hopefully someone has a better pic

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Hi sorry to ask this but do you have any idea where I can find the official yokai matsu art I've looked everywhere but I must be searching wrong! Thanks and I love your style 😊

No problem anon-chan! I had to do a bit of searching myself so I understand how you’re feelin’ (thanks for the kind words btw~)

I actually saved a pic someone uploaded online, hopefully it’s okay if I share it here! You can tell by the lighting and creases it’s a poster~ (I WANT ONE!)

What each of the brothers are exactly has been debated, but from what I’ve gathered it’s something like this:

Osomatsu - Kitsune (Can’t quite tell if the has nine-tails tho)
Karamatsu - Tengu (You can tell by the fan and can sort of see his wings!)
Choromatsu - Dodomeki (traditionally a woman, but no other yokai fits better)
Ichimatsu -Bakeneko/Nekomata (hard to say since both have split tails)
Jyushimatsu - Rokurokubi (long neck variant)
Todomatsu - Yukionna (scared stiff, hahaaa)

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Seeing how far your art has come in the last couple of years has really helped me see that if you keep at something, youll get better at it. And I know art is a process and that you have to keep doing it to get better, but its always really nice to /see/ that change, like in the older work of established artists, and see how much their art has improved from good to way better in just a year or two.

It’s funny because I just thought the same thing. I tend to look back at my art with a sense of horror, but every pic I did (flaws and all!) is practice.

I still wish that I was dedicated enough to really push myself, but I only do that for challenges usually. I feel a lot of my art is mediocre, but it’s art aimed to entertain myself and hopefully someone else. I’m still getting better, even if not at the same rate as some other artists.

And so far I got from here

to here

Though usually I’m doing simple things this:

So maybe the above doesn’t really count?? But I can do it.

Sometimes my art still looks wrong when I rush but that’s not too terrible.

I just need to remind myself to slow down and put in as much effort I can muster instead of trying to post as much as I can as quickly as possible.

But I’m happy if someone likes my art and take something positive away from it ♥