking about those few who dont,,,the people who come and enjoy the flowers,,,,,lay in the meadows and draw or write,,,,and what about the young kids who have fun climbing trees or making daisy crowns
  • for hoseok,,,,there’s a good side to humans no matter how much the keepers insist that it’s better to keep away if anything
  • usually in the summer he walks around shirtless
  • and down his arms starting from the shoulders is a tattoo of ivy vines which when hoseok runs his fingers over the tattoo and chants an old spell the vines can grow out of the tattoo and he can extend them to help him get up trees or use as rope
  • another thing is that when he activates this ability his eyes glow green
  • a lot of the time he wears has seeds hanging off a small pouch on his waist and he’ll go around the forest planting new flowers
  • and he never picks flowers,,,,because that’d essentially be killing them,,,,but when some of the flowers fall to the forest floor he’ll collect them and either crush the petals to make paint,,,,use the leaves for tea,,,,or just decorate his hair with them
  • rumored to also have the ability to bring dying plants back to life with a touch of his hand 
  • keeper jimin once added that hoseok’s smile seemed to have a radiance of life too but hoseok laughed it off
  • bugs like him a lot!! it’s common for him to have a butterfly sit on his shoulder or fireflies to help guide him through the forest at night
  • but hoseok himself is kinda scared of them so when something with more than four legs  comes by he’s like,,,,,he’s like i gtg
  • even though he lives in a forest like bugs still make him shiver ,,,,, but also catch him lying in a fresh meadow comfortable in the grass like it’s ocean water,,,,he’s complex but i guess it is his job to take care of the plants
  • is showing up to keeper meetings with dirt on his hands and shirtless chest and jimin understands the struggle since he watches over the trees but namjoon is always like dudes,,,,go to yoongi’s waterfall and take a shower,,,,and yoongi is like HEY who said i wanted dirt in my water
  • hoseok always explains that FIRSTLY flowers live in “soil” not “dirt” 
  • thinks every kind of plant is pretty,,,not just big vibrant flowers,,,,the small blades of grass are nice too
  • you,,,,,find yourself in the forest one night,,,desperately running toward the forest
  • the only thing you have with you is a lantern and a bag of food you’d managed to steal from the market that afternoon
  • and when you finally push through the bushes and into an open meadow you collapse into the soft grass and close your eyes
  • because well,,,,,,,,,you’re a thief
  • and it’s not like you want to be,,,,you just don’t have a choice because you can’t find a job in the village and you’re far away from your home,,,,so the last couple of summer nights have consisted of you trying to grab bread or vegetables when no one would see
  • but finally,,,,,you’d gotten caught and so you only know one place where you’d be safe: the forest
  • thankfully,,,,it’s that time of the year where it’s not cold and so you’ve been ok with spending your nights here,,,,in the wilderness 
  • but also,,,,,every night the sound of wolves and birds,,,,,it,,,,it just made sleeping hard
  • and as you sit up,,,rummaging through your bag to pull out half a loaf of bread that when you bite into taste like nothing but paper
  • you hear a low growl from a bush nearby
  • and you freeze,,,,because,,,,,,what,,,,,,,is that,,,,
  • but the growl gets louder and and you stand up,,, body shaking in fear,,,,and right as the bush opens up u can see the eyes of,,,,some animal and the snarling mouth
  • but before it comes out so you can see it’s body,,,,,you see something appear
  • a man???? whose tall,,,,wearing what looks like far over his shoulders and he seems to say something that makes the animal retreat and then???? he’s gone to
  • and you almost pass out from shock but u just sit back into the grass and mumble “was,,,,was that a forest fairy-”
  • “you’re right, it was!”
  • the voice comes from behind you and you get so startled that your first reaction is to turn and throw a punch but the boy behind you dodges easily and smiles
  • and ur like ??!?!?!? wh???? who????what???
  • and hoseok grins even wider and is like “that was a forest fairy. seokjin. not the most talkative,,,,but i told him to calm the wolves down for you,,,they won’t bother you tonight!”
  • shaking your head to see if ur not like??? imagining this boy up you ask “who-who are you?? a fairy??”
  • with a nod of his head he puts his hand out and is like “jung hoseok, keeper of the flowers at your service!”
  • and ur like keeper- flowers - jung- hoseok?? and he’s like mhmm!!! anyway why are u,,,,a human,,,,,sleeping in this meadow
  • and u kind of try to figure out what to say but u basically just go “i don’t have a home.” and hoseok points to the bread u dropped and is like “is that dinner?”
  • and u kind of get embarrassed but nod slowly and hoseok tilts his head and he’s like “when humans eat here,,,they’re always eating more than that,,,,,,,” and you’re like “because they have money,,,,,i stole that bread”
  • and hoseok pouts n is like “stealing isn’t good,,,but,,,,,i can see that u dont mean harm.”
  • and you wonder what he means,,,,but hoseok is basically referring to the fact that you don’t pick flowers,,,,,,you don’t steal flowers from the forest like other people,,,,,but he knows it’d be hard to explain to you so instead he offers u his hand again to help you up and goes “come with me,,i know where we can get something more for you to eat!!”
  • and ,,,,,,something feels awfully strange about following a random boy into the deeper parts of the woods
  • but you see the vines tattooed on his arms,,,,,the rugged messy hair,,,,,the way fireflies flock around you to light the path
  • and you,,,,,,believe wholeheartedly this guy isn’t human
  • and after winding through trees and bushes hoseok stops infront of a large oak and pressing his hand against it the bark moves to create a doorway and down into the earth you follow hoseok
  • into a small,,,cozy den where u assume he lives
  • and it’s lit by candles with pressed flowers hanging upside down over the walls and pots stacked on top of pots,,,,barrels full of seeds,,,,a makeshift door of leaves woven together 
  • and the furniture is all made of wood with carved designs and hoseok tells u to sit while he opens up some barrels and pulls out different fruit and vegetables
  • and you,,,,,feel you’re in a fairy tale,,,,,,,,,because,,,,,how is this real
  • and hoseok pulls a pail from a shelf and puts it on the table in front of you and is like ‘fresh rainwater!!!!” and ur like o,,,oh and he washes the fruits before giving them to you
  • and he’s like “hopefully they taste sweet,,,,i got the berries only a day ago and jungkook told me they’re quite fresh!!” and ur like whose jungkook but also as you take a bite,,,you can’t help but feel ur face light up because,,,,it’s been so long since you’ve eaten something so fresh
  • and hoseok grins because he sees ur expression change
  • and he offers that you can stay for the night or he can take you back to the meadow if that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • but,,,,,,you tell him you’d like somewhere inside to sleep for a night and hoseok says his beds all yours
  • and when he stands up you notice again the tattoos on his arms,,,,,(also the fact that his tan skin and gorgeous muscles are like right there. not the point) and u ask if all keepers have tattoos
  • and hoseok laughs and is like “would you like to see magic??” and ur like ,,,,i feel like ive seen a lot of magic already,,,,but hit me
  • and bring his left fingers over his right arm he traces up the tattoo and like,,,,,,,the vines grow upwards and extended toward you,,,,wrapping around your wrist
  • and u,,,,,,,,,are stuck between shock and fascination 
  • and hoseok pulls the vines back and they settle back into his skin and ur just like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,holy shit”
  • and he laughs and is like it’s not creepy??? and ur like NO omg that’s so cool 
  • and thats how ur first night ends and in the morning u leave to go back into the village and hoseok says that if anything,,,,u can come back to the meadow and he’ll find u and try to help
  • and a couple of days later,,,,that’s exactly where you find yourself
  • because ud tried to get a job at a local cafe but someone had claimed that ud stolen food again,,,and with ur history everyone had agreed u were still a thief
  • and once again u found urself,,,,,alone running back to the safest place,,,,the forest
  • and u don’t mean to cry,,,,but it happens because it feels like no matter what u do,,,,,,you fail,,,,,,you keep failing and getting worse
  • and you’ll never be able to live well again
  • so when you get to the meadow all you do is breakdown,,,,forgetting that hoseok said if u ever came back he’d be there for you
  • and ,,,, he is,,,,,,,,he appears in front of you
  • asking in worried tone if you’re ok and you just cry,,,,,stuttering out that you’re like a wilted flower,,,,,,,you can’t do anything to make your life better,,,,,,,,,
  • hoseok brings his hand out,,,,,finger thumbing at your cheek and the tear stains slowly start drying
  • and when you look up at him hoseok smiles and brings his other hand over to touch the grass and he’s like “look,,,,this one blade is brown and crippling but,,,,”
  • with one swipe of his palm over it,,,,the grass slowly becomes greener,,,,straightening up
  • and you look in wonder and hoseok is like “everyone can make their life better,,,,with help,,,,,,,so don’t give up.”
  • for a second you don’t say anything,,,,but the warmth in his voice and his smile,,,,,you can’t help it
  • you throw yourself into his arms and hoseok teters backwards into the grass but closes his arms tightly around you
  • and you stay there,,,,,and hoseok doesn’t let you go,,,,,,,,
  • because unlike any other human he’s seen,,,,you’re hurting,,,,,but you’re not hurting over something wrong,,,,you genuinely are good and hoseok knows that he has to help you
  • so in the morning he asks jungkook for help who seems wary of you
  • but grows slightly more fond when the rabbits he looks after curiously hop over to sniff you and the deer don’t mind ur presence
  • and hoseok pulls you over,,,arm around your shoulder and he’s like “don’t worry,,,,this human is good!! look,,,how could such a pretty face be bad??”
  • and junkook is like that’s,,,,,and ur like ghodfljskd hoseok,,,,
  • plus being pulled into him makes u blush because,,,,shirtless,,,,what,,,
  • but basically jungkook agrees to help and leads you to the berry bushes deep in the woods and some other places where you can get fruits that you can bring back to the village and sell
  • and hoseok even manages to get taehyung to help by teaching you how to find feathers on the forest floor that you can also sell
  • and ,,,,somehow,,,,,hoseok convinces all the keepers that you’re special,,,,,you need their help
  • and a ever so reluctant seokjin even says that if anything,,,,he can give you some wolves teeth he’s collected over the years,,,,those usually make big money in villages
  • and everyone is being so nice and you don’t know why,,,,if it’s just because hoseok has vouched for you or something
  • but also when u return one afternoon,,,,running straight toward the meadow u see hoseok there,,,,holding a flower in his hands and he smiles when u greet him and u jump up and down and tell him u FINALLY made enough money to rent a small place in the village
  • and,,,,,,,,,u don’t know but hoseok’s smile falters
  • and u ask what the flower is for and hoseok gently puts it behind your ear and he says,,,,,now that you’ve done it,,,,you won’t need his help anymore-
  • but you just furrow ur eyebrows and ur like hoseok,,,,,don’t think that just because i have a home now that i wont came back
  • and hoseoks eyes slightly widen and he’s like,,,,,,,u,,,,u will??
  • and u laugh and ur like of COURSe,,,i love this place,,,,,,,i love all the keepers that are my friends now and most of all
  • hoseok doesn’t know why but it feels like the magic he usually uses to activate his vines is acitng up
  • but u look at him and ur like “most of all,,,i love you”
  • and,,,,,without even touching his arm the vines grow and wrap around you to pull you close into hoseok and ur like “oh!” but the moment of shock fades when hoseok leans his head to the side and presses his lips to yours
  • and the vines aren’t tight but hoseoks arms manage to pull you close and u wrap ur arms around his neck
  • and when you pull back you let out another gasp and hoseok is like ????
  • and ur like “your eyes,,,,,they’re green???”
  • and hoseok jolts a bit and is like “they,,,only do that when im using my magic,,,,” and ur like “is it because of the vines???”
  • and hoseok brings his hand over his chest and is like
  • “my magic comes from my heart,,,,,it cultivates my love,,,,,i don’t think it’s the vines this time, it’s you.” 
Let Me In

“You’re being ridiculous…”

“Shut up. You have a fever.”

“It’s barely a cold.”

“Your skin feels like a space heater. You have a fever.”

Shiro chuckles. “All right, all right.” He steps back, and Keith’s hand slips from his forehead. “I’m sick. I’ve had worse.”

Keith glares at him. “Have you tried a pod?” he asks.



Shiro shrugs. “No dice. Must have picked up something unusual.”

Keith’s eyes narrow. “That sounds dangerous.”

“I talked to Allura about it. She says it happens sometimes.”

Keith’s mouth shifts like he’s trying not to bite his lip. He’s always worried about Shiro these days. After the fight with Zarkon (and Shiro’s subsequent disappearance) he’s barely trusted Shiro to use a fork without supervision.

Shiro takes pity on Keith and lifts his hands in mock surrender.

“I’ll go take a nap,” Shiro says. Keith visibly brightens. “We’ll see how I feel in an hour.”

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Kale and Sausage Stew

It’s so good. So good–that I feel detached from my body. I’m having an out of body experience over this stew. It’s warm, spicy, and subtly sweet. It really sticks to your ribs and makes you want to take a nice, afternoon nap. Autumn should hurry up.

  • 14oz package Tofurky sausages, ground up in food processor
  • 2 cups brown rice, cooked
  • 2-3 TBSP olive oil
  • ½ onion, diced
  • 1 green bell pepper, diced
  • 1 stalk celery, diced
  • 3-5 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 medium sweet potato, peeled and diced
  • 1 large handful of kale leaves, chopped
  • 4 oz merlot + 2 TBSP red wine vinegar
  • 32 oz vegetable stock (low sodium unless you’re that one lucky bastard who can find no salt added)
  • 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes (no salt added)
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 TBSP sugar
  • salt, to taste (easy does it if your liquids are salted)
  • ½ tsp black pepper
  • ½ tsp red chili flake
  • 1 ½  tsp dried thyme
  • 2 bay leaves

Directions: Start your brown rice well in advance and prepare your vegetables. In a food processor, whiz up the Tofurky (or normal sausage if that’s your style) and set aside. In a large stewing pot, heat up the olive oil over high heat. Saute the onion and garlic until soft and translucent. Add the celery and bell pepper and allow them to do the same. Toss in the ground up sausage and sear for about three minutes. Give the tiniest pinch of salt (many of our ingredients are already salted) and stir. Toss in the black pepper, red chili flake, thyme, and stir to coat and let them release their fragrance. Deglaze with the merlot and red wine vinegar, stir, and let the alcohol begin cooking off for a minute of two. It’s now time to add in our liquids. Add the vegetable stock and crushed tomatoes. Wash down the sides of the can with about ½ cup of water and add it in. Throw in that bit of sugar, this helps temper acidity from ingredients like tomatoes. If your liquids are salted, only add a touch of salt (if any). If they are unsalted, salt to taste. Hopefully, your rice is done! Add that in, the sweet potatoes, and the kale. Give it a big stir and place in the bay leaves. Bring the mixture up to a boil, then reduce the heat and cover. Let it simmer for 15 minutes. Then, remove the lid and let it simmer for another 15 minutes. Remove the bay leaves before serving. Hope you find them! I never can! Serves 10-12.

sounds of thedas: RIVAIN

beaches tousled by sea breezes, cliffs battered by storms, swamps filled with spirits, and people far from the reach of the chantry. a haven for pirate, mage, elf, qunari; a community who will fight to protect their traditions and freedoms.

featuring tracks from the lion king broadway, finding dory, avatar, ori and the blind forest, & moana



Sparta and Hair Care

Rumour has it that the Spartans were among the most beautiful Greeks for a variety of reasons, and their hair was one of them. Once they were adults, they were allowed to keep it long and made a big show of combing it out and braiding it before a big battle, as Herodotus reports about Thermopylae. (Hdt. 7.208) Long hair later became a sign of pro-Spartan sympathies.

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it just hit me that they're actually moving we're gonna be seeing a whole new place and there's gonna be so many new memories made and wtffchbcndnhshjc idk if i'm prepared

it also just hit me that this is quite literally the start of a new era…… tabinof and tatinof, the magnum opus of dan and phils professional careers, has come to an end and moving into a new place just feels like the icing on top of the cake and an excellent opportunity for dan and phil to alter and reconstruct their branding in certain aspects. a large portion of dan and phil’s branding was established during their time in that flat, so with their new place acting as a clean slate i think this could possibly give dan and phil more of an opportunity to express their own individual aesthetic tastes and hopefully incorporate some of that into their branding. their new place might even give them a sense of newfound freedom and they might find it easier to mature their content or modify their internet personas

Allies React to a Depressed S/O

Requested anonymously.

-Admin France.

(Warnings: mention of depression.)

•It definitely takes America a lot longer to notice, but when he does, he begins to worry like crazy. He’ll still try to act as his hero personality, but his mind will be buzzing and will be troubled of your health.
•Lots of bear hugs, McDonalds, and ice cream. He wants to make sure that you know someone cares for you and that you’re getting enough proper nutrition (if you’d call McDonalds even that…)
•If you were ever uncomfortable in a situation, Alfred would make a joke to ease the silence or conversation, making it softer and better to bare.

•Arthur knows well of what this feels like, so he knows exactly of how to help.
•Whenever you two are home, he’ll have a cup of tea prepared for you. He’ll have a fire going and will sit beside you. You two will talk things out, he’ll tell you how much he loves you and deeply cares about you no matter what.
•Arthur is sometimes antisocial himself, so he’ll understand how weird it is. He’ll often pull you away from a conversation if it becomes too uncomfortable for you.

•This man will shower you with lots and lots of love? Basically he’ll kiss and hug you nonstop (with your permission), and will constantly remind you how you’re his angel/beauty and how much he loves and treasures you. This includes him hugging you at any given moment and the two of you cuddling up together while watching a movie.
•He’s a beautiful cook as well, so he’ll make sure to cook extravagant things to hopefully attract your taste buds.
•Francis is really scared and concerned for you beneath his happiness, but he doesn’t often show this part of himself. In a bad conversation where you’re uncomfortable or not wanting to talk, he’ll either lightly flirt with you or the other person. If it’s just the two of you, he knows to try and tickle you to get you to talk.

•Ivan is a really loving guy when it comes to this. He’ll hug you and say, “nobody is hurting my precious Y/N, are they? Because if so, we have problem.”
•After he understands what it is, he’ll be sad, but will definitely try to cheer you up through his tales or how he’s going to (kindly) destroy anyone who hurts you.
•He will also make sure that you’re eating? He’ll constantly be asking and telling you how much he cares for you and that you must eat to be strong.
•If you’re in an antisocial situation, he probably won’t be of much help other than entering in and threatening the person.

•Yao has had little siblings so he understands all of this vey well.
•First, he’ll try acupuncture. It’s not as useful but it makes you feel funny.
•Next, he’ll give you a good, relieving massage that’ll help relax you for the day.
•When he hears that you’re not eating, it’s practically the end of the world. He’ll cook up a mad buffet of your favorite foods just to make sure you’re eating.
•Also, he’ll often kiss you on the shoulder and tell you that he loves you, but does so in a bit of a childish manner.

•Honestly this boy is so scared and worried because he doesn’t understand it with other people as well??? And he loves you so dearly much that he wishes he knew the automatic cure.
•Pancakes. Lots of warm, fluffy pancakes accompanied by his occasional Poutine dishes. Though, most of the time he’ll probably buy you whatever you want.
•He’ll spoil you like crazy because he’s frightened and won’t know what else.
•Whenever you’re antisocial, he’s most likely not going to say anything. Matthew is shy himself, so he’ll often be afraid of you getting angry for him talking you.
•Eventually he’ll find a way to hug you and tell you that he loves you more than anything else in the world. Kuma will join in too.

A happy dream
Happy Birthday to our beloved Black Paladin may he be missed. Sorry I can only afford to do a quick lineart ;w;


brace yourself.
—a @shallurazine playlist. compiled by @ahumanintraining

entropy can only increase - “isolated system” by muse // we can take this city on - “follow me” by grabbitz // come back as i tell you - “gia” by despina vandi, nhertz dubstep remix // you had me underrated - “confident” by demi lovato // this is my scorn, new day, new dawn - “don’t get in my way” by zack hemsey // we were born for love and revolution - “collider” by noisia // remember me for centuries - “warriors for centuries” by fall out boy & imagine dragons, a mashup // go out fighting, go out young - “finale” by madeon

[full playlist]

notes: as we have introduced earlier this year, one of the subthemes for issue two is revolt, and so i took it to make a playlist that might have with inspiration regarding that! of course, fair warning, it’s very revolt-y haha. my music taste is rather hard lol —much love, admin cat

Favorite Things-chapter 2

Favorite Things Masterlist

Summary- Max goes to Avonlea’s for dinner. They get to know each other.

Author’s note- Just dinner, awkward flirting, angst. You know, typical first date. So, I have this story sort of mapped out. Don’t expect all my updates to come this fast. I’m just excited. I’ll calm down eventually plus I still have Sunny Days to work on and another prompt for Red Velvet with the King. Let me know what you think. If you want on or off the tag list just tell me. Thanks!

Word Count- 2.5kish

Tag List- @ali-pennell @stone-met @warriorqueen1991 @sherrybaby14 @unicorn-blood-splatter @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @ladylorelitany @melodicdolls @ninjacuddlepile @neganscatleesi @thatwriterizzy @sassyfiedscribbles @ashzombie13 @wadeyourebarelyalive @starshinesupergirl @adayinmymeadow @astrangegirlsmind @jeffreydeanmorganrarechar

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Max showered and tended to his injured hand. He had few cuts but, hopefully, Avonlea wouldn’t notice. He dressed in a white button down shirt and some jeans. He wasn’t sure what to wear. His nerves were starting to get the best of him. He was pacing. At this rate he would work up a sweat if he didn’t calm down. He needed to buy her a gift. He had seen her drinking wine. That was something people bought for these types of things.

He walked into the living room where August sat staring at the television. Since his strokes in the past year, his health had deteriorated and left him even more bitter and angry than he was before. His life had been filled with disappointment and tragedy. In his mind, the world owed him for his suffering, but had only repaid him with a grandson that reminded him of the man that took his daughter from him.

“August, I’m going out for dinner. There’s left overs in the fridge. Let’s do your medicine before I leave.”

“Out for dinner?” August sneered, “You mean you’re going to the new tenant’s apartment. You think you’ll be able to keep this one? She’ll realize what you really are and leave. Just like the other one.”

Max tried not to let his eyes fill with tears. Any show of weakness in front of August always resulted in physical pain. Luckily, now the worst he could manage was a slap. The best Max could do was remain silent and hope that August would move on.

“You’re not going to defend yourself? It’s because you know I’m right. What woman would want a weak pervert like you?”

Max loaded the syringe, cleaned the area with some alcohol, and gently placed the needle under his grandfather’s weathered skin. He knew his grandfather was right. He was weak. He was perverted. It was the reason he was going to dinner. He couldn’t stay away from her. Maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t leave.

“Goodnight, August,” he left his grandfather alone in the apartment. He went out in the hallway and stood outside her door. He leaned his against the wood breathing deeply….knowing she was inside helped calm him. She wanted to see him. She was cooking for him…for them…not someone else. That thought was enough for him to gather his courage and go buy the wine he had thought of earlier.

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Voltron: Valentine’s Day Headcanons

Enjoy some surprise valentine day hcs from your Voltron paladins! Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday, if you’re single or not (´∀`)♡

I mean I’m single and I’m doing just fine :’ D


  • Doesn’t think much of the holiday. Would be the one to forget about it and until you remind her. 
  • She has a “oh shit” moment but tries to cover it up in front of you (“oh course I remembered!” not) But, this cute nerd would take a less indirect way (where she doesn’t need to show her blushing embarrassed face). 
  • You would wake up with a cute contraption by your bedside. Its a device that holds all the galaxies’ maps and planets, making your room a little observatory.
  •  It has a note attached to it with a heartfelt and thoughtful note with cute doodles (for your eyes only) about how much she wants to explore space with you once all this drama is over (hence the map device) along with how much she loves you. 
  •  You would obviously thank Pidge all day, but she’ll pretend she doesn’t know what you’re talking about. But, you know she’s as happy as you are by seeing the warm blush on her visage. 
  •  Pidge would be an excited child x 35678 to receive any gift from you; She would prefer chocolates over anything, so she would be able to share them with you. 


  • He thinks the whole holiday is stupid. 
  • “Why would they make a single day out of the year to show that I love you?” (Of course he says this in private) 
  •  If you were that invested in the day, Keith wants to spend the day with you and only you. Being a legendary paladin to Voltron does take up some time to spend time with you and today is no exception. 
  • The ultimate result is him taking you on one of the castle’s ships (allowed by Allura) to some desolate forest planet Both of you spend the entire day going on a hike (with some stolen kisses), fighting some of the local fauna, and having a quiet mini picnic (prepared by Hunk); it’s perfect. 
  •  He would rather treat you to an memorable experience than a gift that could easily be broken. If you get him a gift, then he would turn redder than his jacket. He puts up a defensive front and says that you shouldn’t have gotten him anything, but all he’s thinking is “OH MY GOD I HAVE THE BEST S/O EVER. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH" 


  •  Is pretty ‘meh’ about the holiday until you become his S/o. Now he uses it to his advantage to spoil you. 
  •  Bandana boy focuses on one goal: to treat you like a king/queen. You’re his one and only and nothing will get in the way of that.
  • He stresses about too much about getting everything perfect for you two. Looking up recipes, preparing the kitchen, getting ingredients that hopefully taste good. The whole kitchen is off limits.
  • As expected, Hunk utilizes his cooking skills for this occasion. Chocolate, deserts, cookies, you name it. He leaves all these different sweet confections, coupled with a rose, in all the places you will be during that day. He also does breakfast in bed, lunch, and dinner (rip your stomach). 
  •  By the end of all it, he never wants see another piece of chocolate for a solid month. 
  • He kinda forgets that it’s a day for you to treat him too, so if you get him anything, then he will get emotional (aka bone crushing hugs and tears of joy) 


  • Takes the the whole thing way too seriously. It’s time to reveal upgraded flirty Lance 2.0. 
  •  He only does this to the extreme because he can’t contain his unrestrained love for you. He would yell the tens of millions of reasons why you’re amazing and great into the void vacuum of space if he must. 
  •  He plans everything to the fullest detail. In the morning you two do this…at 12, you have to go here…Plan B and Plan C… The hardest part is keeping everything a secret from you.
  •  If you didn’t think his pickup lines were bad on occasion, today is no exception. Lance did his homework on how to compliment you every hour. 
  • Lance settles on getting you an expensive gem ring that he saw at the Space Mall. He has the matching one, without the jewels. When you first see it, he panics and tells you that it’s not an engagement ring. 
  •  Lance will overwhelmed with joy and spin you around in his arms if you get him anything. He would prefer something tangible/wearable, so that he could have something to remind him of you when you’re not there.


  • Shiro feels no difference honestly. He’s been held prisoner by the Galra for an immeasurable amount of time, experiencing the worst trauma a person could go through. He has a tough time to acknowledge it since his concept of time has been tainted by the past. 
  •  But you help him make the day a team effort. 
  •  You two plan out the day ahead, doing couple things even if you are traveling in space on a royal spaceship. Sparring, cooking together, walking and chatting… It’s simple, but the love is real and he cherishes every moment. 
  •  His professional attitude is lifted during all of this. He loosens up and engages in more embraces, longer kisses, and flirting throughout the day. You couldn’t get enough of his tender affection for you. 
  •  He surprises you with a candlelight dinner at the end of the day. He couldn’t help but end the day with being a helpless romantic.  
  •  Please don’t get him anything. He’s happy that you thought of him, but feels horrible because his work and stress made him forget to get a present for you. But, he promises to make it up to you tenfold later that night ; )

anonymous asked:

know any fics similar to sokroviche moyo??? i'm dying for more

uuuhh, is that sokrovische moyo by greenbergsays where bucky is a dragon? if so:

The Joy of Little Things by obsessivereader, Sealcat

“Do you want me to eat you?”

“No, but—” Steve broke off his instinctive response. All his life, he’d believed in doing what was right… he was not about to stop now. Wincing at the prickling pain in his feet, he straightened up to his full height. “Yes. If it means you’ll leave this place.”

“But you don’t look very filling.” The tip of the dragon’s tail twitched. “I don’t suppose you’re a virgin?” he asked hopefully. “I’ve heard they taste better.”

Steve gritted his teeth and refused to answer. The dragon could very well find that out for himself. He stared at the dragon. The dragon stared back. Then the dragon got up, turned around, and went back into his cave.

“Well? Come on, tribute.”

or, how Steve ends up working for a dragon with a very odd sense of humor

Treasured by Dira Sudis (dsudis), Sealcat

When everyone in town became convinced that a dragon really had come again to the Old Lair, and that the town would have to offer it tribute, they all looked at Steve.

Honestly, he was relieved.

Chase This Light by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)

In the modern world, where the creatures of myth live side-by-secret-side with mundane humanity, Steve Rogers is one of the gifted humans who straddles the line between mythfolk and mundane, and he’s never told anyone about the day he healed a dragon.

Living in the city in human form, Bucky’s managed to shed most of dragon-kind’s more unpleasant tendencies, but he’s never quite managed to shake the tendency to get attached, especially not when it comes to the healer who saved his life.

When healers start going missing, Bucky will do anything to make sure Steve isn’t one of them, something that would be a hell of a lot easier if Steve could stand the sight of him. Of course, Steve might feel differently if he knew Bucky was the dragon he’d saved all those years ago.